Friday, February 22, 2008

Ah, YB Wee!

Yang Berblog dan Yang Berkhidmat. Wee Choo Keong, the guy who preservered for 14 long years to get justice done, has started his own blog.

It's also confirmed that he'll be vying for the Wangsa Maju parliamentary seat.

A former MP (he lost his place in parliament as a result of the flawed 1994 court ruling), Mr Wee says he will ensure that the title YB goes back to denote the what it was supposed to denote -- Yang Berkhidmat (The Servant) and not merely Yang Berhormat (The Honourable).

"Saya sedia berkhidmat (I am ready to serve)," he told me just now.

Bloggers, unite! Let's send Wee Choo Keong to Parliament to serve the people.
Now, go to his blog HERE.


  1. Anonymous7:29 pm


    You should campaign hard for fellow blogger, Nurul Izzah Anwar. This girl is cute boy. Oh my dear! I want her to crush th mamak Shahrizat who looks like an imported Hippo. Sheesh! Pliz help her and we want her to update her blog too. I think she was busy with her new baby. Nurul is not only "nur", she is decent, modern, a Bangsa Malaysia, Islamic, urbane, chic, hot, and educated. Nurul, I'm not voting in Lembah Pantai but our hearts are with you. Everyone who is voting there, or can do something there, or has any relation, be it with people or otherwise in Lembah Pantai should stand with Nurul and the forces of "Nur" (PKR, DAP, PAS) at this hour of need. Save Malaysia from AAB and his bunch of heartless putras. The time is now.

    The mamak shahrizat the Hippo is saying Nurul the chic is "youbg". Oh boy, an African proverb says: "Having gery hair doesn't mean you are wise." Shahrizat is not wise. Reject her and reject BN.

    Enjoy this:

  2. Brother Rocky,

    I am VOTING FOR THE OPPOSITION for 10 reasons:

    1. Kalimullah Hassan a/l Maseerul Hassan

    2. Kalimullah Hassan a/l Maseerul Hassan

    3. Kalimullah Hassan a/l Maseerul Hassan

    4. Kalimullah Hassan a/l Maseerul Hassan

    5. Kalimullah Hassan a/l Maseerul Hassan

    6. Kalimullah Hassan a/l Maseerul Hassan

    7. Kalimullah Hassan a/l Maseerul Hassan

    8. Kalimullah Hassan a/l Maseerul Hassan

    9. Kalimullah Hassan a/l Maseerul Hassan

    10. Kalimullah Hassan a/l Maseerul Hassan

  3. Anonymous7:57 pm

    Keep the BN government in check

    Slash the 2/3 majority!

    You know it makes sense!

  4. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Why you should vote for PAS. (For those who were blinded by BN shit and propaganda).

  5. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Rockyfella, please pass along this message to Mr. Wee,

    Dear Mr. Wee,

    The future of our country, free of CORRUPTION, CRONYISM AND NEPOTISM, in part depends on you, as one among many others; and through your efforts we seek to make this godforsaken Bolehland country great and admired once again by us ordinary folks.

    The gist of the political message in your campaign platform should, in my view, be eulogised in terms of a timber house where we have all live, work and stay together for 50 years - already it is AN OLD TIMBER HOUSE. Imagine the situation in this country as of that in an old timber house where we faced the following problems:

    1) Shaky foundations - corrupt BN governmnent and corrupt UMNOputras
    2) Leaky roof with termite-infested roof trusses - a crooked and CORRUPT judiciary
    3) Creaky flooring - inefficient and CORRUPT civil service, including inept and lapdog-like EC
    4) Cracked walls and broken partitions - CORRUPT police, useless RELA and other corrupt enforcement agencies
    5) Leaky ceiling - corrupt ACA
    6) Broken fencing - creeping Taliban wild-dogs trespassing the compound that gave us the creeps!

    The woeful situation in this old timber house is such that political CORRUPTION and incompetence after 50 years of BN misrule and mismanagement not unlike the white ants or TERMITES had insidiously eroded and destroyed the house to its very core and foundations where the credibility of our political institutions are now gravely at stake.

    Very soon, I repeat, very soon, our old timber house will collapse on us if we don't do something serious about it; and this country may no longer be safe and fit for us if we do not dare to make the change now!

    Mr. Wee, you must HELP US to rebuild the house - a shelter for all that is of better quality, of concrete, steel and glass if need be, in this very age of modernity and pluralism. An old timber house set in a rural backdrop of religious backwardness is no longer viable living ground in the 21st century. A glass and steel building housing all of us in ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY is what we look forward to and what we must have as the people of this godforsaken Bolehland country, sorry, my beloved Malaysia (excuse me for my long-engendered cynicism).

    Tell the BN we longer want to stay in an old timber house while the BN cronies and UMNOputras themselves possessed expensive real estate in some foreign lands where they can run to seek refuge in case their often-harped-about May 13 comes around to haunt them.

    We are looking forward to you helping us to make the change. Please lead us on to cross the Rubicon. We dare to make the change now. We shall change for a better tomorrow. Everyone of us, we want a better house for everybody - the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and the Dan Lain-Lain. Even the birds in the sky and the monkeys in the jungle will be pleased. We are not afraid anymore to make the change. Just change! Geez, I sound like a DAP goon myself whereas I am not. But the tagline suits the present mood for change.

    Just lead us on to make the change.

    Thank you, Mr. Wee.

  6. The cili padi is back!
    In Elephant Stone she winks
    Many people will sleep easy
    Now Fong Po Kuan changes her mind
    Folks you better bring her the best

    The battle field ignites
    The lights and slogans ring high
    The spirits of the opposition
    This time it must happen

    Don’t give BN the mandate
    Don’t let BN take you for rides
    Enough for the last 50 years
    It is time a new party helms the nation

    Let cili padi sweeps the ground
    Let the votes go for the future
    Don’t believe what BN say
    It is time sending them to Timbuktu

    Elephant Stone will shine
    When cili padi walks in town
    The folks will be damn happy
    When changes really thrive!

  7. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Check and balance is needed in a true democracy.

  8. Anonymous10:23 pm

    It's now official since I've seen it on tv3 news that Khairy is running in Rembau. Good luck to the people of Rembau. I only hope they will chose wisely. I do however have a question. It is quite a pertinent question as well, if the opposition miraculously topples BN who will the Barisan Rakyat choose as PM?? As much as I hate to admit it, it was a good question posed by Khairy in Kedah today. Anyone care to enlighten me???

  9. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Rockyfella, I have a hunch. I believe history is about to repeat itself this GE12.

    I foresee a repeat of the poll results in 1969 where the BN suffers a crushing defeat not unlike what happened then to the Alliance Party (BN's pre-1969 brandname); and the Barisan Rakyat secured thumping victories beyond their wildest dreams. But hold your horses in case you think of joyous celebrations and jubilation. Why not?

    Mother of God, the keris-wielding and bloodlusty UMNOputras cannot stomach the blows. They will stage-managed another May 13 on us; and it will be something akin to May 13, 1969, no doubt but for dramatic impact.

    I reckon this time around after March 8, 2008, the people of this hapless country of ours will not buy into their crap but screw their asses and show the middle finger to the BN born-losers.

    In their desperation to cling on to power, probably the defeated UMNOputras will declare the GE12 results null and void and declare an Emergency, just as it happened in 1969, to perpetrate themselves in power. In order to do just that, they definitely need a May 13.
    History bear ample evidence of what happened in May 13, 1969. The basic fact is May 13, 1969 was stage by a bunch of UMNO losers, defeatists and rejects. It was a Team A vs Team B situation then. The raucous and violent faction Team B gained the upper hand over the Tunku's faction. To hide their hurt pride and to pull wool over our eyes, they put the blame squarely on the whole Malay people. To the Malay people then, they decried the Chinamen are about to take over the country. The Malays were the innocents caught in a fiery maelstrom and some rowdy Chinamen owing to their naivete and cocky stupidity then suffered the consequences. They were all used as they still are now - by a bunch of incompetent and corrupt UMNOputras. You need to incite and instil the fear of May 13's bloody racial riots to cling on to power is the gist of our politics in this country.

    This time around the country will show the deadwood and the driftwood in the BN and UMNO who the real masters of the house will be. But we must learn the mistakes of the past and read the correct version of our history books (do not buy the UMNO edition, please. But sad to say, that's what that is being taught in the mediocre schools of Bolehland).

    People, please come to your senses and vote wisely. And should any so-called race riots happen, ask yourselves calmly (perhaps with a wry sense of humour): "Is it staged by UMNO again? Forget it, I am not joining the bloody fracas. I prefer to see them on CNN crying and begging for another 20 years to finish the job of plundering the land."

    Watch the aftermath of GE12. This is gonna be an epoch of the new millenium in the making, and definitely earthshaking. The giant BN war machine is about to rumble and trample our democratic rights in event of the unexpected. A BN defeated is unthinkable, an UMNO rejected is imponderable.

    But it can happen. It may happen. What if it happen? What must we do if another May 13 is brought to bear on us? wE OUGHT TO GRAB THE BULLS BY THE HORNS in a worst-case scenario like this. The Opposition be forewarned - do not allow another unruly, rude and rowdy street celebration as wont to happen in May 13, 1969.

    Beware of BN evil goons and hangers-on playing on fire, and those who do the dirty job and blame it on the seemingly victorious BA/BR. Do not trust the dirtycops to handle the peace. They could be part of the problem. Most of all, we need to rely on PAS and PKR to calm and control the flames of violence incited by UMNO hate-mongers. But I foresee the people of this country are all grown up now, their emotional frame of mind matured by 50 years of BN subjugation and oppression.

    We need to change for a better future. Malaysia Must Change. Malaysia Boleh Change. For the better. For all of us. Malays, Chinese, Indians, Dan Lain-Lain. The birds in the sky and the monkeys in the jungle. Not forgeting the orangutans, too.

    Thank you, Malaysia.

  10. Anonymous11:32 pm

    I am voting in Lembah Pantai, and my wakil rakyat is Nurul.

  11. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Saya Ikut cakap MB Selangor, undi ikut calon bukan ikut parti. Pada PRU-12 ini, buat pertama kalinya saya akan mengundi kerana saya baru berumur 23 tahun. Saya berada di Parlimen Subang. Jadi pilihan yang saya ada adalah BN atau PKR. Jadi saya rasa saya akan undi PKR-Sivarasa kerana beliau berkaliber dan akan menjadi wakil rakyat dan ahli parlimen yang efektif. SYABAS PKR kerana bijak meletakan calon yang mantap walaupun saya ahli pemuda UMNO.. =)

  12. Anonymous12:44 am

    I wish Wee be allowed to contest one on one against BN. But if in any case, it is not possible, please do not split your vote and instead, vote for the established opposition (i.e. either PAS, Keadilan or DAP)

  13. Anonymous1:25 am

    this country has had enough of nepotism and cronyism, and of course the much hated racism that muddle things further, pulling us
    all down. we dont pay taxes to the government to get such a raw deal. change he government!

  14. Anonymous9:42 am

    Mr Choo Keong,

    Wish you all the best, in this coming GE12, i belive the voters in Wangsa Maju will vote for you.
    Good Luck, may god bless you.

  15. Anonymous10:27 am

    may success be with you YB!


  16. Our economy is currently still manageable due to high commodities and crude oil prices, I can't imagine the days when Malaysia's crude oil reserve is exhausted and rubber and oil palm prices plummeted.

    With all the plundering,wastages and incompetencies of the current regime , Malaysian men will have to work in Vietnam , Thailand, Taiwan, Hongkong .... as labourers and our women folks as maids...

    That scenario is not too far away by the way...

  17. Anonymous12:06 pm

    haha it's true, funny people are everywhere...testosterone level are up? your prefrontal cortex and mesolimbic tracts in haywire because the dopamine failed to be released from substantia nigra?

    don't get it?

    oh you guys are bloggers, not doctors...only the gifted ones will understand...

  18. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Mr Wee Choo Keong,

    I hope you should now focus your attention on the BN instead of the DAP, whom you are still sore with.

  19. Anonymous1:42 pm

    I was waiting for the news of who the contender for Yew tiong look, now that Chee Keong is contesting, i'm all for him. Way to go, Chee Keong

  20. Anonymous2:05 pm

    reply to wtf;

    kalau boleh jadi maid tak apa, takut jadi lain.

  21. Anonymous3:07 pm

    To Anonymous 10:23pm
    "It is quite a pertinent question as well, if the opposition miraculously topples BN who will the Barisan Rakyat choose as PM??"

    Anwar Ibrahim.