Thursday, December 13, 2007


13/12 Hindraf's P. Uthayakumar, M. Manoharan, V. Ganapatirau, T. Vasanthakumar, R. Kenghadharan held under ISA./the STAR
I'll repeat what I've stated before: Hindraf's memo sucks, but using the Internal Security Act sucks even more.
Since the memo surfaced last month, many quarters including bloggers and activists have been doing their bit to help put things in the right perspective and to help Malaysians, and the outside world, understand the issue and this country better.

How do we explain it now?

To read the Hindraf memo again, click HERE.


  1. Anonymous6:21 pm

    I hope many more trouble makers will be detained under the ISA ... Tian Chua must be at the top of the list.

  2. Anonymous6:25 pm

    I suppose pak lah is only doing what he said he would, they pushed him hard so he pushed back
    It may not sit well with some but whether this is the right move or not, only time will tell....

    There are many who do not want to see more street demos just as there many who wants to eb able to express themselves through public gatherings

    Leadership is not easy and I do not envy him having to make this call but I will reserve judgment because he has more information from the police and intelligence about the matter.

    Some say that the police has been pushing for the ISA for months, even before the gathering but he has held it back as long as he could, maybe the weight of teh evidence swayed him.

    You have to give him credit where its due, he has been more tolerant than Tun. In Tun's time those gatherings would not have even taken place and teh arrest would probably have been carried out as a pre-emptive measure, at least now it is carried out after the act has been carried out..

    anyway no matter what he does there is bound to be those who disagree.
    damned if he does and damned if he didn't

  3. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Isn't the ISA a British creation? And the irony is - it is being used to detain these 5 people for suing the British government for their marginalisation. Now these 5 will enjoy watered down fish curry for 2 years?

    When the government is in panic overdrive and don't know what else to do, it can always use the ISA to justify their ends, to protect their backsides.

  4. brother rocky:

    Bloggers and common citizens who are well informed must continue to be playing "factual" information disseminators, a role that the MSM has thrown out of the window since too many Datuks took over the GEICposts (beholdenism, anywan!).
    So it's even now more important that Sopo Bloggers remain united, and be not afraid to take up the challenge when the 4th estate has failed the people. Share a quote from "V": "People should not be afraid of their goVernments.
    GoVernments should be afraid of their people.

    CHOW, which means "Seeya!" OR "Let's eat!" soon-OK!:)

  5. this has definitely not come as a surprise as mentioned in my earlier posting

    yes, it's difficult to explain things. but there's still a grave need to be completely transparent and precise about the whole ISA process to prevent the water from being muddied further.


  6. Anonymous6:54 pm


    While I don't support Hindraf as far as its memo/communal approach is concerned, I don't see the point in you posting the memo all over again..

    To be honest, I believe they were just trying to gain attention, wrongly or rightly, only they will know.

    But I'm not sure whether you are making matters worse by reminding everyone what the memo is all about, when so much effort has been made to put things in the right perspective.

    What gives, dear sir?

  7. My dear friend Rocky!

    Which part of the execution of the ISA that you do not understand! The US government detained suspect terrorists at Guantanamao Bay US military prison without trial, the British government detained suspected IRA operatives for dozen of years and may be more, the Spanish government does the same with ETA operatioves. All countries mentioned have their own version of ISA, ISA is meant to stop the problem from snowballing into a bigger problem. As for bloggers and NGOs trying to position a right perspective to the world about what ISA was meant for, well in a country in which a bigger majority of the people that do not have access to computers to know what we are doing will have to be calmed by assurance of the government the country is under control, and the NGOs are acting as though KL is a different country where their actions sometime does not reflect the feeling of the silent majority in the rural parts of this country. In so far as a right perspective is concerned the Indian government, the British government, the Australian government etc etc know that Hindraf is a bunk, and that no Malaysians have been ethnically cleansed but that does not help some "illeterate", to quote Uthayakuimar, who are prone to believing lies, to go on rampage over rabble rousing of irresponsible people! So ISA is part of that mechanism of control that this multi-racial cess pool called Malaysia that still need to have, in order to maintain order and peace!
    Sorry to sound like a right wing prick, I guess deep inside everyone in their right mind has to be one, at one point or another, this is one point I have to be!

    Still no cheers today!

  8. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Since the ISA sucks more than the HINDRAF memo there is no need to
    highlight the Hmemo.
    Probably then something on the "ISA" is more valid to back the statement.

  9. anon 6.54,

    for those who have not read the memo, it would help to understand what this is all about. i do it with a lot of other flashbacks and links, not just with this memo.

    so nothing gives.

    thank you.

  10. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Aren't they (G) good at proving they are a pain in the a**?

  11. Vote evil " Bad News BN " OUT !!

  12. The Police should deploy the ISA against HINDRAF at least a week ago. Clearly item no. 2, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 are INCITEFUL and INSTIGATIVE, which is detrimental to the internal security of this country.

    Thus ISA is designed specifically for that.

    Infact, more senior HINDRAF advocates and instrumentalists should also be arrested under the same provision of the Federal Constitution.

  13. Bro Rocky,

    The ISA is now the only weapon left that could effectively emasculate the people who had the ability to influence voters. Hindraf memo was suck; but their influence could draw away the Indian votes from MIC and the govt sees the threat.

    Democracy is dead; the epitaph is written.

    But the social stability is a much greater cause of concern now. The more the govt tried to gag the people by way of oppression and suppression through coercion and abuse of power, the eventual repercussion would be much more detrimental to the ruling regime. We could see more retaliation from both sides and the situation gets far much insidious day by day.

  14. Anonymous8:11 pm

    From the start, I believe the ISA will be used, for good or bad reasons.

    And now it's done, we'll see how the situation would tread, either for the better or worst.

    I believe it'll change for the better because ISA is a dreaded tool for trouble makers.

    I don't want to see this country develop into another trouble spot in this part of the world.

    I am a Malay, who has been living a full and wonderful life for the past 50 years with my Chinese and Indian neighbours in a country called Malaysia.

    I don't want to trade this state of tranquility with lawlessnes, "peaceful demonstrations" and other terms or jargons that serve the agendas of certain sections of the society.

    Please make way if you think this country is not good enough for you.

    If you think "peaceful demonstrations" are good for the country, think again. Any demonstration is bad!

    For the authorities, please don't go overboard. Use ISA where it justifies the most.

    I am living in a kampung which is just beginning to reap the fruits of the country's 50-year labour.

    Let there be deep soul searching among those who feel disenchanted with the system, with the peoples, with the "other" religions, and with themselves.

    Head to any tranquil kampung for your soul searching. Digress not, lest it scorches your hearts and souls.

    From the Soul Train..
    Bukit Selambau

  15. this is the time when i say it is a good riddance. let those buggers count all the ants and mosquitoes in their lokap. when you are willing to go until this magnitude of racist bigotry then be prepared to face the music. bigots and buggers are mean but racists are scum of the earth.

  16. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Hindraf played into the hands of Umno. Hindraf played the communal game with Umno. Hindraf's stupidity knew no bounds. Now Hindraf has to pay for its stupidity. Much as I dislike the ISA, I am afraid Hindraf is in a bind. But we can learn a lesson from this episode. Hopefully all races will sit down and take stock of the situation. In the meantime, I hope Badawi will not be carried away by detaining more people. This is Badawi's last chance at reconciling the hopes, grievances and aspirations of the people. If he plays into the hands of ultras like Hishammuddin, Muhammad Ali and his son-in-law, he is finished.

  17. Anonymous8:31 pm

    We fully support the use of ISA to this fanantic Hindraf, they as the PM said "taksub" to their own perspective only with out thinking of others.

  18. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Wow! you actually sound happy! And certainly trying to guide your readers to come to the conclusion that the 5 deserved it - in the way you guided everyone back to the memo.

    Here's to hoping you end up the next victim of ISA - then we'll debate whether you deserved it!

    Bit of a racist - aren't you?

  19. BAM!

    And just like that, ISA ruined Uthayakumar's shit.


    Now let's get some donuts.

  20. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Alhamdulillah!!..kalau di Singapore ni dah lama kena dah...Syukur. ISA is the best for troublemakers.

  21. Anonymous10:02 pm

    we should use ISA against HINDRAF long time ago...

  22. Those hindraf leaders deserve to be detained under ISA. It should have been done earlier so that the threat pose by them could be nipped in the bud.These leaders should not be allowed to create more damages to the country's well knitted racial fabrics, which is the very reason of our survival and progress. These leaders are all well-to-do and one way or another recieve benefit from the government policy. Ungrateful!!!

  23. I know I read the lines
    The BN government finally hits the rod
    ISA rocks the nation

    Now freedom on the way out
    Nothing really to stop them now
    The sleeping beauty finally signs blindly
    The ISA trooping out to nail the lizards

    Engagements and dialogues
    The BN leaders have no time to play
    The many corridors on the cross sections
    You think they care to listen to your complaints

    I don’t believe the stuff
    The Hindraf leaders made out to be
    But I believe the poor of many races
    Living from handouts and charity

    Now the government made these leaders
    The heroes of the marginalized Indians
    It is a double standard to a degree
    When UMNO leaders rants in the UMNO Assembly
    Nothing was done not even suspensions

    Will it be fair?
    See who is in power
    Then you can decide
    Oh Malaysia!
    You make it to the world front page again!

    The drum beats moving on
    The distance echo will sing its tune
    You think people forget
    The changes will be made

  24. I fully agreed with Pasquale's comment. Many people refuse to understand ISA., because they never read the short title of the Act which enumerate the objectives. How we manage to be peaceful and living harmoniously is partly due to the existence of ISA. This tis the preventive law (not punitive) that is able to nip in the bud of any threat to the unity of the people in the country!! I hope more people ike pasquale who appreciates unity!!!

  25. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Why bolehland still need court? What the fish is the chief justice, attorney general, or even law minister for. I know this is a bunch of nonsense. At least there are still some live comedies running.

    No use wasting time already. Lets abolish them all! AAB is da man. Can even let po-lice issue ISA on the spot. boleh boleh blek!

  26. Anonymous10:51 pm

    i can see the chronology over here, the igp alleged hindraf has link with TERRORIST, and then AAB invoked the ISA. without the terrorist "excuse", what good reasons are there to let AAB called for ISA! so after hindraf, next will be BERSIH and lawyers and how would the police and aab cohort will try ISA on them ? BERSIH=>rebellion ? nice joke....

  27. Anonymous11:15 pm

    wow rocky, i see you are having a cyber troopers day here. nice to see all of them coming out in force after they heard of the word 'ISA'. classic pavlov's dog.

    CT: Is this the best reasoning skills you have? why not try to disaprove point for point for all the wrong things the government has done. you can find them in this blog...if your IQ is high enough. I dare you, I DOUBLE DARE YOU!

  28. Anonymous11:17 pm

    ISA!why now!
    in that case recall back the past!
    BN,UMNO,PAS,DAP and so on.........
    give them ISA!!!

  29. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Wow. I've never seen so much group think on one day. It doesn't matter how horrible one person, or a group is for God sakes you fools. At the end of the day, even damn Saddam Hussein got a trial. Why the hell should Uthaya and the rest not be given their day in court? It's bullshit. ISA is bullshit.

    This is the actions of a government under siege. And they have no one to blame but themselves. And all you fools can say yes to this, the next time around, just you watch, you might be hit, and then who will defend you? Yeah sit in your kampung, sit in your little suburs in Subang, keep going to all the malls with your little families, you have no idea what it feels like to MISS a family member who has been detained, no hope of seeing them, no hope of seeing the world outside. Al Arqam, Guan Eng, Tian, Hisham Rain didn't deserve it, I come from a Catholic family, and I know this... cos my mother raised me right.

    Deviant or not, terrorist or not, EVERYONE deserves their day in court. Ignorance is bliss is it not?


  30. Anonymous11:40 pm

    Now we have to pay for all these bullshitters' meals for 2 years! Our tax money is better put in for other reasons, not to give these ungrateful five their daily kari kepala ikan and tosai.

    Mr Prime Minister, please don't detain Tian Chua - he'll ask for sweet creamy crab, Hainan mee and claypot chicken rice for daily meals. His dramatic play-acting may portray that he's willing to mogok lapar, but in the end the rakyat will end up paying for his gut's satisfaction. Gross.

    But do detain Nazri (the de-facto minister of what-eh?). He talks shit, does shit and thus endangering rakyat's peaceful life. And we'll know that certain animals eat their own shit, so we can taught him on that and it will cost less to put him behind bars. Consider. For rakyat's sake.

  31. pASQUALE ,, UR the prick here . The floodgates are open .... that is what the moderator is saying ... Comprehende ???

  32. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Looks like it has finally happened as most of the bloggers here have envisoned the use of ISA by the government. The way I look at it the repercussions of such actions will be of two extremes. Either the government will be laughing and smiing all the way to the bank or they will regret what they have done. I sincerely hope this action will further galvanise honest, hardworking Malaysians like you and me to further spread the word and make more Malaysian aware of all the injustices being brought upon us. It does seem like we are fighting a lost cause but it's a cause worthy of fighting nontheless. I am with you all the way Rocky!!!!

  33. Whether u like Uthaykumar or not......he has just been given a ticket to become a political asylum case for majority of the countries around the world. If he didnt get it last time, now he will for sure.

    Malaysia doesnt want him, but some advanced country will absorb him.

  34. It was an easy way out for the Government & especially the AG who was running around chasing for evidence for the courts. Now No Charges, Prosecution, Trial, Bail or Arguments just sign the order and brand them as “traitors” and off they go to Kamunting, Taiping ISA Detention Camp. A SB was quoted as saying “as a preventive move to halt the group's plans to hold another massive rally soon” Another unnamed Police officer said Hindraf “stunned the government by bringing more than 10,000 ethnic Indians on to the streets to complain of racial discrimination”
    More details & pics at:
    Go H E R E

  35. Anonymous11:57 pm

    salam bro..

    I see u keep saying not ISA..not ISA...but u never tell us what is the best alternative should the pak dol do..

    I personally agreed with ISA to that 5 hindraf leader.


  36. Rock ... aku malas nak jawab anak luar nikah yang mengelar depa Anonymous ...Anonymous BIN APA or Anonymous a/l Anonymous ... gutless. I DO NOT agree with pasQUALE ,, BUT he has balls .period ! Floodgates my friends .. WE talking Tsunami HERE.

  37. Anonymous12:06 am

    They just turned a minority struggle into a crusade.

    What Hindraf did is dead wrong, but by shutting out a dialogue they are further confusing the confused Indians who followed Hindrafs antics.

    Now lets wait and see what the government wants to do to address this problem. Okay you made your point that there are poor people from all races, no need to point drive to Ganu, Pahang, Kelantan and Kedah you can see for yourself, but from the day Hindraf marched until today...what have the Government done for this?

    History is made today, just pray that there wont be any other group of people hijacking the voice of any race for a political stand.

    Just get the things done and handle this poverty, job, race, religion issue. Dont go around saying you can lend your ear and all, because clearly you havent seen the real deal with the pained Malaysian people. We want justice and we want fairness. Just do it for the whole country and not for a single race.

    -A Malaysian...Indian.

  38. Rocky,

    what a pity that some people just don't get it.

    the racists are the ones who are calling you one.

    uthayakumar's memo sucks big time. that is so clear.
    But that doesn't mean Uthayakumar and the other 5 Hindraf leaders should be detained under ISA.

    and to ANON@9:26pm: not only are you a racist yourself, you cannot even understand what Rocky is trying to say. and you are a COWARD.
    why don't you meet rocky and tell it to his face that he deserves the ISA.

    How dare you wish the ISA on anyone?

    you don't even know what the ISA is about.
    you wouldnt wish it on your worst enemy.

    i don;t agree with Uthayakumar;s memo or with what he did but he did not deserve the ISA.
    None of the Hindraf guys deserve that.
    If he committed sedition, then, charge him under the Sedition Act.

    and zakhir....i know that you know what you're saying. that's a real pity.
    but, hell...this is a free country (haha) and you're free to express your opinion.


  39. Anonymous12:15 am

    Bro Rocky,
    They deserved it.ISA for me still "too soft".They should be hang to death.
    Bob From Kuching

  40. untuk membaca sila clik

    * click untuk salinan penuh video Linggam
    * click untuk kerajaan 3 beradik hasil kerajaan 3 beranak
    * click untuk Polis bakar kereta ; dulu curi wang
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    anda juga dijemput meninggalkan komen.....

  41. All I can say is, NASI SUDAH MENJADI BUBUR; TERLAJAK PERAHU BOLEH DIUNDUR, TERLAJAK KATA BURUK PADAHNYA. Saya berharap ini menjadi pengajaran kepada kita semua. Fikirkanlah dan belajarlah sesuatu dari semua ini.

  42. Anonymous12:44 am

    Malaysians of Indian origin shouldn't have bought Uthy's ideas in the first place. It smelled rotten from day one.

  43. Anonymous12:49 am

    Have you ever watched the old Cowboy Westerns where a mob of enraged self-righteous people "seek to carry out justice" and conduct a "trial" before they proceed to a public-square lynching?

    Change the time and place and a couple of names plus the props and put Hindraf in the plot as the chief evil dark hoodlums. And the mob that puts the rope around their neck needs no further introduction.... the Barisan Judge and executioner will make sure "justice" is "seen" by all and that the real evidence will dangle at the end of a rope.

    It is a dangerous sign to monitor the current scenario and plot unfolding in the land of mainstream government controlled media। None of these media organizations gave Hindraf or its leaders an equal or fair opportunity to present its views or to respond to the overwhelming tirade of allegations leveled against them.

    Instead, there has been a calculated, slanted and selective barrage of insinuations as well as maximum coverage on
    unsubstantiated allegations. Djs thought to have joined the march were fired from radio stations, a company with the same name lost its business license and the intensity of this momentum is liken to a massive vigilante.

    And now as the world witnesses this malicious and dastardly act of imprisoning Malaysian Indians lawyers without trial, I believe that it will only strengthen the community’s conviction to stand firm until justice is unshackled. There are some pertinent issues that one needs to evaluate in this spectacle:

    Firstly, the claim that ethnic cleansing of Indians had been systematically carried one is not a fictitious one. Neither the Police nor the Attorney General nor the other parties concerned have disproved it. These claims are yet to be determined as true or false in a court of law. And so justice has again been hijacked.

    Hindraf in its reports reveal that they posses valid documented evidence for their claims and that those claims are authenticated by Police reports.

    Its memorandum was reproduced on its "Police Watch" website gives a comprehensive list and volume of times and dates that these incidents were to have taken place. It is one thing to be shocked over such revelation; it is altogether another story and plot to shoot the messenger for disclosing it.

    Secondly, Hindraf leaders were demonized by a calculated campaign skillfully orchestrated and executed by the government, the Police force, the government controlled-media and a host of extras in supporting starring roles played by prominent parties and agents.

    Hindraf's response to these continued fabrications, such as the claim that it had links with terrorist groups and were a threat to national security were omitted and restricted.

    Thirdly, Hindraf leaders were obstructed from carrying out their legal duties as lawyers and were arrested and jailed when they sought to see those who were detained after the Shah Alam temple demolition.

    Malaysians need to stand united against such human rights violations and detentions without trial. When one chooses to remains silent when a minority is being crushed, it may reap silence when if falls on them. Now is the time to make the choice to use your voice.

  44. Anonymous12:52 am

    Padan muka. Nak jadi hero filem Tamil konon. Who the hell do these indians think they are anyway? Jangan 'volume pact' aje. Bila beribu-ribu baru jadi berani. I hope they rot in the detention. Better still if the government shipped them back to wherever their ancestors came from.

    Now you know Indian how some people REALLY feel about your lot.

  45. Anonymous12:57 am

    I dont understand the mentality of some of the commentators. Who is the racist and bigots here. Isn't it the umno leaders who have been who have been perpetuating malay supremacy policies.the last fifty years.The Hindraf are just asking for their basic right as citizens. The minorities can't been bullied for ever. The ordinary malays should take a good look at themselves and ask if the government is fair and equitable to all its citizens.Malaysia will never prosper if it continues shackle the minorities.

  46. Anonymous1:33 am

    I do agree that our judges are corrupted to the core. Of course, there are some good judges on the bench now but too few and far in between.

    I do not agree with Hindraf letter or petition. But i cannot help but to say that the Hindraf leaders must still have a day in court. Althoutgh the court is in a sorry state of affairs. You have YA Datuk Low Hop Bing, who has been severely implicated in the report by Lingam's brother'sw reports

    In any event, Hindraft must be given the right to speak and the the government has the right to take actions against anyone - but the government must charge accused in court.

    I am deadly against. We do need detention without trial. ISA is similar to the laws in South Africa, Uganda and etc.

    Badawi, please carrying on sleeping and let your son-in-law to runt he country and you will be out of office faster than expected.

    I am waiting to put my vote against Badawi & CO so that WE CAN HAVE PEACE AND RPOSPERITY.


  47. .......hope five old ones will be out now,since theres replacement........

  48. Anonymous2:30 am

    The PM, who is the Minister of Internal Security is far too soft, lembik and slow in these matters. Since assuming premiership 4 years ago, ONLY BSA Tahir has been detained under the same ISA law (which is about internal security).

    He tried to be popular by REFRAINING from using ISA, a provision stipulated under the Constitution of the Federation of Malaysia. But his under-handed approach is far too detrimental, too many times over for the harmony, stability and continuance of security and peace of this multiplural tanahair, taking the consideration of the bigger picture.

    Pasquale is right. Learn from others. We should not wait until other people retaliate and translate their feelings onto what HINDRAF did and demanded. By then, its BLOODY too late! (I literally mean, BLOODY).

    Now that these five people out of way, let's the rest of us continue to focus on the bigger picture, which include earning a living and planning for a better tomorrow.

  49. Anonymous2:37 am


    Another aspersion of bn to vilify and demonize the oppositions in the face of the coming General Elections. They are basically going on an offensive.

    What is the oppositions doing?

    They better counter act now and go on an offensive themselves.

    They need to spread the truth and stop the bn's lies on track.


  50. Anonymous4:54 am

    God save us, we live in a police state. Detention without trial is a horrifying, horrifying thing. ISA supporters, what if YOU were detain? Your children will pay for tolerating such injustices. At least charge them with sedition.
    It's a sign of an emaciating leadership, who lacks reason and charisma to face any opposition. It shows the vulnerabilities and paranoia of this regime.

  51. Anonymous5:58 am

    Rocky your comment that Hindraf's statement sucks. You are not exactly explaining why it sucks & why it offends you? Don't make such broad one-liners without making a logical & rational argument.
    Peaceful demos are a right of very Malaysian who believe in democracy. Some Malaysians are so ignorant of what the Federal Constitution grants to them. Don't be ignorant. UMNO has become increasingly racist in its policies that many Indians are left-behind, including poor Malays & Chinese.
    I abhor when Malaysians say let's see what the Pak Lah does. He is a weak & indecisive PM. He knows that UMNO must stay powerful.

  52. Anonymous7:14 am


    Hindraf leaders: BODOH SOMBONG.

    Hindraf's memo is what I called good intentions wrapped in dirty and used toilet paper.

    Dr Kumar of PSM had predicted extremely well on Nov 26 on the repercussions of HINDRAF'S tactics:

    Read here:

    And comments made by Mohandass Karamchand clearly showed the stupidity of the HINDRAF leadership. HINDRAF leadership shot themselves in the foot by their arrogance and stupidity.

    I cannot understand for all the cleverness and intelligence and experience dealing with this UMNO Govt, can't the Hindraf leadership see what's coming onto them with their narrow minded approach.

    I think HINDRAF shortchanged the Tamil community by the tactics used.

  53. Bro,

    I think they has been given enough warning and opportunity to retrack back their statement. Instead they continue to make false accusation and roping in other country to support their cause.

    If we need to justify why we need to use ISA, this is THE REASON.

    Lets think about our country, our family and friends first before thinking about these people "rights". What ever it is.

  54. Anonymous7:40 am

    rocky and Hindraff ... Not knew the content of the Hindraff memoradum until rocky put them up. i bet the police used the document that rocky put up to convince them about hindraff mischievious intent. this indirectly means that rocky has a hand in the arrest and he should shoulder some responsibility for the arrest.

  55. Hindraf had in their selfishness hijacked and destroyed what Malaysians wanting a better Malaysia have been dreaming of and trying to achieve through truths, relentless appeals and peaceful "protest" assemblies to wake up the govt.

    Through religion, Hindraf leaders have thoughtlessly started a racial war we're all trying to stop in the future. Shame on you because you're nothing but a bunch of self-serving opportunists riding on the backs of those who have worked so hard to remove fear and maintain peace.

    Hindraf leaders - I suspect you're agent provocateurs to give the govt the excuse to exercise the ISA as the GE draws close because your memo is unbelievable stupid but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and call you IDIOTS instead!

    And I can see cyber troopers are having a party in here. You know who you are.

  56. Anonymous8:33 am

    Boy you Malaysians sure are a simple lot. No wonder nothing in regards to civil rights and personal freedom has been achieved since your colonizers left your shores.

    Still all the talk about HINDRAF. Condemn, laugh and scold all you want but the fact remains now that NOW the debate about Malaysia is outside of Malaysian borders. Sorry to say but you guys no longer have a say in how the world looks at you.

    Add to that the use of ISA to stifle dissent and the Badawi Admin has just hung itself.

    I have to give it to these Indian lawyers. Very clever.

  57. Anonymous8:44 am

    patut dah lama guna isa.

  58. Anonymous8:56 am

    Badawi has no balls. He is a coward and Hindraf are the heroes. After the next GE if uMNO is in power the constitution will be ammended to make malaysia an Islamic State and hudud will apply.

    In Sabah a police report has been lodged against the State Mufti. In the peninsular the wanton destruction of hindu statues has been ongoing for some time.

    Of course Hindraf are right - the `ethnic cleansing`, forced conversions, apartheid have been an ongoing process.

  59. Anonymous9:09 am

    Police report over Fatwa

    09 December, 2007

    Kota Kinabalu: A police report has been lodged against Sabah Mufti, Datuk Haji Ahmad Alawi Haji Adnan for issuing a "fatwa" (religious decree) that forbids religious statues or replicas of human and animals in public places close to the road.

  60. Anonymous9:18 am

    ISA does not solve any freaking thing except satisfaction some get for being in power. Hindraf leaders may have chose the wrong choice of words in their memorandum but facts remains - Indians are definately being marginalised.Truth remains the turth.I don't understand why do you keep harping on the memorandum just like some bloody idiots of minister who have been so disturbed by this as well. Screw the memorandum. Yeah he may have wrote it without thinking about the repercussion. You are just one of them who rub salt to the wound by instigating further to the rest of them, some of us who are already been kicked to the core Why is it so hard for some of the people to digest the truth. What's the next move ?? Breaking more statues(Buddha, etc) , probably crosses outside(at church ) is only going to get worse. Mark my words. This is not the end. How about those who also marched during Bersih???????
    This country and the government is going to the dogs. IT's getting to be a 3rd world country and let the whole world laugh at our goverment, PM and judiciary system. What else is left anymore. May god have mercy on those 5 of them.

  61. Anonymous9:27 am

    Large sum of money is wired from a local bank in Malaysia purported to buy arms for LTTE a year ago, which the account holder is a known HINDRAF member.

  62. if that is the case with Hindraf,i hope that some of the umno members in the 2006 general assembly with racist remarks be roped in

  63. Anonymous9:55 am

    Detaining individuals who might cause national security issues is not new to the world.
    The US have their Patriot Act, the British gave us the ISA. I think its about time those trouble makers get hauled up. I may even ask: What took Pak Lah so long to act??

  64. Anonymous10:08 am

    why used ISA?
    why not sedition act?

    to compare it with US of A using against terrorist.. is hindraf now considered a bunch of terrorist?

    nobody should be detained under ISA... it's an evil Act.

    And.. those police should arrest those people that spreading SMS about a Putrajaya Amnu chief telling that police found a container full of weapon in Batu Caves... that's seditious!!!

  65. "And all you fools can say yes to this, the next time around, just you watch, you might be hit, and then who will defend you? "

    Not HINDRAF, that's for sure. HINDRAF will never defend me. In fact, HINDRAF has accused me of being a Malay Muslim Terrorist.

    So yay for I S A.

  66. Anonymous10:18 am

    ISA to detain troubemakers and preserve unity?
    what about those that uses the keris to threaten in the largest communal meeting? what about those threatening words uttered by a ex-MB? the ISA rules do not apply to these people?
    the 5 hindraf fellas are now under ISA based on allegations by IGP that they have connections to terrorist organisations. prove it with concrete evidence, IGP and the nation will support you in this detention. By the way, isnt it the same IGP who said that no violence was used against the protestors ( but the blogs showed otherwise). Isnt it the same IGP which was in denial about soaring crime rates in Johor until there was massive response to a signature campaign.
    do you job IGP which is to uphold law and order as well as effective prevention of crimes ( and not trying to make political statements on behalf of the ruling party) and you will have the support of the people, me included.

  67. Anonymous10:24 am

    Hindraf WON !!!
    Their leaders were expecting this ISA arrest once they fle a court case in London. Just sooner or later !!!

    They have shown to the world that the Malaysian was bad, now worse than before !!!

    Can the sleeping beauty understand this ? Pls think out of the box !!!

    But do not ask to straighten the rivers to prevent the banjirs that are man made !!!

    Hampeh sleeping beauty but who should replace him ?

  68. Anonymous10:38 am

    This Oscar Wilde quotation is apt here since most commented that ISA is right and Hindraf deserves it.

    "Everything popular is wrong"

    ISA is wrong. ISA is (not) meant to stop the problem from snowballing into a bigger problem. ISA is for locking away problem when you cannot deal with it openly. Sigh.

  69. Anonymous11:09 am

    anon 6.45pm said

    "While I don't support Hindraf as far as its memo/communal approach is concerned, I don't see the point in you posting the memo all over again.."

    --> biasa lah friend. you forgot where u are issit? imagine this la. if the indonesian muslim illegal immigrants send a memo regarding ill treatment in malaysia, then do you foresee this blogger shouting for their cause? go figure la.
    pariah deserves to stay in estate la. shut up and dont make noise. because if u do, then u are a traitor.
    apa mau bikin? diam saja , sudah dapat kerja sapu jalan , boleh makan nasi cukup laaa . apa daaa

  70. Anonymous11:41 am

    We are living in a world where it is so easy to pick a stone and thrown at others while forgetting that the same stone can be picked up and thrown back at you for your own "sincere causes".

  71. Anonymous11:44 am

    If election is going to beld this month,I will vote for BN as my support for Paklah for doing the right thing atleast once that is arresting the extremists. The fact is some Indians, Malays, Chinese are poor. The majority of bumiputeras in Sabah and Sarawak are even poorer. But to eradicate poverty through Hindraf's way is what I cannot accept at all. I prefer being poor but living in a peaceful society in Malaysia than being rich and living in unsecure places like Iraq and Palestine.

  72. Anonymous12:14 pm

    padan muko (muko sapo x tau ler)

  73. Anonymous12:38 pm

    kudos to you, badawi, hope you are proud of yourself...

    but life is totally fair - what goes around, comes around

  74. Anonymous2:23 pm

    I agree that cyber trooper are at work here. Rocky should know better and we readers can gauge the trend of this blog posting. Suddenly majority of posters are supporting the sleppy bodohwi action.....

    Fellow Malaysian

    We are in trouble but not because of our doing.

    The gomen is showing that they are above the law and the great power they have in their hands.

    We must be prepared and be ready to defence our country and our freedom.

    You know what it means, I need not have to stress any further.

  75. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Who are racists here? HINDRAF is so loud and clear, racist extremist. You support them, you support racism yourselves. Now I really dig ISA.

  76. Anonymous2:50 pm

    The US Government demanding fair treatment of those under ISA? Hellloooo who are they to demand anything? Why don't they look at their own failings of putting Muslims under lock and key and without due process..what the f?


  77. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Say, why don't you put side by side the Hindraf's memo and Kerismudin picture, in all his glory kissing the Keris and promising to bathe it with Chinese blood?

    Then we can make comparison which one sucks the most. Not withstanding the ISA which is a weapon from hell.

    To those who glorify the ISA, here's something for you.

    Martin Niemoeller once wrote:
    “First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.”

    Malaysia is not a signatory of the Human Rights Declaration, not a signatory of International Criminal Court and not a signatory of United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

    What makes you think you are safe?

  78. Anonymous4:05 pm

    I see the need for ISA but it must not be abused.

    Pak Lah used ISA to detain BSA Tahir but did not detain his son who should also be held responsible.

    Pak Lah detained the HIndraf leaders stangely by sending them straight to Kamunting without the 60 days Temporary Detention. Something different and even possibly strange there .... WHy why why ...

    I like to remind Pak Lah that he shd learn to nib any possible racial and religous early!

    All this started when he allowed the Memorandum by 10 non Muslim lawyers. Th edifference between the Memorandum and Hindraf's demands are the Hindraf embelishment. WHy not ISA all the non Muslim Ministers?

    Subsequently the non Muslim NGO and some group of lawyers began qustioning interfath issues which have constitutional implications ... ie questioning the status of Islam as Religion of the Federation and its legitimacy as accorded under the Constitution for the establishemnt of Islamic Institutions. There were unfair criticism levied at the Syariah Court ... contempt of court?

    If Dolah doesn't ahve balls to lock up the non Muslim BN Ministers that initiate all these religous and racial strife by giving that Memorandum, then lock up all these people that have incited religous friction in society!!!!

    WHatever it is burden of proof is on Pak Lah to justify for his ISA.

    No more another BSA Tahir ... locking up someone for the sake of saving his family.

    Now that you lock up Uthayakuamr and gang, then who are please go after the brain behind Hindraf. I am positively sure and sensed it is not these 5 plus Wathaya Moorthy.

  79. Anonymous4:10 pm

    You fools still don't get IT do you? All of the rhetoric in the HINDRAF memo is nothing more than to get attention to the outside world.

    These guys knew that the M'sian Gov't would never listen so they took the ballgame outside to the REAL WORLD.

    Sorry to say but whether YOU (commentors, citizens, and/or badawi administration) like it or not. The genie is out of the bottle and on the WORLD STAGE! Enjoy the publicity Malaysia.

    What a joke! Kudos to clever people who realize the game is up in Malasysia.

  80. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Guys, those with different views than yours are not necessarily cybertroopers.

  81. Anonymous4:12 pm

    to actually find out we hv terrorists linked leaders hiding in Msia and to only find out only lately sends the shivers up my spine.

    It goes to show that our police force is so dumb n inefficient.

  82. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Anonymous said...

    anon 6.45pm said

    Sapu jalan pun lagi baik daripada tak nak buat kerja tapi nak harap semua free kan?

  83. Anonymous4:32 pm


    Source Britannica Concise Encyclopedia....
    pts to remove physical vestiges of the targeted group in the territory through the destruction and desecration of monuments, cemeteries, and houses of worship.

    Crazy Indians or maybe most Malaysians are too shy to admit they are racists themselves....

    Either way the World knows now. Try to stop this snowball.

  84. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Hi Rocky's bru, for once you are level-headed and allowing differing views to place their comments in your blog, unlike many who only listen to their own voice. Yup ISA is harsh but we need to deal harshly with this kind of immigrants. The US preaching us again? We dont go around killing people and destroying countries in the name of democracy and we dont have secret cells and guantonamo ... sigh:(

  85. to all the phantom BN supporter having a field day here, today with their sorry excuses for isa-PATHETIC.
    BN is famous for phantom votes as well as phantom bloggers.

    guantanamo is for AK 47 wielding criminals,do u see that among our hindraf supporters?uthaya is a lawyer ,he knows what he is up against,u think he is so stupid to enlist the help of tamil tigers?

    may god have mercy on all these spin doctors wrecking the life of five malaysian patriots

  86. Anonymous5:15 pm

    I believe in the rule of law. I believe that everyone deserve to have their view heard even if you do not agree with them.
    Charge them in court Mr Prime Minister. Don't be a coward and use ISA. ISA is a barbaric law.

  87. I did not realize that rocky's blog had such a large following of racists! Shallow and vindictive. Even urging ISA to be used on all and sundry except UMNO.
    They just cannot fathom the spirit of the Hindraf letter besides looking at the cold hard words therein.
    Neither could they fathom the depth of their pain and helplessness.
    Yes, there were several poor choice of words, but those words don't make Uthayakumar a security threat, which incidentally is the most abused term in the country.
    I could sit, contemplate and feel their anger.
    Imagine a Hindu's dead body being snatched away without an iota of documentary evidence that he had converted? Imagine his wife shunned by the courts that is supposed to dispense justice?
    Imagine their 100 year old temple destroyed on Deepavali eve?
    Imagine all their petitions and letters to the government that went unanswered?
    Imagine how they were gassed and beaten, called names and then demonized by the entire government and the media.
    Add this up and one can feel their pain.
    The big-eared PM could not here their cries.
    Why only Indians face sedition laws and why UMNO leaders enjoy immunity from sedition?
    (The sum total of inflammatory remarks made by UMNO is quite staggering.)
    Why can't you guys go beyond that stupid letter.
    Come on, why the hell should people come out in thousands and be beaten and gassed if their life had been a bed of roses?
    Rocky, yes, some of the words in the letter sucks, BUT THE LETTER DOES NOT SUCK.
    It may take years to appease Indian anger after this and BN may have irrevocably lost their support. Only time will tell. Let's see.

  88. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Abdullah has shed his mask. He is a hypocrite. Mr Wonderful, you are now Mr Painful.

  89. Anonymous5:34 pm

    I see that if one advocates ISA to be used agianst HINDRAF and comment about it here, he/she will get labelled as a cybertrooper.

    To me lah, it would be naive to think that publishing that memo won`t bring about harsh repercussions.

    The REAL victims here are the poor, sidelined Malaysians of all races. Some even have their ancestral lands taken away from their very noses. After this, who's gonna listen to their plight now? Who's gonna take them seriously now?

    I know for sure those HINDRAF fellas in the ISA lokap are heroes. They wanna be heroes. They wanna be gods. They played their game "right" - Tamil movie style.

    But guess who are the losers now??

  90. Anonymous5:48 pm

    rasa cam bijak tindakan ISA ini kadang2 rasa kurang bijak..tapi secara keseluruhannya bijak kerana ia diambil ke atas individu yang boleh memecahbelahkan MALAYSIA..


  91. Anonymous5:57 pm

    UMNO musuh kami – Hindraf

    BUTTERWORTH 9 Dis. – Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) hari ini mengisytiharkan secara terbuka bahawa musuhnya adalah UMNO, bukan orang Melayu.

    Seorang peguam yang mendakwa mewakili Hindraf, P. Uthayakumar berkata, ini kerana parti itu didakwa mengetepikan masyarakat India dalam arus pembangunan negara.

    ‘‘Kami telah hidup dengan baik dan bekerjasama erat dengan orang Melayu bukan setakat 50 tahun lalu tetapi sejak 200 tahun dahulu.

    ‘‘Kami tidak bermusuh dengan orang Melayu kerana mereka banyak membantu. Hindraf hanya memusuhi UMNO,” katanya ketika berucap semasa menghadiri upacara keagamaan di Kuil Sri Mahamariamman di Jalan Jeti Lama di sini hari ini.

    Kira-kira 2,000 orang India berhimpun secara aman di kuil itu bagi mengadakan upacara keagamaan untuk mendoakan pembebasan 31 penyokong Hindraf yang ditahan ekoran terlibat dalam perhimpunan haram di ibu negara 25 November lalu.

    Perhimpunan yang bermula kira-kira pukul 11 pagi hingga 1 petang itu turut dihadiri oleh Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri kawasan Sungai Puyu, Phee Boon Poh dari DAP.

    Uthayakumar berkata, masyarakat India tidak menghadapi masalah untuk terus hidup harmoni bersama masyarakat Melayu dan tidak sekali-kali berasa marah atau benci kepada orang Melayu.

    Menurutnya, Malaysia tetap menjadi negara tumpah darah yang dipertahankan oleh masyarakat India negara ini, namun apa yang menjadi masalah ialah kerajaan pimpinan UMNO mengabaikan masyarakat India.

    Beliau yang ditemui selepas itu juga berkata, kenyataan Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Musa Hassan yang mendedahkan tindakan Hindraf meminta sokongan dan bantuan pengganas antarabangsa iaitu Pemberontak Harimau Pembebasan Tamil Eelam (LTTE) dari Sri Lanka adalah satu pembohongan.

    Menurut Uthayakumar, pembohongan itu bertujuan untuk mengalih isu yang ditimbulkan oleh Hindraf dengan mengaitkan mereka dengan kumpulan pengganas.

    Menurutnya, langkah itu bertujuan memastikan badan bukan kerajaan antarabangsa dan kerajaan negara asing menjauhi dan tidak menyokong Hindraf.

    Justeru, kata beliau, pihaknya membuat laporan polis berhubung tuduhan Musa terhadap Hindraf itu kira-kira pukul 3 petang semalam di Kuala Lumpur.

    ‘‘Kalau Ketua Polis Negara gagal buktikan kebenaran tuduhan itu dalam tempoh 24 jam, ternyata ia palsu,” katanya.

    Mengenai penahanan 31 penyokong Hindraf, beliau berkata, Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Shah Alam yang mengadili kes mereka perlu ditukar kepada hakim baru.

  92. Anonymous6:04 pm

    ..I'll repeat what I've stated before: Hindraf's memo sucks, but using the Internal Security Act sucks even more....

    Yes and this time Hindraf only prove that the Govt. is right in retaining the ISA... and this sucks big time.

  93. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Dear Anon 12:52
    You must be another katak under tempurung to say what you did here.
    Indians dont need you to tell them what to feel about themselves.
    They are already quite global and respected in most civilised countries especially the western nations for their personhood and civility.
    In Malaysia with people like you around even the country wont progress.

  94. Anonymous6:12 pm

    The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a US non-profit law firm that helps defend freedom of all religions, charged that the destruction of Hindu temples -- some built before the start of the British colonial period almost two centuries ago -- could be an attempt to erase Hindu heritage in Malaysia.

    Hindraf claimed one temple was being demolished every three weeks.

    "What I have heard from people is really that in destroying these temples, they are trying to destroy evidence of how long the Hindu faith has been a part of Malaysia, particularly in the context of advancing Islamisation and of the equation of Islam with nationalism in Malaysia," said Angela Wu, the Fund's international law director.-AFP

  95. Anonymous6:20 pm

    I m no cyber trooper ... but agree applying ISA on those hindraf 5 to hold them back. WHat surprise me was why they need to charge them for sedition. IF any charge were to be leveid, it wud have been for treason. ... really Bodowi

    Hindraf 5 deserve to be because they spoiled and distracted the yellow wave effort to maintain pressure on sleepy. Not he could regroup the malays to support him.

    Maybe the Hindraf are paid by KJ. They are now having a good time being served pina colada by an indoor pool with scantily clad women serving them in Kemunting.

    And the estate workers of all races ... toiling in the rainy season.

  96. Anonymous6:37 pm

    yo bro,wait for another bomb in abt 1 week to 10 days's gonna rock malaysia to it's roots.....

  97. anon@7:40 AM
    yeah blame everyone except you for all this mess. hey i thought you were the one who told the SBs about those 5 buggers? is that you brother? wakling the talk?

  98. Anonymous6:57 pm

    I totally DO NOT agree to the use of ISA. Yes, the 5 have gone overboard with their claims but a have a court system that can charge them. Let the judge decide. AG can bring all the evidence in the open and prosecute them. Let the 5 defend themselves. It's a pity that the govt have to resort to ISA.

  99. Anonymous6:59 pm


    They (5) are obviously enjoying the attention.... government is simply shaken and keep shooting their own foot. Wishing for a peaceful solution for all this.


    How I wish to stuff lumps of chicken S@@t to your foul mouth dude. You are not funny at all (try harder), depressing and childish most of the times. :)

  100. Hahaha brother rocky, so many recommendations made from everyone be it from the opposition camp or BN camp. what a colourful people you have here.

    some even advises you on what you should do. some even said that cyber troopers are having a field day. well this is what all of us are fighting for right? freedom to express hehehehe so express la whatever you want right?

    i like the way one chap (2:23 PM) commenting about 'We must be prepared and be ready to defence (defend?) our country and our freedom'.

    wow... be prepared for what? reminds me of mr bush la. operation enduring freedom? hahahaha who are your enemies? at least you must know your enemy to win the war. umno? mca? pas? dap? mic? hindraf? pdrm? or coklat? hitam? kuning? or tinggi? oku? rendah? or muslims? buddhists? hindus? or cia? kompeni perisikan malaysia? singapore intelligence? SB?
    this reminds me of gi joe. to know your enemy you have won half the battle.
    aku rasa macam nak jadi gi joe la. tapi malu sebab takut jadi tin kosong je. kelentong je lebih. bunyi senapang anak aku pun aku dah kecut.

    sorry brother rocky... a bit blue today hehehehe operation enduring flu

  101. Anonymous7:29 pm

    ISA = Patriot Act of USA so why all of you worry. Our jalur gemilang also look alike USA flag, come on we are same class with USA. I am proud to be Malaysian

  102. Anonymous7:41 pm

    ' Nani Cheras said...

    Hindraf WON !!!
    Their leaders were expecting this ISA arrest once they fle a court case in London. Just sooner or later !!!

    They have shown to the world that the Malaysian was bad, now worse than before !!! '

    ya lah tu !

  103. "Yes, I agree with the ISA."


    Yes I agree that I should not have a voice.
    I agree that i am nothing but sheep.
    I agree that I should not have an opinion.
    I agree that I should be controlled to a point where I should not be given the right to decided anything for myself.
    Yes I like to be lied to.
    Yes, I like to be cheated to.

    Yes, I insult my maker, my creator, by refusing to use the intellect that He gave me. And also by refusing to use the voice that he gave me.

    Yes to ISA = Yes I'm stupid therefore I need the government to tell me to do, think, feel, see, hear and be.

    Do you think you're stupid? I personally don't think any of us are. Despite the evidence pointing otherwise.

  104. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Kawan memang setuju benor dengan Nobisha & Zainal Kassim.

    Nasik memang sudha menjadi bubur, terlajak perahu boleh berundur dan memang terlalu banyak peluang dna ruang untuk tarik balik kenyataan dan tuntutan, TETAPI TIDAK DIBUAT!

    Itu keangkuhan namanya!

    ISA adalah 'ubat' sesuai orang yang angkuh dan sengaja mencari penyakit untuk masyarakat bergolak.

  105. Despite what the self absorbed people think,

    No one deserve to be detained without trial.

    It is a basic human right to be able to defend yourself in court or outside.

    To all who think otherwise, consider this:

    One day you have an opinion that differs from the government's point of view. The government thinks that your point of view is going against it.


    Remember, going against the GOVERNMENT is different than going against THE COUNTRY.

    Oh, I forgot, some people are mules who don't have an individual opinion. They let other people do the thinking for them. So there's no point is there?

    People, get your priorities right. Everyone has differing opinions about many things. Just because you don't agree with them (which is the case here - not some security crap) DOES NOT give you the right to shut them up.

    Top priority should be HUMAN RIGHTS. This is not just words. This actually means something.

  106. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Baguihla Ketua Hindraf tu dah kena tahan. Dulu kena tahan lepaih tu boleh lepas. Dorang ni kalau bebas akan hasut orang lain. Kalau guna akta hasutan pun belum tentu boleh tahan dorang ni dalam lokap. aku pun tak paham sangat undang2 ni.. tapi aku cukup menyampahlah dengan Hindraf. Senang tahan dorang kat sana 2 tahun.. takde peluang nak keluar hasut orang lain. Bersih pulak.. walaupun aku ni lebih kepada left wing.. tapi second demo kat parlimen tu aku tak sokong. sekali cukuplaa.. dah sampai maksud tuu.. susahlah jem sana sini.. walaupun polis yang sebabkan jem .. tapi ada sebab lain disebalik sebab tu.

  107. Anonymous8:18 pm

    Thanks Ricky.
    Next time if I disagree with you please call me cybertrooper again.
    You are no better than the Government, quick to label others as dissenters adn troublemakers.
    If you get into power I bet ISA will be even more popular as a solution to cybertroopers...

  108. Anonymous9:04 pm

    can everyone here with conscience said that what hindraf claimed in the memo does not have any basis?
    so in order for a peaceful malaysia, we better keep our mouth shut and let the bodowi and gangs running the country like sam seng. all level of corruptions, abusing of power, stupid mega projects & failed mega project. please do not fool yourself we are living in utopia. i hope god will punish them now on earth.

  109. Anonymous9:34 pm

    'MIC becoming irrelevant'

    Meanwhile, another source said some of those present at the meeting had praised the MIC and its veteran president.

    "The government must stop turning to MIC in wanting to tackle the problems faced by the Indian community. The party is becoming increasingly irrelevant," he claimed.

    "A lot of disgruntled MIC members have joined PPP and now you have KS Nallakaruppan having started a new party (Malaysian Indian United Party)," he added.

    The source said Samy Vellu’s presence must have dissuaded some of those present from airing their points in a frank and open manner.

    "They would have to face him later on," he noted.Yesterday, Malaysiakini reported that the effectiveness of the meeting had come under scrutiny as the more critical voices in the community were not invited.

    Those present at the meeting were the National Land Cooperative Society Limited (NLFCS), the Malaysian Hindu Sangam, Hindu Youth Organisation, Malaysian Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Tamil Youth Bell Club, Malaysian Indian Youth Council, Malaysian Indian Business Association, Hindu Dharmam Mahamandram, National Union of Plantation Workers (NUPW), human rights commissioner N Siva Subramaniam and economist Dr R Thillainathan.

  110. Anonymous9:55 pm

    I can see most of your readers here are junk, ie they are mostly kampung minded Malaysian which are very detriment to the development of this country and the globe, more over they are also being considered the enemy of freedom, but what can we do? This is basically an Islamic country, most of them will only be mere brainless followers, so sad (don't get me wrong, i sincerely hope this people have more brain, so we do not need to keep on waiting for them to catch up)... but you don't worry Rocky, most of us who see ourselves as the friend of freedom will find 'jalans', because the majority of this globe are still with us!

  111. Anonymous9:58 pm

    I notice these hindraf supporters like adam and eve or mrsmith do not even know who is their target PM abdullah or his father Badawi - only shows their ignorance. Hindraf is racist - anti -Malay and anti Islam, period.So its a clear breach of the spirit of the social contract which should only mean that they should also be stripped of the Malaysian citizenship.
    The hatred of the Malays are so apparent and name calling of UMNO as a racist rather than a nationalist party, despite their accomodation to agree to citizenship to these immigrants.
    In conclusion the hindraf people well deserved the ISA imprisonment, albeit a bit too late by our lembab PM, but better late than never :(

  112. Anonymous10:56 pm

    As much as whoever from inside helped to explain things to even the world outside about this issue, the outside world is always getting educated on the matter from so many other angles. From everyone then the wood is sorted form the hay to finally reveal the truth as it is actually practiced or as it is happening in reality.
    It's the same with bloggers, you have the wood bloggers and the hay bloggers just as the wood comments and hay comments./chow.//

  113. Anonymous11:19 pm


    managed to skim thru some of the comments.

    well reckon most of your commentators are in fact happy with oppressive laws. they are pretty much being happy to be slaves to their political masters. they also seem to jubilate to the fact that their freedom is subject to the whims and fancy of their political master.

    they are OK with the fact that if the powers to be decree that you are guilty of certain charges -then you are guilty and have no right to be heard.

    in a gist they are sadists - wanting to be whipped.

  114. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Ok, ok, my Indian friends.... MIC has become irrelevant now, they have become MICe. PPP sudah "pi pi pi" (Northerners for "poh poh poh"). Let's hope for Nalla's MIne's UP for now. But no HINDRAF, please, no good. UP NALLA's!!!

  115. Anonymous11:40 pm

    KL Confidential,

    Since 1960 when ISA was enacted through Parliament, it had neither been amended, changed, modified nor repealed.

    And yet Malaysians went through the 64, 69, 74, 78, 82, 86, 90, 95, 99 & 04 General Elections.

    Means = The majority of Malaysians don't feel that ISA should be changed and trusted the use of it, deemed necessary for the overall stability, harmony and prosperity of this country.

    ISA is designed for people like Uthayakumar. If we allow 'nutcase' like, go through the lengthy process legal process, which during he is allowed to give space & opportunity to make more detrimental statements that will anger more people. Maybe, the majority of Malaysians will simply go to the streets then, against each others' throats.

    Uthayakumar is the sort of person who have the tendency to simply ignore any restraining or court order for him to not make statements during trial & simply defy any 'contempt of court citation'.

    Best that we just "keep away" ppl like this, as soon as we can.

  116. i've said it before....

    and so it begins...

    what would we do now... what would we do...

  117. Anonymous2:13 am

    Nani Cheras said...
    Nani Cheras said

    "Hindraf WON !!!
    Their leaders were expecting this ISA arrest once they fle a court case in London. Just sooner or later !!!

    They have shown to the world that the Malaysian was bad, now worse than before !!! '"

    p/s: Isn't she stupid or what?? The UK gov who introduced the ISA to Malaysia. For the UK gov to go againts the ISA is just a backfire to them..



  118. Anonymous2:38 am

    From the start, I felt HINDRAF's course of action was dubious, and later the contents of the memo to the Brits, but there is no justification for their arrest unless proven by an impartial court of law.

    But for this commenter "Bob" who charged on his 12:15 AM post (date unknown)

    Bro Rocky,
    They deserved it.ISA for me still "too soft".They should be hang to death.
    Bob From Kuching

    *Sent this "Bob" to an electric chair.

  119. Anonymous2:56 am

    No matter how many cyber troopers that UMNO wishes to employ, the urban voters will definitely vote against Badawi, the sleeping PM, BN without hesitation. So it was a waste of UMNO monies/public monies to employ the cyber troopers to write rubbish.

    The public have had enough of Badawi, Khariy, Kamaludin/Scomi and Kalimulla/ECM libra. That's why Bodowi dare not call for General Elections because he knew that he will be fu..ked.

  120. Anonymous3:14 am

    i just dont get it. Why hindraf only hate UMNO and not alllll the BN component parties. Why blame one, blame all la bros.
    If anythg wrong, it must be UMNO. Not that im supporting UMNO but to be fair, the rest of the BNs are guilty as hell and in the case of indian community, they have MIC to blame the most. MIC has been appointed by BN to look after the indian community just like MCA for chinese etc. If MIC doesnt have balls, whack them first ler. Dont go exaggerating like tamil movies with 'dush' 'gedush' style.
    Thanks to hindraf, the 'Malaysian' movement is moving back 10 years!
    By the way, if people go against the opposition's view doesnt mean they are cybertrooper. Typical 'jinjang' mentality that cant accept other peoples view. You call yourself 'freedom fighter'. Cehh.

  121. Anonymous9:02 am

    aku sokong hang 100 peratus Amir...they keep skirting around the real issue here...buat2 tak faham...

  122. Anonymous9:18 am bigots are flattering yourselves... bogots waiting for Bush to come out with guns blazing to help some poor racist and bigoted Hindus... bigots and traitors who only see the oppression upon them and not that faced by their other fellow Malaysians too...

    Uthaya now backtracking his stupid statements blanketing all Malay Muslims with his black tar brush..too late..orang bukan nak disregard the legitimate issues facing the poor Indians (and Chinese and Malays and etc)...orang marah korang punya taktik yang pathetic and only shows your latent bigotry...just look around you and see..kalau betul2 la ethnic cleansing, there won't be any Indian lawyers, doctors, surgeons, businesspeople. Maybe you should take up your grievances with the now filthy rich Indians macam Ananda and Tony and corporations who forgot their sense of Social Responsibility towards their fellow Indians. In their position of power, they can fight for more rights and channel funds towards setting up more schools, small biz funds or lobby for more opportunities for their fellow Indians from the govt...maybe they should come back from their Aussie ranches and see what they can do to help...

  123. Anonymous9:54 am

    Looking at the comments on this page made me laugh. For one, its like the pot calling the kettle black.

    Like, if you voice out your mind and opinion for the detention of the Hindraf 5 under ISA, you get labeled cybertroopers or not so clever, sadists, slaves, etc...
    But dont you realise these people whom yopu so labelled are exercising their freedom of speech.
    Yet their are being critisized for the very thing the anti-ISA commentators are advocating.
    What gives?
    Such a sorry bunch of people we Malaysians are. We wnat to be "liberated" yet we are not metally ready for it.

    And why oh why equate ISA with anti-freedom of speech??
    The BERSIH rally organisers were not bundled up and thrown in the Kamunting lokap. At most they may be charge for illegal assembly. Why no ISA for them? Because they did not incite racial hatred, which may escalate into violent clashes. See the difference??

    I do hope though that the Govt abolish the "illegal assembly" laws. Peaceful gatherings for a common cause to uplift the community should be encouraged.

    Form all that has been happening, methinks the ISA is used sparingly, when the need arise
    - where national unrest can result from the doings of some.

    There are many ways to skin a cat.
    To do what Hindraf leaders did was a bit too extreme, dont you think??

  124. I consider myself quite highly educated. Yet, despite the smear campaign on Hindraf (racists, terrorists, fanatics...etc etc etc), I support their intentions full heartedly. Without any reservations.

    Because they have already sent memos after memos to the government asking for justice for those whose family members were killed during Kampung Medan incident. They are also one of the first ones supporting the Indians who struggle against the fanatical Islamic authorities, when it comes to snatching dead bodies and children and wives. They were there to lend pro bono support when youths are practically brutalized and attacked by the police.

    I support them because I educate myself on their contributions, unlike others who simply parrot away, imitating those who have reservations on their motives and methods.

    Hindraf's ethnic cleansing accusation may seem extreme to the rest of the Malaysian. But in the shoes of poverty stricken, racially and religiously marginalized Indians, this is not too far fetched.

  125. Anonymous11:34 am

    Hindraf issues aside, I'm curious to the call to strip citizenship thingy.
    The way I understand it, citizenship can be stripped only if one is a 'naturalised' citizen. If one is born here, with Malaysian parent(s), that can't happen.
    You can't make someone 'stateless'!

  126. to tzarina, I will support any person, any organisation, any team, any group or any party for their fight for a better MALAYSIA, be it Chinese, Indians, Malays, etc. While welcoming Hindraf's cause to improve the many conditions of Indians, I believe the letter could have been written differently. You agreed that their accusation was extreme, actually, it gave the Gov the right ammunition to clamp them with ISA. I respect their rights and what they stand for, but one cant go round writting letters and labelling ethnic cleansing or Islamic terrorism just like that. That's falling into the Gov's trap.Nevertheless, the use of ISA is still wrong.

  127. Anonymous1:52 pm

    lawak la korang ni. besok lusa minyak habis, MNC tak labur, GLC bungkus, kita semua makan nasi lemak bungkus.

  128. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Wow, Wow, Wow, Freedom of expression and accepting of different of opinion are surely allow in cyber space.

    Yes calling cyber troopers here, if you are not, than you are not. I can have my opinion to cite that there are cyber troopers on the work here. If you are not, than you are not, why get over excited.

    "Birds of the same feather always flock together."

    The sleepy bodohwi, out of the blue cry out to the world that "I Am In Control". What the heck tell the world you are in control, unless you are not.

    So the same thing goes here, if you are no cyber troopers, why be so critical and get uncomfortable over the opinion of others. Of cause I accept your critical opinion of the way I cite that there are cyber troopers at work here.

  129. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Wow Rocky! I'm sure the BN are eternally grateful to you for reminding the people the Hindraf memo. Like justifying the ISA arrest.

    Et tu?

    This akin to seeing RTM airing again and again the demonstrations in Pakistan with the words 'this is not our culture', to actually rundown Bersih's rally.

    Hindraf memo sucks (for using extreme words and some lies to get attention but the Indians plight are genuine).

    Compare this to Hishamudin who continues his father's legacy to publicly threaten other races with the keris if they so much as questioned the Malay supremacy?

    That was worse than Hindraf memo. If the dacing tidak berat sebelah Kerismudin should be in Kamunting too.

    Tengku Abdul Rahman would have weep at this injustice. And rightly so, after all it was Razak who propagated May 13. The Tengku said so.

  130. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Dear Rocky- I thought the reposting of the Hindraf memo was unnecessary.
    Its certainly not wise in posting something that already "indulged" the ISA now.
    Similarly the same PRINCIPLE here!
    There was no excuse for those who reprinted the caricatures,remember.
    Unless one learns from "even" others mistakes,nobody gains in it all.

  131. Anonymous6:13 pm

    I am amazed at some of the comments here . Obviously there are people who see themselves and their views as some sort of ultimate truth . I now see the urgent need to sort out the education system in this country . Religion is a personal perspective , have we not learnt from all the bloodshed caused by people who see their own religion as the ultimate truth and everyones else's beliefs total garbage ? Malaysia is not a muslim country , I know there are a lot of you out there who honestly believe your beliefs are supreme , that your god is the ultimate god , I'm sorry to break your bubble but there are plenty of people with different gods who believe as deeply as you do that their different god is the ultimate god , these are the ingredients for war , one of (in my opinion) the gravest sins , when we kill each other trying to prove to the other that one's beliefs are superior to anothers , there are no winners in this sad state of affairs . Religous arrogance (as shown by many on this site) is one of the most repulsive forms of arrogance there is . Religous leaders are responsible for this mess , giving sermons on non-believers etc. , total arrogance , people don't believe what you do and they somehow become low lifes ???? A responsible religous leader will teach about being true to humanity , being true to our fellow human brothers and sisters irrespective of personal beliefs , they teach about compassion and understanding , about being in a state of love rather than a state of fear . What I see from so many of these so called religous types is the instigation of fear , hatred , ideas of religous and racial supremacy , working on the poor uneducated Kampong folk , instilling them with fear if they question , disallowing understanding of other peoples ideas and beliefs and therefore cutting off any hope of compassion for each other as human beings . There are so many people out there who define themselves by their religion and race , intellectually dehumanising anything different . We are in very sad state of affairs , I don't know whether to laugh or cry .

    ps Amir , I Think you need to go for counselling , you are an embodiment of a kind of stupidity that has been the cause of so many wars . I think you should sign yourself in for a brain reprograming course .

  132. marykate,

    I said "Hindraf's ethnic cleansing accusation may seem extreme to the rest of the Malaysian. But in the shoes of poverty stricken, racially and religiously marginalized Indians, this is not too far fetched."

    Which means exactly that. One man's wine is another man's poison. And so is one man's lie is another man's truth. For those marginalized, this is a fact. For Malaysians who have good food, good jobs and good opportunities to better themselves, this accusation seems extreme. Hindraf represents the former, thus it is their perspective which is presented in the memo.

    Why is it that the "ethnic cleansing" statement is a big issue, and no mention on Kampung Medan incident, on poverty, and on other issues in the mainstream media and in Malay owned blogs? Sounds like the campaign by Bush to bring down John Kerry in the last elections, where they concentrated on "flip flop" and nothing else.

    The public is indeed a fool.

  133. Anonymous8:03 pm

    I'm one of the people that marched during BERSIH rally and IMHO HINDFAF had successfully hijacked (either directly or indirectly) the good effort that had been done by BERSIH.

    The sad thing is that BERSIH and opposition leaders had ruined their chance to gain rakyat support by being opportunist by indirectly supporting HINDRAF.

    Please take note i always consider myself as a 'truly malaysian' (i have malay, chinese and india blood) and i think what HINDRAF as done is totally not acceptable.
    They should NOT use the racial sentimen and should worked with BERSIH and opposition party to voice out their cause.

    Imagine if opposition leader clearly rejected HINDRAF, i think it will give more credibility to the rakyat.
    The sad thing is i don't think the opposition understand the common thinking of ordinary rakyat.
    I bet if you ask any ordinary rakyat on the street, majority will generally think BERSIH is good, HINDRAF is bad.

    What a waste of opportunity, i guess the chances to have a better government with a stronger opposition is gone forever!

    Truly Malaysian

  134. KL Confidential said:

    Yes to ISA = Yes I'm stupid therefore I need the government to tell me to do, think, feel, see, hear and be.


    Don't bother looking at the double meaning or sarcasm. Many a true word is spoken in gest and sometimes we need to take things at face value.

    TZARINA. You overrate yourself in regards to intelligence. Ethnic cleansing in Malaysia? You're full of OUTA (a slang used for exageration within one particular race).

  135. Since you get a good cross-section of readers from all sides, I thought this would be a good place to inform everyone that I've put up a poll asking this question:

    'Are you part of that silent majority that "Damai Malaysia" claims to speak for?'

    You can find it at the top left corner of myAsylum, or read this post first, for perspective.

    Thanks for the indulgence, Rocky!

  136. Anonymous11:13 pm

    en rockybru

    saya pada mula rasa ISA ni memang patut dihapuskan tetapi saya rasa jika saya, en rocky dan rakan2 berada di dalam kedudukan sebagai seorang PM di sebuah negara yang majmuk penduduknya....sudah tentu ISA merupakan keperluan demi memastikan kedamaian rakyat...
    bak kata pak lah dulu pada tahun 80-an...hapuskan ISA...tapi bila jadi PM kata ISA itu sesuatu yang perlu...
    cuma kita rata2 melihat ISA dari perspektif orang awam yang mempunyai tanggungjawab dan beban tugas sebg ketua pegawai eksekutif sesebuah negara lagi...sekiranya DSAI and Kit Siang jadi PM pun sure ISA ini diteruskan ...pendekata ISA ini sesuatu yang mesti walaupun pada kaca mata orang ramai...hak asasi manusia dicabul di bawah akta ini...

  137. Actually, if I had control of the ISA, I would have arrested Uthayakumar months ago, maybe years ago, before he could come up with such a stupid memo.

    Oh, by the way, I find it funny that some people here objected to Rocky re-publishing the memo Uthayakumar wrote.

    Why? Afraid, ah? Think that Hindraf, since they got ISAed, is now the absolute right? ANd do not want anything going against that one-dimensional sentiment?

    Hell, man.

    Why don't we just get Nurin Jazlin's killer-rapist and ISA him. I'm sure that going by that stupid logic, some of you idiots here would jump in his defence, saying that he is a victim, and that he represents the downtrodden, marginalised child-rapist-killers all over Malaysia.

    Getting ISA-ed does not absolve anyone of what they did, right or wrong.

    Let all the cards be on the table, for people to decide for themselves whether the right thing has been done.

    The proposed information censorship (OF THE HINDRAF MEMO) or media blackout (OF THE HINDRAF MEMO) as suggested by all of you mini 'so-called liberal' dictators will only lead to a much dumber society.

    SOme people might say that:

    1. Hindraf memo was wrong
    2. ISA was and is and will always be wrong.

    and that

    3. Two wrongs don't make a right.

    Honestly speaking, I don't give a fuck. I want Uthayakumar behind bars and now he's behind bars.

    If there was a vote, I'd vote for him to be impaled. I don't care what clause or sub-clause of the law Nazri, Fu Ah Kiow, Samy Vellu, KJ, KJ's driver, Abdul Razak Baginda - or anyone - used.

    I wanted him dead.

    However, if he ever comes to Press club (two years later), I'll buy him a drink, if I'm still here.

    And maybe bring a dictionary and an encyclopedia along with the ethnic-cleansing entry marked with neon yellow highlights.

  138. Anonymous1:21 am

    Mungkin ini perbincangan paling ramai/paling banyak jumlahnya dalam sejarah secara bertulis dalam tempoh masa paling singkat di bawah entri - "I.S.A."
    MBR mungkin boleh ambil perhatian untuk mengeluar sijil pada ROCKY'S BRU.
    Parti-parti pembangkang boleh menerbitkan statistik pro dan kons. BN boleh menganalisisnya untuk persediaan semasa.
    Para bloggers pula boleh mengimbas kemampuan artikulasi masing-masing.
    Kalau mahu, semua boleh memanfaatkannya.

  139. Anonymous1:26 am

    i pledge my support for amir! yay amir!

    he may be crude, he may be cruel, but if you follow his thoughts, you'll know that he's the most sensible person on earth. most realistic.

    looking at all that's happening this past year, we don't need ethnic cleansing. we need total destruction. and build a new nation from the ruins. if there are any survivors.

  140. Anonymous11:57 am

    Mr Rocky, please be reminded that not everyone in the whole planet Earth thatnow knows about this HINDRaf rally believes/agrees that all the contents of the memo and the Hindraf main participants are of same wavelength.
    So now there is this "element" to consider if one wants to be rational to those in custody. The 5 lawyers ISAed very well know the country's sedition laws but their cause was to higlight the Indian plight which"according to them"was being eroded by the day. To have included other material implying the majority and religion seems
    "not logical".
    For them to have gone ahead and done the peace rally which they intended to be peaceful while authorites saw to that order and the ensuing saga just dosent jive.
    A proper trial now in a court of law would be able to clear whatever that needs to be checked out while the nation mantains its standing among nations for its practice of law and order.

  141. Anonymous5:49 pm

    amir...go fly kite.

  142. ISA is a double-edge sword and we can all be assured those who has been calling zealously on using it against their perceived enemies will be on the docks(nah, since ISA does not condone trials) one day by a bigger 'ISA' in a different form.

    When ISA is invoked, the British paints pictures of fear, blood-thirsty communist who rape women and eat babies, do you honestly perceived our fellow countrymen(at least fellow 'Pendatangs' since we've been labled like holocaust Jews by certain ruling Elites) as dangerous to the public? Until 'attempted muder' charges to be brought up against these men who stand up for their beliefs?

    Everyone know the HINDRAF demands are nothing but a 'viel' to the underlying issue. Decades of marginalisation of Indians. For those who literally took the memo as it is, please read between the lines and open your eyes. If HINDRAF were to point directly where the cause is at, then lotsa 'sensitive-prone' peeps will see red. not their red of course but on everyone's elses.

  143. Anonymous1:17 am

    Wahh... tzarina you declare yourself as educated so that bloggers will accept your views as gospel truth.That's pathetic!
    And this Ricky is of the view any opinion that does not conform with his must be cybertroopers.But think again these troopers could have come from both sides, right idiot?
    And this 'meesh' fella a so called catholic preaching whats right - so is mr bush he also have a religion, but has destroyed afghanistan,iraq, palestine - must but his belief that killing is good for mankind?

  144. So it's okay to hide behind...VEILS?

    It's okay to LIE and defame an entire race, just cause some people think they're victims?

    Look, I tell ya a lot of people in this country will not have problems if Hindraf were to say stuff like:

    "We are marginalised and the NEP is not fair and Malays are the only billionaires in the top 10 richest Malaysians list!"


    "We can't go to overseas universities like the Malays, sponsored by the Government, even though 40% of students sponsored by the Government overseas are non-Malays. So we are marginalised and shit."


    "We need more land for temples cause we need bigger temples than the one near Angkasapuri, Batu Caves and the ultra huge one on prime commercial land at Midvalley Megamall. We have thousands of Gods, deities, etc, so we need more land for temples. So stop demolishing them, foo!"


    "We don't care. We just want to be Brits."


    "The inequal distribution of wealth must stop!"


    "We want a classless, stateless society based on common ownership of the means of production."


    "Stop stealing our bodies, yo!"


    Those complaints are fine enough on their own.

    You don't need to lie to the world in order to get your points across.

    And furthermore, you don't need to call people Malay Muslim Terrorists comitting ETHNIC CLEANSING on your ass just so that you could get US$4 Trillion.

    Accusing the Malaysian Government of ETHNIC CLEANSING is also accusing EVERY Malaysian of standing by and doing nothing while the stormtroopers rape your daughters. And sons. Equal opportunity, yo!

    I will not stand by and go off quietly into the night if ETHNIC CLEANSING is done in Malaysia.

    I inherited a spear from my ancestors. If they come for my family or for my neighbours, friends, etc, I'd have the spear and my father's old typewriter at the door.

    Drawn fucking typewriters at dawn!

    A lot of us are ready to die for each other (especially that hot French chick on Amazing Race Asia. Aurelia, I wanna fuck you!).

    I mean, we may not be open to give way on the freeway or help out an accident victim (preferring instead to take pictures and shit).

    But the communal instinct is there. Regardless of all this race bullshit. I sensed it during Bersih and during the Penguin March.

    BUT. You lied, Hindraf.

    You lie, you die. AT least in my book.

    LYING is BETRAYAL. YOU betrayed MY trust. And you only get my trust once.

    People are so quick to forgive Uthayakumar just cause he got ISA-ed. Woods for the trees, bro.

    Some I see as just trying to get the Malays and Indians to fight by fanning the flames of racism.

    They are using racism same way that the Government is using ISA.

    Why are you gusy so worried about the ISA? If the current Government can change the constitution at a whim, ISA is not really their DEATH STAR.

    It's just an Imperial Cruiser.

    Just don't get in its target sights and find the Death Star weakness.

  145. Anonymous1:47 pm

    "Malaysia ready to arrest more people under ISA" - front page headline in the Spore Straits Times today (Dec 17).

    Comment by Deputy Internal Security Minister Johari Baharum:

    "We will not tolerate anyone who threatens the security of the country. It does not matter if they are professionals, civil servants or members of non-governmental organisations and religious groups."

    "National security". A lot can be justified by invoking it.

  146. from playing guitar in singapore, to be educated in UTM in shah alam and started to work in NST as cadet journalist and to climb corporate ladder in short period of time, wow rocky, u ve achieved tremendous success in a short period of time.

    Sadly, u ve come down of the corporate ladder in short period of time as well.......

    Now with ur rocky's bru, u r pouring all ur frustration on indians, as the person behind ur down fall was an indian as well.

    But u ve forgotten something the person behind ur success was also an indian (punjaban) as well.........

  147. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Dear Amir,
    Its okay to feel how you fee.
    You also have a right of opinion.
    Just forget about those nitwits.
    Who want to just correct you.
    They just dont know,
    How sad you are!
    Its really okay, son.
    Its just the world we are livin in.
    Its full of crap and crappiness.
    But you will grow up my son, you will and love mankind inspite of all the hatred spewed everywhere around you.
    love makes a difference.
    makcik june.

  148. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Hi Amir Boy,

    Why don't you re-start your under-viewed/ignored blog again. Spit your venom there, nobody would bother... pi main jauh jauh ye nak... I'm very sad for you dear, hopefully you didn't benefit from any government sholarships or something, would be sad for them.

    Again, if you are .... i'm not surprised.

    Use more of the word "equal oppurtunity" in your daily life instead, you would be a better man.

  149. Anonymous3:51 am

    Dear Amir,

    It seems that people, including the Hindus, would rather believe in Ayah Pin than you. So you see how difficult it is for people to accept the truth here. Now if you really want people to dig you, say music to their ears. I bet you can't. Neither can I.

  150. Anonymous7:34 am

    still you go fly kite la amir...