Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ah, Rehman Rashid

Your opinion or his rectum? I was happy when told that Syed Nadzri Harun, the group editor of NST, was bringing back Rehman Rashid to Balai Berita but his piece today ["Broken down in the barnyard of free expression"] has left me to wonder why. While I was not totally surprised, it did take away some of the earlier happiness. In that piece, he is describing me as he describes the Malaysian bloggers:
"The local blogosphere is the domain of life-challenged grumblestiltskins and disenfranchised pundits whose asinine maunderings only show why they should never have had day jobs in the first place.
"Rumour, inuendo, half-truths and damned lies are their stock-in-trade, and previously sacrosanct standards, principles and ethics are now laughable.
"Are they not entitled to their opinion? Of course they are, as much as everyone is entitled to ignore them. I would venture, however, that everyone has an opinion and a rectum, and not that many seem capable of telling one from the other."
Pak Lah, Ku Nan have a new ally?


  1. Bru,
    Funny that! Rather than pursuing REAL STORIES, they rather belittle and push aside TRUE REPORTERS!
    Yes, with the power of Main Stream media, they can still do so, but for how long?
    Sooner than later, Joe Public will be able to tell the truth as is.
    More and more people are referring to blogs for content, and as proven, again, Main stream Media will only tell feel good stories....and tall ones too!

  2. Anonymous6:49 pm

    This is like gun-toltling robber accusing petty shoplifter of violence crime.

    NaSTy, very nasty indeed. hahaha

  3. "I would venture, however, that everyone has an opinion and a rectum, and not that many seem capable of telling one from the other."

    Unlike Rehman Rashid, who definitely knows his rectums. Or his ways around them. Inside and out.

  4. Dear Rocky,
    Pardon my unlettered French;

    Powerful ally indeed,one who with slightest whiff of power bestowed upon him, manage to pull out through the depth of his rectum a foul smelling hand and pen to start the day...expecting nuggets of wisdoms dished out??...faecal content is more like it.

    This is a delusional man with grandios ideation spewing filth from the word go like a bulldog on steroid.

    You ,Mr Rehmaen R ,(a learned man who thoroughly studied both ends of anatomy of fishes), you are selling one to feed the other...and you are doing it with full consent without being asked to!! ...Lucky you,you have not heard my German version yet.

  5. Anonymous7:08 pm

    lol ... i seems to like this guy so far from reading what you have posted. Sorry guys and gals but I might be going against the tide here ... ROFLMAO ... now, we are really rolling ... BLOGON! ... ;)

  6. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Quoted from the culprit's column (urgh, how i wish i didn't have to click to you-know-where) to get his own "asinine maundering":

    "My house was struck by lightning last weekend. My computer was fried. To write this article, therefore, I have had to resort to .... Pencil and paper."

    The gist of his tirade was against blogging. Did he not get the message from on high? Someone is really angry with the piece he was writing. Yet he persevered, like a leashed dog at the gate post after a stranger. I believe it will take more than lightning to knock some sense back into him.

  7. Anonymous8:09 pm

    There is a saying Rock, that it takes one to know one.

    Rehman Rashid is oft referred to as an excellent writer (not a prsonal opinion), but although I personally do not know him, he is also apparently oft referred to as, quote "an assinine man who uses big words to impress rather than to impart, and one who thinks he has it all figured out".

    Since bloggers like us are apparently liars, disenfranchised pundits and can't be differentiate between an opinion and a rectum, I can't tell wether RR is an opinion-monger or a rectum. I'd venture to think he is the latter.

    If he can call us those names, we can call him the same no?

  8. Ouch.

    What's got into him?


  9. Rehman, Rehman, Rehman...

    Poor poor Rehman.
    You've been in and out of NST a record number of times, haven't you?
    What does THAT tell about you?

    Anyway, so good to know you are exercising your freedom of speech and expression by whacking bloggers.

    Let me exercise mine --- where did that brain of yours go? Someone must have whacked you real hard on your rectum, huh?

    You'r a real sad case, Rehman.

    You couldn't last long in your day job, man...i mean the many day jobs that you took.
    Sheeesh. You're gotta be kidding..

  10. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Common guys, don't you guys think he's very creative in comparing an opinion to a rectum, and not that many seem capable of telling one from the other? I am very sure he does and I seriously haven't had such a good laugh for quite some time ... :P

  11. Anonymous8:46 pm

    I wonder why nstp and it's top management did not sue the blogger behind aisehman.org. they mention that the article from aisehman blog also defame them but why not sue the blogger behind aisehman.org. Is it because they do not know who is the blogger behind aisehman.org? the blogger behind aisehman.org blog anonymously unlike Jeff Ooi and rocky bru whom we all who their name. Rocky Bru wrote his name on his blog unlike most blogger who comment on political and social issue. on yeah, i admire kickdefella for his posters.

  12. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Dear people.

    "Rumour, inuendo, half-truths and damned lies are their stock-in-trade, and previously sacrosanct standards, principles and ethics are now laughable.

    The quote is too general. Ku Nan said the bloggers are all liars. Maybe these statments are true to certain extent.many bloggers are refused to reveal their own identity. Hence, the reliability cant be trusted much.
    Everyone's entitled to an opinion. He has own reasons to say that.
    BUT, the true bloggers wont hide their identities. They are telling the truth and reveal the untrue things. These, cant be acknowledged as the damned liars. Where got people in the world to expose themselves in the public to tell the lies? Got meh?

  13. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Rehman has always be a verbose writer. he writes articles which are meant to dumbfound the man in the street. in short, he 'feels' he is streets above everyone. he appeals only to the so-called intelligentsia. Anyway, we bloggers respect your views. No hard feelings. Write on brudder. as they say, bloggers write from the heart.

  14. "My house was struck by lightning last weekend. My computer was fried."

    Too bad heaven missed him and got the PC! Ever wonder why his house got it and not others?

  15. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Why indeed.

    It's funny how a person's outlook and opinion can change, depending on which side of the 'fence' he is.

    Indeed is it an opinion at all?

    All those years of writing, grumblings, dissents, and travel - alas, end up in one's soul being shaft up the rectum.

    This reflects too on the taste of the hirer. Must like things bitter

  16. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Kak Nuraina,

    Why Rehman? I venture that he is experiencing some sort of financial difficulty and the money from the NST would certainly lighten his burden. He needed a ticket to enter the NST, so what's the best flavor now beside blogger bashing. Opinion and rectum? Can't wait to read his next bombarstic bullshit in the NST that I will read for free at my local Mamak's, must admit its good for a laugh though.

  17. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Why, Rehman?

    Why, it looks as if it is not difficult to turn him over...if the price is right.

  18. Bro,
    Here is a very frustrated man who had been left out in the cold for too long and now given a second chance.... and chance ,he's gonna get only if he pleases his political masters.
    Thou I don't know him personally, I feel sorry for his demented delusions...and his rectum !!!
    Why Rehman...???Have you sold your soul..?

  19. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Your header says it ... Ah, Rehman.
    Frankly, i think he's an old bore. All those big words. So let's move on.

  20. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Just ignore him. he's just one of those pretty people .
    your rectum, my rectum , their rectum---umtimately its just one big 'our rectum' .
    Guess now the 3 Rs can be referred to as Mr Rehman Rashid R.....

  21. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Actually the last paragraph was supposed to read "An opinion is like an a$$hole, everyone has one"
    Well sadly some 'a$$holes' do make sense while others are plain a$$holes.

  22. Writing is a reflection of one's soul.
    If the soul is tainted, so is his writing.
    This piece is a reflection of the present state of his soul, sullied when he fell into that cesspool.

  23. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Less and less people believed what the main stream media say. So we just move on and be more productive and responsible. Demi Negara Malaysia yang tercinta.

  24. Ola!
    I was mulling or pondering over whether I should also comment on his sudden attack on bloggers and to tell him off over his choice of words to describe bloggers! You see I do know him as a friend!
    Then I called Saul, my English friend graduated from Oxford University and now taking a break teaching English from one highly popular international school in Malaysia.
    I ask Saul whether he can do me a small favour and read Rehman's article and tell me what he thinks and to e-mail me his verdict.
    My particular objection to Rehman Rashid is his insistence that he has this God-gift notion to the English language and his insistent that Bloggers use "fractured language" is what gets me!
    So Saul said:"Well I have lived in India and they speak "English" there too, but the nuances of his English reminded me so much of what we snooty English might say very "Indlish" or Indian English! No, no we are not talking about English spoken with Indian accent, but the misplaced modifier and other strange grammatical anomaly. While his English, for the untrained ears, eyes and opinion, is definitely Indlish! Rehman, while verbose in his style, frankly nobody writes like that anymore, got all the rules mix up while he may think he got it! Anyway!
    THis is not the first time a foreigner has commented on his archaic English. The first comment was, if I reember, "if he is speaking English like he writes, in England polite English people will say" Sorry can you repeat that again."
    Well Rehman I think you should apologised to the people whom you are attacking for no apparent reason, unless Teuku Adnan had asked somebody high up at the NST and he "asked" you to be the chosen prostitute to attack bloggers!

  25. Wonders what he gets paid since he writes about rectums and bollocks?

    Probably what comes outha it.

  26. Anonymous2:12 am

    freedom of press is a gift
    that should be treasured

    and hunt....

    join the NPC treasure Hunt Kuala Lumpur-Lukut,Perak on 24 March 2007. Bloggers with attitude dijemput hadir.

  27. Anonymous3:30 am

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.................i guess the money is too good that one just sells his soul.......maybe it was satire?

  28. Anonymous7:14 am

    hahaha! i would ignore RR. coz this was the man, without getting to know me, had once said about me: "She has no milk of human kindness". wonder which milk he was referring to. hahhaa! perhaps he's lonely and wants us bloggers to create a ruckus so he can be famous---did you read zewt's...then you know how a man can be famous in just one day....well, i am tired,,,it's 6.14am bkk time and i havent had a wink of sleep...:-)

  29. Ah, Rehman Rashid

    "There was an outpouring of sentiments long concealed, in ringing testimony to the fact that the silencing of speech could never silence thought. There was a tremendous catharsis about this damburst; the relief of a mighty release. But it was expressed in a form and language that seemed to know no bounds. It was unprecedented, and much for that reason profoundly disconcerting. Suddenly, Malaysians were waking up every morning to see their supposedly strait-laced newspapers engaging in what sounded perilously like outrageous sedition."

    So is he demonstrating against "silencing of speech could never silence thought" for that "strait-laced newspaper"?

    By the way, thats his passage in A Malaysian Journey 1993. It about to go into the dustbin.

    Freedom of speech is not confined to journos and their perfect grammatical English and rule-breakign style!!!

    BTW, the person you are attacking in that paragraph is loved by the people till today becasue he loved his people. Ironic but true. And, its not DrM, which you blasting at large in that book!

  30. Anonymous7:25 am

    Talk about prostituting oneself to the powers that be.

    Rehman is a fine example,

    And yr guess? Yup, he likes it the unconventional way!!

  31. Anonymous7:25 am

    oooh..just wanted to add: i actually felt "honoured" that a senior award winning famous journalist gave me the time of day to say something so deep about me...coz i just started being a journalist then...hahaha!

  32. Anonymous8:13 am

    Goes to show that when your soul is sold you have to be prepared anytime to have stuff shoved down your throat (or up your rectum, perhaps?)

  33. Anonymous8:16 am

    He certainly took a while to get to the point - blogger bashing.

    And to say that bloggers don't have anything pertinent to say, sheeeeesh! How about this: "Go wreck your rectum man"!

  34. In the words of Mr. T, "I pity the fool..."

  35. Anonymous9:45 am

    Why are you all so surprised by what Rehman has written?
    he is an asslicker -- first class!
    hey, don't you all K N O W Rehman for what he is and is not?
    If there is MONEY in blogging, you think he won't be blogging right now? Man, he'd be blogging away like there's no tomorrow.
    Hey Rocky, bro -- Remember that Rehman was blogging long before you did... he was operating that webnews site Agenda something.. Got PAID for it.that was why he was doing it. For the money.
    So...show him the money and he is at your bidding.
    That nasty bit about bloggers that he wrote in yesterday's NST? He got paid for that.
    That's Rehman...
    yes...we all K N O W rehman very well ---
    Rehman, the boy in love,
    Rehman, the man in lust,
    Rehman, the boy crushed,
    Needy Rehman..
    so, people...no surprises from rehman.
    anyway, the boy needs to grow up.

  36. Anonymous9:49 am

    and your day job Rehman?

    should you ever be given one?
    should anyone ever give you one?

    If anybody ever had an iota of respect for you -- not as a journalist because, let's face it you were never one -- as a writer, well, i think, now, they think that they've been duped all this while.

    until your next emotional episode, Rehman....

  37. Anonymous10:25 am

    Hi. Haven't been writing to you since awhile as the same old issues keep cropping up. But this is interesting. Rehman is back!!! The old has-been is bad. Rather, the old never-been. We all know who he is, someone who like to suck up to the powers that be, one who wants to be considered part of the elite. I remembered his first attempt at climbing up the social ladder when he tried to win the heart of Marina (MM). Luckily for us, she has brainds. Then he went for Z (Taib Mahmud's sister now wifey of old colleague Ron). RR has been doing that since day one, wanting an easy way up the social. Granted his wordsmithing abilities are laudable, but wordsmiths are a dime a dozen..true journalists are not.
    Now he has once again sold he soul to the establishment and want to win KJ's and AAB's and especially kalimullah's approval by taking the battle to the blogosphere. Hahaha. Don't worry guys, RR has lost his credibility - hey, from what I heard, even Al Jazeera didn't want him. So let him have his little wankosphere in NST..who cares?


  38. Anonymous10:55 am

    RR: "I would venture, however, that everyone has an opinion and a rectum, and not that many seem capable of telling one from the other."

    He's probably right. In my rectum, I think he's just an opinion! ;D

  39. Anonymous10:59 am

    Rehman Rashid is a good writer, has excellent grammar and command of the English language. But his talents are wasted in pandering to his masters in the New Shit Times by writing high falutin' shit. The guy (now sacked) the NST formerly recruited from the FHM to lift the fortunes of the Malay Mail also writes well, but unfortunately he specialised in writing sleaze. If bloggers are that bad a lot, why are the authorities now turning to some of them to help in investigations of a high profile corruption case which bloggers, and not the NST, made public knowledge in the first place. But for the NST, Rehman Rashid is now DA MAN - to take it further down the pits of bad journalism.

  40. Anonymous11:18 am

    yeah, sure ... it must be the 'feel good' factor they are talking about ... opinion or rectum? duhhh, i dunnnnoooo ... roflmao ... :)

  41. To outsider at 10.59!

    No sir RR is not a good writer neither is his Indlish-laced grammar. Had he been a good writer I would have read his columns or book which I paid RM50 just to be polite! So there Rehman you want to bare it all so can we! Want to know what people at Aljazeera told me his language is an abomination! "the enunciation and inflection are all out of sync. can't be Aljaz material! Not so great after all!

  42. Anonymous11:47 am

    everytime someone whacked bloggers, we will be angry and shouted back. by doing that they become famous. without having to spend on advertisement and publicity...kunan is a famous minister. you want rehman rashit to be famous too? dont waste your space la...

    simplish at simplilaa.blogspot.com

  43. Why, out of no where this guy bashed us bloggers? Did we make him angry in anyway? Money, that's why.

    Well, you sound like a brand new Rehman to me. Not the old one that writings I used to enjoy reading.

  44. Anonymous11:49 am

    Rehman returns to NST after failing elsewhere. He did some work for Aljazeera etc. Many saw him as advancing his career when he joined Aljazeera. Buthe's back with the NST. And NST being NST, they take him back 'cos he's agreed to champion their cause.

    Rehman is a washed-up kid. He may be talented, but he's not focussed. Pay him, and he'll suck up to you. He hides behind words, that's about it..

  45. With the Tourism minister's accusation on women bloggers, I bent my rules and deviated away from my main mission in blogging...that is to be motivational,inspirational with a little philosophy and wit.
    I will not bend again with regards to the comment by RR on bloggers. An opinion is an opinion. RR has his and bloggers have theirs. But it was the maner in which RR's opinion was stated. Having said that, I would like to quote a graffiti posted in Allen Hall, U of Oregon.

  46. Anonymous12:37 pm


    This RR mamak tongkang who thinks his English is powderful has always been a hired hack.
    His forte is selling his soul to the highest bidder, over and over again.
    Malaysian Journey konon. Like Karma Chameleon, you just come and go, from and to the NST lah.
    Fell sorry for many sad sods who used to regard him as God's gift to journalism, freedom of the press, liberty, equality, fraternity, blah, blah, blah. etc, etc.
    Always full of hot air to keep the big ego afloat.
    Peeegi dah! Asshole, rectum, clocoa...semua boleh pakai untuk jenis macam ini.
    This piece of shit isn't qualified to comment on bloggers, bro. And he knows it.

  47. Anonymous12:37 pm

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  48. This is what we call 'hasty generalisation' and this time, it's directed to bloggers. Perhaps Rehman Rashid should reexamine what constitutes as rumours, inuendo, half-truths and damned lies.

    So, he said everyone is entitled to ignore these 'rumour spreaders', but who'd want to? Everyone is looking for alternative sources of news. The only people who try so hard (to persuade others) to ignore such alternative sources are those who's afraid their true natures, their dark secrets and their 'pekong di dada' are exposed.

  49. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  50. Anonymous12:54 pm

    I had the privilege of seeing RR's intellectual prowess at a public forum and I must admit he's very clever. There is a tendency to be verbose and linguistically superfluous in his writings but his oral skills are extraordinary. On the personality side RR is overly polite on the one hand, and pompously cocky on the other. He seems suspicious or, to put it mildly, wary of people's intentions. I would like to assume it's because he has worked hard at being what he is and therefore will not suffer fools or opportunists. I believe with age and wisdom RR he will come to terms with the highs and lows in his life, and will prove to be a jolly good person. Good luck RR!

  51. Anonymous12:56 pm

    The pen, if not mightier than the sword, fits better into the shirt pocket...i read this somewhere.

    But this particular pen of RR, or shud I say keyboard, has been used for some willfully blind, stupid aims.

    I've known RR to be a good writer, but his pomposity is amazing. That elitist piece of shit he wrote is sadly misplaced because he ignores the revolution in opinion-shaping that is happening in this century.

    Public opinion need no longer be expressed through the papers and TV. The Internet has become the powerful new tool of interactive communication.

    Granted there are a lot of lies and rumour mongering going around, but then isn't that what happens when the public is not told about thisngs and when there is no accountability in politics and governance.

    You suck RR! And you are worse than the machais...cos u shud know better, havin been a leader writer/journo for so long.

    Syed Nazri...u poor guy...what monstrosity have you unleashed here?

  52. Another NST-hasbeen being revitalised, or isit re-incarnated?
    My, mine — what huge ego — to match his bloating rectum which is oxygen-deprived to te extent that he’s abusing the English folklore as a fork-toingued uses anal orifice to breathe as if Global warming has heated up his grey cells they don’t work no more? Pethaps a brain transplantation from one of the local universities’ med students is in order, crumbledredorblackskin?

    I have postulated that the UMNO (MCA, MIC and the minor minions in the BN follow in train) has a successfool way to politicise opponents -- I term it the THREE Cs.

    C1: Seek your Cooperation. This we all can bear with, esp need to Cari-cari Makan, like working at NSTP, The Star, Bernama or Tamil Nesan etc
    C2: Seek your Cooption. Still accepatble as long as one retains head firmly on one's shoulders. Accepting frelunches, dinners, suppers, goon sponsored or junket trips
    C3: Buy your sould with that almight RM, better steal oil USD.
    That's when you have been Copulated, soul'ed out rectum et al. RR has just entered this holey ground where the prayer starts with : Oh my almight Ringgit, thiu shalt I seek..."

    PS: Suddenly Sloone whisper: Desi, you left out
    C4: I wonder what's that about?
    Let's hear her ooouch with my offering thee -- good for the rectum! -- endless swigs of tehtarik, but no rumbleICEscream!

  53. Blogger bashing is the new game in town.

    For any aspiring politician and/or print journalist, it's the latest trend to climb up their rat-ladder and be recognised by their peers.

    After all, bloggers are, according to them, mostly unemployed liars, cheats, anti-unity rebels and somehow, incapable of suing their detractors.

    The fact that Bloggers United came into being, crossing racial lines and breaking down gender bias were somehow lost to these 'establishment' miscreants.

    Are they feeling threatened that the monopoly to the truth and for justice to prevail is no longer their exclusive domain?

    With about 1000 new sign-ups to broadband everyday, readers are turning to blogs for the 'real' news. As we bloggers persevere and stay focus on issues that matter, the old fourth estate will become extinct simply because they have made themselves irrelevant to nation building.

    And if we are 'rectums' by their definition, let's remind them that a gentle squeeze with the sphincter muscle and holding up the 'sh*t' will eventually lead to a total breakdown in all bodily functions.

  54. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Mr Rehman had just gotten married to a high-flying dentist. Don't belive me, I could be lying.

  55. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Rehman Ra-Shit,

    He tried committing suicide in front of old Sri Perdana when Marina spurned him!

  56. I am dissapointed with RR(R?), nevertheless.

  57. Anonymous2:49 pm

    my humble thoughts here.

  58. he sound so personal. Have someone offended him in some way? Wait, did you guys forgot to invite him to the mee rebus party?

    Is that means guys at Monsterblog is liar too?

  59. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Buat tak serupa tulis.

    why don't he read back all the articles he wrote about freedom.

    Zebra is not black and white, but white and black.

  60. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Really? Not suffer fools and opportunists? What was he doing kissing their ass? What was he thinking? Maybe we should all wisely follow him and start thinking of how to have a more comfortable life in old age or we'll all die unemployed bloggers.

  61. Anonymous6:55 pm

    What a bore. For someone hailed 'verbose', he compares 'opinions' to rectums, which is more like an euphimism for ass hole. But really, isn't linking 'opinions 'to ass holes like so 90s? Rather a failed attempt at sounding smart. Try harder, Mr Rehman.

    - God

  62. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Dear all,

    Please be kind and thoughtful to Rehman.

    Do not do anything to spook Syed Nazri.

    Let's help Rehman to keep his day job a bit longer this time.

    If we spook SN, he may give Rehman the boot.

    Rehman has been booted out of the NST far too many times.

    First by Kadir Jasin then by Dollah Kok Lanas and lastly by Kallimullah Hassan.

    Rehman is too old to be running away to Hong Kong like he did in 1988. Furthermore the magazine he worked for in HK had been closed.

    Give the man a chance. This may be his last hurrah.

  63. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Saya beli surat-khabar nak baca berita bukan nak baca sastera Inggeris.
    Notice how TDM speak and write english .. mana ada pakai perkataan besar2. Semua orang faham.


  64. Some people think that by spewing out big words they would be taken seriously. Heck most of the readers of NST, school children given cheap or free copies, wouldn't even understand him especially when those big words seem to come out from his rectum coz they smell real bad. Bad intentions stink you know.

  65. Anonymous8:58 pm

    "With about 1000 new sign-ups to broadband everyday...."
    Careful Shar101, with what you say. The powers-that-be might just do away with broadband and put us all back on dial-up - or nothing.

  66. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Black Maria said,"Poor poor Rehman.
    You've been in and out of NST a record number of times, haven't you?
    What does THAT tell about you?"
    There's a Chinese saying that a good horse do not feed in old pastures. I guess that says it all about him.

  67. Rehman Rashid you should know what you said is exactly like what was felt back when writers and reporters were considered low lifes that had nothing better to do with real pay jobs and are blacklisted even by the rich gentlemen's clubs? you of all ppl should know how long it took for writers and reporters to be recognised and respected. What you say now might not be in 20 years time when Blogs Writers & Blog Reporters are considered as is mainstream like you are now. One day you will EAT your OWN WRITING! that's 100% for sure.

  68. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Let me tell you a secret of this narcissistic egocentric, woman-beating piece of SH!T. Do you know that he fantasizes about having a blog, people? This is the truth!He said that if he started one it'll be a hit and blow the others away. Hey I'm a blogger too and have taken offense at his castigation of bloggers!

    I knew him too well to know that he didnt start a blog because he isnt internet-savvy enough to start one, a luddite lah!But is embarrassed by it!

    He calls people like you, Rocky as sub-literates but please do not be offended by that remark as he calls everyone that.

    Only he deserves to be in print hence the reprinting of his wanking device that he calls his book for the 4th time. It should be renamed "A MALAYSIAN ODYSSEY" instead!

    He was also fired from Aljazeera due to insubordination even before the launch of the channel so what was SN thinking when he rehired Rehman? I suppose there's some semblance of masochism in everyone eh!

  69. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Teuku: Thats true , he just got married to an unsuspecting dentist! Heard that he had punched his ex girlfriend who left him after that but didnt make a police report!
    Hey Rehman your ex was my good friend ok! Dont let me see you on the street because I'll bash you up good! Coward piece of scum!
    And please take away your wife's dental drills before you beat her up because she might just drill your stupid head!Smart konon!jantan takdak telok!!!!

  70. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Never mind, Ray-mun ol' chap. You are better than all of them mere mortals. Why, play your cards right and you could be Deputy Minister of Tourism!

  71. Anonymous2:24 am

    Before all of you hyperventilate to death with your blather against RR, read the piece in full first.

    Broken down in the barnyard of free expression
    Rehman Rashid
    NST March 13, 2007

    HE was named Ned Ludd, he lived in 18th-century England, and he is my hero. This is because he did to sock-making machines what I would dearly wish to do to the devices of information & communications technology, that is, destroy them. Ned Ludd is said to have gone on a rampage in 1779, smashing a new invention that could knit stockings quickly and cheaply and thereby ruin the livelihoods of human knitters. His berserking quickly caught on among the working populace of Britain in the throes of the Industrial Revolution, and soon there were mobs of "Luddites", as they came to be known, who set themselves to wrecking all the newfangled gadgets and gizmos that were coming online and putting people out of work.
    How I wish I could emulate them, no matter how futile it would be to take a sledgehammer to my computer or see how many pieces my cellphone would form when flung at a hard surface with all my might. I would only inconvenience myself while doing nothing to stem the ICT tide that is ruining my life and probably yours, too, whether or not you know it. This is not to say I am anti-technology, any more than Ludd was. He was, in fact, pro-humanity, as I am. Technology offers definite advantages. Indeed, I admit, my own life and career would have been impossible without technology.
    Two inventions in particular have enabled life as I know it. The first occurred around 1450, when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. The second, and the last time technology intervened in my destiny in any meaningful way, took place around 1870, with the invention of the typewriter. More than a century later, the typewriter was still around to see me through into my chosen profession of journalism. No sooner had that redoubtable machine ushered me to my first editorial floor, however, when it was unceremoniously booted out by the computer, which, as we all know, has had to be re-booted innumerable times since then.
    How I miss the typewriter. It weighed about 3kg, which was less than most so-called portable computers today when you include the plugs, cables, chargers and fancy bags without which they do not work. And a typewriter didn't need plugs or chargers, electricity or batteries. It worked just as well everywhere, even where there was no other technology to speak of or write with. A typewriter could withstand total immersion in seawater, as long as you rinsed it, dried it and installed a fresh ribbon. It could be dropped from lofty heights onto hard surfaces. If it got bent, you could fix it with a hammer. And it cost about a 10th of today's cheapest notebook PCs, those capricious, demanding, fickle things.
    We had no choice but to get with the "program", so to speak. Information technology was here to stay, and we were officially ordered to love it. Thus it came to pass that I have successively lost the bulk of my life's work, rendered irretrievable when 51/2;-inch floppy disks were replaced by 31/2;-inch ones, and then by CD-ROMS, and then by optical disks, and then by flash drives, all while the software wars raged about my collapsing universe.
    And then came cellular telephony. Since the dawn of humanity until scarcely a decade ago, it was impossible to conduct two separate and unrelated conversations without being in the physical company of the people with whom you were conversing. The cellphone, particularly with its ability to send text messages, has now made infidelity, treachery and deceit commonplace, if not inevitable. Human intercourse has, therefore, changed utterly, and irrevocably. And continues to. A little while ago, carrying two or more handphones meant you had two or more Significant Others. Now it's possible to have two or more phone numbers in the same handset.
    What text messaging has done to literacy is well documented (or maybe not) but while the cellular masses have dumbed themselves down to lives devoid of vowels, the Internet revolution continues apace. There is now a place called the "blogosphere", touted by its denizens as a Utopia of freedom of expression. In my opinion, what they've really done is prove why freedom of expression was a really bad idea. In this country, a host of folk who never had a hope of getting published are now proving why not.
    The local blogosphere is the domain of life-challenged grumblestiltskins and disenfranchised pundits whose asinine maunderings only show why they should never have had day jobs in the first place. Rumour, innuendo, half-truths and damned lies are their stock-in-trade, and previously sacrosanct standards, principles and ethics are now laughable.
    Are they not entitled to their opinion? Of course they are, as much as everyone else is entitled to ignore them. I would venture, however, that everyone has an opinion and a rectum, and not that many seem capable of telling one from the other. But no, it's all good. Let a hundred thousand million flowers bloom; let all voices be heard, in however fractured language, whether or not they have anything pertinent to communicate or any information worth more than spittle to offer.
    There's no stemming the ICTide. Those of us whose love of technology began with Gutenberg and ended with E. Remington & Co. can only carry on as best we can, our antediluvian sensibilities drowned in the great braying barnyard of modern communications. My house was struck by lightning last weekend. My computer was fried. To write this article, therefore, I have had to resort to two other inventions; technology not a century old, not five centuries old, but 2,000 and 5,000 years old respectively: Pencil and paper.

  72. Anonymous3:07 am

    sum-1 here asked....

    "why, rehman???" ...

    ..i guess everyone has a price ...


    HE'S AN ASSHOLE!!!!!

    ( & probably licking rectums rite now... )

  73. Anonymous3:25 am

    desi, c4 is when you have done C1+C2+C3 and you have to destroy all the evidence...:-)

    may our rectums rest in peace...

  74. Anonymous5:01 am

    Rehman, there is nowhere to hide. Turn yourself in to the bloggers. we will give you a lighter sentence.

  75. Anonymous7:43 am

    Poor guy. Just came out of hibernation and he doesnt know what he hell is going on.
    He must have rectum in his mind. So Mr Rectum , take a walk to Chow Kit n you can get all the rectum you want.
    Your Indglish dont impress me at all - let alone the content.

  76. Hey bro,

    Isn't NST and the 4 suing you? But isnt there some kind of ceasefire? You're not supposed to write anything about them and vice versa.

    Hmmm.... so why the hell have they let Rehman's piece through?
    He is saying YOU are a liar and good-for-nothing!

    Subjudice, you think?

  77. Anonymous10:12 am

    Dear Rocky,
    Though I am in NZ already for a couple of months, I still get to know a lot under the carpet news from your blog and that of Jeff and many others. Keep up and thanks


  78. NST newsdesk dude...

    er er...what's your point?

  79. Anonymous1:01 pm

    NURAINA A SAMAD: Hmmm.... so why the hell have they let Rehman's piece through?

    Hmmm.... because (to plagiarize that unapologetically depraved Malay Male) they are Nasty Pee. And Rectum is somewhere in that vicinity.

    (Btw, love your blog-entry on this. I was just there sharing my rectum. ;D)

  80. Rehman, I admired your dad, mum, Rafiq, your aunts, but you are a sham. How much did NST pay you...because I know that you have been wondering around. Dont insult the memory of your dad, fine man. He wouldnt be proud of you...he might be turning.....

  81. Dear nst newsdesk dude,

    Thank you for putting up RR's article in full for us.

    We, in the blogosphere, do know how to read the original piece in full and online, of course. It's a force of habit that's rather practical since we use modern technology i.e. the 'never leave home without it' laptop computer, PDAs, Blackberry, etc. Besides, hardcopies waste a lot of paper especially if an article should not see the light of day and costs RM1.20 to boot.

    Despite assertions to the contrary, quite a number of us do write eloquently as well with our dignity intact. In fact, some of us are sticklers for proper composition, grammar, crossing the 'i' and dotting the 't' (or was it the other way round) apart from attributing merit to others for an article sublimedly written.

    Nevertheless, the blogosphere allow dissenting views such as yours to be presented in all it's glory so as to enable discerning blog readers to become enlightened. It's something unique which mainstream medias are hard put to emulate although having a 'letters to the editor' section create the deception that all voices can and will be heard.

    Therefore, nst newsdesk dude, thank you once again for submitting your two-lined paragraph comment to Rocky's Bru and if you are reading this comment of mine up to this stage, I hope I've wasted 5 minutes of your precious time.

    P.S. It was good therapy for me to write this in case if you're wondering. Oops, another 30 seconds gone forever.

  82. so it's final. no more NST for me for the rest of my life.

  83. Anonymous3:58 pm

    Rehman, repent, don't let the NST lead you astray. But if you want war with bloggers, we are ready. You will have to fight Rocky and his freedom fighters.

  84. Rehman hides behind the big words and the wordy paragraphs - and says nothing. It is simply rhetoric and generalisation - surely unworthy of a 'seasoned' writer. Methinks, perhaps, the man is afraid that as more and more of us turn to the blogs for our news, ever fewer will be turning to the nst. I know I don't! So, who's writing from the other end of his face?

  85. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Hey Rehman, our(bloggers) English may be a litle bit fraktured(even the English people dont speak perfect english,but what a dopey you are to not have known that) but not as diseased as your personality is.

    Your style of writing is so dated that I didnt finish reading it!

    Youre not as intellectual as you've claimed yourself to be or else you wouldnt have written that super-stupid article! Yes you've described Rocky, Brendan, Kali, DKL, even Syed Nazri himself as SUB-LITERATES(if only SN knew what you've said about how utterly stupid he is, he wouldve shoved a couple of rolled-up NST papers far up your hairy rectum before letting you wank all over the paper again )

    Kesian punya pasal dekat hang, dia kasi chan kat hang tulih hang punya cerita bahalol tu,tapi hang
    dok cakap dgn org yg Syed NAZRI tu SUB LITERATE, pasal hang kena edit his articles and dia buat byk grammar mistakes.

  86. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Hey, why you all ranting about rehman. dont waste time. The person to watch is Joan Lau. She's the ultimate queen of office politicking, now leading the campaign to thrown syed nazri and instal her loverboy Kamrul idris. how nst has a changed. a chinese female is leading the politics! she is slowly taking over the smaller sections, like big fish makan small fish. all her staff are pissed off becos they have to work like dogs. their work tripled over night. shes behind the new "streets" section. It is so shitty that advertisers ran for their life, marketing dept is shocked and the streets reporters are starting a revolution. the readers are of course laughing. so are the folks at the star and sun. laughing! but she tricked management into setting it up. She secretly hired a deputy named loke poh lin, ignoring capable seniors already there. any moment now, her staff are going to down tools. that's the word.

  87. Anonymous7:48 pm

    ayo rehman.eh what happened to you la?you sure the lightning didnt fry your brain as well ah because your article is so stupid lah!

  88. Anonymous12:17 am


    "I would venture, however, that everyone has an opinion and a rectum, and not that many seem capable of telling one from the other."

    sounds like a paraphrase from Milton's

    "Good and evil we know in the field of this world grow up together almost inseparably; and the knowledge of good is so involved and interwoven with the knowledge of evil, and in so many cunning resemblances hardly to be discerned ...."

    The sly fox has turned Milton's uncompromising and passionate tract (Areopagitica) on the freedom of speech against bloggers! I don't know this man but if he has the audacity to speak in a Miltonic voice you may never know what he's up to ....

    Mr Rashid was rather vague when he said "Are they not entitled to their opinion?" I felt a sense a reluctance on his part to commit himself so I must quote Milton further to remind him;

    "And now the time in special is, by privilege to write and speak what may help to the further discussing of matters in agitation. The temple of Janus with his two controversial faces might now insignificantly be set open. And though all the winds of doctrine were let loose to play upon the earth, so Truth be in the field, we do injuriously by licensing and prohibiting to misdoubt her strength. Let her and Falsehood grapple; who ever knew Truth put to the worse in a free and open encounter?"

    As a Malaysia judge Justice K.N. Segara - paraphrasing Milton too - in the Altantuya murder trial said recently;

    “Facts must surface. You cannot hide. The truth will always prevail.”

    (Justice K.N. Segara is now replaced by Justice Mohd Zaki Md Yassin in the case.
    The truth polished by lies can only shine through, according to Milton and I'll be following the Altantuya murder trial very closely.)

    All I can do, to be fair to you Mr Rashid, is to give you the benefit of the doubt and you are certainly no fool if you are doing what I'm thinking. And if you're doing what I'm thinking (as I so very much hope you do, consciously or unconsciously), you have my word that you'll have the respect and apology of every blogger in here.

    Food for thought: How would you account for the fact that Malaysia is going up the corruption ranking in a PERC survey if all bloggers were liars? Surely somebody must be telling the truth?
    Would any one who read obnoxious Amir the Malay Male's blog (the first blog I read every morning after Rocky's because he reminds me not to take myself so seriously) contend when I say that under his pile of insulting lies could be found gems of stinging truth? Except for those of you who read his blogs just for the porn bits, I think not.
    Apart from being a wily exploiter of human weakness, especially men's, to boost his readership, I think Amir is probably the best satirist east of the Suez. Many women may find his misogynistic profanities offensive but to me he is the Stephen Dedalus of the bloggers' world so he's forgiven. If Amir wasn't such a MCP, I would wash his f...... plates and steal g-strings for him. Greetings from Roxanne, at the moment penguin watcher in the Galapagos. PS. Do you know penguins were once bird wishing to be fish? Silly penguins.

  89. Anonymous1:09 am

    nst newsdesk dude: hang on, did you just reproduce everything purely for our benefit? How absolutely thoughtful...so what was your point?

  90. Anonymous3:33 am

    ....the war against bloggers has begun......but the world will know of the 'enemy's'' evil deeds....hahahhahaahahaha..like tengku adnan foot-in-mouth disease...hahahahhahaah

  91. Anonymous4:23 pm


    Yes we know that our English is FRACTURED but you FRACTURED your GIRLFRIEND's SKULL!!!

    That girl should have had you arrested and thrown in jail ,at least then we wouldn't have been subjected to your UTTER STUPIDITY with that superficial , shallow,superfluous and "Hey Look-At-Me-I'm-Oh-So-Smart" BEYOND BODOH OF AN ARTICLE and witnessed the diminution of your mental acuity!

    I think you suffer from ADD,( attention-deficit-disoder) besides
    other personality disorders and that explains why you had to write such crap!
    (Ehhh but Rehman's a DEEP MAN, folks, at least we know that his RECTUM is!!!)

    So please do us ALL a favour, I beg of you NOT TO UNLEASH YOUR STUPIDITY UPON US again by not have your words in print ever, as your style of writing is beyond verbose and outdated and tired (which only appeals to kids who don't know good writing from bad) and START A BLOG of your own instead and we promise you that we'll DROP-IN periodically to witness your wankings! How about that?

  92. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Aiyo someone dying to be erudite! Milton konon! And character reference to Ulysses too! Woi seh!

    Me thinks you give the 'sly fox', if he be sly rather than slavish.. too much credit for a gross miscalculation. I would rather not inject significance where there is obviously none.

  93. Anonymous12:43 am

    nst newsdesk dude,
    Err.....i suggest you re read the article yourself unless of course rehman's excellent usage of the oxford dictionary and webster's thesaurus confused you.
    Hmmm...he married a dentist? Jeez..he must have used the dentist's ether on her.
    its been so many years since we've last heard of rehman actually - having been in and out of NST and other media houses over the years that he disappeared from our radar screens. Now he returns with a vengeance ...jeng jeng jeng..wonder if rafique can conjure up a nice little ditty about his brother...or maybe he hates being associated with him at all.
    rehman, rehman..why why why...are you still suffering from depression? are you still popping pills to correct your mental condition? after all these years, haven't you realised that you've got a grating personality that sucks? there's still hope reh. take a good look at your 50 plus year old self. look at what you've done, reflect and check your conscience.


  94. Re: Mr. Rehman Rashid's remarks

    Brilliant stuff - I agree with him wholeheartedly. I have been investigating some of the bloggers mentioned in "Tell" magazine, but I must say it's all so boring-lah. I will stick to the Star. I can read what is worth reading in The Star in about 10 minutes so I don't waste much time. Aliran is good too but it is put together by manic depressives. The Government is fine - Pak Lah is doing a fine job. I'm entirely behind the establishment in Malaysia and those in power. I think they should hold on to power for ever and ever and keep telling the lumpenmasses they are doing everything for the good of the country. Taht way we have STABILITY. Malaysia boleh!!!

  95. Anonymous8:09 pm

    I dont think his dentist wife does not know the consequences of his wrting nor his past. It is an occupational hazards just like any other proffesion. If his married liar ex girlfriend had a fracture skull due to infedelity she should make a police report and put the real beast behind the bars. Obviously it was her wrong doing that ended being dumped by RR.

  96. Anonymous7:02 am

    To the anonymous coward who didn't leave his/her name: It's not in reference to Ulysses you fool, it's in reference to A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man! From Rox in the Galapagos.

  97. Anonymous2:50 pm

    You better start dealing with anonymous comments if you want to write stuff on the internet, instead of slinging mud anywhere you think will stick.

    And I think you should also read Ulysses to verify if there are any Stephen Dedalus in it. You might like it too as it got much better show-off potential.

    From Wood in the Maldives

  98. Anonymous7:24 pm

    To Woods in the Maldives: Of course I know that, you idiot! I majored in Joyce. When I talked about the Malay Male, I was referring ONLY to A Portrait.
    If I want to show off, I would have told you how many degrees I've instead, stupid!
    Roxanne from the Galapagos.

  99. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Not the first time I have heard of his rather less than gentlemanly treatment of the fairer sex. I must say that I find myself strangely unsurprised by this. I do wonder if my English is fraktured enough to invoke Rechman Rachit's anger

  100. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Eh....the fella still around ah?

  101. Anonymous2:05 am

    ANONYMOUS! THE EX GF HAS BEEN DIVORCED FOR YEARS. CHECK YOUR FACTS AT THE SYARIAH COURT and CHECK YOUR FRACTURED ENGLISH, CHECK YOUR SPELLING AND GRAMMAR TOO BEFORE POSTING STUPID COMMENTS........If his married liar ex girlfriend had a fracture skull due to infedelity she should make a police report and put the real beast behind the bars. Obviously it was her wrong doing that ended being dumped by RR.

  102. Anonymous11:46 am

    RR didn't join yhe NSTP for monetary benefits. He got married and went back to work. He was happy freelancing before he met her but not willing to stay at home while she goes to work.The management of NSTP took it as sabbatical leave in his absent. Please check for the truth.