Saturday, April 07, 2007

Chick-bashing prince Part 2

Police report withdrawn? A comment was left anonymously in this blog around noon today claiming that the police report lodged against the Tengku Mahkota of Johor for allegedly assaulting a 21-year old woman last month had just been withdrawn. Anon also claimed that the TM was framed by another prince from the state.

The cops had better say something or they might undermine the PM's all-out war against crime. Last week Lim Kit Siang handed copies of the postings done by four blogs on this incident to the deputy Internal Securities minister and the Parliament's deputy speaker.

I reproduce the comment which was left here under my original posting on the incident:
"repot yg dibuat keatas tmj dah pun ditarik balik sbb difahamkan semasa repot dibuat sibapak ni tengah bekecelaru dengan desakan2 drpd anak raja yg lagi satu tu dan jugak kuncu2nya yg mendesak supaya repot tu dibuat utk memalukan dan mengaibkan tmj. tak abis2 anak raja lagi satu tu buat hal. difahamkan juga tindakan utk mengaibkan tmj ni menjadi jadi sejak anak tmj dilantik sebagai raja muda johor. kirakan anak raja yg lagi satu tu benganglah dengan tindakan sultan yg membuat perlantikan rmj tu."


  1. Anonymous1:29 am

    told u, it between tmj, tbj, money & chick. money win

  2. is this the same TM who alleged 'party-crashed' and 'party-pooped' someone's wedding in 2005?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. oh dear,

    nobody wins here.

    this really is not the case of all's well that ends well.

  4. Anonymous7:04 am

    salam Bro,

    hi...'Sultan Mahmud Mangkat diJulang Revisited'

    Happy Beautiful Sunday and Easter to your celeberating bloggers.


  5. Anonymous11:08 am

    ...regardless of the current development, a 21-year old woman was allegedly assaulted last month. Where's the protector???

    Over to you, Shahrizat.

  6. Malay royalty has not rise to the occasion in modern history, except for few princes and princesses but thats far in between.

    Quite a few of Malay royalty have roots to learned ulamak and wali. Perhaps thats why they are given such reverence. They are still human and after a few generation, they lost themselves to indulgence. THats typical repeated cycle of history.

    I am no royalist fan. Although I have royal blood (Javanese Radin)and Javanese is one very feudel suku kaum Melayu, I think royalty is an out-dated institution. However, its constitutional role is very important and I am rather practical here.

    During the age of European exploration age and Colonialism, Malay states were technically not invaded by the British but basically "out-sourced" its administration. The out-sourcing seemed dumb but considering the SWOT limitation, it is quite smart.

    Smart because in all the treaties with the British including 1874 Pangkor, the spirit that all the state remain a Malay state and Malay is the original inhabitant is consistently emphasied. In the 1835 ceensus, Malay consist of Malay 86% Malaya and Chinese 7.7% (near all immigrant), and rest others. Naturally Mlaay is near 100% in earlier times before colonisation. British screwed the racial composition to 49.2/33.9/16.9 in 1931.

    That clause provide basis for Malay Special Right in Article 153 and Islam as official religion in the Constitution. The basis is simple. Returning colonialist shoudl revert the country to its original inhabitant and tradition. Thats the locus standi of the Royal household.

    The Royals thru Council of Royalty is the undisputed Guardian and Administrator of Islam and Malay Special Right. Naturally they have strong say and influence in state matters. Democrasy and people self government is practised at their willingness. Remember the treaties.

    While TDM's 1986 and 1992 Constitutional issue address the administrative and the age old abusive problems of royalty, it had its Constitutional confusion.

    TMJ TMJ ...

    What people may say ... generally Johorean have respect and even rever the Royal family and collectively have no tolerated their indiscretion. Perhaps, people on the ground do not know, nevertheless people respect and love them. Peopel are warmign up to him and forgetting his past.

    For what the complaint of one commentator on the cost of TMJ's annual kembara, it measn a lot to the people and its not easy for a future sultan and his whole family to stay over in a simple ecotourism kampung homestay in Sarang Buaya at Muar/BP border.

    TMJ has shown sincere concern for the state and general welfare of the rakyat, like the recent flood. It is said that TMJ summon Dato Azman Mokhtar to his Pasir Pelangi palace for an answer and express his displasure of SJER. Looks like it that he could be blackmailed and SJER opponent will lose an important person. The scary precedent to us all is federalism. State land matter will fall under federal authority. As it is state couldn't collect taxes. Return of Malayan Union?

    Palace indiscretion is one aspect but the bigger pix shd not be lost again.

  7. Anonymous11:59 am

    i agree with "Raden" A Voice! but the palaces must get hold of themselves. for 500 years many of them have brought nothing but great sufferings to the people due to their excesses. i would like to see a prince that i want my children to look up to and explain to them the good of consitutional monarchy, but who do we have? nazrin?

    in this case involving the 21-yr old lady, TMJ's office should be reacting to the news. true or not true. the police should also be more forthcoming. the Istana, for heaven's sake, must investigate.

    it is when everybody clamps down and blacks out the news that the people become suspicious of everything, from the police to the istana.

    and what good does that do?

    i am against federalism as how Raden puts it. but if status quo does not benefit me or my fellow Johoreans, what choice do we have?

  8. Bro,
    I have prophecised this out-come in your pt.1 posting....As expected we must first admit we are a corrupted country... nothing unpatriotic about that..then clean the shit out, then can we go and comment about other parties, governments or countries ! Such hippocrisy !
    Wiping out hippocrisy should be our No. 1 item in our agenda then we can get to the business of Islam Hadari !Sheesh....!
    I guess much treat and pressure must have been put on the poor father !We can all say "go th hell with justice" in this corrupt country !Have we become so cheap as to be bought with money ?
    "Happy Easter to all bro" !

  9. Rocky and everybody ie, Malays, Chinese, Indians and DLL!

    Fortunately or unfortunately the Royalty system in this country is like a proof of ownership of a land called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu (Now let us not get emotional in our replies okay I am telling it as it is, i am not one for sugar coating!).

    The system is akin to a land title or "grant tanah" to tell the world or the rest that the ownership of the country legally belongs to the Morons, yes us Malays!

    For example, if you get rid of the royalty system, get rid of all the sultans and Agong, and TMJ, TBJ and say one day the DAP will take over the government of the day, the Malays will have difficulty in proving the country is theirs "originally" so that why we also have to live with the antics of gthe Moronic Royalty (not all are for example Selangor is civilised). Unless if we have another "Mahathir Caliber" types!
    Meanwhile, all Morons, and others alike just shut up and the noise you all are making is very irritating to my ears! Unless the system can be changed, we ought to get on with our lives unhindered by
    "white noises". Get a life!


  10. Well said shanghaistephen but I like to differ. I'll tell you why :-)

    Those days THEY say the complain of corrupton and abuse were on raja2

    After the constitutional crisis, THEY say the pembesar2 became the neo-raja2.

    Seeing what happens, THEY say the orang kerajaan or napoleans tumpang sekaki.

    To succumb that we had privatisation, THEY say, saudagar became corrupted.

    Now THEY say no more napoleans, but its the young up and coming pembesar2.

    Thats good progress and I hope THEY is right. Next will be the rakyat's turn for a hand on corruption ... muahaha muahaha HAHAHAHHAAH

  11. Anonymous12:44 pm

    this is family tussle between tmj & tbj jgn masuk campur sudahlah biarkan both of them settle their own problem. tapi tbj tu duduk lah diam-diam sudah jgn nak sibuk2 lagi. you got your own title sudah lah tu.

  12. Anonymous12:50 pm

    let it be, let it be. it's between both of them tmj & tbj. kalau nak bercerita pasal ni sampai kiamat pun tak habis.

  13. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Uncle A Voice is never known to be accurate with dates. There were NO constitutional crisis in 1986 and 1992.

    Tun Dr. Mahathir, the former Prime Minister amended the Constitution which involved the Malay Rulers in 1983 and 1993.

    The 1983 is about Royal Assent. Now, when a Bill is passed through Parliament and/or State Assemblies, if within 2 weeks there is no royal assent given, its still get affect and becomes a new Law as Parliament is the body that create law for the Rakyat by the Rakyat.

    The 1993 is about revocation of immunity enjoyed by the Malay Rulers and their immediate families on conduct which is private in nature.

  14. Anonymous3:29 pm

    History has recorded that the Malay Rulers thru their representative, Dato Panglima Bukit Gantang, waived their rights as absolute ruler and agreed this country to be turned into democracy by constitutional monarchy, as practiced by Westminster, when we negotiated with the British, for independence.

    That is a great contribution by the Malay Rulers to Malaysian politics. Otherwise, we would remain just like Brunei when we gained our independence, absolute democracy.

    The Malay Rulers remained as the symbol of this democracy that we practiced today and for 12 General Elections. The Malay Rulers also became the protector of the faith and Malay culture and heritage.

    It is the same system practiced by other constitutional monarchy like Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Spain and

    How they behave is totally a different issue altogether. There are mild mannered Malay Rulers who do not get involved with anything, like the Sultan of Kedah. What they do is their personal capacity and unfair to take it against the household.

  15. Anonymous2:14 am

    surat tarik balik laporan pada 25hb Mac dan dihantar pada ketua siasatan jenayah johor pd petang yang sama. Keluarga Yasin minta ampun kepada tmj kerana diperalat oleh Tunku Majid dan koncunya Dato Yahya Kokoi, Manjit dan Jo Protech.Polis sahkan penarikbalikan laporan polis dibuat dgn sukarela, tanpa janji atau paksaan pada 26hb Mac. Polis telah menutup kes tersebut. Yasin, adiknya Rahmat dan Yasmin turut dalam keterangannya menjelaskan bagaimana cara TBJ dan kuncunya cuba menghasut dan mengatur laporan polis itu.Bukti sms, perbualan telefon yg direkod telah diserah pada pihak polis. Perbuatan TBJ hanyalah untuk mencuba nasib agar Sultan Johor pecat TMJ dan lantik beliau jadi Tunku Mahkota yg baru.TBJ masih tak memahami kandungan Undang2 Tubuh Negeri Johor dan diberikan nasihat yg salah oleh Manjit Singh dan Datuk Yakya Kokoi .Permusuhan TBJ dan TMJ amat jelas selepas anakanda TMJ diisytihar jadi Raja Muda. Perbuatan TBJ berjumpa DAP dan minta DAP keluarkan dan hebohkan isu ini di Parlimen amat memalukan.

  16. Anonymous5:39 pm

    As an anak Johor, I can say that most of the Johoreans I know of have little to no respect for the royal family. They say the aim of the annual Kembara is to "get closer to the rakyat", well, they can start achieving that by not using police escorts for every unimportant event, like going back to the palace, and bulldozing their way through the red traffic light, while the traffic at the junction with the green light gives way.

  17. Anonymous7:25 pm

    As the true Anak Johor and have the respect of the royals, I'd say that when they use escort it's only for official functions and not otherwise. Going back to the Istana escorted is always after attending the official functions. When there's no official functions traffic regulations are always abide otherwise many royals will be hit to death by the incoming cars (at the traffic lite)HAHA. Anyway police escort is their entitlement (the same goes to the ministers and other high govt officials). With regard to the Kembara Johor objectives, it's true enough that the objectives are to get all parties, the royals, the state government official and the rakyat closer. Through Kembara Mahkota Johor charity can be channelled, state govt decision for the rakyat can be made faster. In a way the rakyat will and has benefitted from this Kembara Mahkota Johor. This is a good mechanism that can be adopt by other state and even PL has acknowledged this.If you want to know more about Kembara Mahkota Johor try to get a place and involve in it. Till then TATA. Allah Peliharakan & Selamatkan Sultan!!! Amin