Friday, December 14, 2007

Larger than Life

CORRECTION 15/12, 12.15pm
Kristal and Nobisha pointed out that the face in the picture is of the Mayor of Melaka, not the KL Datuk Bandar. My apologies to all.
But still .... what a BIG electronic welcome poster.
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Original posting
We used to associate Lenin, Mao, and Saddam with superbillboard-sized portraits and statues of themselves. Right here in Kuala Lumpur, these "greats" would stand no chance beside the latest picture of our own Datuk Bandar.

Thank you MM for alerting me to this storeys-high splendor. She sounded quite alarmed in her SMS.
MM: OMG, have you see that the DBKL building on its side a giant pic in lights of the Datuk Bandar and a lighted sign that reads "Selamat Dtg Hj Zaini Md Nor, Datuk Bandar KL"? Not even PM or Elyas Omar when he DB had anything like this. The WHOLE building has his face!
More pictures, HERE. (Pics were taken tonight. I haven't found a way to amend the date on the camera yet)


  1. Anonymous11:47 pm


    Everybody is insane now..or simply "takbur dan riak"? And these are Muslims, with the "hadari" in the front!

    Going to Jakarta tomorrow, again! I can say for certain that Indonesia's future is going to be so much better than ours!

    Hantu Gigi jarang

  2. Anonymous12:05 am


    From one crap to another.
    That is bn’s idea of development.

    Hogging away all the monies meant for the poor - for the sake of their egos.


    Yet they are being praised.


    Inorder to maintain their POSITION OF GREED they lied and spread wildfire of racism and religious bigotry at the expense of the public.

    So That

    They can continue with their spurious idiocies.

    Yup that is umno’s way.


  3. Anonymous12:26 am


  4. Anonymous1:01 am

    why this petty thing you want to make issue out of it, dbkl building, his the boss, so let it be.anyway it's not billboard, its the projector.seems malaysian got nothing better thing to write.

  5. Anonymous1:02 am

    PM Abdullah's administration introduced a new acute arse-kissing culture which now went into megalomania proportion.

    I hope the "Emperor's new clothes" fairy tale has an ending, somewhere.

  6. Rocky, this country is out of control, the whole system is out of control, the Hindus are out of control, the two Vietnamese girls working at England optical are out of control, Umno is out of control, the Minangkabau will soon be out of control, but thank God x'mas is coming, and so this is Christmas and what have we doneeeeee!

  7. well i should give my salute to those who love him so much that lead to this this unthinkable act. sometimes the subordinates are what we say -- lebih sudu dari kuah? wa ampu sana wa ampu sini? tender pun boleh kasi anak bini?

    another chapter for Malaysia Boleh. Datuk Bandar Boleh! so why can't i? i also want to boleh too...

  8. Bro,

    Maybe the mayor is sending some sort of subliminal message to AAB to notice him for the next GE. Kinda blatantly ostentatious, ain't it.

    Any particular reason why the pic was taken with the road-sign sharing centre-stage? Can't think of a quick quip at the moment but if I do, I'll be back.

    Btw is that the Benq camera? I'm told that if you stand 7' 9.1/4" from the dartboard and throw the camera at it with a velocity of precisely 33.55ft per second, the time-stamp mechanism reverts into default mode. Hmmm.. Or was it, camera becomes faulty?

  9. Ah, I was right, Malaysia is on its way to becoming North Korea.

    Here we have our very own Kim Jong-il wannabe in the form of the mayor, while the real Malaysian Kim Jong-il just invoked the ISA on the HINDRAF leaders.

    Now where's my Stalinist cap and flag again?

    "Praise our Dear Great Holy Mighty Almighty Beautiful Beneficient Infallible Indestructible Leader Abdullah Ahmad Badawi..."

  10. Anonymous1:35 am

    This is the style of government by Badawi.

    Soon we have another giant size picture of Khairy in government building by virtue of him being the son-in-law of Bodowi. So is Kalimullah.

    This country is in deep shit now. If we do not get rid of Bodowi and his BN government, this country will be in deeper shit and we will never recover. We will have to share the fame fate as Myamar. Laos and Cambodia.

  11. Anonymous1:38 am

    Why is DBKL wasting their rate payers money by using precious electricity to make someone's image stand out ?

  12. Anonymous1:42 am

    Hello jangan lah mengaruk tak tentu hala, the thing was installed for Merdeka, now that merdeka is over I guess they don't have a better idea so they put lah the mayor's mug on it. to jealous ke ape, masa bapak you PM dulu merata juga gambar dia, tak pernah pun you complain
    I guess when its family its OK lah kot

    What was it your father said? Takkan pasal dia anak saya dia tak boleh berniaga??

    Of all people you should look around and see the failed implementations of your father's grand ideas and feel some shame,
    Do try to remember when money politics became rampant if not during the good doctor's time
    do remember who ruined our judiciary if not Dr M
    Do try to remember who out this country on the megaproject habit
    Putrajaya is nothing but a huge file cabinet that your father wanted to show the world that we are developed, billions sunk into the middle of nowhere for his ego

    If it you think it sounds personal, you should read some of your own rants sometime...

  13. Sdr Rocky's Bru, kalau guna wang sendiri untuk pamerkan diri, itu masalah merekalah. Ada orang suka lihat wajah dan dengar suara sendiri.

    Tetapi jika guna wang rakyat dan wang pembayar cukai, ketepatannya harus dikaji dan dipastikan.

    Kita sudah pun dibanjiri oleh wajah para pembesar politik negara dalam berbagai bentuk dan dengan berbagai slogan.

    Kalau kakitangan awam pun campur sama dengan amalan mempamerkan diri ini, lebih banyaklah duit rakyat akan dibazirkan.

    Sedangkan salah satu cogan kata nasihat daripada kerajaan kepada rakyat jelata ialah "berjimat cermat".

    Kita tidak boleh salahkan khalayak jika mereka menjadi keliru dan resah dengan tindak tanduk, kelakuan dan akhlak para pembesar tanah air kini.

    Harap-harap janganlah kerana guru kencing berdiri murid-murid pula kencing berlari.

    Khusus mengenai Kuala Lumpur, ia sebenarnya semakin kotor dan tak terurus.

    Selain jalan dan kawasan pelancongan utama, Kuala lumpur semakin sarat dengan sampah sarap dan sisi pembinaan.

    Longkang tersumbat dan berbau sangat busuk. Lampu isyarat sering tidak beroperasi.

    Hatta di sekitar KLCC pun lorong-lorong dan tapak bembinaan dipenuhi sampah sarap.

    Terima kasih.

  14. Anonymous2:49 am


    Something amissed I think! Doesnt's look like it's the pic of the Datik Bandar of KL! Looks more like a welcome greeting to Datuk Bandar of Melaka! Maybe it's just a WELCOME note! My question is - is this really necessary? Maybe just a PR exercise. Maybe better too to spend on enforcement to ensure our eateries are cleaner, more hygienic!


  15. Anonymous2:49 am


    Something amissed I think! Doesnt's look like it's the pic of the Datik Bandar of KL! Looks more like a welcome greeting to Datuk Bandar of Melaka! Maybe it's just a WELCOME note! My question is - is this really necessary? Maybe just a PR exercise. Maybe better too to spend on enforcement to ensure our eateries are cleaner, more hygienic!


  16. Anonymous5:45 am

    Giants and Dwarfs not by own talks
    but by the walks each took
    with foreground background be noted!

    How one thinks could be secret
    but cannot hide the tricks
    when step by step lay the tracks!

    A good flower not only to be seen
    but fragrance in the air!
    Even in the dark it smells
    in the mind it swells!

    Quiet in the night with heart beats around
    Cold in the air but warmth it sounds!
    Only human being can found
    Only those with heart and soul can announce!
    Tear drops or blood drips in the sound!
    Tear drops or blood drips echoes around!!

    Neon Light at night!!
    Wind blowing without sight!
    A man alone
    shivering in the night
    shattering with light!
    So a big Guy??

  17. Anonymous5:49 am

    Malaysians have lost faith in Mr Wonderful Abdullah. He came to power on the back of a plethora of juicy promises to seduce the people. He is a sick joke. Corruption is now the mantra of Umno.

  18. Anonymous6:16 am

    Little Napoleans are now hogging the limelight. Only in Umno land.

  19. Anonymous6:23 am

    Hahaha.............these bunch of jokers got to be kidding.........I guess this is a case of ball-carriers and apple-polisher who overdone it, but then this stupid mayor is equally guilty too for going along with such a foolish act.........

  20. Anonymous7:21 am

    Hey Rocky,
    I've said it before and I'm afraid I've to say it again. We are now on the road of becoming another African State/Country. I've been there (Nigeria) and seen it with my own eyes. Government officials and their cronies filthy or should I say disgustingly rich while the population is mired in poverty and despair. We may not be at that low level yet but, rest assured if we the rakyat remain quiet and anonymous we will never be able to stop the rot.

  21. Anonymous7:46 am

    ...and these are the same people who say that idols and images are haram and against islamic teachings !

  22. Anonymous8:06 am

    Wouldn't be half bad if its Kapitan Yap Ah Loy's imstead of this fak-face.

  23. Anonymous8:12 am

    Oh--by the way , gotta give fak-face this respect thought.
    He certainly has the gall, cheek and BALLS to have his fak-face on the buliding.

    So, Mr Mayor Fak-Face Sir, why not cover all the other buildings as well ? Your side profile, your back (hope you'r watching it ), your top --maybe a photo of you when you were a baby,wedding photo---heck ---have your family album on every damn building in K.L. ...

  24. yrs is a refreshing change from the many personal egoistic posts from many lost responsible social political bloggers jumping on the bandwagon. You have relevent pertinent infomation/news which is really appreciated.

  25. Anonymous8:25 am

    How much is it costing the ratepayers? Will he raise rates soon? Will his wife's face be appearing soon? Is he one of the "Little Napoleons?" Is he bigger than the Hadhari fellow?

    Can we complain to Special Complaints Commission?

  26. Anonymous8:27 am

    I guess its OK KOt.
    Its the massage saying:
    "This space is for rent"
    Wonder how much he pays for the ad.

  27. Anonymous8:29 am

    If it was Mahathir's picture, would Marina have complained? Just wondering.

    Btw, this technology probably didn't exist during Elyas' time. But that did not mean he didn't do something else.

  28. Agaknya kos nak pampang muka dia kat building tu pusing2 balik masuk lam akaun DBKL gak kot...macam CCC9...wah ppl do anything to kiss ass's the rakyat's ass being burned what? Our money is their money and there's lots more where that came from...

  29. At first glance it looks like a shot of downtown Baghdad back when Saddam was still around. Heh.

  30. Anonymous9:44 am

    As a small fry mayor, this idiot is already acting like a prime minister or president or king or emperor or whatever, even Dr. Mahathir during his tenure as PM had never pulled such a stunt.

    My advice is pull down the portrait immediately before the bugger and DBKL become a bigger laughing stock.

  31. Anonymous10:00 am

    saddam built a lot of palaces.
    We are heading that direction too.

  32. Yeah, I was wondering who's that dictator, coz it's quite blur.
    Passed by the building yesterday, and was condemning the sign. But at least we know that such a big sign exist. I'm sure in coming General Election, our PM's photo will be there...

  33. HAIL..ZAINI !!

    when we see this poster/picture, are we supposed to stop at our track and raise our right hand? welcome to our world of morons..and not even a good looking one.

  34. "Selamat Dtg Hj Zaini Md Nor, Datuk Bandar KL" ... is he the new KL Datuk Bandar? If I am not mistaken, KL Datuk Bandar is Dato' Ab. Hakim bin Borhan.

  35. Anonymous10:39 am

    If put the Datuk Bandar Face in don't mind really.

    But to put a face of a Datuk bandar that messed up the whole K.L.

    Then it is an ugly face.

    I don't think people likes ugly face.

  36. A world gone mad.

    I wonder what excuses they have this time?

  37. Anonymous11:04 am

    A dictator always likes to have his ugly face posted everywhere.

    Malaysia must have loads of them as the mug shots of the government heads are everywhere.

    Is this idiotic idolatry and an attempt to get the public to worship them as heroes of the nation?

    It certainly doesn't work, since
    most people have no respect at all for these shit bags.

  38. The ego of power
    It has shown all the time
    Why I am not surprise

    Work must be done
    Service to the people must be right
    Yet the fooling has been around for so long
    The rain can’t wash it away

    It is said before
    When a leader is weak
    He doesn’t know what is happening at all
    The little napoleons will start building their own nests

    The day dreams
    Fingering on his fingers
    The sun comes up in the city
    He only sees the shadows
    Whoosh it disappears so rapidly
    He can’t even count in seconds

    Rocky BN has grown too fat
    Blooming with its power
    Roaring so loud in the sky
    The leaders think they can’t be toppled
    They forget Trojan horse is in the house
    Even great empire collapses in no time

    So we see the egoistic splendor
    On the building for all to see
    Even The Mighty Allah forbids it
    Here we the mere mortals forget

  39. Anonymous11:24 am

    This chap should get a profesional photo taken first la ( add in prob one Million ringgit to the cost.. wrah hahah )

  40. people suffering and losing everything in the floods

    people disgruntled, confused and scared (mildly putting it)with what is happening in our country

    people getting worse off with the prices of everything increasing, salaries stagnating & economy not exactly booming

    so..what is more appropriate than a huge lit up photo of a Dear Great Leader?

    dunno 'bout u folks but the sight of this warms the cockles of my heart!!

    SURELY such a display is an indication that everything is good, everything will be good, and ALL is good in Msia?

    I tell u fellas..if our Government don't know wht they are doing, I don't know WHO does!


  41. Anonymous12:08 pm

    siapa zaini md nor. datuk bandar baru ke? yang saya tahu zaini md nor ialah datuk bandar majlis bandaraya melaka bersejarah.

    periksa betul-betul sebelum melompat. nanti masuk longkang.

  42. Many of them came from nowhere. Then they have position and power. They can't handle that rationally. Surrounded by others of the same attitude, they think of something, convince themselves it's savvy, try to make a difference, and spend the taxpayers money.

    They don't stop to think they have to spend very carefully what is not theirs.

    They don't even think that the citizens will immediately doubt their purpose since there hasn't been any convincing case of government procurement in which money hasn't leakaged elsewhere and not chased back.

    And because it's all political and power and position and money, they will do their damnest to maintain their position.

    Which means they try their best to make sure their bosses remember them.

    And that's one example why a face of a mayor who hasn't done anything significant for the city sits on the face of a building of a ministry which also hasn't been much of a service to the citizens.

    Except cheapen the image of Malaysia.

    I would rather the money be saved for some future emergency, like flood relief, or used to solve the traffic jams in front of that building because one road is always bottlenecked by the traffic light.

    So we have a digital image of a useless official staring at the traffic jam burning fuel on the federal highway.

    These sort of things are constantly happening all over the place.

    Stand down. The future generations are owed better leaders.

    The Almighty has wasted some brains.

    All that's needed is the right perspective of things.

    And the constant self-questioning as to why one is here.

    No point praying or talking or walking around if this simple thing is ignored.

    Do you agree with me?

  43. It good to know who the Malacca Mayor is. Who is he anyway?

  44. I sure hope this is not going to be the prelude of huge lighted pictures of AAB, Najib, Nazri (horror, oh horror!) and the horde of BN jesters all over KL and PJ!

  45. Well at least we all know how he looks like. If he turns KL into a mess we all know who to look for, his family is gonna suffer. In fact his entire generation is gonna suffer if he mess up. Maybe he's confident enough that he gonna good that he doesn't mind to put up his picture. The techology to do that kinda thing isn't too expensive nowaday. Unless of course the contractor charges DBKL triple. I'd say the guy is a brave guy to have his picture up there and he's gonna work hard for KL. Let's see. He's running a bigger risk.

  46. Anonymous2:43 pm

    It doesn't make a difference, this mayor or that! They are using public money to give me sore eyes! Bloody hell, man!

    I can guess who's pictures will be put there in future. Especially during the General Elections!!

    Rent the space out and bring in revenues, DBKL. That way you guys will stop bothering small people by making us pay fines for the smallest of offences!!

    Bradddy hell!

  47. I say bring Tun back for a short spell to....shucks, forget it ...recently infected with myopia.

  48. It really doesn't matter which mayor it is, but why should civil servants' faces be blown up so big? Or anyone for that matter? Especially people that nobody recognises.

    If they really want to applaud anyone using this huge billboard type thing, it should be Nicol David maybe for being named Asian Sportswoman of the Year or any of our SEA Games gold medallists. Someone really deserving, you know?

  49. yeah bro,
    maybe that wall should be used to highlight the faces of "police wanted" faces and child rapists !....and not forgeting morons representing the rakyat in parliament !We shall also call it the "Wailing Wall" !
    my...such bloated egos of mere government servants ! sheesh ! Has the Datuk Bandar of KL explained the presence and usage of tax-payers money used to purchase that "Traffic monitoring vechile" recently used during the Human Rights Day to monitor tax-payers taking part in the march ? or has he also maintained the elegantly silent stance?...the silence is deafening !
    Shame,shame...shame !

  50. Anonymous3:32 pm

    that's the malady. not about melayu, cina atau india that we have been lead to believe. The government in power today sudah 'mabuk kuasa'. Datuk MM should know lah, last time when Tun M in power these same people jilat sambil kilat. MAcam macam pujian , jamuan , acara untuk bodek Tun. I believe Tun M said sampai naik 'asap'. Lepas itu mau jadi delegate Kubang Pasu pun tak dapat. Semua rakyat di buat gila oleh politician.

  51. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Betul...bila Tuan Guru sudah bersara...anak2 tersalah didik bermaharajalela tanpa batasan....dan apabila anak2 didik tengah alpa dengan kuasa dan harta rakyat...maruah Islam tergadai...tunggak perpaduan Melayu bukan lagi bangsa...tetapi agama...selamatkan Malaysia untuk anak2 kita...bangunlah si Melayu dan Muslim yang alpa sebelum ditelan dan diluahkan sebagai ludah hina oleh musuh2 kita...kembalikan maruah agama...tegakkan keadilan, ketelusan...hapuskan ketamakan, kerakusan, penindasan ke atas semua pihak...jangan berikan musuh kita alasan...jangan cemarkan agama dan bangsa yang rata2 beragama Islam dengan perangai dan tindakan kamu yang hina, gelojoh, tak berilmu, kejam dan rakus...

  52. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Long Live Chairman Mao!!!

    Oh,...Its only the DatoBandar of KL. Never mind.

  53. Anonymous5:43 pm

    If any giant portrait should be placed there, it should be Dr Mahathir's , not even AAB's, let alone this moronic mayor !

  54. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Malaysia, the one-party socialist state with a gestapo to boot.
    Hail Pak Lah?

  55. Anonymous8:11 pm

    put dollah and his cabinet on the billboards, another ingenius way to throw tax payers money down the drain ......... ;-( or a crony's pocket

  56. Do we want that sort of welcome??

  57. PasQUALE ,, one more time u wanna say the Hindus are out of control ... PLS .. call me . tks .
    Btw ,, i aint hindu ,,, just hate ur gutless crap.

  58. Anonymous9:25 am

    Jediraj, Tq bro. I too fed up by it and i too am not a hindu.

  59. Anonymous1:36 pm

    This is just a trial run to gauge public response...will be lots of fuss for 2 days then will die down and become irrelevant when the next cyber sound bytes come around in the blogosphere.

    Like I said, test run...test run for what? For Son-in-Law's pic sometime in the near future. Malaysia's own "philosopher king".

    The North Korea references are dead on. Your Dear Leader is awaiting patiently in the shadows...unelected.

  60. this little question in my head, so can anybody help me out

    "why do we need to selamat datang our own rakyat; who is a civil servant (paid by the stupid taxpayers) from the state like 150km from KL?"

    It's not as if Malacca is situated in the Antartic then this fella never saw or been to KL before

    Is this a "terima kasih" to this fella when the KL Mayor turned up in Mcca & he did the same for him?

    aiyah...just taxpayers money wat?

    easy come easy go..

    Such posters do NOT come cheap NOT to say the cost of lighting up his gemuk muka

    So...if a REAL VVIP arrives, let's say, Saudi King - then we put his face on ...Twin Towers issit?