Friday, January 04, 2008

Pillows for a PM

All pics are Malaysiakini's, used without prior permission.

Brave or brash?

They will be called many names. But these young guys who called themselves the Young Malaysians Action Secretariat (Sekretariat Bertindak Anak-Anak Muda Malaysia) didn't hide their faces or identities when they told the media that they would be at the PM's Department at 11 this morning to hand over a "surprise gift" for the PM.

Yep, A pillow and a bolster. If the message is not clear, read Black's posting headlined A Special Gift to the Prime Minister. Amin (top pic, with poster of the PM and a yacht called Cobra Sultan) said they were there for about an hour. The security officers brought in the pillows for the PM "after scanning them for God-knows-what".


  1. Wow, amin and the gang...

    I mean,really, wow! Gotta hand it to you. You did what most of us had only thought of doing.

    Brave or brash... who cares. I would salute you either way.

    My only wish now is for pak lah to get the point. However, my bet is he will take the pillows, thank these guys and really go to sleep...

    The unlikeliest is,he tearfully admit of sleeping most of the time, apologize and do the chua soiled leg; resigned...nah...

  2. Anonymous12:36 am

    The bolster even has a flag on it man!haaaaaaaaahhahahahha!

  3. Anonymous1:01 am

    Was it the one used by a recently resigned Minister?

    If all these doesn't wake the man up, then I don't know what will.

    Now poor Jeannie will have to wash them. Hope she does not get too suspicious about her new hubby.

  4. Anonymous1:13 am

    Cheh....really inspired move laa. A fitting gift to a somnolent leader. I hope that is not someone's treasured bantal busuk though.

    I guess the cop was checking the pillows for saliva maps.


  5. Anonymous1:18 am

    what about a serta bed? anyway, the alternative is no better. commission payments for arm purchases and contracts for national service will be small matter. i dread that day when sleepy head is removed and taken over.

  6. Anonymous2:00 am

    I love the 2nd pic, "Eh..apa barang tu?" Haha..

  7. Anonymous3:23 am

    The Sleeping Beauty need the pillow to sleep ok! Thank you so much for the caring supporters, who bring the pillow for hte PM. This is what a caring society is all about.

    The PM cares for his son-in-law and the rakyat care for him! How fitting.

    I hope that the PM sleeps well now and wakes up during the next election.

  8. Dear All:

    Hooray to those creative young Malaysians! Their message is simple and clear, readily understood even by a moron. It is within the intellectual reach of the PM to grasp it.

    It was certainly more effective than submitting thick memoranda which the old man would never read much less understand.

    Kindly convey my gratitude and appreciation (as well as those of many Malaysians) to them for their ingenious effort.

    M. Bakri Musa

  9. Anonymous5:05 am

    Ini kerja budak2.Too much I think.It reflects our own level of maturity and sikap kurang ajar kita.I'm no fan of Pak Lah or any of the politicians but I think in resisting, adab must be observed.Where is the twin-tower mentality of the rakyat? This act is no better than how politicians behave in this country.Saya malu jadi rakyat Malaysia dengan tingahlaku sebahagian dari kita.If you think you represent us, forget it!

  10. Anonymous8:42 am

    Sincerely I am no fan of pak lah but I am not amuse by this stupid antics. Childish and arrogant!

  11. Bro,
    I just can't get over the look on the faces of the three officials in the second picture.

    They all seem to be filled with consternation at this atrocity. But the bajuman seems to be completely perplexed at this display of crass crudeness as though saying who would stoop so low as to do this to such a nice man as our sleepyhead emperor. Don't we all know what a gem of a prime minister he is? Sheesh! The things you people will do.

    The uniformed cop's body language is classic subcontinent villains and heroes movie style..."we'll get those sob's if its the last thing I do".

    The third protagonist seems all though he knew it was coming. Just hoping he would not have to be the one picking up the evidence...who knows what it may be stained with.

    But, methinks all are putting on a show, a great display of concern, knowing they are on case big boss is watching.

    So, in a nutshell, that picture speaks volumes. Congratulations to the photographer.

    But will it be the last straw that finally wakes sleeping beauty up? What else is needed to jolt him out of his stupor? I can't wait for the next episode.

  12. That's so funny..they actually passed it to him? I love the poster...We don't know for sure what he is thinking or planning, to be fair la...he isn't commanding like Tun...tapi from the way things are going..or perceived to be going in this country...sure doesn't make us reach for our bolsters at night and sleep peacefully...Tun's legacy (in ALL aspects, good and bad) too big for anyone to handle...corruption, judicial rot, cronyism...all out of control...

  13. The red eyes
    Waking up to the sky
    The magic glow strikes
    The sleeping beauty smile

    On the smooth sail
    The blue sky white clouds
    On the deck the court jesters drink
    Toast for a good year harvest
    Ringing it loud with the embracing breeze

    The flags of yellow
    Popping up along the sea
    The sleeping beauty dreams
    Rubbing his eyes
    He wants to see

    The weather changes
    In a minute he sails into rough sea
    The sleeping beauty eyes in fear
    The popping yellow flags are free

    The court jesters salute
    Ahoy……..island on sight
    Don’t be afraid just go to sleep

    The sleeping beauty goes below deck
    Into the cabin sleep takes shape
    The yellow flags nagging the glow
    Carving out holes stripping it away
    Lying to the natural forces
    Waking up with hotspots
    There is no sound of the court jesters
    Only the lapping of waves
    On the white sandy beach
    Nobody to say hello
    “Aiyo……I am alone!”

  14. Anonymous9:52 am

    Hey ! I think you guys got it wrong. He wasnt sleeping. He was in deep thought 'trying' to think what other deep action will be in store for him tonight.

    Of course along the way , he would think about the problems this nation is having. But hey, he said , its NOT my fault if my son is rich, very rich. Its not my fault if i got the yatch and the plane and the wife and the....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  15. Anonymous10:32 am

    Ehh.. the botak guy and our hero are wearing the same shirt come arhhh.Maybe they hantam our longhaired friend and kebas his shirt .Botak wants to look macho also.See the shirt too small for him laa..can see his boroi...wakakkakaka..
    They are scanning for Ecstacy, Shabu or even Viagra laa.. weeyy..if got can kebas also...

  16. Anonymous11:02 am

    I sokong the pillow memo.. unless someone has a better way of sending the message to PM...don't call them stupid antics or childish arrogance. Offer your suggestions how to wake up the sleepy PM. Don't shoot the messenger..if you don't like the message

  17. Anonymous11:03 am

    long live young malaysians,

    go for it boys....
    we need you !!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous11:55 am

    scan....scan....scan....beep...boomm.Ah...what could it be?another C4.
    kah kah kah!

  19. Anonymous11:58 am

    Life is tough!
    So sleep has not been enough
    with meditation to make up!

    Rakyats have many dreams!
    So PM needs to experience dreaming
    to see what can be done!
    To change posts so as to hope for different dreams to come!
    But dreaming also tough!
    PM cannot get dreams of education, employments, food, petrol, house or police to guard!!

    Hope the Pillows and Bolster will help further search!
    To allow PM to continue with the dreams he was urged!
    Any other posts for him to be tried, please forward!

  20. Kalau ikut stature politician masa dulu, memang saya setuju, kurang ajar cara ni...but dengan stature politician sekarang, exceedingly detached and arrogant, disgustingly corrupt, shamelessly fornicating here and there and blowing up evidence, shamelessly pillaging and profiteering and allowing criminals to run free, kurang ajar dan belakangkan keadaan rakyat dari semua golongan...then memang patutla hadiah istimewa sebegitu...tapi janganla campak kat jalan macam tu...lain kali bungkusla elok2 sikit...ish, ish...tak reti nak kasi hadiah ke...ish.

  21. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Hahahaha .. kah kah kah ... ho ho ho ... he he he .... ah ah ah ... I knw this is a Keadilan stunt but it's a good one!

  22. Tengok la..minyak masak pun ada ration hari ni...sapa tak bengang???

  23. Awesomeness to the power of 7

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  25. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Brave...but as always, stupid! Keldai-an has never short of creative but stupid idea... Can a stunt win you an election?

  26. Anonymous1:30 pm

    no chemical water spray?? O_o

  27. Anonymous1:50 pm

    This really illogical!! How could give a pillow to a PM for sleeping. If you really love your country you should be giving alarm clocks...wink..wink

  28. Anonymous1:52 pm

    That's very rude. Mentality of Mat Rempit.

  29. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Thanks for the practical satirical joke Amin and gang.

    This made my day. LOL!

  30. Anonymous4:49 pm

    I wonder if a simple message like this pak lah still can never get the point, after all everybody knows that he is DUMB.
    and of course it is rude. but when it is too much to bare, "cara beradab" may not be the way to reconcile.

  31. Anonymous5:02 pm

    I do not think this is rude. In comparison with what we hear from politicians such as Kinabatangan and Jerai MP, this act is...thoughtful. It's silent but deadly.Btw, who says we Malaysians are polite people. Not anymore..

  32. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Way to go, guys!

  33. Anonymous11:25 pm

    marvelous, never thought of doing it..but for the kurang ajar politician running the goverment, what other can we relay our message?

    the same time please vote the opposition to get the checked and balanced goverment.

  34. Anonymous1:13 am

    LOL! Excellent message to our PM... may he ZZZZZZZZ past the next GE.

  35. well done guys. well thought of. well designed.

    for those who thinks that this is an act of 'kurang ajar' or 'tiada adab', you obviously have a shallow sense of humour in your straight, mundane lives.

    how many politicians and their spawns acted kurang ajar against us in the most subtle way.

    political jokes has become a norm in most of europe.

    life is just not about being 'prim and proper'.

    this is as real as it can get.

  36. Hmm, Anon 1:50 PM, you make more sense, satirically. You should give Pak Lah a very big alarm clock but then again those idiots may take it for a very big firecracker and send you to Kemunting ...

  37. Anonymous6:28 am

    tak mungkin aksi ini akan menjadi penanda aras utk pilihanraya akan datang namun ia bukan juga langkah yg bodoh,dungu mahupun kurang ajar.ia merupakan penunjuk bahawa pada takah ini,rakyat sudah sedar utk bertindak!

  38. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Mentality twin tower? You mean another ostentatious show of self-assumed grandeur at the cost of our money (not to mention it was not a 100% malaysian made structure innit?)... when the money can be used to better education, health care and public/social infrastructure OUTSIDE of election time for a change. No, we have to be poyo. CREATE achievements when real achievements and pride stares you in the face from the real people... and who cares about giving more to the people when we can raise price and make another aimless distraction of sending some fella to space. Maybe this time he can play zero-gravity congkak at the expense of overcrowded schools.
    Come on young people. Don't just stop here. Make your voices heard and VOTE. Anything but status quo man. Get the rubbish spewing politicians and their side-contracts out of office. A real clean up is in order.

  39. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Wow! for amin and the gang. That's the best gift for Pak Lah. It's either he sleeps in meetings or he make other people sleep listening to his ever boring speeches. Kahkahkah.

  40. Anonymous12:50 am

    The Sleepy Head badly needed the pillow.

    From now on the public should carry on giving the Sleepy Head a pillow wherever he goes. That's is the only to wake him up to resign.

    Sleepy Head carries sleeping until after the next GE!


  41. Anonymous1:40 pm

    In modern realistic terms..

    "Kurang ajar" = orang yang tak mahu belajar ilmu atau diajar ilmu untuk menguruskan sesuatu dengan menggunakan ilmu yg betul demi kebaikan orang ramai tetapi masih mahu mengajar orang lain yang dianggap kurang ajar atau bodoh..

    Or in simple term .. "bodoh sombong"

    Which one do you think best fit in the bill...the youngsters or the honourable pillow presented guy?

  42. Anonymous2:34 pm

    alahai.......ade bantal bucuk le..
    bagi le dragon.
    no!no way!wake up wake up,its time to fire on those blue flags.


  43. Anonymous3:01 pm

    Is the poster showing PM crying or sleeping ? Perhaps he's crying for the nation. Why so many things happened since I took over as PM? Why is the ppl against me? Why so many street demo ? Why is it that my police force fail to act against Mat Rempit when they can handle the street protester well?And the crime rates too. Why is it that we are the top producer of palm oil yet we have the shortage? What's next after shortage of flour, sugar, palm oil? Why is it that Samy cannot handle the Indians here when VK Lingam can handle the judges? Why is it that the UMNO Sec-Gen gives me more problem? I have enough from Jasin, Kinabatangan, Gading, Jerai etc. And why is that my minister is caught with the pants down? Why ? Why ? Have I not enough problem at home? Sob, Sob.

  44. Well done!!! Still laughing my head off! It's so creative and simply brilliant!

    For those who say that this is childish ke, kurang ajar ke... well, go out and get a sense of humor.

    To those who say this is mat rempit mentality, please don't take yourself too seriously. We all need a laugh sometimes.. regardless of the condition. Besides, a mat rempit won't send you a bantal, they'll send you their anak buahs together with some buku limas and parangs.

    cheers to amin! How can I join?!! Nak ikut!

  45. WOOOOHHHOOOOO! Brilliant! Simply brilliant! I wished I thought of this as well. Really, if this isn't a stroke of genius, than I don't know what is.

    I dunno why some of you guys are shaking your head about this. Really, this is something I can say I'm proud of (definitely prouder of sending some space tourist into orbit).

    After our politicians telling us our brains need 5 decades to mature, this shows that Malaysians today are witty, have a sense of humor, are not afraid of expressing themselves, and are creative to boot!

    Yes, it won't change the world, but it sure put a smile on your face, doesn't it? And if that isn't a worthwhile effort, then look up your nearest MP and ask yourself when was the last time that fellow made you feel good?

    Go fun fearless Malaysians!