Friday, December 29, 2006

Where are the Johor Ministers?

Where's Syed Hamid? Where's Khaled? Eleven people have died in the worst floods in Johor's - and the country's - history. Last night the number of evacuees in Johor rose as more areas went under. For now, it is getting worse for the state, not better.
And while the Menteri Besar has been working round the clock to help the victims, people have begun to notice the absence of certain Johor politicians and MPs from the scene.
They couldn't all have gone to Perth for holiday, could they?


  1. Anonymous2:35 pm

    add azalina and hishamuddin to the list

  2. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Syed Hamid may be afraid he will drown due to his weight in the waters of Kota Tinggi, so he is not there.

    And Khaled Noordin...dont ask. Maybe in Perth checking on his holiday resort.

    And the rest - maybe in Batam - only good for making noise in Parliament, raising stupid questions, rascist remarks, championing the cause of the Umno to hold on to power.

    But wait, when PM went there the other day, I thought I saw some of these nerd MPS peeking over his shoulders, so that the Page One pix of the media will have them there.

    After that, the PM has dissapeared and so have his henchman.

    And it needs DPM Najib of Pahang to warn Johore MPS - "Get ready for second round"

    But hold on Najib! - they are not in the state as they need to take a break for all the hard work they did as MPs the whole year round.

    And Mr DPM, you also better warn your Pahang asemblyman. Your state is no better...with the rampant logging (both legal and illegal) going on, Pahang is next,


  3. Anonymous3:40 pm

    rumah dia tak kena, so dia tak kesah lah kot...

  4. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Dear Brother Rocky.

    Where are the Johor Ministers?

    Good Question!

    Rest assured that when a Head of Nation is a MULE, the team that he leads also comprises of MULE, if not Lembus.

    The best place to see Lembus and/or MULEs is in Australia.

    Don't the Chief of MULE was there to check out his herd????

    Probably the team MULE are all in Cobra yacht crossing the Red Sea running away from the re-surfacing ancient Pharaoh, you know who....?

    Malaysia Boleh ma... Malaysia Bodoh ma....


  5. Anonymous4:12 pm

    What you've written in this posting is generally what Malaysian politics is all about. During the pre-elections season you'll see these bunch of jokers kissing the feet of the Ali's, Ah Chong's and Muthu's but once having won a seat, they are no where to be seen. To completely write off these politicians would not seem fair as Batu MP Ng Lip Yong (despite much criticism hurled upon him) still makes the time for the Sentul District Schools Sports opening or closing ceremonies every year.

    Politicians serve us...not we serve them.

    Sadly, all we do is point out these politicians flaws and yet some of us aren't even registered voters while those registered either don't vote or are 'happy' with the current ruling administration. Sigh...

  6. Anonymous4:19 pm

    They are coming, they are coming!
    They have just gone to get their boats.

  7. Probably at a round table meeting held in a secret location, trying to figure out how to carve up the plantation merger deal.

    It would have been done on a luxury yacht which can serve 14 pirates ..uhmm..persons and away from prying eyes but it ain't ready yet.

    Damn those turks. Don't they know how to fastrack a project like UMNO.
    Perhaps, if the "buyer" paid RM600 million, the yacht will be built before you can finish saying "G'day, mate" or "Fair dinkum".

  8. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Add Chua Soi Lek

  9. Anonymous5:12 pm

    .or all of them might be in Taiwan visiting the earthquake victims.

  10. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Why should they be there? Is there any money to be made? Is election around the corner? Nah... They should be in Perth, licking pak lah's balls...

  11. Anonymous8:09 pm

    I beg to differ..perhaps the former but to be fair not Dato hishamuddin as he was one of the first ministers to get into his rubber boots going around Johor to be with the people. at least that was what was seen on news.

    but to be far away on holidays while the rakyat is struggling back home? no great leaders in their right frame of mind would even think about it, let alone a good one.

  12. Anonymous9:09 pm

    tsk, tsk... silly of them to be missing out on the photo-ops there. did they not see their esteemed leader holding a baby in his arms some days ago on the front page of a newspaper before flying off to perth. how great was that. that one picture spoke volumes . don't they wish to emulate him?

  13. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Tak payah datang pun tak apa. Buat menyemak jer. Yang patut datang Mercy Malaysia, Red Cresent, Peace Malaysia dan badan-badan sukarela ni.

  14. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Depa pi Mekah kot? La ni musim orang pi Mekah. Mekah di Arab Saudi bukan di Perth.Tuan Rocky silap geografi kot? Sapa yang pi Perth? Ih ih, pi Perth macam balik Tunjang no. Hebat!

  15. They will appear during the campaign period before the general elections. That's the time they need us and after that they disappear.
    The beauty is these guys will be voted in again.

  16. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Khaled Nordin and TRC MD Dato Sufri is having a good time with ehem. ehem usually in Medan every year from Christmas to New Year. Maybe this year they went somewhere else. After all Khaled was chairman and shareholder of TRC before he came into mainstream politics.

  17. Anonymous11:01 pm

    rehearsing for their performance in the Visit Malaysia Year launch...
    ....and as per Khairy's suggestion, training for Olympic medals...ALL ALSO MIA...

  18. Anonymous11:25 pm

    They are all being treated to a great holiday in Perth as they deserve one after all the ball licking they have done for FIL and SIL!!!Especially the mouse of Malaya

  19. rocky, very sharp observation about the absence of VIPs in johor.

  20. Anonymous12:03 am


    If your house is under water, if your car is under water, and if all your worldly belongings have been destroyed, you'd want more than tea and sympathy! Listening to the stories of the victims first hand, it's quite clear that many of them are lucky to be alive. In their hour of need, some comforting words would help but hard cash helps even more! Many ministers went down to see the flood and then left after giving instructions and offering some money. The Prime Minister came back from his leave and visited the scene. It was shown on tv! That was good. But friends in Johor have been sending sms saying the PM continued his foreign holidays after the visit. The media in JB was told not to report. Hence, no news coverage of his departure at the airport! And perhaps, there'll be no news report of his return too. He'll definitely tour the flood areas again and show face to the voters. As for Azalina, Hishamudin, Khaled, Syed Hamid and gang, they are monitoring the flood at a distance. Their contribution is just as good and perhaps even more significant because they can direct relief from afar without having have to inhale the bad smell from stagnant water and carcass and not having their Nike sports shoes dirty..

    In any case, why should they worry? Umno will continue to win seats in any election in Johor, flood or no flood...

  21. Anonymous12:51 am

    My guess... Mecca.

    But im not sure which mecca. The real one or down to the south of Indonesia. :p

  22. Anonymous2:18 am

    Bro Rocky,

    You cannot blame Syed Hamid and Khaled at all. You must understand that Khairy visit Johore then there was no necessity for them to visit at all.

    I bet you if Khariy were to go there all the cabinet ministers will be there. You must understaned Khairy is the de facto PM. Mr In-Control was jsut a caretaker PM only. That's why he can afford to haev blunders after blunders!

  23. Anonymous9:15 am

    In America, registering their children for the new school/university year?

    Hisham is out looking for a new keris to brandish during the next GA

    Aza is out dating in arabia

  24. Anonymous10:55 am

    If you watch the prime news at 8pm on any of the channels, you could catch shots of UMNO Youth excos and hangers' ons, dressed in their spotless white shirts and caps, taking hands of elderly mothers and talking to them in deep concern. Shiiiittt, what a load of rubbish. One old lady who kept talking to them earnestly and all the Putra bungkums looking on and taking side glances at the camera to make sure that they are in the spotlight. Hey, brothers, I would be more than happy to congratulate you if you were waist deep in the water and helping out.

    Seriously, none of you even got wet.

  25. Anonymous11:12 am

    I hope AAB brings back some photographs from his Perth holidays to share them with the flood victims when he returns.

  26. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Taking yachting lesson.

    I know this is a cheap shot but I can't help it knowing fellow M'sian in trouble and the one in power away on holiday.

  27. Dear bros and sis,
    Selamat Hari Raya Haji.
    I am in Kuala Terengganu. My nephew has fallen in love with a gem from this beautiful Monsoon Cup state, so that's why I am here, for the engagement. The Blackberry won't allow me to create new post or moderate comments but it has allowed me once to leave comment here. The Maxis people has blamed it on the Earthquake. Keep your comments coming. I will publish it before next year, Insyallah.

  28. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all Muslim bloggers and commentators. To the others a very Happy New Year. Lets make 2007 a really meaningful year by being strong enough to change things. We need to be resolute. Things have been bad. And it can get worse if we don't buckle and change. The most powerful person in the country is not the PM, nor his SIL or the cabinet members nor the opposition. The most powerful group in the country are the Malaysians! Us! We the ordinary citizens! We need to be more pro-active in deciding how we leave and who to trust to lead our country forward. The country's wealth and its resources belong to us and not a selected few. Especially not to foreigners to will bleed us to death. In 1958, after decades of struggle, we got our freedom - Merdeka! But do we feel Merdeka now? After 50 years? think about it? Are we still in the shackles of lackeys who bleed our livelihood day in day out? Are we free to criticise those who are in power and have blundered? Are we free to investigate the crimes of all these people who claim to represent us? If the answer is No then we have lost our Merdeka.


  29. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Dear bro. rocky,

    welcome to k.trgganu! i'm here for Raya, slmt Hari Raya 2 u n fmly. may u have a good time.

    looking forward to your posts next year.

    ~anak desa~

  30. rocky, selamat hari raya to you and family. Taufiq is now in Malaysia, he will call.

  31. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Rocky, I am always convinced that the most beautiful malays girls are from Kelantan and Trenggganu, frail beauties untouched by the city "toxins"....can I volunteer, the meks from Pasir Mas are beauts....and I have wondered why some of our Ministers and fat-cats are married to some mamas we see in the dailies. Rich and famous, but no class in the choice of mates. In my next life I hope to be born in Pasir Mas, build a small kampong hut and grow weeds in the back garden. Wish me luck and you be good in Trengganu. Thanks for coming over on the make Danial's day (night, rather.)Zorro

  32. Anonymous4:21 pm


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    This has worked for me and I am able to access my MSN Messenger and Google using port 3128 as my proxy server. Do remember to set the proxy back to the original setting after this episode is over.

    In addition, I would like to suggest to our ISPs to work with their counterparts in countries such as Australia to open proxy servers which Singapore could use in times like this, and vice versa.

    This will ensure that, at the very least, we would still have the minimal services of the Internet, which is integral to our daily lives.

    Chua Khee Seng

  33. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Saddam is dead. Long live Saddam.
    G W Bush is alive. Death to G W Bush!

  34. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Rocky asked, "They couldn't all have gone to Perth for holiday, could they?"

    I say, "Well, they would, wouldn't they?"

    but this is not issue...the real issue at hand is "should leaders be away from their followers?"

    of course, everybody needs a holiday once in a while but only if everything is running smoothly...then it's a holiday you richly deserve...but the thing is...everything is NOT running smoothly.

    you raise the price of petrol making it hard for your followers to "balik kampong" but then you take frequent trips abroad...isn't this absurd?

    you said there's still a lot to be done and that you needed more time to implement your ideas...but you take frequent holidays abroad...isn't this obscene?

    you lamented on the bad delivery by the civil service...but you are almost never here because you are too often abroad...isn't this the time WE say enough is enough?

    I'm sure a lot of us out there are willing to vote for the opposition...but ask yourselves...Why in GOD's name are they keeping quiet about all these?

    the answer is quite simple...The Opposition will do exactly the same things the present leaders are doing...if not worse!

    it would appear...we are caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea...

    or...every which way but lose.

    so...choose wisely!

    Selamat Hari Raya Haji to us all!

  35. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Most of the Ministers are overseas, mostly in London, busy shopping in pounds.

  36. Anonymous5:12 am

    Things can get worse.

    Last I heard "Harry" Lee Jnr of the little red dot down south has asked his ministers to renegotiate a new Water Agreement now that Johor has got so much excess water.

    With supply now so much greater than demand, they might get terms like buy 1 gallon, get 4 gallons free.

  37. Anonymous10:39 am

    Kepala Otak Punyea Olang!

    Itu Menteli Menteli Talak Otak Kah???

    Bodohh Punyea Olang!

    Itu Khinzir Pun Ada Otak.

  38. Anonymous7:09 pm

    yes mr. zorro. i have you to thank for. it was indeed a privilege to get to meet mr ahiruddin atan himself. it was rocky the real deal alright.

  39. Anonymous7:15 pm

    maybe performing the HAjj

  40. Rocky!

    Morons do not deserve any better condition then they are in just now! Let them drown, or move to KL or go to Iraq or Somalia! And for heaven sake stop whining you Morons!