Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lingam "lelaki mabuk"?

Lingam was drunk? Tengku Adnan, whose name was mentioned by a man who looks and sounds like V.K. Lingam in the controversial video clip, certainly thinks so.
Testifying in the Royal Commission of Enquiry into the authenticity of the video, the Tourism Minister said denied any involvement in judge-fixing and described the phone conversation on the video as "words of a drunk chap".
Admittedly, the clip does show an impressive array of bottles on the table. I don't know how the Royal Commission is going to prove if the lawyer drank all or half of them, but you don't ever place those kind of bottles on a table just for display, do you?

Harakah has the angle.


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  2. Tuanku... the commission findings so far:

    1) Lingam said: looks like me, sounds like me...correct, correct, WASn't me!

    2)TDM said: Eh, suka hati akulah!!!(vintage TDM)

    3) Tengku Adnan said: Cit! Jangan pecaya si mabuk gila tuh! (sementara itu daKU NANti investigasi corupsi lagi di jabatan di mana aku Menteri...)

    4) Jeng, jeng, jeng...tunggu esok...

  3. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Heh Heh...India man drinks on video, and he becomes lelaki mabuk a.k.a drunkard.

    Ku Nan shud realise that alcohol...

    1. Makes one honest
    2. Can use as fuel/accellerant.
    3. Makes one seem sexier (to oneself)
    4. Makes the heart grow fonder (at least absinthe does)
    5. Makes one drop names
    6. Makes two strangers friends
    7. Makes one make hay even when the sun is down
    8. Makes you be at charity with the world.
    9. Gives you pure energy
    10. Makes you forget (for a while)
    11. *hic*

  4. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Tengku Adnan must be drunk if he thinks he can get away by claiming Lingam is a drunk.

  5. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Adnan assumed "Linggam lelaki mabuk" after he watched the clip!

    Better ask him what he thinks of Chua Soi Lek...this guy is awesome

    Mahathir arrogantly claimed "It was my prerogative" to appoint CJ.
    Correct, correct, correct it was his prerogative to appoint Cabinet members, AG, IGP, etc.

    Could someone keep reminding him Pak Lah is also a result of his prerogative!
    He seems muda lupa lately!!!

  6. Now Lingam was drunk
    When he made the call

    How so?
    When he was steadily talking
    On his cell phone to the other party
    Narrating his skills what he could do

    Now T Adnan was trying to hide
    Threw a banner made some other noises
    Let look the other way
    Lingam was drunk

    Honesty so hard for him
    He should tell the truth nothing but the truth
    So it is much easier for the judges
    To write their assessment

    This is a poker game
    Each player trying to outwit each other
    See who will loose
    When the cards finally turn over

    The silence hangs
    The breathing stops for awhile
    Eyes on the table
    What will be the outcome?
    It will be another day

  7. Anonymous10:11 pm

    my name is lingam.somebody borrow the tape and did not return it.same lah 'who lets the dog out' woof!woof!.


  8. Anonymous10:16 pm

    they are always mabuk la.

  9. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Why did Lingam spoke so openly and loudly in front of the two witnesses (businessman and his son)? Is Lingam want to show off front of his client/guest or he has considerable degree of trust on them or he is damn stupid or he is drunk? I think Lingam should learn from Frank Lucas (American Gangsters) on how to manage information.

  10. Anonymous10:38 pm

    VK a.k.a. Video Klip Lingam was not mad or drunk as claimed by TAM.
    The man has got a double liver!!
    Rocky,95% of Malaysians believe that Video Klip Lingam was indeed having a conversation with the then CJ.

  11. Anonymous10:51 pm

    lelaki mabuk? everybody knows the close business relationship with Vincent Tan as the common denominator.
    Look at this fella's own track record now. He promoted someone very senior in the Ministry of Tourism who is under investigation for corruption. He is also reported to be close to the person under investigation though the Minister has denied the rumours that they had holidays together in Korea. (Holidays together again? Does it sound familiar in Lingam case) And believe it or not, PM has to come out openly saying that ACA must be allowed to investigate the alleged corrupt acts. Why did the PM said that if there is no attempted interference by a high level person from the Ministry into the investigation.

  12. Anonymous11:11 pm

    All this is a farce : cannot remember mobile phone numbers, cannot trace calls, no record of phone calls, 'I can't remember', 'my prerogative', it will just be 'not enough evidence', close shop, tutup kes, get on with electioneering...

  13. Anonymous10:13 am

    salam to MrRocky's Bru,
    gelak guling guling bila baca statement Dato' Tengku hari ini.ehehehe joke of the day!...Kita lihat episod sterusnya citer bangau oh bangau ni

  14. Mabuk and Gila... interesting.. Lingam can forsee future when he is mabuk and/or gila... until so much so that he cannot recognize himself when he said, "looks like me sounds like me."

    somehow Tengku Adnan and Lingam aims to carry out this sandiwara to newer heights.

  15. Some people high on liquor can talk sensibly. If the man "who look like me and sounds like me" is indeed drunk (which is very unlikely) he talks sense.
    His train of thoughts, his recollection of events and names indicate he is sober.
    Drunkard slur when they talk but this man ""who look like me and sounds like me" doesn't.
    Good try Tunku?
    This RCI panel is also made up of bloggers.

  16. Anonymous11:33 am

    silly escape..drunk? no ar..can talk so fluently like head of tai ko..

    correct correct coruupted

  17. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Lingam mabuk..adik dia gila ..wakakkakkaa
    Kalau tanye orang gila..dia tak akan mengaku die gila..die kata ..kau gila dia gila semua orang gila..aku tak gilaaaaaaaaaa.....wakakkaka...
    Ini semua gila punya kerje....

  18. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Frankly speaking, whatever Lingam said on the phone is not a proof that Dr Mahathir's decision was in anyway influenced by Lingam. To re-word, Lingam could talk and brag as much as he want, but that is not a proof that the former prime minister's decision was influence by him in anyway.

  19. The Star online:
    Eusoff Chin: Lingam went on NZ trip with me

    KUALA LUMPUR: Former chief justice Tun Eusoff Chin told the Royal Commission of Inquiry that he knew Datuk V.K. Lingam since 1990 when the lawyer handled a case here where he was a judge.

    He also confirmed that despite being the Chief Justice in 1994, he allowed Lingam to follow him on his trip to New Zealand.

    Chin was the 11th witness to take the witness stand since the inquiry began on Monday.

    The Royal Commission of Inquiry was set up on Nov 16 to investigate a video clip, which allegedly shows Lingam brokering the appointment of judges

    NOTE: I remember vividly Eusoff Chin had said that he had bumped into Lingam in NZ.

  20. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Our video klip kaki is also a regular at "Mirama".This annai is really kuatlah!!

  21. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Hmm...what/who/where is "Mirama"? My curiosity is piqued!

    A fan of conspiracy theories could hypothesise that Lingam, Tengku Adnan, Vincent Tan etc have been set up to be "fall guys" in an elaborate and well-choreographed "sting" operation.

    Who would benefit from this? And who would have the resources to put it all together?

    Never forget that "black ops" are the modus operandi for certain quarters in Malaysia! Or outside Malaysia, for that matter.

    And this Malaysian "Videogate" could be yet another black op.....

  22. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Adnan says that he doesn't know Lingam when his name is being mentioned. Why don't Lingam mention me? or Ahmad? Ah Lim? Arumugam ? What an excuse !

  23. Question: "Tengku, you said that VK was either mad or drunk because he was talking nonsense. If it turns out that he was neither mad nor drunk, does that mean that he was telling the truth?"

  24. First it was VK Lingam who alleged his brother who filed the complaint against him was a mad fellow...

    Then Tengku Adnan the Tourism Minister is saying VK Lingam or rather THE MAN WHO LOOKS & SOUNDS LIKE VK LINGAM is a drunk chap...

    Now I am afraid if Khairy Jamaluddin somehow gets to be implicated in this fracas everyone will probably be deemed a MONKEY! [Beruk] which is actually his favorite phrase so far..

    Don't we all think things in Malaysia are getting a bit scary round here lately???

  25. Anonymous1:46 pm

    This kind of lie

    Gunung Tahan Pun tak tahan la

    Mabuk can talk like that ?

    If he not mabuk then hancurlah malaysia.