Friday, February 01, 2008

An emperor, 2 swindlers, new clothes

PM launches The Emperor's New Clothes. The picture tells the story: Malaysian Prime Minister launches boutique owned by his own daughter and son-in-law.
Is that controversial? Pasquale says it is. "He should not have officiated his own daughter's boutique, with such a telling name ...," he wrote n his latest posting, The Emperor's new clothes. What's in a name? A lot! Especially now!

There are two swindlers in Hans Christian Henderson's short story "Emperor with no clothes." You've got to read it HERE.


  1. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Betcha the name will soon be changed. And they thought they were being clever in choosing the name. Hah!

  2. Anonymous1:22 pm


    Sorry Rocky, I'm not usually given to swearing in public - in bold too - but I'm sure you agree this absolutely calls for it. :D

  3. Yes...the son is the ultimate swindler..going to hang his Father-in-law's butt out buck naked to dry...and the FIL will be smiling unawares...

  4. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Hey all the bloody swindlers have a new, legit outlet to launder their money through!!! What an apt name they chose and I'm sure they knew it too....

  5. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Oh My....(I'm really speechless now)Is Khairy purposely name the boutique as "The Emperor's New Clothes" to humiliate his FIL..Hahaha..i pity Bodowi, he still don't get the message

  6. Anonymous3:19 pm

    I wonder if KJ and Nori made the right decision to ask AAB to do the opening ceremony...After all we know what happened to the last opening he did...i.e in Australia.
    Time shall tell, bro....time shall tell...

  7. The storm waits
    The rising waves caress the seas
    Building up its anger
    Slowly cruising for its destruction

    The merry making on the land
    The party goers and king’s men
    Lying drunkenly into oblivion
    They don’t care
    They want to have a good time

    The leaders get their medals
    Glitter seductively in their eyes
    Surveying it with greedy mind
    “Now I am Sir Knight!”

    When the middle and poor classes move
    Camping throughout the city
    The knighted knights feel the shiver
    They quickly run into backdoors
    They can’t face the multitudes
    Gathering to ask for alms…..
    You see knights should help the needy
    And those who need favors and more

    The storm waits….
    The emperor goes shopping
    Holding up seeking profits
    For his princess he thinks he is right

    Nobody dares to tell him
    He will lose badly if he goes to voting war
    So they feed him a glorious tale of spying
    When he decides what he feels the truth
    He is going down naked in the polls

    The yellow yarns of story
    The emperor believes in his glory
    Walking with his smile
    He forgets to see the storm brewing
    He thinks he has built corridors
    He is utterly protected….
    The storm waits
    Rising temperature circulating waves
    The wind sings its merry whirring melody
    Like the Pied Piper
    The emperor and his knights will fall asleep
    Dreaming about the glory
    For them it is history….

  8. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Are you sure it belong to them.

  9. Anonymous5:38 pm

    on the label it says..........

    Made in China with the finest wools from Mongolia, guarentee to shrink in Johore flood.

  10. Anonymous5:40 pm

    This bozo PM always got his priority wrong.

  11. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Better title the brand to HYPNOS

    Hypnos, the god of sleep

  12. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Do they sell pyjamas?

  13. Anonymous7:10 pm

    He is bad luck, remember the Nasi Kandan shop he open in Perth for his Bro? It goes bally up within 6 months.

  14. Anonymous7:45 pm

    No shit! I gotta clip your blof and fil it under shit-for-brains. this is too good to be true. are you sure they named it The Emperor's New Clothes?

  15. Lolx,
    He's an Absolute Moron!!! lolx
    Doesn't he know He is the main Character/Joker in the tale???!

    Notty Notty SIL.
    Norree is probably getting even for Papa ZZZ replaced 'someone special' so soon. Seems to me there's a storm brewing in the family.

  16. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Who will be the fleeced Emperor? Consumer? Owner Nori & Khairy? Emperor Dol Badawi?

    We'll have to be on the look out for who will get fleeced by or who will be fleecing the company?

    Will it be a front to cleanse ill gotten gains? Generating sales by issuing overpriced receipts?

    Will it be the front to secure and justify exclusive contract to supply batik to government staff? Exclusive AP to import adult pampers?

    Award franchise outlet to lure votes for Ketua Pemuda post GE? Biting into franchising loans of entrepreneur's funds? Unseat Mukhriz as President of Malaysian Franchise Association?

    Many possibilities ... hahaha

  17. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Our busy jetsetting and busy opening nasi kandar and boutiques. Busy tackling maids and what else apart from working as a PM cum ISM cum FM?

    How much did his Nori n SIL gv him as appearance fee? RM5mil?

    If it was free, can I request the PM to open my shop also ah?

  18. Anonymous11:09 pm

    We can all send out emails and boycott this stupid shop.

  19. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Did I hear one wanna-be MP just bought the entire stock of one design for use by his helpers in the LIKELY event he gets the nod?

  20. Anonymous11:12 pm

    I wonder where they sourced the clothigns from? China? INdia?

    If not some established branded names, i doubt it will sell. You think foreigners are idiots ah? Locals surely wont buy em.

    SO the question is, is it a guise to say, declare huge profit and hey, when IRB check their millions RM worth of assets later they can always say, very good biz oooo this new shop.

  21. Anonymous11:31 pm

    I hope this one does better than the Perth Nasi Kandar. I hope the PM brings the barakah to the DIL. I hope the Balaaq that befallen the Perth Nasi Kandar will not befall the DIL. What about the BIL's Jendela Batik? More business since the poor kakitangan awam has to wear batik every thursday now. BTW, BIL is brother-in-law. This is a very lawful government.Is it true that the son got the Airbus319 gratis for lobbying Mas to buy Airbus380 and sold the 319 to Penerbangan Nasional for a RM200 million? Bling, bling.

    Nasi Kanda Lover

  22. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Peduli sama orang lainlah KJ. Takkan apa saja lu mau bikin, mahu ambil kira orang punya pendapat. Ini macam susah mau hiduplah. Mahu bukan kedai baju seribu pun buka lah. Apa susah, bukan depa punya duit. Kau ada duit, bukalah banyak mana pun kau suka. Nak nama apa sekali pun, Emperor ke, Maharaja ke, Empayar ke, kau punya pasal lah tak. Apa depa mau susah. Depa tak sekarang ni hang dah popular dan selalu dapat tempat dalam surat khabar dan TV.

  23. Anonymous1:52 am

    I smell marketing gimmick - create a buzz, the more notorious the better and everyone will be talking about it even on blogosphere. Free viral marketing :)

  24. Anonymous2:44 am

    I think the shop is called actually called T.E.N.C.short for The Emperors New Clothes.

  25. Anonymous3:27 am

    Two words: hubris and situational irony.

  26. Anonymous3:33 am

    Why can't people focus on issues?

    Higher Corporate Tax

    Tax Exemption for Corporate Donation to Charities

    Reduce unemployment among Malays Youths ( Must mention concrete programme )

    Cheaper health care for elderly and those below poverty line ( and enforce the must-give-treatment on emergency cases at private hospitals)

    No sylabus change in school system subject to review every 15 years

    Better economic package deal(ala NEP) to poor miniorities including Indians and Orang Asli

    Curb foreign missionaries activities

    Cap on defence spending

  27. Anonymous4:43 am

    Aiya, the Sleeping PM must help the son-in-law in politics and business. This is the obvious. Lim Kit Siang also helps his son Lim Guan Eng to control the DAP. So Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua please wake up, you are just pawns of Lim Dynasty.

    The DAP is the property of Lim Kit Siang. Well, Tun M also help his son.

    So Lim Kit Siang please do not get worried, it is ok for you to practise nepotism as what you have been doing all these years that's why the DAP is just a laughing stocks.

    Lim Kit Siang plus Lim Guan Eng equal NEPOTISM.

    Mahthir plus Mukriz equal NEPOTISM.

    Bodohwi accept court cases especially based on Rajendram monies fron Karasu and family.
    Badawi plus
    In Malaysia, we have to tolerate the nepotism of Badowi

  28. Anonymous9:34 am

    It's a boutique, for crying out loud! Get a life, people!

    Are you saying that the PM's daughter and SIL are not allowed to be entrepreneurs and run their own business, when other Malaysians can do so?

    And what is wrong with the PM opening the said boutique? Where is there a conflict of interest?

    Is this boutique the recipient of some exclusive govt contracts? Has it got the contract to supply batik outfits to the Cabinet, MPs, state Mentris Besar etc etc? Did it get concessional start-up financing on easy terms from the banks? Is it operating a sweat shop and paying it's employees miserly wages?

    It's the tall poppy syndrome all over again. When Malaysians can't stand to see other Malaysians become successful (and rich).

  29. Anonymous10:38 am

    Who is higher,Emperor or Agong?
    For Japanese and old China the emperor have a status of living god.

    His SIL thinks he is next in-waiting Emperor which everybody afraid of him expecially for UMNO member.Yes,strictly UMNO member.
    As long as he live in his FIL armpit.
    He want to show that the Emperor is above the law.

  30. Forget about the possibility of this FIL to understand the irony and the fact that the joke is on him. I dont think "The Emperor's New Clothes" is in the Islamic Studies curricullum. Unless, he read it himself? ... aahhh forget it.

    He would be so proud of his SIL right now for being able to come up with such a cool name.

  31. Anonymous11:46 am

    tiew nia mah... so his family rather than the country interest come first.

  32. Anonymous12:52 pm

    rocky bru,

    dig up some sleeze lah and expose. thats investigative journalism. not the sit you used to and is still doing, which is wrting shit.

    No wonder you got booted outbof NSTP.

    Bro Taff

  33. Anonymous1:23 pm

    If all that lingam claimed are lies why don't those implicated sue him for defamation?

  34. Anonymous1:48 pm

    ok whaaat....

    i have not objection to PM's children opening boutiques, restaurants etc...
    even companies selling perfumes blah blah blah.

    what they shouldnt be doing is holding shares in companies set up to carry out critical govt/govt-related projects ,,,oh you know what i mean,. whre you can see that the cost projects have been inflated, and you see abuse of taxpayers money. MY money too.Hell!

    Unless of course,this boutique (as I suspect that perth restaurant) is an exercise in money laundering. Haha...

    I really thought KJ and his wife, Nori had a real cool sense of humour.

    Anyway commentor BRO TAFF -- you do not know Rocky, huh? that's why you came out with your stupid comment.
    Therefore I suspect you must be those assholes' machai.

    Go tell that to Rocky's face. Pengecut!

  35. Anonymous3:15 pm

    now maya karin knows where to dump the dresses, skirts, blouses, gowns and underwear she had used.

  36. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    If u have the ability or ways in reviewing back "Live Telecast" when His Empundekrer's wife being late. The RTM/TV3 addressed the demise as "ALMARHUM" for sometimes.. Until i guess was complained by the Istana, then only the commentator addressed as "Allahyarhumah".. This occasion in the launching is the affirmative manifesto that Abdullah n family is so "perasan" that they are Royalty... What I know that thier "royalty" is toll n money people has to pay to seek an appointment with the PM... That's it.

  37. From his brother's nasi kandar shop in Perth and now to his daughter and son-in-law's clothes shop at the Pavilion. Is AAB setting himself up for a naked parade?

  38. Anonymous6:41 pm

    ohh no, i see a business proxy war here...TDM with his bakery "The Loaf"

    and new kid on the block, with his clothing line "The Emperor's New Clothes"

    here is the good news, I'm going to contact william hill to run a special bet on..(who's gonna bungkus first or sell the business)hehehe

  39. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Once a year Anak Yatim can visit the shop and hand pick the cloths tak?
    Like the one,they used to shop spree bila dekat nak Raya.
    Sponsor by the Pak Chik coporate.

    No wonder,anak yatim pun dah kenal baju branded.
    Baju terpakai ,'baju bundle' depa tak mahu lagi.
    Apa pasal tak buka Sekolah Menjahit Baju?

  40. Anonymous9:33 pm

    skilgannon1066 funny lar u said like just reminded me of scomi, myteam....

  41. Anonymous10:56 pm

    realy bad taste in choosing a name and kurang manis from SIL and Nori.

    Are they now saying they are the emperor family?

    rockybru - keep posting bro. appreciate your view point instead of just MSM view.

    cao mate

  42. Anonymous11:54 pm

    "the emperor's new clothes" is an oxford blunder. I think that's God's way of making you splat your own face with your own shit

  43. Anonymous12:21 am

    No shame one this Badawi fella.

  44. skilgannon1066 and Taff. Why don't you two stick your heads in a bucket of shit? There is no conflict of interests if you were a PM of a country and you open the shop of every other Malaysian in the country and open the shop of your daughter but there is a conflict of interest if you open ONLY the shops of your family and cronies.

    Since as PM you can't open every shop in the country (you should be doing your VERY important business of running the country instead of trying out new clothes) you are abusing your position and power if you open ONLY your daughter's shop as you are giving her free publicity while other shops have to pay to get the same effect.

    Anyway, if I were the PM, I won't be so stupid as to open a shop, any shop owned by my daughter or not, that is called The Emperor's New Clothes. I guess you two are too stupid to catch the dramatic irony. I feel almost sorry for the ignorant "emperor" as it's obvious that none of his advisers is bright enough to tell him that it's inappropriate. Well, I can even picture you two shitheads standing in the crowd cheering the happy "naked" poor fool on as he passes by.

  45. Anonymous7:25 am

    So bodowi, the Emperor stood in front of the mirror in his 'invisible' new clothes. Standing proudly in what is actually his birthday suit, he asked his Ministers' opinion.
    The foreign Minister, Sad Ababar, looked around his collegues, raised his eyebrow and said , " Very nice my Emperor, very nice. I like the colour of your new clothes.
    The Information Minister , Alakazam, said, "Oh my dearest Emperor, people will die to have a look at you now,."
    The Trade minister, Roughit Dah said, (in her mind)" what a ding-dong. Never seen one -or two, so crumpled and wrinklrd.But I'd better praised his so-called clothes."
    The tailor, Ee Cunt Yew, with a sinister grin, said, "See, Emperor, your people will like your new clothes. The material will keep you cool so on a hot day you won't fall asllep. I prsume you are happy and as agreed, your castle is now mine. Not bad at all --- a castle for an in invisible clothes---you are very clever and crafty Emperor!"
    Then the Tourism Minister, Tungkul Tangan said, " yes my beloved emperor, we must tell the world about your excellent new clothes."

    And somewher in the back , a lawyer by the name og Chewinggam said, 'Yes, correct, correct, correct.'

    So the circus will perform and perform until the big top collapse on all on them!! And the people live happily ever after....

  46. by choosing this name, he's saying that the clothes they sell are so beautiful that when he hold it up for us to see, we can see nothing at all, thus he hope that we believe there is something when in fact there is nothing! yep, like always, he's taking us for fools.

  47. Anonymous6:00 pm

    marketing gimmick? fail! fail! fail!
    irony? yes, yes, yes...

  48. Anonymous9:14 pm

    brunt council

    many possibilities, maybe, but for sure he just lost his tag as the richest unemployed politician in malaysia. something has to give, aint it?
    just wondering when PM is sent to pasture, what will be him and his wife? no mean thoughts but just wondering. time will tell.

  49. Anonymous11:06 pm

    Rocky: your comments please, on the following issue:

  50. Anonymous2:07 am

    roxanne: Why don't you two stick your heads in a bucket of shit?

    Hahaha! Love it when rox is ticked off.

    Next she'll be telling them to wipe off with "The Emperor's New Clothes"! ROFL! ROFL!

    P.S. The irony of the name (in all its different facets) aside, don't know why those two even bothered to have dad perform this gimmick to save on advertising. As galadriel hinted, failed businesses are sooo tax-deductable.

  51. So now we have a Prime Minister totally oblivious to the story of The "Emperor's New Clothes", that he's so willing to come officially open a store with the same name. Surely a testament to his tenure?

    Somewhere in the same mall, we also have an easily forgetful PM (well, he thinks he still is) loafing around. What's he doing? Selling overpriced pastries.

    Gimme the kopitiam "roti bakar" anyday!

  52. Anonymous8:12 am

    Aiya Rocky (and roxanne)!

    This: "Hahaha! Love it when rox is ticked off."

    should have been

    "Hahaha! Love it when rox ticked someone off."


  53. Even this gets written AND COMMENTED UPON BY SO MANY? My oh My.

    I didnt see more pertinent/important issues affecting the rakyat get written by Rocky and if they do get some "air time", not many bother to leave a comment!

    Evryone of us should examine our head!

  54. Anonymous9:44 am

    Better spend my money at " The Loaf". At least kenyang jugak perut sambil membantu DR M punya business dari mengkayakan Dollah punya family.

  55. Anonymous10:06 am

    I agree with Roxanne.Lots of people would love to have PM open their boutiques but it would be impossible to get him. Not to mention various charitable causes who either get no replies to their invitations or get a rejection, sometimes at the last minute.

  56. Anonymous11:20 am

    Emperor Nero Fiddles while Rome burns.

    Malaysia burns while PM busy tying out new clothes.

  57. Anonymous1:44 am

    Two Prime Minister opening "shady" joints in a prominent mall of the city. One sells you the bread of unrighteousnes, while the other poise itself to be the chief supplier of royal robes to royal rascals.

    The rivers of Kuala Lumpur look muddier than usual, its filth has new Barisan contamination. While sons of padi farmers and former tin miners and Indian plantation workers struggle to put bread and clothes on, the emperors reign supreme with razzle dazzle.

    The emperors demand that that Malays must only vote Barisan, Indians are told you will regret it if you don't, while the Chinese are are given crumbs to keep them begging for more. Who will take the challenge to stand against the emperor's intimidation?

    The skies over the twin towers and like a vengeful dragon, while the stage is set for electing the champs the emperors have instrumented their triump. Let the east winds blow, let the warm rains of Kedah cleanse from within.

    The only reason for corrupt emperors to reign is for their subjects to remain shackled and intimidated. Rise up and let the drumbeats begin. This time the people will not let the pernicious floods come in.

    Though the Staid Times and the Fallen Star spin doctors blow smoke in our eyes,we will not let Datuk Wong and Kallimullah revel in half-turths, selective denials and lies.

    Tuesday as boycott day of mainstream goverment papers is having a reasonable impact. A news vendor even asked me if Tuesday was a day people read each other. More power to u Rocky, standing with you on this and lets add another day to it.

  58. Anonymous1:59 pm

    A piece of jeans which could easily cost rm3000 and a piece of 'shit' shirt costing rm1500 or possibly half of one's salary?

    Talk about luxury and hypocrasy...

    Hope the boutique's name is been changed since Najib Tun Razak is up as PM.

  59. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Should change the boutique name to HYPPOS. Who the hell wants to buy a piece of jeans worth rm3000 and wear it possibly like twice in a lifetime?

  60. Madame Kuree2:06 pm

    Sorry, forgot to read the anonymous clause. Yes, I'm Madame Kuree that's my nickname.

    About TENC boutique where a piece of jeans costs rm3000 and some shit shirt costing rm1500 or possibly half of one's salary? Talk about luxury and hypocrasy. This absolutely calls for it. Should change the boutique name to HYPPO.

  61. Is this boutique the recipient of some exclusive govt contracts? Has it got the contract to supply batik outfits to the Cabinet, MPs, state Mentris Besar etc etc? Did it get concessional start-up financing on easy terms from the banks? Is it operating a sweat shop and paying it's employees miserly wages?