Sunday, March 16, 2008

Malaysian Economic Agenda

MEA = DAP + PKR - PAS? Upon reading the article "Anwar says PKR, DAP planning new economic agenda", I was left wondering where PAS stands in this new scheme of things.


  1. Anonymous2:39 am

    Yeah. I believe the BA or whatever the loose coalition of PKR, PAS, DAP is called needs to co-ordinate their public comm.

    If I remember correctly, PAS president Hadi Awang said something about keeping the NEP but making it fairer, less corrupt, etc.

    Who knows. The parties take turns to issue press statements, so this may the start of yet ANOTHER drama.

    Somehow I miss the calm and clockwork efficiency of a BN government. But I guess PKR and DAP are new to government. So give them some time.

  2. Anonymous3:31 am


    The first thing oppositions need to do is to “flush away” the archaic mentalities brought on by the years of "negative" indoctrination by umno.

    The more open dissensions among the various opposition component parties the better and faster the people will be able to purge those indoctrinated crapsand perhaps send it back to them for “safe keeping.”

    People are more discerning, and when explain on sensitive issues they will understand.

    However there are some wise advisors’ such as the above prof. are only good at hyping on rote rhetoric that serves no purposes but to bring about negative racial and religious sentiments to the detriment of very security and unity they are so keen harping on. Sensitivity nahh. Hypocrite perhaps.

    After 50 years of REACTING TO SUCH NEGATIVE CRAPS brought on "ingeniously" by the umno

    the citizens need to start to REACT to

    something more positives;
    something upbeat;
    something that can bring together the TRUE unity of people;

    Hold no qualm and focus.

    After 50 years of crap what is 5 to 10 years of opportunities ahead.


  3. Anonymous7:24 am

    Kepada Harimau UMNO di luar sana ,dah tak guna dah, kalau mengaum selepas pilihanraya.Lebih baik kalau sebelum pilihanraya.

  4. Anonymous8:12 am

    Can we trust a report issued and carried by Bernama, Utusan Malaysia and all the other mainstream electronic or printed media? Don't get yourself all worked up over the twisted and distorted news and facts generated by these wicked BN goons.

    They are merely published to create doubts and uncertainties about disunity and chaos in the other camp where in actual fact there is none. Leave the Barisan Rayat alone to put their act together at this time fresh out of GE12.

    BTW, latest SMS tells to avoid public getherings and rallies near toll gates et al as the wicked UMNOputras and their neo-Nazi UMNO Youth fascists are planning anti-Pak Lah demos at such places. A pretext to incite and start racial riots reminiscent of May 13, 1969. It shows these demented people are still reeling in defeat and unable to stomach their stunning GE12 losses.

    People, this is something we gotta be wary about and we hope the dirtycops will not condone their evil acts and give us ordinary citizens the bad impression what the Bersih/Hindraf people cannot do but the UMNO ultra-mationalists can because they are their overlords and paymasters. Let's deliver the coup de grace and deny these fascist UMNO born-losers any excuse to bring down the country again.

    Remember, UMNO (and UMNO Youth) are the real troublemakers in the country who created disunity and chaos in the first place. Currently they are still unravelling and reeling in despair and angst.

  5. Anonymous8:20 am

    Dear Rocky,
    It seems that we are at an interesting time.

    1-UMNO is being rejected by the children of UMNO people.

    Children rejecting parents- Anakku Sazali again and again.Gen gap.Protesting the parents?

    2- The KFC, McDonald,Pizza Hut, StarBuck,Mamak restaurants etc generation has no no connection with the old guards. They eat, live and think differently. In fact this is for all malaysians regardless of race or parties.
    For that matter even new DAP and new PAS are different from old DAP and old PAS. Seems that Guan Eng does not have the communist look like Kit Siang.But ask the young they don't know what a communist is anymore.Can't help it because even communist China and USSR have already collapsed.
    The new religion is capitalism.

    3-Dr M is so successful in teaching us how to be independent of the 'tongkat' and now the gen2 is throwing away the biggest tongkat which is UMNO itself.

    4- But the overall picture/mode for malaysia and the world is still to put Islam, Melayu,China, India,Justice etc in boxes and the crowd are asked to pick the box that they like.Islam or melayu in a box? We get boxed people worshipping boxes?

    5- It is interesting to see Guan Eng now having to stand and sing the Negaraku at all state and national functions.(much better than seeing him running around the streets making demo and playing catch me with the police)

    ...especially interesting is the part when he has to sing..

    "....Raja Kita Selamat Bertahta"

    This makes the difference! He has to sing which is actually making doa for Raja Kita Selamat Bertahta.
    On this note even Kit Siang has to apologise to Raja Nazrin for making
    anti Raja statement in Perak recently.

    Thank you Raja Nazrin and in fact all Raja and Sultans for showing wisdom again in governance beyond boxes.

    Daulat Tuanku!


  6. Anonymous8:23 am


    He was speaking in Penang, in the context of the state DAP/PKR govt. Likewise, he may say PKR/PAS govt in Kedah later...

    Don't you think you might commit the same BERNAMA mistake (the NEP/13th May issue here?)...e.g - PAS.

    No..It's not a big deal unless we want it to be!

  7. Anonymous8:33 am

    I observe a great deal of over-the-top exuberance in extending this political victory into a righteous moral victory of the individual parties political ideologies. Rilek la.. the coalition won on basis of mainly bread-and-butter issues, no one has voted in liberal socialist democracy, or syariah, or err... whatever? Let's not get carried away shall we? And let's also not ge sucked into revisionism, shall we? It's not like it's been 50 years of crap, and to the majority rewriting this in 1 week of this (in-the-bigger-picture, small) victory is shallow arrogance. Start work, talk less, and place priority on the majority of the rakyat who voted us in, not the dominant core supporter of our party.

  8. Anonymous8:37 am

    I've been reading Utusan Malaysia, The Star and NST over the last few days. What bullshit are they peddling? Everyone I speak to knows they're stirring racial hatred. Do they really think that the people are still living in the dark ages? Do they think that we are stupid? Please can someone tell them not to make us Malaysians look stupid.

  9. Anonymous8:40 am

    Anwar was talking in Penang where PKR and DAP rule and not the whole of Malaysia. Moreover, you need to read the New Malaysian Economic Agenda articulated by PKR to understand the whole picture and not the concoctions of Bernama which you know what it stands for.

  10. It appears that the new coalition needs a good Public relations advisor, and communication machinery. Remember once said, it is not possible to retract and wipe clean the slate as the whole country is watching you and 'Big Brother is watching' even more

  11. Anonymous8:46 am

    I totally agree with Anon 3:31 AM. We are now in the 21st century & such archaic thinking like the professor is out of tune with present time. Remember, we want transparancy. If you do not speak your mind, don't expect other people to know what you are thinking, how then can problem be discussed & solved. If we keep having such archaic thinking, it is akin to sweeping all the dirts under the carpet.

  12. Any change that benefits the people
    It should be heartily implemented
    It can call whatever name
    As long as it uplifts the welfare and opportunities
    Of every race in the country
    Without fear or favor to anybody

    Any party rules contrary to its objectives
    The party must compromise for the general good of the people
    Living in one sided track isn’t the way forward
    It is detrimental to the party itself

    The Barisan Rakayt will forever watching
    Every move the coalition government makes
    The mindset is for change through consensus
    And the people well being the foremost goal

    My pick the coalition of DAP, PKR and PAS
    The leaders should convene a high powered meeting
    To hammer what they want to do for the next 5 years
    Issuing contradictory statements only clouded the issues
    Like yesterday Husa said about Islamic Federal Government
    Hello it isn’t for him to say or claim it should be
    This is the attitude which will draw away the support
    The people shall not want to vote for them!

    I hope the opposition government under Anwar Ibrahim
    He is one of the reasons people voted differently
    No such talk about Islamic government
    Let the Federal Constitution remains in its truest form
    The basic structure unites the people
    Let the golden goose be my friend!

  13. Anonymous9:13 am

    Anwar Ibrahim on KeADILan's Economic Agenda today (His website)

    "The Malaysian Economic Agenda

    KeADILan’s Malaysian Economic Agenda is committed to the upliftment and betterment of the poor and marginalized Malays, Chinese and Indians, Ibans and Kadazans. We have always stated that under our leadership the interests of the Malays will be protected and we remain committed to building a new system that is more just, more equitable and that ensures no one is left behind irrespective of race or religion.

    We plan to implement new mechanisms to channel economic aid to the vast numbers of petty traders and small businessmen in Malay communities and ensure that educational opportunities, microcredit financing schemes, social and welfare services and other forms of economic relief are made available to the Malays.

    I believe all Malaysians including the Malays are pleased with the mandate that was given to KeADILan on March 8th and they look forward to a government that is more accountable, fights corruption and delivers on its promises to promote economic growth and reduce poverty in all segments of society.

    I am therefore deeply concerned with the attempt being made by certain elements to stoke the flames of racial hatred in the aftermath of the March 8th Malaysian elections. We have reason to believe that this vicious campaign is being orchestrated by a small number of very wealthy Malays and UMNO leaders who are themselves guilty of squandering and abusing the NEP to enrich themselves and their cronies at the expense of the general public. These people are now using the UMNO and government controlled media to incite fears among the Malays and deflect attention away from their electoral defeat and from UMNO’s historic failures to address the needs of all Malaysians including the poor and marginalised Malays.

    I ask my fellow Malaysians to reject the desperate attempts by some UMNO members to salvage the remnants of a broken party by pandering to people’s fears and sowing divisions and disunity among the people of our nation.

    We must remain united in support of a New Dawn for Malaysia.


  14. Anonymous9:26 am

    Find and read PKR's printed PRU12 manifesto. It always feature DSAI. You will find DSAI's use the reference 'Saya' instead of 'kami' in addressing PKR. It tells a lot what he thinks of PKR.

  15. Anonymous10:20 am

    All three parties - Pas, PKR and DAP now in the state govts in Kelantan, Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor, have vowed to replace the NEP with a non discriminatory economic policy. It is one of their raison d etre. Such a policy would involve programmes to eradicate poverty, liberalisation of the economy, several small projects rather tan mega-projects, open tenders and transparency.

    Any policy that discriminates will eventually lead to a marginalisation of some communities, and breed corruption. There is NO WAY to resist corruption in a discriminative economic policy. This corruption then leads to cronyism and wastage of funds on irrelevent mega projects.

  16. Anonymous10:30 am

    sebelum merdeka rakyat tanah melayu secara umumnya adalah kaum melayu. kaum lain secara umumnya datang ke tanah melayu kerana faktor ekonomi dibawa atau dijemput oleh british. saya tidak fikir mereka berniat untuk tinggal di tanah melayu. ini berlaku berpuluh tahun sejak kedatangan british ke rantau ini.

    sektor ekonomi dan pekerjaan di bentuk mengikut kedudukan kaum. bila british keluar dari tanah melayu kaum lain tidak dibawa keluar bersama british. orang melayu dikehendaki menerima kaum lain sebagai rakyat tanah melayu jika orang melayu hendak merdeka. dalam sekelip mata beratus ribu malahan mungkin berjuta kaum lain menjadi rakyat tanah melayu. dengan itu keturunan kaum lain ini akan menjadi rakyat tanah melayu. apa yang orang melayu dapat hanya sedikit peruntukan dalam perlembagaan yang kononnya memberi hak istimewa orang melayu di tanah melayu. sekarang kaum lain mempersoalkan hak istimewa kaum melayu. boleh tak kaum melayu mempersoalkan kerakyatan kaum lain di tanah melayu ini?

  17. Anonymous10:35 am

    Who is Anwar? He is not even an MP just an ordinary man like you and me BUT he is making everybody running around or even shitting in their pant. Nonsense. Is Malaysians today run by remote control. Anwar should wait until he win an MP seat. PKR can do it today but now they are giving lots of reasons because if they do it now they will LOOSE. He is waiting to do it during the UMNO General Assembly. The way PKR and DAP administrative style is moving towards a Republic.
    Do we prepare for that and what will happen to our Majlis Raja-Raja that is still relevant.
    Malaysians voter is totally emotional when casting their votes eg. our new MP for Kelana Jaya can't even speak a proper Bahasa Malaysia i think my kindi daughter speak better and all this while he was in Shanghai and yet he won that seat beating Dato' Lee Hwa Beng a man who really worked hard for the people. The same go to Datin Paduka Chew May Fun. Frankly, there was actually a mix quality of MP and Adun from DAP and PKR. Simple as more come from a moddle or low income group with minimum education qualifications. Luckly Raja Nazrin is wise to choose MB from PAS other wise we will have an MB Perak who was a postman (sorry don't mean to belittle him). The question is can he handle our international relations or hosting guest from overseas. I doubted.

  18. Anonymous10:49 am


  19. Anonymous11:03 am

    Saudara Rocky,

    I cannot agree more with "evrey dog has his day" who questioned whether Malaysians can trust reports issued and carried by Bernama, Utusan Malaysia and all the other mainstream electronic or printed media.

    I urge readers to be careful when they read reports written by the above-mentioned sources.

    For instance, in Perak the Malay bureau chiefs of Utusan, Bernama, Berita Harian and probably the NST too are in the same bandwagon ensuring that they keep creating stories to stoke dissatisfaction among the Malay community by questioning the efforts of Barisan Rakyat parties to form the state government.

    It is a well-known fact that some senior media practioners, including RTM and TV3, in Perak have been "discreetly" on the payroll of the former menteri besar.

    Of course, this is only to be expected since even their bosses in KL are on the take from the ruling coalition of BN.

    These bureau chiefs are being opportunistic amidst the uncertain environment in the state where the forces that be (read as you may like) are trying to delay the swearing-in of the new BR government.

    It is the hope of these mass media lapdogs that BN would take over as the minority government which eventually will lead to by-election in Perak, paving then the way for BN to win more seats and become the majority government.

    Then they'll get bigger rewards, of course.

  20. Anonymous11:05 am

    To Anon 10.30am:

    I am a malay and what I can say to you is, pls stop living in the past and look at the future. It's a fact...malaysia comprises many races. Pls accept this. We need to look at how everyone can live together in harmony, mutual respect and prosperity. I am very proud of my malay heritage but it means nothing if this beautiful country goes down the drain.

    - Anak Malaysia -

  21. Anonymous11:27 am

    Pak Rocky,
    Kenapa hendak dipedulikan MEC barisan Alternatif?

    Mari kita tenguk ekonomi dan perniagaan UMNO terlebih dahulu. Sebab ini adalah peristiwa significan dalam ketamadunan malysia sedang berlaku.

    kepada Pak Cik dan Mak Cik ku yang berada di Pasir Mas Salor dan Bapa mertuaku yang berada di Yan dan Tandop Kedah:

    Ayahanda dan Bonda,

    Politik dan berniaga ada persamaanya.

    Macam orang berniaga, UMNO dulu macam hypermarket hebat dan besarnya.Dan Untongnya.
    Selepas * Mac 2008 yang lalu UMNO telah turun ke taraf supermarket. Ada rugi sikit. Tapi perniagaan masih boleh dijalankan. Banyak juruodit kata, sebab penurunan tafaf UMNO dari Hypermarket ke Supermarket itu, adalah disebabkan gelagat CEOnya.Jadi,Olehkerana CEOnya ialah AAB, mereka, pemegang-pemegang saham minta CEOnya bertanggungjawab dan lepaskan jawatan.Sudah banyak pelanggan lari ke hypermarket dan supermarket baru.Ada antar mereka kata, Hypermarket UMNO dulu masih menjual barang-barang lama.Kalu adapun barangan baru tetapi bungkusannya adalah bungkusan rekabentuk lama.Jurujual-jurujual mereka sudah tidak menarik lagi.Ada yang dah tua gendut dan tidak dapat menarik pelanggan baru.Malah ada pelanggan UMNO dulu yang begitu setia,sudah berbalik ke kedai-kedai runcit.
    Ayahanda dan Bonda yang dikasihi,
    Inilah realiti yang berlaku.Inilah juga yang dinafikan oleh AAB. Jika CEO supermarket ini, masih berkeras tidak mahu bertanggungjawab,logik pemikiran saya ialah dari sebuah hypermarket UMNO akan menurun menjadi supermarket, jika CEOnya pandai bertindak peluang untuk mendapatkan keuntungan dan mengekalkan taraf Hypermarket yang berdayasaing, jika tidak,UMNO akan menjadi supermarket politik dan seterusnya akan menjadi bangkrap.

    UMNO:Hypermarket ---->Supermarket---->Minimarket--->sundrymarket---->Closedshop a.k.a Bangkrap.

    lalu, suatu hari, Mungkin pada tahun 2020 dalam kelas politik mengenai peradaban dan sejarah siasah orang melayu, akan ada soalan peperiksaan yang berbunyi: Disekitar tahun 2008 hingga 2012 parti UMNO telah bangkrap apakah penyumbangnya?
    Maka guru sejarah akan memberitahu bahawa penyumbang terbesarnya ialah kegagalan AAB mengambil anisiatif meletakkan jawatan secara berkeperibadian, sebagai rasa bertanggungjawab keatas perniagaan UMNO yang merosot.

    Ayahanda dan Bonda,pada 2020 itu kita semua telah berada di alam baka.Dari Dia kita datang, kepada Dia kita Kembali.
    Maka Fahman politik kita tak penting lagi.Tetapi, sudah tentu amalan kita dalam apajuga keadaan dan suasana akan di pertimbang dan diaudit oleh Sang Maha Pencipta.

  22. Anonymous11:40 am


    Why do you regurgitate misinformation from Bernama in your blog? What is your agenda?

  23. Anonymous12:14 pm




  24. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Saya pelek dengan sikap orang Melayu. Saya lihat orang macam Hishamuddin Hussein Onn, langsung tak layak jadi pemimpin. Tapi hairan, orang Umno terus pilih dia juga jadi ketua Pemuda. Ini jawatan last dia kut. Sokongannya pada Pak Lah melampaui batas. Di belakang, kita tak tau lah apa dia kata pada Pak Lah. Dia jadi ketua kempen pilihan raya di Permatang Pauh, apa yang dia dapat?. Kalah teruk adalah. Sekarang dia nak sack Mukriz. Kalau dia anak jantan, buatlah. Ramai orang Umno yang akan ikut Mukriz. Ingat, kalau lebih banyak surat yang sama ditulis oleh ratusan dan ribuan orang selepas ini, macam mana nak buat?. Kalau kamu sack Mukriz, kamu juga kena sack orang lain tak kiralah ketua atau ahli Pemuda kah, Wanita, Puteri, ketua bahagian, ketua cawangan dan lain-lain. Tengoklah muka di cermin dan ukurlah baju di badan sendiri. Pasal keris kau tulah salah satu orang meluat pada kau. Kalau Pak Lah masih pilih kau dalam Kabinet memang sahlah bukan kerana kebijaksanaan kau tetapi kerana ampu bodek kau.

  25. Anonymous3:18 pm

    anon 10.30am,
    Tanah Melayu tetap akan jadi tanah melayu.
    Tetapi buat apa kalau hanya pada nama tetapi tidak pada kebolehan kita sendiri.
    saya malu kerna asyik selalu dipersoalkan kemampuan sendiri.
    Sampai bila mahu asyik disuap?
    Kita harus berani dan teguh untuk bangkit sebagai generasi melayu baru.
    Bangsa kita di negara jiran sudah lama merdeka dari minda mereka.
    saya bangga melihat mereka tetapi bila hari kita?

  26. Anonymous4:03 pm

    “stop living in the past and look at the future.” satu ayat yang menarik. berlandaskan ayat itu kita harus ingat bahawa apa yang berlaku sekarang adalah kerana perkara atau peristiwa lepas. jadi apa yang akan berlaku dimasa hadapan adalah kerana perkara atau peristiwa hari ini. suka atau tidak kita kena terima hakikat bahawa asas kemerdekaan dan pembentukan persekutuan tanah melayu ialah persetujuan semua kaum utama lebih kurang 50 tahun lepas untuk bertolak ansur antaranya mengenai kerakyataan dan hak istimewa orang melayu. adakah selepas 50 tahun perkara-perkara itu dilupakan. nampaknya 50 tahun lalu orang melayu sudah kena tipu oleh british dan kaum-kaum lain.

    kalau orang melayu tidak berhati-hati pada masa ini orang melayu akan sekali lagi kena tipu. siapa yang akan menipu saya tidak tahu. senarionya lebih kurang sama iaitu sekumpulan yang ingin berkuasa. 50 tahun dahulu ada beberapa kumpulan yang ingin berkuasa di tanah melayu. slogannya merdeka. british memilih untuk untuk bekerjasama dengan satu kumpulan. tanah melayu merdeka dengan syarat tertentu dan kumpulan itu berkuasa di tanah melayu. 50 tahun kemudian terdapat beberapa kumpulan yang ingin berkuasa di malaysia. bermacam janji dan kerjasama akan terjalin demi untuk mendapat kuasa. sejarah 50 tahun lepas akan berulang.

    Anak Malaysia Juga

  27. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Please stop trying to split hairs. It is time to stop questioning why there is no PAS/DAP/PKR in this and that. Things are done certain ways because of tactical reasons.

    The 3 are working fine. Let them get on with their work.

  28. Anonymous5:00 pm

    wah, melindraf di Komtar Jumaat lepas alih-alih terus turun demonstrasi?
    aku pun kaki demo gak, sejak tahun 1999 lagi.

    tapi, kitorang hanya akan buat demo apabila si telinga besar tak mau dengar saranan dan keluhan.

    kitorang buat demo apabila memorandum dan petisyen semua tidak dipedulikan.

    2,000 peguam demo di Putrajaya setelah ruang dialog dan diskusi tertutup rapat.

    BERSIH 10-11-07 turun ke jalan hanya setelah SPR gagal ambil tindakan terhadap banyak memorandum & permintaan.

    Hindraf bukan terus buat demonstrasi, tetapi mereka sudah menggunakan banyak cara lain untuk menyuarakan permasalahan mereka sebelum ini.

    Golongan elitis UMNO Pulau Pinang janganlah cepat sangat melatah! Kami tahu, kamu akan kehilangan kontrak-kontrak besar DEB.... tapi kami juga tahu, dah lebih 30 tahun kamu untung besar dari DEB tu. Orang Melayu yang miskin, tetap juga miskin.

    Hey! Kalau dah DAP perintah, mestilah dia akan pakai dasar ekonomi yang dia pikir sesuai dan lebih baik daripada dasar ekonomi BN-UMNO.

    Tak logiklah kalau kita harap DAP-PKR-PAS akan laksanakan dasar ekonomi UMNO-BN. Kalau cam tu, buat apa kita tolak UMNO-BN?

  29. Rocky, I think we should give the parties some breathing space. They need time to work out the nitty gritty, right?

  30. I wonder if PKR's Malaysian Economic Agenda is truly shared by our MB of Selangor Khalid Ibrahim. Judging from the interview in NST on Sunday he came across as the likes of UMNO politicians.

    To imply that the other States that have more than one Deputy MB is a circus was uncalled for..even arrogant.Secondly his delay in appointing a deputy, well is there a motive behind it. To consolidate full power and control over the state before the deputy comes in perhaps? If UMNO is anything to go by it's nothing like having absolute power which will corrupt absolutely.

    And then to say that there is no urgency for Hindraf 5 assemblyman, Manoharan to be sworn in is a sheer deprivation of his right as a elected assemblyman.I thought PKR's agenda is to uphold justice for its people.

    Khalid Ibrahim was involved in a intense power struggle whilst he was in PNB and Guthrie. I am not sure what that says about a person. He defected from Barisan Nasional to PKR because of a fall out with the party. So where his loyalty lies is questionable.

    Now claiming to be a true PKR man and will uphold the PKR Malaysian Economic Agenda..well I can only say time will tell and remain to be seen. Can we really trust this man?

  31. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Yong Teck Lee has said that there is no such thing as the NEP as it has been replaced by the NDP (National Development Policy).

    Is this correct?

    If yes, why are all and sundry still talking about the NEP, wanting to do away with the NEP, reform the NEP etc?

  32. Anonymous8:30 pm

    jedyoong 2:39 AM

    "The calm and clockwork efficiency of a BN government"?

    Surely, you must be joking! The BN govt may have many attributes, but "calm and clockwork efficiency" are not, I think, among them.

    Or did you mean to say "PAP government", but writers' gremlins got to you?

  33. Anonymous9:14 pm


    Bloggers have to be careful after the post-saturday euphoria.

    There is a tendency to OVER ANALYZE and too much of tea-leaves reading going on.

    Bloggers might become too clever for themselves or putting too much tickets on themselves on the thinking of politicians.

    Word of caution.

    On the election results, only two people who predicted correctly the outcome:

    - Anwar who said in a press conference in Singapore prior to the election that BN will lose the 2/3 majority and may win some state seats.

    - Husam Musa, who predicted the bigger win in Kelantan and the loss of the 2/3 majority.

    The rest of us and bloggers are just wishful thinkers prior to the election

  34. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Honestly, I have no idea why certain bloggers are still harping on this NEP issue, when there is no issue to speak of because no one is pushing to stop its implementation. Y'all should just calm down instead of playing up what is very obviously a MSM tactic of inciting public unrest. Bloggers who contribute to that nett effect are just plain irresponsible.

  35. Anonymous8:14 am

    C'mon evrybody...let's sit back and watch..give the coalition 100 days....

  36. Anonymous9:24 am

    anonymous 11:26 PM

    Correction - its not just "certain bloggers" who keep harping on the NEP issue.

    Let's see - there's also Lim Guan Eng, the PM, Anwar, the incoming Selangor MB and various politicians in PAS and Umno who have all voiced their opinions on the NEP.

    So, these "certain bloggers" are in illustrious company when they harp on the NEP, yes?

    I thought that the various blogs on the Internet did a damn good job of playing up the NEP and the MSM just added in their 5 sen worth.

  37. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Konsep merit, persamaan hak, perkongsian kuasa sesama kaum yang lebih liberal, persamaan agama yang bakal dilaksanakan oleh PKR perlu diteliti oleh Bangsa Melayu. Pada ketika Tanah Melayu masih mundur hanya Bangsa Melayu yang setia kepada bumi bertuah ini. Apabila dijajah, British membawa masuk pendatang asing (cina/india) ke Tanah Melayu. Apabila ulamak-ulamak Melayu Islam dan nasionalisme Melayu berjuang untuk kemerdekaan British mensyaratkan supaya cina dan india dijadikan rakyat Malaysia. Bangsa Melayu sedia berkorban demi tanahair tercinta. Malaysia dikongsi dengan bangsa lain yang berbeza bahasa, budaya, paras rupa, ideologi yang tidak mungkin akan sama. Malaysia masih kekal teguh adalah hasil dari pengorbanan Bangsa Melayuyang sanggup menyerahkan hampir semua haknya kepada cina dan india. Cuma tinggal agama Islam dan kuasa pemerintahan di tangan Bangsa Melayu. Kalau ini pun nak diambil apa lagi ada pada Bangsa Melay!!!!. Jaangan terlalu gembira dengan konsep bangsa Malaysia kerana Melayu, cina & india jelas berbeza dari segala-gala. Jangan pura-pura nanti buruk padahnya.

  38. Anonymous10:29 am

    Terdapat sebilangan Melayu yang masih mundur dari segi pemikiran. Walaupun pemerintahan saksama dan adil adalah nilai-nilai murni Islam, sebilangan Melayu ni masih lagi berkehendakan pemerintahan berat sebelah. Adalah Melayu ni tidak Islam sangat? Perlukah pemerintahan berat sebelah untuk Melayu yang baru baru ini mendapat 21A dalam SPM? Saya rasa, pemerintahan berat sebelah ini menjatuhkan maruah Melayu. Semua bukan Melayu dari dalam dan luar negeri akan memandang rendah pencapaian Melayu.