Monday, April 07, 2008

The sports critic Azalina could not stand

Ah, Rizal. Meet sports reporting's bad boy, Rizal Hashim. The "loose cannon". The Malay Mail reporter that Azalina Othman Said could not stand when she was Sports Minister and trying to make Brickendonbury a reality.
"A pain in the arse," she had told an aide one day.
Rizal was bad, indeed. But then he came from a long list of "bad boys of journalism", many of whom made their name in sports reporting. Fauzi Omar and Lazarus Rokk came to mind immediately. And tough girls, too (remember Cheryl Dorrall?).

Rizal is already aiming his cannon at the thought of a cheaper alternative for Brickendonbury, HERE.


  1. Anonymous5:12 pm

    no interest mate coz there is no construction. which means no meat. which means let the idea drop dead.
    anwyay, she is off to another ministry. while there may be no more RM250 screwdriver, expect some overinflated phamplets, promotional materials and more belly dancing trips.

  2. Anonymous6:16 pm

    Let me be the 1st to congratukate Saudara Rizal on his blog. He is a fine reporter, and has all the makings of a legendary sports critic.

    All the best saudara...

    Keep the faith, TM...

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  4. rocky, Let's not waste time with our Juara Kampong atheletes with the execption of squash and badminton, and in shopping for another high performance centre anywhere BUT as we claim to have our own world class stadiums right here in Malaysia equipped with the best facilities. Money spent elsewhere could be spent on programs and trainers to psyhe up our 3rd. world mentality of our atheletes esp. Football and hockey. Maybe these English know we are suckers for all things foreign that's why they know how desperate we are of all this lavish purchases. Do you think the Koreans or Japanese or even the Chinese would invest in a foreign country to train their atheletes ? And mind you 20 years ago they were nothing. It would be cheaper if not wiser to just hire foreign coaches. Enough of pampering our atheletes OR is someone set to profit from all these purchases ? Wonder what happened to the Sports Ministry's accountability on all those money spent 'visiting' and scouting for such projects ? Anyone knows ?

  5. Where is Lazarus Rokk by the way, Rocky

  6. Anonymous10:10 pm

    NSTP and Datuk Ibrahim Nor made a grave mistake for letting Rizal go. With due respect to the rest, we have not seen a better writer in the present crop than rizal. We missed Fauzi Omar, Lazarus Rokk, Hussin Rahman, Devaraj, Mansoor Rahman. The problem with the management is they could not separate politics from sports. Rizal was outright in his comment and naturally Azalina will abhor such a writer who holds firmly to his views.
    The problem is when the top bosses in NSTP played to Azalina's tunes. Many a time, Rizal's articles were chopped off and hurled into the trash for being outright in his views. I can understand Rizal's frustration. The bosses were only interested in making Azalina happy instead of taking pride in their own writer. That's today's journalism. But Rizal was never demotivated by such betrayal. He stayed on and finally brought down the curtain on his career in NSTP and the Malay Mail. That's life in NSTP and for Rizal, the's life outside NSTP. All the best Rizal.

  7. This Tourism Minister is really a disgrace in the eyes of Malaysians.How can she promote tourism in Malaysia if she is bias in cutting off funds in opposition lead states?She is infact retarding the tourism industry and i believe it would be getting worst if her mentality does not change.

  8. Anonymous11:20 pm

    we need more people like rizal, not like azalina.

    azalina has been known to be a terribly corrupted politician even before she was made a minister. when she was the head of puteri umno, she was a political middle person who demanded ridiculous amounts of commission money. and she would even ask more money after we have given her what was promised. we decided not to continue doing business with azalina a long, long time ago. wondering how much she made during her time at the sports ministry. and now the arrogant decision in her new ministry.

    azalina is a total disgrace to lesbians. even wanita umno does not want her. hopefully good-minded lesbians will not join her up-coming umno party wing; Lesbian UMNO!

  9. Anonymous11:39 pm

    i was at the bkt jalil swimming pool this evening after not having been there for 5 years for a swim. things hasn't improved at all since then ... of the 8 showers available, only 4 was working. the rest couldn't be used coz the shower handle was missing. toilet looked like it's been thru an agonizing "dump" session. the place was dimly lit as well, in the swimming complex as well as the entire bkt jalil sports complex area! and it was then the brickendonbury issue came to mind! there we go talking about spending gazillion of ringgit to build a sports complex over at the other side of the world and here we can't even maintain a supposedly "world class" sports facility right in our own back yard. maybe it wasn't the ex-sport minister's back yard?

  10. Anonymous11:50 pm

    I have one question for those dungus from the umno govt, wang untuk semua ni nak datang dari mana, rakyat tengah mati kebuluran kena makan nasi dengan ikan masin, najib kata tukar cara hidup, so how the f*** are they going to finance this, petronas money???? WHAT A BUNCH OF HOPLESS GOBLOKS, HOI THE TRESURY IS NOT YOUR GAND FATHER'S PIGGY BANK, UMNO DENGAN TATA HIDUP NYA, KALAH TAK PAH, GAYA MESTI ADA!!!

  11. Dear Rocky,

    Thank you for "featuring" me in your blog.

    Being mentioned in the same para as Datuk Fauzi and Bung Rokk is, well, flattering.

    About my being branded sports reporting's bad boy, I guess my reputation precedes me.

    Thanks again. Salam

  12. Anonymous8:44 am

    Bro, Rizal is a PETS graduate. Of course not all PETS graduates are as good (ada la yang extremely good), but how many can claim to be with both BH and Malay Mail at one time or another?

    And he is just doing his job. And for that, Rizal ye ole friend, I salute u!

    Pejuang Ufuk Timur

  13. We want our tax money
    Spend equally in all states
    And the country…………….
    There shouldn’t be one sided affair
    This is the sick mind of the BN/UMNO leaders
    They always think money belonging to them

    Channeling through appointed BN set up outfits
    And let their own people manage the funds
    Ignoring the wishes of the majority of the state
    They pay taxes don’t they?

    Azalina and her colleagues
    They think they are the lords
    Horse riding treating the peasants
    With low yield yet want big events

    The sleeping beauty doesn’t even say
    He lets his charges go wild in the streets
    The Mat Rempit in their minds
    Hello….dont let Malaysia be a laughing stock in the world!

    Let the final changes be quick
    Pakatan Rakyat doesn’t have to wait
    Hit the rod hard when the enemy is weak
    Don’t give them a chance to regroup
    It is a folly in any military excursion
    Allowing an enemy to take breathing ground

    Here in the political hunting
    The squabbles and blaming disease
    BN/UMNO still doesn’t see the sign
    Drive the arrow home
    Let them sleep beautifully
    In the wealth underground

    So we don’t have to see
    The like of Azalina(s)
    In the country’s affairs
    Pakatan Rakyat
    Hit the nail home
    And be done with it

  14. Anonymous9:52 am

    Rizal Hashim bad boy of sports jounos? Methinks it's a compliment and not a degrading title. Speaks & writes frankly abt sports and doesn't mind taking 'em politicians and making 'em eat their words! A fine man indeed. Knew him since we were in SJI together in the early 80's. You're the man!

  15. Dear SIR Rocky Bru

    shanghaistephen said...
    rocky, Let's not waste time with our Juara Kampong atheletes

    totally agree with Senior ShanghaiStephen... we should just ignore the nuisance from this minister and her Jagoh Kumpang gang. no add value to national economy; hence a liability though!

  16. Anonymous10:26 am

    first it shud be lazarus kok not rokk.. shudnt it? just verifying...

  17. Anonymous10:28 am

    Hey Azalina,

    I pay an annual tax which is good enough to pay your one month's salary. You are there for all Malaysians, irrespective of your political background. Don't mess around with people power or BN will be completely wiped out with stupid actions like yours.

    Your arrogance is precisely among the reasons for the BN's atrocious performance.

    Your action simply shows that you are also punishing people who voted for the BN in opposition states. I promise you these voters will switch from BN the next time if you continue with your actions.

    I voted BN for state and opposition for parliament.

    You watch out, Azalina.

  18. Anonymous10:29 am

    Shame on you, Azalina, for terminating the MOUs. While people like Lee Kah Choon, Zaid Ibrahim & even, (surprise!) Samy Vellu are, in some ways, beginning to see light, you remain in your own ignorant darkness.
    Why is PM STILL silent on Azalina's actions? Or did he direct her to do it after proclaiming that all projects in "those" states will continue?

  19. azalina is a pain in the ass herself

  20. Hi Rocky, quite apart from this posting, little bird told me that KJ has asked our Youth and Sports Minister, Ismail Sabri Yaakob to go for the post of UMNO youth Chief, what say you?

  21. Anonymous3:30 pm

    please lah, lazrus tried to get jobs with azalina and sucked up to her but didn't work. when he couldn't get jobs, started banging her everywhere. then can talk about giving bribes on top of that. sorry lah, not the hallmark of a good journalist. like he still claims to be

  22. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Mr Anonymous pls lah,
    Knowing Rokk and Aza, I would think that if a sports editor would have approached the former sports minister for a job especially while he is still serving as a sports editor, she would have gladly given him the job as was the case with some current sports editors. Those who not only sucked up to her, but protected her over all else for some contributions for martials arts meets and the like. These are open secrets which everybody in the field know of. You must check the quality of current sports editors before commenting on past ones.

  23. Anonymous9:05 pm

    dear anonymous,

    u obviously must be one of the lesbian azalina's running dogs, who licks her arse at every turn and sits up to colect your dues when she throws the crumbs at you. and everyone knows that she surrounds herself with jackasses, because if you were smart you would know that corrupt lesbo azalina would bend over backwards to have a hard hitting critic like lazarus rokk by his ball when he was sports editor. why u so stupid. what am i saying, u wld have to be stupid if you want a job with her. and i think u are. for no one in his or her right mind will defend a corrupt minister like her.

  24. Anonymous1:40 am


    Do you think its Malay Mail's lost that Rizal left, I was told that he wanted the sports editors position but Tony Francis decided that Tony Yee will be the sports editor. Maybe Tony Francis knows something that we dont.
    Maybe he fould Rizal was doing PR work for Sultan of Selangors Cup using NSTP archieves, maybe he was managing the Lawn Bowls news letter, Maybe he wanted to write for FAM website or he asked Punch Gunalan to manage the BAM website and write for them, everyone knows he was AFC's mouth piece. He was against his own country, when other media was hitting it at AFC.
    The problem with many is they dont know him, this bugger is a snake that moves very suttenly, and he has stepped on many toes and God is Great and Rizal Hashim will face the consequences, he was the master mind on removing Datuk Dr Ramlan Aziz as the NSC DG , and he thought Datuk Zol will play to his tune, unfortunately it did not happen.
    When a journalist sells his soul what do you call him Rocky? Ask Lazarus Rokk, he was licking Azalina all over and thought she will give him some contract but it did not happen, but it is said in NSC that Lazarus Rokk recently received RM 300,000 from NSC.
    That means he licked Azalina very well to get the money.... and Rokk thinks people dont know about it. The problem is when Azalina helps one person she will tell 100 people.... Now Rocky if you practise true freedom of speech you will publish this comment...
    What goes around comes around.

  25. Anonymous12:20 pm


    I find myself thrust into yet another corner by bloggers who keep failing to protect the honour of individuals by people who don't have (to use my own words) the scrotal gumption to make their stand by declaring who they are. While I can understand the need for anonymity in difficult cases where being open can be detrimental to the future of the posters, I however strongly object to being atacked by gutless people who fail to identify themselves in cases where the target has no influence on the future of the poster. I would appreciate it if you do not carry the comments of such people against me especially when the comments are irrelevant to your original posting. I believe the posting was on Azalina, and not me. And I think if blogs are to retain its credibility and even its popularity, bloggers should be sensitive to the element of relevancy. It is obvious that the gutless nincompoop who made that unfair and unsubstantiated comment, is in the employ of Azalina. Coming back to the issue at hand, I would like to request as a long time friend, that if your blog obligations do not permit you to despatch such unjust remarks to the thrash can, then can you not please mention me in your postings, no matter how flattering your observations may be. Thanks bro.

  26. Anonymous1:41 pm

    I am from Perak and have soaked in the tourism scene for years. I assure everyone, whether the Federal Government pump in money into Perak for tourism or not, it never gets to the right people and places that need the funding.

    Those who have attended and seen how the Belum Rainforest Symposium and scores of "tourism" projects around the states will tell you the Majlis Tindakan Pelancungan Negeri is a false front to ensure all fundings are funnelled into Umno-linked individuals. Dig deeper and one will realise previous exco on tourism has a daugther who runs event management company. No price for guessing which company gets tender for tourism projects. This young girl recently even has the backbone to make noise at the present MB asking why there isn't any woman representative in the state administration line up. Tu dia! So young and yet already showing off the hallmark of Umnoism. Some people doesn't understand apa itu duit haram and still pretending so rightous. She is lucky her ADUN voters are mostly kampong people that blindly voted for the father, now her.


    Take a break, let Najib run the show
    Muda Mohd Noor | Apr 9, 08 5:04pm
    The pressure on Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad is mounting following Barisan Nasional’s calamitous outing in the March 8 polls.

    The premier, who took over the reins in 2003, has come under constant attack from numerous quarters, including his predecessor Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

    Now, it is learnt that a majority of Umno division leaders in Johor have asked Abdullah, who is their party president, to go on leave in order to assuage the anger of Umno members.

    According to them, Abdullah should hand over his duties as Umno president and prime minister to his deputy Najib Abdul Razak during this period.

    This call was made during a meeting between 20 division leaders with Johor Menteri Besar Abdul Ghani Othaman at the latter’s residence in Johor Bahru early this week.

    Six not invited

    However, six other division leaders, who also hold ministerial positions, were not invited for the meeting.

    These are Umno Youth chief Hishammuddin Hussein (Semberong), Shahrir Abdul Samad (Johor Bahru), Khaled Nordin (Pasir Gudang), Syed Hamid Albar (Kota Tinggi), Muhyiddin Yassin (Pagoh) and Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad (Mersing).

    Also not invited were Tourism Minister Azalina Othman Said and Deputy Human Resources Minister Noraini Ahmad.

    Johor has a total of 26 Umno divisions, followed by Sabah (25), Perak (24) and Selangor (22).

    Perak and Selangor fell into the hands of the opposition while in Johor, BN lost a parliamentary seat and six state seats.

    "This (Abdullah going on leave) is the best way to save Umno from becoming a directionless party. The more Abdullah talks, more confusion arises," said a division leader who attended the meeting.

    "Once the situation returns to normal, Abdullah can reassume the post or decide to let Najib continue," he added when contacted today.

    The division leader said Umno grassroots in the state are concerned with the recent statements made by the prime minister.

    The prime minister is scheduled to visit Johor tomorrow and meet with the state liaison committee.

    [Full report to follow]

  28. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Why are the PR-controlled state governments taking this undemocratic action of the BN federal government so meekly? Is there no recourse available?

    Malaysia is not in a unique situation, in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US, similar situations exist. In these places, the federal governments and the various state governments do not belong to the same parties, yet such undemocratic and discriminating act are unseen of.

    What does the Malaysian Federal Constitution has to say on this? Why are the constitutional legal experts not consulted? This should not be allowed to go unchallenged.

    BN is again ignoring the rights of the rakyat, it is showing gross disrespect!

  29. Anonymous8:29 am

    Rizal is an award winning reporter. A simple man outside, full of substance inside. I wonder what went wrong with MM/Yushaimi for their/his failure in retaining other fine Malay journalists like Saiful Azhar Abdullah, Shariff Haron, Muzli Mohd Zin. Pity.

  30. Anonymous2:55 am

    Mr Anonymous,

    The RM300k was for a grassroots development programme called Ken Barnes Footskills that has been running for 5 years and the NST was official newspaper for it for three years until the new management abolished that practice. For the record, the Sports Ministry had contributed RM300 and NSC M100 for the non-profit making project that included a 16-leg nationwide trials/tournaments in remote parts of the country, a full academy in Arau, three centres of excellence, and a one-month training stint with EPL clubs for three of the most talented boys in three age groups at the end of each year. I don't help the people who initiated this project for a fee. This is not a business for me, this is my passion. I did this five years ago when I was still in the NST because someone once told me that we in the media are just good for criticising, but we don't do anything to help develop the sport. But I don't except you to understand this, and you should stop judging the world by who you are. While you might be quite capable of sucking up to gain favours, some of us don't. If I had sucked up to her, I would have been sucessful in all my business ventures with her after I left the NST in 2006. Together with my business partners we had given her no less than five proposals, but to no avail, but only to find a couple of those proposals in the hands of others. So Mr Anonymous, as brave as you appear behind the shield of anonymity, these are the facts that I dare present to you. In the name of God, Azalina has not given me one sen in business. And I don't hold any grudges against her for that as that is her right and prerogative. But I am grateful to her for helping make our grassroots football project successful by giving us RM300k in 2006 and 2007. We didn't get the rm300k this year. But the NSC has been giving us rm100k since 2004 right thru to this year. And they have been doing that even before any one of us expected azalina to be the sports minister. And for the record, the reason why I have been able to criticise anyone and everyone was because I didn't owe anyone anything. I was not the kind of reporter who could afford continental cars with my salary, or could live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. I still live in a double-storey link house thats 20x70 in pandan indah, not in a Semi-D or bungalow house. But I hope to one day when i can get some good business from people who appreciate quality and honesty. And next time Mr Anonymous when you want to take shots at small time people like me who have no influence on your future, career, or even your health, stand by your convictions. But more importantly get your facts right, because when you shoot with such malice remember this always, there is a God. I am no angel and I will pay for my sins one day, but i never bear false witness against my neighbour. Cheers Mr Anonymous, and May God bless you and your family.

  31. Anonymous11:28 am

    anon 1.40, suggest you don't shoot your mouth off and invite lawsuits to your doorstep. The 300k given (which is from the ministry by the way and not NSC as claimed)was for a free football programme for kids that has been around for the past 6 years. Kids are given free boarding, education and the deserving ones, are sent to EPL clubs for trials. Accounts are made transparent to all sponsors. How many other organisations do this? are you begrudging children that come from poor families (and most of them do) to have an opportunity that otherwise would not have been within their grasp given the current pathetic state of Malaysian football? Lazarus has been helping this club from the beginning and if you did some research (unless your brain matter does not allow you to do so) you can read all about this club in all the newspapers and the success they have accomplished through funding from the government and private firms. Out of curiosity, what have you done to help Malaysian sports? Or are you one of those holier-than-thou fools who think they can stand on a pedestal and stew filth about others while doing nothing yourself? Suggest you keep your obvious ignorance to yourself and polluting our environment with your blatant stupidity.

  32. Anon 10.10pm,

    As someone who likes to give credit where its due, I wish to put the record straight.

    I requested Datuk Ibrahim, the new Malay Mail owner, to drop me from MM for personal reasons.

    Being a reasonable man, he relented.

    Then I made a request to NSTP CEO Ybhg Datuk Syed Faisal Albar to grant the VSS, and he did.

    I wish to register my gratitude to the two gentlemen for their great understanding.


  33. Anonymous12:15 pm


    People tell me that lesbo azalina's days are numbered. they are moving in on her, this time she has bitten off more than she can chew, and she is on her way out. worth checking bro.

  34. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Rizal Hashim is one cute-looking dude. You'd have thought Azalina or any gal wuld have been smitten at least.

  35. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Salam Bro

    How are you doing, just curious which sports editor making money from marshall arts la, I am sure Rokk knows man... if these is true then we need people like lazarus rokk back as sports editor man. Johanians always have integrity and values. Right Rokk!