Friday, February 01, 2008

Ah, Datuk KK and Datuk Dr Vincent!

updated 1/2/08, 11am - Bernama's list here. Read also why the Agong's happy.

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Federal Territory Day awards. My, my. They are getting younger and younger, aren't they? Datuk Kamal Khalid, the head of the 4th Floor and whose calls the mainstream editors just dread, and Vincent Lim, KJ's Oxford buddy, haven't served the PM for even a term yet. But the sun is shining and you know what they say of what to do while the sun shines. Or maybe they do deserve their datukships, eh?

This is the first time FT Day comes with awards and medals.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the land of NO quality, when we compete in the international stage, we are huge losers.

Back here, tons of self proclaim positions when you know the right people or married the right man's daughter. SHAME+SAD.

faizzi said...

if i am not mistaken,
there is even, one guy, whom job title is a Kerani or Penolong Pegawai Tadbir or something, at the 4th Floor,
that is a also Datuk

Anonymous said...

sekarang mereka sendiri-sendiri dah buleh bagi-bagi datuk kepada kawan-kawan yang mereka suka...

jadinya... siapa perlukan sultan sekarang?? [itu je kepentingan adanya sultan buat mereka tuh...]

Anonymous said...

Is it the FT minister that recommends the awards ?
Whatever. Seems like another money-making stream. Is there a discount for this inaugural awards?

Am i being too cynical?

A Voice said...

Ah ... another one of those with long names.

tehsin mukhtar said...

And what is FT day about, eh? Celebrating more money making options by FT ministers for their cronies?

Apa dia sudah buat selama ni? Why does the FT ministry need to organise a "retreat" to discuss traffic woes soultions? Tak cukup lagi ka office space? Pakai je la Pusat Khidmat Parlimen kat Setiawangsa tu yang glamor bukan main. Kedai mamak NZ yang besar sebelah tu pun ada closed off air con area. Why the hell do they need to "retreat" into luxury no less and who the hell is paying for it? I haven't heard of Zulhasan doing anything but coming out in the society pages for attending some Sarawak wealthy scion's wedding, or holding Raya open houses, or sucking up to Najib, huge banners of their faces terpampang kat area Setiawangsa ni. What is important is just sitting down and getting the job done AS IS WHERE IS...all this wasting time and funds is a BLOODY DISEASE...get the buggers out this election. I'm so disappointed to hear of many friends and fellow Malaysians, some of whom are high ranking professionals and successful people who just aren't going to bother to vote this year as the years before...just lost in their la-la land of good pay, perks, clubs and trappings..tak sedar yang when the bubble bursts...all we will have is hot air...

Anonymous said...

Brew, saw these young yellows with SIL at a cigar bar in JBB having fine cigars and finer vino. Kalli getting drunk at the corner bar in Bangsar. Islam hadhari, you see. Do they serve vine at Seri Perdana?


caravanserai said...

What is this award?
It doesn’t come with genuinely helping the destitute
It comes from enriching one’s personal glory
By betting on which horse you want to ride

The country has too many awards
It has become another parade
Of the titled people
Running around the country

Why don’t the other rulers follow Sultan of Selangor?
Give to those really deserving the awards
It shouldn’t be given to those working for the government
Or those supporting the ruling elite
They must be helping the society
Without race or religion or color

Yet I read year in year out
So many people receiving many awards
Not once many times too
Not that they help in charitable work
Nay….it is just the way it is

I know something about it
My cousin got his Datukship few years ago
He is a businessman he doesn’t do charity work
He is so proud about it

I never congratulate him
I felt he shouldn’t deserve it

I only respect those awardees
Helping the society putting in their efforts
Without thinking of awards
Just they want to help others
Living it better then before
And they are color blind of the people

It is time awards must be properly vetted
No serving government officials should be given
No businessman should be bestowed titled too
And politicians too must not be given awards

I know I am wishing
It will not happen
I will read it every year

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

fine. go ahead and enjoy the shitty datukship whoever hell these KK and vincent fellas are. but seriously tell me, what have they done to the country to deserve such title, or any title for that matter?

hasilox said...

Can someone give me nenekship?!

drMpower said...

i more tabik on those academic professors, phd holders, and also those MBBS people. also those Emerituses.

Datukship is not longer a previledge. It was, though and it should be.

something like 'Sir' in the UK.

but, these days, Datuks are like empty cans on the street. you see them so many, and if you like, u can sepak them.

or throw them in the bin.




Kata Tak Nak said...

Who knows, next, Datukships and Tan Sriships would be awarded on Thaipusam, Labour Day, Wesak Day, Masulidur Rasul, Maal Hijrah and School Sports Day?

Imagine going to Kayu Nasi Kandaq and the waiter attending to you is Datuk Abdel Rehman from Bihar.

galadriel said...

Sounds incredibly like a mutual admiration society. Datukships are a dime a dozen these days.

Most Datuks I meet, I asked what he paid for it. U know wot? Instead of getting indignant, sound sheepish.

What an incestuous bunch. And these people are in authority.

rocky(original) said...

Nowadays people look at Datuks differently. It is no longer a respectable title like in the 70 and 80s and even the early 90s. Money can buy one same like our just let them be. Let them beat their chest.

A Voice said...

Settle Mari

Vincent Lim was never TDM's Chinese Polsec. It was Matthias Chang lah!

suaramalaysia said...

There is a saying, "Why clean the outside of the cup while the inside is filled with dead men's bones?" Why do Barisan leaders continue to promote crnoyism while the righteous men and women within us are treated with contempt?

Such blatant acts of "datukship" is a disgraceful abuse of leadership and disregard to political and moral accountability and transparency.

May the rakyat stand firm in making their voices heard against thse blatant abuse of tax-payers revenue. Continue to bycott the goverment-controlled concubine media and its agents!

And lets add another day in the week besides Tuesday to send these testicle-carrying goons to a royal flush.

queenbee said...

They should just centralized the giving of titles to the Agong or Federal, and no one else, then it'll be more meaningful. Sultan Johor also has tight control of the Datukship given out I think. To be transparent as the govt claim they are, publish what is the requirements to be considered for Datukship, the achievements or qualifications. Right now, any Tom Dick Harry with connection and money can get it, cheapen the titles.

Anonymous said...

To anon. 10.04 am.

Ahh my friend. FIL probably told SIL that his islam hadari (note the small 'i' because to all other Muslims, there is only ONE Islam, ie ISLAM) . No sir , no islam hadari or islam bendahri or islam harihari or islam harakiri !
Badawi's islam hadari says 'ok' to many other deeds. Aske both of them !!

Anonymous said...

Well , we do love our datukshits, i mean datukships, dun we ?

Mr. Nobody :) said...


I think you have coded the link wrongly ... :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

That bloke who follows our national badminton team around since decades ago deserve some recognition. But no, just becos he’s a small-time trader he wont even get a lousy medal. Datukships are reserved for the rich, just as long you have tons of money, you don’t need to sweat for your country to get one of those.

Such cheap shit cost a bomb

Ordinary Superhero said...

Indeed they are getting younger and younger which make us wonder what have they contributed to the society at large?

Rocky's Bru said...

mr nobody, thank you. corrected.

Lucy Goodboobs said...

At the rate such awards are being given out, in the not too distant future there will be more Datuks and other titled people around than ordinary untitled folks.

By then perhaps 90 per cent of the population of Malaysia will be walking around with a Datuk or Dato Sri or Tun appended to their names.

lung said...

My only complaint is that they are too frugal in dishing out the datukships.

Heck, I welcome the day when they throw out awards by the bucketfuls.

Then & only then, will we get the real value of these awards.

Remember the "banana notes" of WWII Malaya.

More, more please.

pashed said...

suaramalaysia..i think you got some kinda fetish there..the terms "concubines", "feeding at the breasts of BN/Umno", "royal breasts"..keep cropping up in your writings...better go get some first...

FadeUp said...

Saw the coverage on RTM this morning. What's happening? There's a LONG LONG list of Ketua Bahagian UMNO/MCA/MIC getting some kind of awards! What's the CRITERIA for getting one???

Anonymous said...

/Post this with ur reply,if not nvm/

rocky..i was reading thru nstp(guilty as charge)during my lunch today.. kamal's pic was there.. i tot it was kamaluddin.. related to the family on endon?


Anonymous said...

What is the big deal in getting a Datuk title.It's so easy to get one. Have money, pay for it and get a title. Those who work hard don't get one. Those who are lazy and tukang ampu,no problem. Like Tengku Adnan recommended one for former CJ without his boss knowledge. Podah.

Zakhir's Zoo said...


Dato' Kamal Khalid is friend from school and I am happy he has been bestowed with the awards.

However, whether he deserve it or not, I am not too sure. What I know is that he is the youngest civil servant I know being awarded a "Datukship" and yes, he had not even completed his post for a full Parliament term.

I think he is the first guy from my school who had been bestowed with a "Datukship" (Our school history is less than 25 years old!). Congratulations, Dato' Kamal!

mob1900 said...

Nowadays you can throw an empty mineral water bottle(Ijok-inspired) and IT WILL HIT A DATUK amongst the crowd!

Anonymous said...

They didn't give one to Nor Mohammed? He's losing his touch.
Next year maybe.

Frank said...


Malaysia's datukship has become a DIME A DOZEN AWARDS.

It is no more a case of awarding titles who serve the interests of the country. It is awarding titles who are asslickers of the ruling parties of the Government, who are patriotic in playing the politics of ruling parties.

In Government departments and ministries, a Ketua Pengarah works to get his datukship and the modus operandi is to play ball and kiss the assess of Ministers in charge.

Nowadays, if you throw a stone in a gathering of senior public servants, 9 out of 10 it will land on a head of a datuk.

In the corporate sector, datuks are purchased, it is a commodity.

What we get now slimy datuks, mostly a disgrace to the nation:
The datuks of the kind eg the Lingam type who disgrace the legal profession the Tuns of the time of Fairuz and Eusoff Chin who brought disgrace to the judiciary, the criminal datuks,

The Datuk Azeez type who is acting like a godfather to the Mat Rempits.

The Datuks in Parliament whose mouth about a woman's bocor need to be sterilised

The datuks who wield keris calling for nonMalay blood in public

The datuks who secretly marry royalties in THailand and deny it

The latest two from the fourth flour of Putrajaya, what the bloody hell did they contribute to the wellbeing besides being the son in law's sidekicks.

Nowadays, when you see a person with a datuk to his/her name, you mentally classify him/her:

a) Asslicker datuks (the Ketua Pengarah types)

b) Brainless datuks politicians who exploit the UMNO money politics to win datukship

c) Supermarket datuks especially those corporate captains where they advertise their datukship on full pages in newspapers

d) UMNO greasing datuks

It is time the Agung and the Council of Rulers set a standard and proper criteria before agreeing to the list of datuks to be conferred.OTHERWISE, it is such a joke among Malaysians.

There are friends I know who would refuse to take a datukship simply because they don't want to be in a company of known crooks and questinable and shady characters who have been giving the DATUKSHIP a bad name.

The Kamal Khalid and the Vincent Lim datukships are the classified as the ASS LICKERS DATUKS, and this award is reflection of the PM's poor leadership for even agreeing to submit the list to the Agung.


d) Political wannabees datuks whose fame

Brunt Council said...

The second time around from the current Sultan Selangor...

February 01, 2008 22:46 PM

Selangor Revokes Amin Shah's 'Datuk' Title

SHAH ALAM, Feb 1 (Bernama) -- The Selangor government today revoked the "Datuk" title conferred on corporate figure Amin Shah Omar retrospective from Jan 31, 2008, according to a statement issued by State Secretary Datuk Ramli Mahmud.

He said the decision was taken after consultations with the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, when the Dewan Di Raja Selangor held its 124th meeting here here yesterday.

"The decision was made because of conduct on the part of Amin Shah not befitting the status of the title," Ramli said.

Amin Shah, 53, was conferred the Darjah Kebesaran Datuk Mahkota Selangor (DPMS), which carries the "Datuk" title, in 1996.


It will be good to have this a continuing trend and practised by all the states ...

God giveth and god taketh ... through the Sultan, off course.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:43 PM said...
/Post this with ur reply,if not nvm/
rocky..i was reading thru nstp(guilty as charge)during my lunch today.. kamal's pic was there.. i tot it was kamaluddin.. related to the family on endon?

anon 4:43 PM, u think dis kamal fella maybe related to khalid izhar mahmood ambak, brother of the late endon, ah?

Anonymous said...

What the heck! I know one Burmese used car salesman who can't speak English properly and is now a Datuk.

Mind you, this guy did not even have a proper secondary school education.

Heard he got the title with the help of one of the AP King who now flies around in a heli.


cleopatra said...


just look around you...
years ago, some corporate people were awarded Tan Sriships. I puked. They bloody did not deserve to be awarded anything.

You'd be awarded a datukship, bro, if you were still at NST. But I was told you'd refuse to accept any titled awards. BRAVO!
Speaking of which, your former colleagues......hahaha, need I say more?

The NSTP group editor posts guarantee a datukship. Is that right?
Sheeesh.... what cock.

datukships are worthless these days. I know an event management guy who's got a datukship. WHHAAAAT?
there you go.... hahaaahaa

Anonymous said...

Datuk Vincent Lim - what a big joke of the century. Such faceless mercenary can be bestowed with a Datukship then datukship is not worth a cup of cold piss!

Vincent Lim, what have you done for. the nation spinning stories to make the Sleepy Head look good and yet he looks like shit!

People like Vincent Lim should be cursed for doing a diservice to the nation and he has cheated the nation by his the datukship

Anonymous said...

There are now more Datuks than Buffalos in Malaysia, however Buffalos are more respectable and carries more value.

Anonymous said...

Sadly the value of Datuk is not worth the shit that comes out of the Datuk's asshole. There must be close to a million Datuks by now and there are rapist, murderers,con-artist,corrupted Datuks everywhere. It is a title of shame since it has been given to so many shameless people.

my sweetlady said...


If you know one event management guy who got a datukship, I know another who was conferred one. no shame these people. What have they contributed to the nation?

Elek. Nothing!

Zulkifli said...

Datukship dekat malaysia ni mana ada kualiti... bandingkan dengan Sir di England...Datuk kat Malaysia majoritinya hampeh belaka...

budak budak umur 27,28 tahun entah dari mana datangnya pun boleh dapat Datuk...apa la...Kodi...

terlampau banyak sangat Datuk dah tak ada maknanya lagi dah...belum campur datuk mindanao lagi

Anonymous said...

a group of kids on the playground handing out fancy names for themselves, imagining they'll all have superpowers hoping the rest of the school will ponder in awe:
'ok, abdullah, you'll be superman'
'zam will be the pink power ranger'
'najib, how bout you be catwoman'
'watch out for khairy's elastic hands...'