Saturday, April 07, 2007

Thesis on All Blogs

June Tan will include the National Alliance of Bloggers as part of the conclusion for her thesis on blogs in Malaysia. She needs inputs so if you have the time and the views, click here.


  1. Viva Che Rocky Guevara !
    Viva la Revolucion !
    or something like that....

  2. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Bro Rocky
    I see that you are now a columnist. Please tell where. Must admit .. can't get enough of you. Afraid less is more does not apply to you.

  3. a malaysian in riyadh,
    you wrote, "please tell where". what coincidence! i am a columnist with Tell, a local monthly run by a couple of brave ex-mail/nst girls who want a glossy magazine containing unglossed local issues.

    march was its inaugural issue (offiicial launch of on 19 april, same night the bloggers united people are having a gathering, which means i'll be there and from there i'll go there). my column's title is Rocky's Bru. For my first piece, I wrote about trouble "brew"ing for Malaysians who blog and the second piece is on the collateral damage i suffer as a result of my blogging. from may, i'll write about life in general.
    i'll try and do a posting on the two issues soon.
    are you in riyadh as your nick suggests?

  4. Anonymous11:48 pm

    very much so in riyadh. i must say the JARIR bookshops here are even worse than POPULAR in Malaysia, but I heard Borders will be opening soon. but i am not complaining as i can read Rocky's Bru, Screenshots, 3540, Rantings, The Scribe, Kickdefella, Pulau Duyong, Do You Remember, Dina Zaman, etc etc (tok cekak wae nok tulih semuo) anytime anywhere. thank you folks.