Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Way

Dr M testifies.
Testifying in the Royal Commission of Inquity into the Lingam video clip, Dr M said the reasons for his decision to pick Ahmad Fairuz as the Chief of Justice back then is ...
"... something I don't tell people. It is my prerogative. I don't have to explain why."
Roughly translated, "I did it my way".

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  1. Anonymous2:19 pm


    Why the hell should he tell anyone?

    He made a decision deemed best for the country and rakyat, at that point of time.

    I would have given the same answer in the same circumstance.

  2. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Rightly so if Fairuz is competent in his job and not corrupted. But looks like this Fairuz is not so. Ex-PM should have scrutinized his list of potential judges before appointing them. They should be seen clean from any wrongdoings. Get opinion from ACA, Police, Bar Council etc. Not just social friends.

  3. Anonymous2:43 pm

    TDM,tolonglah sedar diri sikit.
    You have screwed up the Legislative, Judiciary , the Monarchy and now, we are seeing the Executives crumbling.

    Please come clean, it is still not too late before we rakyat continue to curse you.

  4. Anonymous2:44 pm


  5. Anonymous2:56 pm

    " He made a decision deemed best for the country and rakyat, at that point of time."

    Since when did Malaysia become a tyranny of the prime minister? He does not have to answer why he did certain things during a time when his party was elected by the people to govern?

    This is exactly the backward thinking that will see Malaysia become a failed state in the next 30 years.

  6. Sounds like Al Capone.

    Linggam understands his way, not Anwar.
    Vincent Tan understands his way, not Nik Aziz.
    Rahim Nor understands his way, not Tian Chua.

    Hey, these criminals definitely understand HIS WAY! He even surrounds himself with criminals! These criminals must've done a very good job! Weirdo!

  7. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Honestly, does anyone expect that wily old man to say anything else? His "I can't remember" answers remind me of President Reagan in the arms contra scandal. Besides, the crafty fella knows that when he says it was his decision as PM and his alone, no one can dig further. Surely you don't think he will say "Vincent Tan and Tengku Adnan gave me some pointers". Dr M was a better leader than Rip Van Winkle but morally, he's a hollow man.

  8. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Can you imagine George W. Bush giving the same answer to Congress? Then again, this is Malaysia, and Malaysia Boleh!

  9. Anonymous3:31 pm

    So, as TDM tells it, the PM has the final say on the appointment of the CJ?

    Which means that the executive in Malaysia is always superior to the judiciary, because the power to hire and fire rests with the former.

    That is not a recipe for good governance!

  10. Anonymous3:55 pm

    But Mahathir also said he will "answer" any questions put to him even irrelevant ones.

    "Dr Mahathir said he was willing to answer any question put to him by the Royal Commission, even if it was not relevant or beyond the scope of the Commission's terms of reference" The Star

    So isn't it contradictory if answers are not answers and doesn't shed any light at all?.

  11. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Typical dictator answer! NO accountability NO remorse, Nope! Everything when according to plan.

    Yes, rocky he did it his way and we the present and future rakyat have to pay for his ‘I don't have to explain why’.

    As usually, everything is hunky-dory in bolehland....

  12. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Even if Mahathir based his decision on personal agenda, as he says it, "the people deserves the government that they elect."

    In a country where there are more corrupted people than there are honest one, who are we (the minority) to complain. It is the democratic process.

    Don't like it? Then be part of that majority, be corrupt, sneak in some video cameras to oust your enemies and if that don't work, cough up RM 30,000 and have one of the marginalised hit man to remove him out of the equation. But don't forget to pray to atone for your sins.

    Too much for you to handle? Then duduk diam-diam and watch the fun, else book a one-way ticket to Canada.

  13. Anonymous4:25 pm

    And now, the hearing is here;
    And so, he face a lot of questions.
    My friends, he'll say it clear,
    He'll state his case, of which I'm certain.

    He ruled, not like the current fool.
    He built each and every 'highway';
    And more, much more than this,
    I say it, he'd do it his way.

    Advise, he had had a few;
    But then again, those few ain't worth listening.
    I told you'll what he would do
    And decide it without assistance.

    He planned each charted course;
    Each careful step along the byway,
    But more, much more than this,
    I said, he did it his way.

    Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew
    When he bit off more than he could chew.
    But through it all, when there was doubt,
    He decide, not blame other out.
    He faced it all and not chicken out;
    I said, he did it his way.

    He's loved, He's laughed and cried.
    He had his fill; his share of losing.
    And now, as tears subside,
    He just assume and keep doing.

    To think other could tell him to do all that;
    And may I say - not in a shy way,
    No, oh no not him,
    I said, he did it his way.

    For what is a man, what has he got?
    If not himself, then he has naught.
    To do the things he truly feels;
    And not told by thirty something.
    The record shows he not like the current dunce
    And I said, he did it his way!

    I told you!

  14. No Dr Mahathir you are wrong! You are accountable to the people who elected you as Malaysia's Prime Minister and it is incumbent upon you to be transparent when it comes to which moron "you" want as your officer! You cannot say it is YOUR prerogative!
    You behave like a dictator when you were in power then for 22 fucking years, and you were smug then and you are smug now.
    I believe you have opened many Pandora's boxes during your tenure, and you have destroyed many of our country's mores and constraints that have remained irreparable and you tried to convince us what you did then was all in the name of progress?
    During your tenure until the day you were "forced" to resign you have made a lot of decision that turned out to be big blunders, and now we, the people, have to suffer? I believe like any other former elected leaders of the world you should just fade away!!! I am fed up!

  15. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Mahathir rocks and rules... No one has a sharp mind like him...

  16. Anonymous4:41 pm are correct..corect..correct.. Tun M.

  17. "Why the hell should he tell anyone?"

    Sorry Bigdog I just realised Mahathir was running a company called Malaysia Incorporated not a country inhabit by 24 million people!

    BTW you sound like a dog in a manger keep it up!

  18. My way is the best
    He doesn’t need others to match his
    He decides what he wants
    As Daim said to me years ago
    “The old man is a lonely person up there
    He decides what he wants his way”

    So this is no surprise
    As leaders always do
    They don’t give reasons why
    They only answer to the day to day affairs
    On themselves

    Right or wrong decision he made it his day
    He couldn’t know the insight of a man
    What he played with his magic cards
    Nobody could see it really

    But there is another point
    A leader must be brave to admit mistakes
    Of choices he makes in his line of duty
    A good one is the recent headline
    Of Dr Chua Soi Lek
    This is the man I could salute
    For not running away on his mistake
    Not like some who throw up smoke so often
    Trying to hide the truth………..

    The old man knows his way
    The master at his way of best
    Answering his way the way he wants it
    And he smiles away

  19. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Why the hell should he tell anyone?
    Why the hell that he tell Lingam? He made a decision deemed best for himself, his family, his cronies not his rakyat or his country.

  20. Say what U like, that's the way Man! His way! Ada style orang tua ni beb!

  21. Question: "Yang Berhormat, of corse we know that it was your prerogative. But isn't it a strange coincidence that result of you exercing your prerogative was what the man in the video clip and Vincent Tan wanted. How is that so? Are you hiding something?"

  22. Anonymous5:55 pm

    so now we hv a court with 3 fellas holding each other's balls. Tdm vs aab vs ntr. all hvng a piece of shit of the other in their palm.

  23. Anonymous6:55 pm


    Anwar is not a criminal????

    Anwar, is a CONVICTED CRIMINAL la!!!!

  24. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Thanks to TDM , we are where we are at one point of time .

    Each time I went overseas , I always hears ' ah Malaysia ... what a beautiful country"

    And I feel I have TDM to thank to , and no one else . If its not for him , we will never be where we r right now . Remember that . If not for him Malaysians will still be kampung n we all will still be "living on the tree "

    So never be like kacang lupa kulit .

  25. Anonymous7:56 pm

    i saw some people barking like stray dogs. some with names. some without names. but it of course, their right. as long as mr rocky approve their comments.

    where are those dogs when Dr Mahathir was ruling what they call as company incorporated? dont dare to even whistle? or dont have the guts to even raise ur tail? that shows how the balls you have are sooo..kurap?

    but step aside from the case, this man's is wicked! see how he answer them. should i copy brendan and type 'full of venom'? lol

    i wonder what the meaning of prerogative.

    ps- mr rocky, its better for you to just block those anonymouses. shaziman called them 'penembak curi'.lol

  26. So now situation has improved one notch to something like this:
    "It looks like he is drunk and sounds like he is drunk."

  27. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Saya membesar di zaman Tun Razak, Tun Hussien Onn dan Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Saya bertuah kerana berpeluang mengenali Tunku Abdul Rahman (TDM) ketika hayat almarhum Tunku masih ada.

    Anak-anak saya membesar di zaman TDM dan tidak pernah sekali mereka saya ajar dengan pekerti kurang ajar dan tidak tahu berterima kasih.

    TDM tidak akan mampu membawa Malaysia sebegini hebat jika beliau tidak berjiwa besar. Mencari orang yang berjiwa besar dari kalangan bangsa kita sebenarnya payah.

    Tengok aje lah hari ini...

  28. BigDogDotCom, Say who?

    Video clip said everything about criminals and crime rates in Malaysia.

    Even schoolboys understand what's going on.

    "Siakap Sinohong, Gelama Ikan Duri..."

    To Al Capone, it's heaven! Unfortunately, it's caught red-handed.

  29. Anonymous9:50 pm

    TDM is still the best Malay Leader in existance

  30. Anonymous10:04 pm

    Pasquale - Will agree with you definitely. TDM is accountable for chosing sleepy hopeless Dolah and manouvering to choose si Najib penakut.

    Much has been said of Dolah. Najib has balls but since one Port, his Dickson is only made available on permission of Rosmah! Najib has spine but only to elope and leave his wife for a social climber that left her husband. Najib has guts but only to kebas komisyen.

    Would you agree about both of them, moron?

  31. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Hi stupid pkr!,

    You pseudonym is so bloody appropriate!!! You deserve the name, you advertently got it SO DAMN right..

    Hello, get the emotions out one lived on trees when Mahathir took over in 1981. So we would not be lving on trees even if he had not ruled.

    He did some very good things, I agree, BUT he consciously destroyed:
    1. Judicary - this destroys everything, the very basis of a society
    2. Human rights
    3. Environment
    4. Media freedom
    5. Democracy

    In short, he destroyed CIVIL liberties so much that the nation is facing some serious problems in this area as a result.

    Putrajaya, KLIA and Langkawi aside, history will judge him as a machiavellian politician who wanted absolute power, got it and was led by the belief that whatever he did was good for the nation and God will forgive him even if he destroyed people's lives in the name of Malaysia in the process. How wrong, he was. The stench from his rule is beginning to show.

  32. Anonymous1:05 am


    true indeed! anwar is a convicted criminal and a homo!



  33. Anonymous7:30 am

    what laa u all..when PM made his own decision u said a dictator.. when some one else made a decision for them u said spineless...which one larr..

  34. Anonymous9:33 am

    Pasquale, well said. My sentiments exactly...

  35. Dude, see the impact TDM still have on us? You just can't ignore him and that how it should be. He's oppininated & sharp. Hmm btw, 'Anonymous' , keep ready Rocky's blog ok?

  36. rather than the present leader, and sil as his advisor, that i have now i would much prefer TDM. a weak leader will just make a mess out of everything. i see our leader's agenda now. bring them all into the shit hole but not me and my sil. election is coming soon. a weak leader only knows how to pass the buck a.k.a shit.

    go on blaming TDM. as far as i am seeing it right now TDM has the balls to be grilled. understand and accept the hard truth boys and girls. this so called old man some of you are trying to snipe is still rockin and pumping. if you don't like it just please roll over and don't wake up.

  37. the big moron is obviously the pm himself who had allowed such issue being discussed in the court of law. there is no issue indeed as pm has been given the mandate by the law via parliment to appoint the cj... so what is the issue.

    take note that if at any time the sole right of a pm is questionable and chargeable in the court of law, that may happen to the present pm himself... the precedent had just been set.

    can the authority proof to the court that at the other end of the line is fairuz. could it be lingam acted the way we see in tv drama, an actor acted as if talking to someone at the other end.. it hard to tell unless telekom can evidently confirm such conversation between lingam and fairuz took place. otherwise just call doktor sakit jiwa to confirm that lingam is trying to show off or he is really drunk or to certain extend is tidak siuman.

    the govt, the royal commission and people who think that they are the so-called 'pembela judiciary'are merely wasting tax payers money and time...those are the mediocare to the nation.

  38. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Dear Rocky, you ended your write up with "I did it my way".

    I am not sure how to interpret this! If it was meant to simply say that each person has his own style and mannerism in doing things - fine.

    But on the other hand, if it was meant to glorify the former PM - deadly wrong.

    The PM/former PM's of all persons should behave with integrity, should make decisions with the best interest of the rakyat in mind. They, of all people, must be accountable to the public.

    I did it my way is utter nonsense. It clearly shows that the person making the decision has personal interest and not public interest. You tell me now, which is more important!

  39. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Whatever has influenced Tun Dr Mahathir in the selection of Fairuz, only god and him would know. Lingam's tape is merely a tape showing a man plotting to influence TDM, but the tape is really not a proof that Dr Mahathir had been influenced by Lingam in reaching his decision.

  40. Anon 12.02 pm,

    The "I did it my way" closure is a tribute to the man and his style of doing things. I admire Dr M, I don't glorify him (though he's done some glorious things for you and I during the 2 decades of so he was PM).

    As I see it, Dr M was:

    1/ taking responsibility for appointing Ahmad Fairuz. on hindsight, he may have made a mistake or that is what most of us like to think. if that is so, it isn't the first. we also thought he made a mistake with his successor. he takes responsibility for appointing Pak Lah, too, he did't blame someone else.

    2/ he said it was his decision and i don't have reason to doubt him. it has always been his style: listen to many people and in the end make his own decision. he is not influenced by his sons or son-in-law, finance minister, or third-rate corporate player masquerading as his top media adviser. he is his own man.

    I'd rather a PM who is on the ball and can make up his own mind and stick with his decision than one who listens to everyone and in the end can't decide for fuck's sake.

    3/ he came to testify. the man is, what, 85 years old? he could have said his heart is still weak and therefore he should stay home. but that's dr mahathir for you and a lot of people hate him for that.

    Thank you.

  41. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Anon from 12.02pm here,

    Rocky, explanations accepted.

    Good day.

  42. Anonymous5:03 pm


    1) He may seem to be taking responsibility for appointing Fairuz, but we shouldn't expect any less from him or any of our leaders. We shouldn't be so 3rd-World as to credit him for that just because we know others in power who may not do the same. Accountability should not relative. So, sorry but no credit for the old man there.

    2) Let us give him credit for his contribution to the country while in power, but that too comes with the job. We paid his salary and his mega projects. He was a good steward in that sense, but not some demigod like some would like to believe.

    3) We give him credit for owning up to "bad decisions" [Pak Lah and Fairuz] but are we so bodoh as to think that these "bad decisions" were not made to protect his own interests? Fairuz today is seen as a bad decision, as is Pak Lah, but they were USEFUL at the time of appointment to the man who appointed. Unless of course we choose to see Mahathir as so big a heart that he never made such decisions for self interest ..... In which case all this mess shouldn't have happened anyway - executive manipulation of Judiciary, the abuse of SPR and BPR, etc. The tradition of abusing these public institutions was passed down from someone. Someone who did it his way.

  43. Whether one is running a dept, a company, our own home or Msia Inc, one has the responsiblity to ANSWER and ACCOUNT.

    The exception is when one owns the "company" with no other shareholders - which is NOT the case here!

    TDM should have replied that

    GIVEN the info he made the best decision he could

    To be fair we know - even in companies - that bucketloads of manure are poured in as "input" after the "filtering" by others

    BUT No he didn't! He spoke like Ceaucescu of Romania did, defiant to the end.

    This is precisely the atmosphere TDM created BUT if AAB had the balls (being the new CEO) he could slowly but surely keep the best, discard the bad policies and legacy TDM created.

    OFCOURSE the big biz man & our politicians are all in cohorts.

    One cannot survive without the other..whatever the country!

    But there is always a balancing act to everything..this time TDM is caught with his foot in his mouth. That's what it is

    I would think Lingam's tape was leaked out deliberately to hantam TDM, Eusoff Chin, Vincent Tan


  44. Anonymous12:10 am

    How come we let PM alone pick the Chief Judge?

    Is he alone so well versed in legistration?

    Is the others judges so busy that they cannot pick their choice until that they have to let a man which later don't even remember the reason he pick or not pick a Chief Judge. (Decision made should be detailed in meeting and proper reasoning shall be documented for review and reference purposes)

    In the end, I can't find one reason to let the PM alone pick the Chief Judge. Can you?

  45. Anonymous1:56 am

    Mahathir Rocks!

    All of you suck, because you never were and never will become a PM!

    Even rocky sucks in this!