Thursday, August 09, 2007

"Revoke KJ's Visa" call

American reader spanks PM's son-in-law. A regular reader who lives in the US sent me a letter the other day after reading of Khairy Jamaluddin's accusation that Anwar Ibrahim was puppet of the US and the Jews.
I am reproducing an excerpt of the letter (also sent to Malaysiakini) below, in which the writer calls on the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur to revoke KJ's US Visa.
Dear Sir,
I call on the US consulate in Kuala Lumpur to revoke Khairy Jamaluddin's visa, unless of course he is carrying a diplomatic passport, which he shouldn't be.
His recent statement that Anwar Ibrahim is a proxy for the Jews and Americans is a blatant racist remark and uncalled for.
If Khairy strongly feels that towards Americans, then he should not be vacationing in the US and buying iPhones, which he recently bragged about in a newspaper article.

Srikanth Siva
Chicago, IL USA.
[Letters on the issue published in Malaysiakini: KJ: Young chiku who has got nothing to show and Why bring in the Americans and the Jews?]


  1. Anonymous5:03 pm

    yes please revoke his visa.
    he hold no goverment post

    he's not even a member of parliment

    he has nothing of importance of malaysia or the people. he hold no diplomatic post of whatever.

    all he does is play soccer and be a politician ultra

    he's only a face.

  2. Anonymous5:10 pm

    They said,"If you want to get rich
    faster,marry your boss's daughter,
    he just done it already.....and to the cybertrooper....tell your boss,If he really wants to be a hero,stand up for election.....

  3. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Sorry, cant get the point here. The call to withdraw his visa is quite childish, aint it?

    I know, I know. I would not mind if his visa or his existence being revoked. But just because he said something about the jews or america? Am I missing something?

  4. Anonymous5:18 pm


    Just wait. The time will come. Maybe sooner than later.

    When he suffers Anwar's fate, he too will go grovelling to the Americans. The Jews will become his best friends.

    Anwar's was once a star. Powerful. Protected by the Power (Mahathir Mohamad).

    He fell out of grace and he cursed his mentor. KJ will do to Abdullah Badawi what Anwar did to Mahathir.

    With Abdullah's ears, eyes and heart now belonging to Jeanne, KJ has to find new protector.

  5. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Lets email the US consulate to consider banning him from entering US and Briton and the rest of Europe where either US or Jews live.... hahaha that would make him worry abit!

  6. Anonymous5:38 pm

    I second that. By all mean, please revoke his US Visa with immediate effect.

  7. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Sdr Anwar juga berpendirian keras terhadap Barat dan Yahudi ketika menjadi Ketua Pemuda.

    I was there when he orchestrated the demand for the return of Carcosa Sri Negara and other high-profile campaigns.

    Saya tidak terkejut kalau KJ belajar daripada AI atau mendapat ilham daripada tindak-tanduk bekas TPM itu.

    Serangan terbaru KJ terhadap Anwar mungkin berupada smoke screen untuk mengabui mata umum terhadap persepsi bahawa wujud satu rupa bentuk pertalian antara beliau dengan Anwar.

    Dalam temuramah saya dengan Anwar beberapa ketika lalu, bekas TPM itu ada bertanya pandangan saya tentang KJ.

    Umum tentu masih ingat bagaimana KJ bergegas memulangkan sendiri pasport antarabangsa Anwar sebaik saja beliau (Anwar) dibebaskan daripada penjara.

    Dalam politik, apa yang tersurat dan tersirat sering berbeza tetapi dalam dimensi ketiga kedua-duanya mungkin sama.

    The US Government is unlikely to revoke or refuse him a visa. On the contrary, the State Department loves to have him in the US, to wine and dine him, figuratively speaking, and to change his mind.

    Terima kasih.

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  9. Anonymous6:05 pm

    S Siva should write officially to the US State Dept and the US Immigration & Naturalisation Service (INS) with this complaint about KJ,

    Better yet, he should email some of the conservative commentators on US TV (such as Bill O'Reilly of the Fox Channel). Comments such as Malaysia being as Islamic state are sure to grab their attention. And these people have an influence on how politicians in the US think and vote.

    Yup, plenty of pressure can be put on KJ. To the point where he will be a major embarrassment to the Msian govt and the image it is trying to foster overseas. And then he will be quietly sidelined.

    Uncle Sam has plenty of clout with regard to Msia. That it hasn't been exercised yet is somewhat surprising!

  10. Anonymous6:09 pm

    "If Khairy strongly feels that towards Americans, then he should not be vacationing in the US and buying iPhones, which he recently bragged about in a newspaper article." .....well that clearly shows what a hypocrite he is, doesn't it?

  11. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Revoke his iPhone(s)!

    I bet that would hurt even more for the never-grown-up!

  12. sokong cadangan Srikanth Siva!

  13. better feel free. lets KJ be the champion of malaysian. actually he is the hero. see, what the umno's members have done. nothing. KJ the great hero. he is the leader of the future. correct me if i'm wrong.

  14. Anonymous7:45 pm

    I don't want the US government to revoke KJ's Visa. I want the Malaysian government to revoke his citizenship. When they find out who's the real traitor and who's the real puppet of a foreign government, then they'll know ...

  15. For this issue, i encourage to submit an online petition. Usually i dont advise people to simply make an online petition unless it is an important issue. KJ is a threat to the whole world bcos of his racist mentality. In football, there is a saying "Say No to Racism".

  16. i don't think U.S will revoked his visa for making stupid remarks,afterall who is he.
    he don't deserved the free publicity.

  17. Anonymous8:40 pm

    How dare you, Khairy!
    You, who have done nothing for this country.
    You, who have got wherever you are because you married Pak Lah's daughter.
    Tell me, pray tell -- what have you done for this country?
    Zilch, zero, nothing.
    so, shut your trap. don't start getting on Anwar's case.

    Learn about the struggle of this country.

    I am no fan of Anwar. But he has done a lot for the people as a student leader. more than you could ever dare to do.

    Alaa.... i'm sure kalau kena panggil polis setengah jam dah terkencin2! Podah-lah... sama macam Nazri, Zam, etc... sekejap dalam lokap dah spill the beans.

  18. Anonymous8:52 pm

    No, no, no. He's again "misquoted" by the press as usual.

    What he said was "American Joes".

  19. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Khairy is only an opportunist who will say anything to get votes. Many Malays are easily influenced by people like him anyway, and he knows it. KJ will say and do anything just to get his place in the sun. He is only obsessed with himself.

  20. Son-In-Law should not have his visa revoke by the United States, rather he should be allowed and encourage to go freely, to appear on "The Oprah Show" to Appear on "The Jay Leno Show" as a guest, explaining his racist and anti Semetism statement/s and view/s, that way, the whole wolrd will know soon he is either an Oxbrainer or a monkey-brainer. and soon Malaysians will know if they have an Ox or a Monkey as their Champion; wither way, the prospect ain't going to be good, it all just boils down to being an animal.

  21. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Let Khairy be, no need to ask for cancellation of his visa.

    He's just a loudmouth with nothing to show for, except being the PM's son-in-law. Sooner or later, someone in Umno Youth is gonna backstab him.

  22. Anonymous10:57 pm

    don't be so sure about the visa thing. we are now closer to the USA and Australia compared to previous admins.

    This is all a smoke screen as mentioned by akj. The thing is who is helping the Malays who are in need? KJ is fighting for NEP but for who?

  23. Politics is the art of impossible and no permanent friends neither enemies. You can cheat everybody but can't cheat yourself. Time wil blow away all the bias and let us wait and see.

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  25. Anonymous11:56 pm

    KJ is is a cheap wanabe politician who will say anything to please the crowd. Wasn't he the one who hand delivered Anwar's EXPRESS PASSPORT?

    This guy is a waste of time.....

  26. I hope Khairy loses his Iphone and visas.

    I hate to know that he has an iphone. It is still my dream toy.

  27. Anonymous12:24 am

    Khairy, as described by many of your commentators is a loudmouth, an opportunist etc.
    I am certain that Americans and Jews hardly find him a threat to their dignity and standing in the world. He is small fry to them,- you know you can still find Americans who believe that Malaysians still live on trees! Furthermore Malaysians are well capable of 'correcting' their home-grown miscreants and are not easily fooled by their leaders.
    So perhaps Srikanth Siva should loosen up and not get too overly protective of his country. I am sure that his fellow Americans who came with the Pilgrim Fathers are more relaxed about such statements.I would suggest that Srikanth Siva , as a loyal American turn his energy to issues like taking care of the victims of Hurricane Katrina and bringing back the boys home from Iraq and Afghanistan??!!

  28. Anonymous12:35 am


    I agree with what A Kadir Jasin have said. Khairi Jamaludin is playing wayang. Khairy Jamaluddin is actually the puppet of Anwar Ibrahim.

    So, Khairy Jamaluddin is also the puppet of the US and the Jews.

  29. Anonymous12:45 am

    PM Abdullah is so bloody close (at least trying hard to get close and blow up G.W. Bush's pants) to the US administration, so unlikely the US State Dept will revoke KJ's visa. In the first three years in office, PM Abudllah met with Pres. G.W.Bush four times. That's a record for a Malaysian PM, in the space of time.

    Saddam was anti Jews and Israel also even in the 70s-80s, when he was still the darling of CIA. Did the State Dept revoke Saddam's visa into the US?

    Don't dream of the obvious. Like what Dato' AKJ said, KJ is a very much US stooge in the current PM's administration. Its important for him to freely drop into Washington D.C., so that Malaysia is an American ally-wannabe!

  30. hehe...Oprah or Jay Leno...not in a million years. He might get into some talk show in Timbuktu perhaps.

  31. Anonymous7:19 am

    KJ is NOT a racist.If he were, great, then, at least we know he believes in something, even if it's bad.
    the guy is useless. he's saying all that because that is expected of him.
    he's trying to be a politician.
    that's even worse, someone wo plays to the gallery is as bad as a mercenary.

    malaysia, at this time is unfortunate to have someone like him in a powerful position -- son-in-law of a PM who is not running the country.

  32. Gila bodoh si Khairy ni. Apa dia ingat ni zaman 80an dulu ke. Ini Internet la. What you say this minute will be known the next minute throughout the world.

    Macamana Oxford boleh terima orang bodoh macam Khairy ni?

  33. Khairy is actually an insult to the university he came from. Perhaps he was one of those who graduated with a CGPA of 2.0.
    How could one with "brains" (if he has one) indulge in crude gutter politics and pander to the kampong masses?

  34. Anonymous9:30 am

    Maybe indirectly, he wants to tell the world he hates the jews and america. The fact is not all jews are evil people, neither all christians are great dudes....(and many other religion for example)

  35. Bro,
    Apa yg KJ cakap tu adalah WAYANG Belaka. KJ = AI. Sama aja tu..Kelihatan benar cara KJ bersamaan dgn AI ketika era AI tahun 80's and 90's....kita lihat apa yg akan terjadi dlm masa terdekat

  36. Khairy oh Khairy!
    Trying hard to make a face
    On the camera speaks volume
    Only he hears his own echo

    Catching shadow
    Long time in black
    Calling a disgrace to a race
    This is Malaysia
    It isn’t about skin

    He is just a monkey
    Hopping mad in the Botany Garden
    When tourists don’t supply him groundnuts
    He shows up his tantrums
    Hopping from tree to tree

    If you ask his father in law
    Oh he will say
    “I don’t know
    He has turned into a monkey?”

    Look at yourself Khairy
    Don’t play on racial issues
    Say about Malaysia
    And tell what you can do

    In this globalize world
    It isn’t about race
    It is about country or nation
    Achieving world acclaim

    What have you done, Khairy?
    A loving stock to the Americans
    Is this the way Malaysian think?
    Like you I think I forget

  37. Anonymous11:31 am

    KJ = perfect example of attention whore

  38. At least one thing. Khairy will now be on the US `watch list` for sure.
    Maybe someday Jack Bauer will have to get him.

  39. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Aiyah, the young boy does get the drift aah! Nobody likes him.

    Grown man

  40. Anonymous1:45 pm

    thats him. doesnt walk the talk. what to do. unemployed yet can afford all the luxuries of life and loss hundred of thousands in the stock market. by the way, where is his source of financing. From his FIL?

  41. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Probably the next time he enters US he'll be detained and strip searched for any intention of terrorist act for his visits. His iPhone will be traced and monitored on calls made and received. Hmmmm... I wonder how many branded products he is wearing are made in the USA.

  42. Shucks, Khairy, what have you contributed to this country except (dang I normally dont do say these but wtf I'll say it) satisfy the PM's daughter. I am not privy to these things but that's what we normal people provide for our spouse. But the PM daughter is not THE cuntry....oops COUNTRY.Day by day, I am getting nasty....its not me. Need to see my psycho-analyst.

  43. Anonymous5:22 pm

    If he bought an iphone to use in Malaysia, then he is more stupid that I thought he was.

    iPhones can only be used in the US so why buy one?? Unless he has business in US. Hmmm... I wonder who is the real puppet.

  44. Anonymous2:10 pm

    KJ is another useless piece of shit. Isn't our govt is hypocrite too? Always critise the West for its misfortune. If they hate Western beliefs and cultures so much, wear your sarung lah instead of business suits and all that.

  45. He bought 2....yes TWO iPhones and activated them through AT&T. (according to his article in NST) This means the sad fuxxker is paying roaming charges just to use the phone here in Malaysia. And believe me...USA roaming charges ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Even average rich person wont pay that kinda roaming charge.

    But after all...this is KJ. The average poor UMNO politician. Pity the guy. He needs a higher post in next elections.

  46. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Ah.. this pig face, goat ass, oxfarts pee drinking, shit eating beetle has done NOTHING !!!!! for the country but licks his FIL's balls and jerked him before sweet Jean came, cum whatever along.