Sunday, February 17, 2008

1990 ghost to haunt MCA?

pics of MCA brothers Ong.
New, Old Blood in MCA. MCA President Ong Ka Ting has called it the party's "self renewal" - changing the old guards with new blood. But with internal crisis, which includes the PKFZ's RM4.6 billion implicating his deputy and the sex video that forced Chua Soi Lek to resign, OKT may be facing a very tough time in the 12th general election.
I will update this posting later and argue why the MCA could fare so badly on the 8/3 polls. Perhaps as badly as 1990 when it was completely annihilated in Penang and many other Chinese-majority constituencies.

The Bernama's story, Almost 40 Incumbents Dropped.
Do you see Chan Kong Choy's name among those dropped? Do you see Ong Ka Chuan's name among those dropped?


  1. Anonymous11:52 am


    What about the Fat lady? Rafidah? Her future? After 30 years in Parliament? Bro, please take this photo of hers while she cries like a baby denied a candy and post it on your blog. Please. I just saw it on this blog:

  2. Rocky,
    OKT is a leader in trouble. He is losing his grip on the once powerful Chinese based party to be slowly and surely replaced by Gerakan. Let us see how Koh Tsu Koon will bring Gerakan to greater height when he moves to the Federal post as a Minister.

  3. MCA has been the fox in the coop as far as the Chinese are concerned. MCA has collaborated with UMNO to sustain the May 13 Bogey man threat which has held to ransom the Chinese community.

    The MCA has done nothing to erase in the minds of the Malays that they represent to the Malay race their greatest threat. This enables UMNO to pull out the May 13 bogey as and when they want to.

    The MCA has operated on the premise that the May 13 bogey man is alive and well and one that the Chinese should do anything and everything to avoid.

    MCA has collaborated with UMNO to ensure it is hard wired in our minds that mention of May 13 conjures up in our minds a fight between the Malay and the Chinese with the indians being collateral partners of the Chinese.

    MCA has done nothing to go to the kampung Malay to convince them that they do not represent the natural enemy of the Malays as UMNO has held the Chinese out to be.

    Herd mentality, for what it is, is controlled through MSM by UMNO, MCA and MIC so that they define for their respecive herds their collective behaviour and conduct. This they have done so that the leaders of each are assured of their continued control over resources of the country.

  4. Anonymous12:54 pm

    If the Tun gives a broadside against this Hadhari fellow, then the BN ship will sink for sure. I am counting on this.

    So Tun, whenever you are ready.

    So MCA, MIC etc shedding off so many old faces. It just confirms that the Hadhari government was a non-performer. But who the heck are these new kids on the block?

  5. what else is new.

    those involved in scandal or corruption, those we want to see dropped, will NOT be dropped.

    same thing with MIC and UMNO.

    look at MIC - some gracious leaders had voluntarily withdraw while the samy guy stubbornly decided to go on saying no battle of army can stop him.

    look at UMNO - don't want to drop rafidah but drop the one we don't want to see drop - zaid ibrahim.

  6. Anonymous1:20 pm

    old fart

    Forgetting about demographics are we?

    Let's see now. In Malaysia (peninsular), the population is something like 65% Malays, 25% Chinese, 6% Indians and 4% "others".

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how the election results will turn out - for the forthcoming election and well into the forseeable future.

    If anything, it's the Malaysian Chinese, Indians and "others" who should be reaching out to the Malays and not vice-versa.

    The imperatives of demographics and the urban-rural divide will put paid to the hopes of opposition parties to deny the BN a 2/3 majority in Parliament.

    Unless the Malaysian Malays can be convinced otherwise......

    Otherwise political analysts, commentators, bloggers etc can continue writing their eloquent and well-reasoned reports and speeches, but the status quo will not change.

  7. yes, MCA is in trouble but hey, at least they have a 3 terms limit on their wakil rakyat ... UMNO, MIC apa macam?

  8. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Both the new leaders of MCA and Gerakan are weaker than their predecessors Ling and Lim. So the Chinese will slowly lose more, probably a portion of it going to HINDRAF since they can't take from UMNO.

  9. Anonymous2:20 pm

    I am a Malay. We live in a Chinese enclave in PJ. 90 per cent or more of our neighbours are Chinese. Wealthy Chinese. Ferraris, Porsches, Mercedeses, BMWs. Filipino maids, Indian drivers, Malay bodyguards. The whole works. CNY was a ruckus. Fireworks. Lion dance. Yam seng. But not this year. Almost no celebration. Whenever there was one, they missed Mahathir Mohamad like crazy. Rememberf back in the early 80's they feared and hated him? I think they will beat MCA to pulp because they don't like Dollah. MCA can change faces. But I think the Chinese had made up their mind. No more Islam Halali!


  10. Its a strategic error to purge the long standing representatives.
    The MCA brand name is Not in good standing in large portions of the Chinese community right now.
    The only reason people may continue to vote for them may be the personal respect that individuals reps. may have build up in their constituencies.

  11. Anonymous2:25 pm

    In page N4 of the Star 16 Feb 2008, OKT was reported to have said, quote: "Unlike the Opposition where a candidate can keep on contesting until he is old, the MCA has a policy where a leader can serve a maximum of nine years as president or three terms." OKT should have just kept his mouth shut for this comment is hyprocisy at its worst. Why just mention the opposition and maintain an undignified silence over his so called brethens in Barisan Nasional. Remember the man who's only giving semi-value? Remember the lady who is indispensable as Trade Minister? Remember the salivating man who is still calling the shots but whose party does not have such a renewal policy. Yes, Mr OKT why, why, why, not mention, mention, mention about your brothers and sisters and be a hyprocrite. And, talking about nepotism. suggest that you refrain from any comments too about the OPPOSITION lest you shoot your own blood brother in the foot, and your boss's SIL-ly-billy.

  12. Anonymous3:03 pm

    My New Year wishes are....

    1. Hope the Bodowi will lose both his heads in Kepala Batas.
    2. Hope Semi Value will lose all his value.
    3. Hope that the Ong brothers will not only lose their pants but underwares too.
    4. Hope the SIL will be really 101% jobless after losing in Rembau.

  13. Anonymous3:12 pm

    If MCA wants continue existing, it must shed its outdated 'leaders'. These 'leaders' always tell its members to "Don't be a hero". Sheesh. How can a country become great if there are no heros and all become chickens?

    Talking about chicken, I hope bad Dr. Ayam will get lost and not hope to have his face plastered as candidate for Bukit Bintang. This one is very desperate and wants to pressure OKT to put him up.

    If MCA has brains left, it will put a new face. Better still, put up a female candidate.

  14. Is this the BIG WAVE ?

  15. Sdr kbguy, I dont see any big waves here. Hantam-hantam tu biasalah, but it wont change anything laa. BN is going to win big, DAP tambah satu dua kerusi, PAS hilang lebih banyak kerusi, PKR mungkin tak der kerusi selepas ini. MCA kurang satu dua kerusi. The winner is DAP, the losers are PAS and PKR. Wanna bet? :p

  16. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Old or long-serving is not necessarily bad. There are good many old and long-serving reps who are excellent.

    Tun Dr Mahathir was a case in point. He served until he was nearly 80.

    He could have stayed on another term. But he was too comfortable and too confident that he had the right successor.

    Young is not necessarily good. I had seen many young, ambitious and brash politicians came and went. Many did not survive more than two terms.

    It's unfair to expect only the MCA to do the cleaning up. All BN parties must show proof that they are rejuvinating.

    But this is easier said than done. The corrupt, abusive and celupar reps are sometimes the most popular. They feed their divisions well.

    You're right, yesterday Tun Dr M was mobbed by IIU students. But in Butterworth Samy Vellu was also mobbed albeit by an angry mob.

    Thank you.

  17. skilgannon1066,

    So what about demographics? The way UMNO conducts its affairs, it does not matter if there were 90% Malays, 6% chinese, 2% Indians and 2% others.

    As long as there are others, UMNO has its raison de tre. It now can justify NEP. It can justify ketuanan Melayu. It can now show that they are the jaguh kampung who preserve it all for them. So they get their support.

    UMNO has no place in the sun if not for the Chinese, Indians and others.

    Problem is, the Malays have stopped buying it in large measure. UMNO cannot count on the Malay vote alone anymore. They survive on the Chinese, Indian and their cronies' votes to stay in power.

    The problem also are those city folks whose only source of information is the MSM. Rich affluent men and women who only know what they read,listen or see pushed by MSM . Yes, all those who you see in Tatler's and whatever, for whom all the revelations in the V.K.Lingam Royal Commission is considered NEWS and shocking. Most of us here overcame the shock almost a decade ago.

  18. Jeff Ooi takes on Koh Tsu Khoon! Best wishes Jeff!

  19. Anonymous6:17 pm

    what is the back story about MCA and UMNO in the May 13 incident?

    i was born after May 13 of the 70's and i see Malays Chinese Indians are all crazy for mix marriages and they raise beautiful children themselves. the children have far better brain processors as well, don't be surprised.

    those mixed marriages are successful persons, they work hard and very very hard (and you know that!) and you can see that their lifestyles and mentality are far off better than MCA UMNO of May 13.

    rakyat must think globally to have successful future, China is opening up, Khazakhstan are opening up and i see Arabs are lovely for wife and Vietnamese are great in bed.

    its about time rakyat change the old guards and remove the forbidden city from the earth soil and erect new Taj Mahal in the leadership of the nation.

    proton is on the brink of closure and going auction someday close, March 8 is the right time for rakyat to elect the young competent leader of past May 13 to build up the nation, and competing against China India Singapore etc.

    rakyat is underestimating its strength and ability, lack of self confidence and finally, the importance to be united ignoring race colors religions and blatant corruptions.

  20. Anonymous6:18 pm

    PKT claim oppositions are overstaying with some in their 70s.

    PKT is blind. When he is seating in the BN council meeting does he not see Samy vellu. he should preach this to his BN counterparts before he preach to others. when Dr.M was around, why didn't OKT give this same message. When there is much bigger wrong like PKFZ, you keep quiet..why? so what kindof leader are you, you look at oppostion but can't clean your own house. Malulah OKT!!!

    OKT, you didn't really get this post on merit. You are also weak as a leader and even given another 3 terms,you can do nothing except give away more malaysian rights away to UMNO. so shut up and go.

    you will get whacked in the GE. Just wait lo.

  21. Not 1 person I have spoken to will vote BN.

    BN can field anyone they choose and the people will still NOT vote BN.

    Shit! If they even piss off my 90yr old mother, I can't believe they are not pissing off the rest of the world

  22. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Rockyfella, nepotism, crnyism and corruption is just as rife within the MCA as it is with UMNOputras. We can do without a bunch of born-losers who had sold themselves to the devil and no wonder they play a subservient role as malleable and pliant slaves in UMNO-utopia.

    Like I say, OKT is presently consolidating his power and position by placing his cronies in the power structure pre GE12. You bet his blood relations will gain the upper hand over the rest. Menwhile, Ling Liong Sik and his sonnyboy and gang can only wring their hands in envy and anger. Watch out for more splintering fireworks from the imminent factional infighting about to ensue.

    Chua Soi Lek's downfall is just the tip of the political iceberg within the MCA. The power struggle is just about to start. A fight between Team A1 and Team A2 this time around - no longer Team A and Team B. The latter bunch are lameducks at the moment. The Hock Chiew clan is not about to give up too easily after a spell of glory and good fortune under LLS for the past 20-odd years.

  23. I a looking at things on a view that Barisan Nasional as a Colition should be sent a strong message. No 2/3 majority as this had led to a lot of abuses in the past.

    Also, the Silent Majority who are fedup with what is bringing down our country should exercise their feelings thru the voting process taking into account i.e corruption , increasing polarisation , high cost of living,increasing crime,True Leadership to acknowledge and put into action Plans to address irrestive of Race, Religion and Creed.
    When can we be together and be proud to call ourselves as Bangsa Malaysia ? Malaysia is such a beautiful country but please to all When we say "Malyasia, Truly Asia", let's make it happen with Genuine Actions

  24. Anonymous8:52 pm

    the Chinese have themselves to blame! they fail or refuse to see the problem being UMNO and not Malays. MCA has alienated the Chinese from understanding the Malays and this is where the problem starts. the chinese are being made chauvinst by MCA. the chinese must realise not all Malays support UMNO. if the Chinese had in 1998 given their votes to the opposition UMNO would not be so lansi today. so do they want to miss another golden oppourtunity? another oppourtunity to create a "two party system"

  25. Anonymous9:26 pm


    There is a lot of talk about who and who in here and most popular sopo blogs, at least as far as klang valley people are concern. I suppose that's quite understandable. But we live in Malaysia and Malaysia is made up of Peninsular, Sabah, and Sarawak. But it seems that Sarawak doesn't exist anymore. Well, there are still news from Sabah given that UMNO is in that state. In the first place, do Sarawakian really care if sv has a new hairdo or the fat one sing at all?

    Ok, ok, maybe the major issues off my mind for Sarawak are threat of organized crime in Sibu and Bakun. what else? Just to open my eyes a little on the worry and cares of those in other parts of the country apart from Klang Valley.

    Mind you, Sarawak and Sabah has the highest and second highest number of parliamentary seats and it seems many of them are walkover for bn even before the race start.

    So how?

  26. Anonymous9:32 pm

    hi bru,in the papers/tv they still say prime minister/dpm/this minister/that minister/menteri besar/ketua menteri/adun/mp...ada ke all that now?? parlimen dah bubar so mana ada gov?y memerintah skg bkn ke agung/civil service skg sementara prs belum selesai...?

  27. Anonymous10:14 pm

    MCA are loyal dogs to UMNO

  28. Anonymous4:05 am


    ...MCA President Ong Ka Ting has called it the party's "self renewal" - changing the old guards with new blood...

    same shit different day.

    still bound by the same crappy bn policies..

    It is perhaps a NEW WAY of screwing the public again.

    yeah ...

    old bad habits die hard.


  29. Anonymous10:09 am

    Ong lu butuh punya cina, lu masuk DAP lagi bagus laa.

  30. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Old Blood replaced by new Blood?
    Any new Blood to be found?
    Or any clotted Blood in the list
    Besides Chan Kong Choy, Ong Ka Chuan?

    OKT -
    King of Housing Acts - 3 Acts + 1 Tribunal Court to run one Housing and still the biggest mess than tsunami!!
    King of abandoned projects worse than PKFTZ!!
    Abandon Project - 2004
    227 housing projects abandoned involving 75,356 houses worth RM7 billion
    2,326 housing projects abandoned during the course of the Eighth Malaysia Plan

    Lee Hwa Beng - serving MPPJ & MPSJ for more than 10years
    approving Club House of Residents to Hotel,
    manipulating Town & Country Planning Act, raping a single project for more than 20 years
    cannot even safeguard a Town Park throughout his time with MPPJ/MPSJ
    and a wrongly issued titles to Developer "guiding" him to a non-sense 1500 residents objection hearing!
    Manipulating approval via MPSJ appointed JPK
    Abandoned Newgate project for years and after many years of reactivating taken more years with more from purchasers and still with a lot of hanky-panky!!

    OKT has wrecked the ship causing Shames for Malaysian and the Chinese!!

    Don't vote MCA but only those representatives
    who has hearts and souls
    who walk their talks
    and not hypocrites!!