Thursday, April 10, 2008

No new Datuk in Johor

I'm in JB having a royally great lunch. Good to be back home after Singapore. Better still when my host told me that the Sultan of Johor did not give out new Datukships in conjunction with the Tuanku's birthday the other day (originally, i wrote ... won't be giving out new Datukships in conjunction with the Tuanku's birthday tomorrow. apologies for the error).

Wow. I think if it's up to the Sultan of Johor, half of our Datuks will not be Datuks. .


  1. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Same reason as you now being able to contest the last GE, you won't be able to get a Datukship if proper checks are made. Your bankruptcy cases are all unresolved, so says the Riong boys. Any truth Bro Rocky?

    Bro Roo

  2. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Birthday Sultan Johor semalam la.

  3. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Tahniah kepada Sultan Johor kerana tidak menganugerahkan pingat, gelaran, darjah kebesaran Johor Darul Takzim kepada sesiapa dengan sewenang-wenangnya tidak seperti negeri-negeri lain yang berSultan dan berTYT yang memberinya kepada mereka kerana ada hubungan perniagaan, politik, keluarga, kronisme dan sebagainya atau kerana si penerima itu rapat atau handal taulan dengan keluarga di raja, menteri besar, ketua menteri, menteri, perdana menteri, pejabat perdana menteri, ketua setiausaha negara, pemimpin parti politik, dan seterusnya. sebab itu negeri-negeri itu setiap tahun melahirkan berkoyan-koyan Datuk hingga telah menjadi jenaka di kalangan kita iaitu jika kita membaling batu ke arah orangramai sudah pasti batu itu akan mengena kepala si Datuk...

    hehe wallahuaalam


  4. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Now, now, Pak Rocky - I thought that you liked being in Singapore? Clean govt, efficient public transport system, lots of expatriates, shopping malls galore and a regional hub for anything and everything - what's not to like?

    I am sure that the contrast between JB and Spore must be edifying, if it were not so sad.

    And speaking of Johor royalty, I note that everyone has been tip-toeing very, very carefully around the fact that the present Johor Sultan was the Yang di-Pertuan Agong when Tun Dr Mahathir went after Tun Salleh Abas & his colleagues in 1998.

    And since the current CJ has apparently backed a suggestion by Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim that the govt apologise to Salleh Abas, it seems that apologies are the flavour of the day.

    The question is how high up the chain of command does one go when apologising? Does the buck stop with TDM?

  5. Anonymous3:55 pm

  6. Best for all sultans to review past big titles given out.As most of the title holders have to be Tarik Balik or to be canceled.
    Theres just too many datuks and tan sris without merits around.

    PR government must NOT ask or apply for any titles while in service or as MP, this will set good example.

  7. Anonymous3:59 pm

    The simple act by the Sultan of Johor of not granting any 'Datukship' this year, adds tons and tons of respect for the Sultan himself, and the awards he gives out in the future will be greatly valued!

  8. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Get rid of these titles. They've been prostituted and abused by their bearers for many years.

    Worse, many of these Dato's or Datuks themselves are unclear of the concept, especially when they assume having that lowly title automatically grants them ridiculous rights, including committing crimes (and arrogantly get away with it) or simply stupid big-headedness.

    Each of us can surely name at least one Datuk/Dato' who doesn't deserve the title in the first place.

    Worse comes to worst is when their wives, who got automatic stupid 'Datin' title (where did that word originated from, anyway?) think they are bigger and superior than their Datuk/Dato' husbands or any living being, for that matter.

    Are there titles equivalent to Datuks/Dato's granted by our neighbours - the Singaporean, Indonesian, Filipino and Thai Governments?

    What about European, Australian, NZ, American, Canadian & Japanese governments? (Nevermind the knighthood's 'Sir', which is given by QE). Even if those countries do give out such titles, I'm very sure they have good reasons and made thorough study on the receipients, before bestowing upon them the titles. And when they do award titles, it's not so many every year.

    In Malaysia, Datukship award is a rampant practice gone out of hand.

    I don't mind medals but titles shouldn't come with them, especially in this country.

    Get rid of these Datukships, Tan Sri-ships and whatever -ships there are.


  9. Anugerah DATO' daripada King og Johore memang sangat bernilai.

    Susah nak dapat title Dato' daripada Baginda Sultan.

    Jadi kalau sesiapa yang dapat pingat dari Istana Johor, kira memang establish habis la.

    Bro' Ahirudin bila mau dapat pingat Tun?


  10. Anonymous4:44 pm

    In my earlier comment, I mentioned in the 1st para: "They've been prostituted and abused by their bearers for many years."

    I should've written: "...abused by MANY OF their bearers for many years."

    In case some touchy Datuks/Dato's out there feel like swinging their titanium golf clubs at my head, I'm sorry for the error. It was just a typo, not a sweeping remark.


  11. Anonymous4:45 pm

    I can only echo Azlan's views and add that I have personally experienced being locked up illegally by a Dato, (with 4 others), after a business partnership went wrong. 18 months later nothing has been done by our great police force.This Dato openly boasts of his closeness to dear Samy and that he is 'untouchable.' These thugs seem to think these titles are a passport to immunity.

  12. Anonymous4:48 pm

    I always find those titles very irritating. Same also for a YB.

    My friend from UK came over and had a good laughed when he found out that there are so many people with the same surname. Tan this and Tan that.

    I completely support the sultan call not to issue the titles and better still if he could start a recall.

  13. Oh Datuk2!
    Every businessman clamors for it
    It gives them the prestige
    A social standing they crave

    Nothing about helping the poor
    The destitute in our midst
    It is much towards class
    A short cut to social standing

    I rather it is limited
    Say every year only the best 3 people
    In the opinion of the public
    They should bestow these titles

    No datukship
    For civil servants
    And politicians
    This will bring the prestige
    Of one who receives it?

  14. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Too many datuk/dato' already..

    Not including the biological datuk...

    And Latuk Kong....


    ..gila nama..gila harta...gila pangkat...gila kuasa...gila babi

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  16. well said En AZLAN - i applaud..:)

  17. Anonymous6:40 pm

    As an expatriate put it aptly,Dato's and Datuk'ships, are basically tools of the trade for conmen and fraudsters..Though there are many deserving ones amongst them, who have served the people of the state or federation unreservedly.It's as if its 'a license to cheat'...a license to practice corruption.Maybe we should give all these guys a genuine cert that they can hang on the walls of fame.Half the Datuks I know don't even know how to write a page in a letter, even if its to save their grandmothers life.They are a bunch of ornaments that belong in a muzeum (pun intended).

    There are also a bunch of reprobates at level four who helped themselves to datukships...will these guys rot in hell right here and now ( I mean that is the general consensus)...I was told that one chicko bravo who went to a missionary school will soon be plague by misfortune...I Think it will be leukemia for his kid...this is a public warning, kindly adhere to this( as prophesied by a known ulamak from ( identity witheld ).. if he doesnt repent and throw in the towel...many have eavesdropped about their pursuits to fleece desperate businessmen just to fix an appointment,these guys do really pay attention to who sits around them whether its a hotel lobby or designer cafe.That goons & pariahs who devour their positions in the name of a position at level four better beware should you bed lynched by frustrated datuks...just come out clean and give yourself to the public as come will be given a broom to grace the occassion.You young punks and turks, spare a though for restitution, think of the aftermath...the real tsunami will hit in December as even level four wont be spared.


  18. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Orang Cina ada satu tuhan panggil "Datuk". Dia orang sembahyang di bawah pokok, di luar rumah. Ini "Datuk" sama ah ????

    Wah, macam ini boleh bagi "4D" kah ?

    Apa macam dengan itu Datuk WEE KA SIONG? Itu macam punya orang pun boleh dapat Datuk kah? Surat dalam bahasa Ingeris pun tak tahu tulis....

  19. Anonymous6:57 pm

    I like your play on words..
    Royally great lunch..I'm gonna bet you were a guest of royalty!
    What more, having first-hand info on whether the Sultan was awarding Datoships or not!

    Am I right,bro? In any case, I envy you! :-))

  20. Anonymous7:14 pm

    A Married Man wants to be a Datuk.

    For the mojo, you see.


  21. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Betul, biar yang padan sahaja dapat gelaran

    History of Malaya youtube style

  22. Anonymous8:13 pm

    selling latukship - easy way of cari makan.

    a year sell 20 latuk, tan si and 200 to 300 odd funny titles...

    can make tens of million ringgit.

  23. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Rocky Bro

    Good move by the HRH Sultan of Johore.

    The same should be done all the other HRHs in other states.

    We are having "A dime-a-dozen datuks" in the country. It is becoming a joke in mamak stalls.

    There are three categories of datuks that Malaysians are aware of that should be discouraged.


    (a) All Ketua Pengarahs work their brains off to get a datukship so much so that if you are promoted to be a KP, then it is your ambition to curry favour the Menteri so that by the time you retire, you should get a Datukship. Otherwise, "tak ada muka" in social functions.

    Just take a roll call of the various Ministries and Departments.

    Almost every Ketua Pengarah in Jabatan Pertanian since the last 10 years were Datuks BEFORE they retire. What have they contributed to the country ? Virtually nothing!! So much so, even Pak Lah is now calling for a new Food Security Policy. Food security is one of the core functions of Jabatan Pertanian!!

    Similarly for all other Departments and Ministries.

    It is time to STOP giving Datukships to Heads of Departments unless they have served AT LEAST 10years of service and minimum of 5 years subject to having recognised by the PUBLIC they have made some dramatic achievement for the nation in their work. Otherwise they all SHOULD RETIRE WITHOUT A DATUKSHIP.

    If you ask most govt officials, they will tell you that their boss is aim is to get a Datukship and if they already have one, they will try to collect more. So the Ketua Pengarahs start to "angkat bola" with their Menteris... so that they can be nominated for Datukship. And the Menteri will allow his "bola di angkat" so that the Menteri can make demands on the Ketua Pengarah to do his political work using public funds.

    That is why our technical departments are functioning like bureaucrats instead as professionals.

    Look at MARDI, the leading agricultural research body... what latest agric. technology have then come out that make waves locally or internationally !! Really, there was nothing to shout about.. and they have been in existence since 1970. Yet every KP of MARDI has a Datukship since.

    It is time the HRHs stop the nonsense of giving Datukships to Government officers just because they were recommended by the Ministries.

    Less Datuks the better for the country.


    This is the corporate version of the datukship.

    If you hear the talk in mamak stalls, the title is $$$DATUK$$$.

    Especially for the chinaman businessman. The datukship carries muka when trying to strike a deal with another chinaman and also gives easier entry to the ALIBABA connection with some crony umnoputra businessmen.

    These $$$Datuk$$$s are usually recommended by umnoputra businessmen to HRHs and some of these are shadowy characters. In the Chinese businessman community, you can tell which $$$datuk$$$ they give respect when they talk to them.


    If you see a Malay datuk, and he is not a businessman or a pegawai kerajaan, then he is an UMNO-DATUK.

    I used to wonder what contribution have they done to deserve the datukship except to create mischief to others as an UMNO apparatchik, and disgracing themselves politically when they open their mouths.

    There is this chap called Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, Putra UMNO chief, being called a Datuk, who glorifies the Mat Rempits (read here What has he contributed to the nation. Even his degree he said he obtained from overseas is deemed suspicious. (read here
    He got a datukship via UMNO just BECAUSE he is the Chief of Putera UMNO. By the way the voters rejected him in the 2008 election when he put his name up. Thank God!

    And we have datuks and even tan sris that were caught smuggling cash into australia and datuks who even embarrass the royalties.

    HRHs should NOT give DATUKSHIPS to politicians who are NOT state assemblymen or MPs.

    And MPs and Assemblymen who have not served at least FIVE years, should not be given a datukship at all.

    The above criteria will help to check back the diminishing value of datukships and bring back the shine on the honour. And that will also give credence to the value of those who actually should be honoured by the HRH on behalf of the nation.

    Of course there are the genuine Malaysians who deserve to be recognised for their contribution.

    Might as well put the datukship title on E-bay.

    KUDOS to HRH SULTAN OF JOHORE for not giving any datukship this year.. and LESS datuks from next year.

    Each year, there should be only 3 datuks made maximum from each state. No more datuks from recommendations of UMNO, Ministries and from shady businessmen.

  24. Wait until sleeper agent be our PM. And wellcome back bro...

  25. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Tun Mahathir dapat Datuk dari Sultan Johor dan ditambah dengan Darjah Kerabat (DK)

  26. Anonymous9:14 pm

    A minor correction : Sultan Johor's birthday was on 8th and the Investiture ceremony was held on the same day, in the morning.

    tomorrow is the royal banquet.

  27. Anonymous9:22 pm

    I think the Sultans nowadays are really careful on the Datukship. It's those Yang DiPertuas that gave away the title like nobody's business

  28. My Guess is that the "gravy train" got derailed, thus no one is prepared to 'serve the rakyat" with his own dough! No $, no latuk lah! simple isn't it!

  29. Kat Terengganu Datuk yg derhaka., rakyat yg membela Raja.. Kat Johor., Datuk Azalina cuba hina raja..Dia kata Raja ni naik kuda turun kuda saja yg tau.,, Datuk2 lain tak kata apa2.. Dato Setia tak setia..Datuk Laksamana tengok saja..
    So..apa nak diharap datuk2 ni...

    Syabas Tuanku! Banyak2 sangat pun tak de guna...orang lain yg datuk2 ni taat dan setia..orang yg nak lucut kuasa Raja...

  30. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Those days hard to get the Datuk title and normally the person who get the title I think they really earn and well deserve it not like what happen nowdays! These days so many ppl can simply get the title Datuks' dont know based on what! for power and wealthy??BUT one thing for sure most Datuks' are wealthy!

  31. Rocky SIR

    good that you are back in the Country!

    totally agrees with you. Only if the Sultan has power on the conferment of Datuks / Datos; we the Rakyat will not face or see Monkey Datuks fooling around the economy in KLSE or political environment...

    no Monkey Datuks, no Banana Leaf money$... right?

  32. Way to Tuanku. We need more doctors. Not datuks.

    The latter is a dime a dozen.

  33. Anonymous11:27 pm

    I lost respect for the titles when they started giving them away so easily. Just look at the age of some of the recipients and one can't help but wonder what they have contributed to possibly deserve the title?

    It used to be that the title carries a certain prestige and showed recognition of ones contribution to the state or country. But these days, a Dato' or Datuk title don't mean didly squat.

  34. Anonymous11:49 pm

    A'kum tuan, kami mohon bantuan menghebahkan satu sidang akhbar untuk menjelaskan dakwaan sabotaj diumumkan Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan di PRU12 dlm NST, 10 April. Sidang akhbar "Siapa Sabotaj Siapa" oleh Ketua Umno Bahagian Seremban Datuk Ishak Ismail pada Jumaat (11 April 2008), jam 10 pagi di Restoran Raudah, Jalan Rahang, Seremban (dekat Pejabat Bernama NS). Pihak akhbar dan bloggers dijemput hadir. Terima kasih.

  35. Salam,

    My first simple comment to say thanks to Sultan of Johore for his firmed decision.

    In this regard, other state Sultan, TYT or Yamtuan N9 should have to follow him as well. Nowadays Datukship can easily be paid and it's already high time to be controlled.

    Majlis Raja-Raja Melayu kena duduk bermesyuarat bagi membincangkan isu-isu ini demi martabat dan kedaulatan Raja-Raja Melayu.

    Jika tidak ditangani, semua pingat tidak akan ada apa-apa makna di masa-masa akan datang dan bukan untuk diperdagangkan oleh sesetengah pihak yang mencari keuntungan wang ringgit.


  36. datuk big deal meh?
    i got datuk also what, two.. nenek also dua..
    and their pangkat cannot be taken away from them.. not like these losers!!

  37. Anonymous1:01 am

    Sorry I don't quite understand. You mean previously it wasn't up to the Sultan at all? What made this year different? You gotta spell it out to me I'm quite dumb :)

  38. Anonymous2:52 am


    I say. .if Rocky was a bankrupt...he wouldn't be able to go to singapore-lah.

    Aiyoo... the Riong boys would love that Rocky is made a bankrupt...that's why they are suing him.

    that's why many many many bloggers willing to donate to Rocky and Jeff in the legal suit.

    but you know what.....some other people we know may even end up being a bankrupt...

    don't lah listen to malicious talk...

  39. Kalau masa Forum MyKMU and you are one of the forum panelist, you would have been jeered for not telling what you wanna tell ...

    Stim tak habis ni, bro ....

    He he he

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  41. Anonymous9:19 am

    I bet most of the Datuk was actually not qualified to be one

  42. david arumugam should have gotten a datukship if you ask me

  43. Anonymous1:34 pm

    This is not the first time that Tuanku Sultan Johor did not award any Datukship during his birthday. In the 1990s, if I remember correctly, he did not have any investiture for three years in a row.

    And recent years, he's been giving away less than 10 datukships each year.

    Datukship is easily acquired from many states. Even young men in their 20s wants to buy datukship. They think, it's something they can buy to go with their fancy car and to be taken seriously.

  44. Anonymous2:29 pm

    if you thorw a stone to a crowd, chances are you'll hit a datuk, tha's how common they are - not surprising as they can be bought

  45. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Rocky, actually His Majesty Sultan awarded Dato Ghani with Pingat Ibrahim Sultan Darjah I (PIS I) this year. PIS I is very highly valued as very few people had the honour of being the recipient of this award. Previous recipients included Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed and the late Tun Hussein Onn, both of whom can considered as well-respected statesmen.

  46. Anonymous6:35 pm

    One guy that really earned it is that DIY guy, Zulkifli Haron? He is also a good designer. Hopefully DSU Mohamad Hassan of NS can pick this up as what he did to 2 ladies in sports and theatre respectively.

    Zul is really passionate with what he is doing.DSNS, not DPTJ for Zul.

  47. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Thank God! No more Datuks please! These blokes are so condescending, expect other non-Datuks to bow their head in obedience. I hope the other Sultans will do likewise, put a moratorium on Datukships.

  48. Anonymous11:19 pm

    What about those of Anak Datok??

    Many a times I get business cards that read :

    "Yati Dato' Mohamad Isa"

    "Ghazali Datok Ismail"

    I mean, wtf? Am I supposed to kiss their hands or what?


  49. Anonymous7:35 am

    I do not think this is good at all. Johor needs Datukships, probably more than any other state.

    The Datuk title is very valuable to the rakyat, it is like a warning label to let people know that they are dealing with someone who is corrupt.

    If the Sultan stops giving Datukships then how are we to know who these crooked cronies are?

  50. Anonymous11:26 am

    Apa-apapun perihal berkenaan penganuegarahan adalah atas empunya diri. Barang yang di atas tahta dialah yang berhak mengurnia barang yang dikira layak jua. Adapun komen yang tuan-tuan kemukakan bernas jua dan patut diambil kira. Sekira-kira paduka-paduka itu sudilah mengambil pedoman apa-apa yang tuan-tuan kemukakan...

    Ibnu Omar Abu Bakar

  51. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Apa-apapun perihal berkenaan penganuegarahan adalah atas empunya diri. Barang yang di atas tahta dialah yang berhak mengurnia barang yang dikira layak jua. Adapun komen yang tuan-tuan kemukakan bernas jua dan patut diambil kira. Sekira-kira paduka-paduka itu sudilah mengambil pedoman apa-apa yang tuan-tuan kemukakan...

    Ibnu Omar Abu Bakar

  52. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Apa-apapun perihal berkenaan penganuegarahan adalah atas empunya diri. Barang yang di atas tahta dialah yang berhak mengurnia barang yang dikira layak jua. Adapun komen yang tuan-tuan kemukakan bernas jua dan patut diambil kira. Sekira-kira paduka-paduka itu sudilah mengambil pedoman apa-apa yang tuan-tuan kemukakan...

    Ibnu Omar Abu Bakar