Friday, November 23, 2007

Balan's Video on Brother Lingam

On Malaysiakini. See the first part of this 3-parter and decide for yourself if this Balan, who has lodged police reports and gone to the ACA several times in the last 10 years, is nuts or, in big brother Lingam's words, "of unsound mind".

To view the original "Correct" blockbuster starring V.K. Lingam, click HERE.


  1. aiseh brother...cant seem to play the video la...

  2. To be sure this is just yet another reason for a Royal Commission to thoroughly investigate the judiciary.

    That being said, one thing still bothers me. Who released the original Lingam blockbuster? To what end? Why now?

    I hope the Cabinet doesn't stall too long on the Commission, or worse still... appoints people in their pockets onto the panel.

  3. Anonymous2:25 am

    Finished la Malaysia..... God damn this idiot lawyer... How can he do this our beloved country died cos of him.. eeeh tampi majar... Pundek u la....

  4. Anonymous2:38 am

    Very sad lah, to get a brother to feign insanity, to declare suicidal tendencies, and to sign the 81-page document - all done by three senior lawyers named vijayakumar, dato sithambaram and dato kumarandren.

    what are these lawyers doing?

    are they are "tampering with a witness"? are they not obstructing the course of justice?

    they certainly cannot plead professional confidentiality between their client, vk lingam, and themselves.

    what they have done is "conduct unbecoming a professional".

    imagine THREE lawyers doing something like that to someone normal.

    where is their notion of justice and fair play?

    of course, so far, they have remained silent.

    I understand that a group has been set up to work behind the scenes to ensure that they will not face the music.

    Why? What is there to hide?

    If proven true, they must be stripped of their datukships and be hauled before the disciplinary board. Nothing less will do.

    If proven true, they are a poor role model for the younger lawyers.

    If proven true, shame on them. They have blighted the flower of justice by their very unprofessional conduct.

  5. Anonymous2:56 am


    This corrupted, coward and vicious Malaysian government is so afraid of ordinary people especially from the working class, expressing their discontent through democratic rights and means, that includes through peaceful protests. The main ruling party UMNO’s elite/capitalist class of Malay leaders who professed falsely to be devoted Islamic followers have indeed hijacked the religion so as to be barbaric, uncivilized and abusers of human rights! Being a Malay myself, I’ve only contempt for this elite/capitalist class of Malay leaders who actually manipulate racial-religious capitalist ideology of “Ketuanan Melayu” i.e. Malay-Islamic racial-religious (male) supremacy. To brainwash the (imaginary) united Malay/Islamic communities especially from the mostly brainwashed Malay/Islamic masses, to go on supporting them uncritically despite of these leaders’ betrayal to the whole Malay civilization and Islamic religion! And ashamedly, despite of my high education but due to my ignorance and uncritical consciousness and activism, I myself fell into the trap of such brainwashing strategy of defending such ideological racial-religious supremacy out of a sense of false loyalty and patriotism almost my whole life (Thus this is why we need to learn and educate ourselves with critical-thinking education throughout our whole life in order to be a true human being).
    Thus, the whole Malaysian (and hopefully, global) communities should move towards true socialist politics based on true Marxism - see (not pseudo ones like Maoism, Stalinism, Pol Pot-ism and so on), to fight for true social justice for the poor and oppressed from any background, ABOVE race, religion, gender and nation-hood. That’s where loyalty & patriotism should be for - that is for true social justice consciousness and activism that encompass true equality, true freedom and other universal & secular-based fundamental human rights principles.
    Hopefully, the opposition parties in Malaysia such as the Hindu-based new party HINDRAF, despite of its good intentions, will also move away from such divisive racial-religious politics towards such socialist one; in order to fight for the oppressed and poor Indian communities. And to fight against the real enemy - the corrupted & greedy criminals from the ruling elite & capitalist class, be it from UMNO, MCA, MIC & so on, although UMNO leaders are the main and most deceitful culprits. That is what & where the opposition parties in Malaysia should be moving towards, in the new era of Malaysian politics, based fundamentally on true social justice consciousness and activism especially for the poor & oppressed from all backgrounds; and for the preservation of our natural environment. And hopefully, where opposition parties globally also need to be heading towards, especially against the extremely corrupted and vicious “Third World” governments and ruling elite/capitalist class.

    Noor Aza Othman,

    Selangor, Malaysia.


  6. Correct, coret, korek!
    He seems to be of sound mind.

  7. Anonymous12:25 pm

    AAB need a 3 man panel to verify this video..we don't know for sure the man in the video is Lingam's brother..
    and wait nazri has not seen the video yet...once he sees it..wonders what will come out from his big mouth..

  8. Anonymous12:41 pm

    bro, it seems your impression of patient with mental illness is way behind.

    mentally ill patient not necessarily went berserk shouting and laughing uncontrollably .

    they can be very decent , very articulated especially so in the case with delusional disorder.

    in fact they can be very very confident in regards to his delusional ideas.

    so let the expert made their expert jufgement.

    if any suspiciousness, why don't he appointed independent consultant to review him clinically?

    not let confuse the people ...


  9. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Bro, just to let you know the Oppositon Labour Party led by Kevin Rudd is heading for a landslide victory in Australia, after 14 years of Liberal rule. Still counting the votes...

  10. Anonymous5:47 pm

    so it's the indians who are running this country. not pak lah.

  11. Anonymous7:04 pm

    keh keh keh. Kalau adik dia ni tak gila mahukah dia pi jumpa doktor mengaku kata dia gila hanya kerana abang dia suruh?

    perhhhh peningla aku mamat ni. Macam something wrong saja.

  12. Anonymous7:15 pm

    FIrstly, I seem to have missed the reason for VK Lingam to ask his brother to pretend that he is crazy...
    and secondly is he such a good actor that his wife actually believed that he is mad? Most men can probably fake it for about an hour after that they would already be evidence of faking it....
    And thirdly why is he turning against his brother now bukan apa revenge sorts of taints the quality and credibility of the evidence and testimony....

  13. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Can we not find something to bring these 3 senior lawyers to account for their actions.

  14. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Anon 2.25, don't be naive - this is how things work, the malaysian way. This is what we happen to hear and see, what about those not discovered or exposed?

  15. Anonymous10:33 pm

    tHE big Q IS ... will the Opposition be able to emulate their counter parts success in Australia .....

    PM Howard concedes Australia poll

    Kevin Rudd celebrates victory with his wife, 24/11
    Mr Rudd praised Mr Howard's dignity in defeat

    Rudd victory speech
    Australian Prime Minister John Howard has admitted defeat in the country's general election, and looks set to lose his parliamentary seat.

    Mr Howard said he had telephoned Labor leader Kevin Rudd "to congratulate him on an emphatic victory".

    Mr Rudd said the country had "looked to the future" and he pledged to be a prime minister "for all Australians".

    With 70% of votes counted, Labor were on course to win the 76 seats needed to form a government.

    More than 20 constituencies from a total of 150 are still to produce a result, but Labor already has 72 seats compared with 48 for Mr Howard's Liberal-National coalition

  16. Anonymous4:04 am

    Anon 10:30 pm

    Please don't compare Australian Opposition with Malaysian Opposition.

    Our Opposition Leader protects Badawi, Khairy, Kalimullah and Kamarudin all the way. Lim Kit Siang never critical about Badawi. When Tun Mahathir made critical comments about Badawi, Khariy, Klaimullah and Kamrudin, Lim Kit Siang attacked Tun Mahathir instead of asking Badawi to answer the allegations.

    Please bear in mind that Lim Kit Siang and his son got a full page interview inthe NST (an UMNO papers) under Kalimullah which was unprecendeted in the NST history.

    If you do not beleive, please go to check in Parliament and you will discover that Lim Kit Siang and the DAP MPs never touched on scandals involving Badawi, Khairy, Klaimullah (ECM Libra) and Kamarudin's Scomi.

    Lim Kit Siang never questioned Badawi on his pledge to wipe out corruption. He never asked Badawi who are the 18 corrupted big sharks that were supposed ot be charged. Lim Kit Siang not interested.

    Well, even Anwar Ibrahim never touched on anyone one of them.

    So what is the future for the opposition. The only oppositon that we can count on is PAS. Forget about DAP and PKR, MDP is too weak. So we are left with PAS who is consitent. Most probably PAS leaders didn't get APs from Badawi to shut them up.