Thursday, January 17, 2008

One-year old suit

NSTP & 4 vs Rocky's Bru.

It's a year since the NSTP & 4 others filed a suit against me at the High Court in Kuala Lumpur. On Jan 15, 2006, I posted in Brewed (which drew 2 comments) the above pix of a foot-high affidavit the NSTP's lawyers had delivered to the National Press Club in Jalan Tangsi, claiming that I had defamed them in this blog.

The rest, like they say, is ... err, still on-going.

One of the things that has cropped up from the suit is the campaign to boycott the MSM (mainstream media), including the newspapers in the NSTP stable. Lawyer Haris Ibrahim, who represents Jeff Ooi in a second lawsuit filed by the NSTP against a blogger, is at the forefront of one of such campaigns.

I have very strong feelings about this matter, having grown up in the MSM for 21 years and still a practising journalist two years after I left the Malay Mail [yes, I still consider myself a journalist; in fact, I think I am more journalist then some of the editors who sit in newsrooms and take orders from Putrajaya].

But I shall save my views for when my case goes on trial. Pray that the day will come. In the meantime, do check out And now, for a word from our sponsors ... , in which Malik Imtiaz discusses the merits of Haris' initiative as well as other similar efforts by Malaysians who have had enough of the MSM.

One year already. Thank you for helping me make it this far.


  1. Anonymous3:46 pm

    all the best for you and your team

  2. Rain or shine, will always walk with you brother.


  3. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Bro! ALLAH bless you!

    NSTP & 4 others, go to hell. u may say i go first, no problem i drag u along and yet i don't think so!

    ALLAH bless u Bro.

  4. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Wish you well and you may emerge victorious.

    Secondly, I have read in the Turkish media (an article) that the Danish caricaturist who has depicted the Holy Prophet (BBUH) in his odious cartoons in the Danish newspaper of Jyllands Posten has died after fire caught his house and he was burnt inside the house. (Hehehe). Muhammad (PBUH) lives in our hearts and never dies but this obnoxious fellow died an ignominious death and what's more? "Such is the Punishment (in this life); but greater is the Punishment in the Hereafter,- if only they knew!" (Qu'ran 68: 33)

    Please I would like you to confirm because the guy has been living in hiding. Can he hide from the Creator?

    We are with you on the NST's case.

  5. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Hang in there Rocky, you've got more behind you than you think.

  6. Bro Rocky,

    We will walk with you till the bullies succumb on their own follies.

    Ya, you have remain a journalist; irrespective.

  7. Anonymous10:30 pm

    You know you always have my support...all the way from England


  8. Anonymous11:31 pm

    All the best to you and your team *_*

  9. rocky,

    I learnt this word years ago... ANIAYA and PENGANIAYAAN.

    when the case is finally heard in court, the truth will prevail...there's no other way.

    those slanderous things they acused you of saying??? wonder what they are?

    yeah,'s been one year since that night when that boy from the lawyer's office dropped in to hand you the suit!

    and they've changed lawyers since...

  10. Anonymous1:03 am

    Hang on, bro...

    Justice for the innocent!

  11. Anonymous9:53 am

    It ain't over till it's over. Will be by your side till the end of the journey.

    The Journalist of The Year Award is yours. Who want to disagree with me?

  12. Salam Bro'

    Kasi lawan itu pemodal-pemodal Kapitalis habis-habisan.

    Masuk itu court kasi hantam habis-habisan...

    No Mercy!

    Bila u langkah saja kaki masuk itu "food court" , u kena masuk macam The Last Samurai...

    by the way, kena berserah kepada ALLAH swt semua sekali. Baca ayat kursy...manusia tak dapat tolong manusia dalam ertikata sebenar. ALLAH swt boleh tolong sama anta.

  13. Anonymous11:40 am

    truth lives...
    I don't normally like to comment on religuos/Islamic issues.But yours is really disturbing.
    Haven't you heard the story about our Holy Prophet (PBUH)who wept on seeing a body of a Jew passing by during a burial ceremony? He wept because there goes another soul of one of his Ummat he cannot save.
    Go check out this story and think again 'truth lives'..
    To Rocky.. sorry to digress and by the way...yes'a orang yg teraniaya akan di kabulkan Allah..


  14. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Cause & Effects
    Has that stone to the cup of tea rested with the case?

    The Grievance with how Politics, media mingled with Judiciary remains to be unfolded.
    It is a case to alert People Ethics of politicians and media cannot be challenged even when Honesty and Truth are fundamental!!
    Even they are the ones disgracing themselves and are ethically binded, defamation laws are there to protect!!

    The Laws have been BIAS!
    The system had gone wrong when Judiciary system was Politically manipulated since MTH days.
    Lingam tape expose the mess and can be proven by many of Lingnam extraordinary Defamation cases
    Even a defamation out of own Wrong Doing can drag on 10 years or more!!
    So the case has to be at the mercy of Court and not the Rights or Wrong of the Plaintiff!!
    Those who are notorious have a Fame to be defamed!!

    The BASIS cause is everything in Malaysia are Politically Driven than Law!!

    My friend got a defamation suit after complaining to Bar when the Plaintiff, a lawyer didn't do his job for the residents of his Condo!
    Bar also did it politically, as well as other lawyers that my friends engaged!
    The latest lawyer has skipped attending courts "leaving" the Judge to order the Defendant to do his own job!!
    The case is 3-4years old!!

    The Bright Sides (with sacrifiers like you, Jeff or/and my friend), Defamation case are still being fight back!

    Many bloggers support in fear of "Freedom" in blogs lost!
    How many think of fighting Ethnics or Rights are basis for ALL?
    And, if that has been started in 1998/9, will it be so worse?

    Nevertheless, bloggers have since maintained a certain coalition that scares the authority a bit
    so maintaining an open space of Truth and Opinion to circulate.
    Otherwise, a lot will be put under ISA during the last few Rallies or Walks when bloggers no more and Youtube not applied!

    Hope many realize, when one stands firm on Principle, many are enjoying the better part of the consequences while one has to suffer!
    Same thankfulness should go to your Team!
    I wonder when my friend can get out of his screams, even only to have his lawyer doing his work!!
    Can't more Malaysian understand sacrificing Principle are sacrificing Rights and everyone are at lost! (except those benefit from the wrongs)

    And, the Judge throwing out the Lingam Case is for yours or Jeff's case!!

  15. Anonymous12:58 am

    thanks for letting us walk with you! :)

  16. Anonymous10:45 am

    God & Devil, a lawyer's job!!
    Accusing you a lot with every techniques they could think of!
    If they had plead correctly is one to go
    or if they have Truth to go
    or yours are outside the protection of Law!

    You can be author if you write or publisher if you quote from others.
    Or, those come to post are author or publisher instead!
    If author not being sued, should the publisher bear the charge?
    How many are claimed by "natural meaning"?
    Did you called any of the four, idiots, pig or monkey or thief alike without justified?

    If they have to depend on inference or one's interpretation,
    those are innuendo to be proved.
    True or false or legal innuendo has to be told
    with particulars of each to follow.
    If they did not plead in the right way,
    they had violated the rule of pleading and be strike-out.

    Truth must follow the particulars or innuendo cannot sustain.

    So very high tech to sue
    but also very high tech to prove.

    Blog are not open to all but only those have interest to come!
    So, those reading and posting have a common interest on topic on the blogs!
    Any of the topics on the accusation not being to common interest of People at large, or, social matter that could affect most?

    With all these to protect, any gap they have chance to success?
    Or, most of them can be put to rest??
    What can be left to be tried?
    Few, I guess!!

    In many countries, l month or 1 year limitation to sue!
    So, for those you are publisher, and the author not sued,
    they lost the chance!

  17. To truth lives said. We would have heard of the Danish caricaturist's death here in Europe. Hereby, confirmed it's NOT true! What's wrong with you? Did your parents drop you when you were a baby?