Wednesday, April 04, 2007

NSTP & 3 others ask for more time

Jeff Ooi's consolidation . The plaintiffs this morning asked for - and were granted - more time to study Screenshot blogger Jeff Ooi's application to consolidate his case with mine (NSTP & 4 others are suing me for defamation and in the opinion of his and my learned counsels there are many common grounds involving the two cases that warrant a consolidation).
Click here on why the two cases should be consolidated.

According to counsel Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, the learned Judge will next hear Jeff's application to strike out the plaintiff's original claims (the claims were recently amended) on April 24, 2007.

Last Monday, the court let me withdraw my application - with no order to costs - to strike out the claims made against me by NSTP & 4 Others . This was based on the fact that the plaintiffs had amended their original claims against me.


  1. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    In my inexperience eyes, it looks like they are trying to buy time. But Malik should know. He 's one of the best there is in town.

    One question, when Edmund is off to Oxford, is Malik going to take over the conduct of the matter in court?

  2. This looks like a long drawn out battle between Brawn versus Brain.
    Things look very tricky here.
    One withdraws the striking out application and other does not. Why? However, consolidating the two cases is logical since there is a real possibility that different courts may pass diametrically opposing decisions!!!!!!!

  3. with all the hu ha, court case and all, i see rocky solid as a rock.

    Tahniah untuk anda rocky. Yea... ini isu tentang ada yang cuba menekan, dengan harapan ada yang akan melutut.

    Adakah SJER itu juga berjalan seperti ini. Ada yang cuba menekan atau (mengumpan) dengan harapan akan ada yang termakan dan ditelan?

  4. In the court of my opinion (who cares eh?) these guys should'nt have "asked for more time". In fact, they should JUST GIVE IT A REST. Put these sorry episode behind. I don't quite understand the legalese Bro', but I know I'm behind you on this one, and the need to protect our rights and freedom..

  5. Anonymous12:31 pm

    This is my 2cents on conspiracy theory :

    Are these people trying to bankrupt you and jeffooi by prolong the case? And not to forget this people also using public listed company NSTP to bail their legal cost.

  6. Rocky and Jeff will go bankrupt just because NSTP & 3 others are against them?

    i bet my last 5 duit!

    If this vicious kutu is still alive and kicking, NSTP & 3 others can go fly a kite!

    i'm still studying the meaning of bo tambah do, bodo!

  7. Anonymous5:58 pm

    rocky bru and jeff ooi, i supoort u two against NSTP and 4 others. noth of u are easy target as u put your name on your blog unlike many other malaysian blogger who blog anonymously. why NSTP did not sue the blogger who blog under the name and other as they too publish material that defame NSTP and others?
    is it because blog anonymously therefore NSTP do not know who he or she is and therefore cannot sue? be fair NSTP if u want to sue, then sue all the blogs that u feel defame u.

  8. I read news about Malaysia wanting to identify all local bloggers from my country's online paper (the Philippine Daily Inquirer). I sympathise with you guys. I hope things go well.

    At the rate we're going, I fear something like this will happen back home very soon :(