Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tengku Adnan's "dead" Part ll

Chivalry and the gentlemen bloggers.
1. Former teacher and blogger Bernard Khoo of the Zorro-unmasked fame, who still trains little kids so that they'll grow up doing what's right, wants it to be on record that "most Malaysians don't say stupid things". He has offered three takes on the Tengku Adnan vs Women Bloggers issue here, here and here.
2. Pasquale tells us that "in a real parliamentry democratic system, (Tengku Adnan) would have been asked by his Prime Minister to make a public apology over his remark on women, since they are the voters .. But the reality is, this is a tin-pot fake democratic system where even the Prime Minister does not know which way is up or down!" Read his Real Conspiracy to Control .. Women!
3. Blogger A Voice has re-written the lyrics of Stupid Cupid to support his call here for a new law to punish stupidity against women bloggers.
4. Walski has not just posted but postered his disgust here! "What on earth was (Tengku Adnan) thinking when he proclaimed that out of 10,000 bloggers (all unemployed, by the way), 80% are women, and all 100% are liars, anti-National Unity, and pro-Civil War?"
5. And Amir Hafizi of the Malay Male blog thinks this is an Indian Conspiracy!
He wrote a long posting but much of it, regrettably, can't be reproduced here so please go to there.
6. Mob's Crib has issued a new movie poster Minister, Interrupted in conjunction with Visit Bolehland Year 2007, acting Angelina Jolie and one Tengkoo Adnan!
7. Jeff Ooi posted his utter disbelief here with Ku Nan's statement before boarding a flight home. He was thinking of Conan The Barbarian for his in-flight movie entertainment.
8. Black's @ Amin Iskandar in Gwangju, South Korea has given the issue a wider international coverage, here.
9. Tony G the Stand-up Philosopher has a daughter who blogs and he is pissed. "
Mr Tourism sir, my daughter is also a blogger and you have accused my daughter of being a liar. Please sir, prove to me that she is a liar otherwise I think she deserves an apology from you for that accusation. If you wish to know which is her blog, I suggest you go through the entire 8,000 female mended blogs and decide. If you are unable to do so, than apologise to all the female bloggers you labeled as liars....if you have the BALLS to do so. In closing, sir, IF YOU CANNOT DAZZLE US WITH YOU INTELLIGENCE, PLEASE DO NOT BAFFLE US WITH YOUR IMBECILITY."
10. SKThew says Tengku Adnan's statement, which was made in response to Nila Tanzil's bad experience as an "invited guest" to the ministry's VMY media campaign, shows that the minister did not take kindly to criticisms.
11. Big Dog's Reject Minister's foot in mouth... says "if (the minister) had par level intelligence, he ought to work with these thousands of Malaysian bloggers, including abroad, well networked in the cybersphere, to help promote tourism for Malaysia and focus on the ‘Visit Malaysia Year 2007′."
12. Maverick SM the Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin blogger observes here that "It seems that the whole governmental ministers and UMNO leaders are at odds with bloggers. Who are the bloggers? They are Malaysians. Are they disillusion with the government and more so, with the leaders for their dim-wit stance and idiotic performances? The government is supposed to be the government of the people, by the people, for the people. But the government had shown that they are there to suppress the people who voted them in and make them rich."
He has a question with about Tengku Adnan's sexual slug: "Will women bloggers lodge a police report for sedition and sexual discrimination?"
13. I Am A Malaysian blogger e-Woon says the minister is probably scaring tourists away instead of drawing them. "Think before you speak, sir. When you don't look good, you make us Malaysians not look good. Your latest issue has stained us worldwide and the stench reeks and lingers as far."
14. Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong listed 10 possible reasons why the Minister said what he said. 1. Is it his prostate problem? Now blocking the water flow now flooding his brain. 2. Is it something that he ate that stop wind fr coming out that all went to his head..airhead?? ... Find out what the other eight possibilities are, here.

and many more ...


  1. Thanks for the plug, but I'm no gentleman. I'm a barbarian. And sometimes I wish I was a librarian.

  2. hey rocky, can we get our practising journalists to go after him and ask him for an apology???

  3. Posted my thoughts on him, shared by Angelina Jolie! Hurrah me.

  4. Anonymous9:25 am

    Bro Rocky,

    It matters either does Tunggul Adnan read blogs or not? Maybe he is a left-behind new technology savvy? Why did i say so?
    "From what I know, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women."
    From where did he get this information? Was it from NST? Did he ever visit MalaysiaToday? Or he is only fed with all news comes from the mainstream media without checking the reliability of them?
    Why people blog? Do bloggers really hate our national unity?
    If bloggers(such as Lim Kim Siang) have brought some hot issues for the sake of malaysians, can we label them as liars? Do authorities listen to our urges and pleas? Do ministers want all Malaysians to kiss their ass? The current administration does not represent me and us anymore. You suck our blood. You impose ridiculous restrictions. And you claim yourself that this is a country that practices democracy that uphold the principles of Islam Hadari(introduced by Ayah Lah)..Since when Islam has a new teaching? When i converted to Islam few years back, I only knew Islam was the singular religion)for Muslims only) in spite of 4 mahzabs. But Muslims pray to the same GOD.

    BTW, we keep blogging to reveal the misleadings, to tell the truth..Bloggers ARE NOT liars.

  5. Well, seems there's a wave of "rubbish" talk lately, it's time they hire good spin doctors.

  6. bro,

    thanking our blog bros for their postings. and you, too.

    but, hmmm.... we are just a bunch of anti-national trouble makers...

  7. Anonymous11:58 am

    Indeed, I believe in investigative journalism and confining ourselves only on the truth. So, for a start let's dig out the truth about the title "Tengku" before the name "Adnan". Dare Adnan face the truth? Half of his family acquaintances in Gombak and elesewhere khow that Adanan is a liar to the core!

  8. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Agreed! He's Dead, He's Dead. He Dug His Own Grave!

    Wonder what's coming up next week. 2007 seems to bring doses of hot stories together with the global warming. Worth paying RM77 for my streamyx.

    Female Blog Reader.

  9. Anonymous3:34 pm

    This incident, together with many others, have merely highlighted the type of ministers and high-ranking politicians we have running Malaysia. Good thing Malaysia has continued to progress IN SPITE OF these politicians.

  10. Sdr Rocky,

    Satu lagi contoh mengenai betapa Blog dan blogger kini menyebabkan semakin banyak pembesar negara rasa resah gelisah terdesak dan tersentak.

    Maka apakah yang lebih baik daripada membunuh pembawa berita kerana lebih mudah membunuh pembawa khabar daripada mematikan khabar.

    Hatta jika ini bermakna menghina wanita Malaysia yang begitu penting kepada hidup mati politik pembesar negara.

    Inilah amok minda yang menjadi jalan keluar pilihan banyak pembesar negara apabila mereka tersepit dan terperangkap.

    Terima Kasih.

  11. Anonymous6:04 pm

    great post..hahahhaa

  12. Dear Rocky,
    TA is 'dead' alright and we bloggers are going to dig and deeper for more lies that originate from him.No one can insult sister bloggers and get away from it scot free.Speaking with 'holier than thou' attitude..the gall that he has!!

    Lets start from the lie about who is he in the first place.

    Start digging.

  13. Malaysia prospered because of its people and not because of their leaders.
    Singapore prospered and so are its leaders but not its people.

  14. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, Menteri Pelancongan
    He's one who can't distinguish between the moon and the sun
    Like a frog that's permanently stuck inside the coconut shell
    He thinks that he's bigger than a cow when his stomach swells
    O Pak Lah, pindahkanlah dia ke Kementerian Ketinggalan Zaman

  15. Anonymous8:02 pm

    see..bila orang cakap kitchen cabinet half past six dia orang marah.....see the proof again..he is dimwit, what else can I say..

  16. Tengku Adnan kah? Tunku Adnan kah? Adnan kah...Apa dah jadi. Blogger wanita mesti kena sokong kelab malam dibuka sampai pagi. Barulah ada umphh dan ikut peredaran zaman. Sempena Hari Wanita apa Datuk Shahrizat kata?

  17. Anonymous8:50 pm

    What Could Have Been.....


    What a difference that kind of headline would have made for tourism and for Malaysia

  18. Bro,
    Politicians are champions at drawing so much attention to themselves... and always get caught when they open their big fat mouth trying to speak intellegently...or so they think !
    Some how I feel there will be outright denial to this statements( remember it was only in a chinese he'd say they are killing him !) as usual and pretty soon all will be forgotten until another joker comes along with a new statement/joke !

  19. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Uncle Tan
    Your "pantun 5-kerat" is so so cute! Am I lying?

  20. Anonymous9:54 pm

    i think we should present the malaysia no1 blog lover award tenQ adnonsense, if he would to come out with these statements, he would have read 10,000 blogs !!!....heeeheeehee, sorry, can't control myself...10,000 blogs, another award, world guinesse record, most read blogs, malaysia truly boleh asia. and the second statement "malays will kill chinese, chinese will kill malays, indians will kill everybody else", hahahaha....sorry again, this one joke isit? i like the one by amirhafizi "So who the fxxk are going to kill the Indians? Goddamnit, man, this is all an Indian conspiracy!"

  21. Anonymous11:23 pm

    I have been reading your blog for quite awhile ... I could take the 'misdemeanours' of the ppl running the country from posts before but this one really boiled me over. I would like to call him hiTAM .. his idiocy Tengku Adnan Mansor. He has caused too much 'damage' .

  22. Anonymous11:47 pm

    How can TA throw those accusations at me, at all of us, women bloggers, on our special day??
    8,000 out of 10,000 are women bloggers eh? is he counting his chickens before they hatch? If Pak Lah or anyone from the government does not address this issue ... just count how many votes they'll be losing!?
    Pak Lah, if i were you, I'd look into this matter closely, carefully and immediately!!!!!!!!!

  23. Anonymous12:34 am

    "Malays will kill Chinese, Chinese will kill Malays, Indians will kill everybody else."

    I tell you its an Acehnese conspiracy to dominate us.

  24. Anonymous1:05 am

    Incidentally, why is Shahrizat, Wanitas, Putris, Chew Mei Fun, Yen Yen, etc all very, very quiet?

    They support the Teuku from Aceh?

  25. how to get famous amongst women if you're old... ugly and probably has a pea size brain (or dick)? ....

    say that most women bloggers are unemployed and all are liars.

  26. Anonymous3:26 am

    hey rocky
    waiting anxiously for your part III!!!!
    hidup wanita blogger :-)

  27. Anonymous4:22 am

    when is the farewell party? will tengku adnan be parachuting off the titiwangsa eye? hahahhahaahhahahaha......

  28. Anonymous6:31 am

    Reading the comments here and their connections confirms my suspicion that most bloggers and commenters are themselves half-baked nitwits. They are emotional and are ready to jump on the bandwagon of negativism and sensationalism. They make personal attacks without really knowing the persons concerned. They are as rotten as the people they condemn (that is, if what is reported is true). Before you all make any claims to fame GROW UP FOR GOODNESS SAKE! And expand your vocabulary beyond the S--T and the F--K!

  29. the nation is in serious trouble... to be safe remove him from the seat, we do not need anyone without brain run the country, period.

  30. Mr Tony G, the correct phrase should actually be: "If you can't dazzle us with your brilliance, don't baffle us with your bullshit."

  31. hey... even the chill zewt has joined the fun.... but of course, i lied in my entry... since we are all liars....

    this is gonna be a looooong ride....

  32. jangan makan banyak sangat..nanti kita jadi bodoh.

  33. dont whack the bloggers. coz they re united. dont try to be a champion if you re not the one.

    read my blog -

    i m start talking.

  34. Well the Little Napoleons are having a field day when the Big Napoleon is out of the country as usual.... hehehe

    some poster to add to the spice:

  35. I love how kind you guys actually call him a "sir"...

    I think I will call him "idiot" instead... he don't deserve a "sir" (not knight)...

  36. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Kementerian yang dijaga oleh 'Denan' ada menaja sebuah program pelancongan famili yang akan disiarkan di RTM1 tidak lama lagi. Dengar kata sebuah syarikat telah diberi tender menerbitkan program itu. Dengar kata dalam diam-diam "Denan' dan keluarganya mempunyai kepentingan dalam syarikat produksi itu secara diam-diam. Jadi siapa sebenarnya pembohong???

  37. Anonymous5:12 pm

    "Anonymous said...
    Incidentally, why is Shahrizat, Wanitas, Putris, Chew Mei Fun, Yen Yen, etc all very, very quiet?

    They support the Teuku from Aceh? "

    Good point there !!

    Our Sports Minister has been very quiet--not even the slightest disagreement, let alone protest. ?

    What has happened to all the women in the Government ??

    Blind loylty ? Remember how Sharizat used to protest when the Kelantan said something about the women ?

  38. Case of political survival ... nak hidup, even if you look stupid.

    See JJ, with DOctorate from McGill Montreal can honour Knowledgeless Dol as K-Economu Father

  39. Anonymous7:56 pm

    after what the dimwit said, malaysia going to host e-tourism? we asking bloggers around the world to help promote Malaysia? hahaha.
    Martes, Marso 13, 2007 7:53:12 PM

    12 - Malaysia to host Asia Pacific e-tourism meeting

    Monday, March 12 2007 @ 03:56 PM GMT


    Tourism and information technology ministers, governmental officials as well as experts will gather in Malaysia's eastern Sabah state on March 13 to discuss e-tourism issues in the Asia Pacific region.

    The two-day conference, themed "Asia Pacific E-Tourism for Growth: Matching market efficiency and social inclusion", will focus on the information communication technology (ICT) industry and its role in developing tourism.

    The meeting is co-organized by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism.

    "The conference will provide a forum for exploring the use of ICT to promote tourism and exchange experiences as well as the best practices in this area," the New Straits Times quoted UNCTAD officials as saying. (PNA/VNA)

  40. Anonymous3:47 am

    hahhahhahahahaha e-tourism? Google 'tengku adnan' and this post is rank 2...check it out here.

    hhahahhahahhahahhaha tengku adnan is famous

  41. No further proofs required.
    That bodowi and his team are really half past six and insults all intelligent people.

    Such minister should just resigns and keeps his big mouth and this fella was NOT misquoted.
    Play back the voice recording!
    This fella cant even do a good job in promoting the country.Why we are wasting our tax money paying such a person ?Its OUR fault who voted them into power.So , i guess we should removes all these fellas next round.See you all at the ballots.