Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Religious Dept drops case against Idayu

"Not enough evidence". A month after arresting her for allegedly "exposing her body" and "encouraging immoral activities" [see my previous posting] at her workplace, the Perak Religious Department has dropped the case against nightclub singer Siti Nor Idayu. She has been advised to "dress properly next time" by the department but has insisted that "I still know what I can and cannot do".

I believe Muslims in this country know what we can and cannot do. We are like other adult Malaysian citizens - we can tell what's good and what's bad. We are educated enough to know the consequences of our actions. We know the kind society we live in. We know the rules. We, the Muslims in this country, are law-abiding. Therefore, dear so-called moral policemen, please stop snooping around to try and shame us and, as long as we not committing a crime, please stop telling us that what we do, where we work and how we dress will land us in hell. That's for the Almighty to decide.


  1. she's so beautiful.. yum yum... I love to see her perform naked.

  2. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Looks the government is full of clowns.

    Some from 4th floor, one is the PM, one info minister, one one eye jack, one from Kinabatangan, some from the regious dept and the list goes on.

    What will Malaysia become or has been????

  3. the religious policemen should pay more attention to those bigger issues such as the situation in afghanistan or those serious-crimes that the PDRM is facing. They can be served as a good support for the PDRM in terms of manpower.

    it is ridiculous for them to make a matter out of something trivial. for instance the muslim student association should focus more on the afghanistan matter than making a ruckus out of Gwen Stefani perfoming in Kuala Lumpur. (see On The Beat with Wong Chun Wai)

    if this prolongs, this would be perceived like a suppression to our non-muslim friends.

  4. Anonymous11:34 pm

    What really happened was that the guys saw her picture and whanked themselves silly for a couple of days. Now that they have released their pent up frustrations, the case has been dropped. Let's wait for the next case so they can start whanking again.

  5. bro rocky,
    calm down.. bro,i do understand ur frustration and am sure u are not alone.
    this viruses that infected our truly asia is spreading like its beyond control.
    i hope we rakyat can prevent it from mutation.
    say no to BN.

  6. Anonymous3:28 am

    To commentator CK and anonymous 11:34pm:

    If you have nothing positive to contribute rather than posting immature statements, why don't you shut your trap!

    Thank you Rocky for the excellent updates on your blog. Please don't spoil your blog by allowing commentators to post immature comments in the name of Freedom of Speech. Sad to see some Malaysians do not respect the Rukun Negara #5 Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan.

  7. Anonymous7:48 am

    'Not enough evidence' or 'Not enough BRAINS' ????
    She was detained and accused of indecently dressed.
    Photograph is splashed in media.
    That dress they call indecently dressed?
    And yet when dropping her case, they adviced her to be properly dressed in future.
    Apalah sudah jadi?

  8. Anonymous8:15 am

    There should be a room for these people to fantasize and wanked themselves to hell. Perhaps their boss could consider providing them a W.R (Wanking Room) within their W.C. That way they dun have to pretend to go on a raid just to satisfy their lust.

  9. Rukun Negara
    How many can recite?
    Only the students with gusto!
    We don’t even remember

    Who can sing Negara-ku?
    Years in schools good at it
    When you leave the corridor of knowledge
    Searching for money or the pot of gold
    Negara-ku fades into memory

    When the heart is pure
    When the mind knows how to appreciate
    When the eyes see good rainbow
    When the senses feel the good vibrations
    There will be somebody making a mockery
    Policing people behavior
    Abusing authority in the uniform
    Wearing badge of Islamic virtues
    Giving advice thinking they are the angels
    Forgetting Allah decides
    The day we all die…………..

    The Mighty Lord and Merciful Grace
    Know where to put His love and forgiveness
    To His children who cry for help
    He doesn’t punish per see
    He grants His wishes
    To all who admit their sins

    It is only the Ala Taliban
    The students thinking like adults
    Drawing line of good and bad
    And yet they fall on own traps

    The lips of sinful parades
    Burning hot gold nothing in the souls
    Allah knows how to deal His children
    Running naked in the Garden of Eden

  10. Anonymous10:10 am

    she's so beautiful.. yum yum... I love to see her perform naked.

    calm down.. bro,i do understand ur frustration and am sure u are not alone.
    this viruses that infected our truly asia is spreading like its beyond control.
    i hope we rakyat can prevent it from mutation.
    say no to BN.

  11. I agree with Anon. 3.28am. CK, I know you're normally polite but it's remarks like yours that give people in the religious departments the excuse to do things like this. Besides, it's very disrespectful to Siti Idayu.

  12. Anonymous10:33 am

    Nope, unfortunately..a lot of Muslims in our country still do not know what to do and what not to do. This fact hurts but its the truth.

    To think you 'know' but actually you are still Jahil and not admitting is the worse thing that can happen to you. Nauzubillahiminzalik..!!

    Malu itu separuh dari Iman. Orang yang tak malu mempamerkan aurat dan mengaku tahu apa nak buat..alangkah sedihnya dan diSOKONG pula orang orang yang mengaku diri mereka Islam dan TAHU apa yang mereka boleh buat dan apa yang mereka tak patut buat. AstagfirullahalAzim!!! Ya Allah ampunkanlah dosa dosa kami semua!!

  13. Hahahahhaha

    sorry lar people, guys are normally just perv in nature.. that's the reason for high internet porn.. You know what, I really do think she's beautiful.

    If she was a stripper, I would pay a large sum to see her. Too bad this is Malaysia. I think I'm gonna head to strip club in the U.S.

    I'm not a Muslim, and i believe that body is art. Woman are beautiful, and their beauty are worth to be seen.

    What's the point in covering yourself????? I don't see the point. I would dance naked on the street if the law allows me to do so.

    By the way, I BELIEVE, the reasons for high RAPE crime in Malaysia is due to the following (very honestly ):

    - Men in Malaysia are suppressed for not having an avenue to release their sexual desire.
    - Prostitution is not legal.
    - Religion does not allow all sexual activities.
    - Most importantly, there are no porn materials available on stores for guys to jerkoff prior to marriage (those who commit to postmarital sex)

    My view is, guys are being oppressed sexually. And I believe a lot of girls/womans/lesbians felt the same too.

    Terima kasih kerana prihatin. I love the people of the country. This view must not be your view. But I think there are many guys who would agree with me. And if you're not. You're probably Gay (this is not a discriminating statement, I do love them too)

  14. Anonymous5:21 pm


    love to see ur mum, wife or ur sister naked too! err...lose ur mum, just ur sister & wife pls! ahhaahahahhahahaha

  15. Sure.. not my mum,
    you can have my sister and wife (if i have any)

  16. Anonymous11:36 am

    we should have corporate policeman who would bring down all those politician who eat our money all their life