Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ah, Marina Raja Petra

pic by TV Smith
The perfect Muslim wife. For an hour, Marina Lee Abdullah, a grandma of two, refused to answer questions posed by her interrogator at the Dang Wangi police station in Kuala Lumpur. From 11 am to noon, she repeatedly told the Investigating Officer that, "As a Muslim wife, I am obligated to obey my husband, who has ordered me not to answer any question."
Raja Petra Kamaruddin, who runs Malaysia Today, the on-line news portal that has run many exposes on certain government leaders, accompanied his wife during the interrogation. He was detained at the same police station for 8 hours late last month following an Umno police report against a poster's comment in Malaysia Today.
A small group of bloggers, including the daughter of a former Prime Minister and the daughter of a former ISA detainee, who were at the police station to lend their support, waited until Marina's ordeal was over.
RPK thanked everyone for their support.

p.s. And the intimidation continues.... We heard an on-line writer, an author of several books, has been summoned by the police, believed in connection with Umno's police report against RPK.


  1. Anonymous3:31 pm

    The recurrent M'sian leadership debacles of UMNO origin for the past four decades or so made me ashamed to be a Malay. However, being a Malay of Bugis sub-ethnic ancestry, there's comfort in knowing that since the general period in question we have always been counted upon to effectively lead when the odds against the nation were simply too great. Upon apptment to the powerful Director of Operation post following the May 13 1969 riots, the late Tun Abd Razak had to recall Tun Dr Ismail , a full-blooded Buginese, frm retirement.The latter Tun who was then on premature retirement owing to a certain coronary condition while serving as Home Affairs Minister, had managed to prove his mettle by stopping M'sia's multi-racial society frm further sliding into anarchy following the worse ever racial riot.Let it also be said that the illustrious Tun Abd Razak himself is of mixed Pahang Malay-Buginese ancestry.Presently, when UMNO is being metamorphosed into a virtual monster that's ravaging the nation and its plural society with impunity, there emerges another set of Buginese super hero duo to save the day.And, this time around the duo are of blue blood: reigning Sultan of Johor Tengku Mahmood Iskandar, and blogger extraordinaire Raja Petra.The former shook M'sians from their tidak apathy when he made a surprise media coup through live national TV by expressing reservation on the Wilayah Pembangunan Iskandar (WPI) project that he was called upon to officiate.To the horror of the TV 3 producer in charge of the nationwide live telecast then, Tengku Mahmood had even gone to the extent of disagreeing with the decision by the Dolah regime to name the sovereignty sell out that is the WPI after his namesake; implying that he did not want to fall into the deceptive trap of the Western neoimperialists
    like his grandfather Sultan Sir Ibrahim did during the turn of the 20th century.And as for Raja Petra of Selangor royal Buginese ancestry, history is bound to accord him the distinction for inspiring M'sians to at long last stand up and give the "up yours" to a desperate regime under seige; a very gallant act indeed.By standing up to the shamelessly corrupt UMNOputras through his popular website Malaysia Today, the lawyer turned full time critic of the bumbling Dolah hand-over regime had irreparably shattered the myth of the nice guy premier. Dolah Kepala Bataih and his bunch of comical little rascals desperadoes had to even despatch their best and most experienced "political hit man" to deal
    with our super hero, only to be seriously back fired in doing so.In retrospect, it is no wonder that a certain mat salleh explorer of a bygone era had decided to coin a term which kid in North America love to fear until today "boogeyman", based on his own experience in dealing with the silent but sharp and deadly Buginese buccaneers in this part of the world.
    To KJ : Booo..!!! Gotcha in yer wet Oxford-red knickers.

  2. Anonymous3:40 pm


    looks like visible and popular responsible bloggers are now being targeted. is it time to go underground (and remain a responsible blogger)?

  3. Anonymous3:43 pm

    This is outrageous. First this M bin M stirred the hornets nest.
    After being stung, lagi mau kena.
    Now he had stepped on the HARIMAU's feet.
    Habis lah. RPK always maintained that he is responsible on what he writes. Summoning Puan Marina is the stupidest mistake. RPK will definitely not get mad? But he will know what to do next. As Always!
    My support to RPK's family.

  4. Anon 340pm,

    It is an option but I won't do it. I'll blog on using my name. Like Tok Kadir said in his comment under my previous post, there must be a limit to fear.

    RPK said something to this effect after it was over just now. He saId that "they" are hoping that bloggers and Malaysians who believe in freedom of speech to feel fearful of what "they" are doing to the bloggers now.

    Intimidation works when the fear factor exists. If you have no fear, intimidation does not work.

    Easier said than done, I know, but it's inspiring nonetheless. If we believe in what we doing and we are not doing anything wrong, as we are not committing any crime or breaking any law, why let anyone intimidate us?

  5. Anonymous3:57 pm

    We must support RPK in his fight. If for any reason, his situation is symbolic of other malaysian blogger.

    This is the time Malaysian bloggers will have to separate from the men/women and the boys/girls.

    This is when the chips are down, the courageous ones stand up and be counted. The the boys/girls go and hide.

    I stand by RPK.. he is the long-awaited voice in the wilderness.

    Now they are hunting down his family.

    This dangerous trend must be nipped in the bud.

    I ask all the malaysian bloggers, seen and unseen. They should now speak up. No more sitting on the fence and trying to save your own skin.

    RPK bit the bullet. So should all of us who cared to ensure that this govt is transparent, clean and accountable to the people and not to UMNO or UMNO Youth.


  6. Anonymous4:04 pm

    hunchback of tg puteri

    Its dolah kepala bana and not kepala bataih

  7. why is the police still not taking action on Ronnie Liu's report?



    muhamad X 2 made report in Dang Wangi

    Ronnie 2 made report at Dang Wangi

    why so slow to take action one?

  8. Anonymous4:08 pm


    You are spot on when you said that "when you have no fear, intimidation does not work." Keep up Rocky, RPK and others we are all with you all.

    Keep blogging until the Sleeping Beauty and his gnag gone to sleep forever.

  9. RPK is a handsome man!!

  10. Anonymous6:13 pm


    Check this out, under the law the wife cannot testify or can refuse to testify against her husband.

    I hope our police is acting within the law.

    But with so many cases being thrown out of the court because of sloppy job by the police and the AG Chamber, there's a reason to suspect.

    Congratulations Puan Marina and RPK.

  11. Anonymous6:27 pm

    I am happy to hear she is out..and ok.

  12. Anonymous6:28 pm


    I sokong you.

    May the force be with you!

  13. Anonymous7:57 pm

    Bro, I just love this lady (Marina). Off course, RPK as well.

    To both of them and your reply to Anon340pm, I drink to you. Coffee, any one? :) - Amir

  14. Police act lopsided
    Reports made by Mx2
    Got it carried through
    Calling YM Raja Petra
    Drilling him for over 8 hours
    Yet nothing on the platter
    Looking so silly

    When this isn’t enough
    They dream of something else
    Called in his wife
    A grandmother in her right
    Do the police care to know?
    Interrogating her for over 90 minutes
    Wanting to find loopholes
    She isn’t that goblok to kowtow
    On the whims and fancy of the Police divide

    Now I remember what Ronnie Liu’s police report
    On the seditious contents in PM website
    Aren’t the police going to call PM?
    No one is above the law

    It is the same rationale Mx2 report
    RPK landed in for over 8 hours
    So why the slow snail on Ronnie Liu’s police report?
    Because it is from the opposing party

    IGP gets your priority
    Listen to the people
    If you value your uniform and the badge
    Act without fear or favor

    Sad the country runs by sleeping partners
    Let the unofficial administrators run
    Behaving like Taiko calling the shots
    The senior partners nodding heads
    Dare not say a word in the end

    Intimidation to create fear
    This isn’t a Taliban country
    Police you are there to protect the people
    For the unwanted satisfaction of the elite
    So go out and act likes a true Police
    Hook in those who break the laws
    Let it be known
    No one is above the law

    Fear makes a person
    Like David and Goliath
    The truth will prevail
    God make it so

  15. Anonymous10:17 pm

    My car was broken into - lost my laptop; my house was broken into - again lost my laptop. Made police report in each case. That was two years ago - you think anything came out of them?? Rrrrriiiggghhhttt - NOTHING, ZILCH, apa satu pun tarak

  16. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Guess what the police will do next?

    Will they call RPK's grandchildren for interview????

    Maybe not, perhaps they will call the mosquitoes or ants from RPK's house for interview?????

  17. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Bravo Marina.
    You are a brave woman. I am so proud of you.

  18. Eat this UMNO: I'm a new blogger who came into existence because you started persecuting bloggers and suppressing free speech. i suppose i should thank you; you created me. Up yours!

    Rocky, do we have any information on who is the other blogger is? The one who has also been summoned?

  19. Anonymous1:44 am

    The truth will prevail at the end. if the govt has the truth, then it should not worry. Just make their case. But this witch hunt is making the govt look bad. and calling the wife for this when there so many bloody case to go after that are more serious, just shows that there are many double standards and UMNO is the master.

    Interesting we have laws that can prevent a wife from testifying against the husband.Police knew that???

  20. I really hope the three idiot (PAS, PKR and DAP) get their act together in the next GE.

    We the rakyat jelata only have one vote each. Hope it will not be wasted just because the three idiots doesnt want to work with each other.

  21. If its anything we learn from this exercise, its that we, responsible bloggers are making an impact!
    Lets continue to do so to effect change!
    Continue to support, and we shall continue to expose!

  22. Anonymous9:43 am

    I wish people are more cautious when they evoke their ancestry and genealogy. I wish they won't do this only when it suits them!

    For the Malays to link all of their actions or selected ones to their Buginese, Acehnese, Javanese, Minangkabau, Boyanese, Siamese, Arabic, Peranakan (Chinese & Indian Muslim)and Eurasian/European ancestry is like searching South East Asia, Asia, Europe and beyond look for one dominant gene to win the argument of the moment.

    My point is - do we have to awaken our ancestors each time we commit an act or a deed! Why don't we just take responsibilty ourselves? Most of us are "nasi campur" or "chap chung", "rojak" or "pasembor" anyway! Why select one racial strand to identify our composite racial composition with?

    Why play up the "Anak Raja Bugis" identity? Why not "Descendent of A Viking" or " Great4 Granddaughter of Empress Wu" or "Great3 Grandson of Imam Shamyl" if these apply?

    I thought we are promoting a Bangsa Malaysia where our separate ethnicities/identities are merged into a national one.

    1. As Nagata says (1979:3) ethnicity is " one of possible identities which can be evoked according to need and perception of a situation".

    2. Mohamed Aris Osman (1977:105-81) refers to the concept of" identity oscillation" by which he means the Malays are seen to shift their identity and loyalties when confronted with the realities and challenges of daily life.

    We are Orang Bugis, Orang Kelantan, Orang Johor, Orang Muar, Orang Rembau, Orang Minang, Orang Negeri Sembilan, Orang KL, Orang Kampung Baru, orang kampung, orang bandar etc etc etc depending on the characteristic or trait that we wish to be identified with.

    For a fuller discussion of the identity oscillation of one Malay group i.e. the Jawi Peranakan AKA Mamak read IMAGES OF THE JAWI PERANAKAN OF PENANG (Halimah Mohd Said and Zainab Abdul Majid : 12-18; 191-198)

  23. Anonymous11:47 am


    Once I was a hippie. My years of roaming the globe I have fought against the fascist regime of Greek Giorgious Papadopoulus and Pattakos, Spain Francisco Franco, against the Vietnam War, was involved in the student uprising in Paris and have known intimately many European activists among others such as the murdered leader of Germany Green Party, Petra Kelly, and Cohn Bendit ( who is now a EU parlimentrian).
    One of these activists, now a prominent European politician (left winger) was the one who alerted me of the massacre in Bosnia-Herzegovina before it became public knowledge.
    We then have the zest to fight against facism and dictators and American intervention and bombing of Vietnam killing Asians, for what!
    When I read about the police interrogating Marina the wife of Raja Petra,I was and still am angry by the fact that our police force is showing that fascistic tendency!
    I know both Raja Petra and Marina and they are my friends and as a rule of thumbs I will stick with my friend come what may.
    I just do not want to see me demonstrating against the police force that I have admired as the best in the world. So IGP Musa Hassan please play fair and do not allow police action to be translated into the people going against our finest, or at least it was!
    For a footnote: When our government presented Malaysia's highest military award to a fascist dictator Chilean General Augusto Pinochet, years back, I was aghast and I wrote violently against it in a newspaper and I was called by a General, then in charge of military intelligence and I was chastised! After an explaination he seemed to understand why I did what I did.
    Under Pinochet'watch thousands of people, including many of my Chilean friends, were killed and disappeared
    So Malaysian Police, the most admired police force in region, and may be the world, don't slide down the fascist way for I am still young and still have the energy to fight you! Just do not succumb to the whims and fancies of politicians who are beinbg elected by the Rakyat! This write up has no malice intended!

  24. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    i have taken 3 months of my own time and money to interview 50 refugees living in Malaysia. i have just completed it, in time for our 50th independence celebrations.

    their stories are at

    i hope you can blog about this website. Malaysians read your blog. i would like them to know about these people living in fear in Malaysia. we have had freedom for 50 years, and yet we deny others.

    thanks so much

  25. Mr Ahirudin,

    Mcmn saya mahu jadi ahli National Alliance of Bloggers?

    Lately ni saya agak risau bila terbaca ugutan-ugutan dan ancaman terhadap bloggers especially seperti ugutan bunuh terhadap Datuk Ruhanie.

    I've been noticed lately that my own blog was also being viewed by Umno' cybertroopers especially after I've posted some anti-KJ postings. And some of them also threaten me of ISA and etc.

    Hope everything's ok and all those threats sekadar utk menakut-nakutkan dan melemahkan semangat saja.

    Take good care of yourself Mr. Ahirudin.


  26. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Eh Rusdi... RMP, the most admired police in the region, maybe the world?

    I nearly choked on my morning teh susu.

  27. Anonymous3:47 pm

    I suppose it also helps that one knows his/her legal rights and being a veteran in the procedures of ISA detention. But what's being carried out by the law enforcers are indeed is as if they exist to serve UMNO and not the ones who pay their salary, that's us taxpayers, Mr & Mrs RPK included.
    If the rejection, by the rulers, of the PM's proposal on the appointment of the high court judge is anything to go by, my fingers are crossed that our rulers are banding together to put Malaysia back on her tracks....

  28. Anonymous6:17 pm


    The one person I can think of representing RPK in his current picture in a motion picture documenting his life would be Harith uncanny look with the bald head ;-)

  29. Anonymous6:17 pm

    We shall overcome! Come what may!

  30. Anonymous8:56 pm

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  31. Anon 340pm. Fear translates into cowardice. I will die to make sure that nobody cows me thru their fear-tactics. Animals bark, roar, remonstrate to incite fear. Me, no fear for anyone care to join me....stand beside me? I know who will!

  32. Disallowed..