Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dr M: Abdullah has destroyed Umno, BN

Resign, Lah. Dr Mahathir said yesterday's election result sends a clear message that the people are angry. "Not only the Malays are angry. The Chinese are angry. The Indians are angry. Malaysians are angry," he told a packed media conferenec at his Mines residence in KL.

Abdullah should take responsibility for the defeat.

Q. Would you resign if you were the PM?
A. Yes, I would resign.

Q. But the BN loss heavily in 1999?
A. We won then, we had two-thirds majority.

Mahathir started to rain on Abdullah's charade in 2005, after his successor started dismantling his pet projects, citing lack of funds. In 2006, after the media, especially Kalimullah Hassan's NSTP, started demonizing him, Dr M went all out to expose Abdullah.

Najib's resounding victory in Pekan and the performance of his homestate Pahang means that people accept the DPM, he said.

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  1. Anonymous12:51 pm

    How to accept Najib .. since he had so many of scandals behind him. Only people from Pekan accept him .. not all Malaysians.

  2. What the Good ol'Doc build up in 22years was Dismantled in just 4 years ... Well , i would be pissed too .

  3. Anonymous12:55 pm

    Pak Lah has no shame meh? Own state people has rejected his leadership & he wants to be PM still? I hope he goes rocky, he is of no use to Malaysia. Go away, and take with him all the corridors he has promised.

  4. Malaysian of regardless of race, religion or gender have been pissed with the BN govt for their arogance, clueless leadership, abuse of power and many mismanagement. BN not only lost many seats but where they won, they won with less Malaysians are not happy.BN needs to respect the results and accept them and not sideline places that have rejected them like sore losers. If they don't, next round they may loose more.

    we want accountability and step one to accountability is Pak Lah to resign. Second we want the judiciary to be cleaned and independent. 3rd we can ACA to report to parliament. 4th BN not to play racial card.5th rule this country with the interest of the country 1st and not their self interest and do not assume you know best and the people are stupid.

    also can you reduce the size if the cabinet and not call Malaysians beruk.

    terima kasih and Dr.M please go into retirement, you have done enough that we are paying for some of your decisions which brought some much power to one man, the PM and denied challenges to leaders.Lets not forget the judiciary...correct correct correct!!

  5. hmm.....
    I have issues with the police now, especially the UTK. Will comment later. Stupid !@#$**&#&*(#&$ police fella.

  6. Anonymous1:01 pm


    Ahmad B.

  7. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Salam Bro,

    Tuhan saja yang dapat membalas jasa mu dan teman-teman mu, bro.

    Deep from the bottom of my heart.

    Keringat mu dikenang bro.
    We are jes a 'lay person ordinary Malaysian' saperti mentimun
    di gelek terguris tergolek diperlekehkan'.


  8. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Between Badawi and Najib, people prefer Badawi. Don't misread the people again.

  9. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Pak Lah memang kena resign. No cabinet post for KJ. Mukhriz to go for UMNO Vice President. Najib to take over.

    As i told everyone earlier, UMNO tak kalah because of DAP, PKR or PAS. But Umno kalah sebab pemimpin sendiri tak betul.

    Apa punya auta bapak jadi PM, menantu jadi calon. What a piece of crap.

  10. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Rakyat dah bersuara, harap Barisan Rakyat tunaikan janji.


  11. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Can still give Badawi a chance to straighten out his act, I believe. People on the ground generally have a worst impression of Najib at the moment. If he is made PM, sorry lah BN, you'll probably lose more states come the next election.

  12. Y do i feel Pak La La La La la's being setup by Madey & Najib? I'm not trying to downplay BA's victory though. Earlier, Razak baginda throwed a tantrum in court shouting's Pak La La La la La's name. Najib victory is nothing but astounding...hmmm..

  13. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Tengku Razaleigh...adalah the obvious choice. Nation needs you. Return to centre stage and talk to Anwar Ibrahim. Steer the nation bersama sama.

  14. Anonymous1:15 pm

    What about the V.K. Lingam tapes Rocky, and the Altantuya case? The DPM endorsed by Mahathir will seek justice over them?

  15. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Reasons why BN lost ;

    1) Pak Lah has no qualms and oblivious to the fact that he potrays himself as so inefficient and lazy and also without any bright ideas. He didn't live up to the expectations locally and internationally as the CEO of Malaysia Inc.

    2) KJ portrays himself as cocky and pretentious. Too ambitious for anyone and his dabble in most of the govt's administration lacks taste and often deemed as unbecoming

    3) Dr M shoes are too big to be filled by Pak Lah. Moreover Pak Lah does not have a clue on how to govern Malaysia efficiently. This is the sentiment of the public majority.

    4) For the first time, the REAL silent majority has their say and opted to stifle the govt whom they perceived as corrupt and 'sombong bodoh'.

    5) Blatant show offs of riches and misuse of public funds by Pak Lah ad his politicians (airbus, yacht, SCOMI, palace of Datuk Zakaria, one eyed Jasin MP etc) irritates the voters. What more ith the rising costs of living

    6) Pak Lah should have done better in marrying Jeanne who is actually his brher in law's ex wife. In Malay custom, this is taboo and can constitute as 'near' incest.

    7) The so many countless lies or flip flopping by Pak Lah and his policies. No integrity.

    8) The people is more sophisticated and they are more clever in choosing the candidates. Gone were the days when the people can only sit and accept the govt's propaganda during elections. That's why certain candidates can win in a tough seat (eg; Mukhriz) while certain candidates that are deemed stupid, corrupted or plain unlikeable, lost.

    9) People perceived Malaysia as a company (like during TDM's time). If the company is being headed by a CEO which decreases the shareholders' wealth, then the CEO should be sacked.

    from -

  16. Anonymous1:25 pm

    ya, malaysian are angry for many things. tolls, oil price , bad constuction , etc

  17. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Reasons why BN lost ;

    1) Pak Lah has no qualms and oblivious to the fact that he potrays himself as so inefficient and lazy and also without any bright ideas. He didn't live up to the expectations locally and internationally as the CEO of Malaysia Inc.

    2) KJ portrays himself as cocky and pretentious. Too ambitious for anyone and his dabble in most of the govt's administration lacks taste and often deemed as unbecoming

    3) Dr M shoes are too big to be filled by Pak Lah. Moreover Pak Lah does not have a clue on how to govern Malaysia efficiently. This is the sentiment of the public majority.

    4) For the first time, the REAL silent majority has their say and opted to stifle the govt whom they perceived as corrupt and 'sombong bodoh'.

    5) Blatant show offs of riches and misuse of public funds by Pak Lah ad his politicians (airbus, yacht, SCOMI, palace of Datuk Zakaria, one eyed Jasin MP etc) irritates the voters. What more ith the rising costs of living

    6) Pak Lah should have done better in marrying Jeanne who is actually his brher in law's ex wife. In Malay custom, this is taboo and can constitute as 'near' incest.

    7) The so many countless lies or flip flopping by Pak Lah and his policies. No integrity.

    8) The people is more sophisticated and they are more clever in choosing the candidates. Gone were the days when the people can only sit and accept the govt's propaganda during elections. That's why certain candidates can win in a tough seat (eg; Mukhriz) while certain candidates that are deemed stupid, corrupted or plain unlikeable, lost.

    9) People perceive Malaysia as a company (like during TDM's time). If the company is being headed by a CEO which decreases the shareholders' wealth, then the CEO should be sacked.

    from -

  18. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Yes, Pak Lah! Start to pack lah!

  19. bro rocky,

    malaysia has spoken. the message is loud and clear. the clowns have to go. congratulations to jeff ooi and wee choo keong, chegubard, liz wong and siva - you fought a good fight.

    "while the mainstream media put on a show, the bloggers worked"

    before tony yew cones after my ass for plagiarism, that's a parody of the MCA's propaganda adverts.


  20. Anonymous1:52 pm

    it has been proven, again and again, Pee'Emm remain with his "elegant silent".

    a Donkey will nor move nor listen to people voice as he is a Donkey.

    Malaysian must accept the fact, that a Donkey Pee'Emm is still an animal, a dumb and daft one too. Mahathir must accept this.

    appointing the current Pee'Emm is Mahathir point-blank weakness and he must accept this fact too. Mahathir made mistake that lead to downfall of UMNO and BN.

    Mahathir should take responsibility to rectify current UMNO & BN situation, and both should sail in Cobra Sultan to South Pole and live with Penguins and Dolphins, at least Seals won't harm them both.

    wouldn't you agree fellow Malaysians????

  21. Anonymous1:55 pm

    No no more TDM or any of his kind. a large part of PAK LAH's problems stems from TDM's administration.
    Yet, TDM conveniently tried to heap everything on poor Pak Lah. Poor Pak Lah, I really pity him. All the corruption, cronyism are so entrenched it would take a superhuman to clear them up.
    The votes against PAK LAH is bascically against the system
    sowned during TDM's time and perpetrated till this day.
    We should be able to see who the bigger devil is here. TDM may be cunning but the rakyat now are even more cunning.

  22. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Paklah and Khairy should let other people to lead and don't wait for other BN or UMNO members to kick his butt. The result really show Paklah weak leadership and from my obsevation there is a few factors :-

    - Long campainging days 13 days but lots of BN machinenary not ready loads of contena bringing election poster etc only arrive on 1-03-08

    - INEXPERIENCE THINKTANK to counter attack or explain to voter specially sms and emailing

    - Infighting in BN components eg. MCA doing their cleansing on Team B with only Dr Yeow left but was not appointed to state liason chairman for NS. UMNO whereas Khairy is so busy preparing for his PM seat at age 40 has making UMNO members `killing' each other to make sure that only their choice of leader left behind.

    - New young voters as much as 30% were ignored b'cos Khairy though that is OXBRIDGE brains is damn bloody genius

    - Paklah RESIGN now and you can enjoy your honeymoon.

  23. Congragulation Rocky,DAP,PAS and PKR, You won not because you are strongs but merely becasue the silent majorities and BN supporters deliberatly voted for you. They wanted to sent a message to BN.They wanted to rock BN.They wanted to jolt BN. The wanted BN to regret for not listening from THE GRASSROOT MEMBERS . So opposition, dont be happy, Penang,Kedah,Perak and Selangor wont be like Kelantan. You might rule half way the term or even only for 1 term. DAP,PKR and PAS can never agreed on anything except denying BN majority for their own interest. For rakyat sake, they cant do much, to many heads with to many direction. PAS wants an Islamic State ,DAP want to eraded Malay rights and form Malaysian Malaysia while PKR is more on Anwar or revenge. The people voted and the winning votes came form BN, the so called protest votes or angry votes.But wait a minute, what if, IF opposition proved they can managed well in the five states, better than BN. No money wasted, Local council more prudent and responsible, roads are maintained regurlary not when election time, improved in public transport, transparency, reform syabas and reduce the tariffs, improve trafics Jams or focus on trafic management rather than building more interchange, new roads and tolls/ Built covered pedestrian road for cyclist to cushion petrol hike, what happen if they managed to achived that?. Sorry BN, the next election , you will have to move out from Putra Jaya, in other words 'BUCK UP' OR else 'GET LOST'

  24. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    The current status of UMNO(BN) was also contributed by the Old Coot. What about Najib? He is no saint either. The dismantling of the judiciary? ... many other woes which, Mahathir mudah lupa".

  25. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Can someone pls tell me what has happened to Malaysiakini?

  26. I am getting all excited!
    My mind start to telling me stories
    This is the new dawn for Malaysians
    We aren’t thinking of race when we voted

    BN still forms the government
    It doesn’t have muscles to amend laws
    This time BN leaders must walk carefully
    They shouldn’t be hiding whispering campaigns
    Staring at the pot of shining yellow light

    The whole ground swelled
    Nothing is seen like it before
    The peoples’ power has spoken
    It is the way for the people

    This is the start
    Something good coming our way
    By the next round Barisan Rakyat
    Send the BN to its ground
    Licking the sand and pebbles
    Drink the dirty water
    Know it is time BN learned
    Don’t forget one’s root
    When success comes one’s way

    The new peoples’ representatives
    They mustn’t forget to be humble
    It is a prerogative that they remember
    When services are for the people and country
    Nothing about self worth…………it is a sacrifice
    When serving the people

  27. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Congratulations to all elected representatives, irrespective of BN or Barisan Rakyat.

    It is time for reconciliation and time to do some soul-searchings concerning the future of this country!

    It's neither the time for recrimination nor the time for ridiculing the ruling coalition.

    It would be apt for Barisan Rakyat to request a round-table discussion/negotiation with BN so that an amicable solurion/agreement can be worked out so as to enable the country to move forward henceforth.

    I am sure we all DIDN'T set out to exact retributions from the BN government. The main objectives were & are to move the country towards a more demmocratic society with tranparency & accountability & good governance.

    And I hope & appeal to(beg, if you want)Tun Dr. Mahathir to tone down the rhetoric. What's past is past, it's all water under the bridge now. Maybe Tun can even appoach AAB to reconcile the differences one more time. We all can be right sometimes, and wrong other times. No one is perfect. In politics, there is no permanent friend or enemy.

    This is a young & fragile democracy you all have set in train. Do not ABUSE it! Practise with CARE! You all do not want it to end prematurely! In the process of change, there is no loser or winner. Only democracy has triumphed!

    Don't go down the road of Phillipones & Thailand!

    Take care!

    Again, DON'T ABUSE IT!

  28. Anonymous2:58 pm


    This is the victory of the people who made an informed decision against long-standing corruption and tyranny in this nation. We needed a figurehead like Anwar Ibrahim to unite the parties, but it was the people who made that smart choice - a quantum leap of sorts - to vote for change. The BN's shocking defeat is a big slap on the face for Badawi and his present tenure is shaky to say the least. Unseen forces within UMNO are bound to play it out in the next few months to unseat him from the reins of power.

    If Pak Lah resign, Najib will step up and it will then be back to old-style cronyism and nepotism; and worse, Mahathir;s dictatorial era will be back again to haunt us. Najib is very much worse and is a cold blooded person...Tunku Razaleigh once said Najib is neither friend of Malay, nor Chinese or Indian Not even the faraway Mongols either. Altantuuya had proven that to us in broken bits and pieces.

    Remember, if Badawi is forced out, Najib will take over. This is Mahathir's agenda, and it is the agenda of old Umno guards who irreparably corrupted this nation in the first place. And we all know what Najib stands for...Altantuuya, multimillion (whopping $500m to be exact) defense contract fees and what not and getting away with murder for all that.

    Mahathir purposely held a Press Conference to push his own selfish agenda (he thinks and acts like he is still the Prime Minister in charge!), and by proxy, to pave the ground for Mukhriz's ascension to power. Standing next in line to Najib. But foremost, he would want Najib to take over from Badawi. When he does, we can forget about Altantuuya and the RCI into the heinous VK Lingam tape scandal. And it will be a return to strong-arm rule all over again for Bolehland citizens. We are not supposed to allow that to happen. That's why we voted in the BR to change all that.
    People, do not forget that during Mahathir's reign, every scandal that dogs this godforsaken land were kept tightly under wraps in absolute secrecy and there were no lack of convenient bogeymen to take the flak. That's Mahathir in action.

    It wasn't Mahathir who stomped the country for change. It was Anwar.

    To pre empt Mahathir making a comeback the back-door way, we need to install Anwar back into Parliament. To do that, Badawi must show magnanimity to his arch-foe of yore. He must befriend his old enemy to beat off a bigger threat from Mahathir and Najib. The tide has changed somewhat and it's going to be tougher than it seems on the surface.

    Many will see this election's results as a vindication for the BR, but other disgruntled Umno members like hidden-agenda Mahathir, watch-and-wait Najib (and impatient Khairy) will see this as an opportunity to grab power and the booty that comes along. The next few months will see Mahathir staging a "hidden-dragon" coup to oust Badawi from the hotseat. Najib will bide his time before his next move, meanwhile, smiling behind our backs like the "crouching tiger." Just watch and see.

    Pak Lah, to redeem himself from the GE12 debacle, now only needs to do two things foremost.

    The first thing Abdullah Badawi needs to do is to clean up the mess of a corrupt judiciary and the sycophantic media of the old guard dating back to the 80s.

    Corruption will always exist, but the judiciary and the media in any democracy acts as the first and last line of defence watchdog. Instead, we have had lapdogs barking against the voices of the people for too long. The shocking mediocrity of the mainstream media is pathetic. The corruption of the judiciary is endemic. Both already rotten to the core and beyond repair. A complete overhaul of the rot and decay is not out of place. They still have not come to grips with the new political landscape yet.

    It is important that members of the old guard from Mahathir's era are not allowed to worm back in. We should start from a clean slate. Such a move per se will checkmate any of Mahathir's hidden agenda plans, post-GE12. It is in the national interest that Badawi do just that.

    He will save the people of this country the heartache and pain they went through under Mahathir's wretched rule.

    Bring back the RULE OF LAW (the JUDICIARY) and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION (abrogate and repeal the archaic and repressive press laws). A win-win to himself and to us, the ordinary citizens. A saving grace in his political swan-song. God Blesshim. God Bless us all. Amen.

    Sorry, folks, if I opted for plagiarism in the above 2-sen worth.

  29. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Pak Rocky,
    Kenapa Pak Lah harus letak jawatan.
    Kalau sayalah jadi Pak Lah, Saya tak akan Letak Jawatan,Dengan Pak lah meletak Jawatan belum tentu UMNO atau BN boleh berubah kearah yang lebih baik.Belum tentu UMNO dan BN tak rosak.Tugas paklah sekarang lebih senang, Mana-mana kementerian yang tak dak menteri kerana dah kalah tu, lantik sahaja CEO yang diberi gaji untuk uruskan jabatan-jabatan dibawah kementeriannya.JUSA dan PTD yang ada tu lantik secara kontrek saja.
    lagipun JUSA dan PTD tu buat perabih khazanah kerajaan saja.
    Berbondong-bondong ramainya, profesyenal kunun,Cakap banyak, Tapi, nak tolong bantu Pak Lah supaya rakyat sayang Pak Lah tak ada kepandaianpun, pandai menekan kakitangan bawahan saja tapi yang buat kerja pada realitinya adalah kumpulan sokongan yang gajinya dan kedihidupannya tak seberapa.
    jadi, pak lah jangan resign: paklah ikut apa yang rakyat mau. Bukan ikut cakap orang yang ada kepentingan tertentu.

  30. Anonymous3:19 pm

    shut your mouth mahathir,you stinker!

  31. Anonymous3:23 pm

    i was eating in a coffee shop and heard one of the most heart warming things i have ever heard. this old and i think not really educated woman said: "It does not matter who wins so long as they deliver what they promise to the people." So people are not really particular about who forms the government, so long as they can prove they are sincere, and put the interest of the rakyat at their heart.

  32. Anonymous3:24 pm

    I pray that Mahathir will be brought to justice for destroying the nation for more than 20 years. Stop talking to this criminal.

  33. To Datuk Seri Abdullah and the BN, it's time for some real and honest assessment. With cool minds and with open hearts. Not with anger, not with hatred. Them self generated report cards are of no use now. So as the BN's achievements for the past so many years. It's time to get new advisers. Those with sound minds, sound advices and very minimal self interests. It's time to get rid of them redundant politicians and them dudes who had been doing more harm to BN than good(if that includes you, then you too).

    And please don't exact revenge on the rakyat for exercising their rights. Transferring them teachers and civil servants say from Kedah or Selangor to Sabah or Sarawak is just plain inhumane.

    Let's now hope the new victors in the 4 states deliver their promises and not fall into the same malaise that they had been accusing the BN guilty of.

  34. Anonymous3:27 pm

    TDM has no rights to condemn Pak Lah. He is the one who actually messed up Malaysia. Pak Lah just inherited a 'rotten apple' from TDM.

    I agree Pak Lah should resign but Najib is unqualified to take over simply he is 'tainted' with Atlantuya case. As long as the case not being solved yet, Najib cannot be the PM.

    Perhaps Musa Hitam should come out from retirement and appointed to the PM post. I think Musa Hitam is acceptable to Malaysians.

  35. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Malaysians have spoken LOUD and CLEAR! The message is "We have no confidence in your leadership". If the PM continues to live in isolation and pretends that everything is ok ... he might face a much more humiliating EXIT. Leave now... its the BEST time!

    Accept the fact that YOU ARE NOT A LEADER but merely a FOLLOWER!

    Thank you for all the damage that you've inflicted upon this country and her citizens.

    p/s The Kepala Batas mosque committee is looking for a 'imam hadhari'....try your luck there Pak Lah.



  36. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Feels so fishy. Almost like a conspiracy. This was what got BN the trouncing they had this saturday. All the in fighting in their respective components. Looks like they ended up using the "divide and rule" to destructive effect on themselves.

  37. Anonymous3:46 pm

    I'm a BN supporter but this time I gave parliament to PAS and state seat to BN in protest.

  38. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Siti Hajar said

    Congratulations, Tun! You created the mess and now it has blown in someone else's face. As you know yourself based on your experience in 1999, Malaysians can take care of themselves. Don't try to hijack this glory from us. We booted Pak Lah, not you. Go rest, you're retired.

  39. Anonymous3:58 pm

    Pot calling the kettle black ni?!!

  40. Both are totally useless! The key word is GREED.

    They are not meant to serve all Malaysians but own self, family members and cronies.

    They should go together.

  41. Anonymous4:16 pm

    I'm so glad Malaysians have voiced their frustrations! I was scared the people wouldn't have done so as they might have been afraid of the possible concequences.
    What a wake up call for BN! Pak Lah needs to swallow his pride and show a bit of dignity by resigning. From what i've seen, he's managed to not only create a divide between the races, but also create one between the malays as well.
    My guess is Badawi will be asked to resign, and Najib will become the new PM. Hopefully he can restore some unity and some pride.
    Btw - i liked the story of Dr M indirectly thanking the bloggers... Keep up the good work!

  42. As I see it, the era of race-based politics is over. Let's bury UMNO, MCA and MIC and go for a multi racial based parties.
    Pick some of the elected MPs from these BN parties to cross over to PKR and let's form a new government with Anwar as PM.
    However this cross over will come about after the by election in Permantang Pauh. Meanwhile allow Anwar to do the groundwork.

  43. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Mahash*t please keep your mouth shut.Shame on you. You have your own agenda. I want a clean Prime Minister not Badawi or Najib or even that son-in-law. Anyone who hate Anwar will see his downfall.Look at what had happened to Aziz Shamsuddin, Zainudin anak Maidin, Samy....more to come.

  44. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Pak Lah is master of flip flop. 2004 won big, 2008 lose badly, 2012win lagi big. Whatever said, it was the ex who created all this problem which slowly coming out of the closet. And if Mahathir really was to care for the country he should have waited until everything is calm down before commenting.

  45. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Tu lah Paklah asyik dok tido je...tengok apa dah jadi buat malu kaum UMNO je,,,,tidolah lagi ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  46. Anonymous4:55 pm

    It is not Paklah who has destroyed UMNO/BN. It is TDM. He started destroying it wayback when Ku Li fought him, that he rode roughshod over his oppositions, violating every single principle of democracy. TDM won but in the process created a monster that justifies means for ends, a cancerous culture that subsequently became the norm of UMNO. As with cancer, we now see the ravaging effects. I have no love for TDM, Paklah or any of the UMNO leaders who have constantly betrayed the nation. My fervent wish is for a wipe out of UMNO in the next election. And yes Rocky, your obsession with TDM is indeed worrisome.

  47. Anonymous5:04 pm

    let him stay as najib is more corrupt than a mongolian whoreslaver

  48. Anonymous5:04 pm

    No Najib! no Hishamuddin or Mukriz will revive Umno. MCA & MIC = FAIL and soon to be irrelevant!! BN is gonna be WIPE OUT the next election in Negeri Sembilan, soon Melaka and later JB. The people has tasted the POWER, real POWER in their hands and they WON'T EVER RETURN IT BACK. The winds of changes swept everything. The coming beruk beruk will be sent to Kamunting for ISA next!!! We're waiting and abiding our time only. They will be the one causing racial problems etc and show their true beruk forms in the opposition. Unfortunately, in the government they also act like beruk already. 50 years of memories, hardship will never be forgotten by the people! MCA......please disband if you still have some *pure/clean* inch of conscience within you

  49. Anonymous5:07 pm

    BN will never be the same. The deep hatred of Umno, MCA & MIC within our hearts will never melt....its burning!! BURNING WITH PASSION!!! You have destroy our current futures, we won't want you to be back to destroy our childrens future!!! We have recorded enough materials to last as opposition materials against BN for the last 10000000 years!!!! We remember!!!

  50. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Pak Rocky,
    Saya kakitangan yang makan gaji.Orang melayu. Orang islam. Orang UMNO.Murah gajinya.Ada Enam orang anak bersekolah.Hamba kerajaan yang susah.Orang macam saya kalau diberi pilihan antara NAJIB dan Pak Lah untuk dipilih jadi pemimpin perdana, saya akan pileh Pak lah.kenapa? sebab saya rasa Pak Lah lebih memahami erti perkataan orang SUSAH berbanding dengan NAJIB.

  51. Anonymous5:27 pm

    Hey Uncle Maha-teh! Belum bangung ka? We malaysian are now opened our eye and brain la.... Nothing to do with Pak la....Even it's you, will be same la....if no cheating cheating vote...polla

  52. Anonymous5:42 pm

    Come on... give the old man a break. You guys wanted democracy, you got it!

    With all the transparency under his stewardship (e.g. the judicial corruption which actually happened during TMM's time, his indication of oil price hike which by the way, is happening everywhere in the world, etc), no wonder people are angry! He showed transparency, and people punished him for this!

    I guess Malaysians are really not ready to face reality...the former govt should have painted a rosy pix (like the opposition did, regardless if it was true or false) to win.

  53. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Kenapa saya pangkah/pilih pembangkang? Kerana BN/UMNO telah menyakitkan hati saya dlm perkara berikut:
    1. Mulut celupar Zainudin anak Maidin-kami bukan budak tak sekolah
    2. Mulut celupar Khairi Jamaludin-terlalu bongkak
    3. Mengeji Anwar
    4. Isu Pengajaran BahasaInggeris dlm Math dan Sains-Badawi pekak tuntutan rakyat
    5. Korupsi dalam pentadbiran
    6. Isu Lingam-nak tutup ke
    7. Cakap tak serupa bikin
    8.Mulut celupar Badarudin
    9. Mulut celupar-Tutup sebelah mata YB Jasin
    10.Mulut celupar Kinabatangan
    11.Mengugut Bangsa lain seperti Keris
    12.Beri wang/habuan masa pilihanraya-ingat kami bodoh ke
    13.Guna media TV,radio,surat khabar untuk mencaci pembangkang-ingat bapak kamu punya ke

    Tidorlah lagi.....

  54. Anonymous5:55 pm

    agreed with all... Najib will make matters worst... we need new management now.. no Najib... No Khairy .. no family in the business. We need integrity, honest, transparency, no greedy and share the cakes with others equally... everybody knows about Rosmah....

  55. Corect! Corect Corect!

  56. Anonymous6:02 pm

    1. UMMO should return the main stream media to malaysian. Let Raja Petra /Rocky/Malaysiakini/Jeff Ooi/Nadeswaram etc take over NSTP/STAR/UTUSAN/SUN/TV3/RTM without the "laws around its neck". This will act as a check and balance on who ever runs the country. The freedom of the media is the way forward.
    2. The best, irrespective of race, should be allowed to run the GLCs, as an effective and efficient industry, instead of as a "dog" to UMMO, to earn profits for the nations.
    3. Profits from GLCs should be shared with the people
    4. ACA and Audit Negara, should report directly to Parliment, i.e. to the people.
    5. National Budget should be serious and construtive, and not used as a tool for election/feel good program.
    6. Back to the good old days of honesty, and understanding by all MPs, state assemblymen/women, so as to get the respect of people.
    7. Serve the people and not be served by the people - hence local council elections sjould be introduced.

  57. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Thru BN, people like Anwar, Kit Siang, Tian Chua, Karpal, Hindraf leaders, all sent to Kamunting, tied, beaten & humiliated. People that has gone thru these episodes in their life will change. They have EARNED the real title of YB!!! THE YB GIVEN LEGITAMATELY by the Rakyat. And not those born out of gold spoon feeding the mouth and beruk, low standard crooks masquarade as holy almighty arrogant SOB!!! I gladly call those people SOB rather then YB. Sorry! as I'm feeling extremely elated and at the same time angry ANGRY WHY WE HAVE TO COME TO THIS!!! We should have done it SOONER!!!! *cry*....all the stars in heaven align this year for us. We have now done it!

  58. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Dr.M is so busy rejoicing over Badawi's Pyhrric victory that he's forgotten another old enemy that has come back from the grave: Anwar Ibrahim

    Meanwhile, UMNO people have been stopped from entering the State Govt. HQ in Shah Alam & Ipoh. No time to shred the files, so Khir Toyo's & Tajol's skeletons will be revealed from their cupboards.

    As RPK said, this year's UMNO Assembly will be interesting. The factions of Najib (with Dr.M in the background), Pak Lah, Kerismuddin & kHairan will be at each other's throats.

    Najib may be be Altantuya-ed when the trial resumes. If Pak Lah can't remain PM, then his enemy Najib also cannot. Also, I won't be surprised if a few ACA investigations are done on Dr.M and Najib... as part of Badawi's game to prove he's tough on corruption.

    The upside is, this infighting will eventually weaken Umno.

    Anwar for PM in 2013?

  59. Now that the election is over and the rakyat have chosen, we should perhaps let parliament now takes its course and stop the criticism, some of which borders on character assassination. Ultimately, the change of the leader have to come from within UMNO.
    From what I have heard, perhaps we should go straight to one of the 3 vice-presidents as successor. One person who seems to have come out favourably is Tan Sri Muhyiddin. Anyone has views?


  60. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Mahathir says Badawi should resign. If I am in Badawi's place, before I goI would make sure all the shit on Najis and Madhathir is exposed. And make sure the whole world knows about it.

  61. Anonymous8:59 pm

    PWM: Press Statement on Appointment of CM/MB
    Sun, 09/03/2008 - 16:01 — admin

    135-3 Jalan Toman 7
    Kemayan Square 70200

    09 March 2008


    HINDRAF congratulates opposition parties for their success.

    The opposition parties should appreciate the "Makkal Sakthi" wave
    created by HINDRAF as it is the root cause for change in mindset and political
    maturity of all races.

    HINDRAF demands that DAP and Keadilan appoint a deputy Menteri Besar/Chief
    Minister in the state of Selangor, Penang and Perak to show their sincerity towards
    the Indian community.

    HINDRAF urges DAP and Keadilan to appoint M. Manoharan as deputy Menteri Besar
    for the state of selangor.

    HINDRAF cautions DAP and Keadilan not to shortchange/betray the indian
    community and the trust placed upon them.

    P. Waytha Moorthy
    Currently in New Delhi

    p/s: Please send this statement out via email/sms to everyone you know.

    * Official Stateme

  62. Anonymous9:56 pm

    I'm agree with the Guy in the glass

    Since Pak Lah and Najib is too questionable for the PM post. Why not Tan Sri Muhyiddin? He's proven his ability with his track record. Kementerian Belia & Sukan - rakan muda started during his tenureship - a successfull one I shall say. Ministry of Agriculture - pertanian adalah perniagaan - thank God instead we import more.. we produce more FOOD. He did change things for the better one. I see no problem with him.

    But PROBLEMS are with Pak lah (who always say.. "tak apa lah") and Najib (not proven guilty yet but I see no credibility in him).

    Anyway, this is just my humble opinion! God bless Malaysia! :)

  63. In all probability, TDM is the "shadow Shogun" who quietly asks
    his loyal supporters to vote Pas in areas where Pas stands against UMNO, and to vote PKR where UMNO stands against PKR.

    This is to ensure UMNO lose big-time so that the blame will fall on Abdullah!

    The present election has nothing to do with DAP, PKR,PAS, MCA,MIC, GERAKAN, etc, fighting for power.

    It is these shadow shoguns in UMNO fighting at each other to ensure their candidate wins the P.M's seat.
    Khairy wants to be P.M., Najib wants to be P.M., Anwar wants to be P.M., Hadi wants to be P.M.,althought Anwar and Hadi are not in UMNO.

    Those non-bumis are merely pawns
    in this chess game! Now everyone waits to see who is check-mated and how will the end game play out.

  64. Anonymous10:41 pm

    it's time for BN to merge with the opposition to form ONE party and let DSAI be the PM ?.. and Najib can continue doing with whatever he enjoy doing it now .. :)

  65. Anonymous10:42 pm

    it's time for BN to merge with the opposition to form ONE party and let DSAI be the PM ?.. and Najib can continue doing with whatever he enjoy doing it now .. :)

  66. Anonymous10:42 pm

    it's time for BM to merge with the opposition to form ONE party and let DSAI be the PM ?..

  67. Anonymous10:42 pm

    it's time for BM to merge with the opposition to form ONE party and let DSAI be the PM ?..

  68. Anonymous10:43 pm

    it's time for BM to merge with the opposition to form ONE party and let anwar be the PM ?..

  69. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Dr.M, u have all my support after all that you have given to the nation since my childhood until ur retirement..for me, all the people that are not thankful for what you have done is "tak tahu mengenang budi", after all,they are using the things that comes from ur brain.
    The statement is a well said,its either out or start doing their job,this time they need to really2 do something to our country.but i would not agree for najib to be a PM, i prefer Mukhriz.
    Thanks to Dr. Koh Tsu Khoon for doing a very good job for 12 yrs to my hometown Penang.Its a waste for losing someone like you, hope there will b a come back in next election.

    -A Citizen-

  70. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Its not Pak Lah who should be taking the full blame. Dr Mahathir is the ROOT cause of the rot that is Malaysia right now that Pak Lah simply has no mental capacity to address. Dr Mahathir destroyed the judiciary, he corrupted BPR and PDRM, he set the rule that those in power must enrich himself above all else.

    If there is a single person to be blame for BN's losses, it is Dr Mahathir.

    May he burns in the eternal flames of hell.

  71. Anonymous11:33 pm

    I say man...
    doesn't mean that we voted BA means we have converted from BN...
    We did that just to teach PL, SIL, HP4 & 4th floor a lesson. Only when BA delivers their manifesto will people probably convert.
    So don't put ur hopes to high that the next round BA will win this big again....

  72. Anonymous12:01 am

    I begged to either DAP,PKR and PAS to appoint at least 1 Indian leader as Deputy CM/MB. Don't ever deceive Indian peoples as 95% of Indian votes went to Opposition.
    If Opposition wants to capture Parliment next term you must do this immediately.
    Hidup .. Makkal Sakthi !!

  73. Anonymous12:30 am

    Im a loyal umno suppoter since in school, but never have I see a weak Malay leader leading the nation like Pak Lah,...he might be snile as he leaves everything to his son in law...
    Najib might have few scandal as people say,..but didn't the great Jack Kennedy too before?..But look how he is remembered till today..
    So, I say Najib should step up now and show Malaysians that he does has the quality of his late father...
    As much as I dislike the current PM and his konco..I will never support opposition, esp DAP and Keadilan,..Anwar is a snake,..just as sneaky or even worse then KJ,..PAS however I have a soft spot, me if they just change a bit that show they too can be a moderate muslim party,..they can also be part of BN,..they were after all part of coalition before Merdeka.
    I think we need to have another party in BN that also represent Malay people...
    Wahtever it is,..please resign Pak Lah,..for Malaysia sake,..for UMNO sake and BN sake,..pls resign.
    Hidup Umno! Hidup BN!

  74. Anonymous1:06 am

    I'm so proud of Malaysians for the first time in 50 years. You have used the powers of your vote to send a very powerful message to the BN to next time listen to what the electorate wants. You all have done your country justice by voting out the powerful BN election machine and put in place the Opposition that will get rid (I hope) the corruption, dirty politics and racist policies of BN. Replace it with good governance. Good riddance to BN and to Pak Lah!

  75. Anonymous1:07 am

    Good riddance to Samy Vellu and his corrupt and gangsta MIC.

  76. The brilliant TDM contributed immensely to the nation. However, mere material development does not make a successful nation and people.It seems to TDM's fervent, breathless supporters that the means justified the ends.

    I don't support Pak Lah's weak administration, but to be fair, kalau under TDM, ALL these bloggers and voices would be in ISA. At the very least, his, less than iron fisted rule has allowed the people to finally express their sentiments about what has plagued UMNO and BN for DECADES.

    Remember, the judiciary was raped under TDM's rule, Najib profited under TDM's rule, Mat Taib the 500 million dollar man was caught under TDM's rule, Thambi Chik raped an underaged girl under TDM's rule, the massive bailouts of his offspring was under his rule, and have we forgotten Renong,Halim, Tajuddin,the still suffering ISA detainees (frm his time), the wasteful Sepang F1 track (a personal weekend racetrack of soneone's offsprings and friends) etc2 etc2...

    With the allowance given under Pak Lah's tenure, we have had the chance to have our say (it was OUR voice, THE RAKYAT at all levels (bukan semua are privileged netizens) BUKAN TDM's, his is more of a personal grudge).

    We have finally been allowed to breathe and make our voices HEARD! Like one the commenters said, this thing was waiting to blow, and it is unfortunate that Pak Lah's face bore the brunt of it..helped tremendously by his greedy SIL...

    Never forget when the rot started. Melayu mudah lupa bila sudah besotted. (with all due respect to my friends).

  77. The current situation encapsulates what has long been our predicament - that our politicians and government have been motivated by self-interest and in-fighting for power, instead of governing the country. Please explain how Najib, Pak Lah or any of these other fools are capable of propelling Malaysia's economy and state into the 21st century. It is shameful that these guys are incapable of matching the intelligence of the Singaporean politicians, who have at least been looking after the economy instead of stealing from their people.

  78. Anonymous9:46 am

    Pak Lah shouldn't be PM. The only PM i knew who can make Malaysians happy are Dr. M alone. I laugh when I looked at the TV ads by the BN because all those achievements were done by Dr. M. Pak Lah is no where near the picture. I congratulate to all the people of Malaysia for you guys are brave and strong to stand up for what we believe as the people of Malaysia. We want change, we want our voices to be heard and listened...

  79. Anonymous9:49 am

    Abdullah Badawi is the least evil in UMNO leadership. Najib is a big crook. If Najib leads the country, a new VK Lingam, a new Rahim Nor etc will be born. Najib is good for UMNO but bad for Malaysia.

  80. Anonymous10:25 am

    Mahathir is no sugar plum babe in the woods. He like many of the current corrupt Barisan Nasional leaders is responsiple for shackling the judicary, using the police to fabricate false allegations against political opponents, and is one of the major reasons this country spiraled to the filth pit.

    So, lets not romance the former cheif dictator aka "roti seller" and his bread of anti-Semetic, anti-Western, anti-transparent bucket of dung.

    This crook is the Malaysian version of Fidel Castro and if he was still in power would have made all non-muslim religons illegal while arresting and send anyone who exposed it to Kamunting.

    Those who idolise him may need some "kopi keras" and a long look at his track record of NGOs, political dissidents and individuals he unlawfully arrested and detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA)>

    Rock, I understand you look up to him as some sort of hero figure or mentor or even saviour, but it is unwise in my view to seek advice or commentary from an arsonist when a nation is burning with Barisan mental midgets.

    Old dictators like Mahathir should take a lesson from old P. Ramlee movies, just blend into that black and white realm and leave reality to the current generation.

    It is hard enough to deal with the corrupt leadership of this term without being constantly reminded and referenced with the former.

    Mahathir needs a healthy dose of "truthmeal bread" and take his medicine before the reality of his hand in the May 13th bloody riots, malicous lies and attacks against Tunku and other dastardly plots are acknowledged and brought to resolution.

    If any Umno member needs to be sentenced to prison, he is a long overdue candidate.

  81. Anonymous10:55 am

    Can't really understand TDM....Najib's just as bad as Bodowi, so why should TDM be lobbying for that womaniser!!??

  82. Anonymous11:40 am

    I'm not really into politics. However, reading all of the comments and feedbacks on the recent PRU intrigues me. Well, truth is I simply think current PM s**ks! Big time! Just watching him giving speech make me sleep... It was never like that with the Good'ol Doc. (as referred by you :)) Look at pak dollah... I have predicted he would not last long and i have predicted he would bring more debts to our country just you wait and see. What the hell with those corridors??? I still believe TDM's cancelled bridge is wayyyy much better that all those rubbish projects extravanganza. TDM is an inspiration despite his weak links. He is someone who thinks aheah of time. Why he wants the bridge so bad? For our good or others (etc. S'pore)? Go figure... Of course he shared his bad influence to the nation but please la... it's the nature of politic... I doubt even if Anwar becomes PM, things get better. Anwar for me is very cloudy... Don't really know what's happening with him although I strongly disagree with the punishment he received but I can't say I belive he didn't make a mistake somewhere to landed him with years of hell. Something must have happened and people can only rely on talks of others to form their opinions. Only he and TDM know the real truth. So, I can't say I will vote him for PM, he seems too ambitious to be a PM, maybe that's why he's sacked. And TDM had no choice but to appoint Pak Lah. It does shown that Anwar won't stop though. Not even after so much humiliation. I simply don't agree of our leaders going abroad shaming our country. Won't trust such person to keep the nation's dignity remains unintact. Oh by the way,
    what the hell is the s*** son i laws of pak dollah doing in the election. He should be thrown to karakkatua for all I care. And Najib, man if you really wanna be a great PM that scandal of altantuya... go get it solve before it darkens your political resume.

    p/s: every people has its goods and bads... paklah-khairy combo is definitely the later

  83. Anonymous5:07 pm

    The people has waken up and spoke with their votes..Such a drastic loss by BN are caused by the following reasons

    1. Their arrogance especially their little napoleans in dealing with several issues of the rakyat such as the Zakaria mansion in Klang etc. thinking we will always forget after a while

    2. The lack of leadership skills and firm direction of Badawi in chariting the course for the nation

    3. The KJ factor.. no need to say more la...

    4. The inability of Badawi to control his ministers and their wrongdoin such as our beloved ex Work minister and many more

    5. The lack of explanation on the causes of the various price hike such as oil that is really out of our control

    6. The blatant misuse of fund by his various administrators from the federal level ie purchase of super expensive pens by the Sport Ministry to to the many councils like MPSJ, MBPJ etc inefficiency.. potholes on roads, stupid landscaping projects..

    7. The perceived corruptions that's still happening everywhere...

    8. Too many old guards that doesnt follow the changes in the country and what the rakyat really wants from the Gov.. These people should have been booted out long ago ie Rafidah, Samy Vellu etc

    9. The total disregard for the many professionals in the country who can play a big part in building the nation but has no interest in the many moeny politics that has plagued the nation for decades

    10. The inability of the ruling coalition to make use of the current technology ie blog, sms etc to reach out to the rakyat.. we are not a stupid nation ok

    11. The "sweeping under the carpet" disease for all controversies ie misuse of funds every year, zakaria mansion.. again people are not forgetful..

    12. The bad timing in calling for the election when hot issues are still around on the ground.. again poeple dont forget easily

    13. The various weakness in the coalition parties MCA - although hardworking but lack of strong voice against UMNO on certain issues such as the unwarranted comments by some MP in their Party election. People perceives this equivalent to being a slave or worse a dog. Also the way they treated one of their best MP - Dr Chua over the DVD scandal lack the stature of a respected big party looking after their community rights. I would have stand behind Dr Chua during that difficult time as this has nothing to do with his work ability.

    MIC - no need to say more, Samy should have retire many years ago with Tun Dr Ling and let the community chart a new course. It's never gonna be easy but people wil know that they do try.. Hope the result of the election was a good birthday present for him !

    UMNO - Too arrogant, boastful and all talk.. let the able leader such as Muhyiddin lead the party.. young leaders should be groomed but not KJ whom is a real hypocrite and snake!!

    Honestly, the only way for BN to win again is to clean up all these mess and problems of corruption.. easy said than done.. whether Badawi step down or Najib becomes PM are not rleevant cause both are equally useless. BN need a total overhaul as how DAP and PKR has done the last few years since their defeat at the last 2 elections.

    I'm hopeful the new gov will fulfill their promise but deep inside i know they might just be as screwed up as BN with their different ideology, inexperience and perhaps greed of power that comes with it. Best measurement for the rakyat is how bad it will be.. it its really bad, BN will have a chance... too bad i dont have a crystal ball yet..


  84. The ugly old man is only trying to get his handpick successor najib to be the pm. I believe the two must have some secret agreement to promote the old fox's son once this is successful.

  85. Anonymous5:38 pm

    I was just thinking. If this happened during Mahathir's time what would have happened.

    I am sure he will play the race card. So why is he asking Pak lah to resign. All this rot started from Mahathir

    Comeon people, didn't you see who was the mother (or architect) of all this corruption and rot. Pak lah merely is the contractor of the house Mahathir built.