Monday, February 18, 2008

PM to us: We subsidized U!

Sour grapes and 1st class apples. Pak Lah came up with something rather original yesterday, when he told us not to compare Singapore (1st class grapes) and Malaysia (1st class apples). Read it here.

He said the economy is doing well:

“Please trust us – we are your government. If you look at the economy, we are doing well. That is a fact proven by figures. But people still claim otherwise because of increasing prices. This is a very simplistic way of analysing the economy.
“Nobody is happy to see prices rising but this is out of our control. The question is not how to bring down prices but how to help the rakyat cope."

He said we are a subsidized people, a heavily-subsidized people:

“Every country in the world is faced with rising oil prices except maybe Brunei but you cannot compare. The RM40bil oil subsidy we give out can be used to build better schools, roads, hospitals and infrastructure but we don’t want to burden the peopleation and medical treatment was also heavily subsidised by the Government.
“We subsidise even water and electricity, yet people are angry when they hear the word ‘toll’. We try to subsidise as much as possible but we still need to impose toll charges because we need to build roads,” he said before thanking the Chinese community for contributing to the country’s economy.

So thank the Chinese, he added:

“The private sector is dominated by the Chinese and I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to the community for creating so many job opportunities,” he said.


  1. Fakta PM berkaitan dengan dengan peluang-peluang pekerjaan yang diwujudkan oleh syarikat swasta khususnya oleh peniaga-peniaga China perlu diperhalusi. Antara analisa yang perlu ialah:

    i. Berapa banyak peluang pekerjaan yang diwujudkan?

    ii. Bagaimana pengambilan tenaga kerja ini dibuat?

    iii. Adakah perlantikan di buat secara saksama antara kaum?

    Dalam masa yang sama, jangan lupa peluang-peluang pekerjaan yang dibawa ke dalam ekonomi negara kita hasil daripada usaha kaum-kaum lain.

  2. Anonymous2:52 pm


    Funny to see on all TV prime news PM Dollah allowed a Q&A session to the Chinese community in Penang.

    How about giving the same Q&A session to others in Malaysia especially those who have given UMNO a big win in 2004.

    Flip flop punya PM....

  3. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Even PM came out with better speeches, it will still sound futile. Too much promises, too less action, too late!

  4. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Yes PM,

    but you seems to forget that WE GIVE our votes to you in 2004.

    So actually YOU OWE to us.....

  5. For 4 years you allow your UMNO goons to use the Chinese as your punching bag.... today you thank the Chinese??

    For once I would appreciate his elegant silence. He should practise it NOW till the election.

  6. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Read between the idiot's lines: The RM40bil oil subsidy we give out can be put to better use by sending 40 more "angkasawans" in Russian rockets

  7. Anonymous3:10 pm

    saudara zainal a.kasim, bolehkah saudara tujukan soalan2 tersebut kpd kerajaan dan GLC supaya boleh kita bandingkan sama-ada terdapat persamaan diantara pihak2 ini dan peniaga2 cina??

  8. Anonymous3:12 pm


    Seems that out "beloved" PM played this card out loud, but on the same time, forgets to rechecked himself on things that he has promised to all of us since 4 years ago!!!
    On the closer checking, he forgets to mention how these "projects" would benefits to all the people aforementioned i.e. th RAKYAT themselves.
    I concurred with Mr Zainal's observation, of which played 2 sides of the sword.
    Go figure!!!

  9. Anonymous3:12 pm


    I bet you'll hit 5 million by the time GE ended.

    I can see a lot of cyberblooper countering your argument lately.
    They Must be very very very busy nowadays.

    Keep up the good work forever bro.

    You will never walk alone.

  10. Anonymous3:13 pm

    somebody please try to stop this man from open his mouth. Anything come out from his mouth always doesn't sound right.

  11. so say the PM our economy was okay...

    yet i see many application to PSD rising from 92,000++ in 2006 to 300,000++ in 2007...where is the job opportunity being created...

    are we so DUMB to analyse what opportunity out there for us?

    opportunity nowadays are open to foreigners...

    why? we dont have the system promoting Health and Safe Environment in the construction industry...thats the answer of why many of our local labour insist to do the job...job hazard was not taken care of....s**K policy

  12. Anonymous3:33 pm


    I found a new word which suit Dollah's personality.

    OBTUSE : meaning

    1. not quick or alert in perception, feeling, or intellect; not sensitive or observant; dull.

    2. not sharp, acute, or pointed; blunt in form.

    3. (of a leaf, petal, etc.) rounded at the extremity.

    4. indistinctly felt or perceived, as pain or sound.

    —Related forms
    ob·tuse·ly, adverb
    ob·tuse·ness, noun

    1. unfeeling, tactless, insensitive; blind, imperceptive, unobservant; gauche, boorish; slow, dim.

    At least OBTUSE is more polite than stupid or sleepy. Just like Musa Hitam called him Elegent silent or something like thatlah

  13. Anonymous3:34 pm

    What ever you said ROCKY ... I believed that your are the SOUR GRAPES ... after being sacked from the Malays became a different man altogether .. Man with a vengence .... I wonder if you're not sacked ... what and who will you be writing for? BIGGEST HYPOCRITE !!!!

  14. Anonymous3:36 pm

    careful paratroppers drop an election virus in commentary box.

    I dah kena dah demam virus election in my NB.

  15. Who is this 'we' are 'you'?
    He talks as though he is paying from his own pocket.
    Then who is subsidizing his jet, his cars , his residence and his holidays?

  16. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Bapak Abdullah,

    Subsidi gasnya bukan gomen yang bantu, kami pun bayar cukai nya pak. Bapak Abdullah kalau kencing biar duduk dong, jagan berdiri ya.

  17. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Why not Badawi give a Q&A
    session for the malaysian indians
    and maybe his govrment will be given a chance to rectify within 14days the wants of the community

    Saya harap kalian boleh bagi idea. How do I approach the undi pos. What about those untouchables estates/ kampong..well guarded and controlled by UMNO/BN? Should I concentrate on the non Malay areas?

    It looks sounds tough..(peh..macam bunyi Lingam pulak.. it sounds like me..looks like me..but it is not me..). But I find it very encouraging bila jumpa orang-orang kampong ni.

    Ada satu nyonya penjual buah potong-potong dekat rumah persinggahan saya di Kulim. Tiap kali saya lalu dia hulur sebungkus buah pada know sebungkus dia hantar margin profit dia drop tau..

    Di satu tempat di sebuah estet, satu orang aci jumpa saya masa buat lawatan. Dia pegang saya nala punya kuat..saya ingat dia nak ambik saya buat menantu. Tapi dia kata dia nak tolong saya..dia kata dia tahu saya takkan menang tapi dia mahu saya bawa suara orang kampong ke Parlimen. Dia buka dompet kecil dia..saya ingat dia nak hulur sireh. Tau tau dia bagi saya 30sen..itu sahaja yang dia mampu.

    Kalian tahu, nak menangis saya dibuatnya.. here one old Indian lady sacrificing her lunch money for me. It may not be a lot for most of you..but I tell you.. if you see their living is big sacrifice on her part to give me that 30 sen. You can see into her eyes..the eyes of hope..hoping that their little voices are heard.

    Dan itulah perjuangan saya untuk membawa suara rakyat bawahan..suara marhaen..tangisan pak tani..rintihan aci, keluhan nyonya..biar suara-suara kerdil itu menggegar jiwa rakus di Parlimen sana..biar suara keramat marhaen merentas.

    And every single sen you people contribute will go a long way to help me carry those voices.

    Thank you..seh seh..nandre..jazakallah..

    Makkhatal Sakhti..Peoples Power..Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat..

  19. Anonymous4:15 pm

    so pak lah.. no thanks to Ananda Krishna (Maxis)? Tony Fernandez (Air Aisa)? Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar (Port Tanjung Pelepas, MMC, SMART etc etc)? Datuk Johari (Johawaki)?...

  20. Anonymous4:28 pm

    yes Mr Prime Minister, please don't compare Malaysia with Singapore, lets compare it with some banana republic like Libya or perhaps Bangladesh? You insult the rakyat's inteligence by demanding their silence at the unjustified increase of petrol, tolls, and practically all essential items.

    You gag the rakyat, arrest them and criminalise them when they excercise their right to peacefully express their voice against such escalation and other injustices.

    You close one eye while your Umno representatives build palace-like mansions and your Umno buddies abuse government funds and tax payers money on fraud items and on lavish overseas holidays.

    You pretend to look the other way when your Umno leaders insult thirty thousand Malaysian Indians with racial slurrs and calling them thugs while you hypocritically instruct the Police to arrest those who stir racial sentiments in the election campaign.

    Do you think the rakyat's loyalty can be bought by your crumbs to the Chinese and Indians? One thing we can tell apart is a wolf in colorful batik sarong. No matter how "merdu" the lagu dan pantun, this time the people will show you what they do to those who take their loyalty for granted.

    Yes Mr Prime Minister aka. Mr Clean "sic" where is the transparency and big ears to "listen to the truth, even if it hursts?" Perhaps its full off sweet nothings whispered by your corrupt Umno brothers awaiting "naik pangkat".

    This time the rakyat is not going to buy the sandiwara. The people will make their voice heard, loud and clear, they will fill your ears with the sound you will never forget, the sound of strong rejection of Umnoputras and filth that has stagnated our beloved nation to a Third World police State.

    An impotent concubine media, a fraudalent judicary, a Umno bribed Police force and a system corrupt to the core with nepotism and racist policies.

    You, Mr Prime Minister owe this beloved nation an unreserved apology for sleeping on the job. Wake up, for the rakyat's verdict is knocking at your door!

  21. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Why is bro NAZRI soo quiet
    and whos supposed to be anak kesayangan pak lah why his been removed from his padang rengas seat huh....

  22. Anonymous4:34 pm




  23. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Anon 3:34 @ cyberblooper - please identify yourself or else better spend your time at

  24. Anonymous4:43 pm

    wahai pak bedulah
    tak ke kamu kamu tu di amanahkan memerintah atas kehendak kami.....jadi duit subsidi tu duit kami bukan duit kamu jadi ngapa lak nak di gembar gemburkan.....cuba gembar gemburkan duit kami yang berbillion n ratusan juta yang kami amanahkan pada kamu tapi di selewengkan setiap tahun.....rasanye minyak kami boleh dapat FREE kot....jadi jangan lah jadikan alasan SUBSIDI utk menutup kelemahan diri.....TAPI KALO RASA DAH KEBAL SANGAT TARIK LE SUBSIDI TU & SELEWANGKAN LAGI.....JANGAN LA POLITIKAN SUBSIDI ITU DUIT KAI OOOOOOIIII......

  25. Anonymous4:48 pm

    'Sour grapes and 1st class apples'

    Wouldn't "Sour grapes and rotten apples" sound much better. Heeheehee. whispering9

  26. Anonymous5:03 pm

    When you have to clarify....
    When you have to justify....
    When you start to give excuses....
    When you start to "angkat"...
    And ask for more time.....

    Then we all know:


  27. Politicians talk are cheap. What they've done are:

    1) Their pockets, FIRST
    2) People, SECOND - maybe none

    Look, I don't know how much people's money they've spent for upcoming GE. Probably they've already paralyzed half of our economy.

    After GE, they'll distribute our money among themselves. They're laughing at us now...

  28. Anonymous5:10 pm


    tsk tsk tsk...
    venom, venomous.
    you must be someone who hates rocky.
    very personal, huh, mr/ms anonymous.
    i bet you would not dare tell that to rocky's face, huh?

    rocky was NOT sacked from the Malay Mail.
    please get your facts right.
    besides, NSTP would never have been able to sack Rocky without Rocky getting compensated.
    and if he was simply sacked, he would definitely have gone to court and sue the NSTP.
    (but..hahahaa....NSTP is suing him instead. whooops...forgot, kalimullah has got the nstp to sue rocky.)
    kalimullah did not want rocky there because kalimullah couldn't make rocky dance to his tune. couldnt make rocky do what he wanted.
    rocky would not play ball.
    if you had ever been rocky's boss, you'd know that rocky is not a YES-man.

    anyway, kalimullah did not want many other nstp journalists, as well.
    when he became nstp GEIC, kalimulah got political writer Shamsul Akmar out first. he did not sack shamsul akmar but Shamsul akmar quit for very obvious reasons.

    why is rocky a sour grape? because he is posting nonsensical stuff?

    tsk tsk...venom detected.

  29. Anonymous5:11 pm

    “The private sector is dominated by the Chinese and I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to the community for creating so many job opportunities,” he said.

    You are welcome, you are welcome

  30. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Thank you for the job oppurtunities and jobs created??
    Have you ever came across this line? Only mandarin speaking candidates need to apply...

  31. Anonymous5:25 pm

    who say he is lying?

    on that 6th placed thing?

    he is right on that account. but HALF RIGHT.

    and also misleading.

    for people who like lying on matters, we know how to deal with them. simply do not believe whatever they say even they come with blooded tears.

    but people who mislead the others are the hardest to deal with. you can kill the killer. but how you deal with misleaders?

    some say people who like to mislead the others are munafiquns.

    but he got this ulamak blood running his vein. right? cant he be munafiquns, can he?

  32. Anonymous5:31 pm

    He doesnt even know how to count
    (Fail the simple statistic)

    Now he want to compare.

    After this what he wanna do ?
    Teach the citizen ?

  33. Anonymous5:32 pm

    “We are a population of over 20 million and we rank eighth in the world in terms of our competitiveness."

    Yes. We are also ranked first in the world in terms of our competitiveness for countries with a population of 27,484,000.

    The truth is, if we take away all the exceptions and qualifiers, we are ranked 23, a drop of 1 position from last year and a drop of 6 position from 1997.

  34. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Dear ANONYMOUS who labelled Rocky BIGGEST HYPOCRITE !!!
    Yeah, maybe its true that Rocky was part of the Kadir Jasin, Ahmad A Talib etc who disregard all principles of journalism, civil society and human dignity to come up with reports after reports especially after sept 98 when anwar ibrahim was sacked. That was then...THIS IS NOW ...PEOPLE CAN CHANGED...SOME LIKE ROCKY CHANGED FOR THE BETTER ...SOME LIKE OUR BELOVED PM CHANGED FOR THE WORST ...SO MUCH EXPECTED OF HIM ...SO MUCH WAS NOT DELIVERED. HOW ABOUT YOU? ANONYMOUS

  35. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Is the PM trying to hint that we should be grateful to the BN for the subsidies given and maybe should vote for them and give them the majority again.
    They should know that they are still in power is because they have given the people the subsidies in the 1st place.
    Dissatisfied people are not going to vote for them but instead will give them a hard time like Hindraf.

  36. kenapa tak boleh banding dengan Brunei...Malaysia dan Brunei pengeluar minyak dirantau ini...banding dgn Thailand, Filipin dan Singapore yang memang bukan pengeluar minyak...? banding semua dengan negara yang memang bukan pengeluar...atau negara yang memang teruk...cuba banding dengan negara yang lebih baik ...tentu kita nampak teruk...

    phaedophile pun dah makin suka tinggal kat Malaysia sebab kegagalan kes Nurin dan hingga hari ni Sharlini pun tak jumpa lagi...kes penyebar gambar autopsi Nurin yang dikasihi pun tak ada cerita...

  37. Anonymous6:01 pm

    of course la cannot compare with singapore...

    - singapore teacher earns just under 100k a year but msian teachers teach like a dog to earn every penny

    - singapore at any time got 6-lane roads and at leat 4 lanes for trunk road but msia die die also 4 lanes and that also PLUS highway!

    - Singapore MPs earn (i say again earned) 3 Million thru out their tenure but Msian MPs earn 3 million thru corruption

    - SG got effective public transport, got MRT but Penang where got?

    - SG got so many trees but where are the trees in Msia? All kena tebang and sold.

    That is why sg is 1st class grapes while Msia is 1st class rotten apples.

    Wat a minister wud come out to say this thing?

    Such a stupid and blatant joke!

    In the next 25 yrs Msia will never be a 1st class Apple maybe 1st class stinking sewer!

  38. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Rockyfella, with GE12 around the corner, Bodowi, not unlike TDM will go about sweet-talking the Chinaman. The fiasco surrounding the SUQIU issue is not entirely lost on the yellow-skinned race. A case of about-turn and treachery perpetuated by TDM; and it appears, once again, Bodow is resorting to conceited trickery this time around.

    Another way of looking at the situation: his empty praises of the Chinaman for whatever economic growth happening in Bolehland is cultivated to enhance the "divide and rule" policy of UMNO-utopia. Ever heard of praisng Ah Beng to spite Ali; and at the end of the day, counting on Ali to beat up Ah Beng for you?

    For those who think that jobes created by Chinaman only goes to Mandarin speakers, let's be real. The yellow-skinned race can only rely and depend on their own kind for their livelihood. Who else can they turn to? In Bolehland, the BN doesn't give a shit about the Chinaman and the Muthus. Unless you are blind of the fact that jobs and business opportunities coming from UMNO-utopia only goes to one particular race of people. All these happenings has to do with an apparent racist "divide and rule" mindset perpetuated by UMNOputras.

    In the stiffly competitive age of globalisation, a subsidy mindset of dependency is your worst nightmare. If you do not strive for your own good, do not expect others to take care of you. No wonder the money-minded Chinaman aka Cina Babi gets all the praises in this godforsaken Bolehland country.

    They dare you to compare DNA quality for the challenges ahead. Let's be real. Only the Jews know better when not to take on a Chinaman in a foodfight on Wall Street.

  39. Anonymous6:54 pm

    “The private sector is dominated by the Chinese and I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to the community for creating so many job opportunities” he said.

    Job opportunities to who? To the Malays? To the Indians? To others? Fat chance and wishful thinking ...

    Divide and Rule! Divide and Rule!

  40. Anonymous6:57 pm

    aaa..petrol..ok laa Pak Lah.. i will pay market price for petrol..heck..i'll pay market price for everything.. 1st remove the toll, remove food monopoly..
    and also remove yourself...

  41. Anonymous7:05 pm

    thank you thank you for praising the just woke up? Okay good dog....go bag to sleep.

    Next AGM ask the Hisapputin to draw his kris and do his kris dance again..and the monkey sil to..give him a kris so that maybe he can back stab somebody.

    My vote will not go for the dacing..even if you put a chinaman as candidate. BN will not get my vote.

  42. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Yo Bodowi!!!!!!!!!

    Why are you subsidizing TNB and all those giant IPP kor-part!

    Our subsidy are being recalled and you are subsidizing those tycoons ..........

    ............ to be richer and richer and richer and richer and richer and richer and richer and richer and richer and richer and richer and richer and richer and richer and richer and richer and richer and richer and richer ........

    .... while we the rakyat have to struggle to meet ends meet ...

    AND ...

    .... your bloody stupid MOF II says our economy will be resilient based on consumer consumption ....

    .... FUCK his red IC mother!

    .... Why must the burden of reviving the economy befall on the consumer aka rakyat???????

    Get the 16 billion loss man out of cabinet and the country! He failed in BNM. He failed in Abrar berhad! He failed as Minister! ......

    And you tooo, Pak Bodolah!

  43. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Looking at the consensus of opinion here, it does look like the PM is digging himself into a hole everytime he goes into an impromptu dialogue.

    Reading from a prepared speech(presumably by his team of speech-writers led by Anuar Zaini)he performs ok, but, left to his own devices, his true mettle shows and it is open to everybody to judge his (in)capabilities.

    Bet you the Fourth Floor are tearing their hair in despair...

  44. Anonymous8:11 pm

    The RM40bil oil subsidy we give out can be used to build better schools, roads, hospitals and infrastructure but we don’t want to burden the peopleation and medical treatment was also heavily subsidised by the Government.


    The RM40Billion can be shared among cronies and Umnoputras.

  45. Anonymous8:21 pm

    By facts and history,singapore is part of malaysia as a whole in the context of the British.
    The frequent comparing game of the two countries and of the similar ethnic population will not ends as by fact we are of the same stock.
    What happened in the past has in fact brought multiple burdens on us by forcing singapore out...and silap orang melayu iaitu yang berhormat allahyarham tuanku abdul rahman..
    just think if we remain of the same country as in the whole...
    all of us will benefit..and i can proudly say with all the resources and singapore strategic position..
    we can considered ourselves untouchables in SEA.
    So sampai bila mahu ulangi kesilapan dan kesilapan?

  46. Anonymous8:52 pm

    hehehehe...wonder what kind of reports those cyber troopers give to their bosses.

    My god....this old man is getting ridiculous and obnoxious day by day. Thanking the Chinese?? Implying that the Chinese are liken to foreigners/investors that come here to contribute to Malaysia's economy? Aren't they Malaysians too? *sheesh*


  47. meanwhile in the same paper:

    Are we keeping pace with FDIs?
    By MIER

    MALAYSIA’S reliance on foreign direct investment (FDI) is well noted. Historically, it was FDIs that laid the backbone of the Malaysian economy – under British imperialism, plantation (rubber and palm oil) and mining (tin, petroleum) and after independence, the manufacturing sector (electrical and electronics).

    FDI has played an important role in financing long-term economic growth in Malaysia. However, since the financial crisis of 1997/98, the changes in Malaysia’s FDI stock have been a cause for concern, especially when compared to its competitors.

    The UN Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad) reports that global FDI stock has risen from US$551bil to US$12 trillion since 1980, with most of the FDI concentrated in developed countries. In 2006, 70% of FDI stock was located in developed countries while developing countries accounted for only 26%.

    The lion’s share of the FDI stock in developing countries was in the East Asian economies. Together, they accounted for 38% of FDI to developing countries.
    Malaysia cannot emulate China, India, or Vietnam but should emulate Singapore and Hong Kong given similar socio-economic conditions.

    FDI stock in China increased from US$1.1bil in 1980 to US$293bil in 2006, with a significant jump recorded since the 1990s. If the FDI stock in Hong Kong, the gateway to China, was included, the performance would be all the more startling.

    FDI stock in Hong Kong alone increased from US$21bil in 1980 to US$769bil in 2006. This is truly remarkable, as Hong Kong does not offer any incentives for FDI compared to other developing economies. India, another awakening giant, too has been recording tremendous growth in FDI stock. In 1980, FDI stock in India was only US$452mil. This grew to US$51bil in 2006.

    In Asean, the star performers are Singapore and Vietnam. FDI stock in Singapore rose from US$5bil in 1980 to a staggering US$210bil in 2006. As for Vietnam, FDI stock increased from US$1bil in 1980 to US$33bil in 2006. This was remarkable considering that Vietnam was at war until 1975 and faced economic embargo from the US until 1994.

    Malaysia started like Singapore with an FDI stock of US$5bil in 1980. In 2006, its FDI stock stood at only US$53bil, which paled in comparison with Singapore’s US$210bil. Furthermore, for the years 2001 to 2005, FDI stock fell lower than the US$53bil recorded in 2000. This is distressing as Malaysia has all the prerequisites as a favoured FDI destination and provides generous incentives to foreign investors.

    There are several reasons why Malaysia is failing to attract and retain FDI in comparison to the frontrunners, especially Singapore and Hong Kong. The main problem has much to do with institutions.

    In the World Bank's Doing Business 2007 Report, which measured “the ease of doing business,” Singapore was at the top while Hong Kong ranked fifth. Malaysia was only ranked 25th. It takes 11 days to start a business in Singapore and Hong Kong and 30 days in Malaysia, while addressing licensing issues in Malaysia takes 281days compared to 129 in Singapore and 160 in Hong Kong.

    The World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report and the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook provide similar findings on institutional challenges in Malaysia.

    Malaysia cannot emulate China, India, or Vietnam but should emulate Singapore and Hong Kong given similar socio-economic conditions. Lessons from Singapore and Hong Kong call for a return to meritocracy in the Malaysian civil service and an arm's length relationship between politicians and civil servants.


  48. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Encik Rocky, saya sudah ulas perkara ini dalam blog Dato' A kadir Jasin. Sebagai bekas pegawai kerajaan, saya tahu situasi sebenar tentang subsidi sebab saya pernah jaga hal elwal subsidi dan bantuan.

    Saya hantar semula komen saya dalam blog The Scribe, dengan izin.

    1. PRU adalah waktu pengundi dan parti-parti politik menandatangani kontrak lima tahun. Pengundi beri undi, parti-parti beri janji;

    2.Parti yang menang tubuh kerajaan. Kerajaan itu terhutang budi (beholden) kepada pengundi/rakyat. Bukan sebaliknya;

    3. Atas kontrak itu, rakyat bayar bermacam cukai, hasil, tarif dan tol kepada kerajaan. Rakyat jelata juga menanggung hutang yang diambil oleh kerajaan. Sekali lagi kerajaan terbutang budi dan beholden kepada rakyat. Bukan rakyat terhutang budi atau beholden kepada rakyat;

    4. Kerajaan pungut cukai, hasil, tafif dan tol. Kerajaan belanja untuk dirinya -- macam belanja lebih MR16 juta untuk renovate Seri Perdana oleh Pak Lah dan Endon/Jeanne -- bayar gaji menteri dan kakitangan awam. Bayar hutang negara;

    5. Untuk pembangunan kerajan berhutang dari dalam dan luar negeri. Rakyat yang tanggung hutang itu generasi demi generasi;

    6. Subsidi dan banbtuan bukan dari duit kerajaan. Ia dari cukai, hasil, tarif dan tol yang rakyat bayar;

    7. Subsidi/bantuan tanam semula getah dan kepada sawit datang dari cukai cess getah dan minyak kelapa sawait;

    8. Subsidi padi datang dari pengguna yang beli beras. Kerajaan beri francis kepada Bernas.

    Bernas import beras mutu tinggi yang murah dari luar negeri dan campur dengan beras mutu rendah yang mahal dari dalam negeri.

    Bernas campur kedua-dua beras ini dan jual pada harga yang lebih tinggi dari harga di pasaran dunia.

    Bernas ambil sikit untung dan bagi bakinya kepada keerajaan untuk diagihkan kepada penanam padi. Jadi yang bagi subsidi padi bukan kerajaan tapi kita yang makan nasi.

    9. Jadi yang kita mahu adalah kerjaaan yang cekap, yang amanah dan telus. Kita yang bayar untuk biayai kerajaan dan pentadbiran negera, bukan kerajaan.

    10. Subsidi petrol itu juga bukan duit kerajaan tapi duit Petronas yang kita semua miliki sebagai rakyat jelata, pengundi dan pembayar cukai.

    Tiada pengundi, tiada kerajaan. Kerjaan yang wajib berterima kasih kepada kita, bukan kita berterima kasih kepada kerajaan.

    Selamat memilih orang suruhan kita.

    Pegawai JUSA Pencen

  49. Anonymous12:12 am



    I found a new word which suit Dollah's personality.


    He is a ... FUGUE

    FUGUE :

    a dreamlike state of altered consciousness that may last for hours or days


  50. Anonymous2:38 am

    Banyak cantik muka si emperor I-DOL [title coined by commenter sayings]! Dia cakap macam wang rakyat wang dia.


    Kepada Pegawai JUSA Pencen,

    Jutaan terima kasih atas kupasan tentang sumber dan pengagihan subsidi yang begitu jelas dan mudah diikuti.

  51. Anonymous9:20 am

    Rock, i wonder his speeches ever work anymore?

  52. The Chinese always the punching bag
    Najib used to go at them when he was UMNO youth chief
    Hisham too following his cousin’s ways
    And the UMNO bigwigs clapping along
    Maybe close one eye to it all……………

    Now the sleeping beauty
    Saying how good the Chinese are
    So was Dr M after the election
    Helping the economy paying taxes
    When his goons hit them in UMNO assemblies
    He didn’t stop his members
    He allowed them to rant about the Chinese
    This was Hisham turn to raise the keris
    Belittling the Chinese!

    Is race politics still relevant in 21st century?
    Reading what have transpired I think so
    Every race harbors its own cultures and virtues
    Not about Malaysia but about race

    It is fishing expeditions
    Scouting the roving waves
    Hooks, lines and rods
    ‘Hook for me
    You get the daily ration all day’

    Now we see
    The money rolling out
    Wooing the Chinese
    In the villages and towns
    Telling them how good BN is
    But they don’t tell
    It is tax payers’ money

    The painted faces
    Glowing in the darkness
    Don’t fall for the tricks
    It is your soul you surrender

  53. Anonymous10:51 am

    Hi Rocky,

    May I suggest STOP reporting any nonsense from this flip-flop and others but concentrate your blog and time of Commenters and Voters!!
    Concentrate on the Strategy and Action Planning for the overall and for each and every Constituency!

    GE period should have its own Topics and Emphasis!

    1. The loose formation of Barisan Rakyat is only a first step on paper.
    2. Cleaning up EC before GE is an essential step! Sort-out the matter in Court before the GE as they have to do it within 60days after Parliament dissolved!
    Or, the pressure for them to sort out before 2009 remains and they have to amend the Act again to allow that flip=flop EC chief to remain!!
    3. Head for more than 1/2 Parliament Seat to change Constitution and Bias Acts
    to give Independent Legislation, Execution and Monitoring
    to cut Authority and Public Servants Protection
    to build up the liability and transparancy of Government.

    or any GE will simply a re-distribution of Power again!!


  54. Anonymous11:00 am

    mr rocky's bru...
    may i have your permission to:
    1-add a link to your blog from my blog (sorry,i already did because i can't wait)
    2-copy & paste comment made by 'Pegawai JUSA Pencen'? (I really need your approval on this as I want my frens to read this & I know most of my frens are not really into politics& some of them are quite ignorance about politics&current issues)


  55. Anonymous12:22 pm

    So cheap this political people..

    Yet the rakyat had to heavily fund them with tax money...

    We are subsidizing the arrogant b@$t@rds..

  56. Sharing wrote: May I suggest STOP reporting any nonsense from this flip-flop and others but concentrate your blog and time of Commenters and Voters!!
    Concentrate on the Strategy and Action Planning for the overall and for each and every Constituency!

    GE period should have its own Topics and Emphasis!

    1. The loose formation of Barisan Rakyat is only a first step on paper.

    Rocky writes back:
    Thank you Sharing. Haris and I went over his Barisan Rakyat idea. We'll need to work on this idea. Not so much for the existing political parties, in my opinion, but for the Indie candidates which we much try to promote collectively from now. The People's Declaration consists of some elements (eg no to race-based parties) which many if not most political parties in Malaysia will find impossible to adopt for the simple reason that they were formed on racial platform in the first place.

    For now, the PRU12, we will come up with TWO lists of candidates. The first is a list of candidates we (individual bloggers, civil society,) will be endorsing. The second list will contain names of individuals (mainly existing Ministers, MPs, Aduns) whom we think have no right anymore to your vote.

  57. Anonymous12:44 pm

    to somebody who commented that Msia with SG along would hv made our country untouchable in SEA.. I am not here to incite hate or multi racial tensions. As much as I hoped and wished that Sg would remain as part of Msia, that today is all just talk. I just wanna share some episodes that somehow Msia will never merge with Sg even if Sg was willing. May 13 1969 was an eye opener to the Chinese. Even if Sg had 99% population of non-Bumis, it would not dilute the fact that Msia will still be Bumi dominant. Msia cannot be ruled by the opposition as shown in 1969. They will kill each other. That is why all this while BN has been winning and they think it is a norm for them to win. And when they lose, it becomes something so unexpected (BS!). When Sg separated from Msia though it was the doing of Tunku ARahman, Lee Kuan Yew cried because he thought Msia had left Sg to rot and die. In fact, TAR had foreseen what will happen to Sg if they continued to be part of Msia.

    The other fact was, Lee Kuan Yew was coming up strong as a politician. Whether he was in the ruling party or opposition many Chinese would have voted and supported him. Another 1969 was in the making. TAR could already see that.

    Sg didnt die today. It was the strong will of LKY who made Sg as it is today. U think LKY and our Msia former PMs could hv worked together and make Msia like Sg? Dont think so. LKY will be in ISA for life or exiled!

  58. Badawi says thank you to Chinese,

    Najib says want Chinese blood on keris,

    hishamuddin says wants dagger in non bumis.

    so who's going to SUCK and JILAT the Chinese next?

  59. Anonymous12:57 pm

    of course la msia take 281 days to address any licence issues. this is truly msia. where msia civil servants work like fuck.. when u tegur them 2 words, they show their fucking face as if u owe them ur life.. working to them is like going for stroll in the park.. talk more than work...

    give u an example la...damn... the bloody fire certificate also needs to go thru 14 fucking various departments. even if the tpt for 1 dept was 1 week, that would mean u already need 14 fucking weeks. plus the holidays here and there, dilly dally here and there, bribe here bribe there... by the time all this is done, it aint no surprise why it takes 281 days...

  60. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Hearing pak lah blurping something like that defending his gomen's brilliant policies on the economy, etc. really made my day! He's probably the most out-of-touch PM this country has ever had... still in his honey moon dreams... oh my!Unfortunately, I have the feeling that the majority of Malaysians will still go for this guy in this GE... I suspect many of us are sort of "sadistic"... hating the hardships (rising prices, toll sana sini, empire building, corruptions, etc.) resulting from the "auto-pilot policies" of the gomen, and yet electing the same old faces into power! Ugh! I give up!!

  61. Anonymous2:00 pm

    The Operation is for Reform and not just GE!!

    Thanks your notes.

    What have been done by PP and the Civil Society are to lit a Common Principle & Direction for ALL (Parties & People) so in the same Direction both will work.

    To get to the Target, some essential procedures spelling the KEY points with the understanding of Cause & Effect must be there!
    The Change of Malaysia depends not only a GE but mutual understanding of ALL to support what will be taken later on!

    1. Without a Fair EC, can anyone expect GE be fair but be manipulated in many ways?

    2. Can fairness be sought after the GE as the bargaining power is no more there?

    3. LSK could be one of the most responsible MP, can he works when he is only one of the very minority in Parliament? If not more than 1/2 in the Parliament seats, can any of your promoted Indie works later on?

    4. Bersih has motivated People to vote against BN leading to the biggest ever Promotion to Opposition which could end-up with Parties or Individual of "ah Mao, ah Gou" (Red Herrings) to take the advantage!
    Should those Parties and Individual that Walk their Talks be more emphasized?

    Without sorting Point 2 & 3 of my last post, I afraid what you and Harris have done are falling into a trap of motivating GE voting for Oppositions but forgetting the fundamental to enable any practical reform to be taken later on!!
    Then, the bright side of Bersih will be lost and further organizing of People moment will be "wolf is coming!"!

  62. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Pok Lah & Khairy,

    Kat padang Mahshar nanti takda subsidi, masa tu hang tau lah apa makna sebenar Amanah yang diberikan oleh pengundi.

  63. Anonymous4:56 pm

    wake up, PM. the money doesnt belong to u. its the rakyat thats subsidizing your freakingly large number of holidays and that with a freaking new plane retrofitted to match your desires.

  64. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Saya tidak percaya dengan kata-kata Pak Lah, mahupun sesiapapun dari BN. Mereka pandai menaburkan janji-janji, memujuk memuji janji undi dapat itu sahaja. Lepas itu? Habuk pun tarakk! Buat keluarga tersayang serta kroni-kroni tu adalah. Kita bukan bodoh Pak Lah! Stop your lies!

  65. Anonymous8:47 pm

    doggie dog,
    i just hope u would be rationale and make a kinda research a thorough research into history...
    Iam not supporting any facts here but what anon 8.21pm stated..
    in fact nobody could predict what wil fact TAR made that important decision only by himself alone by reciting the talak tiga..
    and if iam not mistaken at that time no s'pore represantative was even invited nor able to attend the seating in parliament when the seperation vote was made..s'pore was indeed being forced out beyond it's will..
    no other countries in the world i have remebered force it's own teritory to be seperated..
    If the govt cannot even control it's own ppl i doubt they cannot even control it's emotion..
    so in fact in my point of view we as in the whole actually created our own problems out of desperation and fact fearing our very own shadow..
    That little red dot used to be ours...they are our very own brothers/sisters that we have abandon some time ago..
    If we are so passionate about pulau batu puteh where we stand in the seperation of s'pore that is suppose to be part of m'sia.

  66. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Did the PM really say this:

    "We are a population of over 20 million and we rank eighth in the world in terms of our competitiveness.

    "These are not the government's figures and I am not telling you lies. This statistic is from an international survey."

    (as reported in the Spore Straits Times, Feb 19. The PM was addressing the Chinese community at the Penang Chinese Town Hall dialogue session on Sunday).

    Malaysia ranks eighth in the world in terms of competitiveness? Which "international survey" is the PM referring to?

    As per my understanding, the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2007-2008 ranked Malaysia #21 (Singapore is ranked #7).

    The WEF Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2007 ranked Malaysia #31. Singapore was ranked #8.

    The Global IT Report 2006-2007 ranked Malaysia #26. Singapore was ranked #3.

    The latest World Bank "Ease of Doing Business" Report ranked Malaysia #24. Singapore was ranked #1.

    The Heritage Foundation's 2008 Index of Economic Freedom Report ranked Malaysia #51. Singapore is ranked #2.

    So, I really don't know which international survey report ranks Malaysia 8th in the world in terms of competitiveness.

    Since the PM was reported to have said that he is not telling lies, was he misquoted, or mis-reported?

    Or is he privy to some international survey report on competitiveness that we are not aware of?

    It seems to me that any survey report that ranks Malaysia 8th in the world in terms of competitiveness would have received front-page coverage in the main stream media in Malaysia. Try as I might, I can't recall any such reports.

    So, what exactly was the PM talking about? His PR people need to explain this asap before the international news agencies pick it up and report it. It's already been reported in the Singapore newspapers.

  67. Anonymous10:51 pm

    well well, govt subsidising us Rakyat? where is govt money coming from? drop from sky? or print out by the govt?

    Talking abt subsidising petrol and watever, look at the bigger picture, who benefited the most on this subsidising? the rich or the poor? rakyat fr the kampung and estate who cant even buy a bicycle being subsidising by the petrol? The rich are the one being subsidised the most. look at the cars they are driving, how many cc are the cars they are driving? how much is the consumption of the petrol? easily 3X to 4X higher than normal small cars. did govt doing any survey or calculation on this? why no fuel surcharge being impose on this big car for using so much petrol based on monthly consumption? and now telling us that we are being subsidised? very funny....

  68. Anonymous3:01 am

    skillgannon1066 said... So, what exactly was the PM talking about? His PR people need to explain this asap before the international news agencies pick it up and report it. It's already been reported in the Singapore newspapers.

    this man's proclivity for embarrassing himself and the nation looks like limitless.

    for being worse than a doorknob alone, he should be removed from the #1 seat.

    we will never regain whatever standing and respect we had with the world community. or repair the damage he is doing to the country's economy and social equilibrium with his auto-pilot driving before we crash or run out of oil. the latter, literally!

    and Malaysians being gluttons for punishment that they are, too scared to try anything new and forever second-guessing their own shadows, will vote most of the BN idiots into government again, and mr doorknob by extension.

    i think i have to echo dhahran sea...arrrgh, i give up!

  69. Anonymous3:41 am

    Time to change!
    Pak lah now is Malaysia's Apple spoke person.
    All Hail! Steve jobs!

  70. Anonymous4:00 pm

    mekyam 3:01 AM, Pak Rocky

    Here is another little titbit - yet another competitiveness survey.

    This is the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook's 2007 Scoreboard where Malaysia is ranked #23. Singapore is ranked #2.

    I still can't find out which international survey the PM was talking about.

    And have his Penang remarks about Malaysia ranking 8th in terms of competitiveness been reported in the Malaysian mainstream media? I don't remember reading about it in the NST, The Star or The Sun, but I may have missed it.

    And today, the Spore Straits Times reported this gem from Khir Toyo:

    "Selangor is aiming to compete with Singapore 'apple to apple' in five years, the state's Menteri Besar Mohd Khir Toyo has said.

    "Selangor is not much different from Singapore except that it lags behind in efficiency of public transportation, IT facilities and quality of urban services, the chief minister said on Monday.

    "'Once we are more efficient in public transportation and improve our broadband services as well as the urban services quality, Selangor and Singapore can compete apple to apple'"

    This must be the silly season for Malaysian politicians! What's all this with "grapes" and "apples"?

    And I wonder what Khir Toyo has been smoking?

    Note that he carefully omitted any talk about corruption, crime, education and an efficient civil service in trying to compete with Singapore.

    Or an efficient police force, meritocracy, an education system based on English, world class universities and a policy of welcoming foreign talent instead of subjecting them to the tender mercies of Rela!

    Or is Khir Toyo aping the lead set by the PM in Malaysia-Singapore comparisons?

    It's a pity that the opposition didn't forcefully rebut Khir Toyo on this. Or ask the PM to explain just what competitiveness survey he was talking about in Penang.

  71. Anonymous8:53 pm

    i understand u are brought up in s'pore.
    the thing is we have actually conceal the real truth from public for too long so much so that nobody knows who's telling the truth.......
    No use talking in such length in trying to convince the public...
    where is the action??
    S'pore just a fraction of johor as i was informed by my s'pore friends just had their yearly budget announced..
    I understand it's quite a generous handout to all it's citizen..
    and where were we??

  72. Anonymous4:06 am

    Let's have an Idiot's Guide to the Malaysian Economy."


    Dear Leader of Islam Hadhari, I hope you read blogs cos this is the only avenue I have of ever reaching out to you. Perhaps, something in this post could wake you from your hibernation.

    I am now an old man, closing on to 60. Diabetes, hyper tension, a heart condition, cataracts in both eyes and lately, a stroke, plus a host of other ailments; are now my constant companions.

    As I go into this stage in life, I reflect back on what I have gone thru' and realised that a major portion of my years had gone to the support of the UMNO cause, though we Malays have always been told that our support is for the survival of the Malay race.

    My support for Umno/the govt at one time, was fanatical, to say the least. I would challenge anybody to a physical fight, who dared to criticize UMNO/the govt. I figured I was doing my duty in defending my Malay rights. This conviction went on till the 1999 election campaign, when I woke up.

    I have always had a ravenous hunger for information and news (I still do), and when the Reformasi movement started, I was curious to know what/who they were and gobbled up whatever info I could get from the mainstream media about them. The ms media, of course treated them like a nonexistent entity, what you sweep under the carpet, you don't see, what you don't see, can't be a threat - an ostrich's theory about life!

    Anyway, I began to attend the movement's events to get tips in order to roast them later. But gradually, I realised these people were making sense and began to see the greater picture. Here, I must thank the ms media for waking me up from my illusion. I had been on the inside looking out but now I'm outside looking in. A whole new world opened up to me. It's a trauma to see the drama!

    Now, I try to make amends by waking up people from their slumber to go out into the real world and try to make this nation a better place on earth. We all owe this to our future generation.

    As UMNOputras, my family had contributed a lot to the UMNO cause, but never received a single benefit in return. We all paid for our own education, healthcare and survival. You see, In UNMO ther'a another division of classes - there's the 'elite' class, those who get to mingle with the leaders and enjoy the benefits; then there's the 'buta' class - those who blindly follow the directions of the 'elite' class to carry out the wishes of the leaders and finally there's the 'dungu' class - who provide the labour to carry out the jobs of the 'buta' class. So all you BA's out there, don't think all UMNOputras are having a gala time here. But some in the 'dungu' class are now harbouring thoughts of going up the ladder. They have finally stirred from their sleep!

    The point I'm trying to make here, dear Iman Hadhari, I am an old man, waiting for the angel of death, Izra'il, to come for me, so I harbour no political ambitions and cannot ever pose a threat to you. I have no hope of ever improving my life at this stage - my only hope is that something can be done for our future generation.

    Do you, Mr Prime Minister, ever think about Izra'il at all?