Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dr M: Let's go to court/Walk With Us

Jeff Ooi vs Them. Screenshots goes back to Denmark House tomorrow at 9 am for the third time to face the NSTP and 3 others who are suing him for postings they claim to be defamatory. The same media giant and 4 others are suing me, also for defamation.
My case was heard f0r the third time in the Judge's chamber last Monday. After the hearing, I spoke to the AFP journalist, who subsequently wrote this piece, "Blogger may call Mahathir as witness", which Malaysiakini reproduced today.
Yes, I did tell her that I would consider calling both Dr M and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to court, if and when the time comes, to help with my defence. A lot of my postings concern the PM and his successor.

Dr M: Let's go to court. I was invited to the launch of Syed Akbar Ali's book "Malaysia and the Club of Doom" at KLCC this afternoon. Dr M launched the book. At the end of the function, we bantered:
Bru: How are you, Tun?
Dr M: I'm fine. Hah, why did you withdraw (your application to strike out the plaintiffs' case)? Takutkah (Scared)?
Bru: Tak ... (No). Don't you know I'm going to summon you to court to be my witness?
Dr M: Let's go, now!


  1. Anonymous11:29 pm

    wooowwwwwwww...rubbing shoulders with the Real Deal. the Living Legend. we just
    gotta love this great man dont we?

    rock on, bru!

  2. Tat’s the spirit brother. Thanks for dropping by. Something for you at my “cyber’s base camp”.


  3. Good move Rocky. More than good. Afterthought: Brilliant! I'm trying to figure out just what Jeff's best move is ... anyway, may the wind be with him.

  4. Damn... now that's a book launch I would've loved to have gone to. I had done a review on the book sometime late last year, and my opinion is that it's definitely a worthwile read for all Malaysians.

    BTW - sorry I couldn't be there yesterday, but as Jeff mentioned, I would have to be unemployed to be there... heh heh. Or self-employed.

    And it looks like it will be the same with Jeff's tomorrow...

    In any case, rest assured that I was there in spirit... ditto for ma┼łana.

  5. Anonymous12:56 am

    A lot of my postings concern the PM and his successor.
    you mean the PM and his predecessor? and by PM do you mean Pak Lah or KJ?

  6. Anonymous1:31 am

    don't you think TDM is always at his best when at ease? :)

  7. Anonymous1:41 am

    Very interesting. Good to know.

    Good luck, gentleman.

  8. GOM at his best. "Let's Go Now"
    Bedol at his worst. "ZZZ"

    Will try to make it for Thursday, got the message from Pat. ;)

    "Walk With Us"

  9. Dear Bro Rocky,
    Like all of us ,TDM really appreciate your persistence.
    Like all of us ,TDM shall support you.
    Semoga di panjangkan umur keatas kedua2nya Amin

  10. Dear Bro Rocky,
    Like all of us ,TDM really appreciate your persistence.
    Like all of us ,TDM shall support you.
    Semoga di panjangkan umur keatas kedua2nya Amin

  11. Rocky dude, the first thing after reading that "Let's go now" statement from Tun just made me think that you're going into a handicap wrestling match with the unpredictable Stone Cold Steve Austin. Rocky 3:16 y'all!

  12. Salam Bro Rocky

    Berani kerana benar....

    Terasa kehilangan pemimpin berwibawa macam TDM

  13. Anonymous8:21 am

    I disgaree with Pulau Tikus. Although Tun Dr. Mahathir has his lighter side , however, from my experience, he is in his top form when he is a little bit aroused, agitated and/or mentally and emotionally charged, at the same time.

    Its how he addressed UMNO General Assemblies when he was still the PM and recently, his speech made at the Perdana Global Forum III and when he spoke at Johor Bahru, 10 Feb 2007.

    I think great leaders psyched themselves up, when they want to express a certain message at a big crowd.

  14. Good job Rocky!!

    You have already beaten Apollo Creed and the russian dude, why fear!

    You Malaysian Stallion..you!

  15. Thats it!!!!

    You got a 'very' strong BACKUP bro!

    Syabas Bro!

  16. I bear witness to that conversation.

    With Tun M as your witness on the Tokyo incident, will Pak Lah be his usual self to lie for the sake of Kalimullah.

    Thats what NAsty Pee doesn't want to ... a trail. Heee heeee

  17. Anonymous12:25 pm

    dont want to be anti-climax hear...
    but if i remember it correctly, isnt Tun M also do the same i.e., application to strike out the plaintiffs' case (DSAI's defamation suit)

  18. Anonymous12:32 pm

    i was shivering when i saw somebody wrote: rubbing shoulder with The Real Deal. Living Legend.

    indeed. he is.

    this make my eyes water.. drMpower

  19. Anonymous7:31 pm

    bigdog, then you can say TDM is at ease at all times.

    at ease when agitated, at ease under attack? :)

  20. hah... what was your response to that? :)

  21. PM and Ex-PM in court! that'll be fun! sure pack full one.... good time for us to sell bloggers united T-shirts there to raise funds and awareness!

  22. Anonymous7:22 pm

    This is the same TDM who stomped on the independence of the judiciary and has absolutely no regard(or understanding) of the separation of powers. Be careful! Be very very careful bro!!!