Monday, March 10, 2008

Selangor is PKR country

From 5 pm today.
Former Guthrie and PNB chairman Khalid Ibrahim will have an audience with the Sultan of Selangor at 5 this afternoon to inform the Tuanku that PKR-DAP-PAS have reached a consensus on the formation of a new state government.

Khalid should be sworn in as the new MB for the state by Wednesday.
In last Saturday's polls, PKR won 15 state seats, DAP 13 and Pas 8.


  1. Anonymous1:55 pm



  2. yeaahh...and now i'll be singing a different tune; screw the opposition!

    i imagine if tv3 to do a report on Md Khir Toyo, it'll go something like 'bersama-sama dakyah pembangkang yang akan dibawa beliau...'


  3. Cool! Lets hope there will be no more demolition of 'peneroka' kampungs and places of worship willy-nilly...

  4. The Malaysians here in Melbourne are very excited over the capture of Selangor. Eagerly awaiting for the local councils to be cleaned up. We hope to see Selangor, Penang, Perak and Kedah as role model states for the rest of Malaysia

  5. Anonymous2:25 pm

    What a lovely, lovely day today.

  6. Guess what happened today? I'm staying in Selayang area.there's a Kemas Sewing workshop nearby my house and just now there's a lorry came and took all the sewing machine...

  7. Anonymous2:39 pm

    PKR produced the most qualified Menteri Pesar in Malaysia today.

    Just look at Tan Sri Khalid's CV:

    Tan Sri Khalid is Chairman, Amanah Millenia Fund Berhad and Board Member of SIRIM Berhad, Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia, Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) and National Productivity Centre (NPC). He is also Executive Committee Member of Unit Investment Fund and Member of the Financial Engineering Forum, Jeddah-based Islamic Development and an Alternate Member, APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC).

    University of Malaya trained Economist, Tan Sri Khalid also holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from The Univresity of Queensland, Australia. He served as teacher, credit officer and financial analyst, Chief Executive, Permodalan Nasional Berhad and Group Chief Executive, Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad (until 2003). He is an Eisenhower Fellow and the recipient of The Business Times-American Express Malaysia CEO of the Year Award (1998) and the University of Queenland International Alumnus of the Year Award (2001).

  8. Anonymous2:44 pm

    rule by proxy (ON BEHALF OF anwar ibrahim)

  9. Rocky,
    What a contrast for a man who lost a recent by election in Ijok to win it again later and become the MB of the state of Selangor. Now we know how unfair it was when he fought for the Ijok by election seat, against the might of a BN machinery all focussed on beating him.

  10. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Tahniah kepada semua rakyat Malaysia yang manfikan 2/3 BN di Parlimen, dan tahniah kepada semua yg mengundi Barisan Rakyat... Let us all move foward!!

    Cabaran untuk mengekalkan kemenangan lebih besar. Diharap Kerajaan Negeri Kedah, P.Pinang, Perak dan Selangor ditadbir dengan baik tidak seperti ditadbir oleh BN sebelum ini.

    Teruskan membawa perubahan. Cabaran seterusnya untuk menafikan majoriti mudah BN di Parlimen. Barisan rakyat akan menawan Malaysia!!

    Hidup Rakyat!!!

  11. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Yes and lets stop calling PKR, DAP and PAS opposition. I don't understand why after Parliament has been dissolved its BN vs Opposition.

    Now siapa yg opposition?!?

    I propose an acromym Pakedapas to be used instead until they formalise BR.

  12. As far as I know, the Tan Sri wasn't the Chairman of PNB. At that time, that honor went to a gentleman named Tun Ismail (who I believe is/was TDM's brother-in-law).

    He was the GM (or CEO, or whatever). I had the displeasure of running into him in a business project there at PNB. And PNB is NOT race-agnostic. I guess that's the meaning behing the second letter of the acronym.

    For the sake of the country, I hope he's learnt some new tricks since then.

    We can hope, can't we?

  13. Anonymous3:10 pm

    oh my God! Another one with a personal agenda. God save Selangor.

  14. Anonymous3:18 pm

    tahniah to all malaysian!

  15. PKR country ? Mydeen thinks that the difference between PKR and DAP is a mere 3 seats, and to call it PKR country is a little bit of an overstatement. PKR needs the DAP to form the state government, and it had better be coignizant of that fact.

  16. Video detik-detik terakhir...MALAM SEBELUM BARISAN NASIONAL TUMBANG DI SELANGOR DARUL EHSAN! - Malam Sebelum Mengundi (Lokasi:Taman Permata, Lembah Keramat)

  17. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Bro Rocky,
    I was wandering why Selangor and Penang PKR and DAP country respectively?Why not PKR or DAP states?Maybe you have valid reason?
    Bob From Kuching

  18. Anonymous3:49 pm

    It takes an indon to screw up Selangor. Well done arrogant-toyo, the rakyat present the broom-award to you!

  19. Anonymous3:49 pm

    It is not right to call Selangor "PKR Country". It should be Barisan Rakyat country. All the 3 parties got where they are through the Barisan Rakyat's spirit of cooperation.

  20. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Wrong headline la brother. When you campaign you said Barisan Rakyat but now where is DAP and PAS. Thats the problem with PKR and i always worried about the trustworthiness of Anwar.
    Malaysian as a whole will have to pay the price of the aftermath b'cos lots of inexperience leaders have been chosen out of anger.
    Its a one man show of not even an elected MP moving around to but over MP in Sabah and Sarawak.
    (Heard he got RM1.0Billion to play around) God Bless Malaysians. With such of things happening how is the PKR to lower fuel and essentials goods price.
    Lots of Malaysians actually just want to shake the mango the a bit but they have overdone it by pulling off the roots. Too late to be regret my fellow countryman.

  21. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Ciizen Nades has returned to The Sun! Welcome back, brudder!

    See his column "Will new people do the same old things?" in The Sun, Mar 10.

    I hope that Nades and Terence Fernandez will continue to monitor the doings of the local councils and "little Napoleons" in Selangor. And that they will continue to write their columns without fear or favour.

    And I hope that the new owners of The Sun can see which way the political winds are blowing in Malaysia.

    Maybe, too, there is hope for The Star to re-invent itself, what with the election drubbing handed out to the MCA.

    As for the New Straits Times.....well, let's see how their editorials, columns and commentaries come out over the next several weeks.

  22. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Rock, is your website being hacked by cyber troopers?

    First u ask to protest then u said Selangor is PKR only?

  23. Anonymous4:21 pm

    anonymous 4:00 PM

    Well, PKR is the biggest Opposition party in Parliament, with 31 seats. DAP has 28 seats and PAS 23 seats.

    By convention, a PKR MP should become the Leader of the Opposition.

    At the State level, PAS has 83 seats, DAP 73 and PKR 40.

    In Selangor, PKR has 15 State seats, DAP 13 and PAS 8. So, PKR gets to nominate the Menteri Besar. Nothing wrong with that.

    But to say that "Selangor is PKR country" - that's going overboard. I hope it's just repressed enthusiasm voicing itself and not delusions of grandeur!

  24. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Ini lah yang dimaksudkan pepatah Melayu "Yang dikejar tidak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran".

    In their eagerness to wrest Kelantan from PAS, they neglects the support needed by other states.

    The fact that PAS has continued to rule Kelantan all these years proved that the majority of its people is satisfied with the government there.

    Why does BN want to take that away from them?
    Orang tamak selalu rugi.

    I hope BN will not forget this lesson next time around.

  25. Anonymous4:26 pm

    hope that he'll do better than the previous one. not that I'm saying the previous one was not good enough, I just want the new one will be better.

  26. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    I dont care whatever the headlines is. Country, Mega State, whatever. All I care is that promises made are kept. RPK states it bluntly. Screw us up & we'll screw you back. Double big time. Now MPs get to work. Party's over.....

  27. Anonymous4:34 pm


    Its PKR,DAP,PAS country lah. Or simply BR state. I don't want to leave out DAP and PAS. Now, don't you be batu api there rocky!.

  28. Anonymous4:34 pm

    kekalahan mengejut BN sememangnya tidak dijangkakan walaupun ramai pemerhati politik beranggapan bahawa BN kali ini tidak akan menang dengan majoriti yang besar...ada beberapa faktor yang menyebabkan kekalahan BN kali ini....di mana salah satu penyumbang kekalahan ialah penggunaan kotak undi telus....PRU kali ini ialah kali pertama ia digunakan...adakah selama ini kemenangan BN dibantu oleh penggunaan kotak peti undi yang berwarna hitam....??mungkinkah selama ini majoriti yang dimenangi adalah sedikit tetapi disebabkan kotak hitam menjadi penyelamat majoriti undi?...
    bagi pendapat saya sekiranya Pak Lah berundur...beliau berundur secara terhormat...ini kerana...BN kalah berpunca dari ketelusan yang dilakukan oleh SPR...adakah keputusan lebih baik didapati sekiranya peti undi hitam masih digunakan..?? Wallahualam...

  29. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Blogger arcadia said...

    Guess what happened today? I'm staying in Selayang area.there's a Kemas Sewing workshop nearby my house and just now there's a lorry came and took all the sewing machine...

    not only that in canopy was stolen right after announce that the candidate is lost..pathetic action...pls Barisan Rakyat if you read pls stop yr ppl before they ruin yr party


  30. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Re Anwar Ibrahim - what have Chandra Muzaafar and Musa Hitam got to say now?

    Maybe they are both opting for an "elegant silence".....?

    But, hey, Chandra - I watched you on Spore TV's Channel NewsAsia last week, and I heard very clearly what you said about Anwar.

  31. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Hmmm...could be trojan horse or some kind of infiltration on Rocky's pc and obtained his password.

    Now this hackers are sowing seeds of doubt for all the rakyat through Rocky's Bru.

    Or Rocky's is an enemy in the blanket?

  32. Anonymous5:13 pm

    something is wrong with this blog. or something is wrong with this blogger (baca: bro rocky).

    last 2 topics "Selangor is PKR country" & "Go protest" did not sing in pre-PRU tune..

  33. Anonymous5:28 pm

    yoo arcadia.. same thing happen to Taska Kemas in Puchong.. whats with all this??

    Mohon Penjelasan.........


  34. Anonymous5:32 pm

    We don't vote DAP; PAS or PKR for Anwar personal ambition/course. DAP carried a very burden b'cos not only they have to perform but protect the chinese safety and interest since MCA and Gerakan is totally wiped out.
    What i really worried is when the ~Hungry wolf~ is now taking care of our sheeps.

  35. what will happen in Selanfor soon??

  36. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Anwar isrunning around in Sabah and Sarawak to buy over the MP so that the opposition can form federal government. Maybe KJ will also join him later.
    Where he got all his money hah? Will Malaysians be sold again! Now lots of people regretted giving vote to opposition.

  37. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Anonymous said...
    We are happy that the political senario is changing in West Malaysia.
    Wonder when the political tsunami is coming to Sabah & Sarwak.
    Without the 45 seats delivered by East Malaysia,BN leaders will have to go back to the padi fields. Bargaining time for Sabah & Sarawak if we have smart & clean leaders.
    Wake up Sabahan & Sarawakian
    Hope that the political tsunami will reach Sabah & Sarawak soon.

  38. Khalid ... remember to serve the rakyat ... let those people who have been renting government flats for 20 years have the option of buying them. They have been waiting for this to come for so long. Respect places of worship and adopt pro-resident, pro-environment strategies when developing Selangor.

    If you do all this, you can turn the richest state in Malaysia as a PKR fortress!

  39. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Selangor belongs to the people.

    I hope the parties don't get arrogant after the people voted them in. To say Selangor is PKR country is overdoing a little. After all, PKR can never rule it without the seats of the other opposition parties.

    Now that PKR, DAP and PAS have won the state, please please work together in the interests of the people and state without regard to race and religion. And please don't fight whether Selangor is PKR, DAP or PAS, otherwise you will bring the state down. BN will be happy to see that happening.

  40. Anonymous6:13 pm

    anonymous 1.55 PM´, the expression "PKR country" tu betullah. It's a valid and common expression in English, like Pahang is Najib country LOL. Anyway, syabas Selangor. Bukan Syabas yang naikkan harga air tu :p

  41. Anonymous6:15 pm

    SO the first thing PKR led country shld do is tear down that eye-sore Istana Zakar in Klang!

    After that rename the PKR country to BR Country.

    NExt go after Toyol's head for raping Bkt Cherakah. CIlaka!

  42. Rocky,

    What happened to you? Since when did Selangor become PKR country? Just because the Chief Minister is from PKR doesn't mean it is PKR country. Do you mean to say that if the Sultan of Perak consented to this guy from PAS to be the Chief Minister of Perak, it becomes PAS country even though DAP has 18 seats and PAS 6?

    DAP and PAS played big roles in this. And I think people not affiliated with any political party played bigger roles in giving these political parties a big chance. So, please stop making these stupid remarks which are unlike you. I hope it is just because you have not had enough sleep these past few days.

  43. Anonymous6:28 pm

    "Selangor is PKR country".

    Hey, bro. They got a 3G licence or what?

    Or are you promoting their brand of cigarettes? You know, 3 men on a mule. Muleboro Country, my brand of cigarettes in this developed state. But not on that Broken Mountain.

  44. Anonymous6:51 pm

    I am anxious to wait for the annoucement of the LOWER Toll rates in Selangor if not its abolishment.

    Then of course as promised by DAP today in THE STAR, the much LOWER PETROL Price even tough I dont know how the hell DAP, PKR or PAS gonna do this. (May Be they have contact with OPEC).

    Then no more Cukai Pintu and Cukai Tanah.

    Then Lower price of Houses and Condos??? Yahoooo!!!

    We are waiting, we are wating for the PROMISES during the election. We are waiting..

  45. Anonymous6:57 pm

    perhaps it is time the BN
    government started giving sabah
    and sarawak a better deal, more allocation for development
    since they are the ones who really stand so strongly behind them all these years. otherwise, it is also time too they STARTED pulling back their support.

  46. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Salam ! Hello friends without PAS you cannot form this state gov .We also like to have the hudud law for the people of Selangor like what we have in Kelantan, Kedah, Perak. Think about it. Take it or leave it.....

  47. Anonymous6:59 pm

    makkal sakthiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii what else

  48. Anonymous7:01 pm

    KEMAS are 'berkemas' wholesale to 'hide' their grey wares procured from 'blank cheques' from ex-MB office. If you watch carefully all KEMAS centers are deceptively UMnos hangouts.

  49. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Yesss.. Good for all of us. I was told that the newly formed state government might like to review state bumi vendor program in their future and current program. It will be open to all.. Yay!! Now we are all have the same opportunity in getting much sort after projects in Selangor, no more for Bumi only, bungkus lah Bumi contractors..Thanks you guys and Bro.

  50. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Its just a day after a glorious victory for the Rakyat. Headlines rubs me the wrong way and plays into the hands of UMNO goons ( both past and present. Tun M u are not excluded). Why instead of DAP, PKR or PAS. They be called Barisan Rakyat. Haris , we need your help here lah, bro.

  51. Anonymous7:26 pm

    adakah JIN membawa sial pada pak lah??

    Did JEAN brought bad luck to pak lah?

  52. Anonymous7:33 pm

    now Sir Khalid,

    deliver the promises or people will boot you out like they kicked the Toyo's butt.....

  53. Congratulation TS Khalid Ibrahim.

    All voters in BTR parlimentary are very proud to have you elected as the new MB of Selangor.

    May the new era for all Malaysians promise a better future for all, regardless of race and religious beliefs.

    ... this will bring the silly "Broom Award" to an abrupt end. We look forward to a more dynamic and effective Local councils in the near future.

  54. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Brothers & sisters now we have avenue to stage street demo. ..
    everyday !!!

  55. Hello people. A good number of BN members voted BA this time so don't go acting/gloating like the BN bastards when they were in power because we are just trying you out for a term. If you turn out to be pathetic clowns like your predecessors you will never taste victory like this again.

    We have a crook acting like it was his doing that the vote swayed this good when actually it was the weak leadership of the PM that was the only contribution to the loss of the 5 states. Anwar is a traitor and a crook. God forbid the suckers in the East from selling out. We have done enough damage to BN to wake them up from their slumber. Now they will serve us much better and more efficiently to win us back. If Anwar gets what he wants with foriegn funds, then we will be under a worse foreign stooge than Badawi.

    Reflect on this fellow Malaysians.

  56. Anonymous8:02 pm

    I salute you Malaysian for being brave to vote against the govt.
    You are united as one ppl and kudos to you.

    Saudara anda dari s'pura

  57. Now PKR looks like a giant. I hope PKR won't forget the fact that it was PAS akar umbi that fleshed out its skeleton of election machinery. Out of the 31 seats that it won, how many were won on its own strength. And I am still waiting for a thank you from Anwar Ibrahim.

  58. Anonymous8:29 pm

    I feel like crying ... with joy.

  59. Anonymous8:56 pm

    PKR according to my thirteen year old son, should be
    (P K R)

    but that is an impossibility for marriages of convenience.

    waiting for the changes

  60. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Dear Yang Berblog Rocky,

    Dalam semak ada duri,
    ayam kuning buat sarang,
    orang tamak selalu rugi
    macam anjing dengan bayang-bayang.

    Dalam semak pokok siantan,
    Kucing Parsi berkeliaran,
    Terlalu tamak nakkan Kelantan,
    4 negeri lain berciciran.

    Hidung mancung buatan seni,
    Kulit tegang hasil suntikan
    Terlalu jaga penampilan diri,
    Negeri Selangor habis dilepaskan.

    Semanggol dekat gunung daik,
    Bau busuk bau bacin,
    Tol naik tocang pun naik,
    Orang kata pencen dia kata duit belum licin.

    Berasmara dana di PCB,
    Nafsu terlempias dosa dicari,
    Cita-citaku nak jadi MB,
    Apakan daya PAS masih disanjungi.

    Menghidang air di dalam dulang,
    Atas saprah tikar dibentang,
    Apalah guna ada yang menang dijulang?
    Bila negeri sendiri jatuh kepada pembangkang?

    Kayveas kata Samy,
    Samy kata Kayveas,
    Orang dah tak nak kami,
    Tapi kami perasan tak habis-habis.

    Catur politik catur negara,
    Yang ada kuasa mesti berpada-pada,
    Wahai pemimpin ingatlah neraka,
    Khidmat kita besar tanggungjawabnya

    Dari Pulau Pinang ke Kuala Kedah,
    Turun Ipoh terus ke Sungai Besar
    Batang penyapu membawa padah,
    Celakanya tertempias ke seluruh jelajah.

    Tidur berdengkur tidur tersandar,
    Tidur malam tak berpakaian,
    Harap2 Pak Lah dah tersedar,
    Banyak ngomelan bukan penyelesaian.

    Molten Cake.

  61. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Replacing a rat with a rat? Call that progress?

  62. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Ya, go check local councils first. They will find shit in everything from sports activities like the Selangor Menteri Besar Cup cycling race to the rubbish collection sub-cons.... Selangor's shit is everybody's shit. And it is a lot of SHIT!

  63. Anonymous9:16 pm

    the supposed protest this morning was called "Go Protest" ... as in asking PL to go ... rocky wasn't asking his readers to literally go and protest

    to the poster who said that we should name the opposition party PEKIDAPAS ... hahahaha funny one but no thanks ... sounds like a Pekida branch for PAS or something

  64. Anonymous9:22 pm

    sorry the name of the protest was "Please Go" ... my bad :)

  65. My home state Selangor
    A new team a new era

    Time the soon to be new state government
    Taking the state to greater achievements
    PKR Tan Sri Khalid is a man of perfectionist
    I had dealt his entourage before……………
    I could recall how anxious his officers were
    Trying their best to make everything perfect

    Maybe it is best Selangor got him
    So many dirt to sweep and carpet polish
    Before Selangor really attains its developed status
    Now I don’t even believe she has

    Many Malaysians will be watching
    How this combination of Barisan Rakyat works
    The voters can change; the wind can blow every way
    These elected representatives must work on the ground
    This is the stage for bigger role in GE 13

    Don’t forget to be humble
    No airs of importance
    We choose you we can make you pay
    Be nice everything will be fine

    It isn’t PKR country
    It is Barisan Rakyat!
    We are the people who make the difference
    In any political government

  66. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Saudara Rocky, seperti apa yang saya luahkan sebelum ini, tolonglah bersatu sesama komponen Barisan Rakyat. Don't let BN take advantage before BR start managing any state. Don't ever called any state as PKR/PAS/DAP state/ country. Ini cuma akan meresahkan semua rakyat yang mengundi dan meletakkan kepercayaan kepada semua wakil BR. Seperti PAS di Kedah, tadbirlah secara adil dan saksama tanpa perlu menggunakan istilah Hukum Hudud kerana ia boleh mengerunkan rakyat juga wakil PKR/DAP. Cubalah gunakan istilah yang biasa yang diterima umum dalam mentadbir semua negeri. Jangan terlalu banyak bercakap dengan press/akhbar kerana mereka akan menyiarkan dengan penuh pusing supaya rakyat menjadi risau dengan ketidaksefahaman BR. Juga di Perak, bersetujulah dengan sepenuh hati supaya hanya satu wakil sahaja dicalonkan sebagai MB untuk menunjukkan keteguhan pakatan ini. Nurul Izzah, Wan Azizah, tak perlulah kosongkan mana2 seat untuk DSAI. Just appoint him as senator later. And all Yang Berkhidmat BR dan akar umbi BR... please... berundinglah. Jangan mempersia-siakan undi rakyat dan janganlah jatuh dengan helah BN dan pusing akhbar. Saya percaya doa saya diamin oleh semua rakyat yang menyokong BR..

  67. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Ha, ha, I think Rocky has been reading too much a local magazine Tell. Walked past it at the news stand the other day, close up of a beaming Najib on the cover with headlines "Najib Country" Kinda arrogant of them to do so election month. Still, don't think the editors did him a favor by that. Ha,ha,ha,ha, ....

  68. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Hoping Khalid will run & manage the State like an MNC. Make profit with a "decent" cost!!!!

  69. Anonymous10:41 pm

    In 1994, while Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim was the Chief Exec. of PNB, he had already talk about the danger of G.Soros activity, way before ex-PM Mahathir.

    I admire his economic knowledge since then and had mentioned that he could one day become Prime Minister of Malaysia. But at that time, he refused offered by ex_PM to involve in politic.

    The question here is, why he agreed to join politic after no more with Guthrie?

    I suspected that he witnessing too much dirty hands among politician that could affected Malaysian economy badly.

    He is not stupid to join a new Party Keadilan Rakyat and not UMNO. Again, why PKR?

    Many of us is smarter than T.S. Khalid I but most of us is half-past-ten. Before he decide to join PKR, he would have been thinking so much to make that decision of joining PKR.

    Now, I strongly feels that there will be a few MP or ADUN whose getting so much pressure from supporter to leave Pak Lah due to his beloved KJ, for whatever reason best known to them. We know what's the reasons.

    Today, T.S.Khalid Ibrahim had climb one step higher as Selangor new MB. It is not impossible that he would become TPM of PM-will-be D.S.Anwar Ibrahim in future.

    Pak Lah's dilemma now is how to solve his and BN's popularity issues. If he shut KJ's mouth up, will KJ keep silence? If he push KJ's whose wanted badly to be the next Youth & Sports Minister or Works Minister up, he will be burning himself badder.

    The worse & biggest dilemma among many dilemmas is, after rejected Jane Abdullah's advices and ideas of how to strategize BN for GE12 and instead just only listen to "the Young One"(his KJ), how could he "pujuk" Jane? Is Jane's idea better than KJ. Remember, many BN votes was swing because Pak Lah refused to listen to the experience and 'OLD' one.

    Aaahhhh....don't give-a-damn to whatever Pak Lah want to decide. The most interesting thing to observe now is the preasure from down-under of MCA members to pull-out from BN coalition. They had done that before, it is not impossible fr them to repeat it again.

    Whatever they do and decide, I hope they do not forget that ALLAHUAKHBAR! (God is Greater)!

    Congratulations to new Selangor MB, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim!

    I'm out of here...

  70. i guess i feel more secure with khalid.

    come on man, show me what u got!

  71. Anonymous11:07 pm

    Can anyone do something about the news on TV and newspapers? They give the impression that UMNO's premises are being vandalised by the opposition and the people interviewed of course said that they were fearful of what would happen to them with the new ruling govt in the state.

  72. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Yes, I agree. To use 'country' instead of 'state' in this situation is just common expression in English. It is used to show the high enthusiastic 'mood'. So please, don't waste your time arguing on a small tiny winie error!
    Anwar Ibrahim has gone far to HELP secure victory to all our trusted Parties, so do have faith in him.

    Lot Yee

  73. Anonymous11:29 pm

    BN was so busy trying to woo the neighbours wife (kelantan) they forgot about the wives at home, until kena curi olang hahahahahah toyo terkena roygol, hope on the first day of the state legislator all the barisan RAKYAT WALK IN WITH BROOMS, this will really add salt to his burning backside,THAT WILL BE A SLAP ON BN's face especially Umno,

  74. Anonymous11:36 pm

    with all the news coming in about the thefts that are hapenning in all the kemas centers, signs of umno looting, "macam bengali cakap takpah kechih, curi sekarang, besok jail tunggu, saya pun tunggu!
    to the KHALSAS just joke only no insult intended

  75. Anonymous11:44 pm

    CONGRATULATIONS! Please look after the State of Selangor with your upmost dignity. Let there be transparency, fairness and consensus in the things you do. Not only the rakyat are watching... the 'oppositions' are also watching. Any thing you do wrong will be reported in the media controlled by them and you got no way of making good the reports in their media for the rakyat to reason out. I propose that the State of Selangor to come out with their own state paper monthly highlighting all the things you have done or corrected. Editorial group should not be a problem becos we got ROCKY BRU & his gang here to do all the reporting and editing.

    At least now he got a decent job. Heheheheeeee....

  76. Anonymous12:50 am

    Unconfirmed reports from the palace are disturbing to say the least. It seems the Sultan has denied the PKR/PAS/DAP coalition the right to form the new state govt. Is he providing BN the much needed window to "buy" some assemblymen??? What a dissapointment this antique car salesman is turning out to be.

  77. Anonymous2:17 am

    Selangor.. the richest state in the country finally belongs to PKR and DAP.. All the wealth and business opportunities will be shared by chinese and india first then only to malay for the later had taken their share for the last 50 years. But I wonder this will happen cos Khalid was Ex umno.. remember guys.

  78. Anonymous2:30 am

    Selangor - what is happening

    Why the delay ?


    Khalid fails to get Sultan's consent to form Selangor government
    By : V. Shankar Ganesh and Heidi Foo

    Email to friend Print article


    SHAH ALAM, Mon:

    Selangor Menteri Besar-designate Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim failed today to get consent from the Sultan of Selangor to form the new PKR-DAP-Pas state government after the ruler insisted on meeting DAP and Pas representatives first. The decision was relayed to Khalid when he met Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah at the Istana Bukit Kayangan here this afternoon.

    In a statement released by the palace, it said that a decision would only be made after the Sultan met representatives of the DAP and Pas. The palace said that the swearing-in ceremony would be made in the nearest future after a decision was reached.

    The DAP representative would meet the Sultan at 2.30pm tomorrow, followed by Pas an hour later.

    When met at the palace gates after his audience, Khalid said the Sultan wanted to meet the representatives from DAP and Pas first before he made a decision.

    In last Saturday’s election, PKR captured 15 state seats, DAP 13 and Pas two. The Barisan Nasional retained only 20 seats in the 56-seat State Assembly. Needing only a simple majority of 27 seats to form the government, the three parties are staking a claim to form the government as a coalition.

    Khalid, who won the Ijok state constituency, was named by the PKR on Sunday as the head of the three party coalition in Selangor. He also won the Bandar Tun Razak parliamentary constituency.

    Khalid said that the Sultan wanted to meet the representatives personally to ensure that the coalition was strong enough to rule Selangor.

    The appointment of a new Menteri Besar would be the first order in a process of forming a new State government. The decision would be followed by the Sultan assessing the names of executive councillors which will be submitted by the new Menteri Besar.

    “I am confident that the Sultan wants to make sure that the appointment is right,” he said. “The Sultan is the umbrella of Selangor and he wants to ensure the people in the State get the right leadership.”

    Earlier, Khalid met State secretary Datuk Ramli Mahmud at the State secretariat building here for almost two hours. However, he did not reveal what was discussed at the meeting.

    Monday March 10, 2008
    MYT 8:22:36 PM

    S'gor Sultan to meet party reps before giving consent

    PETALING JAYA: The new Selangor government will only be sworn-in in a few days time as Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah wants to personally meet members of the new state line-up before consenting to the formation of a coalition government.

    Mentri Besar-designate Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said the Sultan told him this in an hour-long meeting at Istana Bukit Kayangan on Monday.

    He is scheduled to meet representatives from DAP and Pas on Tuesday.

    Khalid, who is PKR secretary-general, said the Sultan wants to meet the representatives face-to-face, listen to their views and offer his advice.

    March 10, 2008 21:56 PM

    New Selangor Govt After Sultan Meets DAP, Pas

    Sultan Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah grants an audience to PKR secretary-general Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim (left) at the Istana Bukit Kayangan in Shah Alam. Pix: S.Thinakaran

    SHAH ALAM, March 10 (Bernama) -- The formation of the new state government and the appointment of Menteri Besar will only be decided after the Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah meets the DAP and Pas representatives tomorrow.

    The Sultan's private secretary Datuk Mohamad Bunir Bani said Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) secretary-general Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim had an audience with the Sultan today to covey the general election results and the formation of the new state government.

    "However the Sultan has asked to meet the representatives of the other parties before making any decision," he told reporters here.

    Mohamad Bunir said the ceremony to appoint the new Menteri Besar would be fixed soon upon receiving the Sultan's consent.

    Meanwhile Abdul Khalid, who was granted an audience with the Sultan at Bukit Kayangan Palace, said the Sultan would meet Pas and DAP representatives tomorrow afternoon.

    "The Sultan feels that it is necessary to look at the combination of (leaders from ) PKR, Pas and DAP... whether they are suitable," he said.

    Abdul Khalid also said he would submit the list of executive councillors to the Sultan in the days following tomorrow's meeting.

    "The Sultan wanted to make sure that the people of Selangor will get suitable people to lead the state," he added.

    Meanwhile Abdul Khalid denied claims that there were attempts to destroy documents at the State Secretary office.

    "We should not always assume that people are up to sinister things," he said.

    The opposition pac, which won 36 out of 56 state seats in the general election on Saturday, had announced that Abdul Khalid would be the new Selangor Menteri Besar.

    K'jaan baru S'gor selepas Sultan jumpa PAS, DAP

    Mar 10, 08 9:09pm

    Pembentukan kerajaan baru dan pelantikan Menteri Besar Selangor akan diputuskan selepas wakil PAS dan DAP mengadap Sultan Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah esok, kata Setiausaha Sulit Sultan Selangor Datuk Mohamad Munir Bani.

    Beliau berkata Setiausaha Agung Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim menyembah maklum kepada baginda petang ini mengenai keputusan pilihanraya umum Selangor Sabtu lalu dan penubuhan kerajaan baru.

    "Namun demikian Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan Selangor bertitah bahawa baginda akan memanggil menghadap parti-parti lain yang berkenaan sebelum membuat apa-apa keputusan," katanya selepas Abdul Khalid mengadap Sultan Selangor di Istana Bukit Kayangan di Shah Alam petang tadi.

    Bernama memetik Mohamad Munir sebagai berkata berkata, istiadat pelantikan menteri besar akan ditetapkan dalam tempoh masa terdekat setelah mendapat perkenan baginda.

    Sementara itu, Abdul Khalid yang mengadap baginda petang tadi di Istana Bukit Kayangan berkata kedua-dua wakil parti itu dititahkan menghadap Tuanku esok.

    "Tuanku menitahkan wakil PAS menghadap pada jam 2.30 petang sementara wakil DAP diminta mengadap pada jam 3.30 petang," katanya kepada pemberita di Istana Bukit Kayangan.

    Pakatan pembangkang DAP, PAS dan PKR yang memenangi 36 kerusi daripada 56 kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri dalam pilihanraya umum Sabtu lalu telah mengumumkan semalam bahawa Abdul Khalid dicadangkan untuk menerajui kerajaan negeri sebagai Menteri Besar yang baru.

    Tunggu keputusan

    Abdul Khalid berkata selepas perjumpaan itu, Sultan Selangor akan membuat keputusan dibantu oleh penasihat diraja dan wakil daripada pejabat setiausaha kerajaan negeri untuk membolehkan upacara pelantikan menteri besar diadakan.

    "Tuanku merasakan adalah perlu bagi Tuanku untuk menentukan gabungan PAS, PKR dan DAP sesuai untuk memerintah negeri Selangor sebelum membuat sebarang keputusan," katanya.

    Beliau berkata beberapa hari selepas pertemuan baginda dan wakil-wakil itu, barulah beliau akan dimaklumkan tentang pelantikan menteri besar serta memberikan senarai nama-nama exco kerajaan negeri untuk diteliti dan diperkenankan.

    Sementara itu, Abdul Khalid berkata tiada usaha-usaha untuk memusnahkan dokumen-dokumen di Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri dan beliau berpendapat jika ada pun usaha itu ia tidak mampu untuk dilaksanakan kerana rekod-rekod yang ada bukan satu tetapi banyak.

    "Kalau kita andaikan semua orang tak betul tidak boleh...sebaliknya kita perlu mengandaikan mereka menggunakan ia untuk tujuan yang baik," katanya.

    Abdul Khalid berkata untuk mentadbir sesebuah negara memerlukan pandangan yang positif walaupun daripada politik yang berbeza kerana ia dapat menggambarkan kematangan negara itu.

    S’gor Sultan delays PKR’s C-Ministership

    It’s hard to make out what this is about? Perhaps the Sultan wants to ensure that DAP and PAS has agreed to Tan Sri Khalid being the new Selangor chief minister. In any case, he wants to meet DAP and PAS first before giving his consent to PKR.

    I don’t know if this is usual or if he had ever delayed such a thing before. Anyway, lets keep our minds open and see how the event unfolds.

    SHAH ALAM, March 10 (Bernama) — The formation of the new state government and the appointment of Menteri Besar will only be decided after the Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah meets the DAP and Pas representatives tomorrow.The Sultan’s private secretary Datuk Mohamad Bunir Bani said Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) secretary-general Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim had an audience with the Sultan today to covey the general election results and the formation of the new state government.

    “However the Sultan has asked to meet the representatives of the other parties before making any decision,” he told reporters here.

    Mohamad Bunir said the ceremony to appoint the new Menteri Besar would be fixed soon upon receiving the Sultan’s consent.

    Meanwhile Abdul Khalid, who was granted an audience with the Sultan at Bukit Kayangan Palace, said the Sultan would meet Pas and DAP representatives tomorrow afternoon.

    “The Sultan feels that it is necessary to look at the combination of (leaders from ) PKR, Pas and DAP… whether they are suitable,” he said.

    Abdul Khalid also said he would submit the list of executive councillors to the Sultan in the days following tomorrow’s meeting.

    “The Sultan wanted to make sure that the people of Selangor will get suitable people to lead the state,” he added.

    Meanwhile Abdul Khalid denied claims that there were attempts to destroy documents at the State Secretary office.

    “We should not always assume that people are up to sinister things,” he said.

    The opposition pac, which won 36 out of 56 state seats in the general election on Saturday, had announced that Abdul Khalid would be the new Selangor Menteri Besar.

  79. Anonymous3:19 am

    Saudara Rocky Bru,

    Inilah akibatnya apabila sesaorang itu biadap dan celupar mulut. Khir Toyo pada keadaan yang tertentu BIADAP mulut kepada rakyat.

    Penghargaan Penyapu adalah suatu yang amat Kurang Pelajaran atau dalam bahasa lain (Kurang Ajar). Tiada dalam peradaban Melayu, Cina atau Hindu ada perhargaan demikian, mahupun spesis bangsa Jawa.

    Parti UMNO di Selangor sendiri berpecah belah. Serasanya undi Aziz Samsuddin P108 merupakan undian yang kerdil dari sambutan rakyat. Ramai dikalangan Orang UMNO sendiri beri undi pada PAS kerana `protes` pada Aziz P108.

    Kelabukah mata UMNO bila tidak nampak isyarat isyarat awal tanda-tanda kekalahan apabila ceramah-ceramah yang dianjurkan oleh pihak UMNO/Barisan tidak mendapat sambutan dikalangan rakyat Selangor?

    Jumlah kerusi yang disusun menanti orang ramai lebih banyak dari yang hadir diri. Sedih. BeeHun dan air sirap membazir. Kalau pergi dengar taklimat MLM-Direct Selling lebih ramai dari yang pergi dengar ceramah BN sebelum PRU12 8hb March lalu.

    BN dah Kalah di beberapa negeri ~ terimalah hakikatnya. Ini kuasa rakyat ~ mereka yang memilih apa yang mereka mahu.

    Mereka tak mahu Pak Lah dan kumpulannya. Namun Pak Lah tetap ada dikerusi yang mengantuk itu. Satu tamparan paling dasyat pada UMNO & BN.

    Sekarang kita kena kaji mengapa SPR tidak gunakan Dakwat yang dibeli tempoh hari. Kalau guna dakwat mungkin BN akan menang besar? atau sebaliknya.

    Juga kita kena siasat siapa-lah angkara simbah cat merah kat rumah TS-SPR itu? Adakah perbuatan along nak minta duit bayaran Court Mammoth? atau duit hutang dakwat belum bayar.


    Bayangkan... kalau semua negeri BN menang, Kelantan, Pulau Pinang, Perak, Kedah Selangor semua BN menang. Azizah, Nurul, Khalid, Lim Guan Eng dll kumpulan Barisan Alternatif KALH dengan teruknya...keadaan rakyat masih marah akan kenaikan harga minyak, toll dll.... persoalannya...apa akan jadi pada 10-11-12-dll...March/April/May 2008?

    Rakyat akan membuat bantahan yang tidak terhingga kerana tertekan...

    Rakyat ada media bebas seperti Internet, SMS dll. Mereka matang membaca yang benar atau yang palsu dan segala keputusan adalah dari kehendak mereka untuk memilih yang mereka mahu.


  80. Anonymous8:39 am


    PKR Country? What about PAS?

    Please show some dignity. Without PAS workers PKR would have not made it in many seats.

    By the way the biggest threat is UMNO still have 18 seats - more than PKR or PAS.

    Why not take a leaf out of Khir Toyo's book for next round.


    PJ Selatan

  81. Anonymous9:01 am

    Anonymous said...

    Anwar isrunning around in Sabah and Sarawak to buy over the MP so that the opposition can form federal government. Maybe KJ will also join him later.
    Where he got all his money hah? Will Malaysians be sold again! Now lots of people regretted giving vote to opposition.

    ---- fund coming from americans and jewish via singapore...ex central bank top mgmt which is best friend of anwar..u know involved...hahaha it is proven...and well documented here...that's why they can spent rm5mill in lembah pantai and almost rm2mill to celcom by sending sms to all celcom user....
    they play dirty now...

    kudos to all muslim that supported you n your generations are having meal by using the jewish money....


  82. Anonymous9:16 am

    I have been reading with great pleasure to blogs from singapore.
    Indeed they were shocked with loss of 5 states by BN.
    But,they respect/admired that we M'sians particularly in all 5 states have indeed come together to trounce the govt.
    Many times,in the blogs particularly they were stating of if M'sia indeed to have good governance with all natural resources...indeed we will not be struggling.

  83. Anonymous10:00 am

    Please don't let this be an extreme "close-minded" "country".

  84. I saw the Indo MB,Khir Toyo crying when UMNO/BN was trashed on election night. The crying bay pictures were all over the Chinese newspapers!! Gee..Gee..I am so happy the arrogant politician was dumped. Well..he can go back to pull teeth as dentist..

  85. Anonymous11:11 am

    Negeri termaju di malaysia dah kita miliki....harap buat perubahan..biar rakyat terus yakin!

  86. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Rocky, ini ialah kejayaan bersama Barisan Rakyat lah, maka 'Barisan Rakyat Country' adalah tajuk yang tepat. 'PKR Country' tu tak tepat, walaupun MP dari PKR yang jadi Menteri Besar. Baik ubah.

  87. Khalid Ibrahim is a corporateman with a past ... but now he is the peoples' wishes and he must be given a chance.

    True to his words, he must be objective, transparent and accountable. These qualities sometime betrayed him before and after he took charge of Guthrie.

    He does not comein with a clean slate of his own, just like Anwar Ibrahim.

    Mind all of us that ANwar's bossing around of other opposition parties may be future cause of friction.

    For UMNO, since they are caught in the "saya sokong" mind trap, this is God's reminder to them to learn to oppose.

    Oppose within themselves and then outside. The new state governments must now learn to defend ... hehehe.

  88. BN shud lead slagor and not the so call opposition coalition, they r not registered coalition unlike BN. if u look at the GE result individually BN is the majority in state seats and not the opposition.
    when opposition went for / register during penamaan calon they register under individual party and not as a coalition using a single logo (unlike BN).
    so rightfully BN can just bull doze and take charge selangor. if obstructed challenge it in court.
    how can the opposition declare a coalition after the election wheras their individual party's election result is lesser than BN.
    Penang and Kedah is a clear cut case where the opposition having majority but not in Selangor and Perak.
    So BN.... go and take charge slangor n perak.

  89. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Kecut Lah bola-bola ex- Exco semua.....

  90. Anonymous7:36 pm

    Why can't you guys understand a simple slang - like "Marlboro Country" doesn't mean literally the country belongs to Marlboro...

    of course selangor is a state, but if i say to another kelantanese "you are my countryman.." it doesn't mean to imply that kelantan is a country

  91. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Mar 11, 2008

    A new democratic era in Malaysia

    By Ioannis Gatsiounis

    KUALA LUMPUR - The Malaysian government's authoritarian instincts were finally checked by democracy at Saturday's highly anticipated general elections, where the long-ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) government suffered one of its worst poll results in its 50-year history of uninterrupted rule.

    The BN won a mere 51% of the popular vote, down significantly from the 64% it notched at the 2004 polls, securing only a simple majority rather than the two-thirds of parliamentary seats it had sought. When the dust settled, opposition parties, which rode a wave of popular discontent about government corruption and neglect, won 82 of 222 parliamentary seats, 37% compared with the 9% previously held, and wrested control of four states - Kelantan Perak, Kedah, Penang and Selangor - while bolstering their hold on the northeastern state of Kelantan.

    The new parliamentary equation will effectively curb the BN's ability to amend the constitution, including over issues related to citizens' rights and the role of religion. The opposition's strong performance came despite allegations of BN vote-rigging, stiff restrictions on political expression and assembly, and a pro-government bias in the state-influenced print and broadcast media. At around 2 am on Sunday, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi and his deputy Najib Razak appeared dazed before a blitz of camera flashes, with Abdullah meekly announcing, "We've lost, we've lost."

    The main opposition parties, including the multi-racial Keadilan, the People's Justice Party (PKR), the Democratic Action Party (DAP), and the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) all exceeded expectations at the polls. Malaysian voters had until now tolerated corruption and authoritarianism among its leaders in exchange for relative social and economic stability.

    On Monday, Malaysian stocks fell the most in a decade, with the Kuala Lumpur Composite Index dropping 135.60, or 11%, to 1,160.59 at 4:15 pm local time after an hour-long trading suspension ended. The suspension followed the index falling by the 10% limit. Brokers said there was concern that the government's public spending program might be stalled.

    Over the weekend, voters apparently sent the message that they now want a more sophisticated approach to nation-building and governance. "The people have expressed in no uncertain terms that they want accountability, transparency, and the rule of law," said Anwar Ibrahim, de facto leader of the opposition People's Justice Party (PKR).

    A swing away from the BN was widely expected among Indian and Chinese voters, who have felt increasingly marginalized by a long-standing affirmative action program known as the New Economic Policy (NEP), which benefits the majority Muslim Malays over minority Chinese and Indians, and the more assertive role Islam has been given during Abdullah's term.

    The Chinese-majority state of Penang fell to the opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP) after 36 years of BN rule and several BN Indian leaders, including long-time cabinet member Samy Vellu, lost their seats. Less anticipated, however, was the large deflection of Muslim Malay voters to the opposition camp. The United Malays National Organization (UMNO), which leads the BN coalition, has long fashioned itself as the protector of ethnic Malay interests.

    It had until now maintained political support by instilling fears, reiterated in the run-up to Saturday's polls, that a vote for the opposition would divide and weaken the nation. However, many Malays proved undaunted, joining hands with Indians and Chinese to punish Abdullah's administration for failing to tackle corruption, crime and inflation.

    BN was routed in the Malay-majority states of Kedah and Kelantan, while in many areas Malay support for UMNO was not much more than 55%, according to Ibrahim Suffian, program director of the Merdeka Center for Opinion Research. That significant numbers of Malays, Chinese and Indians voted for the opposition, despite the UMNO's fearmongering claims, will lessen the likelihood that discord will play out along racial lines.

    It is not clear whether and how UMNO will respond to the democratic setback. The tendentious party has been known to react unkindly when its stranglehold on power has been threatened. In 1999, for instance, when PAS won the rural eastern state of Terengganu, then prime minister Mahathir Mohamad later deprived the state of development funds. He also restricted publication and distribution of the party's newspaper Harakah. After enacting its revenge, the UMNO won the politically contested state back in 2004.

    Voter rejection of the BN this time is more encompassing, not only cutting across racial lines but also along rural and urban ones. The results also signal to Malaysians - long trained to think otherwise - that they possess the ability to check official abuses.

    Abdullah in the hot seat
    After the resounding setback, some believe the UMNO's first order of business may be to pressure Abdullah to resign - perhaps opening the door for his deputy Najib to take over the party's leadership. A spokesman for Abdullah said he has no plans to step down, and on Sunday senior UMNO leaders met at the premier's official residence to show their support for him. He was swiftly sworn in as premier on Monday morning through UMNO's and the BN's simple majority.

    Yet even Abdullah's resignation would not necessarily restore the UMNO's and BN's legitimacy, which the opposition has in the past pointed out is manufactured by opportunistic gerrymandering. The ruling coalition's Indian and Chinese component parties are now widely seen as UMNO tokens, with their leaders cushioning their positions at the expense of their constituencies.

    The UMNO, meanwhile, has in many voters' eyes become synonymous with mediocrity, feudalism, racism and patronage. The party's young rising stars were expected to adopt a more progressive approach, but to many they have become indistinguishable from the old guard, which in turn has eroded public confidence in the UMNO's ability to reform itself. Mahathir, for one, has accused Abdullah's son-in-law and UMNO deputy youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin of being emblematic of this trend and said that he "played a big role" in the BN's losses over the weekend.

    It's perhaps telling of the mood in Malaysia that Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin - dubbed the "misinformation" minister by the opposition - lost his parliamentary seat in Kedah, while the popular critical blogger Jeff Ooi won the Jelutong parliamentary seat with DAP. The government had leveraged the traditional media it tightly controls to report that Malaysia is an economic miracle, respected by the world and breezing toward developed country status under visionary BN rule.

    Web portals and blogs like Ooi's, however, have exposed Malaysians to the country's less flattering realities and awakened many Malaysians to the fact that becoming a developed country will require replacing the political culture of mediocrity and impunity.

    Saturday's results may pave the way for that shift. Both the opposition and the BN will feel the pressure to perform: the opposition has been given a precious opportunity and the BN can no longer take the public's allegiance for granted.

    Incoming chief minister of Penang and DAP secretary general Lim Guan Eng's sober victory address to reporters on Sunday morning suggested that he is not underestimating the hard work ahead.

    Opposition icon Anwar, meanwhile, said he plans to start assisting the opposition to form governments in the states it now controls. A politically motivated corruption charge prevents him from running until next month, though it is expected that another member of the party - perhaps his daughter, who won a seat and has expressed some reluctance to enter politics - will step aside so he can contest in a by-election.

    New winds of democracy are expected to blow through Parliament as well, where the BN's dominance had in the past all but turned the legislative branch into a rubberstamp of the executive. Dissenting voices will now be harder to ignore in Parliament, which under a previously unassailable BN majority lacked a culture of debate and accountability.

    As opposition leaders hailed Saturday's results, the streets of the capital Kuala Lumpur have been eerily quiet - as perhaps they should be out of respect for the country's still fragile social balance and during what amounts to a traumatic moment for some in a society that is not accustomed to genuine democratic change. If the BN and citizenry handle the transition gracefully, Malaysia will have taken an all-important step in its political development.

    Ioannis Gatsiounis, a New York native, is a Kuala Lumpur-based writer.

  92. Anonymous8:17 am

    kalo pak lah punya sial BN kalah jangan la salah kan orang yang tak berdosa(Jin).....this message is directed to anonymous at 7.26pm....mulut kamu tu kena basuh dengan cholorox la...bodoh betul!!!

  93. Anonymous9:31 am

    PKR is dispensible.

    Don't forget BN has 20 seats!

    Khalid gagap biar dia MB tapi opposition besaq.

    Khalid Ibrahim has a past in PNB and Guthrie, easy meat.

    His corporate politics was sheer filth. He is a poor listener and autocratic and vengeful boss.

    It is widely known that he had an affair with his secretary.

    Demand he disclose how he finance his purchase of Guthrie.

    He shd answer of his link with former Kanzen's and later I Berhad's Lim Kin Hong.

    WHat was the deal he cut with brother of Raja Perlis and Selangor royal family.

  94. Anonymous12:39 pm

    "Selangor is PKR country"
    are u sure?later will be PAP country?or we just wait and see!


  95. Anonymous3:53 pm

    "Opposition leader Khir: we will be watching"

    Uh, uh....the guerilla warfare has started. The ex-Sgor MB gave a press conference yesterday. See for details.

    It appears that KT and his boys will be scrutinising the manifestos issued by DAP, PKR and PAS in Selangor and making sure that the promises contained therein are fulfilled in their entirety.

    Fair enough, right?

    Now, can someone dig out the BN manifesto for Selangor in the 2004 elections and see, item by item, if the former BN state govt fulfilled all its promises?

    KT and his exco should be held to just as a high standard as he expects from the incoming MB and state exco.

    Fair is fair.

    And someone please pin down KT on what exactly he means by "religious sensitivities"? Especially with regard to places of worship?

    I hope that the new Sgor MB will not treat KT and his boys with "kid gloves" and the "softly, softly" approach.

  96. Anonymous9:38 pm

    I suggest that the incoming Sgor state govt call for an independent audit of the state's accounts and financial position.

    Let everyone know what is the the condition of the state's finances as left by the previous BN state govt. Is the state running a budget surplus or deficit? Who are the big debtors owing money to the state?

    And how much does the state govt owe the federal govt in terms of loans taken or concessionary financing extended for state projects?

    Selangor, as one of the most industrialised states in the country, should be able to grow and prosper without loans or handouts from the federal govt?

    Or can it?

  97. i sincerely hope he will do something good...

  98. Please give khir Toyo broom back..


  99. Anonymous8:20 am

    Sya harap MB Selangor nii..siasat habis2 pada setiausaha Khir Toyo(DATO MASLORO)yg menguasai semua projek2 kerajaan atas tiket KHIR TOYO..paling ketara semasa Dato MASLORO NI duduk dlm AHLI MAJLIS S/BERNAM..memiliki kekayaan luar biasa kini...habis tanah di DAERAH S/BERNAM ni di sapu nya.