Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good advice on Bad advisers

Will the bad advisers stand up, please?

Keng Yaik:

“The arrogance of the party in power must stop, such as the wielding of the keris and comments uttered during the Umno general assembly and in Parliament. All this must not be repeated.

“Gerakan, MCA and MIC know how to discipline their own members. Umno must do the same,” he said, adding that the “cowboys” were spoiling the name of the party."

We know that Hishammuddin and KJ are the keris wielders but who are the cowboys? And are the 4th Floor boys, led by Kamal Khalid, the bad advisers meant by Keng Yaik?
The Star's piece: Sack Bad Advisers, PM urged.


  1. The high stakes and the cheats
    Every structure of human’s aims
    There is the element gnawing in the brain
    It takes absolute integrity to acknowledge it

    When wealth is the majority prize
    Nobody wants to let go without a fight
    Here I have seen the wealth grabbers
    They can’t honestly let go of it

    Every dirty trick a person will device it
    Digging it up for one benefits
    There is no sharing with the others
    You want it you find your ways

    When power lands
    One will grab it with impunity
    The mind thinks of many
    Until greed corrupts every thing

    This is a malaise in the power game
    Absolute power plays havoc in your brain
    It is best it shares equally
    Knowing the evil can’t reach absolutely

  2. Anonymous11:17 am

    LIM KENG YAIK pun apa kurang nya - remember how he arrogantly and rudely lambasted DSAI on TV? He's a loose canon

  3. Down on KJ ...

    Cubaan golongan muda ambil alih kepimpinan gagal

    KUALA LUMPUR 11 Mac – Bekas Menteri Penerangan, Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin hari ini mendedahkan ada golongan muda telah membuat percubaan untuk mengambil alih kepimpinan negara secara terurus dan terancang melalui Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-12.

    Bagaimanapun, menurut beliau, cubaan untuk membuat perubahan secara drastik tersebut gagal berikutan tsunami politik yang berlaku pada pilihan raya umum itu.

    Zainuddin yang diminta menjelaskan dakwaannya itu bagaimanapun enggan mengulas lanjut. Sebaliknya beliau meminta wartawan jangan membuat provokasi terhadapnya.

    “Saya tidak akan jelaskan dengan lebih lanjut, biarlah pembaca (orang ramai) menilai sendiri kenyataan saya ini,” katanya pada sidang akhbar terakhirnya di Kementerian Penerangan di sini hari ini.

    Zainuddin menjelaskan, tsunami politik itu yang menyaksikan Barisan Nasional (BN) gagal memperoleh majoriti dua pertiga adalah satu hikmah yang memberikan pengajaran yang cukup besar kepada kepimpinan negara dan golongan muda tersebut.

    Katanya, Tuhan masih sayang kepada kepimpinan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan juga timbalannya, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

    Beliau memberitahu, apa yang perlu dilakukan oleh semua ahli UMNO sekarang adalah memberikan sokongan kepada Presiden UMNO dan timbalannya.

    Katanya, sokongan itu penting bagi mengukuhkan kembali UMNO dan meletakkan parti utama kaum Melayu itu pada landasan yang betul.

    “Selama ini parti UMNO sentiasa mengimbangi pengorbanan golongan tua dan inspirasi serta idealisme generasi muda.

    “Sekarang bukan masa untuk menuding jari atau menuduh sesiapa atas apa yang telah berlaku, tetapi keutamaan perlu diberikan kepada usaha menjernihkan suasana dan mengembalikan kepercayaan rakyat kepada UMNO,” katanya.

    Ketika ditanya mengenai kekalahannya di Parlimen Sungai Petani, Zainuddin berkata, beliau kalah kerana para pengundi Cina tidak ramai keluar mengundi.

    “Saya mengakui kekalahan saya juga disebabkan saya tidak banyak berkempen di kawasan tersebut,” katanya.

    Namun, beliau menggunakan pendekatan tersendiri iaitu bertemu rakyat secara lebih dekat bagi mengetahui permasalahan mereka.

    ... hit the road jack

  4. Anonymous11:32 am

    PM must stop seeking advice from people or business people who are not honest. They are more interested in making money than anything else. Please do not sign all kind of rubbish letters withour reading them. For example, I used to enggage Yayasan Kajian dan Strategy Melayu (YKSM) and my proposal got signed by you but nothing happened. Whaty is the role of YKSM? Close it down. They give you ill-advise.

  5. Have you forgotten Najib weilding the kris? Why is it that so many conveniently forget Najib's deeds or is it misdeeds?

  6. Mungkin dia juga mencadangkan 'orang yang salah membuat keputusan' pun perlu dipecat!

    Make them accountable for the wrong advice and also make the person accountable for the wrong decision!

  7. Anonymous11:48 am

    The Keris is just the Symbol for the Malays now unlike during those Sultanate era. Just like the Arabs who got their swords as their pride and even in their local dances they held up their swords in the air. Even in some Arabs countries the swords are even on their flags.

    So, if the Malays love their Keris the only symbol now left to signify their fight and the history that went with the Keris, Gerakan or any other party need not worry. After all NOW what can we do with the Keris?? It is not the Bazooka or the M16.

    Please dont blow the petty matter like this out of the porportion to make and highlight as if we the Malays are so bad.

    We the Malays are and have been very tolerant, patient and accommodating. May be the present Malays do not agree with me on this issue but this is what we are and had been.

    So, dont politicised our Keris, Lembing, Panah or anything ours. You all have meadle and destroyed DEB in Penang, enough is enough.

    Please leave us alone. You want to improve, Improve your loyalty to the country and be sincere and truthful.

    We the Malays have no where to go, Tanah Melayu is our land thats why its Tanah Melayu. We accommodated other races, this is not even 200 years ago.

    Please dont push our patients to the limit and expect us to keep quiet and tolerate all remarks all the time.

    I know a lot of modern young Malays now think of us as Bangsa Malaysia. So am I but to me Bangsa Malaysia consists of Malay, Chinese, Indians and Lain Lain still and this will not change until the end of the world.

    I got tons of friends and some relatives even of the other races and religions. We got on well but we still have the limits to our 'closeness' because of our diffent culture, tradition and religions.

    The sky is not the limit but our belief, culture and our religion is the limit. This is the fact and please dont bother us anymore with whats ours.

  8. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Bad advisers? How about Kalimullah, Wong Chun Wai, RTM, main stream media et al?

    They were all reporting rubbish, disguising the true state of affairs.

    They thought the public was gullible and can be manipulated.

    Well, they know better now. Do they?

  9. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Lim Keng Yeik is right.

  10. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Kudos to Uncle Lim for telling Pak Lah what everybody around him in BN wants to say but do not have the balls to say it loud and clear and in public.Uncle Lim,Good Luck and may you have a blessed life in your deserved retirement.

    Get the advisers out, yes start with the guy Kali, sack him and throw him out of the NST. Isn't it his job to make Pak Lah look good, in that he failed miserably and instead made Pak Lah look inept and out of touch with the rakyat, even worse the perception now is that his son in law is the power behind the throne and didn't he allowed that article in NST where Khairy says he had the protection of his father in law.

    I hope that Hishamuddin and Khairy do not come out with their stupid kris antics as they are not silat exponents and as a Malay I AM pissed off with such antics, we MALAYS are no more in the Hang Tuah Kesultanan Melaka Age. And I hope after this there is no more talk about Ketuanan Melayu, Melayu Malas, Melayu perlukan Bantuan, Melayu mudah lupa and other silly and degerating cliches on the Malay race by UMNO members designed to keep them in power. Maybe there is some truth in coffee shop talk with says that UMNO needs the Malays to be stupid and obedient so that they can be in perpetual power.

    The PRU 12 election swing can never be what it is if there is a swing from the Malay votes. Before this I could never imagine a Malay voting DAP and PAS putting up a Hindu candidate. UMNO needs to reinvent themselves, the Malays are not as stupid or as gullible as some UMNO members think.

    The change must be now and Pak Lah since UMNO has given their wholehearted support for him must NOW initiate change and start by expelling his advisers(KAli,Khairy and disband the 4th floor crowd).

    All future Government jobs must go through EPU for vetting as they understand the moral,social and economic obligations of the government for the rakyat a lot better than this young people who has probably never stayed more than 10 years in Malaysia in their adult life.

    The NEP must be further looked into and refined and should concentrate on giving a good education for the needy Malaysians and should not be about giving fat contracts to UMNO or BN members only.

    If Pak Lah or the BN leadership does not initiate change now, the coming PRU 13 will be a nightmare for BN as it would probably crossover to being in the Opposition.

    Anak Jawa Johor.

  11. Ah...
    If only Lim Keng Yaik said that before the Elections....

  12. Anonymous12:25 pm

    I think it’s not just the advisers who need to be sacked. The person who blindly received the advice without making further evaluation on the possible implications, too need to be dismissed. Keeping him is like telling to the whole world that majority of the party's supporters are as good as him - weak, arrogant, incompetent, shallow thinker, and a preacher no action leader. This may not be good in the eyes of the people whose voices the leaders have not heeded and by frustrating them further for keeping the leader may lead the people to get rid the Government in the next GE. International community who watches us from far too may misperceive our intellectual capability for wanting to keep a leader of such stature to lead the people towards making Malaysia a developed nation. Can all of us accept this humiliation? Come on, let’s voice out our displeasure ... after all Malaysia is a democratic nation, are we not? I always support UMNO's original struggles, minus him. So listen to what a member of the grassroots has to say before we get frustrated further and make more shocking decisions in the next five years. Come on Dr Rais! Come on Dato’ Shahrir! Come on Dato’ Najib! The time is now not after five years from now.

  13. anon of 11.48am,

    Relax and don't get so worked-up bro.There is nothing to get so defensive and yes, to forge for a better future for us and our kids we have to learn to respect and live with each other not "accomodate" other races as you put it .
    Everyone knows the origins of all who live in this wonderful country and let's not be naive to the fact of the real ethnic and indigenious natives who have been denied theirs, so lighten-up, forget the notion of suspiciously eye-balling your neighbours and let's really "LIVE" as Malaysians....and what better time to collectively declare ourselves as one happy Bangsa Malaysia and not leave anyone alone.

    Cheers to Bangsa Malaysia !

  14. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Oh, by the way, the PM is heeding some good advice now.

    He has decided to stay home more often.

    He has cancelled his trip to Senegal to hand over the Chairmanship of the OIC to that country.

    The Senate President will now represent him, plus of course a large rombongan as is usual. Can't get rid of the large rombongan can we?

    Ah, well, can't get rid of our bad habits immediately can we?

  15. Anonymous12:37 pm

    "The arrogance of the party in power must stop, such as the wielding of the keris and comments uttered during the Umno general assembly and in Parliament. All this must not be repeated."

    rimau tua jb.

  16. can good advisers give good advice to a buffoon?

    bapak borek, anak rintik.

    Badawi is not an efficient PM but Najib can be worst.

  17. anonymous[11:48]: Keris is a symbol....ok acceptable argument. But not when u wave it around until a delegate asks when is he going to use it.

    some indian gods have parangs as their symbol....should that mean MIC should wave the parang as a symbol?

    Anyway, its good the buffoons did what they did because now they lost 5 states...keep it up morons!!

  18. Anonymous12:47 pm

    While its fine to sack bad advisers, Pak lah must take note of the pressure that MCA and Gerakan is putting on him to 'do the right thing'

    Tsu Koon has resigned from all party posts whiel Ka Ting has declined any cabinet posts as a sign of his responsibility for the lack of chinese support

    I hope he does not take cue from toupee Samy..

    lets face it Umno and MIC fucked up this one and staying onwould be typical of them wouldn't it

    I want BN to be strong again and return to the original cause, that is to fight for EVERYONE

  19. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Ordinarily the keris is not a problem but this has changed ever since some UMNO politicians wanted to soak it in chinese blood.
    That's why non malays are protesting the unsheathing and waving of the keris at the UMNO general assembly.
    If the DAP members said the same thing about wanting to soak their swords in the blood of non chinese I am sure there will be a riot.
    Don't do unto others what you don't wish others to do unto you.

  20. Anonymous12:50 pm

    to the anonymous person who wrote "We the Malays have no where to go, Tanah Melayu is our land thats why its Tanah Melayu. We accommodated other races, this is not even 200 years ago."

    i'm chinese. am i supposed to thank you now for accommodating me?

    dear friend, i have respect for the elderly. but relevant and respectable elderly. i'm sorry to say i disagree with what you stand for as i feel it is disrespectful and irrelevant.

  21. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Anon@11.48 a.m.

    It is the mentality like you that causes the downfall of BN.

    And if you still persist to live with this mentality, the next election will see more downfall of BN. Nothing is impossible now ~ UMNO can also be wiped out too.

    Didn't you understand the fight ~ the fight is for all of us as Malaysians, not defined by race, gender or religion affiliation. Masih tak faham???

  22. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Ini LKY banyak slow punya orang. (Come to think of it, all those who suggested similar prescription for the BN malaise are). Why wait until you get your butt kicked to act. Signs on the wall were there long before 2008. BN pays the price for being in denial mode.

  23. KUALA LUMPUR 11 Mac – Bekas Menteri Penerangan, Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin hari ini mendedahkan ada golongan muda telah membuat percubaan untuk mengambil alih kepimpinan negara secara terurus dan terancang melalui Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-12.

    Wonder to whom did the staement intended to?

  24. Anonymous1:39 pm


    That's what I feel about non-malays sentiment now. You guys need to analyse in details why the opposition won the election. It's not we malays totally ABANDON umno and BN.

    You better keep it in mind.

  25. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Lim Keng Yaik is a political chameleon. He speaks only to please his audience. If his audience are monkeys he will jump around and make faces like them.

    He is an arrogant leader with no balls. Why only now Keng Yaik, on your last day in office ? Why didnt you speak up about the keris and advidors while in the Government ?

    You guys saud Anwar Ibrahim didnt speak up while he was in Government but you are no better.

    our youth Vice Chief Paranjothy said the same thing in January, and what did you people with no guts do ? You threatened to take disiplinary action against Paranchothy.

    Doesnt Keng Yaik sound like Paranchothy now ? Will action be taken against him too ?

    Keng Yaik - The Chinese Chameleon of Malaysia

  26. Anonymous1:47 pm

    To: the Eldery that post Keris is not the M16 comments.

    When a Cracy Power Man said soak Keris with Chinese blood, Every time UMNO wave their Keris, we will feel that they are try to threaten us.

  27. Anonymous1:55 pm

    anonymous[12.50], I am a Malay and I agree with you. We Malaysian already celebrated 50 years of Merdeka we should no longer talk about ini Tanah Melayu, maka ini Tanah Melayu Punya. We must always remember our kins and brothers in Sabah and Sarawak also, don't hurt their feelings ah nanti mereka cross over, BN suddenly become OPPOSITION ma.

    Malaysia is for all race, creed and colour and everybody's rights in accordance with our Perlembagaan should be respected.

    Malays should throw away this self pity, self degrading and deprecating negative mental block about themselves so that they can move forward,compete and live with other races as a Bangsa Malaysia.

    Anak Jawa Johor

  28. i agree with anon 11.15 AM.

    keng yaik is indeed a loose canon... a "ah pek siao" (crazy old man, as penang's PKR chief, zahrain, rightly label him). as sinatra_z asked, why didn't he said this before the election? instead before the election he had been saying the opposite!

    i attended the BN ceramah at rifle range, penang where all the top guns of MCA, gerakan, and include badawi were present. his speech (apart from being 'siao' and some say dirty) centred a lot on attacks of anwar... and praising BN. he keep on saying anwar is a chameleon... what about him now? before election, he said one thing of BN, and now this! he's a chameleon too!

  29. Anonymous2:08 pm

    a dead man talking, without fear or favour

    for someone calling the present pg mb 'gongkia' - (mentally-retarded kid) during his ceramah in pg...

    we just want to tell him : " shut the fcuk up & just rtm (rehat tunggu mati)"

  30. Anonymous2:09 pm

    ...We accommodated other races..

    The message above is a bit condescending at this age and the person who said it should look at the bigger picture. We are all Malaysian citizens and we will swim and sink together in this boat called Malaysia.
    People do not raise the issue of the keris if it wasn't brought up in a threatening manner. Please do not place yourself as more superior just because you are of the majority race, we pay taxes just as much as you do if not more. Like you we too have no place to go other than Malaysia and we will defend her if given the chance. Many of our people have lost their lives in the past trying to defend then Malaya from the Japanese and we will continue to do so if necessary.
    Please treat all Malaysians as brothers and sisters, only this way our country can progress.

  31. Anonymous2:12 pm

    moron umno said "The Keris is just the Symbol for the Malays now unlike during those Sultanate era.Please dont push our patients to the limit and expect us to keep quiet and tolerate all remarks all the time.but to me Bangsa Malaysia consists of Malay, Chinese, Indians and Lain Lain still and this will not change until the end of the world.The sky is not the limit but our belief, culture and our religion is the limit. This is the fact and please dont bother us anymore with whats oursaaa'
    hoi bodoh open your eyes the revolution was here and gone, the idea of bangsa malaysia must taste like cow dung to you, but sorry mate its here to stay, so either become part of the country, last time I checked its still called Malaysia not
    it has a federal constitution and the day my ic identified me as Malaysian gave me every right to question injustices, nowhere in the fed. con. is there any mention about nep, ok nep was a good idea if it had been implemented properly, why is it the nep makes only orang melayu umno kaya while the orang miskin bumiputra makan ikan masin with nasi or like the case in sarawak grasshoppers, can you answer that? while umno has been shouting ketuanan melayu hak this and hak that and beleiveing their own propoganda and closing their eye to all else abuses, illegal structures, corrupt practises, massive bailouts, swindiling, robbing the poor to feed their own selfish interest and one upmanship to their peers, phatek philip watches with diamonds costing up to $35,000, when I was a child my parents advised me to belajar rajin2 get good results, get uni. degree, become professional, in my case a structural engineer and than we see people who never studied, were railway gate-keepers,ular here, bodek there, ketua bhg umno, build palace on land where low cost housing was supposed to be built, don't pay property tax for 12 years, thats stealing housing from the poor malays, IS THAT YOUR IDEA OF KETUANAAN MELAYU, OR IS IT SAYA TUAN melayu UMNO, awak melayu biasa saja, how a few rotten apples have spoiled the whole barrel. Lets talk reality and truth, why do people join UMNO, FOR THE GRAVY TRAIN OF CONTRACTS, NOT FOR ANYTHING ELSE BUT THAT, SO BUKA LAH MATA and bertaubat and admit that Umno which was noble at one time, now is den of syaitans

  32. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Mamak Mydin said "Ketika ditanya mengenai kekalahannya di Parlimen Sungai Petani, Zainuddin berkata, beliau kalah kerana para pengundi Cina tidak ramai keluar mengundi." ... a voice 11:23 am. And this is the same mamak who denied his own father so that the world would think he is a Malay (more Malay than a Malay, actually). What was he doing waiting for the Chinese to come out to vote for him? AMAZING!!!

  33. Anonymous2:14 pm

    anon 11:48,

    i also got tons of malay friends but fortunately non of them think, talk or behave like you...

  34. nama malaysia pun menunjukkan ke melayuannya...saya rasa perlu di kekalkan PM dan TPM dari kalangan orang Melayu....dan kesultanan melayu dikekalkan...

    kaum kaum lain masih di beri layanan sama rata di Malaysia dan memegang jawatan yang besar besar....

    Kita di Malaysia tidak menindas kaum lain...mereka boleh memiliki tanah dan sebagainya...jadi janganlah jadikan isu remeh temeh seperti keris seolah olah orang melayu akan menindas kaum lain...

    lihat singapura...bukannya jauh sangat...berapa kerat orang melayu dalam parlimen dia orang? orang melayu di pecah-pecahkan kawansan tempat tinggal mereka sehinggakan kalau di adakan piliharaya sampai 1,000 tahun pun orang melayu tak akan dapat pegang jawatan penting...

    Kita tidak pernah pun mengutuk Feng Shui dan Pedang Kung Fu kaum Cina ...itu hak dan budaya kamu..

    Sama juga seperti kaum kaum lain saya juga benci apabila DEB digunakan untuk menjadikan kroni kroni UMNO jadi kaya dan rakyat terus merempat ...itu wajar kerana kekayaan tidak di agihkan dengan betul...

    UMNO perlu berubah kalau mahu bersaing kerana orang melayu sendiri tak macam dulu mereka sudah keluar dari tempurung....

  35. to anonymous[11:48]:

    you sound like an umnoputra stucked in the 1970s ... please open your mind and contribute to building this country of ALL Malaysians.

  36. Anonymous2:35 pm


    Based on the 4+1 states that the BN lost to the opposition during the PRU 12, it is quite obvious that the leaders of each BN component parties must take the responsibility for the losses. However, only MCA and Gerakan leaders has acknowledge their failures whereas the UMNO leader is still in a denial mode. He still talks as if he has the majority support of the people. What he has currently is the support of all the Yes Man/Woman in UMNO who has personal interest in making sure Mr Pak Lah still leads them. They do not have the UMNO supporters interest in their hearts. What they want is to ensure that there is continuity in appointing them to their respective position so that they can continue to build their 'own' little empire in their own ministries.

    So now what we must ask is that does all the UMNO members are so thick headed to let this happen? Can't they figure out for themselves that the public i.e VOTERS want them OUT?

    I am sorry to say that UMNO has become a dinosaur of an organisation where it does not realise that the days of chieftans lording over the clans is now OVER. Read the VOTERS LIPS or VOTES, We do not want you guys to continue lording over us. Of course you can continue to lord over your members because UMNO members allow that to happen. So you guys deserve each other. It is such a pity isn't it that such a strong organisation handed over to Mr Pak Lah by TDM has become a sorry state of an organisation. But as the Malay proverbs goes, "Biarkan Si Luncai Terjun Dengan Labu Labunya". If the UMNO leaders and theirs members still want Mr Pak Lah and his gang of advisers to continue to lead UMNO into oblivion then go ahead. Come PRU 13, BN will be HISTORY. It will happen if they do not change. The recent PRU 12 has shown that it can happen overnight. As we are all aware the Fish rots from the Head and who was it that like to use that analogy, I think it was Ling Leong Sik, remove the Head and try to salvage the rest. If not then you will reap what you sow.

    Our learned Scribe has seen it coming and predicted it quite accurately in his blog that A Surprising Election Results is on the cards.

    So Mr Pak Lah, it is not that UMNO members does not love you BUT they Should love UMNO more. If you do not take heed of this clear message and still wants to cling to your position then you really must LOVE yourself and your family so much that you are willing to let UMNO become extinct . As for all the UMNO leaders and members, the analogy is simple really, DO CHANGE NOW OR THERE IS NOTHING ELSE LEFT BEHIND FOR YOU GUYS EXCEPT PKR, PAS and DAP!!!!

  37. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Well, GERAKAN also need to take their fair share of the blame. Since they are multi-ethnic, they failed to field a single non-chinese in 2008GE! How is that multi-ethnic? The Perak GERAKAN chief, let out a statement stating that Indian are emotional just like murderers!He just failed to realize that Beruas had a sizeable populace of indians (17%) and they rightly showed him where he belong! Now he is swimming with the fishes!

    Keris is the symbol of Malays, so be it! I have no qualms on that! What worries me is when ppl ask when your gonna soak it in non-malays blood!

    Its same like what's happening in Rwanda and Sudan? I believe we can do better then that! Really hope, we use this opportunity to form a truly bangsa malaysia- attitude!

    Lets us all be proud in what we do, and take pride in Malaysia's achievement! What happened to the Everest duo, the man who sailed the world, the man who swam the english channel, the 12 year old wizzkid, world champ Nicole David, Titus James Palani? Lets just cheerish the good moments and try to learn from previous mistakes!

  38. Anonymous2:50 pm

    ANON 2.08,



  39. Anonymous2:59 pm

    I really wanna thank our leaders that have talked so much and yelled out so many slogans... but everything Failed.

    Take a look at those countries around us.. Singapore, Thailand, China, Korea.. even Indonesia...

    They never need to yell any slogans nor wield any keris yet they have successfully kicked Malaysia to the bottom when it comes to economic growth.

    How many foreign investors have moved to Thailand and Indonesia and China these few years... Ask yourself my dear Malaysian... Why?

  40. Anonymous3:15 pm

    To my fellow Malaysian, let's not get too stressed out discussing the election thru ethnicity. BN lost because BN has poor leadership. The rakyat is not happy and they voted BN out in five states. We voted them out, we can also vote them in on the next GE if the new states government failed in their job. The faster we Malaysian unite as one, the better we will be. BN did not think we should live as one but live as Melayu, Cina, India dan lain lain. That is why today, we still have poor understanding among races.

    This time, I hope we can try to live as one, for the sake of our country and our children.

  41. Anon 11.48

    Please understand who coined the phrase "Tanah Melayu"

    You are Malay and have no place to "go back to"?

    I regret to tell you I am Chinese and I too have no place to go back to!
    China is NOT my home
    Australia, UK, Canada is NOT my home
    THIS is my Home
    This is OUR country.

    Malaysia belongs to ALL the races including every ethnic Race ie Sakai, Ibans, Kadazans, Malays, Chinese, Indians, Eurasians, etc.

    ALL our forefathers made sacrifices and contributions to get to where we the future can be today.

    So please don't have this attitude that only you have no other place to call HOME.

    Money can not buy me a HOME country
    Only where my heart is is my HOME.

    Salaam Anon 11.48
    Please do not give us any umno-like sentiments

    And Najib & Hishammudin can also use the Malaysian Bendera as a Symbol to unite people

    NOT a Keris to divide them up!

  42. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Would the opposition managed to capture the 4 other states had Pak Lah been such an arrogant & autocratic leader?

    To those of you toying with 'Bangsa Malaysia,' have a peep at Bangsa Singapura or for that matter Bangsa America.

  43. haha, looks like some of the anonymousss here are the boys and gals from the 4th flr.
    PL shud get new advisor, get Mahathir as advisor and he will turn things around. Forget about those boys and gals from the 4th flr, let them do the keying data work and bind reports.
    PL shud listen, listen, listen and listen.. "jgn degil ikut kpala sendiri", dont be so forgiving, bagi chance banyak sangat.

  44. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Okay now guys...BN lost 2/3 majority. They lost 5 states. Five. Big High FIVE. Almost six states. Thank their So Unlucky Stars ~ Its Pak Lah Doing. It his stupid lucky number 13 in the year of the RAT.

    When you have LOST the ELECTION, lets find a SCAPEGOAT to vent our anger.

    Lets point all our Fingers at MB Selangor ~ for allowing Pamiran Hantu Toyol in the Heart of Shah Alam near the Mosque.

    MB Kedah ~ for taking people land under the name of Development.

    CM Penang ~ for fast developing Penang Island but forgot about the Traffic.

    MB Perak - for playing Bowling almost everyday.

    But all these jokers forgot about FUEL HIKE and BLOODY TOLL.

    Lets find a SCAPEGOAT and Roast BBQ at our Garden just like they slow cooked us with the increase of Fuel, bla bla bla bla...


  45. Anonymous4:28 pm


    Maaf kalau saya mahu mencatatkan sesuatu yang mungkin di luar dugaan bloggers semua.
    Saya telah menyerantau,bekerja di s'pura selama 10thn.
    Terus-terang saya mengatakan bahawa Melayu S'pura nampak lebih bersaing/berjaya dan konfiden.
    Mereka kaum minoriti tetapi saya tidak lihat mereka terkial-kial.
    Manakala,kita disini, asyik terminta-minta dan asyik ditakut-takutkan oleh UMNO.
    Dahulu,kita tendang mereka bulat-bulat.
    S'pura semenjak dahulu dari penjajahan British adalah sebahagian dari kita.
    Dan Menteri dan ahli parlimen berbangsa Melayu mereka pula bukan calang-calang juga.
    Jadi saya hormati kpd mereka kerana usaha mereka sendiri berdiri sama rata dengan bangsa lain untuk menjadi agung di mata dunia.

  46. DAP to revamp NEP
    go to

  47. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Keris issue is not a petty matter for some of us. It might be for you for not for us. If it is for display or antic purposes then that's fine but those fools used it on the stage and managed to put some spicy words with it had injected fear and hatred among us. So don't be so ignorant and please respect other races as well.

  48. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Anon 11.48
    It's truly amazing after all that happened on March 8th , historical moment , you still can sing about being racist like using terms as 'accomodating' , tolerating, etc.. wow just wow. People like you (Racist and bigot) that made what the country is today. If ever your relative that you talk so much (diff religion and races) what you're like, I bet they would just spit at your face. Bloody racist!!

  49. Anon 2:14 PM

    Merely haighlighting voices of dissatisfaction of AAB's advisers are beginning to emerge.

    Other LKY, and Zam, are Dr SHamsul Amri, Mahyuddin, etc.

    As far as Chinese not coming out to vote, they have a way of monitoring. It could be true, it happened other places.

    The expected Chinese votes may have denied him.

  50. Anonymous5:24 pm

    To anon 1.39

    Whatever your freaking proverbs means, we could care less. Whether you abandon UMNO/BN it's so immaterial now. Majority RACES I REPEAT RACES, voted for opposition. So try leaving with that , like Raja Petra mention in his blog , it takes 3 RACES to make a difference. I give a rats ass whether you're still loyal to BN or your freaking NEP. I guess that is what is bothering most Malays now. Gosh get over it and for now try to expand your little brain of yours .

  51. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Fellow Malaysians,

    Let us make a clear distinction between hating BN and the Government. It is very clear indeed that many of us are pissed off with BN arrogance as exhibited by ZAM, Samy Vellu, Nazri and Khir Toyo.

    But this does not mean we hate teh country. I am an Indian and I served the country in the armed forces. I used to cry when hearing the Negaraku being played when our athletes are on the rostrum. I cried when we won back the Thomas Cup. I cried when Tun Razak and Tunku passed away.

    And I cried when my poor Indian Malaysians were denied of scholarships although they were more than qualified. I hated the administrators but not the country.

    I love Malaysia and always will. I love it more now because Malaysians showed a lot of maturity in GE 12.

    I have decided to end all my postings and emails with "GOD BLESS MALAYSIA."

    Anyone willing to join me here?


  52. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Well said Anon 11.48.

    I too am sick of people slamming the malays left right and centre. We cant achieve or be successful in anything without being associated with DEB. Apparently we are not smart enough. Hey DEB might be abused by those cronies, but it sure did benefit countless poor malays in their own tanahair Tanah Melayu. If anything, the implementation is the one which should be restructured.

    Shanghai Stephen dll,
    Bangsa Malaysia indeed. I bet half of you (those who are all bent on bangsa malaysia) cant even speak malay properly. Malay is the official langguage of malaysia and unless you can speak it fluently, and not constrained to only your mother tongue or english, dont associate yourself with bangsa malaysia. Malu lah. I have travelled quite a bit and never met any local people who cannot speak their national language fluently. And lets not start on the basi debate on who came here first.


  53. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Anon 2.14,

    Of course not! Thats why they are still your friends! I dont go and tell my many chinese and Indian friends what i really think on this issue (i agree with anon 11.48). You can call it being hyprocite. To me its being diplomatic.

  54. Anonymous6:02 pm

    I would not layan anything thats said BEFORE GE.

  55. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Anon 2.12pm and everyone else,

    I admit that umno cronies abused and benefited greatly from the nep but so do countless chinese and Indian businessmen who rubbed shoulders with these umno cronies and turn the umno cronies into ali baba. Oh wait, it cant be, because all chinese and indians work hard and honestly for thir living and never in a million years would they take advantage of something like this.

    All i can say takes two to tango. I can give you names of the chinese businessmen who is benefiting as such but i wont. find out for yourself.

  56. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Anon 2.09pm,

    FYI, there are also a lot of chinese tali barut during the japanese time.

  57. that little twat is a racist. nevertheless, the back-benchers needs a new Jerai as replacement and this is where Rembau fits in nicely.

  58. Keng Yeik,

    Gerakan lost Penang because you people behave like the opposition and do not know how to act like a partner in a coalition. You go to the press instead of consulting with the PM after cabinet meetings demanding all sort of things, even questioned the authenticity of the govt released figures of the NEP trying to be a hero for the Chinese at the expense of MCA.

    While DAP was the opposition in exile, you were the opposition in residence, so rightly, even BN supporters voted DAP because they'd rather be under the devil they know then the angel in disguise.

    Hisham had the keris, but your mouth is of equal liability to the BN coalition.

    Goodbye old chap. Eat humble mooncake and learn to be a team player for the next 5 years.

  59. Anonymous6:20 pm


    You mean to tell me waving the keris and telling the chinese they won't hesitate to use on them on national tv is a small issue?? Tell me exactly what is exactly ok to your jurisdication?? Honestly you people really keep on amusing us. Don't you dare compare with Singapore. How dare you? Singapore is where it is today because they have smart , intellectual leaders and people who are educated to run the country . It does not matter if the malays are far behind(which i don't agree) but the malays there are much much much more educated and open minded and not racist. Remeh temeh it seems .. what bullshit..

  60. Can you add this link under your Politics Anonymous?

  61. Anonymous6:52 pm

    BN Cowboys? Lim Keng Yaik is one of them too...

    Go to

    look for "Keng Yaik confident BN will retain Beruas"


  62. But Lim Keng Yaik, you are yourself not taking your own advice. You still seem to be encouraging Badawi to stick around as PM. He should be gone for heaven's sake. What is the point of telling him that you have confidence in him. That unfairly gives him the idea thta he still can do it! Do what I wonder!

  63. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Wah ... now Keng Yaik very vocal.

    What happen to his voice when all the strutting and bashing was going on?

    Typical ball carrier politician talk.

  64. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Hey dudes, apart from kali, kj, ka, level 4 guys, and other think tongs, there is another guy by the name of panglima anuar zaini, the adviser of ncer - perlis, penang, kedah and perak ( the last four now in the hands of barisan pkr, pas and dap - wonder how he's going to advice PackLah on this corridor. this guy always prides himself of being PackLah adviser, speechwriter and always use PackLah names to knock the doors of ministers, mbs and cms to get business and projects. I was told he got money minting plant in Selangor? This guy is also Bernama's chairman the government media organ which bans pkr adviser anwar ibrahim's coverage. He claims he closed with kamal khalid, kali and kj. He put a 'muka tebal' when he was one of the commentators on tv3 talk show on the election while watching bn lost their seats one after another in the last PRU. This panglima should get the sack!!!

  65. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Beware - the ideological fault lines are already developing in the opposition.

    A day after Lim Guan Eng said that the new Penang state govt would scrap the NEP in the state, Spore's Channel NewsAsia TV channel showed PAS's Hadi Awang saying that the NEP should be retained, albeit with modifications, and that other races should also be taken care of.

    And the PM weighed in today with a warning that the NEP should not be tampered with.

    The DAP should be careful that it does not step into a trap laid by Umno.

    It is obvious that many Malays have bought into the NEP. In this aspect, the Malay supporters of PAS have more in common with Umno than with the DAP.

    Can Umno convince the Malays who support PAS to cross over to Umno, using the persuasive argument that Umno will preserve the NEP for the benefit of the Malays for the foreseeable future?

    That will leave the Chinese-backed DAP perilously exposed, as it will be portrayed by Umno as a Chinese-dominated party who wants to do away with the NEP, and that this is something that the majority of Malays don't agree to.

    See where the spectre of racial tensions creep in?

    And to push the scenario further, if race-based tensions boil over in Penang, with the abolition of the NEP being given as a possible cause, the Federal govt can dismiss the State govt and put the state under emergency rule. A far-fetched scenario, but possible.

    The DAP should play it smart. Don't grandstand, especially when one of your fellow opposition parties is ambivalent about doing away with the NEP.

    The DAP victory in Penang can still be snatched away. And if this does happen, the DAP will have to share the blame by pushing things to the brink.

    Remember - politics is all about the art of compromise, while pursuing the greater good. Idealogues of any persuasion seldom last the course.

    If the NEP is to be dismantled, the Malays will have to be convinced that they don't lose out. Fail that and it's curtains for the DAP and it's bold experiment in secular politics.

  66. Hey all you ANONYMOUS Cybertroopers!

    WAH..Awake awreddy again? WELCOME BACK !! I missed your baiting!!!!

    Sowing disharmony?
    Waving Keris?
    "orang bangsa Malaysia tak tahu bahasa"
    orang cina balik kampung?
    tanah melayu?

    You guys are always good for a laugh! you cybertroopers dari tanah umno (aka "bungus nationals")!

    ya ya YA!

    Many cina towkays benefitted fr the nep but how come for every vincent tan got 100,000 (or more!) tan ah kow with motorbikes, wearing pasar malam baju huh?

    Buddy cybertroopers - GO to the Indian and chinese heartlands and tell me THEY are towkays and THEY received so much as 1 sen of benefit from the government!

    Dun worry. contact me. I take you there myself!

  67. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Malaysian got coned again by Anwar. The choosing of PAS cndidate is just to save the `FREE DEB" manifesto by the DAP and PKR. Nothing more and nothing less. To all the DAP/PKR elected assemblyman just resign or be an independent candidate. What type of democracy they are talking about. Government By The People; Of The People And By The People - my shit. BUT the smallest majority rules. Oh My God (OMG) whats happening to Malaysia today if we cannot accept the Rakyat verdict don't do Election anymore.
    Lim Kit Siang, you really srewd up big time now - No - Not you but the Rakyat who voted for your rocket. Oh yes just forget it, you are already very comfort since your son is already the Penang CM.

  68. Anonymous9:41 pm

    skillganon 8.50pm.

    The lack of educating M'sians on NEP regardless of race have in fact divided the country.

    Frankly NEP mentioned by PAS Hadi Awang should not be dismantled but modified to accomodate all races.

    It's not wrong to eradicate poverty BUT i believed no race in the world are being spared of it.
    NEP is being too widely politices and PM AAB have in fact become too defensive till some parties feel uncomfortable.
    Debate on NEP have gone on for too long,too emotional.
    We have reached to the point of being too divided along racial lines

  69. Anonymous9:55 pm


  70. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Bangsa Malaysia my a$$!

    If you people really want bangsa Malaysia the first thing you should do is to disband all Chinese and Tamil schools then you can start talking about bangsa Malaysia. I bet you won't do it.

    Talk is cheap!.

  71. Anonymous10:18 pm

    still on these crappy race thing.

    the winds of change... is very clear... very loud & very real.

    either you hop in or don't bitch about it when got left behind.

  72. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Keng Yaik is right

  73. Will the adviser to the bad advisers just shut up and F off. For 3 long years since the rabid amok keris wielder 1st wielded his keris, why didn't this spit mouthed dog said anything about this to the Big Eared sleepy hollow. Instead of tugging his slimy tail in between his hind loin, he should have said it there and then. Why now, why on his last day in office. Did he represent the minority race or his own family's wealth. Lim Keng Yaik, this is my advice to you, just F off, you make us sick with your stinky mouth.

  74. Anonymous11:09 pm

    now lim kit siang has to sack his advisors, the damage is done, next tiem aroudn no malay will vote for DAP EVER AGAIN
    I always suspected he was a racist of the highest order but now I know for afact that he is a racist and on top of that he is an idiot who cannot see beyond his nose

    thank you for returning Perak to BN


  75. Anonymous11:16 pm

    the election is over. now is the time for those elected to sit down and work out ways how best to govern the people.
    it is not the time for quarrel. whether the elected are from the opposition or the governing party, they have to show they can work with each other. otherwise, they should not even seek election in the first place.
    people should not waste too much time on rhetorics but spend it on serving the people. afterall, the people elect them to serve the country and not the other way round.

  76. Anonymous 6:20

    Don't talk about Singaporelah. You are not qualified to talk about that City State because you are not intelligent enough.

    They have bright leaders because they don't give much shit about what the public feels. They just jam their shit down the people's throat.

    Now if we used our RM40billion a year to give better education and improve on other infrastructures instead of subsidising your ass, Malaysia would be better than Singapore. Over there, the public subsidise the govt. Here we subsidize your ass and for that, we are lagging behind.

    So don't talk like you are above the rest in intellect when you sound really like an imbecile.

  77. Anonymous12:15 am

    This is great!! All the hot talk here are good. Inside your heart all talk. Ni lah problem dia...when inside government, never heart to heart talk and settle with sensitivity. That's why don't listen with wisdom...but listen to the young cowboys who cause trouble!! Too crazy for power and wave Keris about like crazy on National TV. What lah, you think you NAZI STATE kah?? This Lim Keng Yaik also one kind...should have early early SOUND with PAK LAH to reign the cowboys in and not their time yet....HORMAT sikit the old people Dr.M tu!!! He got some ideas also. The other Menteri besars also big headed one...gila suap $$$$ and corrupt habis....Luckily this 8 March soul searching la Malaysian!! Good for you!!!

  78. Anonymous7:38 am

    Kheng Yaik dengan Zainuddin Maidin ni memang pengecut, dah hilang jawatan dalam kerajaan baru berani nak beritahu dollah yang orang muda Khairi lah punca segala masalah dalam UMNO dan Barisan Nasional. 99% orang macam ni ada dalam Majlis tertinggi Barisan Nasional.

  79. Anonymous9:11 am

    before election, LKY also like one of those who are scared of umno. now that weakness showed, everyone also pointing fingers here n there. i think gerakan most f...kup party with chicken koh coming up but suffered a deserving fall.

  80. Anonymous10:43 am

    da real deal,

    That's what I'm trying to say you moron. We are far behind in most Asian countries today. You must be one of those idiots that acts 'Mr.know it all' infact you know peanuts. Let me guess a bloody racist as well? Pls la , go and educate your kids and maybe then your generation might not be so stupid and ignorant. Singapore gov does not shove any bloody thing on people's arse. They all have learn to live and accept their rules and policies. It's only in Malaysia we have shit like 'Ketuanan Melayu'. As long there's biasness and segregation within other races, Malaysia will never progress. All the money/business/contracts that BN/UMNO f*&^%$ retards gets are spent on themselves or their cronies. They've made the rakyat poor and helpless. Whereas I don't believe this happens in S'pore. You know whatI don't why I'm wasting my time talking to a moron, but Malaysia will only progress when UMNO is totally abolished . Now chew on're the embecile

  81. Anonymous11:18 am

    UMNO dan BN... dulu , kini...


  82. Anonymous11:51 am

    This old fox sometimes says things that really hit right on the nail.

    You have my thumbs up this time LKY.

  83. Anonymous12:02 pm

    'Tanah Melayu is still Tanah Melayu' cos we have Agong and Sultans.
    what ever you are, i can't step inside your 'home' without your permission!


  84. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Dear Rocky

    To Anonymous 10.43 AM.

    Perhaps it would help the commenter understand better the goals of Singapore Inc and not think the world of the PAP-led government, by reading some blogs by Singaporeans, specifically Where Bears Roam Free and Mr Wang Says So. Very enlightening and refreshing although quite a number of Singapore bloggers seem to agree that Malaysian bloggers provide more palatable menu for discussions.

    Having been born, bred and brought up in Singapore for over two decades (and close to three decades here), I wouldn't want to agree with what you think of the government south of the Causeway. Trust me, ",,, be it ever so humble, there's no place like home" ... in Malaysia.

    If you would spend time reading on the universal concept of indigenity/indigeinity, perhaps you would be better able to understand why Malays (in addition to all other native groups in Malaysia) are part of the indigenous community. If there are Malaysians who feel that Malays do not qualify the status of indigenous, they are knowingly or unknowingly subscribing to Lee Kuan Yew's dictum on the status of Malays in the Malay Archipelago, specifically with regards to Tanah Melayu.

    If the Malay ancestors arrived in Tanah Melayu from other lands within the Malay Archipelago, it's like their having travelled from one part of their home region to another.

    To my mind, it is more a politically-motivated psy-war strategy to undermine the sense of being and the sense of history for the Singaporean Malays, thus facilitate his jaundiced belief in the superiority of the Chinese race.

    One cannot compare Malaysia with Singapore - it would be like comparing apples and oranges. Singapore should be compared to some other tiny weeny city states of the world; and Malaysia could be compared with some other nation state of similar cultural, religious, racial and political make-up.

    There are unfair policies practised by the Singapore government, but since these are not cast in stone, it's no easy task to prove the government's unfair treatment of marginalised groups in the republic.


  85. Anonymous11:00 pm

    last day baru cakap, tipu.
    so many years in power one word never said, talk cock only

  86. hahaha... i am sure mr lim wanted to say this looooooong ago.

  87. Anonymous2:07 pm

    inilah pak cik pak cik tua ni. teruk betul. masa dia dalam pemerintahan, satu 'beep' pun tak dengar. semuanya la sokong pak lah, semuanya la sokong pak lah's menantu. dah tersengguk macam ni, dah satu kaki keluar office, baru la nak cakap itu ini. dah terlambat la, beb. kalau lu tak buat bising sebelum ni, by this time you are part of the rot.

    udah lah zam. golongan muda konon. kalau tak kerana golongan tua yang letak golongan muda kat situ, manakan golongan muda tu boleh ada kat situ.

    tapi i like lim keng yaik :)