Friday, January 04, 2008

Larger than Life ll (Welcome to Leningrad)

Who needs giant statues when you have this? When I posted pictures of the Mayor of Melaka on this 30-storey digital billboard (Larger than Life, Dec 14 2007), some of you predicted that the Datuk Bandar KL would put the picture of the Prime Minister on it one fine night.
Well, saw this tonight ....


  1. Anonymous12:39 am

    WTF. Is that Kim Jom Il?!!!

  2. Anonymous1:03 am

    No wonder it rained so heavily today.

  3. Anonymous1:14 am

    The Picture is telling All
    GE is close!
    Or closed to allow Him any second chance of being the host!

    The point is if Voters are ready to drop the curtain of His show?
    Or, who should be there instead?
    Not alone
    but with those who will hold Human Rights close!!
    Where are the lists of Voters and Nominees?
    Checklist for a fair Election be displayed?
    Election watchers at their posts?
    Any NGO center for any complaint?
    Overall, what, who, where and how to monitor will go?

    Are they waiting for Jan 20 match, or to call Emergency after the match?
    Or, silence before the Rains and Storm??

  4. Anonymous3:18 am

    Hi there

    I thought you took the picture at the Kremlin. The Sleeping Head is no different to Chua Sui lek.

    I cannot believe what I have seen in your blog. This Sleepy Head is on the way out that's why he needed such piece.

    A desperate move!

  5. Anonymous3:22 am

    looks more like iraq, when saddam was still around...

  6. Anonymous8:39 am

    Ya Allah!!

    What is happening?

    Is this the start of the propagation of a personality cult?

    Is that moronic face ib the same dirction as the Kiblat? If so, that owuld not be cool.

  7. Anonymous8:58 am

    Lights can come..and can go off. At the rate it is going..his picture won't be there for long. Wonder what najib is thinking?. You don't see his picture anywhere.

  8. Anonymous9:38 am

    Malaysia Boleh!

  9. Anonymous9:46 am

    WHAT !!
    Sadam Bodowi ? Mao Bodowi ? Who knows ! Its got to be the biggest arse licking act yet !

    The minister for foreign affairs and nazri will have a tough time to out-lick this mother of all grovelling !

    Right--Sharpen your tongues now boys !!!

  10. You think it is o.k. to spit on it? No crime right?

  11. its time to make more money !

    AAB = $$$

    the bigger da better !

  12. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    I was in Leningrad in the mid-1980's, just before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    Even in the city that was named after Lenin there were not that many statues and pictures of Russian communist leaders.

    In fact, they were more proud of the Summer Palace left behind by Peter The Great.

    Now the city is known once again as St Petersberg.

    I was back in Kedah during Christmas. Even in padi fields they put up huge pictures and posters of the Pembesar.

    I am afraid some day someone will hack into the City Hall's "light show" and screen the much talked-about DVD or DVDs.

    Thank you.

  13. This is carrying b*lls at its peak!

  14. Rocky!

    Malaysia has all signs of a repressive regime in the making, this remind me of mass murderer Ceauscescu of Romania who splashed his pictures and billboards in the capital when he came to power and picking up opposition leaders in the middle of the night and they were never to be seen again!
    Let me predict outcome of the GE, the country like Pakistan, will retain the incumbent at the behest of the CIA, the ballot boxes will be stuffed and those of you who cannot stand the regime now it will be get worse, so if you have a chance to get out of this country do it now before you get too old to do it!
    Unlike Sri Lanka, if anyone of you thinking of becoming guerrilla fighters always remember our country's terrain is easily managed!
    So either we prepare ourselves to be repressed or get out, S'pore and Indonesia or even Thailand are not all that bad!
    Sorry to rain on your parade!

  15. Anonymous11:10 am

    Apple polishing - at new heights!

  16. Anonymous11:13 am

    Excuse my while I throw up!

    Personality cults have long been a way of life in Malaysia, mugshots of all the political circus clowns and royalty are displayed everywhere, but this vulgarity must takes the biscuit.

    The statue of the Goddess of Mercy in Sabah is not permitted because of Muslim sensitivities, then why is this ugly face allowed to deface the whole side of a building?
    Is this in line with Islamic Teachings?

    Double standards by a UMNO.
    controlled unholy BN government which is rotten to the core,and riddled with corruption.

    Come the General Election let us hope BN will be slapped hard on the face by the voters.

  17. Anonymous11:49 am

    bro!is this the 'Hadhari' guy.Or Had Hari guy.


  18. Anonymous12:09 pm

    ya bro rocky,

    politik kat malaysia dah menjadi serba tak kena. saya harap ia akan pulih dengan pertukaran yang baru...

    selamtkan malaysia kita.. peace.

  19. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Very good at commenting only?

    Time to get into the act guys.

    Why look for changes at Federal level, when concerted efforts will topple these folks at State levels.

    Sabah has enough issues -if state elections are also held at teh same time. But are the folks concentrating on Sabah?

    Penang has its share of disgust among voters. Is the opposition focusing on these issues to create the setback?

    Selangor is fast catching up with Penang. But any united (I do really mean UNITED )efforts by the opposition?

    Why not focus on these 3 states, create history and then look at next steps for the other areas, including the Federal level - if change is what the majority are craving for?

    Attracting participation in bloogging alone will not do-lah.
    Convert this support into something very concrete to create HISTORY at the elections.

    Then only all this blogging can be meaningful for the silent majority who are hoping for change,

  20. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Barisan Nasional Subliminal Programming (BNS), the future is what we want you to think, say and do! Welcome to the old regime in new digital color!

  21. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Hadhari says:
    Islam Hadhari menyuruh kita menyangjung pemimpin kerana tanpa mereka, siapa lah kamu semua.

    Dengan menatapi wajah2 mereka di dinding2, papan2 besar, semoga kita senantiasa sedar siapa diri kita, di mana kebahagiaan yang kita kecapi adalah sebab kuasa-kuasa pemimpin terbilang kita dan bukan sebab lain.

    Islam Hadhari juga menghalang kita bercakap buruk akan pemimpin2 kita baik di media, jalanan atau ruangan internet kerana ianya 'haram'. Kita boleh ditangkap walaupun ucapan2 kita bukan fitnah.

    Islam Hadhari ialah satu yang baik untuk semua rakyat Malaysia kerana Islam sahaja (tanpa 'Hadhari') tidak memadai.

    Hidup Islam Hadhari!

  22. Anonymous12:47 pm

    ...even in Uitm mug shots of the rector is almost everywhere on big brother watching.

    come to think of it its everywhere, on the billboards, hangging on lamp post, of mb and pm. One billboard even have pic of pm and wife, and to balance the composition pic of mb and wifey...i just don't get it la....

  23. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Whose GREAT idea is this?

    Kaki Bodek, Ampu Bodek, Apple polisher, Ball carrier!!

    Cet! Ptuuiiiiiiiiii!!

  24. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Anon 12.10
    I like your comment. Of course the opposition have to think big but I always look at things realistically. Your point on taking the states before moving to federal level is very true.

    But knowing the opposition, they will fight with each other and make it easy for BN.

  25. Anonymous2:04 pm

    It's just a large picture, it's no monument. And not seen all around the country. And he's smiling somemore, doesn't look mean or intimidating at all. Should be family picture instead, with wifey, dotter, son and sil and not forgetting daddy's pet goat. I mean there are giant pictures of unknown people along the highways and no one bothers.

    Another use of that giant screen is for a WANTED poster.

  26. Ahhhh ... Leningrad and the movie "Enemy at the gates".

    Dah lah taksub, gambaq pun tunjukkan dia ni masih muda, bro.

    AAB's definitely losing it, elegant silence et al.

  27. Anonymous2:53 pm

    PM 'Flip-Flop' needed this much 'validation', to drown his own personal self-state-of-denial against his 'sleepiness', slip-of-tongue incidences (eg. trip to Venezuela, incompetencies and lately, his very apparent 'flip-flop'ness!

    Viva La Premier!

  28. Anonymous4:00 pm

    hmmm... i think we can have a slide show of our beloved PM in his various sleeping poses. accompany this with some judiciously timed snorings and snorts and grunts and we can have our own 'son et lumière' ( sound and light show )

  29. Anonymous4:26 pm

    2004 election
    "Quick fix was to change the man-in-power"
    "care little how the system and institutions for change"
    No road-map for Democratization
    No road-map to fight corruption.
    10 Years since Reformasi - Taking Stock

    "Regime change is almost impossible until and unless there is a change in the electoral system. The democrats’ main concern should be what can be expected from the Opposition and the civil society itself with whatever the Opposition can achieve after the elections. The fear that democratization movements like BERSIH is perceived to be led by the opposition parties rather than the NGOs must be put in the perspective.
    As in the past, it’s leadership, not distance, that is most needed."

  30. Anonymous4:58 pm

    so let's just wonder how much electric it cost, how many neon lights they use and where does it all comes from?
    tax payer money...
    and they are complaining on wasteage

  31. wow.
    general election is very soon then, and everyone is doing their utmost to be selected as a candidate.

    everybody's gonna love today (dum da da di da dum)

  32. With oil prices so high, the govt should start a save-energy drive instead. Recession will hit like shit, we in Europe are bracing for it. We're paying higher prices for staples.

  33. Fooks!
    Malaysia's 50hAnniv was last year!
    Whydo we have all these mambo jambo state of the art tax payers, money sucking garb still out there?
    Care to fill in anyone?
    I spent the afternoon in a 'Dewan Komuniti Dewan Bandaraya in Bandar Menjalara'. (probably openned some years ag, but the place was in shambles! so no bonus for indicating the obvious there, DBKL are still spending like theres no is the gomen!)

  34. The partying isn’t over
    The groggy heads banging the doors
    The lights darkest colors
    Stepped on shoes pitfalls down the steps

    When the partygoers looking up
    The sleeping face splashed on the building
    Even the Almighty Lord doesn’t sanctioned it
    Here we have blowing up picture
    The sleeping beauty shines

    What is wrong here?
    Telling people the going is good
    Cost of goods will rise
    It is just a small hole nothing to worry about

    Election is brewing
    Every cost increases put on hold
    The sleeping beauty doesn’t know
    The cooking oil shortage hits the country
    What a lame excuse by his minister!
    It is money nothing else!

    The blow up image
    Staring at the streets
    As Dato Kadir says
    One day somebody put up sex tape

    The feeling good
    Every one stops to watch
    Forgetting about the weak administration
    Ogle it on the freak show

    The floods and tears
    The sex, lies and tapes
    Hills flattened ecology disengaged
    The mud flow to our doorsteps

    The partygoers wink their eyes
    In reality they must know what to do
    Before the country runs to the wolves
    Do it right before it is too late…..

  35. hey, rocky,

    thats a nice sweet picture of Pak Lah. big-lah! way too big!
    yeah, you're right. larger than life!

  36. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Digital picture is not a statute! So, that's okay for Hadhari!


  37. Anonymous12:48 am

    Sorry for the intrusion, old boy. Can you explain the rationality for planting a tombstone of your leader in the middle of the city?
    Does that mean you can pay respect to each day on the way to work and home?

    It's kind of chic with a touch of finesse.

    I shall promote this wonderful new concept of "worshiping the leader" when I get back to my country! You don't mind if I patent this peculiar concept, do you? First come, first served, you know! You never thought of the epitaph, did you? So, the idea is clearly and rightfully mine, right?

  38. A Greek,

    Be my guest and take him home as yours. Digital epitath, Digital statue, Digital tombstone.

  39. Anonymous2:17 am

    Pelik juga - Masa Mahathir dulu dia punya muka pun bertepek sini-sana tetapi yang di sini semua mudah lupa.

  40. Can we have this as *cough-cough toil__ paper as part of BN Subliminal propaganda?

    It will be more effective as TP 'coz everyone needs to hit the pot everyday and we'll think of him constantly. ;)

  41. ...front view ada.bawah view mana?belakang view?...

  42. ....a picture speaks a thousand words....(the sleepin pin up's would have been better,at least motorist been be more allert and appreciate p.m's sense of humor,if he has one...)

  43. ........not forgetting,who's kerja angkat buah might this be?..........

  44. an anon here mentioned TDM had his face everywhere too.


    I do not recall TDM's face splashed over a 10 (or is it 20?) storey building in LIGHTS

    It can't be denied the degree of prosperity & development over the old fox's time either!

    Because TDM was so smart and foreign powers actually NOTED what he said & was reluctant to pit their wits/skills agains him;

    Foreigners also perceived Msians to be strong NOT weak!

    we have downright INCOMPETENT leaders who
    - can't perform (except for chua sl)
    - and who are ARROGANT to top it all

    No wonder this "regime" makes our blood boils faster

    BTW we MUST put Badawi's photo up in lights because

    according to a random poll, Msians' dah lupa WHO their PM is, given the time he is either sleeping or cutting ribbons.

  45. Anonymous4:38 pm

    His 'larger than life' picture was there to supervise his 'storm troopers' dispersing the peaceful marchers seeking for an end to the ISA last night. Now you know why it was there.

    Big Brother Lah is watching you.

  46. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Why is Malaysia fill with so many foreign workers? Do we need so many unskilled foreign workers in the first place? Malaysian of all ethnic races are deprived of the change of getting a job in their own country. If the election was held tomorrow , I will vote for the opposition parties.

  47. Someone mentioned about the non-existance of the DPM's larger than life thing..As a matter of fact, his larger than life pic is shown rite after Pak Lah's..Wait a while when you see the building, then Najib's face shines like some freakin beacon of hope..Eww sick crap

  48. Anonymous9:11 pm

    GobloKing, saya anon yang dimaksudkan tu.

    Tuan bersependapat dengan saya tetapi memberi justification untuk Dr. Mahathir.

    Bagi Tuan, Dr. Mahathir berkecuali kerana wajahnya yang bertepek sini-sana sewaktu era kegemilangannya tidak pernah setinggi bangunan. Lucu juga rasionalisme itu.

    Tidak pula hendak menyatukan fenomena dulu dengan adat membodek yang berleluasa pada zaman itu, ataupun bahawa tuan punya wajah pun tidak pernah menyuruh sesiapa menurunkan papan-papan gergasi itu.

    Itu belum lagi masuk bab yang wajah paparan untuk wadah jelata itu semuanya dari zaman gagah muda tuan punya rupa. Mungkin juga kita semua sudahpun dah lupa.

    Berkenaan isu kepimpinan dan rasa hormat kepimpinan dunia terhadap Malaysia masakini, itu isu yang penting untuk dibicara. Walaubagaimanapun, tidak kena-mengena langsung dengan justifikasi paparan gergasi mana-mana pembesar negara tidak kira pada bila-bila masa pun, dulu atau sekarang.

    Ini taktik kelasik propaganda Era Perang Dingin. Cuma ingin mengingatkan bukan pembesar sekarang sahaja yang baru mempelajarinya. Yang sebelum ini boleh dikatakan pioneer jika tidak seseorang yang paling menggunakan taktik ini.

  49. Anonymous12:40 am


    The Sleepy Head's hench men are desperate. They knew the Sleeping Head's days are numbered so they try to put up his poster in the hope that it will him. It won't because Malaysians are fedup with all the nonesense that his son-in-law, son and his friend, like Kalimullah, have done and been doing to this beautiful country.

    Soon they will put up the son-in-law's picture in the hope that he will be appointed as PM before he is 40 years old!

    Malaysians are going to get more shit like this if we don't get rid of the Sleeping Head.

    MALAYSIA NEEDS A PRIME MINIISTER AND NOT A SLEEPING HEAD TRYING TO USE ISLAM HADHARI AS HIS POLITICAL INNOVATION. My advise to the Sleeping Head is just resign and carry on sleeping at your own expense!

  50. ......fullfeeling childhood dream,"bila aku besar nanti,aku pastikan muka aku kat tembok tembok besar".....or no time to see face in the mirror,ni dari jauh dah nampak, nak adjust pun boleh.......

  51. Anonymous3:18 pm

    A worthwhile legacy of a PM should be from what he has achieved for the rakyat, what he has done to bring the nation to a greater height when other nation will respect us as a MALAYSIAN. Not a huge potrait that is wasting the taxpayer's money. Respect needs to be earned and not forced upon.

  52. Anonymous5:55 pm

    OMG!! That's major the max!
    And that's where majority of our tax money goes to, not back to the citizens but towards glorifying useless idiots.

  53. I am just thinking aloud.

    If it had been a pic of Anwar or Lim Kit Siang or Karpal or Nik Aziz or any of the opposition, what would be rocky`s writing IF ANY and what would have been the comment of those who wrote here!

  54. Anonymous9:56 pm

    just look at the job creation. one - it takes a company to make the poster. two - it takes a company to make the ropes. three - it takes a person to hang the poster. four - it takes another person(s) to take down the poster only to be replaced with a new one. the cycle continues.

  55. Anonymous1:54 pm

    who do you think is paying for these giant posters, electricity bills, tv ads, media ads, WELL FOLKS SURPRISE, SURPRISEEEEEEEEEEEE
    YOU and ME, why, where do you think the money is going to come from,your pocket and mine, just imagine 1 packet maggi mee after election is going to cost rm2, no way you say, well go vote for barisan and than cry for the next 4 years

  56. Anonymous1:57 pm

    who do you think is paying for these giant posters, electricity bills, tv ads, media ads, WELL FOLKS SURPRISE, SURPRISEEEEEEEEEEEE
    YOU and ME, why, where do you think the money is going to come from,your pocket and mine, just imagine 1 packet maggi mee after election is going to cost rm2, no way you say, well go vote for barisan and than cry for the next 4 years