Monday, March 10, 2008

Why Rembau was dirtiest

Chegubard will hold a media conference to expose what the son-in-law did to beat him in the P131 Rembau parliamentary election.

Date; Tomorrow, Tuesday 11/3/08
Time: 11.30 am
Venue: Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, KL


  1. i knew it! he must have played dirty!

  2. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Make sure got foreign media to cover this "tell-all" show.

    Pls hv it up on utube.

    Also the juicy details later so that we can fwd it to our frens online.

    Looks like there is no one, no not one suitable to carry on as Msia's PM.

  3. Go chegubard!!

  4. Anonymous11:00 pm


    My prayers with you, bro. Wish I had your b*lls of steel.

  5. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Chegubard,well I am sure you would have taken the necessary precautions. Please ensure that your media statement/expose is already passed to Malaysiakini, harakah daily, PKR and DAP so that it could be accessed on site same time as you sit down for the press release. This khairy with no bin to his name might just get the police to stop you. Just becareful as a wounded animal is a very vicious beast.

    Anak Jawa Johor

  6. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Why not held in PKR country (selangor). This way permit wise or support wise is much better than in KL. Unless KL also PKR country ,...

  7. 1. Exposure via press conference is certainly not enough. Cikgubad should seek remedies from the Elections Court.

    2. Get YB Wee Choo Keong to be the Petitioner's solicitors. YB has vast experience in this area of law.

    3. Have some faith in the judiciary.

    4. Best wishes.

  8. Anonymous11:10 pm

    why didnt he protest right there and then?

  9. Isn't it obvious only after several recount he won.

  10. Well, a 5 year old would knew that first count of 50 votes lost ended up with 5,000 majority on the 2nd count?

    I wonder whether EC involve in this?

  11. Anonymous11:15 pm

    can we take it with SPR?

  12. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Menantu tak sedar diri....ok cikgu lagi cepat lagi bagus..before matrempit from BN ..buat hal.

  13. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Wasn't Che Gu Bard leading KJ until.....the surprise?

  14. I dun understand UMNO. They can take out the problem (Pak Lah) easily. Instead they chose to organise dissent and frustration so that BN will loose 2/3 majority and ok-la give away Penang. (Because it would be a big embarassment to Pak Lah.)

    What a job they did too. It went so well we lost another 3 states in the process. Now what? All happy? Wait till the the sh*t hits the fan. It be a long struggling next 4 years.

    And all this just to get rid of Pak Lah? Man.. people of Selangor, Perak and Kedah, you guys got conned big time and will get f**k big time too.

    The people where governments are concern are just pawns, collateral damage are acceptable.

    We all gave our support to Pak Lah in 2004 (too much, I must say) and what did he do? Yes, f**ked us big time, didn't he? Now we want to correct it by giving away 4 states? Who will guarantee they will not do the same?

    But wait a minute. Why didn't the same thing happen in Johor, Pahang, Melaka, NS and small time coochie rat state, Perlis. This is the year of the Rat and I smell one big time. After all, elections in this country are supposed to be rigged. Who is lying now? What was BERSIH all about? If Khairy can win in Rembau, why not BN in Kedah, Perak and Selangor? Who left the north-west door wide open?

    Pak Lah may be sleeping on the job, but the information were there, only it was intentionally not acted upon. Just like how Malaysia wound up to be the first country to send a gay in space.

    Its called 'giving enough rope' strategy. I do not expect Pak Lah to resign. He may see the rope but will think its to tighten his reign. There will be another battle to be fought, internally in UMNO. Big time trouble? When UMNO politicians converge in the next general assembly, half of them is out of job. That is a lot of angry people.

    We forget that we are mere pawns being manupilated by all political parties.

    My condolences to the people of Kedah, Perak and Selangor. You have been used to lay the foundation outst Pak Lah.

    I don't understand why UMNO themselves did not use last year's general assembly to 'send the message.' (Actually, I do.) But is the collateral damage inflicted to send the same message worth it?

    Taking out Pak Lah is not an issue anymore. It is a matter of time. But, now he is no longer the issue. Now, UMNO and BN have re-organize to regain the people's confidence.

    If it takes this kinda of mess to get rid of the PM, what mess is installed for us to take out Mahyuddin, Rafidah, T Adnan, Mat Taib, Shahidan, KJ and the rest of the embarassment?

  15. Anonymous11:25 pm

    kau ni orang jaga jaga han.
    if he had thought something dirty had happened he should have countered the problem at the counting station itself. now it is too late isnt it. all these empty
    and stupid after the election results might lead to undesirable outcome.
    dont do things like this for heaven's sake. there is always another election to look forward to. it is not the time for celebration yet. those elected have still to prove that they are worth the vote and their salt.
    never count the chicken before
    they are hatched. those who fail to perform will always be voted out sooner or later.

  16. Anonymous11:36 pm

    There was a black out during the 3rd or 4 th recounting.

    KJ is now known as Postal Boy!

  17. Anonymous11:52 pm

    dirty little bastard...

  18. Anonymous12:07 am

    That famed blackout...
    Wasnt there one at PWTC during the what happened then...ponders!!!
    Wasnt there one at some stadium in the UK as well...

  19. Anonymous12:09 am

    ya loh, if chegubard had thought something wrong had happened, that he had been cheated of the seat
    why didnt he countered the problem there? if he cannot even do that, how can he be our membe rof parliament? it is too late now, isnt it. and please dont ever cry over spilt milk. we would expect our member of parliament to be assertive and get to the crux of things when he sees something unjust has been done. if he cannot protect himself, i dont think he can protect his electorate left alone stand up for them.

  20. Anonymous12:14 am

    How come there is one blog :- ?

    Go visit, anyway

  21. Anonymous12:45 am

    for all the glory ascribed to SPR based on the fact that br won a few states, to me its no starter.i will say that inspite of barriers created by SPR, the rakyat has voted with their feet to kick out BN.

  22. Anonymous12:45 am

    if wins by 5000+ votes why need recount? spr should only allow recount for 2% votes diff, right? something doesn't smell fishy, it's downright rotten...

  23. Anonymous1:54 am

    "Recount and recount again till Khairy wins!" - yeah, I knew it...

  24. Anonymous3:02 am

    Bru, Ask Cikgubard how the DO refused to give him venue for his rally because "KJ is part of the government." Expose this position-seeking dumb officer. We are not through with the YB SIL yet. Clobber him in Parliament in front of his FIL.


  25. Anonymous3:17 am

    I am not sure if this of significance or not, but a few days before the polls, one of the girls who was used in the BN ads (Melissa Lee) wrote a post in her blog (}.

    I had a chance to read the blog before she blocked it by password (see the post entitled: "Protected: The Lies of Politics"). For a short time it wasn't protected, and I had a chance to read it.

    In it she confirms that they are holed up somewhere in Rembau, working behind the scenes. Working what, we don't have a clue.

    But she was quite irate with chegubard, and had some four letter words for him!

    In this blog, she alludes that the work they were doing was intense, because in the next post, she "managed to run back to KL for a day".

    What exactly was their contribution in Rembau? For the life of me, I didn't see anyone looking half a chinese in Rembau in all of KJ ceramahs or posts.

    Mysterious indeed.

  26. Anonymous3:29 am

    This is to splash another pile of shit on his already shitty body. Everyone have spitted on him including all BN losers. Why is he so silence. Nothing to say or just no face to show up. I think his many plans just turned haywire, into the BA's advantage.

    Pak ZZZ must have appealed to the BN council to have SIL appointed to the cabinet. He thinks that the time is right to do so. Congratulations to Pak ZZZ for being able to have an OXfordian to spearhead his many corridors.

  27. Anonymous3:35 am

    CheguBard, though we do not know you, we were all focused on your seat that night, and when we heard that was a recount, we were jubilant thinking you have won and SIL was objecting and asked for a recount. We just hope the numbrs stayed. Then our hearts broke into pieces when the news said you have lost. They were fast to announced that.

    Just tell the world how that could have happened. We are waiting to hear it from you. Thought you may have lost, you are still our champion.

  28. Anonymous6:39 am

    to those who say why didnt chegubard do something at that time, well have you considered the possibility that he discovered something only after?

  29. ya, rembau sudah main kotor la.. sepatutnya dah kalah, tapi telah dibuat kira semula dan tetiba dia menang la plak, nie mesti ada undi pos yang telah menolong dia la tu...

    pastu dia bangga gila-gila punya yang dia dah menang kat situ.. aduhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......

    geram ja rasanyaAaaaaaaa....

  30. rocky,
    With only RM31,000 fund, Chegu Bard went along way to fight multi millionaire KJ. His resources were stretched to the limit. I dont know if there was anybody there beside the few friends and volunteers that he had to assist him. Though he was representing PKR I am not sure if the party machinery was around to make protests or guard over the recounting. Afterall nobody thought that Chegu would really be able to garner such support.
    With his might KJ had everything planned from the person who is to swtich off the lights and to the person who is to bring fresh supplies of votes now that he knew how much more lost votes he had to cover. Putting more than 5000 was obviously too much to cover a 114 votes losses (unofficial report). I smell a rat there when a recount showed a majority of 5,000 favouring him. With SPR staff who maybe more inclined to help KJ win means it was beyond Chegu to fight them, he needs the army to help.

  31. Anonymous9:04 am

    hey u chegubard
    you are a loser
    you are a loser..

    cukup laa chegu..
    dah kalah tu kalah lah...
    bila kalah cakap kotor laa ape laaa..
    penyokong ekau lagi kotor...g aib kan khairy ngan video sexnya...

    islam kebende ko ni...
    dilaknat nt tau....

  32. Anonymous9:45 am


    Please make sure that your lawyers are there with you at the press conference.

    And please make sure that you invite reporters from the foreign media, especially the Spore and Indon papers. They will report your press conference fairly.

  33. Anonymous10:02 am

    So what if you hold a press conference? Like it would change anything but ignite more "people gathering or possibly fighting" (not verbally). I didn't say you should not do anything. There must be other things that can be done.

  34. Anonymous10:15 am

    Hi chegu bard

    If you have evidence I think there is good chance to get the results nullified. I think the judiciary has been shaken up by the people's power and they will not dare f**k around with the verdict if you were to challenge in court. So go for it. This SIL needs to learn lessons about integrity, ethics and morals.

  35. Anonymous10:30 am

    i suspect that all the "postal Votes" that were supposed to head for sg siput, lembah pantai and sg petani were diverted to rembau!!

  36. Anonymous10:34 am

    All those who thought it's so useful to complain to the SPR, or to object at the re-countings, you should have gone for the polling agent briefings.

    1) SPR receives thousands of complaints. About phantom voters, illegal ICs, misuse of public property for campaigning, bribery, etc. In history, 99% are thrown out and forgotten.

    Remember the RM200K maximum for each candidates' campaigns? How much did the newspaper and TV ads cost, without even including the banners? Why don't someone complain too about something as obvious as that?

    Because we know the SPR is toothless. Do Malaysians really forget that the SPR chairman had his retirement age pushed back one year?

    2) At the recounts, you can't do anything! They will tell you - make a complaint with the SPR, we counted what we counted. What can you do? Stop the recount? Have a riot?

    See above.

    3) Are all those whiners above that are hating on Chegubard UMNO cybertroopers and Khairy supporters? Did they even see the results? From a 500 lost to a 5,000+ win? That's highly suspicious, isn't it? Or are the counting agents failures at Math?

  37. Anonymous10:40 am

    The Chronicles of Tsunami, Buffalo and Mosquito explain what to do next

  38. Anonymous10:41 am

    Some complained that it may be too late to save anything. But , we still want to know what happen and how it happened.Chegubard should proceed with the tell-all meeting and have Wee Choo Keong to follow-up. Perhaps a final recount will be ordered by the Election Court. I want to know how dirty is KJ and expose him to all.

  39. Anonymous10:46 am

    FUC* with this asshol3

  40. Chegubard can't do much if the winning margin votes is more than 4%. That is why Chegubard can't call again for recounting when the majority is 5,000 votes. The only option Chegubard can do to seek through law.

    By the way where is KJ? Why is he vey quiet?

  41. Anonymous12:10 pm


    gentleman laa... don't be a sore loser. Even Ministers lost, are you so special you cannot lose?

  42. Anonymous12:12 pm

    This election was an eye opener to all of those so called veteran politicians, Samy Vellu for one and his kickbacks; there are so may others in BN still around, a good example is Ghani MB of Johore. Dig the turf and you will find a can of worms beneath it. Your days are over Ghani and others like you. Bye Bye BN .

  43. Anonymous12:21 pm

    KJ was loosing at the beginning but suddenly he was declared winner by 5000 votes majority. By now everyone should know this is indeed the dirtiest play of all

  44. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Saudara Rocky, Dah KALAH tu KALAH lah. What is there to complain and mouth bad KJ anymore.

    Enough DOSA already. U ni tak takut Tuhan ke? Tak percaya Qada Qadar Allah swt ke?

    Orang lain pun kalah juga.
    Bukan Cikgu Bad kesayangan you sahaja.

    U all dah cukup HANCUR kan orang Melayu. Pecah Belahkan Orang Melayu. Yang sudah sudah lah.

    Dah Kalah, kalah lah.

  45. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Dah kalah tiba2 menang?

  46. anonymous @ 11.03, dont u know that 11 out of 13 KL parliament seats belongs to PKR,DAP & PAS? hehe..

  47. Anonymous2:10 pm

    This should be interesting. Bring it on!

  48. Anonymous2:11 pm

    just do it! den tak sanggup nengok muko barua tu kat kampong den!


  49. The electoral system as it is, allowed the incumbent party (with lots of money to spare) to cheat easily. The Election Commission (SPR) as we all know is not an independent party.

    Main reason why the indelible ink was withdrawn at the last minute is to allow multiple voting by the cheating parties. Checking of identity of a person is very laxed. All one has to produce to proof one’s identity is an identity card or even just a driving licence.

    A common tactic is to ‘buy’ the identity card of the poor villagers. Party members will then vote on the villagers’ behalf.

    To ensure a fair election, the SPR must be reformed. Random checking of a person’s identity must be conducted using those finger print checking device. Any voting done on another person’s identity must be made a serious offence under the election law.

  50. The rules on postal voting must be reviewed and amended. The current rule favours the ruling party as the army and policemen who vote by ‘postal voting’ would obviously not jeopardize their career by voting for the opposition.

    Another point is what determine to which constituent does a postal voter’s vote goes to. Does it has to be his home town or some place where the BN needed his vote most. In constituent where BN only has a narrow win in the past?

  51. Anonymous2:38 pm

    From some other blogs:

    Some simple statistic from SPR site

    Parliament voting %

    P5 - 99.85%

    The 2 DUN voting %

    N3 - 81.56%

    N4 - 82.24%

    Now the interesting point, if U have 2 ballots - 1 for Parliament & 1 for DUN, will U only cast the parliament vote & keep the DUN ballot for souvenir?

    If U casted both then these 2 % (Parliament & DUN) should be quite close - give & take a single digit % difference.

    Now 99.85% vis-a-vis 81.56% OR 82.24%???????

    Someone is cheating & CHEATING BIG.

    The saddest part is THEY again take the voters for a joy ride, thinking that the voters are ignoramus & dont know how to count!


    So WHO's playing dirty? Or they are all into the same game just to keep their skin?

  52. Anonymous3:01 pm


    so what did chegubard revealed? cant go for his gathering cos got to work. do let us know what happened in Rembau

  53. Anonymous3:10 pm

    I will pray hard tht he will not get anywhere in our Malaysia's politic..
    I wonder why is UMNO people can make fun of other races eg. flashing the keris whenever , whereever they like , or whenever they dont get enough applause from the audience.. Why is it totally alrite for them ? Why is this kind of people still visible in our election ? Shouldnt we just have them buang negara .. Sighy !

  54. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Was Chegubard's PC carried out? (Heard that Mukhriz's PC yesterday surrounded by fiasco and threats. This one must be just as controversial.) Where can we find coverage of the PC please?

  55. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Chegu' Bad. Please file an Election Petition against the decision in Rembau. I want to see you win & KJ's dirty play to be exposed. I have faith in you as the true winner of the election.

  56. Anonymous3:29 pm

    So any latest update, sir?

  57. anyone with updates to this expose?
    please send it out....I've been rummaging the net for it but can't find a trace.... keep us informed pls....

  58. CheguBard

    I was most concerned on the night of polling day when I read in Malaysiakini that a recount was underway. Though I can't remember the full text, I remember thinking that you had won (yeah!) and KJ had demanded a recount. If there was a recount, it could only have meant that the scores were close.

    But I read subsequently that KJ had won by more than 5,000 votes! How could this be?

    Tell us! We want to know!

  59. hi raz,

    we don't need your condolence... we need change... but if we keep on stick to BN, there will not be any change to be coming in.... If we still let to BN to govern everythings... then the change will only be in our dreams...

    Yes, we don't know whether the DAP-PKR-PAS will do the things that they had promised.... But one things for sure BN is all this while NATO (No Action Talk Only). They even used Geran Tanah to force the ppl of selangor to vote them... As such, better the ppl of Selangor to give a change to the BR, at least there still a chance....

  60. to me..its just another round of "lets fool the people again"..!

    loosing 5 states is nothing compare to what they got...the peoples trust in the EC n how bersih they are.

  61. its just a game 4 them even to lose out 5 states...u guys really think we got our voices

    it is just another round of 'fooling the people' so we may think that the is nothing wrong with EC/constitution/etc...

    guess wot...nobody is fooling me.

  62. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Obviously, BN is still utilizing ballot recounts as an underhanded means of trying to maintain their already tenous grip on parliamentary proceedings. Chegubard, the clean, uncorrupt portion of Malaysia is with you! Bring the ruckus to parliament!

    The indelible ink issue, and the issue of the phantom voters, have not been addressed to my satisfaction as of yet. The three gentlemen who gave the EC chairman's house a small makeover spoke for the majority of Malaysians, one feels.

    Anyways, even though the election process is over, I would hope that the opposition can attain the justice that is rightfully theirs.

    On the whole, I'm a satisfied customer of this year's general elections. Kudos to the EC for not staging more blackouts and more recounts! Additional kudos to us, the Malaysian people, for finally standing up for something that is greater than our own petty racial disharmony and hangups!

  63. Anonymous6:20 pm

    CHALLENGE Chegu jgn tak CHALLENGE that makhluk with no bin.... His rightful place is right next to abang z and not in Parliament....

  64. Anonymous9:46 pm

    "Taking flak" - a report on Khairy in the Spore Straits Times, Mar 11.
    The report was written by Carolyn Hong, the paper's Msia Bureau Chief.

    The report quoted TDM: "This young man has not achieved anything before, but the Prime Minister is clearly more willing to listen to him than to the police, Special Branch and armed forces who are closer to the people."

    (The police and the Special Branch are "closer" to the people, as claimed by TDM? The mind boggles!)

    The report also quoted Pak Lah: "He's (Khairy's) not the one who says 'Babah (daddy), please accept this', and I accept it, and 'This one you must do'. He doesn't do that."

    The report said that a posting on the blog MyKMU Net "blamed Mr Khairy for contributing to the BN losses, saying he had earned the ire of ordinary people.

    "It said people believed Mr Khairy was responsible for policies they disliked, such as the opening of the country's air routes to low-cost carrier AirAsia to the disadvantage of the national airline."

    (of course, nobody saw it fit to mention that MAS was already a flying basket case well before Tony Fernandes appeared on the horizon).

    The report also said:

    "Currently the deputy head of Umno Youth, he is in the running to take over the top youth post in the coming party elections. The Umno Youth chief traditionally holds a Cabinet minister's post.

    (not if Mukhriz Mahathir can help it!)

    "A few say that Mr Khairy may end up the "sacrificial lamb" because of his father-in-law's shaky position. No surprise then that his camp is silent now."

    Incidentally, the same paper carried a side-by-side report on Mukhriz Mahathir. The by-line? "Taking aim".

    (the Straits Times' editors have a weird sense of humour).

  65. Anonymous10:39 pm

    any1 knows where can i find transcript of the chegubard press conf???

    chin, PJ

  66. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Chegubard take car ok. We all know the beruk is a crook many times over.

    KJ thought Parliament will be the same old cronies & he can "control" them. Now FIL is in trouble and new govts who can take no nonsense from KJ & krismudin and the rest of the UMNO-putra geeks ..let the circus begin in Parl...bring out the Rocket"s"...

    KJ watch it...

  67. Anonymous12:27 am

    GOt inform al-jazeera?? tell them this time that zam zam guy no more.

  68. Anonymous1:50 am

    Wanted to tell you earlier when you apologise - no need to. You fought a good fight. Maybe provence was right to allow 'Mat rempit' to win so that he can get his ears twicked & slaughtered at Parliment! But Chegu, you should have protested immediately -- how can a recount ended with a 5,000+ majority? Oh, yeah, you don't know how to cheat!
    Go take legal action, I will start a fund-raising campaign for you.

  69. Anonymous7:22 am

    Dont worry. Time for parliament, we get to see this monyet (along with anothers) doing antics. Then FIL and wife will see the true colors. See lah... if the media is going to "pamper" him all the way. Eventually, all the "kurap and pekong" will come out. Carry on with your aspirations and goals and may ALLAH give you strength and resilience to overcome obstacles. Amin.

  70. Anonymous10:53 am

    Can the government-owned newspapers in Malaysia stop printing "news" that "Khairy did this and Khairy did that" everyday?

    Your obvious/shameless promotion of Khairy is a real insult to the intelligence of the Malaysian public!

  71. ak sebagai orang rembau,tau sangat kj
    menipu malam come from 100++ dlm pukul 8 lebih...pastu pukul 10 lebih jadi 5000??tipu gile..ak ade kat situ sepanjang malam...depan2 aku ade sebijik kete lalu,bawak 2 ballot box kat belakang kete,tapi ballot box tu tak transparent.dibalut dgn bende warne hitam@gelap,pastu ak tnye polis sbelah,bang ni dari mane bang? die cakap "ni dari rantau" pergh..mase tu dlm pkl 930 keatas..pergh..asal lmbat sgt sampai dr rantau,bukan jauh sgt pon rantau tu...bodoh2 pon sejam lebih je...

  72. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Usah agong-agongkan seseorg atau sesebuah parti politik yang belum membuktikan ketulusan mereka bila memimpin . Biar mereka buktikan dulu . Jangan jadi macam si Luncai .......and jangan jadi bodoh soking membuta-tuli ,,,, banyak kat sini macam tu.

  73. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Usah agong-agongkan seseorg atau sesebuah parti politik yang belum membuktikan ketulusan mereka bila memimpin . Biar mereka buktikan dulu . Jangan jadi macam si Luncai .......and jangan jadi bodoh soking membuta-tuli ,,,, banyak kat sini macam tu.

  74. Anonymous10:34 am

    Did you know that within the KJ’s Rembau (P 131) parliamentary constituency, there is a state constituency by the name of ‘Kota’. The original name of Kota is ‘Kotor’ (dirty). They used to rear pigs there. The locals there still call it by the original name. There’s even a kampong near ‘Kotor’ called ‘Penajis.’ And that, in my opinion, is "Why Rembau is dirtiest." And now, they have a new parliamentarian who’s reputation right now is, well, not all that ‘harum.’ - Budak Ghombau

  75. I tought it so ! He is a real culprit ! Make sure u exposed this to the people. Let people's power blow him out coz playing dirty politics.

  76. KJ has been pretty quite these days BUT what is the status of Rembau Election? Any response from SPR?

  77. Anonymous11:23 pm

    spr said...
    hey u chegubard
    you are a loser
    penyokong ekau lagi kotor...g aib kan khairy ngan video sexnya...

    islam kebende ko ni...
    dilaknat nt tau....

    Who ever this person
    you r relly UMNO bastard, Kalau chu sui lek bolih mengaku kenapa kHairy Tidak Boleh, yang tau dia itu GILA SEKS we dont need any sex maniac in GOV. Kalau kawin dua mengaku Saja. This guy is atmost Racialist, Racialist Racialist!!!??? F***K to him