Tuesday, August 07, 2007

More threats against bloggers

1. Mrs RPK to be interrogated. Raja Petra Kamaruddin was questioned for 8 hours by the cops. Now his wife, the mother of their five children, has been summoned to Dang Wangi for her statements to be recorded. I really, seriously don't know what the cops are up to. Or what the government hopes to achieve with this continued intimidation.

Will they be interrogating Raja Petra's kids after this? Or his two grandchildren?

I seriously don't know.

If you have the time, and you would like to walk with this grandma tomorrow, see you at Dang Wangi at 11 am.

2. Bloggers will be put to sleep SMS. I have asked blogger Datuk Ron to lodge a police report on the threatening SMS he has just received. Since the cops are so eager to look into the report made by Umno against Raja Petra Kamaruddin, surely they can't wait to act on this threat against a blogger.
Read Ron's posting on the threat here.


  1. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Looks like this is the only way, the police justified their big increment which they recieved last month.

  2. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Mrs RPK should just quote Pak Lah : "I don't know!!"

  3. Anonymous9:33 pm

    RPK's soft spot....

  4. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Rocky, you and other bloggers are scaring the shit out of some people. They (and the malaysian public) realise that you all bukan cakap kosong atau tuduh tak tentu pasal. You and other bloggers write from experience, based on facts and with the intention of correcting the wrongs in our civil society.

    How long can these people deny that there is truth in what is being reported? The latest example is the scoop on our Air Force One, complete with photos - can anyone refute this?

    In the olden days politicians hold the court and dondang sayang the audience like a wayang kulit tok dalang. Setelah dibuai dongeng khayal dalam mimpi tak payah lah tanya apa apa - terima saja semuanya. Berdepan lah dengan realiti zaman itu sudah berakhir. Susah sikit nak putar belit sekarang

  5. Anonymous11:27 pm


    Ahhhh … it is obvious isn’t it who is behind all these?

    Like father like son :

    Father created racist and bigot monsters…

    Son just feed on them to perpetuate his greed …


  6. Anonymous11:44 pm

    First they went for the man, but could not break him. Now, they go for the woman. Soon, it'll be men and women. And after that, the children of the entire country. But the good people of this country will not break, insyAllah. - Amir

  7. Anonymous12:00 am

    This is not the first time. In 2001, the time Raja Petra was detained under ISA for 60 days, Puan Marina Abdullah was also interviewed by the Police a week after the Police interviewed Raja Petra.

    According to Raja Petra, same officer asked Pn Marina to show up at IPD Dang Wangi tomorrow at 11.00am.

    Will the Police obtain separate info on the case, different than the ones Raja Petra already given?

    I don't think so. Then again, the Police operate under this sort of bureaucracy. A legacy which is still continue without change for a long time.

  8. Will they be investigating the PM next for his site's seditious comment?

    What will our hournarable loyal poli force think of next?

  9. Welcome to the world of Gobloks.

  10. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Pardon me for harbouring a slightly different view on this matter.

    As a journalist, I am used to being called up by the police or being visited by them over things I wrote or reports by my staff that I published.

    I was also once interrogated by the ACA over a statutory declaration made by a former assistant governor of Bank Negara implicating Anwar Ibrahim.

    As for threats, I am familiar with them too. But except for the initial shock and worries, I don’t give too much thought to them.

    If we do, we will not be able to function effectively. There should be a limit to fear.

    I have also been called many names , much of it for my support of Umno, the BN and the government.

    So being labeled monkeys and goblok by some self-appointed Umno flag-bearers merely expanded that list.

    Still it does no harm for Sdr Ron and all of us bloggers to take any threat seriously and to remind ourselves that there had been cases of Umno politicians being found guilty of murder and other serious crimes.

    Thank you.

  11. Anonymous8:10 am

    Don't forget the kris waving gangsters--they too nedd to be investigated.
    Obviously there are two sets of rules !

  12. Anonymous9:55 am

    What about Ng Seng article?

    No wonder crime rate keep rising ......., they have nothing better to do!

  13. Anonymous10:06 am

    i see the man has no gut,come face to face and the man will be surprised 'the bloggers' could be his family members.
    peace upon you,bro!

  14. Anonymous10:42 am

    scary. wht was it it dr m said of this country of late. A police state

  15. Anonymous11:13 am

    The police should do their job of fighting rising crimes all round the country instead of wasting time harrassing a blogger and his family. What is the country turning into, I wonder?

  16. Rocky Bro

    Apa sudah jadi........

  17. Anonymous12:25 pm

    It's called "emotional blackmail" fools, and it's strictly legit under the Constitution of Malaysia.

    There u r, I rest my case!

  18. My question is when (as if!!) they catch corrupt politicians, do they pull their wives in for questioning too?

    If so, this isn't administering double standards.

    Next question is: Will the police also pull in VVIP's wives for questioning when someone files a police report against them?

    I may be a goblok but even I know the answer to that one!
    GO-BLOG(K) forever !!

  19. Double-standard since Ronnie Liew has lodges report against Bedol Napoleon, why aren't the Bedol and wifey being asked to go in for interrogation?

  20. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Ab Jalil Backer wrote a letter to Dato' Ron, published in Berita MyKMU.net http://www.mykmu.net/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=5967

    The letter is with regards to Dato' Ron's latest article with regards to the sms threat.

  21. if they are gonna put me to sleep, being goblok, I wanna know what do they do with ppl who are ALREADY asleep...and these ppl sleep while ON THEIR JOB PAID FOR BY THE COUNTRY'S TAX PAYERS TOO!!

    But they don't even have to PAY to put me to sleep - all they have to do is play me speeches made by a certain GREAT leader of our country with his natural monotone -and I WILL BE PUT TO SLEEP.

    alamak!...come to think of it...I DID fall asleep while attnding a function in which HE appeared and spoke for 10 mins.

    Next time - I have insomnia I will make sure I attend more of these events where our GREAT LEADER is present to share with us the gems of his GREAT wisdom in his "blah blah motherhood motherhood statement" speeches.

    btw I just found out what Patrick Teoh's N word means! LOL LOL

  22. Anonymous10:34 pm

    The police is UMNO henchman. They will follow what their political masters say. Any thing that is of threat to UMNO the police will just do.

    Look at the poor rakyat like us. Crime is every where and the police just "tidur" like Pak Lah.

    Just look at the very good examples sets by the PM, like I do not known, I have not read yet, I tertidur and...........

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