Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tengku Adnan's "dead"

Minister incurs women bloggers' wrath.
Marina Mahathir, Susan Loone and Elizabeth Wong are heavyweight bloggers in their own right. Angry, heavyweight bloggers. They are not the least amused by Tengku Adnan's remarks in a Chinese-language daily about Malaysian women bloggers.
In her latest posting And just when we thought we were getting somewhere .. today, Marina expresses her disgust with a "supposedly sober person in high office": "What leadership! What rational statements! And on International Women's Day, women bloggers are defamed as liars and cheats. Fabulous!"
In her internationally-tracked blog, Susan Loone, who is based in Bangkok, let loose an open letter to Tengku Adnan entitled Malaysia's Tourism Minister is a Dimwit!
"Your generalisation has gone a bit too far. You are NOT fit to be Tourism Minister with this attitude. You are bias, rude, patronising and stupid. But going by your analogy - of one makes all - I don’t blame foreigners for thinking that all of us are stupid or Malaysia bodoh."
She adds: "Women these days are different. We don’t merely sit around looking pretty. We work, take care of the family, write, blog, ask questions, analyse, create, invent, and a million other things. But there’s one thing we won’t do. We will not take this crap from you."
Elizabeth Wong, in her piece Tengku Adnan whacks women bloggers which has stayed on my blog's Today's Top Postings since yesterday, was riled after picking up the translated version of a newsreport in Sin Chew on what Tengku Adnan had said. Whacking back, she writes: "Don’t you even have a heart? Weren’t you taught manners and etiquette in school or at home?"
The Minister, among other things, reportedly said:
"Bloggers are liars. They use all sort of ways to cheat others. From what I know, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women.“Bloggers like to spread rumours, they don’t like national unity. Today our country has achievements because we are tolerant and compromising. Otherwise we will have civil war. Malays will kill Chinese, Chinese will kill Malays, Indians will kill everybody else.”


  1. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Some things just cannot be help anymore. No comment, next please ... ;)

  2. bro,

    i am not a liar. i am not a cheat. i love my country. i love my family.

    i make an honest living doing what i do. i don't take bribes. i dont give bribes.

    i am woman. i am a blogger.


  3. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Hello "Tungku" Adnan,

    Apparently, AAB has lost control over his ministers. Recently, there was a heated arguement between Sammy and Soi Lek. Now, the tourism minister has come out with a statment that angered the women. Its a clear cut that he himself shows his lackdaisical b4 issuing a statment. From what he knows? Does he really delve into the world of blogs? Are bloggers liars? If a blogger has proven a plagiarism,but he was asked to revoke his publications, should we call this so and so a liar?
    Does he understand that there is many hidrances in mainstream media? In which people cant channel out their dissatisfactions? The only way we have is via blog to tell the truth....

  4. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Is "Tengku" Adnan a real Tengku? Some say he is just a plain "Mr" but somewhere in time he called himself a "Tengku", from which royal house one wonders. Perhaps someone in the know can clarify his pedigree and upbringing.

    His statements are just plain downright stupid, insensitive and offensive and it looks like he's got a lot of problem axes to grind with just about everyone, including foreigners.

    The man has got no character and personality and IS a real big time dumbo. He's a real liability to the country. Why he's up there only the drowsy one knows.

    1. He's a Tamil "Tengku or teuku!"

  5. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Its me again..
    I guess, Tungku Adnan will receive much pressure later...maybe, he will emulate wat his boss does by denying wat he said those things that have made women in a state of furious feeling over his words..later, he will say that he didnt lie..but he merely denied...
    I guess...

  6. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Abg Rocky,

    Here's my two sen's worth, whether or not it means anything to the world. One of the fundamental problems with MOST malaysian members of the cabinet is simply this: they have the inability (or too lazy or unbothered) to read. they just do not read to enrich themselves with 'ilmu'. So, if many of them do not read, they lack ilmu, are unable to think, assess, or even able to empathise or understand. And then it all becomes a vicious cycle - 'deliberate' ignorance breeds stupidity and stupidity coming from a member of the executive? there is no excuse. Incroyable!

    So, coming from a dimwit like Tengku Adnan, how could Malaysians expect him to think? obviously he hasn't done any reading especially on any of the blogs written by women bloggers.

    Ok.. it's finger-pointing time. Who have Malaysians voted for? Nothing but a bunch of cheats and liars manifested in the form of politicians. Brilliant.

    It's time for a change. A time to wake up. How much longer are we supposed to put up with dimwits, eh?


  7. Anonymous5:58 pm

    NURAINA A SAMAD said...

    i am not a liar. i am not a cheat. i love my country. i love my family.

    i make an honest living doing what i do. i don't take bribes. i dont give bribes.

    i am woman. i am a blogger.

    Well said, sis! You could not have said it better.

  8. rocky ,
    you know I dont swear - ask ena. But this could just trigger the first of many!

  9. Anonymous7:36 pm

    Born in Malacca, perhaps not member of any royal house. I find it strange the comment came from someone who went to study at a reputable university such as USC (I assume under government scholarship).

    Datuk Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor
    (Former Minister in PM's Dept. - Now Minister for Tourism)
    Tengku Adnan, 56 and born in Malacca, was elected in 2004 as the member for Putrajaya and returns to cabinet after a two year absence.
    Tengku Adnan studied business administration at the Mara Institute of Technology and the University of Southern California. Before entering parliament he worked in the corporate sector as a director of Far East Asset and UNZA Holdings.
    Tengku Adnan, first became involved in politics at 19 and was elected a member of the UMNO Supreme Council (MT) in 1993 but failed to defend his post in the 1996 UMNO election. However, he was re-elected to the UMNO MT in 2004. Tengku Adnan was previously the chairman of the Federal Territories UMNO Liaison Committee.
    He was elected as a senator in 2000 and appointed Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department in 2001. He was later appointed into the Cabinet as Minister in the Prime Minister's Department in 2002. He also held the post of UMNO executive secretary in 1999 and resigned from the post in 2004.
    He is married to Datin Seri Enny Beatrice Ferlat Kusumo Anggraini and is the father of four sons and five daughters.

  10. Rocky,
    I am a woman blogger and i am not a liar.

    Wonder if the minister's communications team giving him the right advise?

  11. Hey bro... with apologies to brudders Shieh and Mob1900...

    Walski simply couldn't wait...

  12. Anonymous8:37 pm

    Bloggers liar...hmm..not very wise for someone who supposedly heads the KL Football Association which is filled lies and doubts.

    So Tengku Adnan, care to clear the air over what was the commotion all about with regards to your current secretary?

    So what about the supposed 'money issues' whereby a former KL Mayor cum KLFA President 'halalkan' which I am sure you're well aware of.

    How come the city team has no sponsors, as claimed by its secretary, to date and is in the doldrums while you are able to secure thousands and not millions for your ministry?

    For a person who has a lot of questions to answer, perhaps its just best to keep mum, wouldn't you agree sir?


  13. Dear Rocky,
    What a Dimmwit!! But what can you expect from third quarter mind minister in half past six cabinet...this must be the ultimate wisdom that he could come out with.

  14. What a crap!

    He should changed his name from "Tengku Adnan" to "Tunggul Adnan".

  15. Anonymous9:37 pm

    hi bro;
    thanks for the solidarity with women bloggers. really appreciate it :-)

  16. I'd like to quote FL2020 who had this to say about another stupid remark by another minister during another time:


    But seriously, folks. Do you really, really expect TA to be any better than our other cabinet ministers?

    Now that Walski have put up a parody pix, can we expect Sheih and Mob1900 to follow suit?

  17. Rocky, are you riding with Zorro? He has dedicated three postings for this dick-head Minister.

  18. Anonymous11:08 pm

    why did he say that? what angered him..or is he just an idiot parroting AAB on bloggers.

    Certainly agree he is a dimwitted whatever you may call him

  19. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Datuk Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor never knew the power of women in blogging. Let him read this Women tap the power of the blog

  20. Rocky!

    He is an Achenese and his title is "Teuku" as many such fake royalty has done to change their title to Tengku! His conection with Acheh is still very strong. I have read Maverick Indonesia blogsite and I found that what she wrote was probably true about Malaysian bureaucracy nothing to hide at all! Dollah Bodowi should have chosen Zaid Hamidi instead to be the Tourism MInister at least he has better PR! Teuku Adnan must apologise to women in this country as well for insulting woman or he should resign!

  21. "Malays will kill Chinese, Chinese will kill Malays, Indians will kill everybody else."

    It's an Indian conspiracy, I tell ya!

    BTW, 'somebody' was asking about Pasquale's link.

  22. Anonymous12:27 am

    TA has made a wee-a-boo by stating those comments and thus the saying 'hell hath no fury like women scorned' rings oh so true.

    I wonder what his wife, kids, and perhaps daughters would think when they hear about those comments made by him? It is obvious that utter shame will be written on their faces.

    Wonderful!! More chauvinistic bigotry from dimwitted Ministers. Men Ministers at that too.

    Oh bear in mind, I'm a guy and I find it preposterous that an educated man like TA could make such a ridiculous comment

  23. Hey bro... with apologies to brudders Shieh and Mob1900...
    Walski simply couldn't wait...

    Hi! Walski... I join in the fun can ah? got poster also!

  24. Anonymous12:36 am

    Anonymous (4:13 pm) said...

    Is "Tengku" Adnan a real Tengku? Some say he is just a plain "Mr" but somewhere in time he called himself a "Tengku", from which royal house one wonders. Perhaps someone in the know can clarify his pedigree and upbringing...

    I used to know his younger brother in ITM too, and never knew he had a Tengku to his name.
    And remember last time , the Sultan of Mindanao giving datukship to anybody who can pay?Maybe he also gave away Tengku titles.
    Or maybe our Tengku Adnan is like 'Tengku Wong', who got carried away
    and thinks that being a Malay he could get away with it....
    Well..who knows ..maybe...hehehehe!!

    And this is for Tengku Adnan..
    "No woman cry...No woman no cry.."

  25. Anonymous6:27 am

    He's a dungu tugu.

  26. Anonymous8:43 am

    To those decrying about how someone educated like this Minister could say what he said...

    Who says this lout is educated?

    Educated is as educated does! It takes more than a piece of paper from a university, ANY university to make one educated. Also it's not WHERE you are schooled, but HOW you are schooled.

    Btw, what's the population of women in the country again?

    (Now... to the tune of Shakira's "Our hips don't lie"... together my sisters, starting with those in Adnan's constituency: "OUR VOTES WON'T LIE...")

  27. Anonymous8:59 am

    makes you wonder where this country is heading...

    oh screw it. when things like this happen/are said, i say, (1) prove them wrong (2) since there's nothing to prove because we (men/women bloggers/writers/journos) know what we are capable of, let's get on with the show and (3) i think he's really scared of all of you, that's why he's calling the bluff. heh.

    keep on writing women bloggers! and yes, the men too :)

  28. Trying to outdo this chap;

  29. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Wow... we must be careful of the "Indians" coz according to a Malaysian Minister, Indians kills everyone...and the malays and chinese should not be in proximity coz they kill each other too... Unless he is a big liar... Isn't this an ISA offence if he is lying?

  30. Anonymous7:36 pm


    I am a woman
    I am a mother
    I am a wife
    I am a lawyer
    I dream to be a writer
    I blog out of passion

    and I ve been told that I am good at all above (sorry, I am just so pissed)

    All of a sudden I am a liar? I preach national unity. I am a complete believer in national unity. I love my chinese friends as much as I love my malay friends. My buddies are called Harjit and Vinodh.

    How? Why? am I labeled a liar????

    I need to calm down

    p/s: thanks for the blogroll. Off to calm down. Too angry - cant function

  31. I am a Singapore blogger who blogs about the lives of cabin crew,passengers etc. I swear I am not a liar nor a cheat nor am I a woman...hehehe
    Good thing my country does not have a Tourism Minister.

  32. Anonymous11:40 am

    Would you please stop calling that dimwit a Tengku...

    a Tengku is a heredetary title and this guy isnt bred for it. He's dumb, sexist and racist all at the same time.

    bodoh. memalukan rakyat malaysia.

  33. i'm a blogger. i'm a full-time employee. i'm also married. i've been insulted by a lowlife XD

  34. Anonymous4:25 pm

    He has offended bloggers, women and indians all in one go...way to go Mr Minister.

    say..Datuk Shahrir Samad is a blogger also right?

  35. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Argh. Am actually a 'bantam lightweight' blogger unlike the rest on the list. I'd much rather write about foibles in KL fashion... :P


  36. 'Catch' T Adnan's reply (well sort of) here:

  37. Anonymous2:10 pm if it's not enough he's now accusing an Indonesian journalist as the liar he was referring to in his previous comments. Hello, Mr Tengku, most Indonesians don't even know you, let alone write a blog about're not that well known, i mean, seriously, Mr Tengku whatever, though you may by now successfully earned a reputation of being called ``some stupid Malaysian minister''

  38. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Y.M. Tengku Datin Fatima Yasmin binti Tengku Haji Ismail al-Haj. b. 1951. m. (div. 1995), Y. Bhg. Datuk Tengku Adnan bin Tengku Mansor (b. at Malacca, 20th December 1950), educ. Batu Road Sch., Malacca, Setapak High Sch., and Vanto Academy, Petaling Jaya, and Mara Institute of Technology. Businessman. Minister in the Prime Minister's Dept., Exec. Sec. UMNO, assumed the title of Tengku in 1972, rcvd: DIMP (1988), SJMK of Kelantan (31.3.2003), son of Tengku Mansor bin Baba, a gentleman of Tamil (or Acehnese??) origin, who assumed the title of Tengku two years after his son. She had issue, two sons and two daughters.