Sunday, February 17, 2008

Biggest pre-election poster in PJ

Updated 18/2/08, 5.30pm
A reader who prefers not to be named sent me his photograph on the same poster, to further convince you of how huge the billboard is. Last I checked (abt 30 mins ago), it was still there.

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"I am not a public servant,
I am a public servant doing my best against the odds,
As I develop and serve, be patient,
God is not finished with me yet."

- Jesse Jackson.

And the poster war hasn't even started yet. I see this billboard everyday after paying RM1.60 at the LDP toll. It's the biggest politician poster I've seen. After this one here, of course.

Picture courtesy of Pasqualensa, who asks Who is this guy Loh Seng Kok and why is he quoting Rev Jesse Jackson?


  1. He is presently Kelana Jaya MP. Though he has not finished his work, word has it that he is not going to be a candidate this time around.

  2. Anonymous12:00 am

    Doesn't he know he's been dropped?

    Lee Hwa Beng will take over.

    Thank you Loh, and good bye. We won't miss you.

  3. Yup, his name is not the final list submitted by MCA to the prime minister. Dah habis dah ...

  4. Anonymous12:09 am

    Then again with his new found freedom, he's gone into this born-again religion thingy.

  5. Anonymous12:27 am

    he is ling liong sik's man, not OKT's man. so he habis already.

  6. Anonymous12:56 am

    Hasn't this poster blows the election budget? Oh..rule and law don't apply to some.

  7. Anonymous12:59 am

    Question is where the $$$ came from?? Not cheap to advertise.

  8. Anonymous1:02 am

    Look at the content of the poster English wording and Chinese are totally different, English appeal to Christian and Chinese wording means "rise and fall in life are usual, but those who were related to the race cannot be treated lightly", rough translation means I am a Bangsa Hero, don;t think that dropping me is a simple matter. The guy is playing God (English) on left hand and appealing to Chinese sentiments on right hand. And by spending so much money on bill boards as well as sending sms appealing to Christian (Loh is a Christian) and Chinese(Loh dare to stand up against UMNO when he debate about the needs to set up non-Muslim religious department) is purely oppotunist and should not be taken lightly of his innedo.

  9. What a Kokky attempt at imitating the Barak Obama-JF Kennedy nexus with some spurious link to Jesse Jackson. Such originality from our kosong politicians!

    This aping of that whirlwind in the US is a stark reflection of the empty-headedness of our local politicians desperate to put a shine to their sorry reputations.

    Couldn't he come up with something closer to home, some towering Malaysian who can inspire their campaign and their people. What about Cemerlang, Terbilang Gemilang?!

    Or does he suspect that the rakyat have wised up and won't take no lies no more. Or has he, like many others, come around to believe there is nobody left in Bolehland worth quoting or using as a role model?


  11. Anonymous2:23 am

    Should a public servant requested Parliament to Gazette a Town Park on a wrongly land tittle to Sime UEP which will mean the State has to pay for the Land to Sime UEP? dr 6 dis 2006.pdf]in 2006 Parliament

    Working in "stereo" with MCA Lee Hwa Beng on nonsense "objection hearing" on "redevelopment" of Subang Ria Park, a Town Park under wrongly issued Titles, as against the odds?

    Who is going to pay for the Billboard is surely an odd!

  12. Anonymous2:23 am

    but why quoted Rev Jesse Jackson???

    obviously following foot step of Pak Lah, asking for more than 1-term; a life time term.

    should have quoted Barack Hussein Obama "Go For Change" instead!

    he need to get update with CNN Online, not The Star or Oriental Daily...

  13. Anonymous2:47 am

    Poster besar woo, telor baling sure kena. Yay

  14. Anonymous3:20 am

    Anda dijemput menjadi calon PUNDAK untuk pilihanraya 2008. Sila mohon kawasan wakilan anda di

  15. Anonymous4:11 am


    rev jesse jackson is a preacher - someone closely associated with religion. he fought for EVERYONE - esp. the downtrodden.

    Who the hell is this idiot though having such shameless audacity .. a crook trying to hide behind religion for salvation of his greed ...

    that is bn's value
    pride of umno.


  16., must stop at track and raise right hand or not?

  17. He is MP for my constituency and only now I know what he looks like.

    Well, good riddance to bad rubbish.

  18. Anonymous6:35 am

    why is he using rev jesse's quote? cuz he has none of his own!

    - aiyoo-

  19. Anonymous7:10 am

    Yes, for many..the work isn't finished yet too and we have lost patience with them...dgr kata si perogol anak2 bawah umur pun ada hati nal try kerusi Parlimen Jasin. Try tabling the Child Protection Plan with these kinda scumdogs in Parliment

  20. Anonymous7:56 am

    Why shouln't they when PM's pictures are everywhere including at toll plazas put up by one Crony company Masterskill?
    One PM poster is accompanied with Negaraku and Rukun Negara. Dia Agong ka apa? I thought Negaraku and Rukun Negara are for the Agong.
    Then there is this meloyakan slogan "Segala-galanya bermula denganmu" billboard.
    So we when PM tido kita pun tido samalah?
    I menyampah betul dengan megalomania ni.

    Pengundi Wanita

  21. Anonymous8:38 am

    One of the more outspoken MCA backbencher in Dewan Rakyat. He stepped on the toes of UMNO Kelana Jaya because he dared to propose in Dewan for equal representation of non-Muslim religious body equivalent to Jakim.

    Maybe that's why he kena dropped.

    Friend told me that this guy's quite ok and liberal. Also gave me a link to an interview he gave last year on this here:

    Use Mozilla Firefox browser, please. This website not supportive of $$$ gobbler MS Internet Explorer (haha)

  22. Anonymous9:19 am

    So, meaning... he is going to be bungkus and send ship to god only knows where and yet there is a bigger than life billboard with his face on it and some famous quote from Rev Jesse James? Hmmm...

    It looks like begging to be retained to me... He should have just put his begging statement instead.. "please... please.. please.. don't let me go.. " WAHHH....

  23. what? name not in for contesting in this election and his huge poster is already up? apalahini!! malulah! he had to take the poster down then.

  24. Anonymous9:23 am

    Had encounters with this Kelana Jaya MP, about one troubled housing project located just beside LDP toll booths, we were the victims that came together to fight for our stalled/late delivery of our apartment unit, to make a story short, a few meeting with this MP came out nothing, he just isn't too serious about taking care of the grievances of his ppl there.

    I think he's a low achiever. No love lost is he's gone.

  25. UMNO does not want him, so he has to be dropped.
    By the way how is that BN can hang all over the highway even on overhead bridges?

  26. Anonymous9:36 am

    Is he advertising himself on a privately owned bldg or govt bldg?
    J. Jackson is no saint - he into the Illuminati shit as are all contenders of the US presidential elections.
    Why qoute from such people?

  27. Reminds me of another big poster (not as bing as above) at Jalan Pasar, Fong Kui Lun, in front of his HQ there. I personally think this poster is more classy compare to Kui Luns and somehow I had always liked those big posters. Similar to the propaganda posters used by the Cultural Revolution only without the cool slogans such as Down with the Capitalist roaders and stuff.

    I had always have the notion that Malaysian Politicians are always somewhat fancy. If you think they like posters wait till you see their plate numbers. We all know the Pahang MB expensive plate number, and if you notice Fong Kui Lun (because I always go to Jalan Pasar) drives a SUV with the plate number DAP XXXX, I think some of the PAS politician has PAS plate numbers and back then I knew that Mahathir's plate number was 2020.

    In the end, politics are just like showbiz.. With the glamour, gossips and scandals.

  28. Anonymous9:54 am


  29. Anonymous10:11 am

    Wow, what a lame quote.
    More lies, lies, lies.
    Like leader-like subordinates.

  30. Anonymous10:59 am

    It shld hv read " i m not a perfect servant".

    And yes God may not hv finished with you but MSians are! As long as you stand for BN you are finished in our eyes!

  31. Anonymous11:14 am

    Anonymous 8:38am

    Any MP not outspoken?
    Did he walk his talk and the way they communicate and work with Rakyat are more important!

    Their Hearts and Souls are to be watched and not their noises or Posters to catch your note!

    Anonymous 9:23am

    MCA head heads and messes the Housing
    could MCA Machai correct the messes of their boss?

    Same for Lee Hwa Beng for SJ & USJ!

    Please put up similar list for other Constituencies on those MP playing "Devil & God" for their Parties!!

    Like Lulu
    spot at least one "senator who has never won an election who is working hand in hand with DBKL on a joint "manifesto"" as referred to


    if you can start a Post and put a link to the Right of your Blog for each and every Constituency, the opinions & experiences of voters to the Candidates, I believe you will hit at least 4-5million hits after the GE!!
    For the sake of knowing the "Devil or God" of those nominated!

  32. Anonymous11:26 am

    Hi Bro.....
    Letak poster you lagi best ada class...politician mana ada class bloggers lagi ada class....

  33. Anonymous11:56 am

    I've known of this guy and he is a quiet worker. Helluva lot better than the guy they chose to replace him; Datuk Lee Hwa Beng.

    He is the guy that some UMNO youth fellas threatened when he brought up (in Parliament)the issue of our history books not reflecting the contribution of the non-malay races to the development of the country.

    Btw, Lee Hwa Beng is moving to Parliament because it is safer for him. Ask people of Subang Jaya just what a slippery customer Ah Beng is.

    But must admit, that poster is darned stupid.

  34. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Haiyaa, saye olang mulayu manna bace cinla sama ingelis punye. Mana itu tulik mulayu ma? Bawah cakap sayang sama PJ. Sayang apa? manya koto sikalang. Ini wakil laayat mana atta keleje punya. Mayin-mayin saje. Lagi baik pangka itu sport toto ma.

  35. Anonymous12:15 pm


    just FYI the slogan Pak Lah use in 2004 election " Jangan bekerja untuk saya, tetapi bekerja bersama sama saya" was used by the late Tuanku Abdul Rahman in the early post merdeka days.

    You can check with the veterans to confirm it.

    Another case of curi idea @ tak ada idea by Pak Lah and his advisors.

  36. Anonymous12:22 pm


    Umno Rembau should have done the same thing for Khairy Jamaluddin
    - except it should be the biggest in Malaysia and using Lee Kuan Yew's quote lah.

  37. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Pak Rocky

    I hate to digress, but my curiosity has been piqued by Terence Fernandez's latest column ("Time to make sound choices") in The Sun, Feb 15.

    The whole tone of his column seems to suggest that he has made peace with his new bosses at The Sun.

    Am I wrong?

    Meanwhile, there has been no new column in The Sun from Citizen Nades. Has he fallen by the wayside or has he upped and moved on to greener pastures?

  38. Anonymous1:02 pm

    general erection coming and they put up dickheads.

  39. Anonymous1:09 pm

    How can the local authority (in this case the monkeys at Subang Jaya Municipality) allow such a big poster to be displayed is beyond comprehension. These Subang monkeys, especially the head monkey (in this case the head of the municpality) should be shot.

  40. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Your commenters are mostly witty.

  41. Do not bash a person just because he is from the ruling party. Not all are bad although they come from the same basket.

    There are a few in the ruling party that I do have some thoughts for. Zaid Ibrahim is one. Loh Seng Kok is actually one of them. My hats off to Loh for daring to stand up to say his piece rather than one Oh Kui Tau (OKT) that just hide inside his shell when the ruling party brings out the keris.

    To Zaid Ibrahim and Loh Seng Kok, take your struggle elsewhere I am sure you will be appreciated.

  42. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Don't waste your money, OKT has already made it very clear that for those who have been dropped, there is no use for them to make any attempt trying to hold on.

  43. Anonymous3:43 pm

    loh seng kok is out. He was a better MP compared to most BN. He was consistent on the issues facing the folks in subang jaya like the police station in usj8, subang ria park etc unlike Lee Hwa Beng. at the ned of the day, he got played out by Lee Hwa Beng and UMNO kelana Jaya cos if the issue he raised in parliamnet about our history book being on sided which was true.

  44. Anonymous5:53 pm


  45. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Some people have no shame,,,aiyo..Malu-nya!!

  46. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Wanna be MP who??????

  47. There's one big poster/banner that reads "MAJU BERSAMA BARISAN NASIONAL" that takes at least half of the MAJU building at Jalan TAR.

  48. Anonymous11:48 pm

    And in all the years he was "there", they didn't even make him a "Latuk".

  49. Anonymous1:26 am


    ....He is the guy that some UMNO youth fellas threatened when he brought up (in Parliament)the issue of our history books not reflecting the contribution of the non-malay races to the development of the country.

    Action speaks louder than words.

    After that what has he done besides talking???

    Or has he assimilated himself to the useless culture and values of bn.

    Reminder :::

    Bn’s values :

    1. get rich first by screwing the people and country.

    2. then get richer by screwing the people and country more.

    3. pass the “magic formula” to descendants.

    The very pride of umno.


  50. I might be blind, but doesnt the billboard say "...perfect servant..?"

  51. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Yeah he worked hard

    working hard on big poster

  52. haha have u guys see this billboard again..


  53. There will always be candidates who are liked by some and hated by some. What most of us can share is what we've been thru with some of these politicians. LHB has done a lot for the people of Subang Jaya but there's always some decision of his which irritates some others. One good example regarding the chinese schools in Subang Jaya. He has brougt in many chinese schools and still its not enough. How to cater to so many chinese students when the chinese they themselves refuse to be teachers? You can't expect indian or malays to teach mandarin in chinese schools, isn't it? SO how?