Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lend us your ears, Pak Lah

Bloggers for unity. 4 political parties and over a dozen NGOs issued the following statement to promote national unity in the face of a growing racial/religious divide and in abhorrence of excessive government-police response to calls for greater freedoms and basic rights as espoused in our Constitution.
As a Malaysian, I welcome the spirit of the statement. As protem president of the National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs), I urge all bloggers to welcome the spirit of this stand.
lJoint Statement to Seek Immediate Appointment with Prime Minister

We view with great seriousness the recent crises that trouble our nation.

We are especially troubled by the racial and religious antagonism that now pervades Malaysian society. Our foremost commitment is to national unity, multiracial solidarity as well as to the safety and welfare of all Malaysians. We believe that the only way to safeguard these values is to reject socially divisive approaches and uphold Constitutional guarantees. We thus affirm our pledge to remain united in our multiracial and multi-religious approach to uphold justice for all.

We deplore the heavy handed actions of the authorities in the series of arrests that took place between the 9th and 11th of December. This brutal crackdown against leaders of civil society organisations and political parties is a clear contravention of the fundamental liberties and human rights guaranteed in our Constitution. The inconsistency of these arrests and intimidations with the government’s assurances that Malaysia continues to be a strong democracy will undoubtedly tarnish our country’s reputation in the international community.

We also remain firmly committed to pursuing the agenda of free and fair elections as well as meaningful electoral reform. The amendment of the Constitution to allow the chairman of the Electoral Commission to serve for another year is a clear reminder that the government is fully intent on perpetuating an electoral system that is rife with irregularities and corruption. We reiterate our calls to the government to provide full access to the media for all political parties and to take seriously the mass of incriminating evidence that we have adduced time and time again and take all necessary measures to abolish well documented electoral malpractices.

Justice, harmony and freedom in Malaysia will be forever absent unless immediate steps are taken to remedy these vital issues. The importance of addressing them vigorously is such that we will seek to bring the matter to the highest level of government.

We are thus seeking an immediate appointment with the Prime Minister to discuss these pressing matters of state and urge him to honour his promise of being willing to listen to the concerns of all Malaysians. At this meeting we intend to pursue the agenda of national unity and reconciliation among all Malaysians regardless of race and religion, press on with our demands for free and fair elections, and work towards resolving the serious national problems we face.

List of Endorsees:

Political Parties

1 Democratic Action Party (DAP)
2 Parti Keadilan Rakyat (KeADILan)
3 Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM)
4 Parti Islam se-Malaysia (PAS)


1 Center for Independent Journalism (CIJ)
2 Centre for Policy Initiatives
3 Citizen Think Tank
4 Civil Rights Committee (KLSCAH)
5 Concerned Citizens Group
6 Gabungan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI)
7 Jemaah Islah Malaysia (JIM)
8 Pusat Komunikasi Masyarakat (Komas)
9 Labour Resource Centre (LRC)
10 Malaysians Against the Death Penalty and Torture (MADPET)
11 National Human Rights Society (HAKAM)
12 National Youth and Student Democratic Movement (DEMA)
13 Police Watch and Human Rights Committee
14 Research for Social Advancement (REFSA)
15 Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM)
16 Writers Alliance for Media Independence (WAMI)
17 Youth For Change (Y4C)


  1. Anonymous9:56 pm

    dear Rocky,

    i hope discourse on this subject will include many from the youth generation. i see at least 2 youth organisations listed on your post. i hope their numbers will not make a minority at this meeting, should it take place. the future is ours, please include us in your deliberations. thank you.



    Joint statement to tell people to CALM THE FUCK DOWN:

    We have not, do not and will not support any political party.

    We also do not like NGOs. Because NGOs, like global warming, is a liberal lesbian conspiracy.

    With great seriousness, we would like to tell the people to CALM THE FUCK DOWN.


    Do not riot until our venerable President, Emperor, Carnifex and Psychopomp is a millionaire and safely out of the country.

    And give me US4 trillion.


    The Brotherhood of Evil Bloggers (BOB)

    Mighty Morphin' Racist Rangers (Towering Malay, Compliant Chinese, Funky Indian Dan Lain-Lain)

    The Malay Male

    Mighty Morphin' Malayan Rangers (HN 'Rubber' Ridley, Henry 'Grandmaster Sexay' Gurney, Gerald 'Parkman' Templer, Harold 'Boy Wonder' Briggs and Anthony 'Clockwork' Burgess)

    Pimp Masta G

    Discovery Travel and Fucking


    The National Pornographic Sexplorer

  3. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Great move! All Malaysians are behind you!

    Hope our parrots won't speak for Pak Lah that All-Blog is not registered and shout gua gua gua...

    Do remember Mahathir met Pak Lah once, and Pak Lah jotted down all things in his black book. But nothing seemed happened (black hole?). If we can see Pak Lah, get him to commit the next date of appointment, like "OK? Got all points written down? Now, our next appointment is exactly 30 days from now...".

    Time to proof the Big Ear.

  4. Pak Lah, please grant us this chance. please..

  5. Anonymous11:49 pm

    I believe the PM will grant the wish of this "new group" to meet him, but only four representatives and they must not be members of any political parties, let alone leaders.

    In the meeting, PM will definitely fall asleep!

    Then, he will give a PC at the end of the day and will announce "All is settled. I hv listened and will consider" and vehemently add "This is my idea!", for the salt on the injury (to some!).

    The moment he steps out of the room, he will forget about the meeting and what he said in PC.

    And by tomorrow morning, it will be another day just as the day before and the day before that, for these past four years.

    Mean while, two weeks later, another group of 15 NGOs will 'gang up' to 'say' something else along the similar tones........

    The sun will still rise from the East and the sets on the West. There will be so many frustrated urban Malaysians with some degree of idealism.

    So the PM will continue to make more statements and say new slogans and these people will continue to loathe him.

    Will things ever change????

  6. Dear Rocky,
    It is indeed a sincere and honest request. One can only hope Pak Lah will come to his senses. It is wishful thinking but then again we should never give up hope on any human being.

  7. Anonymous12:19 am

    An Appointment for Chat or Chess?
    See the Chess on the board
    EC Chief, Judiciary, Police, ACA, Bar (?), Parliament are His!
    Many should be broke if AG reports are to hook
    But who can cook?

    Bersih, Hindraf, Lawyers (?) are good chess if the board be in a good court!
    But the button under the board is His!

    Have fairness and equalities been practiced in daily life?
    Have Rights and Obligations been realized in every walk of life?
    Without these how can Voters have a clear mind!!
    Why to elect and who to elect
    have these be in the majority's mind?

    From selfishness in many walks of life
    The naive of many voters who don't bother a clear mind!
    Education is the only way
    not only for GE but for life to come!!
    Group up the brains
    to remind People what can be done!

    If PM wants to do
    all have been done!
    And, from what have been done
    the only chance with good strategy and a handful of voters to challenge!

    List all Rights or Wrong neat and clear
    for People to know not only for GE but life to come!!

    A Pen is mighty
    But need many many clear minds to brew and stand!!

    Bar cannot even maintain HR
    The roots for Fairness had gone!!

  8. Anonymous12:30 am

    Looks like a long list of NGO's but how many are behind them, excluding foreigners, immigrants, double counting vis-a-vis the population

  9. Anonymous12:44 am


    As you rightly said, let us all support the SPIRIT of the statement. The SPIRIT sounds noble and and well-intended. This being also the political season, the statement comes at the right time for members of the opposition. In fact, I won't be surprised if the SPIRIT of the statement is edapted to become the core element in a joint manifesto of the opposition. But of course the manifesto will also spell out the ways and means how this SPIRIT is to be translated into concrete and doable actions. As for NGOs, I hope they take an objective position and not be used and/or seen to be used by any political party to further the cause of the political parties' vision and struggle. As it is, I see NGOs too are being polarised one way or the other..

  10. Anonymous2:10 am

    I have BIG EARS, i will listen. but wait till I WAKE UP. I am the happiest PM in town. after me, I Have the DEFENCE MINISTER who will ensure that commission is paid by the seller and not the buyer. EVERYTHING is OK!

  11. Anonymous2:14 am

    I do not see the necessity of Lim Kit Siang seeking a meeting with Badawi. Lim is so closed to Badawi that he never criticised him or the son-in-law in or out of Parliament. Of course, Lim never talked about Scomi and ECM Libra also.

    Why there was a sudden surge of desire to have meetings with Badawi/ I thought that Limwas having meetings constantly with Badawi that's he knew that Badawi, son-in-law, Scomi and ECM Libra were all fitting into the national agenda of "nation building".

    I trust the only one political party listed i.e. Parti Socialist Malaysia (PSM) and all the NGOs.

    Lim Kit Siang was playing political games so don't trust him too much becaue he will dance tothe tune of Badawi and son-in-law in private thats why he never issued a single statement in Parlaiment or outside Parliament on the sleeping PM and his son-in-law plus SCOMI.

    Of course, we have had enough of Badawi. What is the alternative? Lim Kit Siang's DAP and Anuar's PKR which equal disaster for the nation because both also practiced "CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN".

    Withthe latest development in the country, there is no future in this country. But Badawi still think all is well becaue he is still asleep. God bless Malaysia under Badawi and son-in-law!

  12. Anonymous3:19 am

    Dear Rocky,
    I have a suggestion for everyone. This is regarding the so call law in which a gathering of 5 or more people in one place is considered and assembly and requires a permit. If this is so (not sure if the number is three or four or five), then there are thousands of illegal assemblies at mamak stalls and other places daily! A family of five, whenever they meet is considered an assembly and thus legally requires a permit. idea is for all of us, to short circuit this nonsense by flooding the law by actually going to the police station to request such permits for any gathering of more than five people - even if it is for kopi talk or for shopping or for dinner - anything. Flood the system with requests for permits. Imagine the hundreds of thousands of permits requested by the citizens to hold assemblies of more than five persons. Lets see who gets flustered and who gets screwed. If they want us to ask for permits well hey, lets do it. Lets get permits for everything and everyday.
    To make is more fun, lets also at the same time make police reports of any UMNO groups seen in groups of 5 or more without a permit.
    I'm sure through the grapevine we can find out where they meet - hotels, resorts etc etc. It doesn't matter if they have or have no permits - just make reports of suspected illegal assemblies - this includes weddings, khatan ceremonies, anything you can think of. Even report about the assemblies of those who are seeking shelter from floods. They assemble at schools and other places - this constitutes assembly and thus requires permits.


  13. count me in. i can forward some of the grouses i have listed down in my crappy handphone to him personally. better still, the minister of Women, something2 and development ministry to be around.

  14. Anonymous3:28 am

    Is a waste of effort and time. If he would have listen earlier, all these rallies won't happen in the beginning. The Article 114 amendment had shown how powerful and how arrogant he can be, showing us a majority of more then 2/3 votes in the Parliament.

    He gave us a FIERCE signal that he WILL do what ever it takes to get another majority win in the next general election, including using the Police and violate the Federal Constitution!!!

    Rather then wasting time organizing a useless meeting with Bodohwi, the opposition parties should show us how they can work together in the next general election. Throw away all personal agenda and get together to form a TRUE Barisan Alternative, by register the coalition as 1 party like BN.

  15. I dunno, bro.

    Opposition and NGO members might be too eezy-peezy for AAB.

    A cafe latte with some bloggers would be more up my alley. I'd give anything (well, almost anything) to see the look of horror etched on the bloke's face after an hour or two.

    Ok dokey. Gotta run and publish the next posting. Damn! Blogging is hard work sometimes but the passion remains.

    All-Bloggers Unite.

  16. Anonymous7:45 am

    i look at the list and i laugh. They are no difference from the those in the Govt.

  17. Anonymous8:56 am

    Brother Rocky,

    Don't know about others but Amir's comments are so repulsive. While I am for freedom of speech, expression and assemgly, one must have at least a semblence of responsibility.

    Amir, in my humble opinion, does puts off some people with his vulgar language. I think his positings may result in your blog losing some followers.

    What do the others think?

  18. Anonymous10:01 am

    I AM FOR THE UNITY MOVEMENT. but i do not trust political parties and politicians.

  19. Anonymous10:18 am

    I doubt the old Romeo can read, let alone understand what is being asked of him. I have long given up on him. He is not running the country but allowing it to drift whichever way the Umno warlords want it to go. Better to pray that he and the other useless Umno wannabes drop dead and someone intelligent and wise takes over.

  20. Anonymous10:47 am

    sorry to say laa bros.. he doesnt care much bout the flood victims.. what do u think he will care for u.. 13k in johor alone..saya pantau dari jauh ..or this time saya pantau dari heli..its christmas time .. maybe he will be in australia soon

    or maybe if ur lucky... he will ask Zam to meet u.. haha.. then we can rap around.. yo yo yoou

  21. The juices of sweat and tears
    And the ink getting dry in no time
    Yet the loving group of people
    They don’t give up just because
    The crack down has begun

    The government for the people
    Just remember it is only slogan
    When the power rests in one person
    And the court jesters swing into action
    How much you think one will get?

    Absolutely dreaming Mr Watson!
    The sleeping beauty has no time to meet
    Crowded by the court jesters
    Blowing out the magic potion
    The misty magic colors glow
    No need to meet the match makers

    The changes if he is serious
    Knowing what ills the country
    But he hasn’t done it
    After 4 years in his leadership

    The cracks of whipping
    Caning the children as he pleases
    When he wakes up he is an old man
    You think he knows what’s happening?

    It is better to tell the people
    Go to the ballot boxes vote for changes
    We are the ones who make it happen
    This time don’t be fooled with magical slogans!

    Our cries, our sweat and tears
    In spirit, in mind and physical forms
    You think the sleeping beauty hears
    He ignores snoring into his dreamland

    I guess the time to meet is over
    The sleeping beauty has no time to engage
    The affairs in his mind he wants to try
    The government for the people
    It has become a shallow in my mind

  22. I wonder what AAB's New Year speech will be like.

    Those 4th Floor boys better come up with a good one! Let me guess.

    a) Malaysia is a good place to live.

    b) Malaysia has progressed after 50 yrs of Merdeka, praising past PMs.

    c) We get along with our nieghbours and the global community.

    d) We must face the challenges of globalisation, indirectly probably take a swipe at "instigators" like bloggers and NGOs.

    e) We are a unique democracy.

    There will be no mention of marginalisation of races, corruption, fair elections, judiciary problems, etc.

    Ho hum.

  23. I have a sincere and honest request too:

    Lend me your ears pak lah. I heard they are big too.

    I saw some hungry dogs. They want it more then I do.

  24. Political interests can bring together people who otherwise have little in common. This saying is adapted from a line in the play The Tempest, by William Shakespeare: “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.” It is spoken by a man who has been shipwrecked and finds himself seeking shelter beside a sleeping monster." Tread carefully when you have DAP-ADIL-PAS as your bedfellows ...... The man on the street would be a better bet.All the best.

  25. Hey Rocky!

    I see you have picture of a dead dove symbolising human rights violation and purportedly to be under siege. Why can't you see the fact that in a fragile society like us we have extremist group like Hindraf promoting "violence if necessary" and how if I may ask the government to react and take more chances of a peaceful walk allowed that will not go awry! If we want to understand the meaning of the words Human Rights violation, we also have to talk about US military presence in Iraq where a family having dinner having their front door kicked open and soldiers shooting wildly. If we talk about Human Rights violation we haver to talk about Bosnia-Herzegovina where 200,000 citizens are unaccounted for, in Kosovo where Serb secret police kidnapped Muslim there and never to be seen again. In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive and to show their beautiful faces! In Iran women are not allowed to wear boots for heaven sake! If we talk about Human Rights violation we have also to talk about in Singapore where Malays there are living like a house mice, we know they are there but so quiet and timid, and sometime not seen!
    Having said all that, try to imagine all of these when we talk about Human Rights violation in this, ever fragile multi racial society! So what Human Rights violations! Just the other day some "right winger" from Umno said "may be we should have the biggest ever demonstration to show them", say the dreaded words used by extremist "them and us", so where will it ends! Are we ready, really ready for a bloodshed, just for fun?! I never think so. Think again, you bunch of bleeding heart liberals! Rocky, if we were to part company over this issue so be it, for I always say certain issues are beyond good manners and we must be sensible over many things and intimidating this stupid government is definitely not one of them! Its fun to vent out our anger and frustration via this now ever proverbial Blogsite, but restrain and sensible mind is definitely needed in many issues!

    No cheers today!

  26. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Pak Lah`s Islam Hadhari:

    Police report over Fatwa

    09 December, 2007

    Kota Kinabalu: A police report has been lodged against Sabah Mufti, Datuk Haji Ahmad Alawi Haji Adnan for issuing a "fatwa" (religious decree) that forbids religious statues or replicas of human and animals in public places close to the road.

  27. Amir,the master of Generation-X language is back again. One thing has not changed, it is his superman attire. Hope he can fly as fast as his expressions.

  28. Pasquale,

    stop labelling people. Bleeding heart liberals et al!

    One day, my friend, you will find yourself crying for some semblance of human rights.

    that sunday walk was for human rights! -- and that here and elsewhere.

  29. But Rocky, this appeal to the Prime Minister does not meet the criteria he requires before he will respond to it. Indeed being so honest in its appeal and written in the most polite way possible will only deserve his complete contempt for it as he will just fail to respond to it.

    As he himself acknowledges abd precedent shows this to be true, whatever missive you want for him to respond has to contain blatant lies that irk him so much that he becomes really angry.

    I cannot see any blatant lie in this missive and I do not see anything that will even raise his eyebrow.

    So how?

  30. nicky - chill out abt amir..1 reads his thots and then decide..if..???

    That is in part the magic of blogging. Much like politicians speaking at rallies. Readers or listeners can choose to believe the rhetorics are real...or NOT!

    sikenit - good piece..I feel like you but then how to just give up?

    NOW the new propoganda is 1.3million of the "silent" majority fr like 300+ NGOs are dissing those who walked.

    I agree that political parties should NOT be speaking to the O(ld) Wise One.

    Let the man in the street (ie bloggers with NO political aspirations) speak to him

    My doubt in a meaningful dialogue really is
    Can he answer?
    or "I dunno"
    or "elegant silence" (read as in sleeping with eyes open)
    - as usual?

    There are TOO MANY skeletons if I were him I wouldn't answer.


    HOW can u answer questions pointing to one's
    - indifference,
    - ignorance
    - incompetence
    - greed
    - corruption,
    - totalitarianism,
    - prejudice & discrimination ??

    (albeit everyone of these accusations can be shown Proof)

    The only way to go forward is


    Like a wife who catches a husband erring with another woman.

    If the wife wants to keep the marriage, don't bring up the subject anymore but tell him not to repeat this experience & move ON

    However if she does not want to move on, she will always bring the subject up.

    What is the use to keep harping on the past?

    The govt should address key grouses with HOW to go on with good corperate governance & WE should just let go on fr there.

  31. Well said Nuraina ... Dino ,Remove the shattered piece of glass from your eyes and heart .The pain does no one good , including You.
    Cheers Today !

  32. Anonymous3:17 pm

    I heard the news from radio about recent protest has affected the Malaysia Economy. Then PM further claim that a Damai Malaysia (not sure the name is correct) wants no more protest, and further include 300+ NGO who support the government to stop protest!

    300+! Wow, I wonder who are those NGOs. Looks like our voice is still small, considering our NGOs list above is 17. How can we get so many NGOs to join us to raise our voice?

    So Pak Lah's big ear can only heard the 300+ NGOs screaming? What's the point of having big ears like Mickey Mouse then, if it is a selective listening?

    Perhaps more protest is needed on the street so that he can SEE it, not just HEAR it.

  33. OOPS ... THE ISA HAS BEEN ENFORCED !!! God save us all ...

  34. Anonymous4:21 pm

    din merican and nuraina a samad

    At least I know there are smarter and saner minds prevailing, like you people. Yes, we should not label or drag others into this unneccessarily.

  35. Nicky, the Malay Male's brew is very refreshing....wakes many of us from our stupor....more power to your fucks Amir.

    Rocky, I walked out of the PC at Anwars. They are seeking audience with the Almighty. Since when did we elevate him to that lofty pedastal? I dont care to have meetings or discourse with anyone with perforated hymen as eardrums!

  36. Anonymous4:32 pm


    What ears to lend?

    That mong just rolled out ISA on Hindraf. 5 leaders detained for 2 years.

  37. This Joint Statement is endorsed by:

    List of Endorsees:

    Political Parties

    1 Democratic Action Party (DAP)
    2 Parti Keadilan Rakyat (KeADILan)
    3 Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM)
    4 Parti Islam se-Malaysia (PAS)

    Silap Haribulan la rocky pak lah is going to meet you. You have a better chance of meeting him if your endorsees are

    1. Nestle
    2. Pil Chi Kee Teck Aun
    3. Kelab Pengumpul Setem Seremban
    4. Persatuan Pencinta Dendangan 60'an.

  38. Anonymous5:30 pm

    hey nicky...its freedom of speech isnt it? i thought we are all for upholding the constitution!

    in the US&A, the mother of all democracy, you can say what u want. 2 college students who dressed up/acted as Virginia Tech massacre victims (for the sheer fun of it) could not be arrested becaue of freedom of speech or whatever it was in their constitution.

    Let amir say what he wants....

  39. NEWS UPDATE!!!

    Five Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leaders -- P.Uthayakumar, M.Manoharan, R.Kenghadharan, V.Ganabatirau and T.Vasanthakumar -- were detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) today.
    Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Mohd Johari Baharom confirmed that they were detained under section 8(1) of the Act.
    "They can be held for two years for sedition and also for carrying out activities that threaten national security," he said when contacted by Bernama.
    Johari said they were detained at various locations in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan this afternoon.

  40. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Well this is a positive development but I do wish they had thought of this first.
    This is like coming to someone's house and shouting out all that you don't like about him and then only asking him whether you could come and talk to him. You have embarrassed him in front of his neighbours and taken away some of the incentives to persuade him to meet you
    Whatever the grouse it is always better to talk it out first, after all the grouses that you are bringing up are not critical or either that it has beenc ritical for 50 years, in which case in can wait a bit more while the parties involved talk it out....
    Our strength is in the ability to talk things through, don't throw that away
    Once we get into the confrontational habit it would be hard to break and problems will become even more difficult to solve....

    that's my two cents

  41. Anonymous6:30 pm

    reply to pasquale 12.46pm

    in Singapore where Malays there are living like a house mice, we know they are there but so quiet and timid, and sometime not seen!

    We, THE SINGAPORE MALAY are seen here...we are for national issue not for race issue....pls just look at your issue in your own mirror...we no need for ppl to scream and shout for us and time and time again i have noticed that we,the singapore malay is like a doll being play toss and turn creating i guess unfounded issues that is suppose only we the singapore malays suppose to solve it...I repeat we do not need anybody or whoever out scream for us...we know where we stand...and for now just look at your own mirror...back in 1965 you kicked us out and now you want to see 50 years later if we are still swimming...why keep bothering...this is iritating

  42. Anonymous8:25 pm

    I do agree that Lim Kit Sing (DAP) and ANuar (PKR) equal diasater because both are frauds. They say one thing and do another when it suits them. How can we trust oppostion like these two.

    Of course, Badawi is an idiot and good for nohting except talking rubbish every day.

    Let forget about blanket support for opposition. Let looks at the candidates and not their party symbols because the symbols do not represent anything but diaster as they lie all the time.

    So let forget about the DAP, PKR and the like. Let look at the candidates and if they are OK we support. Even if they are independent candidates, if htey are good and credible, let support them. This is the only way forward for this country.

    Let think independently and not swayed by Lim Kit Siang and Anuar, who are not sincere in their politics and they do things based on political expediency, which we can not afford.

  43. Anonymous11:39 pm


    How come Khairy and Kalimulah still running loose?

    Khairy threatened nsational security by demonstrating and protesting agasint Condoliza Rice in KLCC. Kalimullah threatened our national economy by wscrewing our economy.

    If I am the PM I will put these two traitors under ISA to save Malaysia.

    These two do not know how much Malaysians hated them.

    So now we have the real freedom under Bodowi. So let walk with him and he will sent you under ISA.

    Soon Bodowi will make elections illegal because he knew that Malaysians do not support him, son-in-law and son out-law, Kalimullah.

  44. Perhaps our PM should take a leaf out of the current expose concerning Major League Baseball in the US.

    The MLB Commissioner instituted an independent inquiry into the sport's alleged misuse of drugs after reading the book "Games of Shadows".

    The inquiry report is set to be a major tome naming names of prominent palyers, some of which are icons in the game.

    That is transperency and at least the leader is brave enough to accept that something might be wrong within his house and takes some action to remedy it, even if it may be to the detriment of the sports image. And mind you, with US$6.3 billion generated from the game in 2006, a step like this can be courting a PR disaster.

    Can we hope for the same type of transparency, Mr Prime Minister ? The rakyat is trying very hard to communicate to you. Please don't shove all unpleasant issues in jail because though the truth hurts but in the long run, it helps.

  45. Anonymous12:38 am

    BIG EARS? SHIT, he listen to his cronies and throw the ISA against 5 hindraf members. take them to the courts of law if you think they are a threat to national security and not hide under pink panties called ISA.
    bollocks, you try to portray yourself as nice and religious. now, the whole world can see your hypocrisy. still fancy a holiday in PERTH with Ferrai boss while Johor is under floods?

  46. NurAina I think we all should walk north and help the flood victims, by the way free speech dictates that I can make my own conclusion about whether some people are bunch of bleeding hearts liberals or not and do not be such an infantile in your ways, I am your friend unless if you cannot take my attitude you can say so. Friendship is a privilege not a God given right, we give each other that privilege to be friends so don't screw it up, unless you do not care. I am not attacking anyone, but as a blogger that we have decided ourselves to be, please do not be too condescending and patronising, and to take each other for granted!

  47. Anonymous8:50 am

    'Silent majority has spoken'


    PETALING JAYA: Damai Malaysia, an umbrella body comprising 395 non-governmental organisations representing nearly 1.5 million members, handed over a memorandum to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    The memorandum criticised recent illegal street demonstrations, which Damai said had caused problems and created tension among Malaysia's multiracial population.

    Upon receiving the memorandum, Abdullah said that illegal street demonstrations were not part of our culture or way of life.

    "We have progressed because we have been able to maintain democratic institutions which respect the law, while the people have enjoyed the fruits of peace and political stability.

    "If freedom cannot be respected and used in a responsible manner, the people themselves will be at the losing end.

    "As can be seen from today's memorandum, the people who remained silent have now stood up to make their stand.

    "They want peace to be maintained," he told reporters after receiving the memorandum.

    Damai Malaysia representatives also included those from 75 Chinese-based and 20 Indian groups and associations.

    In the joint-declaration read by Damai chairman Mohd Saiful Adil Mohd Daud, members expressed their disgust at street demonstrations, and the use of religious and racial issues to create hatred among Malaysians.

    They also condemned individuals and groups who used lies and slander against the country and asked for foreign intervention into Malaysia's internal affairs, he said.

    Damai advisor and Bukit Bintang MCA chief Senator Datuk Dr Lee Chong Meng said the Bersih and Hindraf illegal demonstrations last month had caused tourists to avoid Malaysia.

    Cheras Hindu Youth Organisation vice-president S. Ariivazhagan expressed disappointment that Hindraf had used religion to protest.

  48. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Semua anak Malaysia pengunjung ROCKY'S BRU,
    Dengan andaian teman-teman senegara sudah membaca JOINT STATEMENT to Seek Immediate Appointment with Prime Minister, di bawah ada beberapa persoalan:

    i. DAP
    Sejak bila parti ini tidak bermain politik dengan hanya mengharap pada undi teman senegara keturunan Cina? Jadi apa relevan parti ini dengan istilah muluk-muluk (minta teman-teman TESL terjemah) pada Penyataan Bersama di atas?

    ii. PKR
    Setelah mendakwa partinya mewakili aspirasi pihak yang benar-benar menolak politik perkauman (baca perkauman pada tafsiran mereka), 'kenapa terus berganding bahu, berpakat barisan dengan DAP dan PAS yang tidak setulen PKR menolak politik perkauman?

    ** untuk rujukan bagi mengukuh persoalan ini pada PKR, disyorkan blog Suara Rakyat Rustam A Sani, penganalisis politik perkauman yang tidak henti-henti mendakwa BN (UMNO MCA MIC khususnya) ialah punca kepada politik dan tingkah-laku perkauman (baca perkauman pada tafsirannya) dalam negara. Beliau ahli PKR - jika fakta ahli PKR tidak benar, saya pohon maaf En Rustam A Sani atas kesilapan dan menarik baliknya waktu ini juga.

    iii. PAS
    Bagaimana sebuah parti yang berpolitik sentimen agama, mendakwa pihak mereka paling benar dalam hal agama dan pihak lain didakwa kurang benar, kemudian pada keadaan terpilih turut bersama mendokong fahaman demokratik - suatu fahaman yang terbit salah satunya atas asas
    menolak/anti terhadap fahaman yang mendakwa mereka paling benar, dan menolak/anti terhadap pihak mendakwa mereka paling berautoriti bercakap tentang kebenaran.
    Seperti juga DAP, apa relevan PAS dengan barisan ayat dan perkataan muluk-muluk dalam penyataan tersebut?

    iv. PSM
    Buat sementara ini tidak ada persoalan khusus.

    Tambahan: Penyataan Bersama telah ditulis dalam B Inggeris. Bukan bermaksud Blog Rocky tidak boleh berkomunikasi dengan perantaraan bahasa ini. Blog Rocky hak dirinya dan beliau bebas menulis dalam bahasa apa. Antara fungsi kerajaan sebuah negara mengamal sistem demokrasi ialah:

    i. memberi dan menjamin kebebasan kepada setiap individu rakyatnya mendefinisikan hidup mereka sepertimana mereka sebenar kehendaki, dan

    ii. membuka/menyediakan ruang dan peluang untuk mereka memperolehinya, perkara (i) di atas.

    Jadi dalam sebuah negara demokratik Rocky dijamin kebebasan bagaimana beliau mahu mencorak hidupnya. Dalam kes ini apa bahasa pilihan sebagai perantaraan menulis.

    Kebebasan bahasa perantaraan tulisan adalah berbeza antara Blog Rocky dan Penyataan Bersama. Penyataan bersifat rasmi seperti ini dan ia dihebahkan kepada rakyat dalam perantaraan bukan Bahasa Kebangsaan adalah membelakangkan/tidak menghormati bahasa yang menjadi Bahasa Kebangsaan negara. Hal ini memberi petunjuk dan bukti senarai parti politik dan NGO yang terlibat dalam Penyataan Bersama itu tidak benar-benar memahami apakah maksud/erti kehidupan bernegara demokratik. Apabila gagal memahami secara menyeluruh, tentu saja mustahil mereka berdiri dan bergerak sebagai penganut tulen falsafah demokratik.

    Bahasa yang demokratik dalam sesebuah sempadan wilayah ialah bahasa yang paling hidup, paling sekali difahami rakyat di dalamnya. Dengan itu, bahasa ini juga ialah 'bahasa realis'. Bila muncul mana-mana pihak ingin berkomunikasi secara demokratik dalam sempadan sesebuah negara, mereka perlu mempertimbang, perlu celik 'apa bahasa demokratik dalam sempadannya? Jika pihak itu berkomunikasi dengan perantaraan bahasa lain (bukan bahasa demokratik), maka mereka bukanlah dari kalangan yang peduli/menjunjung atmosfera komunikasi yang demokratik. Mungkin ada kaitan dengan kecenderungan suka berpuak, jadi atmosfera komunikasi demokratik yang pada pendokong benar-benar tulen percaya akan bergerak menghampiri ke arah sama rasa, sama memahami, sama menghalusi, sama menikmati dll telah mereka kesamping di tepi.

    Pihak-pihak dalam senarai parti politik dan NGO ini, yang menulis Penyataan Bersama bukan dalam perantaraan bahasa demokratik yang hidup dalam kehidupan rakyat Malaysia, telah pun memberi pengenalan siapa 'sebenarnya kumpulan mereka' pada mana-mana individu Malaysia yang berminat untuk berkenalan. Jika tidak jelas, dan jika sudi bolehlah rujuk sekali lagi para-para di atas untuk mengenali lebih lanjut bagaimana perkaitan kumpulan mereka berhubung bahasa dan komunikasi demokratik, yang berfungsi sebagai salah satu elemen buat menjamin kehidupan demokratik. Tentu sekali teman-teman yang kala ini sedang membacanya boleh dan mampu menjawab sendiri siapa mereka. Sebaik berdiri dan menapak sebagai manusia demokratik, maka kita menentukan, tidak sama sekali orang lain, apa jawapannya.

    selingan -
    Hari ini blog ROCKY'S BRU adalah blog paling informatif dan blog paling tinggi kekerapan dikemaskini. Blog ini juga antara yang teratas mampu menarik pengunjung membaca dan melontar komen. Apakah ini bukan suatu yang boleh dikatakan sumbangan ROCKY'S BRU? Tentu sekali. Ia suatu sumbangan yang bukan kecil anak maknanya ke arah kehidupan yang lebih saksama dalam negara. Salute Rocky!
    (salute itu bahasa inggeris kan? kalau untuk Rocky apa sebutan tangan melintang di kanan dahi dia mahu, gue ikut saja. gue rasa lapang dengan menghormatinya meski tidak semestinya melangkah atas jalan sama.)

  49. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Anon 630 we are not really bothered with what is happening to you ( anyway your standard of English is evidenced enough), just that give an inch to the kiasu race and you are gone but remains proud of your irrelevance in the society :(

  50. Anonymous7:50 am

    anon 10.27
    for as long as we are able to stand proud without any privileged we can hold our head up,we are not in a state of paranoid syndrome where the minds feared being colonised again...fearing of own citizens and failure in the mission of racial fact just look at statistic i no need to say more....we never owe anybody our life here...

  51. Anonymous10:14 am

    Anon 10.27

    Who is more kiasu? One that constantly demand Government protection to compete otherwise they get overwhelmed by other races, or one that the Government says you have to compete on your own merit? Time will tell who will become more irrevelant to society and the world.

  52. Rocky the blabber blogist:
    Please identify the points where in Administration is at fault. Itemize it so that people will understand better what rubbish or non rubbish you talk about. Can you do that. Dont be like the PM, words word, and more words. Details are wanting and Action seems similarly wanting.

  53. Anonymous12:26 am

    Yeea... bravo bravo anon 7.50, 10.14 kerana anda tidak perlu berteduh di balik payung istimewa. Anda bebas dari ketakutan bayangan kolonial. Anda tidak dikurung stigma rantaian darah. Hebat! Hidup anda segala-galanya bertolak dengan merit. Bukan pada yang lain melainkan MERIT.

    Tahun sudah saya di Tanah Temasik. Waktu merayau-rayau, saya angguk, tidak pun terkejut bila:
    i. tidak dapat menyaksi lagi di mana peninggalan warisan moyang saya.
    ii. sukar mendengar suara-suara keliling yang berbunyi sama dengan sebutan saya.
    iii. sukar sekali merasa, menikmati estetika seni yang beridentiti jari sedarah saya.

    Argh, nostalgik? perkauman?

    Jika kerajaan dan penghuni (tidak kira apa keturunannya) di pulau anda hidup sekarang ini benar-benar maju (baca bertamadun), maka segala apa warisan, asal usul yang berhubung dengan pulau anda mesti dipelihara demi generasi kemudian dapat menghubungkan diri dengan akar umbi mereka. Bagaimana kita boleh merasa, menghayati, menikmati estetika hidup di lingkungan kita berada bila warisan yang menghubungkannya sudah tiada?

    Pengenalan Singaporean itu apa?
    Apa, ada ka?
    Jawapannya TIDAK ADA.

  54. Anonymous9:47 pm

    perayau 12.26am
    sudah letih dan lesu saya berkata-kata kpd bangsa sendiri
    tetapi apakan daya,kerna orang yang berkata-kata berkhyalan sendiri
    seperti dirinya hidup dibesarkan dan dibela dan diingatkan selalu
    supaya bila jatuh bangun sendiri..inilah kata-kata yang dilaungkan daripada bapa kemerdekaan temasek...dari bukan bangsa sendiri
    kami ditendang keluar dari bangsa sendiri pada masa dahulu
    kini kami sudah kedepan dengan berani tanpa teduh
    dan saya masih menanti bila lagi anda akan bangun sendiri??
    jangan gusar bangsa melayu temasek masih terpelihara kerana mahu nama kami agung di mata dunia