Friday, January 04, 2008

Save the hills

Mars on Earth. Where I live, nearly all the hills that were there just last year have been cut and flattened. My 12-year old describes parts of our surroundings as "Mars on Earth" because of the shades of red and crimson where the hills had been. He watches too much of the Discovery channel, perhaps, but you get his drift.
There must be something we can do to make them listen, and to save whatever remaining hills we have.

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  1. What we're doing now is reversed in nature.

    We chopped down trees excessively:
    - the hill can't slow down heavy flows of rain
    - the hill can't hold the soils that will clog our river
    - less trees to filter our drinking water

    Then we planted those trees excessively in the city - for what?
    - that "Green" concept thing
    - blocking driver's view at critical road junctions
    - basically it doesn't make any naturally sense!

  2. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Its called "Town and Country Planning" and every City Hall and Local Authority has a department for this.

    Their main task is to approve all the development plans submitted by any "friendly" applicant who will do the "necessary". It is called "Private-Public" partnership where both sides tend to make substantial gains. Why do you think approvals are so easy to get?

    Hear of any project being "turned down"? It just needed something extra to be quickly "turned-up" again. Its all a game lah. In the end, its all done in the name of "development".

    Where there were forests and greenery before, you just can't see any green areas in the Kelang Valley anymore. No wonder people feel so "hot" these days.

    But what does the Bad-awi government care? Just make a nonsensical statement or two and then back to snooze mode.

  3. Anonymous1:30 pm

    "Save the hills?" By the time you read this it will be gone.

  4. Anonymous1:54 pm

    we plant wrong trees too in our cities (they don't give shade and they are expensive and usually of no use.I remember in a city in Spain, they plant pokok limau..which people can benefit from).

    Contractors/builders must take courses on saving the environment before they are given their licenses to destroy (I mean save).

    Sometimes it is ignorance which make these people act the way they do.Politicians included or should I say "especially"?.Can we make sure that the people who rep us are scientists and experts of field/Ministry they head/coordinate? Kalau Maths/Physics pun fail, how to lead? If they have no cross-cultural understanding, how to lead a multicultural nation? Or worse, if they have NO culture (read: adab) how to lead?

  5. I wonder, these people who shout "save this hill or save that hill", who happen to be residents staying in the various vicinities, their housing developers tore down some hills to build houses that they bought.

    Hey show me some guts. Abandon all your houses, tear down the houses and let the trees grow again. When you have had your share, you are now objecting to new projects, depriving potential owners of the oppurtunities to stay in these areas.

    These people are like the mat salleh, when they have finished cutting down thier forests, they are now depriving developing and poor countries from harvesting these assets on the basis of GREENS.

  6. I think we need a critical mass to slow down the cutting down of trees and hills; what about getting every school and neighborhood to go green?

  7. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Environment was there thousand and million years
    Destruction only a mind to start
    The greediness and corruption to spark
    Who can say so, CM of the State
    Who are helpers, city council
    Who can help, the court
    Who had help, a solicitor,
    But they had disappeared from the heart and soul!!
    Many generations will be sold
    even those were Natures from their ancestors that grew!

    Politicians had wrecked the nature,
    Only wrecking those Politicians can help!

    Are those land-alienation providing titles to those "Big" developers handing these area LEGAL?
    Is the point to tackle!!

    These big Developers are rolling with these titles into the stock!
    Nature wise, Mars on Earth
    Stock wise, Money to Wealth unqualified?

    Econstates was put to stock with asset of a Club which was a Common facilities of Wangsa Baiduri and a title "illegally" transferred by PKNS to the sister company!
    Sime UEP has a "mistakenly" issued Title of a Town Park!

    How a hill become title for the Developer?

    If land alienation is in the hand of the manipulation, Earth = Mars!!
    Our Pockets = Their Pockets!!

  8. Anonymous3:55 pm

    warrior2 logic is beyond me. sounds very BN nd Nazri like. many thanks warrior2.

  9. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Emko runs Wangsa Baiduri and under Econstates.
    The Project of Wangsa Baiduri includes Townhouse, Spring Villa, Summer Villa, Subang Boulevard, and two more to go.
    The Common Facilities for Townhouse and Spring Vila and Summer Villa had gone but in the Account of Econstates!

    RoadBuilder took over Econstates and into merging with IJM.

    Watch out the move of this Common Facilities into Asset of the Stock!!

    Anyone knows "Town and Country Planning" Act should criticize the move of the hills and illegal gone of Common Properties!
    Any solicitor who knows the same should help the victims to move!

    Anyone knowing only "Developer" but nothing about TCPA should be given a BONE to such a claim!
    The flesh has gone to the Developers who claimed!!

    Titles "Wrongly" issued or wrong alienation do not valid the title to be bought!
    What had been paid and declared in the stock take magnifier to say!!
    The differences would faint anyone if with cares!!
    Have anyone holding Developer stock checked the history of the titles and how far they has been re-valued?

    It is environmental, as well as law concerned.
    Illegal removing can hardly be recovered by planning planting!!
    Both on account of tax-payers and the lost of nature!!

  10. Rocky,

    Dah berpuluh2 kematian kat Ampang tu..hangat2 taik ayam je all the councils...semua pasal duit...bukan sebab nak buat doesnt have to STRIP BARE the hills or the greenery to make nak duit cepat, lower cost..just level everything...sebab laws tak ketat... boleh bolos merata2...macam all the politicians gak these housing developers...selagi ada lubang (nak buat duit, I mean), selagi tu bolos, masuk, ambik peluang...tak peduli long-term consequences...sebab they can move to Australia or elsewhere unlike us, stuck here in BOLOSLAND.

    BTW Rocky, I posted this on Nurin's blog, I thought I would post it here too...

    I sympathize wIth latest kidnap/rob case...Wan Zaleha Radzi...we don't know what she went through during her terror ride..police MUST relase photofits of all the suspects involved including in the cases of the two Chinese ladies kidnapped and raped and robbed...and also the suspects in the case of the lady found at Subang Jaya lake naked and half dead, raped...why haven't any photofits been released????

    Police set-up a special task force it says in Star, for Wan Zaleha's case...did they for Nurin and Presheena and others? I really would love to know.

    Why are the cops wasting men and funds and forensics' teams on the Health Minister case??? So that the politicians in BN will be saved?? Saved from having hidden cameras in hotel rooms parading their bare, naked, wobbly, shriveled old buttocks dijaja to the Malaysian public???

    What about Nurin's naked and cut up body dijaja on the bloody internet for the whole world?? Who gives a fak about naked old politicians banging their young prostitutes? They don't even care about humiliating and embarrassing their wives and kids, kan???


  11. anon 355pm, I am not nazri or bn. I am saying, those houses that the existing residents bought were built on, I am sure, previously hilly land or green land. They object to more development in those areas on certain ground but mostly on environmental grounds.(I wonder if they only wanted to limit the number per square foot in that reqion, a form of exclusivity and to avoid bad traffic)

    I am saying that
    - the right of the landowners to develop the land are being denied. They are losing money and oppurtunity. Are we providing justice to them?
    - the right of other potential house or property owners to also live there and to benefit from living in that surrounding are being deprived or denied
    - if they are so concern about the environment, pls abandon your property. demolish them and let green takes over again. We can have it gazetted as a green lung. Do that!

    Isnt it logical and fair and the right thing to do?

  12. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Remember after BADAWI got down from the SIKORSKY and said ,, what i saw from up there wAS BAD . THE Toyolians still are raping and Pillaging whATS left .

    Only after the last tree has been cut down.
    Only after the last river has been poisoned.
    Only after the last fish has been caught.
    Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten".
    (Native Cree Prophecy)

    they will never learn BRO !

  13. Warrior2 is a tree dweller.

  14. Anonymous8:18 pm

    The hills are running red. Just go around everywhere and you will see trees being chopped down brutally in the name of development. At the rate things are going, trees will be extinct. Does anybody care? No. God help us.

  15. Anonymous8:37 pm

    KUALA LUMPUR, 4 Jan (Bernama) — The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Bhd (NSTP) mengumumkan hari ini bahawa anak syarikat milik penuhnya, New Straits Times Technology Sdn Bhd bercadang untuk menjual 100 peratus kepentingan dalam Malay Mail Sdn Bhd kepada Dynahall (M) Sdn Bhd pada pertimbangan nilai RM5 juta.
    Penjualan itu membolehkan kumpulan memberi fokus kapada sumber penerbitannya yang lain seperti New Straits Times, Berita Harian dan Harian Metro, demikian menurut NSTP dalam maklumannya kepada Bursa Malaysia.
    Hasil dari jualan itu akan digunakan untuk melunaskan baki pinjaman kumpulan, katanya.
    Ia menyatakan bahawa transaksi itu dijangka selesai menjelang suku pertama 2008.

  16. Anonymous8:45 pm

    "Mars on Earth"
    nice 'title' but gov keep one eye open! same as 'mat rempit in kedah' and 'mat rempit in jb'. then gov close one eye again but in kedah.
    gov eyes open when there is RM..RM..RM and so on.

    keturunan Bugis

  17. Trees here then disappear
    In the true spirit of developments
    Poor planning eager magic hands
    You don’t see it happening
    It is just made to let people see
    Here is the development
    Nobody should complain

    The leaders won’t care about tomorrow
    What they learn walking on Earth?
    It beats me the so called learned leaders
    It is money any which way you look

    Where the wealth trails
    No protest will make it go
    You can shout; you can write
    The little napoleons want it done

    The smell of golden eggs
    It is hard to forget
    Believe me money still talks
    Every step of the way

    What we can do
    Change the government
    Let a new image in the sky
    And see what can be done

    Otherwise read the scriptures
    Pray hard no flooding on our doorsteps
    No flash flood in the late morning
    It will start the day
    Sad and angry faces…..

    Just that we remember
    We choose the leaders
    We make our own troubles
    Don’t we think we need to paint a new picture?

  18. Anonymous4:59 am

    warrior2 is being ridiculous.When we bought our homes, we bought them cos' the area was still green.In five years, you get LRT tracks on your rooftops lah..the quiet road to your home is now a 4 laned public roadlah.The hills are flattened.Apa ni?We paid a lot for our greens but now it feels like setinggan.Protest also tak jalan.If you wanna build, pergi la build in the kampongs.They need development there, dude.Banks pun susah..pejabat pos pun takda.Hospital pun jauh.The way it and build and over build in the cities...apa ni???

    We need to decentralise.Rural development must be prioritised.But keep the trees!

  19. Anonymous12:07 pm

    aiyaa..what the fuss.cutting down tress are good for making houses and the flood and for your naked eyes, FLOOD in Kota Tinggi and yet the name is tinggi.only when you loves one dies than we thing of 'something'


  20. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Dear Warrior 2,
    You are missing the point. Our catch phrase is Save the Hills but what we are trying to do is to save lives. We do not oppose development but we want sustainable development. We are actually opposing hillslope development - rampant irresponsible development along the hillslopes of Ulu Klang by private companies and approved by the MPAJ - which has led to one too many tragedies in our neighbourhood. We have experienced too many landslides as a result of these 'development' and many residents here have lost loved ones and friends in these 'development'. We merely want some accountability, as right now, local authorities who approve these 'development' are not accountable when tragedies strike. Won't you too, if you bought a home here? WHAT We Are Saying IS 'you know the conditions of the soil of Ampang Hills are such ... blah ... you know we had this and that landslides ... blah blah ... and this many people died as a result ... and you still want to give more approval to build more houses on these hills??!!' Get it?
    - Ampang Hills resident

  21. Anonymous10:38 pm

    We who lives in KD8 in Kota Damansara have been 'fighting' with the local authority to save the last few acres of forest that was supposed to be the hutan simpan..Now the hutan has been cleared, making ways for cemetary and future sports complex (thats what I heard). Clearing the land for the kubur is just a camouflage..

    Am anxious to see which GLC is going to erect the first building on that piece of land..

  22. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Kota it KD8 or whatever is out of control cos' either Mokhtar Dahlan is out of control or Khir Toyol is!

    The cemetery affair (to be built in the precint of million ringgit bungalows) came about after protests were made of the tanah perkuburan Melayu being sacrificed for the non-functioning polo club (I don't see any horse or polo games being played but I see lotsa trees being sacrificed, the polo lying idle, can only benefitted by the rich few)So I hear in a panic, they just grabbed any land availble and that happened to be in the KD8 area.

    You must have seen the Taman Sains Selangor 1.What is it? Again, lotsa trees sacrificed but what science do we see? Playing ground pun takda!

    Kota Damansara like many places in Lembah Klang is over-rated (home prices going into the millions) and over-built.

    Vote Dahlan and Toyo out!

  23. Anonymous12:30 am

    Save the Courts!
    Save the Systems to which All Rules and Regulation are to be enforced!

    A lot of these bullies because the courts do not work
    Otherwise, a lot of officials have to enforce law to save environment and land!
    Obviously a lot are bully on Laws and Regulations.
    If courts work why appeal so much over the BLOGs?
    If system cannot work, how hills can be saved and human be on top?