Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tea with bloggers, Latte with the Star

Husam Musa, the PAS vice president, traveled from Kelantan yesterday to have tea with 7 new media practitioners in Bangsar, KL. He is seen here deep in discussion with RPK of Malaysia Today. Not in the picture: Nuraina A. Samad, Marina RPK, Haris Ibrahim, Tony Yew, Zorro, and Kickdefella.
We spent a rainy Saturday afternoon sharing ideas and stories.

While Husam huddles with bloggers, DAP's Lim Guan Eng and PKR's Khalid Ibrahim are going "mainstream". The Penang Chief Minister will have latte with Star group editor-in-chief Wong Chun Wai tomorrow for the paper's Cafe Latte series while the Selangor Menteri Besar will get his fix next week, according to this.
Good luck to the two.

p/s From early Friday, messengers from Umno were trying to arrange for a meeting with prominent bloggers in Kuala Lumpur. So far, I've not heard of any blogger who's said yes.


  1. Anonymous11:53 am

    p/s From early Friday, messengers from Umno were trying to arrange for a meeting with prominent bloggers in Kuala Lumpur. So far, I've not heard of any blogger who's said yes.

    does this means that most bloggers are anti-government??
    what say u rock??are u gonna say yes for the meet??...

  2. Anonymous12:45 pm

    I believe LGE is trying to reach out to those who don't go online - i have a friend who believes everything in STAR. These are people who needs some straightening up. However, i wish that bloggers were given first honour for the great job done. I dropped a line in Tony Pua's blog to tell them they have poor PR strategy.

  3. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Brother Rocky,

    Bloggers want justice and fairness. Be fair to the UMNO and BN leaders too. Dont tell me, they have not contributed anything to the Nation's growth all this while? Lest we have all forgotten that..

  4. Bravo, Datuk Husam Musa.

    This is the MAN to watch: A potential candidate to become our new PM...6th or 7th...depending on first come first serve basis...

    Check his move: The moment he contests for a Parliamentary seat in Kelantan...he is heading for Seri Perdana at Putrajaya already. God willing.

    Now everybody is waiting for Pak Lah to resign, step aside or step down, or worst, be ousted.

    This is a very difficult year for Pak Lah - for a rabbit born in 1939. He MAY lose everything in the next eight(8) months...unless there is divine intervention @ 'takdir'...provided always that he did NO wrong.

    Najib is PM-in-waiting. PKR is govt-in-waiting.

    Ku Li is not without hope of making a take over the NO.1 post he had fought for since 1981.It is learnt -to be verified, of course - that he has written to Umno division chiefs. urging them to call for an EGM on 11 May.

    He must do it before Anwar enters the Dewan Rakyat.

    It is very interesting to watch our political development from now on.


  5. I believe Guan Eng has had his fair share of mis-reporting from the MSM already. So Khalid is trying his luck.

    Why are those UMNO guys who demonised bloggers now trying to make appointments with them? Change of heart after being forced to eat the humility pie?

  6. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Demand half of RM5,000,000 from these UMNO media goons trying to seduce you to cross over. Make advertising in your web blog a prerequisite if they want to be in your good books. Money politics afterall is a basic UMNO trait. We should learn to make hay while the sun shines, don't you agree? Time's changed.

  7. Anonymous2:13 pm


    I wanna say my 2 cents worth of comment here. I dont understand are we bloggers not willing to have a meeting with UMNO? We should have an open minded rather be a close minded and bias bloggers, arent we are acting like them now? Come on guys, we are better than these guys right? Are we becoming one of UMNO fellows just because we are in power now..It worries me.

  8. Anonymous2:16 pm

    ya come no bloggers have said yes? aren't we building a new Malaysia together and doesn't that mean everyone working together? let's not be blinded by the perception that UMNO is irrelevant to totally write it off. people voted against BN/UMNO in protest, perhaps this is a step they are taking to correct some wrongs. i may be called naive here but let's give them the benefit of the doubt. if we are willing to do so for DAP, PKR and PAS, why not UMNO? just go la and find out why they are calling for the meet. it would also be an opportunity for bloggers to convey the sentiments of a section of the population. either way, we will be able to see if something is actually being done in response to the protests registered on 8 march.

    - Anak Malaysia -

  9. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Who's from UMNO wants to connect with bloggers ????

    *suspense only*

  10. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Maybe they wanna serve summons to bloggers like what jokers did to jeff and rocky. :P

  11. Anonymous4:23 pm

    We did it. We did it all. We are the bloggers who got all you fellas elected you know. So now you all must fall at our feet and proclaim your everlasting gratitude. You cannot make a move without consulting us first. We know it all. Only we can make it happen for you.

  12. Anonymous5:08 pm

    A word of caution - bloggers must remain humble and does not be caught up with their own self-importance thinking that they are the king makers.

    I am sure Jeff as LGE's chief of staff will definitely advise him appropriately to woo the blogger's support when the time is due.

    With reference to Husam Musa, although PKR has assured the non-Muslims many a times that it is next to impossible for PAS to set up an Islamic state - The Star has reported that "PAS certain it can set up Islamic federal govt soon". Is this MSM propaganda?

    Is this PAS's stand ? If not, please correct The Star.

    I am sure it's pretty obvious - the most worrying bit for non-Muslims is the fear of PAS enforcing Islamic laws to the non- Muslims.

  13. Anonymous5:43 pm Umno want to woo bloggers?

    Those of us who know about Umno politics esp. people in Kelantan and Sabah, knew better than to trust Umno.

    Umno leaders/supporters will woo you like a man wooing a woman with marriage proposal to boot and once they get you and back in power, Umno/leaders will dump you like they did old Tun Mustapha who went into his grave heartbroken, after he brought Umno into Sabah.

    You rocky are close to Jeff, so whack him if he forget. That's what friends are for, keep them feet on the ground and remind them who the enemies are.

  14. Anon2:31: the parachutist to the poles, former car re possessor, I was told.

  15. Anonymous7:42 pm


    Do NOT MEET with those UMNO people now as they are struggling in their battle for the presidential seat and reforming. They might want to use the bloggers power to effect the outcome. Very dangerous!!

    Blogger are suppose to be fair in reporting the truth but if you guys make the wrong move, you will be DRAG into their problem. Wait till UMNO settle everything first before meeting with them.

    Now is NOT THE RIGHT time.

  16. Anonymous8:59 pm


    if its him, stay clear. a protector of mat rempits, what credibility has he.
    watch it, bloggers. dagger is long and sharp.

  17. Anonymous9:02 pm

    I agree with VOX

    We have 5 Bloggers in the Opposition who were comrade in arms befor.

    We should whack them if they fumble and they should get whacked harder than others.

    Keeping them on their toes is not good enough. We need to hit them on the toes.

    They must be seen walking the talk.

    That is Jeff, Elizabeth Wong, Nazmi etc.

    As to the next PM, it won't be Tengku Razaleigh or even Najib whose full name is Mohd Najib.

    I think the RAHMAN tradition will still hold... we are coming to the last alphabet.

    The likely name is Nor Yakcop.

    Could it be that after this last alphabet of RAHMAN, the country will start to have an Opposition Party Prime Minister?

  18. Anonymous9:35 pm

    was it not yesterday or recently that some moron said that bloggers are unemployed women and deadbeats, why give them the chance when they already have control of the mass media, please bloggers the reason you became was to share your views ala old school nostalgic day of berborak at the mamak stall or jom jamming with membeeerrrr, where everything was open to debate even religion and when anybody said anything really stupid sure to kena tekan, miss those days, blogging is actually simmiliar to that where everything is open unless umno reads it and than you have polliiiccceee reports made in haste to get noticed by power to be, to maybe get invited to the host table to get patted on the head like a dog, and maybe get a leftover bone to chew on. what i would like to know is the true story about PEKIDA aka scorpian kings aka 3 chabang (on no.plate of car), umno's infamous mafia, with titles like kakanda, bonda (in hindhi bonda means arsehole)

  19. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Why should bloggers accept UMNO approach??? Since RTM1,2 & TV3 spurn opposition approaches. Blogger should help voice the other side of opinions that is PKR, DAP & PAS since the mainstream media & TV has done a pretty good job explaining the government side of story. The day when bloggers turn to government is the day democracy died and future of Malaysian finish!!! Let the TV & newspaper spew UMNO propaganda!!!

  20. Anonymous11:46 pm

    A friend told me this: "N" in the RAHMAN theory could be the "nenek" who contested in Kuala Terengganu! She'll make a strong comeback in the next round to become msia's 1st nenek/lady PM!

    Yep, Dato' Husam has the credentials to become the next PM, defying the RAHMAN theory!

  21. Anonymous9:01 am

    Quoted from Vox

    "I am sure it's pretty obvious - the most worrying bit for non-Muslims is the fear of PAS enforcing Islamic laws to the non- Muslims."

    Dear Vox,

    If th Islamic law is to be implemented, it will only applies to Muslims.

  22. I agree with tarik... dato' PM down the line...if the islamophobics can get past their phobias and unfounded fears and if PAS learns its lessons and doesn't scare people by Talibanisation fears and practices good governance and promotes social justice and development for all...

    Husam da man...

    "Huddled", Rocky?

    Heh heh....

  23. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Brother Rocky,

    Just a slightly unrelated question please. Do you have the email of the webmaster Malaysia Today please? I want to subscribe there but there is no link or email to do so. Thanks.

  24. Anonymous1:30 am





  25. Anonymous9:06 pm

    N in RAHMAN - Nasharudin Mat Isa

  26. Anonymous7:57 pm

    Brother Rocky,

    Thanks for conveying the message to the webmaster of MT. Appreciate the assistance.