Saturday, February 23, 2008

yB aspirants at BaRak launch

Event: Launch of People's Declaration
Venue: Blog House
Time: just over, without incident.

Wee Choo Keong, Chegubard, Nurul Izzah, Ronnie Liu, Dr Siti Maria were among candidates at hand during the launch of the People's Declaration (Piagam Rakyat) by a group of concerned citizens who have been called, or who have called themselves Barisan Rakyat (BaRak).

DAP, Pas, PKR, and MDP sent reps to formally endorse the Declaration. Pasok, a BN component party in Sarawak, called RPK to re-affirm that they are IN.

Several reps from the ruling coalition were also there.

The Barisan Nasional, however, has not endorsed the document.

Lawyer Haris Ibrahim said the document is a gift from the rakyat to the candidates who wish to endorse it.

The Piagam Rakyat, in a nutshell, calls for efforts to create a Malaysia for all Malaysians, to kill corruption, eradicate poverty, bring back genuine democracy, free Press, and an independent judiciary.

At the heart of the Declaration is a wish to do away with race-based political parties, education system, and economic opportunities. .

"For too long, this country's civil society movement has been detached from the political process.

"No more

"Today, the Rakyat is the boss!"


  1. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Nurul Izzah is my wakil rakyat!

  2. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Bro Rocky,
    Correct me if I'am wrong.If I not mistaken,Pasok is a political party based in Sabah and not in Sarawak.
    Bob From Kuching

  3. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Barisan Rakyat (BaRak)...... sungguh tak sesuai ... Nanti orang kata Barisan BERAK !!! Tukar segrera sebelum jadi momokan.

  4. Anonymous1:54 pm

    it is the other malaysians who have been wrong. they always ask for special rights of indigenuous people to be done away with. that should never be the case becasue it is 'kurang ajar' because they were the first people to be here and owners of the land. what the other malaysians should do is to ask to share with the indigenuous people "their special rights". that is giving face to people and is very important to human relationships. whether "orang nak share or not their rights" is their prerogative. the task for malaysian malaysia should start from here. no doubt.

  5. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Salam Bro and all would be voters,

    Have made up my mind.


  6. Beyond the label "boss" is who is in real control
    To rule the nation fairly for all inside the roll
    Not to forget to bring relief to those paying the toll
    Treating people as human beings and not like a paper doll

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 230208
    Sat. 23rd Feb. 2008.

  7. Anonymous2:14 pm

    We want Nurul Izzah. The girl is more than a woman can be. I swear. Boy, she is complete.


    Look for the photos of the all Yang Berblog dan Yang Berkhidmat and then put them on your blog. You can contact them to get some "JUICY" photos of theirs or google and then choose, or any other way that you may prefer. Please do so as it goes alongway in helping them fulfil our dream of denying evil BN 2/3. Love (like) you!

  8. Why choose Barak?
    You guys followers of Barrack Obama?
    He keeps his winnings in US of A
    Here the people just starting
    To play a role importantly in this election

    I should say it
    Let it be BR
    It is short and sweet
    Like BN and BA
    And now Bangsa Rakyat
    BR going as the bosses of bosses
    In the general election

    For some it may sound Berak
    It won’t smell good
    In the minds of the people
    So it should be better made over
    Before its name smelling bad

    Name must be sweet
    Aroma rekindles romance
    More so when it is a new name
    Let it clicks immediately
    In the peoples’ minds

    Or else call it Barisan Rakyat
    Move it for the future generation
    Laying the foundation stone
    For the fruit of one’s labor

  9. Thx Bob from Kuching. Yes, Pasok is from Sabah. My apologies.

    As for Barisan Rakyat being called names, some people will do it no matter what.

    In any case, BaRak is not the official short form.
    The long name for it, says Haris, is Barisan Harapan Rakyat.

  10. Jom turun padang, leave the safe zone to change the world....with barisan rakyat!

    Blog kempen p18
    Zulkifli Noording - Kulim Bandar Baharu

  11. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Rockyfella, should the alternative front won GE12, perhaps we may have the first woman PM in this country - a neutral choice with the consensus among the lot - Dr. Wan Azizah, AI's beloved wife.

    A beacon of hope, and someone who portrays the softer and gentler side of Islam. Not one to unleash the creeping Taliban wilddogs that we fear now - barbarians at the gates.

    May GE12 gives us hope and faith in our fellowmen where liberalism and pluralism reigns.

  12. Anonymous2:37 pm

    YB Ronnie announced at the do that for the first time it will be Opposition versus BN in all seats. No 3 or 4-cornered fights like last elections.

    This is the best news. A united Opposition is a formidable Opposition.
    Anyone who wants to stand as the third contestant (as Independent or under one of the Opposition parties) must be viewed as trying to sabotage the Rakyat's wishes.

  13. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Great on rhetorics, idealism but unrealistic.

    Ppl hate BN cause of corruption and Dolah/KJ.

    Otherwise realistically it is fine if things are done fair.

    Urban voters talk of different issues. Rural voters' needs are different.

    Make the whole country prosper and affluent, then we can talk all these issues on democrasy, civil righst, and what not.

    I do not believe we need teh declaration thing done to prosper. Economic prosperity got ntg doing with civil liberty. But economic prosperity create more eductaed crowd.

    Otherwise it is just Raja Petra dan Harris Ibrahim enjoying the ejaculation from their own masturbation.

  14. Anonymous2:48 pm

    I went to this launching meet with an open mind. I am not political. I am not affiliated to any political party but am in support of this Rakyat Manifesto. This Rakyat Declaration is a dream but a dream I would want to see it turn into reality while I am still alive.

    We were told to post any Q&A via emails to the Peoples' Parliament mailbox. But I would have rather asked the questions face-to-face to the representatives of these parties who endorse this declaration. I understand how busy they are and as such time was not permissible.

    But I must say this ~ the absence of any of the components parties in BN endorsing this document (although we were informed there was a rep from UMNO in attendance) is not because they don't share or aspire the visionary objective contents of this Peoples' Declaration. A possible reason is because they see this movement is synonym and affiliated to the opposition parties ~ the parties they are going to contest against.

    It is great to hear too that there will be 1-1 contest all the way...that clearly proved there is solidarity amongst these opposition parties with a common objective ~ to deny the might corrupt BN their 2/3 majority.

    Thank you for the open invitation.

  15. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Maybe..1 to 1 but I am sure a few independant will parachute under Hindraf.

  16. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Apart from agreeing to the declaration, there is a clear need for the opposition to be transparent from the beginning (meaning TODAY, NOW) and describe on how they are going to implement the declaration, as the declaration statements are generally non specific.

    This includes declaring who they are going to elect as the prime minister in the event that they win, so that we voters would know whom we are exactly voting as the future PM of Malaysia.

    Many of the items in the declaration appear to be already incorporated in the Malaysian constitution, legislations and other agreed declaration. The oppositions need to demonstrate how they could make a difference.

  17. thumbs up - oppositions and bloggers...

    i have all along confident that professionals (like both oppositions and bloggers) can behave and deliver promises to rakyat that will and going to select them as representative in coming March 8 election.

    however, keep reassuring the readers and rakyats that there would be 'parachute' candidates sponsored by the 'unknown' simply to make the rakyat confusion and lost in decision making process...

    its like buying a Proton Perdana 2.0i and Toyota Vios 1.5G that offers better safety quality and comfort at similar price range.

    am happy that things went well at Blog House.

    thumbs up again!!!

  18. Anonymous8:29 pm

    and my wish is so simple that i hope everyone in the govenment can follow;

    dont use taxpayers' money to
    pay RM1,500 for a stupid screwdriver, RM10,000 for a stupid reference book, RM1,000 for some stupid brushes........

  19. Anonymous10:09 pm

    My polling station is Sekolah Rendah Agama Pandan Indah. Can anyone please tell me its location?

  20. Sdr,

    Pasok is in trouble. The party has two presidents with their own supreme council line-up. They also have two party HQ.

    Their fate is now in the ROS hand.

  21. Anonymous12:00 am

    Brader, ngape tak ada berita panas. lagi dekat pilihan raya lagi lu cerita tak menariklah punya bahan lah. kasi cerita menarik sikit pergi dengar kempen lah...jangan arm chair reporting lah. Kalau You dengar ceramah. uou boleh tulis macam-macam lah. Beberapa hari sebelum ini syarahan perdana diadakan di mana-mana. takkan you tak tau kut.

  22. Anonymous12:00 am

    Brader, ngape tak ada berita panas. lagi dekat pilihan raya lagi lu cerita tak menariklah punya bahan lah. kasi cerita menarik sikit pergi dengar kempen lah...jangan arm chair reporting lah. Kalau You dengar ceramah. uou boleh tulis macam-macam lah. Beberapa hari sebelum ini syarahan perdana diadakan di mana-mana. takkan you tak tau kut.

  23. Anonymous12:39 am

    Nasihat Untuk Nurul Izzah

    '....Mengimbas suasana ketika itu, Tan Sri Aishah Ghani, 85, yang bertanding di Parlimen Setapak pada pilihan raya umum 1959, banyak menyimpan pengalaman pahit manis ketika rakyat masih mentah dari segi pengalaman pilihan raya.'

    Pada tahun itu, Aishah tewas kepada Ahmad Boestaman, tetapi menang pada pilihan raya umum 1974, 1978 dan 1982 di Parlimen Kuala Langat.

    Nasihat Untuk KJ.

    '....Veteran Umno Melaka, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Tapa, 84, hanya bertanding pada pilihan raya umum 1978, tetapi aktif dalam politik sejak sebelum merdeka dan mempunyai banyak pengalaman berkaitan pilihan raya..... '

  24. Anonymous2:31 am

    yes, dont simply sign away
    taxpayers' money into cronies' pockets and of course more important still, please do not
    turn our court into a whorehouse.

  25. Barak? Agree with caravansera. What kind of name is that? It's an acronym that suggests the one who thought it up is a no-brainer.

  26. Apa hal lak barak, barak ni!!

    All i know, Barak is the 10th Prime Minister of Israel from 1999 to 2001.

    One of your visitor said, Nanti orang kata Barisan BERAK !!! Tukar segrera sebelum jadi momokan.

    Bro, you said, Barisan Harapan Rakyat. Buboh la Hayat, misalnya. Misalnya...

    Ah, banyak lagi acronyms lain yang sedap-sedap...

  27. comedycourt posted a nice song on election at youtube, check it out dude

  28. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Sunday February 24, 2008

    Three-way fight in Kepala Batas?

    PENANG: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi may face a three-way fight for the Kepala Batas parliamentary seat.

    Besides University Al-Azhar graduate Subri Mat Arshad from PAS, an independent candidate may also contest the seat which Abdullah has held since 1978.

    Clearly taken aback when informed by a reporter of the possibility of an independent candidate entering the fray, Abdullah asked whether the person was qualified to contest.

    “Is he or she qualified to contest? This is a free country. Anyone can contest if they are eligible to contest,” he said, adding that it was irrelevant to him whether it was a two, three or four-way fight.

    ada hantuuuuuu....

  29. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Pak Rocky

    Since the PM has opened the Pandora's Box (sort of) that it's not fair to compare Malaysia against Singapore (remember "grapes" and "apples"?), I thought it would be appropriate to have a comparison of the ages of Singapore Cabinet Ministers against their Malaysian counterparts.

    From information available on the Internet, I found that the Singapore ministers are not as young as one would have expected. Let's go down the list:

    Lee Hsien Loong (56)
    Goh Chok Tong (67)
    Lee Kuan Yew (85)
    S. Jayakumar (69)
    Wong Kan Seng (62)
    George Yeo (54)
    Lee Boon Yang (61)
    Mah Bow Tan (59)
    Lim Hng Kiang (54)
    Teo Chee Hean (54)
    Yaacob Ibrahim (53)
    Khaw Boon Wan (56)
    Tharman Shanmugaratnam (52)
    Ng Eng Hean (50)
    Vivian Balakrishnan (47)
    Raymond Lim (49)

    It would be interesting to see how they compare in ages against their Malaysian counterparts.

  30. Anonymous1:59 pm

    The Spore Straits Times had an in-depth report on the upcoming Malaysian elections in its Saturday (Feb 23) paper.

    Covering 6 pages, it offered insights into the Malaysian political process that would not be seen in Malaysian papers.

    There were interesting columns by:

    - Carolyn Hong ("Struggle for renewal")
    - Karim Raslan ("'Best case' for PM Abdullah")
    - Farish Noor ("The worst can't be that bad")
    (incidentally, Farish is a senior fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies at NTU in Spore)
    - Joseph Liow "Islam Hadhari: A slogan gone cold?")
    - Leslie Lopez ("Opposition gains, but at whose expense?")

    Of these, the most pessimistic analyses were from Joseph Liow and Leslie Lopez.

    Thus, Liow wrote:

    "...That Islam Hadhari has been held hostage to race politics became clear when its "lessons" were all but lost at the 2005 and w2006 Umno general assemblies as racial politics reared its head yet again. Several Umno Youth leaders "reminded" non-Malays that they were recipients of Malay-Muslim goodwill that permitted them to merely 'penumpang' (temporarily reside) on Malaysian soil.

    "Given that Islam Hadhari rings hollow in non-Muslim ears today, while it proved a stroke of genius for Datuk Seri Abdullah in 2004, should he turn to it again this time around it will likely be no more than deadweight for his campaign as far as non-Muslims are concerned."

    And Lopez wrote:

    "...Widespread voter apathy and disillusionment with politics will ensure that the Umno-led Barisan Nasional (BN) breezes through the elections with a comfortable two-thirds majority in the 222-member Parliament.

    "As for the opposition, most political analysts expect the BN's rivals to raise their collective representation in Parliament to around 35 seats, up from 20 currently. Even that is on the high side...

    "Many believe that the outcome of Malaysia's 12th elections since independence...will show how this multi-racial country has become more polarised than ever....

    "The current sentiment among the Chinese is that the Abdullah administration has been long on promises, but short on delivery.

    "And their anti-establishment vote will be aimed at delivering a message to the BN not to take the community's backing for granted.

    "The Indian community, long considered a secure vote bank for the BN, is also upset with the government...the expectation is that Indians, like the Chinese, will very likely vote against the BN.

    "This anti-establishment sentiment sweeping the Chinese and Indian communities is likely to prompt the country's dominant Malay voters to also cast their ballots along racial lines.

    "Should such a trend emerge...Umno, which prides itself as the defender of Malay rights, is expected to keep the hefty electoral gains it secured in the 2004 polls.

    "The casualties will be non-Malay candidates from the BN. Candidates from the Chinese and Indian BN-member parties could see the crucial Malay vote desert them.

    "Should this voting pattern pan out, the March 8 election outcome could produce a very fragmented political spectrum - one which will feature a sharply reduced representation of non-Malay parliamentarians in a coalition government dominated by Umno...

    "Umno will hold its own party elections sometime in August.

    "Some analysts fear that aspiring candidates for the party elections could move to burnish their image as protectors of the race by demanding a bigger role in the Cabinet and control of the influential ministries now held by BN's non-Malay representatives.

    "The unenviable task of keeping the BN's decades-old power-sharing pact, which has been the bedrock of Malaysia's success, will weigh even heavier on Datuk Seri PM Abdullah's shoulders."

    I think that Lopez's analysis is both sobering and depressing.

    And it will indeed be ironic if a "soft", "sleepy" and "under-performing" Pak Lah will be called upon to keep the BN's power-sharing pact intact and to win back the non-Malay vote.

    Because the alternatives are simply too frightening to contemplate.

    And which is why both foreign investors and foreign governments will be watching this election results and subsequent political manoeuvring very closely.

  31. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Correction Bro,

    Pasok is an opposition party from Sabah and Not a BN component from Sarawak.

  32. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Singapore TV channel Channel NewsAsia has set up a link on its website for up-to-date coverage of the Malaysian election.

    Check it out at

    You might get to read news not covered in the Malaysian mainstream media.

    Btw, I see that the BN has been returned unopposed in 6 Parliamentary seats thus far.

    What happened to Anwar's claim that a united Opposition would be contesting all the Parliamentary and State seats in this election?

  33. Anonymous6:08 pm


    what happened? Busy lah? Anyway, bro, pliz take the Islam-Hadhari photos on kickdefella website and then put them on your popular blog. Pliz, let the kampung Malays learn a bit of Islam Hadhari. Sheesh!

  34. Anonymous6:37 pm

    ........The Piagam Rakyat, in a nutshell, calls for efforts to create a Malaysia for all Malaysians, to kill corruption, eradicate poverty, bring back genuine democracy, free Press, and an independent judiciary.

    At the heart of the Declaration is a wish to do away with race-based political parties, education system, and economic opportunities........

    also add MERITOCRACY into the equation, saudara Rocky......

  35. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Nurul Izzah sebagai wakil rakyat?....

    Anak Soi Lek?

    Terima kasih ajelah.

  36. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Nurul Izzah sebagai wakil rakyat?....

    Anak Soi Lek?

    Terima kasih ajelah.

  37. Anonymous9:26 pm

    as a Malaysian citizen concerned with the appaling state of the democratic process it is heartening to hear the launch of Barak and its efforts to unite clear thinking citizens towards excercising their rights as enshrined in the constitution.

    Redeem the Constitution from the Barisan abuse of ammending it to a document that has as much worth as Umno toilet paper. Redeem the trust of the rakyat in restoring civil rights, freedom to assemble peacefully and restore the judicary to an institution that once again earns respect.

    End racial discrimination and racist insults against any community. End the illegal method of granting thousands of Filipino muslims citizenship while over 600,000 Chinese and Indians have yet to be granted that status, some have already died waiting for empty promises to be fulfilled.

    Institute a free Press and media that is not emasculated by the Barisan lords and sultans of swing. Restore a police force that does not have its testicles chained to Barisan nasional politicians.

    The rakyat is not a slave in the electoral process. And the Barisan thugs are not lords to make this country bow down and "kautau" (bow) to. The moment of truth has arrived and the power to unshackle this beloved country from Barisan dictators is in your hands.

  38. What platform gave these people to represent the rakyat?