Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dr M's aide slams pro-Abdullah blogsite over yacht scandal

Sufi Yusof has slammed a pro-Abdullah Badawi website for trying to tarnish his boss' reputation by dragging the former PM into the RM30 million yacht scandal involving the present PM, a boat maker called Kobra, and the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet. Read his letter to RPK's Malaysia-Today website here.
"I take exception that in their eagerness to deflect the heat off the Prime Minister, certain irresponsible quarters should now try to drag and disparage the name of Dr Mahathir.
"This is pathetic. For your information, Dr Mahathir did go to Turkey in July this year for his holiday and to view a Turkish Gullet which was being built by her Malaysian owner who is known to Dr Mahathir as well as the Prime Minister. I am not at liberty to disclose the identity of the Malaysian. However, the yacht is certainly not Dr Mahathir's, nor does Dr Mahathir own any other yachts."
Don't you wonder who this mysterious Malaysian owner is?
By the way, the Gullet is a traditional Turkish fishing boat which has now become a popular tourist transport mode. It is different from the RM30 million yacht (or "cruiser") the Hurriyet said was ordered by Abdullah Badawi four months ago (Abdullah denied this on Dec 20 and yesterday Kobra said the Hurriyet's report was false).

Sufi advice. Interestingly, Sufi, a former press secretary to the PM when Dr M was the PM, also offered his advice on how the scandal should have been handled.
"The report in the Turkish newspaper to my point of view questions the integrity of the country's leadership. The right course of action, to my mind in defending the credibility and integrity of the the Prime Minister, is to seek some serious explanation and possibly an apology from the Turkish newspaper. After all the Prime Minister's denial shows that the report was indeed untrue and for this the Prime Minister deserves an apology from the newspaper."


  1. Anonymous9:32 pm

    who is sufi yusof. as far as i am concerned, he was a small boy when he was in the nst. he was very much my junior. now he is a spokesman for dr mahathir. this is a big joke. i think this is a sick joke.

  2. Anonymous10:16 pm

    darn, is malaysia-today pro abdullah? that's the last time i visit malaysia-today then!

  3. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Bro Rocky

    Sufi is very right. No point in making a bare denial and the Mr Clean PM did bot go one more step furhter to demand an apology and retraction failing give the Huriyet an ultimatum that a defamtion suit will be filed by our beloved Mr Clean PM.

    None of the above have been done by the Mr Clean PM. I am ashamed to be Malaysian. A PM denied the truth of the report at the same time he dared not take any action against the offensive article.

    I am sick and fed up with what are going on under this Mr Clean PM. It would appear to me that he was caught by the balls and could not get himself out of it. So own it up and tellthe nation the truth. Why trying to blame it onto the previous PM.

  4. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Will ananda krishnan issue a statement to Hurriyet, copy to Bernama, to say he was not there with Abdullah Badawi in Turkey. Otherwise, can he tell us Astro-paying Malaysians what business he had fishing with the PM. And will he deny ordering the RM30 m boat, too?

  5. hmmm, malaysian pm travels in first class yacht while poor malaysians travel in shabby ktm.

  6. Anonymous5:04 am

    Adakah sultan cobra dibina untuk persiapan VVVIP menyambut monsoon cup pada tahun2 hadapan kerana mereka merasakan lebih 'grand' menonton monsoon cup diatas RM30m yacht?
    Kalau bukan dibeli adakah mungkin ianya diberi...?
    Adakah cobra sultan direka sebagai dwifungsi yang boleh digunakan untuk memancing?

    ghazalie yang ku cari duyong yg ku temui...

    Gaya,mutu,keunggulan..begitu tinggi citarasa orang Malaysia..

  7. Anonymous7:19 am


    I've known this man AK for decades, from the days he was celebrating impending Tengku Razaleigh's VICTORY OVER MAHATHIR at No 20 Jalan Pinang in 1987.

    He's a survivor. A sort of Adnan Kashogi of Malaysia. Notice the abbreviation?

    Both made money from oil and both love sailing.

    AK has always been using Umno leaders, starting with Tengku Razaleigh to build his business empire.

    When Mahathir was in power, he followed the man like a puppy around the world. He bought intercontinental private jets, leased them to Petronas and put them at Mahathir's disposal.

    He's doing the same with and for Dollah.

    He should have the courage and decency to say out aloud that the yatch in Turkey is his and that he took Dollah to look at it.

    He could have, as usual, given the impression or tipped the Turkish press off that he was buying the yatch for the PM's use.

    After all he has at least two or three other ocean-going pleasure crafts already.

    AK must remember he made his fortune in Malaysia by befriending and exploiting the Umno elite. If Umno is destroyed, he can run away but others will suffer. After all most of his companies are domiciled abroad.

    The PM's 4th Floor Boys, KJ and Kamal must insist that AK help solve the misunderstanding. Or are they not doing it because they are beholden to him or because they know something is really amiss?

    Some much for media control, media planning and image building. So much for transparency, accountability and openess.

    They can't handle even a simple controversy.

  8. Anonymous7:30 am

    Rocky's Bru,

    Is it true that this "pro-Abdullah" blogsite is linked to or funded by Sports Minister Azalena or her machai's?

    She has been extremely quiet since the multi-million London Sports Complex controversy. Is it true that Syed Jojo got the project?

    I hope our crop of young politicians like her keep their noses clean.

    They don't have to employ Machai's and be kurang ajar towards our elders.

    One day, even Beautiful Azalena (Beautiful Maria of My Soul/Mambo Kings) will join the ranks of elders too!

  9. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Can we use the RM30m yacht as part of Rescue Operations for Banjir victims in Johor, Pahang & Trengganu. Timely purchase. I hope they can speed up the delivery.

    John Labu.

  10. Anonymous1:09 pm


    You are asking the wrong people to ask questions of the wrong guy!

    Ananda Krishnan has every right to go fishing with the PM. He does not need to tell Astro customers anything. Face it, even you would jump at the chance to go fishing with the PM.

    The right question to ask has to come from voters and tax paying Malaysians. We need to ask THE PM himself what business he had fishing with Ananda Krishnan.

  11. Anonymous1:48 pm

    I , for one, and maybe many others too, may forget about the yatch fiasco if Mr Clean is prepared to swear by the holy book that he DID NOT order any yatch in Turkey or anywhere else in the world--seeing that the Msian Govt is not going to sue this foreign newspaper company. Moreover , i dont remember hearing any condemnation of this papers by any other Ministers. Has anyone one ever wondered why !!!!!!
    By the way I do not remember any foreign papers lying about any TM's extravagent personal 'shopping lists' when he was the PM.

  12. Anon (10:16PM), Not Malaysia-Today. The pro-Abdullah blogsite is KPMU. Malaysia-Today merely reported KPMU's accusation that Dr M, not Abdullah, owned the RM30 million yacht. Sufi was responding to the KPMU's accusation because it appeared in Malaysia-Today. Meaning that if it had appeared only in KPMU, Sufi wouldn't have given it a damn.

  13. Anonymous2:14 pm


    it's a sick joke bacause guy like you never grow up and is forever under the spell of pretenders like Kalli and Brendan Pereira.

    To me this boy Sufi is better than all those Kamal Khalids, Azhars and other apple polishers on 4th Floor of PM's Complex.

    At least this boy Sufi has the guts to expose himself for his boss unlike all the Kallis and the Pereiras who hide behind the PM's behind.

    No wonder you call yourself nstman. it's spineless people like you who are now the backbone of the NST. No wonder the NST is such a shame!

  14. Anonymous2:16 pm

    You are THE SICK JOKE, nstman!

    We could equally ask, who are YOU?

    As far as everyone reading Rocky Bru's blog is concerned you are a pathetic nobody. Who cares if Sufi Yusof was your junior in NST. At least he is not stuck at that loser of a paper like you.

    Even your claim to be an NSTman, probably trying to imply that you are journalist, is suspect. Your writing is nowhere near the standard of Rocky's or AKJ's et al. Heck, you are not even as brave as other self-respecting journos posting under their own names. Instead you are reduced to making snide remarks and puffing with self-importance on someone else's blog.

    Malulah sikit!

  15. Anonymous2:59 pm

    sdra nstman,
    walaupun sdra sufi itu rupanya budak, otaknya geliga dan bijak orangnya. umurnya mungkin muda tapi pemikirannya amat dewasa. ini kerana pendedahannya bertugas dengan dr. m. bahasa inggeris dan bahasa malayunya amat baik. beliau adalah salah seorang penulis ucapan perdana menteri dr. m. walaupun dia bukan dari oxbridge, pemikirannya amat cerdik dan strategis. kariernya berkembang dari seorang wartawan budak di nst hingga terkenal sebagai seorang jurucakap dr. m. tidak seperti orang lain yang merasa rendah diri kerana melihat budak-budak cerdik memain peranan penting dalam arena negara. wallahualam

  16. Anonymous3:15 pm

    ternyata orang melayu terutama pemimpin melayu amat miskin hingga mudah terpukau dengan kekayaan orang lain, kekayaan yang sebenarnya diperolehi melalui pemimpin melayu sendiri. orang seperti ananda adalah antara ratusan 'kayawan' termasuk ts francis yeoh, vincent tan, robert kuok, vincent 'monsooncup', taukeh genting, tan sri tiong, low yat, dll, yang akan berterusan berusaha dan berjaya menarik hidung pemimpin2 melayu termasuk menteri melayu dan pemimpin umno dengan pelbagai 'sogokan' berupa wang ringgit, hadiah, dll. semata-mata untuk menambah kekayaan perniagaan mereka dan mendapat projek,lesen, permit dsbnya untuk mengaut kekayaan negara pribumi melayu. tulisan ini bukan bermaksud 'rascist' tetapi semata2 hendak menunjukkan betapa orang melayu mudah dibeli oleh mereka yang berwang ringgit.!!! sebab itu rasuah kuasa. wang ringgit dan moral berleluasa di kalangan pemimin melayu dan terbawa2 kepada jentera kerajaan yang hampir korup!!

  17. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Hello NSTMan,

    No wonder you are still slowly but surely dying in NST.

    So Sufi was a small boy then. Well, as a small boy whose stories were edited by us, he has grown.

    As a small boy, he was roped in by Dr M to his media team, because we recommended him as his copy was good.

    And what happened to you? You are still there, as old as the furniture.

    You must be quite in a rut there, perhaps because you could and still can't write. So you are still there, maybe a sub-editor in Joan Lau's section....editing one of the junior reporters fashion stories.

    All of us have left and are happy outside.

    Oops, Even the furniture in NST is new now after Kali got Ekowood to refurbish the editorial dept.

    You don't even know how long Sufi has been with Dr M.

    Shame on you to even be on this blog.

    Join the pro PM blog.


  18. bro..kip it up!!

  19. Anonymous4:46 pm


    are kalimullah or brendan ??

  20. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    Seronok campur keliru mengikuti perbahasan dalam blog saudara mengenai isu kapal layar yang kononnya berharga RM30 juta itu.

    Seronok kerana pertikaman lidah yang hangat antara nstman dengan kaliyuga dan pembahas lain sehingga kita seakan-akan terlupa isu pokok.

    Kalau saya fahami debat ini, saya ringkaskannya seperti berikut:-

    1. Sebuah akhbar Turki melaporkan bahawa Perdana Menteri Malaysia melawat sebuah limbungan kapal di Turki untuk melihat kapal layar yang dipesannya dengan harga RM30 juta;

    2. Setelah beberapa hari berita itu tersiar dan dipetik oleh saudara dalam blog ini PM menafikan laporan itu dan menyifatkannya sebagai karut;

    3. Pemilik limbungan berkenaan menulis kepada akhbar Turki menafikan PM Malaysia sebagai pemilik kapal layar RM30 juta itu;

    4. Entah macam mana pemilik limbungan itu tergerak hatinya untuk menghantar salinan suratnya itu kepada Bernama. Bernama menyiarkan penafian tuan punya limbungan;

    5. Sebuah laman blog yang dikatakan pro-PM kemudian mendakwa bahawa kapal layar RM30 juta itu sebenarnya milik Tun Dr Mahathir. Dakwaan itu diulang siar oleh laman berita;

    6. Sufi Yosoff, setiausaha akhbar Tun Dr Mahathir menulis surat kepada pengarang Malaysia-Today, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, menafikan dakwaan itu;

    8. Walaupun PM berkata dakwaan akhbar Turki itu karut tetapi tiada berita mengatakan Pejabat Perdana Menteri atau Wisma Putra menghantar surat bantahan kepada akhbar Turki itu.

    9. Kalau kapal layar itu bukan milik PM dan bukan juga milik Tun Dr Mahathir, milik siapakah ia?

    10. Betul atau tidak laporan akhbar Turki itu yang mendakwa PM melawat limbungan di mana kapal layar itu sedang dibina?

    11. Kalau PM benar melawat limbungan itu, siapa yang membawa atau mengiringinya?

    12. Tidakkah mungkin PM sekadar melawat limbungan itu untuk melihat sebuah kapal layar yang sedang dibina untuk seorang kawan beliau? dan

    13. Kalau dimaklumkan secara rasmi siapa kawan PM itu, mungkin syak wasangka yang tercetus selama ini boleh diatasi. Kalau tidak, pelbagai tuduhan dan andaian negatif akan terus dibuat.

    Terima kasih.

  21. Anonymous1:19 am


    the fact that a man is proud to call himself a nstman speaks volume. Most peopel would like to disassociate himself from nst because it is an organisation with the famous liar (Kalimullah & his June 11 article) as its head and the famous Plagiarist (Brendean) as its gatekeeper.

    So please don't blame the nstman to think and behave in such a way. For all you know nstman is a ball-car... for Klaimullah so he had to lick all the way. Please do nto treat nstman seriously because he had a job to do and he had to sell his prides, soul and surname in order to keep himself afloat. So my dear brothers and sisters, nstman had to live so it is only natural that he had to suck up to Kalimullah and Brendan, the plagiarist.

  22. Anonymous1:47 am

    please do not be so proud to call yourself nstman. NST is no longer a main stream newsspapers. NST has no credibility at all. Only Kalimullah, Brendan the plagiarist, Khairy and Mr Clean will ever believe ok!!!

    Sufi Yusof may be a "small boy" but he has more balls than you, Kalimulah and Khairy add together. nstman, you better officailly join ECM libra and I am sure that you will be better of then in nst, the dying papers.

    nstman also stop to defend Lim Kit Siang anymore becaue he knew that Kit Siang is playing balls with Kalimullah, Khiary and Mr I am In Control PM.

    nstman, when Kalimullah and Khairy are going to give Lim Kit Siang and son 2 full page interviews in the nst?????? By the way is NST still under the control of UMNO??? HA!Ha!Ha!

  23. Dear Nstman,
    Do not judge a book by its cover. Do you know the malay proverb.. besar jangan disangka bapak kecil jangan disangka anak. Sufi has the right to published his views. Nstman.. you must have a small mind.. talking about others personalities rather than their subtance arguements. Deii podah..

  24. Anonymous8:41 pm


    I do agree with Dato' Kadir that we have digressed from the main issue of the RM30 million yatch. A good and professional editor-in-cheif knows how to do his work. Dato' Kadir never in his career known to be plagiarising other people works like Brendan Pereira, ths ISngaproe operative like Kalimullah.

    Until this day, why the PM is still not demanding the Turkish newspaper, Huriyet, to retract the report on his MR30 million yatch and also an apology. Is this what a Mr Clean is all about???

    The way the PM handled this issue and the clarifications made by the boat company did not in any way help the PM. In fact, it has put him in worse light. Well, when the PM has Kalimullah and Khairy as advisors, this is what he get.

    THe PM has not deflect the Huriyet news report and no one believe that Tun Mahathir was involved in this RM30 million yatch except Kalimulah, Khairy, Lim Kit Siang and his DAP.

    Even the UMNO ministers did not dare to utter a word to defend the PM. This defintiely speaks volume for such a clean PM that we have!!!

  25. Anonymous11:43 am

    Forget about the yatch. It is history. Lets find another subject to rumour mongering.
    "kickdefella" site has Sadam video full hanging!!

  26. Anonymous12:52 pm

    How Complicated is the world of the grown - up. Never did i know about it till now. Is it too late or early for a 20 years old lad to understand about all this matter.

    RM30 Million .. what a huge sum of money, which can be use for better usage than buying a yacht. Just think of how many business and job opportunities could be created through it. No wonder Malaysia iS stilL kinda tak BOLEH.

    nixo ~ 19teen going 20

  27. Anonymous1:49 am

    I can understand why the UMNO, MCA, Gerakan and MIC were not making any noise about ECM Libra scandal, RM30 million yatch scandal nad so many other scandals of Khariy, Klaimullah and companies.

    It seems to me that YB Lim Kit Siang and his DAP are also joining the "elegant silence" by not saying a word about what the public already know and sickening of.

    Lim Kit Siang and his property, DAP, why were you all quiet about the RM30 million yatch scandal. Can you please tell us why you are not able to speak up on the RM30 million yatch scnadal of the PM, ECm Libra of Kalimullah and the so many scandals of the son-in-law. Do you nee dmember of the public like me to list them for you?????????????

    Lim Kit Siang, we know your game plan with Kalimullah OK!!! Are you or your son is getting another full page interview in NST soon? Please tell us when so that we cna waste our money to buy NST!