Sunday, March 16, 2008

Temple in Sime Darby estate demolished

Sime Darby Watch. I didn't know that there was a Limsum Estate in Negri Sembilan, that it's owned by Sime Darby and that there was a Hindu temple there. Now I know. And according to the posting Who ordered Hindu temple demolition at Limsum estate?, they demolished the temple right on the eve of the March 8th polling day!

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  1. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Estate Managers, especially ultra large conglomerates such as Sime Darby are really 'Little Napoleans'; 'Emperor' of the 1,000+ acres domain. Most probably, the regional manager was not even informed about it, even after it happened.

    If the report was true, then it should be looked into, by MSMs such as "The paper that cares" and highlight it up to the largest rubber/palm oil planter in the world.

    Or will the blogging community take it up, instead?

    Not having a credible Indian/Hindu rep in the State Government will not make the situation any smoother.

  2. BN is full of empty promises. Barrels full of sh*t! Say one thing and do exactly the opposite!

  3. Anonymous2:04 pm

    I would suggest that smaller temples be merged into bigger ones so that Hindus are more united and administrative wise, with bigger resources running of temples would become more systematic. The number of Hindus are not that big after all, therefore subdividing the race further into many different temples they patronage is not a practical move. You see how many small temples there are at Bukit Tembok (near the Seremban Railway Station) and they are all in dilapidated condition and definitely eyesoring. This column is uncalled for because it may instigate racial and religious hatred for it purposely brings sensitive issue into public discussion. Please stop it for heaven sake.

  4. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Please Bro Rock, as profesiional journalist please get the full details before you published this story. the guy who published the story on his sime darby watch blog got some axes to grind on his company. maybe there are reasons for demolishing the temple. maybe sime darby is building a new one. please dont stoke racial tension (borrowing bodowi's phrase) between sime darby's management and the hindus. there are hundreds of thousands of malaysians working with sime darby and the rakyat owned sime darby via their holdings in all the multi-racial based amanah sahams created by the former PNB ceo and curent Selangor MB. we dont want to destroy sime darby. if true the temple was demolished in bad faith just get the guy who ordered it and bring him to court if we believe in the process of law and justice as advocated by all the non-bn political parties and ngos. dont take this matter to street justice or blog justice!!!


  5. Anonymous2:20 pm

    NS Menteri Besar Hassan claimed in The Star (the paper you surely can trust) that it was the work of Opposition goons.

  6. Anonymous2:29 pm


    My friend told me that the fella who did the damage was the estate manager (who happen to be pro-PKR). Sime Darby quickly rebuilt the shrine back. This Malay guy will be sacked by Sime Darby. Apparently he did damage because want to fix KJ.

  7. Anonymous2:54 pm

    click this

  8. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Its NOT Sime Darby.

    Its Sime Darby BARU.

  9. Anonymous3:19 pm

    do not worry new selangor government will approve new temples in the near future.

  10. Anonymous3:28 pm

    anon 2.18pm

    I must agree with you.

    Rocky, you're becoming like any other blogger..main tembak only.

    Even our Hindu friends will agree there are just too many 'mini-temples' mushrooming everywhere. It's either such places of worships be done in a person's house or better still merge and build a proper temple.
    And sadly, half of these temples arent even temples in the first place.

    Do you know that..sadly no. Just listen to the crap some people write and shoot off.

    The NEP issues..only the uneducated Malays are touchie about it while the educated Malays are utilising it as their own agenda. It is thanks to the NEP coupled by the Malay's in born ABC culture which has aided most of the non Malays to earn a decent living. TQ NEP!

    and for the record, don't go harping on the idelogy that bloggers have made and impact in the just conluded GE blah blah one gives to hoots over the bloggers..nor do any of educated voters support a party which started no thanks to an a$$hole, an extremist Taliban wannabe nor people who claim they are Malaysians but yet its always about Chinese skools, chinese this and Chinese that.

    Judging by you and your 'geng'..we'll always be MALAYsia.

  11. Anonymous3:52 pm

    i doubt the credibility of the blog. Rocky please verify....

  12. Let me ask some pertinent questions of Sime Darby.

    1. When was the temple built?

    2.Who built or allowed the temple to be built ?

    3. On whose land was it built?

    4. Why was it necessary for the temple to be built?

    5. Was/Is there a tamil school also built within the vicinity?

    6. The housing provided, was it of the dormitory kind suitable for itinerant workers or was the housing provided cater for families to live in?

    7. If housing was meant for workers and their families, a school was provided for the children of the workers and land was allocated for a temple to be built, how were all these facilities used and how was it relevant in the carrying on of the business of the estate?

    8. If all these facilities that were provided and tolerated for so long by the owners despite them not being used nor relevant in the carrying on of the business of the estate, then why did Sime Darby find it necessary to misalocate company resources for non-business use?

    9. Why does Sime Darby now demolish this temple?

    10. Has the nature of the business of the estate been changed somewhat so that any need that might have existed prior to the demolition, now does not exist anymore?

    11. How does provision of a primary tamil school, housing for a family, instead of the worker, and provision of a temple be wholly, exclusively and necessarily for the carrying on of the business of the estate?

    12. If Sime Darby is unable to answer question 11 above satisfactorily, then Sime Darby is required to answer why then were these provided and tolerated for so long?

    13. What is the economic life expectancy of a rubber tree that will make investment in the industry viable?

    14. Can that life expectancy of the rubber tree be ensured using itinerant workers who may work from anything between 1-3 years.?

    15. If not, why not?

    16. Will Sime Darby agree that using itinerant workers will in most instances cause the premature expiry of the tree because of unskilled tapping?

    17. Will Sime Darby agree that the rubber industry is only viable when permanent workers continue working, on average, their entire working life, in the estate?

    18. Will Sime Darby agree that it needed to ensure constant replacement of retiring and dying tapping staff?

    19. Will Sime Darby agree that because tapping needed to commence at dawn and workers needed to begin work while it was still dark, it was necessary that in any sizable estate housing was necessary to be provided so that it is almost equidistant to the four corners of the estate?

    18. Will Sime Darby agree that it needed to provide all the necessary facilities and infrastructure within the estate so that workers can be the catalyst for the birth of a cummunity that can be relied upon to supply the needed skilled tree tapping staff as a matter of succession planning?

    17. Will Sime Darby agree that to conduct a viable rubber estate business it was not only the workers which the estate needed, but its demographics and succession planning meant that alongside the cultivation of the rubber trees a community needed to be supported?

    18. Will Sime Darby agree that marriage and copulation between workers of the opposite sex produced for them the assurance of replacement workers in n years time?

    19. Will Sime Darby Agree that basic school and/or day care facilities were provided for only such purpose and such time that the children were of unemployable age?

    20. Will Sime Darby agree that the tamil school provided in the estates enabled the parents to go on to work and government employed teachers were used to teach, with little hope for the children proceeding beyond primary education?

    21. Will Simre Darby agree that this pool of children supplied the needed replacement that came about from the retirement, death or moving out of rubber tapping workers?

    22. Were a mosque or a church ever considered to be provided to these workers? If not, why not?

    23. Were the provision of the temple a necessary requisite in order to ensure the community that provided the skilled workforce and that assured the work force of the future in order that the economic life of the rubber trees can be prolonged for as long as is possible?

    24. Does Sime Darby agree that what it needed were workers, and yet it needed to sustain and support a community in order that it has a viable business model that will secure for itself the maximum earnings?

    30. Has Sime Darby derived from each of its rubber estates the earnings that it had sought?

    31. Does Simre Darby acknowledge that while supporting a community, it's employment arrangements were only with the individual workers and that those who were not workers, and yet part of the community, for example some spouses, children and non-working parents, were not compensated for the role they played in making possible and viable the business of the estate?

    32. Will Sime Darby Agree that this community may have just an inherent right to not just the communal land but also all the facilities that include the housing, temple as well as the school and the small patch of garden and playing field?

    33. Will Sime Darby agree that the rubber industry has been screwing the workers and this community for the last 150 years?

    34. Can Sime Darby explain why it provided transportation for the children of the chief clerks, the mandores and supervisors from teh estate to the nearest English or Sekolah Bangsaan Schools often located several miles fromt eh estate?

    35. Can Sime Darby explain why it did not providee the same for the children of the rubber tapping workers?

  13. Anonymous4:33 pm

    bro carrying this one-entry blog does damage to your reputation...
    what's going on,he your friend ke?
    At lest get lah some more convincing surces to back it up....
    takkan anything yang paints the Bn inbad light goes???
    one is built with a thousand years of patience can be undone by a moment of forgetfulness...remember thah

  14. http://

    Let the authorities investigate the incident and nab the real culprits. Until then we all should not speculate.

    Even if it was carried out by the 'opposition' as alleged by some people, it should not be regarded as an act committed in the name of that party.

    No one in this country in his/her right mind would want to stir any racial disharmony among the citizens of this country especially at a time like now - unless they have a hidden agenda to accomplish like gaining some support or sympathy. Who knows?

  15. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Our Indian community has to establish a grand standard in temple-building. They have to go through the proper channel in order to erect temples in the future, very much like Muslims and Buddhists today.

    Pardon me for saying this but I don't think it is right for anybody to erect house of worship anywhere they like.

    Malay Women in Malaysia

  16. Anonymous10:22 pm

    dei singaporean...dun be like your fren the white haired chinaman la....tembak saje tanpa bukti kukuh.

  17. Anonymous11:13 pm

    dear malay women in malaysia
    when did malaysian indian can build house of god as they wish? you malay can built mosque as they wish and fully approved and financed by gov. when an indian temple to be build, we need to get approvel from jab. agama mana logic??????? and approvel from jabatan agama take years??????????
    And remember all the temple that were demolished were more than 50 years and above. Do you know how much gov spend on maintanance of surau and masjid. how much gov spend sekolah agama berasrama penuh????. Non Bumi also paying taxes, why gov never build sekolah agama Hindu, Kristian, Buddha and so on????? please there so many ? non bumi can ask, but can bumi unswer them ??? be polite when talk about religion. We ( Hindu, kristien, Buddish N others ) also can built beautiful and maintain temples if given more allocation like masjiidddd and surrrauuu!!!? think again!!!????

  18. Anonymous3:12 am

    does sime darby has the testicles to demolish mosques or suraus? seems like this filthy habit of demolition of hindu temples is being carried on and it is a time-bomb waiting to explode.

  19. Anonymous9:36 am

    Can't they learn from Mid Valley Mega Mall. A small Hindu temple right next to it.

    Also, I hope the new S'gor govt will monitor and control mushrooming of Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian places of worship. Freedom and fairness of worship must be there but we also do not want a cowboy situation whereby you get a illegal temple/church/surau every 100 metres. That is not religous freedom but wild wild west.

  20. Anonymous9:56 am

    For people who're saying Rocky's just 'shooting off' with this article, think again. All claims of wrong doing should be highlighted, if the claim is false, then it can be laid to rest. If it's true, then this is the platform to raise it as the MSM sure as hell won't. There is no choice as long as the MSM is biased. Frankly, I feel you guys are behaving like bigots, just like Umno boys who would like to sweep issues like these under the rug and claim everything is fine and dandy

  21. Anonymous10:11 am

    Wong Tak cun- wai,

    You nailed it!! I was right. And true stop blowingyour own trumpet when this GE you guys think that you were the one that made the impact for Oppo to win . I believe a lot of bloggers yourself did not contribute nothing much all . The only blog I wish to salute is Malaysia today and Malaysia Kini. The rest of your geng, my god aren't you'll full of yourselves. Get over it !!

  22. Anonymous10:56 am

    What if deep in the heart of many malays are a deep seated resentment that their country, their land has been taken over by outsiders and if they could have their way they would clear the country of outsiders
    I know this sounds too much like the master race ideas of Hitler but I think the seed of this thought is in everyone be they caucasians, asians, africans or whatever colour....
    just look at the endless fighting in Africa and the middle east and even Sri lanka india and pakistan

    For example sri lankan sinhalese and tamils can argue till the cos come home that they are different races but to the rest of the world they are the same darkies with slight difference in facial features

    so back to the Malays -- remember that most malays still remember that this land was once called tanah melayu and they believe this is their piece of heaven and they have to share it with indians and chinese and other foreign races that were imported by the british.

    you may be able to point out to 1000 comments from 1,000 individuals saying that Malays no longer feel like that and you can interpolate that each individual i e-mailer or commenter represents one person and you will still only get one million malays who do not feel that they are forced to share their land with outsiders...

    remember I am still just drawing a hypothetical situation here I am not saying this to be the case....

    that leaves millions more who feel the resentment and their resentment is only dampened by the fact that there are special malay rights...
    which is mostly on paper and an administrative advantage...

    economicaly and educationally malays are still behind the Chinese and Indians - especially in urban centres

    thanks to the existence of special malay rights, indians and chinese rally closer together and protect their turf from malays... this is reality not a hypothetical

    maybe malays will lie down and accept their fate in their own land, maybe they wont

    but one thing for sure, talking about race and racially sensitive topics in the open is not the best policy....

    fucking rocky should know this... so one temple may or may not have been torn down, what are the details and is this something that can be resolved privately or must the nation be dragged into this problem?

    malay sensitivities are heightened after the General election be they PAS PKR or UMNO supporters because everyoen is looking at how the new reality will reflect their intentions, desires and wishes and how the new players can best represent them and protect their rights.....

    but if you think a free for all is the best way to move forward, then why not... let the games begin

  23. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Malay Women in Malaysia said...
    Our Indian community has to establish a grand standard in temple-building. They have to go through the proper channel in order to erect temples in the future, very much like Muslims and Buddhists today.

    Pardon me for saying this but I don't think it is right for anybody to erect house of worship anywhere they like.

    Those temples are not recently erected. Still living in the coconut shell. Mosques in malaysia are built by the government as for temples and churches are funded by private bodies or person.

    Since you claim to be so great why don't you try to build your own mosque, then tell us your experience. No point talking c**k if you do not understand the situation.

  24. Bro Rocky, think of the larger picture, please. Maintain your reputation.

  25. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Most Indians have been the ruling govt supporters for donkey years.
    HOwever when there was a spate of temple demolishing within the last 2 years, there was a slow but sure change of heart towards the ruling govt.
    The net effect of this all was the tsunami we Malaysians saw recently.
    Not just the MIC but the MCA, Gerakan and UMNo felt the repurcussions of the Indians, especially in areas where the INdians had the trump card to tip the balance as to which candidate is the winner.
    At the end of the day the rakyat won.

  26. Anonymous7:16 am

    thank you PKR, DAP & PAS

    Demolished Hindu temple to be rebuilt on new site

    SHAH ALAM: A new site for the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Kampung Rimba Jaya, Padang Jawa, which was demolished in November last year has been approved.

    Mayor Mazalan Md Noor said the temple would be rebuilt soon on a 10,000sq feet land near the Keretapi Tanah Melayu quarters, a much bigger site than the original temple.

    He was speaking to reporters after Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Shah Alam MP Khalid Abd Samad visited the Rimba Jaya flats Monday.

    The Hindu temple was ordered torn down by the authorities as it stood in the vicinity of the Rimba Jaya squatter settlement.

    The 11ha site in the area is owned by Ken Rimba Jaya Sdn Bhd.

    “The developer has been directed by the state government to provide the land and RM40,000, the cost of the building construction.

    “It is up to the temple committee and the developer to decide when to start the temple construction,” he said.

    Mazalan said the Shah Alam City Council had cleared up the land to make way for the temple project.

    Earlier, Khalid and Anwar had a dialogue with the Kampung Rimba Jaya residents and the demolition of the temple was among the hottest issues raised during the 15-minute meeting.

    Khalid said the new state government was working hard to solve the squatter problems in the state.

  27. Anonymous9:27 am

    tebal juga benak kamu ni ye Rocky.
    I clicked and found out its a one-entry blog, no details no jack shit
    at a tense moment in the nation's history you are adding more...

    i think the millions of hits are getting to your head. you should read some of your readers' advice to Lim Kit Siang

  28. Anonymous12:57 pm

    What larger picture is Syed Imran talking about ??!!
    Havent we Malaysians seen the LARGER PICTURE YET in the recent elections!!!

  29. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Surely there must be some regulations in building places of worship.

    I have seen before my very eyes many small places of worship built on sidewalks and private property and gradually through time has grown bigger and bigger.

    Who gave such people the right to disregard the law on building permission and eventually cry foul when the authorities finally decide to tear the place down?

    It is even preposterous to demand that after illegally building places of worship, the authorities foot the bill for relocation.

    Who is the culprit here?

  30. Hi anonymos posted on 11.13 pm ( posted after malay women in m,sia),
    Check your fact before commenting, For ur info all surau and mosque required approval and land title first before erection. Built up and maintainance derived from zakat money or donation( it is sort of muslim tax which is compulsary and manage by respected Jabatan Agama Islam). Dont worry, wont take money from you, The source should be HALAL ( Donno what wud be the source, if it is from you) . Enough lecture for today

  31. Anonymous7:28 am

    Surely there must be some regulations in building places of worship.

    I have seen before my very eyes many small places of worship built on sidewalks and private property and gradually through time have grown bigger and bigger without any apparent control.

    Who gave such people the right to disregard the law on building permission and eventually cry foul when the authorities finally decide to tear the place down?

    It is even more preposterous to demand that after illegally building places of worship (should that be the case), the authorities foot the bill for relocation.

    Are worshipers of any religion above the law?

  32. Anonymous11:35 am

    Looked at the source of your article ie. that blog. Even the title bar would tell you the person(s) behind the blog are disgruntled:
    "Since the takeover of Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad and Golden Hope Plantations Berhad by Sime Darby Berhad, many people, especially those who were working for the now defunct Kumpulan Guhtrie and Golden Hope, have been reduced to second class citizens. This blog will enable them to voice their views and concerns without fear or favour."

  33. Anonymous1:15 am

    If the estate manager is a Malay, an UMNO supporter, and a benefactor of the crony system...well...

    We should thank whoever responsible for demolishing the temple for their actions. Temples can be rebuilt, but BN's shameful defeat can never be erased from Malaysia's history...

    To demolish Temple: RM10,000?
    (assuming 10 people were involved and each was paid RM1,000 for their trouble)

    To rebuild the Temple: RM50,000-RM100,000?
    (don't know how big is the Temple so I'm just making a guess here)

    To open the people's eyes to BN's strong arm tectics on the minority races: PRICELESS!!!


  34. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Dear Hindu, Malays are the majority in Malaysia. Its obviously there will be many surau n masjid. We are the one fight for our country some wtih blood. And now all of us enjoying the benefit of it. U have no right to comment on our action of having surau n masjid because we done it with our own Muslim money.Please do respect what we have done to U. Bear in mind theres also no kasta in Malaysia, so please be thankful!