Monday, March 10, 2008

Is Mukhriz all for Abdullah?

Spin it again, Kali (Why the MSM is no longer relevant in this country). Rabid Umno supporter, Big Dog, wrote in his latest posting of how Mukhriz Mahathir had asked Pak Lah to get the message the people have sent last Saturday. [Last Saturday was the day the people went to the polls and gave 5 states to Pas, DAP and PKR. The people also used the ballot to deny the Barisan Nasional a two-thirds majority].

Bernama's headline is, "Mukhriz says he's all for Abdullah" and a Government-owned TV station reported on its prime time news that "Mukhriz has confidence in Pak Lah".
I happened to be watching the news and I nearly fell off my chair. The MP for Jerlun did say he has confidence in Pak, but not the way the news reader put it.

Mukhriz's actual quotes:
"I have confidence that the Prime Minister will do the right thing".

Two different kinds of confidence, really.

No wonder this blogger concludes that The Mainstream Media is no Longer Relevant in this Country.


  1. Anonymous11:30 pm

    After 2 days of election, BN is at it usual arrogant attitude again, most of them just can't get what the messages people are sending to them & why on earth they lost the election so badly. As what we read from newspaper or TVs, they just don't really have a clue at all why people rejected them. WHy can't they be more gentleman like Tsu Khoon? I guess the people should blame themselves on why they have selected such a moron to be our representatives for the past 50 yrs. My name was missing from the lists twice previously, don't really have chance to fulfill my responsibility until last Sat. Am happy to cast my rights finally & be one of the responsible person& part of the historic witnesses this time. Makkal Sakhti!!!

  2. Anonymous11:38 pm

    I agree with u bru,i watched the news and surprised the news interpreted differently.

  3. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Even Utusan, the self-proclaimed Penyebar Fikiran Rakyat, is more like Belenggu Fikiran Rakyat. When will they ever learn? Thank God we have blogs to unspun the spin.

  4. Anonymous11:47 pm

    What is Paklah waiting for. The Malays culture is always soft in putting thing to people but this joker though that Mukhriz is confidence for him to correct the things. Problem when the top leadership don't even understand his own culture. Maybe Mukhriz should be frank and talk plain to him ~GET LOST PAKLAH~ but wait,,,,,,,,,, where is other leaders. Only Najib and Ling Liong Sick witnessing Paklah swearing in today - ops - Lobby for Hee Liong cabinet post la.
    Can we take to the road asking Paklah to resign since he Tak Reti Bahasa. Paklah as an Islamic leaders with Islam hadhari he should lead by example and not hanging to power and let his fellow countryman suffers.
    Be Musa Hitam resigned or step down with dignity and we Malaysians still respect him.

  5. this is not the time to be bersopan santun and berlapik2. dun think pak lah and khairy play by the rule anymore...

  6. Anonymous12:01 am

    Pak Rocky,
    SPIN tu satu hal, hasilnya sudah dapat dilihat dari keputusan PRU12.

    Sekarang masa berpakat,masa untuk berubah.Tak perlu nak menyalahkan sesiapa.UMNO tu yang salah. UMNO sekarang harus cari jalan sementara belum terlambat bagaimana nak memenangi hati orang Melayu. saya orang Melayu, tetapi mengapa saya tak sokong UMNO sekarang? mengapa saya Tak UNDI barisan Nasional sekarang?
    Sebabnya Pak, saya tak pernah rasa, baik secara kasihsayang atau pun secara material apa UMNO buat untuk bangsa saya sekarang.

    Secara analoginya,
    UMNO tu bagi saya macam line Prepaid telefon Pak, Kalau ada 10 line pun, kalau tak ada top up dan air timenya apa gunanya Pak?
    Olehsebab itu kalau linenya dah tak boleh, tak kan nak buang kadnya,nak salahkan simcardnya, Top Up aje ler, biar line tu aktif balek.


  7. Anonymous12:02 am

    one of the primary task awaiting the new opposition leaders is to unshackle the media from Barisan testicle chains. Publications like the Star with testicle carriers like Wong need to boycotted and rejected by the people for its role in supporting and spearheading Barisan Nasional propaganda campaigns over three decades.

    As you have rightly pointed out here concerning the distortions in the Barisan media over Mukhriz's comments, is the sort of selective reporting and distorted, malicous lies that needs to be completely eradicated.

    In the run up to the elections we witnessed how the "fallen Star" and the "Staid Times" partnered in one of the most dispicable campaign in reporting fabricated allegations and lies against politicians like Anwar and other opposition leaders.

    The Barisan media has untiringly potrayed the opposition as "enemy of the State" and evil. In the light of such relentless attacks, the thinking citizen should execute its role as "media garbage cleaners".

    Refuse to participate in any of the Star's so called forums and increase the days to boycott the Star newspaper from Tuesdays to twice a week.

    Chandra Muzzafar and others were given full coverage to spout their filth while the other side of the story were concealed. It is now time to set the captives free.

    Rescue newspapers like the Sun and make certain that these mainstream Barisan rag sheets are used to wipe pig butt dropings. The people power has only just begun and lets reinstall a media worth the people's respect.

  8. Anonymous12:12 am

    Bro Rocky;

    Just herd the midnite news, wud love to hear your comment on this STUPID, AS**LICKER, MUTHAFUCKA chap by name of Datooq Jo HARI Ba Harum.

    Apa punya Manusia tak kenang jasa. Commenting during Tun's 1999 PRU!!! Said ppl never ask Tun to resign after the 99 resulr.Hey, at least the 2/3 still there right and not lost 5 states.

    Kalau nak BODEK tu, BODEK cerdik lar... hang on, is there such thing as BODEK is CERDIK??? My first impression of him pun dah menyampah....


  9. Anonymous12:13 am

    RPK, Haris & Rocky Bru has successfully mobilised the rakyat's declaration. I suggesst that they mobilise the rakyat again to boycott all mainsteam media that do not report responsibly. Let them carry on spinning and we shall see how long they can survive without sales.

  10. Anonymous12:21 am

    kepada semua penyokong Mahathir, Najib, Rosmah dan lain-lain… sila baca nasihat ikhlas ini.

    hormati pilihan rakyat sebagaimana rakyat bersama parti-parti pembangkang selama 50 tahun menghormati walaupun dah banyak kali kalah.

    Biarkanlah Badawi tu, sekurang-kurangnya buat sementara. Tak gentle ler kalau lawan musuh yang sedang dalam keadaan nazak. Kalau nak hentam dia pun, sila gunakan Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan UMNO. Tak payahlah sampai libatkan atau buat mende yg akibatkan seluruh rakyat susah hanya kerana kepentingan dan ego kamu.

    Berilah peluang kepada parti-parti pilihan rakyat di 5 negeri tu dahulu.

    Peluang untuk Mahathir dah tamat sejak 2003, Najib dah jadi menteri lama gak, Rosmah dah lama gak untung besar.

    Beri rakyat peluang sekali jer untuk rasa ruang bebas lebih demokratik!


  11. Anonymous12:39 am

    I was shocked to read the headline. is it the usual case of misintepretations or simply dumb and don't know how to inteprate

  12. Anonymous12:52 am

    BN will use whatever means they have to spin the facts in favor of AAB.

    The MSM had been used to death to hide the facts during the recent election. For example when nearly 60,000 people flooded the Han Chiang High School for DAP ceramah, the MSM hardly reported the event. But when AAB turned up in Penang, we got "Gun blazing" front-page news and photo in The Star the next day.

    We were shown that he still could attract HUGE crowds to BN ceramah. (Well it's actually very small in BA terms). The damaging fact was that some banks had made it COMPULSORY for their staff to turn up in full force to show support for AAB. If AAB had to resort to this kind of "captive-audience" technique, he should have seen the writing on the wall! BA attracted thousands to their ceramah and the "willing-audience" even made huge donation towards their cause. How can we trust AAB election promises? Were they all "sandiwara'?

    Only time will tell!

  13. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi can restore confidence on the mainstream if he does the following:

    1. Remove Kalimullah Hassan s/o Maseerul Hassan (90 per cent responsible for BN's worst showing in history)

    2. Remove Hishamuddin Aun (the celebrity Group Editor-in-Chief of NSTP who uses the newspapers under his control to promote his wife's business and to take photographs with celebrities)

    3. Remove Syed Feisal Albar (who brought nothing for NST all these years, except bad business)

    4. Remove Manja Ismail, the Group Editor of Berita Harian (the Yesman)

    5. Remove Mustapha Omar, the Editor of Harian Metro

    6. Remove Azizi Othman, the Chief News Editor of Berita Harian (who does only one thing - hold birthday bashes for his bosses at Karaoke lounges).

    So Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, if you are smart enough, restore the crdibility of the mainstream newspapers like in the 80s and 90s.

  14. Anonymous1:05 am

    salam Bro,

    even our national sportsman pun morale down.

    yesterday the national shuttlers was humilated by the Japanese pair.
    and you expected our sportsman achieve well in the international arena with all this bing bang bong.

  15. Anonymous1:16 am

    Pak lah should understand the sentiment of rakyat & its already show during last general election.Rakyat totally reject pak lah leadership.So i think this is the clue to pak lah to look at it & do the correct things (resign).If not then wait the next general election..Rakyat will vote to opposition & if at that time,UMNO/BN no longer have the power to run the country,then too late already..So wake up pak lah..pls resign!!

  16. I happened to be watching the news and I nearly fell off my chair.

    Wah... Rocky u actually watch the idiot box! now u know why they call it that... hahaha

  17. Anonymous1:55 am


    I think the more they try to spin it the more they are oblivious to the facts. Furthermore it is insulting the rakyats intelligence. Just read and compare Tun Mahathir's statement in NSTP. Other newspaper printed what Tun had to say but NSTP took it a step further to help AAB by responding to each statements in brackets.Please refer to this url:

    I think sadly I have to agree its the mainstream media thats becoming more and more irrelevant.

  18. I blame Mukhriz. He should know that they would spin it like this so why the hell call a PC and not be direct?

    Mukhriz wasted our time and killed the objective by beating around the bush leaving people to misread him.

    That's one point against him as a new MP. Stop making foolish mistakes and calling PCs like you're a top leader only to waste people's time and be ambiguous.

  19. Rocky,

    Quoting Kali or the MSM after the general elections 08 is almost like quoting the minority.

    Brader....Rocky's bru and Malaysiakini is the MSM now!! You are the main stream media my friend!!

    Watch and see the surge of new blogs by current BN for elections 2012.

  20. Anonymous2:59 am

    Pushing Pak Lah now is not a good move.

    The Rakyat have told Pak Lah in no uncertain terms we have no confidence in his leadership. That message is also loud and clear to UMNO and BN.

    However, we don't want NAJIB TUN RAZAK, that FIRST POSTERBOY OF NEPOTISM as PM either! This guy is a virulent RACIST. Remember how he wanted to bathe his keris in Chinese blood? Our new Malaysia has no place for such a dangerous BIGOT.

    Speaking of blood, he still needs to convince the Rakyat that he is not complicit or at least implicated in the C4ing of poor Altantuya.

    Let us not accidently give Najib the PM's post. Pushing Pak Lah to resign now will do just that. So we must not act hastily, people.

    I agree with a lot of sane minds who suggest that the best course of action is to let Pak Lah be dealt with by UMNO... in August.

    But we must not sit back and let UMNO and NAJIB decide that the job is automatically his.

    We must keep telling UMNO that we, the Rakyats, don't consider Najib much of an alternative. By the party election in August, we must urge UMNO to open the field for new and better blood within their party to compete for their Party President and other top posts. They better listen if they want to remain credible with us Rakyats.

    The people in Najib's Pahang constituency may want him as their representative (unless the votes that secured his win were also dubious postal votes or had belonged to hantus), but the rest of us Malaysians certainly don't. Correct me if I'm wrong, but a lot of people think that apart from being another self-serving politician who has also appropriated millions from the country's kitty, he is a womaniser who has been pussy-whipped by his virago Lady Macbeth wife. Surely we don't need another lame-a*se character to be our PM?

    So fellow Rakyats, shall we take a step back, leave the ball in UMNO's court while we continue chanting to UMNO from now till their annual GA in August that we want "NO DOLAH! But NO NAJIB either!"?

    They better take heed and not tell the Rakyats it's their internal party affair because they should know by now who's boss. Surely they don't need to wait till GE13 to get that bit of fact pushed into their faces again. Especially since most of us kinda relish the novel prospect of a Barisan Rakyat PM for Malaysia in the not-too-distant future. :D

  21. Anonymous3:44 am

    I am not surprised by the spinning. The ruling clique (no, I won't use the word 'government') don't seem to realize that spinning news and lies was one of the reasons they had this recent election setback. The people don't trust their leaders anymore so much so that even when the few times they happen to tell the truth, the people generally don't believe them. Even here is America where we read the online version, the readers could detect spinning. Then why are they still doing it? Only God knows! The ruling clique, if they know what is good for them, should quickly back-track, honestly study what made them lose credibility and start mending. However, that being said, I don't see that happening. From what I read in the Malaysian blogs, I see meetings held into the middle of the night, not to do good by the people, but how to use massive funds and trickery to regain power in the 5 'lost' states and parliamentary supremacy. I pray now that BA doesn't fall into the same trap. Most of us here would support any government, be it PAS or PKR so long as they do right by the people. We'd rather live free in poverty than luxuriously but fettered in chains.

  22. Anonymous4:20 am

    I believe that our mainstream reporters failed their Kefahaman Bahasa Melayu. Or they don't know how to read between the lines.

    My advise : Bring your notepad and go back to school!

    P/S: Do they really think that they can pull this off? After Malaysians has finally spoken?

  23. ...tidurmu belum selesai?...

  24. Anonymous6:04 am

    The problem is not with RTM or Kali or the MSM.

    The problem is Mukriz's...doublespeak.


    There is no way they can spin this.

    Mukriz got no balls to say it as it should be said.

  25. Anonymous7:29 am

    Was told that the gov is setting up somthing called "Independant Panel" to study why they lost big.

    Was it true that among the penal member was Chandra Muzzafar? And the white hair guy who talk rubbish analysis in TV3 about "Pembangkang membara issue perkauman"? If these idiots (or smart a** who sold their souls) are the ones making up the panel, it would just be another spin machine to con the rakyat. Why the hell they want to setup an independant panel to hear their own spin? The rakyat don't buy their BS anymore anyway.

  26. Anonymous7:58 am

    i think some of the bloggers are not sincere in fighting for the rakyat but more to bodek Najib and Mukhriz to go up.
    like some reader suggest- enough lar - dont make any kacau more
    rakyat want a rest now.
    let the BA do their work.

  27. Anonymous8:07 am

    fact is fact ... BN does still hv the simple majority to form the gov. and as it is, the PM is the head of BN coalition. so it's BN internal affair to decide on the coalition head. and for those reformers, focus on the IN thing. get the reformation manifesto delivered, and let us the voters decide in 4/5 yrs time - what's BA and BN fate ... wokeh dokeh

  28. Anonymous8:25 am

    hehe..after they taroh his father yesterday in every is the son's turn... really shows that they are on the move to get rid on Tun's Legacy..everything..

  29. Rocky,
    The spin by MSM especially by NST was part of the cause that fell BN im some states and reduced their two third majority. If they persist with this tactic, it will only lead them to doom. Lets continue the boycot until they find that the paper is only good enough to be used as the toilet paper. Or even for that purpose it is not good enough? Then I would suggest that it will be given free to line the toilet seats of public toilets where the pedestal kinds are provided.

  30. Anonymous8:48 am

    The PM is in a state of denial.
    So is the SIL.(Heard he was proposed to be made a full minister).

    Want to praise Lim Keng Yaik for being the first (recent)leader to bring it out(the Star today)..urging PM to get rid of his advisers.

    Even Musa Hitam said to the effect that PM should do the right thing.

    Its a matter of time....

  31. Bro, just asked. Is that Mamak Zanuddin maiddin still around in RTM after kalah? If he still there and tak malu or No kemaluan, this is what happen.

  32. Rocky

    I wouldn't worry about these guys trying their hardest to put together a crumbling make believe world.

    Even Star's renowned Joceline Tan who admits (assuming she includes herself when she refers to everyone) everyone were caught by surprise.

    On the eve of polling I wrote speculating on what to expect on the assumption that about 2/3rds was to fall. If I am going to be surprised, it will be that Najib has not or does not take the opportunity to get rid of what stands between him and the Premiership. He should know that the pressure on him will mount using the Alantuya case. Badawi will be supported by Khairy and friends at all cost as any fall of Badwi now will remove Khairy from teh 4th Floor forever. That is a little too soon for him ofcourse.

    To a lot of us surfing and writing coments or blogs the fall of two-thirds majority was not surprising at all. However, funny thing is, our eyes and focus was all trained on that number that, I have to admit, I was not looking at what was going to happen at state levels.

    Assumptions have indeed come tumbling down. I am going to write about assumptions on my next posting on my blog. Lets see what develops.

  33. Marilah boikot TV3. Menonton Buletin Utama(walaupun tanpa merujuk kembali ke internet/blog-blog), kita dapat tahu mereka banyak menghuru-harakan fakta.

    Jelik lagi menjelikkan.

  34. Anonymous10:09 am

    rocky,heard that zakaria passed away due to heart attack at 4.00 am this morning.

  35. Anonymous10:14 am

    So, can someone tell me how do we tell that moronic fool that we DONT WANT HIM TO BE OUR PRIME MINISTER? HOW!??? Eh, how come the Agung didnt tell that airhead moron that we dont want him to be the PM? The Agung is out of touch or what? He is the only fella that can fire the PM right?

    Another thing, whats with this, all UMNO components are supportive of Badawi or we, the ministers are supportive of Badawi?? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!? Hello!!! it is not about UMNO component being supportive or not! This is the PM we are talking about! He is put there by the people and not UMNO mumbo jumbo and these ministers... Wooooiii!!! these bunch of idiots are just like the PM. Put there by the people and paid by the people la. Sooo stupid! How dumb can people get!?

  36. Anonymous10:15 am

    for those internet-less or without this access last Saturday, you'll only see BN propaganda on all TVs, not even a spit on how they lost Selangor, Penang etc. Even in the papers, everything about the oppositions were down played and news reporting were twisted in every way to still show the so called winner - BN. Khairy asked for the people to show their preference, and it worked. I am very sure that the Pakla administration will not improve much, after the shameful defeat and shock, it'll be back to the same rubbish again. And the next round (election), these goons will not be so lucky, its the end for their era, and high time too!!

  37. Anonymous10:18 am

    "Selangor Sultan wants state to have a strong coalition government" (The Star, Mar 11).

    Now, see how the NST spins it:

    "Khalid fails to get Sultan's consent to form Selangor government" (NST, Mar 11).

    The Star seems to be getting it. It's top management and editors must be seeing which way the winds are blowing.

    The NST? Still pushing the Umno agenda, apparently.

  38. Anonymous10:23 am

    kali has to prop the PM up at this critical time. if badawi goes, so does all his largesse. rocky, any person in the same position will do the same as kali.
    but then you reap what you sow. kali being kali, he will initiate to get close to the next PM. coz come august, sparks will fly and badawi will be history.

  39. Anonymous10:27 am


    Breaking news..Dato' Zakaria exMP with the Klang mansion scandal passed away this morning due to heart attacks.. Alfatihah.

  40. Anonymous10:35 am

    "Election fallout sends M'sian stocks into free fall" (front page report in the Spore Business Times, Mar 11). Website:

    KLCI was down 123 points (9.5%) yesterday.

    BT's list of Msian stocks worst hit yesterday by political uncertainties:

    KPS (-51%)
    Equine Capital (-50%)
    UEM World

    Equine Cap is controlled by Patrick Lim, "who is said to be close to Mr Abdullah's family."

    "Mr Abdullah's son Kamaluddin is one of Scomi's largest shareholders and the company, along with MRCB, was part of a consortium awarded a letter of intent to begin negotiations on the RM1.6 billion Penang monorail project."

    BT quoted an unnamed analyst as saying "..foreigners don't see why they should hold through the uncertainties."

    Further redemption activities, margin calls and forced selling are expected to impact the KLCI adversely this week.

  41. On Saturday 8th March 2008 a margin of hope was sparked across Malaysia by the outstanding progress the opposition parties had made against intransigent government forces.

    Amongst the reverie and excitation a new dawn seemed to glimmer on Malaysia’s political horizon. The dark clouds of cronyism and nepotism, seen hanging over Malaysia over the past few years, appeared to move slightly in the breeze of change engendered by a salvo of public opinion.

    At present the breeze will only ruffle feathers and maybe bring a few durians down on some people’s heads, but should this momentum continue for the next few years it promises to be the maelstrom much needed to bring a permanent change for this green and endearing land.

    With the maelstrom will come the much needed rain to give sustenance to this country and a pleasant cleansing rain where negativity, oppression and egocentric small-mindedness will be swept away to herald in the brilliant future Malaysia much deserves.

    Hope, hard work and community spirit will return to transform Malaysia, already being highlighted by faint rays of the new dawn, into the once proud and prosperous nation it deserves to be, once again holding its head high in the global family as the noble soul it already is.

    Saturday was but the beginning, the Rakyat and those that govern must now take the next step to consolidate on the gains already made by the bravery and courageousness of the people and the new leaders.

    It will be a time of hope but with that comes responsibility, the responsibility for the people to ensure that the old ways of bribery and corruption are left behind and the path of honesty and truthfulness is taken instead - then and only then will The New Dawn really arrive.

  42. Anonymous10:41 am

    Did you read the NST today page 6? I'm disgusted by the news article about TDM. For the first time, i'm reading a news article with editorial notes written in brackets just to argue back what TDM just said. I thought news articles must be conveyed as it is and let the readers to judge it on their own. What the editors of NST did on the news piece was appalling.

    Plus, would you tell Datuk Mukhriz to set up his own personal website and also a website for Jerlun so that he can gauge the rakyat's opinions about it first hand and not to suffer the denial syndrome liek Pak Lah?

    Thank you!

  43. Anonymous10:49 am

    Datuk Zakaria Md Derus, 62, the infamous former Port Klang Assemblyman and controversial builder of the illegal personal palatial mansion at Pandamaran, has died this morning of a heart attack.

  44. Anonymous10:49 am

    Looks like BN leaders and the media never learn from the outcome of the GE. Still trying to lie to rakyat. They are trying to saved Badawi's career so that he will still hang-on to the power. But if he continues till next GE, Malaysia will fall to the BA!

  45. Anonymous11:04 am

    Let me try a "Bernama" spin here.

    Perhaps, just perhaps..
    Bodowi (remember he was once a Semangat supporter and hence actually anti-UMNO) is actually trying to right the wrong AI suffered all this while. So he release AI, "miss-manage" country in order for opposition to come up.

    In one swoop, he is destroying UMNO & restoring AI's dignity & position.

    Tks to Bodowi, Malaysians can look forward to a bright, peaceful and prosperous future!

    BH Toh

  46. Anonymous11:20 am


    whos going to stay in the istana now hah?

  47. actually, if you look at it, its not five states or territory, rather 6 inclusive WP.. BN won 3 the rest is for PKR, PAS and DAP.

  48. Anonymous11:31 am

    I've been having such fun reading the papers and watching RTM and TV3 trying desperately to shore up Badawi's dismal reputation post-tsunami poll.
    Don't know how these editors can call themselves pressmen without blushing when we can all see the "real" news on Al-Jazeera, CNN or surf the blogs.

    Yesterday's NST no-byline article on Tun's presser was the best, with all the bracketed "spin" comments. No guts to do a proper op-ed piece with byline, as is done in proper jounalism.

    For more laughs, just re-read NST/Star pre-election coverage on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, especially someone's front-page rambling article on the "wolf." All the gung-ho comments, the arrogant over-confidence etc. Trust me, you'll roll on the floor!

    O happy day!

  49. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Bro, Mukhriz didn't win Jerlun. So he should resign himself. In fact, I'm his supporter though I'm an opposition lover. Bro, they said the turnout in Jerlun was 99.85%, never seen in man's history. However, in the two State seats of Kota Seputeh and Ayer Hitam that come under Jerlun constituency, the turnout was 81.94%. Something is amiss here and should be explained.

  50. Anonymous12:24 pm

    ABB is naked.
    The problem is, he is not aware of it.
    He is all dressed up in the EMPOROR’s CLOTH
    His knights, jokers, YBs and SIL have all been telling him that he is in the most beautiful dress.
    And happily he was dancing to music, waltzing along, and enjoying his reign of power to the fullest.

    He did not realize his butt is exposed, his hairy skin uncovered, and all his old and worn out anatomy is showing.
    For he is in his dream ….
    He had the strongest mandate ever ( GE2004)
    His jokers assured him of prospect to destroy Pas and capturing Kelantan.
    No more street demo – His polis was able to water cannon the marchers away.
    No more unrest – The Hindraf boys were put under ISA.
    His Zam-Zam is able to re-edit news to show only the good side.
    His Lion King was roaring down the people from Sg. Siput mountain.
    The BN (Barang Naik) were also in control.
    Use UK, US and Japan’s figures to compare Cost of living.
    Use Myanmar, Laos’s statistic to explain the Standard of living.
    Don’t compare Apple with Grape
    Everything was in place.
    So in his Emperor’s Cloth he marched into the GE12.

    Now we really admire his positive attitude.
    He can only see the bright side.
    His BN is still having the majority.
    You don’t need a 2-3rd majority to be the Prime Minister.
    He is not under pressure, and he is in full control.
    Soon he will be exerting his BN (Barang Naik) to another level.
    He is still wearing the most beautiful dress in the world.
    He is happy.
    As for others - Aku ta’tau

  51. Bro Rocky,

    For as long as we have bodekers in the mainstream mdeia leading the corporation, they would spin till Pak Lah drops dead.

    Look at how they spin for Dr M previously and then how they stabbed him after he retired.

  52. Anonymous12:45 pm

    As much as Tun Mahathir is liked by his ardent followers, there are similarly ardent followers for Pak Lah, the same for Mukhriz and Khairy.
    There will always be ardent followers for everyone even Hitler.
    That is why judgement from the masses is necessary so that these ardent followers will amount to insignificance eventually and will realise just how small in number they are.
    It is the people's power that rules in the end and in Malaysia it means people of all colours and religions.
    born free.

  53. Anonymous12:47 pm

    That stupid MP trying to lobby for a ministerial post!
    He is really bangang!
    I wonder why/how he won the PRU12?

  54. Anonymous1:02 pm

    Ini adalah satu response kepada Arifabdul dan Zorro yang mencadangkan satu cara pemikiran yang tidak matang dan mengembangkan cara berfikir yang tidak ada rationale dan asas:

    Satu budaya yang perlu dikikiskan adalah pegawai dan ketua yang gagal dan buat perkara salah dikekalkan.

    Sekurang2nya inilah peluang untuk memulakan amalan dan mungkin budaya accountability.

    Prinsip ini perlu dimulakan di Malaysia dan masanya yang sesuai dalah sekarang.

    Asas untuk mengekalkan AAB dan jentera syaitannya kerana tidak menyukai Najib adalah satu pemikiran yang bahaya.

    Apakah asasnya? Adakah hanya kerana:

    1. Anwar Ibrahim menuduh Najib ambil RM930 juta dari deal Scorpene dan Sukhoi. Apa buktinya?

    2. Kes pembunuhan Altantunya oleh Razak Baginda yang merupakan seorang yg pernah ada urusan rasmi dengan Najib? Setakat perjalnana mahkamah, nampaknya tidak ada kaitan dgn Najib. fikirkan dari reaksi isteri Razak Baginda semasa di awal kes ini terkeluar, mungkinkah ada kemungkinan lain.

    We are not asking Malaysian to begin the culture of harkiri or sepaku, but a simple practise of accountability.

    As far as work and leadersip is concern, Najib is far better and balanced than the rest. Bear in mind, whoever is your choice must be politically viable.

    Najib is a mere suspect. Not even close to Anwar is confirmed criminal and is equally abusive of power during his reign. The new MB and his friend Khalid Ibrahim was equally corrupt man. (thats another story).

    If we are so concerned abt Rosmah, hmmm … are we being rationale and justified in our basis.

    We cannot be led in our rationale by mere guesswork, hunches, and prejudice. It is not progressive. I thought opposition are prmoting more progressive ideas?

    Kalau Najib bersalah dan buat tak betul, kita terajang dia. Apa takut?

    Sekurang2nya di bwah Najib, saya lebih yakin kebolehan mentadbir, merancang dan melakukan sesuatu, dan saya lebih faham apa yang dikatakan. Perkara2 asas dan kemajuan lebih boleh diharapkan kerana dia lebih ada intelektual dan cerdik.

  55. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Correct, correct, correct...

    As for post mortem, no need to do Lah...the reasons are staring in the eyes, but they refuse to see:

    The rakyat DO NOT WANT

    1. the govt to waste public money
    by a. paying exorbitant amounts for things that can be obtained cheaply
    b. buying unnecessary stuff like jets, yatchts, ect
    c. lawatan sambil belajar
    d. building club house for exco
    building istana for king and politicioan alike
    e. banyak lagi lah

    2. the govt to line the politicians' and the officers' and the concessions' pockets

    3. the govt to continue with sloppy works and yet pay highly to contractors

    4. to neglect basic necessities like clean water, good road, street light, etc

    tak susah apa itu...

  56. Anonymous1:29 pm

    also the people DO NOT WANT the govt to use govt-owned media (meaning those funded by the peoples' money) to be used to MISLEAD and INSULT the rakyat - see what happened to the information minister? Baru dia tau

  57. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    I agree with you - the Mainstream Media is no longer relevant.

    I was just talking to Datuk Ahmad yesterday - i mentioned to him that now is the most opportune moment to start a new media - where Real News Matters !

    A media that is open and is not biased.

    A Media that says "Now Everyone Can Go And Fly a Kite" !


  58. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Just as how the people's power "makkal Sakti" played its role in changing the history of BN, it is now time for the same power to start working on denying the MSMs by half in the next one year.

    We must deny "The Star, NST, Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia, TV3 and RTM channels.

  59. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Hello, just read what AAB has said in the text below.

    To him, the votes for BA means there is no unity in some divisions. Agaian, - no change of mindset and no fresh perspectives from this 'dinasaur' mentality.

    Times are changing but BN is not reinventing to become relevant to the population of today!

    They are going to pay a heavy price.

    Anyway, here is his statement:
    While I am honored to have been re-elected as prime minister of Malaysia and to have received a 63% majority of the 222 seats in Parliament in our just-completed general election, I am also disappointed that we fell a few seats short of the two-thirds majority we were hoping for.

    For those who have in the past questioned the legitimacy of Malaysia's electoral process, the results of Saturday's election are proof positive that our country does indeed enjoy a free, fair and highly competitive democracy.

    As there has been much speculation about the implications of our election results, I wish to offer clarity on three critically important points:

    First, we have heard the voice of our citizens, and I will dedicate myself, in this second term, to healing the divisions which became evident during the campaign. That will mean developing new and concrete initiatives, not just rhetoric, that bring our people together and ensure that no one is left behind as Malaysia prospers, whether they are ethnic Malays, Chinese or Indians.

    Second, we can achieve the above goal because our economy is indeed strong and stable, with a 7.3% GDP growth rate in the last quarter, nearly full employment, more than $100 billion in foreign exchange reserves, and a flood of foreign direct investment in manufacturing and services that last year reached a record $13.7 billion.

    For the benefit of all of our citizens, I intend Malaysia to remain a business-friendly and free market economy with powerful attractions for international investors, who over the past 12 months have included General Electric of the United States, Britain's Virgin Group, and important groups from the Middle East and China.

    Third, I intend to protect the stability and security of our nation. For all of our citizens to share in the prosperity and opportunities our economy is generating, we must also continue our work to eradicate crime and corruption. The people's desire for law and order is as important in Malaysia as it is everywhere. The same is true of the need to make additional progress in battling corruption, which is both immoral and distorts competition in free markets.

    Although the size of our majority would be considered a landslide in most countries, the fact that it has significantly reduced and we have had setbacks in five of our 13 states indicates that we need to do more for those who feel disaffected. Although some quarters have called for me to step aside, my party has given me solid support to carry on our nation-building agenda, something for which I am grateful.

    As with any election in any democratic country, there is debate, sometimes heated; there can be divisions, sometimes fierce; then people make their own choices and democratic politicians have to live with the outcome. What matters most is that governments listen as well as lead, and so I will work hard to create more of a national consensus following our national democratic conversation.

    We are listening. I know there is discontent among some parts of our community. I accept it is our responsibility, as the newly reelected government of all Malaysians, to find practical solutions to ease that discontent, to listen to grievances and to seek to remedy them.

    I have tried throughout my period in office to bring our country and our communities closer together. I have stood in firm opposition to those who have sought to divide us along racial, religious and ethnic lines. We are all Malaysians and we all must have a stake in building a progressive, united and cohesive country. This has always been my approach to government and politics. It is even more important now.

    Some people took the opportunity when voting to voice a protest, as can happen in any democracy. We accept the result. That is what democracy is all about. The election results will not diminish for a moment our determination to grow the Malaysian economy, to continue our successful program of poverty eradication and to provide a level playing field for all.

    After an election it is right to have a period of reflection; it is not a time for narrow introspection. Malaysia cannot afford a period of sitting back and risk stalling our progress and our economic growth.

    We are in a changing global economy which itself is in increasingly challenging times. That is why, just as it is essential that we reflect internally on the lessons from these elections, it is vital that we look outward internationally to face and overcome the global challenges of economics, peace and international security.

    Malaysia will continue to offer business-friendly policies and a welcoming environment for investors. I believe that Malaysia will continue its strong economic growth in 2008. Our vibrant economy and proven record of economic growth will help us prosper despite the economic slowdown and uncertainty in the U.S.

    What we must now undertake is to move forward as one nation with a renewed sense of a bright future for all.

  60. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Like father like son.....turncoat till the end......this is not the Tunku's era Mukhriz…tell that to your father….....another Mahathir this country certainly doesn’t needs a completely fresh new government that doesn’t do cronyism or corruption which is now permanently embedded in UMNO's constitution.....can’t one of VK Lingam's judges dissolve UMNO and put it to sleep for everyone's good.......

  61. Anonymous3:14 pm

    PENANG: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said Tuesday that the Penang Municipal Council and Seberang Perai Municipal Council will waive all summonses involving hawker licences and parking offences issued before March 11.

    Lim made the announcement just hours after being sworn in as Chief Minister.

    The government could not estimate how much this involved, but Lim said that the waiver would not affect the councils' operations as it was monies not collected yet.

    The announcements are part of the new government's "agenda for change to re-establish rule by the people,'' he said in a statement.

    He said it will also review the policy of political appointments in the councils, and would look towards restoring local government elections.

    Lim also promised that open tenders will be held for all state government procurement and contracts, adding that an online portal will be set up where information on tender bids would be posted for all to see.

    All state government members and civil servants will also be required to publicly declare their assets.

    "This is a government that is based on democracy. This is also a government that believes in equal opportunity and social economic justice. We are here to build a dynamic Penang for all,'' he said in the statement

  62. Official Statement from The Malay Male Regarding the 2008 General Elections.

    I’m a goofy goober


    You’re a goofy goober


    We’re all goofy goobers


    Goofy goofy goofy goofy goober!

    I believe that the massive ‘win’ by opposition parties across the board – parliamentary seats, state seats and slashing of majorities – is not really an opposition victory so much as it is a BN loss.

    People were so pissed off with the Government (read: Pak Lah and KJ) that they didn’t care who the fuck they voted. I mean, on my way back to Kuantan (actually, Psomething-something Paya Besar and DUN Sg Lembing) to vote, I toyed with the idea of drawing Satan on my ballot paper and voting for the Prince of Darkness. I was THAT pissed off. Imagine all the other emotionally charged, racially-motivated bullshit voters and phantom voters alike.

    Turned out it was not necessary cause the MPs and DUNkers all won with majorities of more than 1, which makes my vote irrelevant.

    Anyway, back to my point: there was no choice for the Malaysian people. Either the devil you know or the devil you don’t. And since the devil you all know and love all these years are screwing your mother, well, whatever.

    This country is so fucking conservative, the LEFT WING parties number a racially-motivated organisation, appendage-hacking Taliban-wannabe suicide bombers out to meet virgins in heaven and some gay cultists.

    For the Chinese voters, studies (and when I say studies, I meant that one question I forgot to ask my friend international comic artist Chee about Malaysian Chinese voter patterns. Even though Chee is so fucking American Banana Chinese) show that their first choice was DAP, second PKR, third choice went to the retarded Partai Islam Se-Malaysia (PIS-M) and fourth choice (if and only if the other opponent was a bicycle-riding Bebas illiterate octogenarian) is BN.

    All Indians voted Hindraf. The Malays meanwhile, are so confused and divided, they are almost a non-factor.

    We’re all screwed, folks. I mean, not that we were in such good shape before. Not that we were NOT (double negative, yo!) screwed and skewered before this. But hey.

    Out of the frying pan, into the fire. End of the day, you’re still carcinogenic.

    The good news is that BN has finally gotten their wake up call. Whether they remain to hit the snooze button and sleep till midday remains to be seen. And the country gets some new sleeping partners. I wonder how they stack up in bed. I hate starfishes (a sexual reference to the position a very unproactive and unparticipating woman in the midst of sexual intercourse would adopt. A starfish would just lie there in a horizontal frozen jumping jack star pose, with not even the decency to give a bareback blowjob or a rimjob or even a tilt-a-whirl or huricanrana).

    Pardon my cynicism to the opposition candidates and whatever else. I have no expectations whatsoever in any politician or political party. No matter if you’ve won or lost. I don’t give a shit.

    I only see this as a good check and balance situation as long as it doesn’t stand in my way of making millions of dollars. I mean, who cares about a more balanced whatever shit, when you can’t make money?

    So here’s a warning to all elected reps, state governments and whatever else: I am going to make money. Lots of it. So you better stay out of my way, bitches. Or I kill yo ass.

    I have always believed that we cannot rely on Governments, opposition, the Taliban or anyone else. Fuck administration. You want something done, you gotta do it yourself.

    I mean, Wee Choo Keong or Nurul Izzah or Jeff Ooi is not going to simply give me USD 400 million, are they? Will KJ?

    So I leave you all with this political roundup:

    I’m a goofy goober


    You’re a goofy goober


    We’re all goofy goobers


    Goofy goofy goofy goofy goober!

  63. heya bro, i noe this is a wrong forum but what a heck.
    Bro, ours is not a 2 party system unlike the US so how can the opposition setup govt in slangor and perak.
    if we look at the individual party's result BN is the majority and not the individual opposition party.
    when BN register for penamaan calon BN when as a registered coalition (having permission to use the dacing as symbol) but not the opposition (they use their individual party's emblem). they when in as individual party, so rightfully after election the opposition cannot declare a coalition, the election result should be looked at individually because when they register for penamaan calon they register in accordance to their individual party and not under opposition coalition unlike BN.
    so rightfully again BN can just take charge perak and selangor. pple keep mum about this because it have never happen before. BN should challenge it in court and bulldoze to set up govt in that 2 states because they r the majority.
    if i'm wrong pls educate me. tata

  64. Let the media do its own spin
    But do not on falsehood let your hope pin
    The truth will prevail and it will win
    When the time is ripe for all rubbish to be thrown in the bin

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 110308
    Tue. 11th Mar. 2008.

  65. Anonymous3:58 pm

    Abdullah lost the people's confidence because of all the public hammering from TDM. So UMNO's defeat should be credited to TDM. He should be the one resigning ... say what, ohhhh he Has resigned.

  66. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Haha. Just like if i was quoted saying that i want Paklah to leave the post immediately, what will come out is i want Paklah ;-) Different kind of want.

    No wonder he is still in the dreamland, thinking that he still garner the masses support, and the whole election result was reasoned to anything but him and his son-in-law. Its the yes man and the mass media's fault.

  67. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Mukhriz tak ada telur lah.

    Cakap jangan belit belit macam ular. Be a man and say it straight to the point.

    Say, why don't you join BR parties Mukhriz and do the right thing yourself?

  68. Anonymous4:39 pm


    The denial syndrome is pervasive in the AAB Govt. And the mainstream media is the best manifestation of that. Jalan Riong is the most guilty party, with the editorial hierarchy making Pak Lak looking and sounding more arrogant than usual. The infiltration of personal agendas into AAB's Govt is more complete than ever and the media's role in this is obvious to all except AAB. Cabinet ministers, Chief Ministers and Menteris Besar have all suffered at the pens of the editorial masters, and in the process the journalists on the ground are looking more and more unethical and unprofessional. I don't think we should blame AAB alone in this. The UMNO supreme council and the previous Cabinet are just as guilty for not speaking out against such blatant disregard for professional integrity and honour.

    There's only one solution to this - stop buying these newspapers! If you want to know what's written, read their online version cos it's free. If you have to puke, at least you are not paying for it. U take care Bru!


  69. Anonymous5:09 pm

    guess what, my friend's sitemeter shows somebody from Jab.Perdana Menteri is using google to search for "Mukhriz sidang akhbar"..

    Wonder who?

  70. Anonymous6:13 pm


    PENANG, March 11 (Bernama) — Just a few hours after being sworn in as Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng today announced that the DAP-Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) coalition government will run its administration free from the New Economic Policy (NEP) which he claimed could breed cronyism, corruption and systemic inefficiency.
    In his maiden speech as the Chief Minister, Guan Eng said the new state government would implement an open tender system for all government procurements and contracts.
    The NEP’s stated goals are poverty eradication and economic restructuring so as to eliminate the identification of ethnicity with economic functions.
    The policy, which was implemented in 1971, also espouses the redistribution of wealth and affirmative action for Malays and bumiputeras to have at least 30 per cent of the country’s wealth.
    Following Guan Eng’s statement, he was asked on Malay rights and responded that “the fate of all races and their destiny are very much the same.” — MORE GUAN ENG-NEP 2 PENANG “I don’t want to talk about any particular race because our fate are all the same and our direction is also the same,” he said.
    The Chief Minister said that to show his sincerity to the Malays, he had visited the Tanjong Tokong Malay settlement on Sunday, several hours after the opposition pact won the general election in Penang on March 8, to look into their problems.
    The new state government would practise transparency by uploading information of tender bids in an internet portal to be set up in future for public access, he told reporters after moving into his new office at Level 28, Komtar, here.
    He strongly advocated a stakeholders’ economy for all, irrespective of race and religion, based on the principle of shared prosperity in an equitable manner.
    “We will encourage companies which undertake government contracts worth above RM10 million in Penang to contribute part of their profits for the benefit of the people,” he added.
    — MORE GUAN ENG-NEP 3 PENANG Lim said the new government would focus on key areas of economy, governance and the social needs of the people by advocating equal opportunity and social economic justice.
    Stressing on the building of a dynamic Penang for all, he said he would seek an appointment with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to discuss issues brought up by the people in the just-concluded general election.
    “I will propose the utilisation of Petronas’ proceeds to fully fund the construction of the second Penang Bridge project. I hope that the federal goverment would not scrap federal funding to the state.
    “We believe that, coming from Penang, the Prime Minister would not want Penangites to suffer just because they voted for change,” he added.
    When asked on the promises of RM6,000 bonus annually to be given to the people made during the election campaign, he said it could be fulfilled if the opposition led the country and had access to Petronas’ funds. — MORE GUAN ENG-NEP 4 (LAST) PENANG He said the Penang state government would attempt to restore local government elections in accordance with provisions under Article 113(4) of the constitution and hoped that the elections could be held before the end of the current government’s term.
    “In the interim, we will review the current practice of having only political appointees as representatives in municipal councils instead appointing professionals as members.” Lim also wanted all the office bearers such as the Chief Minister, state exco members, speaker of the legislative assembly and his deputy, together with the respective heads of the Penang and Seberang Perai Municipal Councils (MPPP and MPSP) to publicly declare their personal assets.

  71. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Mukhriz ngan pak dia pun dah sama cakap pusing-pusing!

  72. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Dear Rocky

    In response to Anonymous 12.12 AM. Now, why am I not surprised that Johari Baharom is at it again. He is capable of worse than just passing snide remarks if it would give him the cutting edge...; money talks. He has slandered others too through ways and means ordinary minds would not be capable of or have the heart to do.

    Who do you think is one of those behind all the falsified police reports against the IGP? None other than the Deputy Minister himself. It is so heinous a slander that even now a lot out there still believe that the KPN is guilty of all the fabricated allegations. With all due respect, even RPK has been fooled...


  73. Anonymous8:45 pm

    I heard from the grapeveine Rocky will be nominated as senator from Selangor. Rock, can you confirm. believe me, it would be fantastic.

  74. Dear Rocky

    Apa kata, kita buat "BANNER" BESAR-BESAR :- "PAKLAH SILA LETAK JAWATAN, RAKYAT DAH SUSAH SABIT KEPIMPINANMU - AHLI2 UMNO". Tak payah tunggu sampai PjpnAgung UMNO. Dah tu kita tempek dikawasan umum, dinegeri Kedah, Penang, Perak, W.P & Selangor. Saya rasa PAS, DAP & PKR tak marah kot.

    Lagi pun kalu dok harap si wakil rakyat yang ada skrg pun, depa bukannya berani nak bersuara. Asyik dok sokong..sokong.. Sokong apa tak tau. Yang sebetulnya, saya fikir, depa dok tgh adjust akaun pelaburan depa kot.

    Maih...maih... kita semua tolong bersuara.. kuat2 lagi kali ni, kot2 dia tak dengaq. Kalau tak, maka akan tercatit dalam sejarah, Presiden UMNO pertama ditolak dalam PA UMNO, lagilah leceh. Buat kotoq buku saja nanti.

    K, Wassalamualaikum.

  75. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    If indeed Mukhruz said that, my question is "doing the right thing" for whom -- for the rakyat, the voters, Umno, the BN?

    Or doing the right thing for himself, his family members and friends?

    I think Mukhriz and the rest of the Umno lot who have the guts should speak in the language that you and I can understand.

    If they want the PM to go, they should say so.

    Why beat around the bush?

    Why honour the phrase that has been used and abused by the NST spin doctors?

    Mukhriz is no longer just Dr Mahathir's son or Umno Youth Exco member. He is an elected representative of the people. He should speak for the people.

    To avoid having his statements spun, he should issue written statements and send them to all news channels, including the blogs.

    In that way, the readers can judge which presentation is fairer and more accurate -- the blogs or the MSM.

    Thank you.

  76. Anonymous9:48 pm

    I think if Pak Lah resign he will let Khairy to take over the place. Then the 6th Malaysia PM will be KJ!! That is what Pak Lah good for.

  77. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Bro you there???

  78. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Muslims voted PAS into power in Perak, so PAS please implement HUDUD in Perak. We will be waiting for that. And please closed ALL the Entertainment nightspots in the state. No excuse please, as when you were not in power you talked much about the failures of UMNO to implement HUDUD and their failures in preventing maksiat, despite BN was also a multiracial party, as you are NOW.

    Jangan cakap tak serupa bikin, do it now...! NO EXCUSE PLEASE... PAS is leading a multiracial party in PERAK NOW, You are the Menteri Besar, just similar to the former BN government.

  79. Anonymous11:13 pm

    "You Have ONE choice".....yes, but not BN.:)

  80. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Nothing surprising. Mukhriz is the victim of his own father's doing. He should get a taste of his father's own medicine before he can become a fighter like Anwar.

    The mainstream media has been freely doing this ever since Mahathir introduced absurd media laws and controls in the early 1980s.. The current Govt is just using what Mahathir had installed.

    You guys can shout all u want, but they can still putar-belit what you say.. Be grateful Pak Lah isn't using the ISA on you guys like Mahathir would have done.

  81. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Dear Yang Berblog Rocky,

    Is Mukhriz for Abdullah?
    Why does it matter?
    Oh, apa kena dengan Pak Lah?
    Sampai cacing dah naik ke mata!

    Adik kata bilang,
    Abang kata hitung,
    Orang kata dah hilang,
    BN kata masih untung,

    Rakyat kata berubahlah,
    Jika tidak kami tak pangkah,
    Pilihanraya dah kalah,
    Apalah bongoknya Pak Lah.

    PM yang kusanjung PM yang rajin,
    Malangnya tidor tak kira bumbung,
    Kahwin janda bergelar Mak Jin,
    Dapat menantu tamak sombong.

    Dulu bergenang airmataku,
    Melihat Pak Lah menjadi imam,
    Kali ini memangkah hatiku syahdu,
    Keputusannya membuat semua demam.

    Mukhriz Mahathir,Mahathir Muhammed,
    Berita mutakhir berita muktamad,
    Yang dicakap beralas
    Yang dilapur tak digalas.

    Khairy Jamaludin dipanggil KJ.
    Bini pulak nama Nori,
    5 negeri habis tercicir,
    Takda siapa nak cakap sorry...

    Anak muda nama Mukriz,
    Bahasanya sopan beradat,
    When you write, hey please..!
    Don't make me sound like that!

    Nurul Izzah comel cendiakawan,
    Nori Abdullah putih gebu,
    Khairy Jamaludin banyak lawan,
    Pilihanraya ni katanya main tipu?..

    Aduh Sharizat ceritamu sedih,
    Namun jasamu tetap dikenang,
    Kekalahan ini sangatlah pedih,
    Tapi tak mengapa,bawalah bertenang.

    Khir Toyo awat senyap aje?
    Tengah peram tempe ubat awet muda ke?
    Lain kali penyapu simpan bawah meja,
    Kalau susah sangat tonyoh aje kat muka!


  82. time to shop for a new premier

  83. Anonymous6:33 am

    Isu DEB: Melayu sokong pembangkang perlu bertanggungjawab

    KUALA LUMPUR 11 Mac – Orang Melayu yang menyokong pembangkang terutama Pas dan Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) perlu bertanggungjawab apabila DAP yang membentuk kerajaan di Pulau Pinang mahu polisi pentadbirannya bebas daripada amalan Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB).


  84. Is Mukhriz all for abdullah.?

    Is Penang all for Abdullah? With DAP taking over Penang, I cant say more. With 7000 voters shifting side in Kepala Batas, thats too much. And Anwar is lurking somewhere in Ceruk Tok Kun.

  85. Anonymous9:14 am

    Anon 12:17 PM

    Have you been reading Drama Queen Blogger Susan Loony Tune blog? Read here.

    Read my reply in her blog:

    In 2004 this is the Jerlun 2004 Parliament:

    Voters 44,148

    1. Datok Abdul Rahman Ariffin (BN - UMNO) 19,123
    2. Idris Ahmad (PAS) 16,981

    Majority 2,142
    Percentage voted: 83.41% = 36,822/44,148
    Spoilt: 718
    Turnout 36,822

    In 2008,

    Voters 45,513

    Mukhriz 19,424
    Idris Ahmad 17,219
    Majority 2,205
    Spoilt 599
    Turnout 37,242
    Percentage = 37,242/45,513*100 = 81.827% and not as reported 99.85%

    Just Kalimullah trying to smear Mukhriz.

    And you are taking a cheap ride, Susan loone.


    Anon, KJ sent you ke?

    Apa Khabaq
    Fillial Son of Jerlun

  86. Before Mukhriz talks too much he better explain this which I took out of Susan Loone's website:

    Some simple statistic from SPR site

    Parliament voting %

    P5 - 99.85%

    The 2 DUN voting %

    N3 - 81.56%

    N4 - 82.24%

    Now the interesting point, if U have 2 ballots - 1 for Parliament & 1 for DUN, will U only cast the parliament vote & keep the DUN ballot for souvenir?

    If U casted both then these 2 % (Parliament & DUB) should be quite close - give & take a single digit % difference.

    Now 99.85% vis-a-vis 81.56% OR 82.24%???????

    Someone is cheating & CHEATING BIG.

    The saddest part is THEY again take the voters for a joy ride, thinking that the voters are ignoramus & dont know how to count!

  87. Anonymous9:53 am

    Forcing Abdullah to resign is not an issue now. People start demanding the oppositions to revive local election. I want to contest for Majlis Perbandaran Kajang election!

  88. Anonymous10:52 am

    Old Fart

    Count the total number of voters and divide by turnout. That is how you get the percentage.

    IF you see something suspicious, you check first before making accusation.

    Bodoh bangkai ...! Sama bodoh dengan SPR!

  89. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Hi, i've just uploaded a video taken at announcement station where the spr officer clearly says that majority is 81.95%. Its available at or search for 'Dato Mukhriz's winning announcement' on youtube.

  90. AAB has overstayed his welcome. He'll be remember as the one who destroy BN and must take full responsibility for it. Same goes to Menteri Tol.

  91. Anonymous7:15 pm

    I hope there will be a change to the mainstream media after the GE. Otherwise more people, especially those living in rural areas with no internet access and non internet savvy people, in Sabah and Sarawak will continue to be deceived by the lies of BN.

    Opposition, do something about it, please...