Thursday, December 28, 2006

Did the Hurriyet lie?

No order for yacht from Abdullah Badawi. Or so says Kobra, the yacht builder, in a letter to the Hurriyet, which was made available to Bernama and promptly published here. "The honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia does not have any order for the construction of a cruiser through our company," it said.
It's good that Kobra has come forward even if it took them 10 days after the story was published. But, all the same, we can't leave the task of defending the integrity of the Malaysian PM to a boat maker.
If the Hurriyet had lied in its Dec 17 report, as the PM himself said here, the PM's office should be the one challenging the report and demanding a correction and an apology.
For good measure, the letter should also state why Abdullah Badawi was in Bodrum in the first place.


  1. [kaliyuga left this comment at 8.14pm under earlier post "Does Malaysia want a Grand Mufti?" - Rocky]

    Bru, Allow me to digress. I think you owe an apology to the PM and your blog readers and commentators for highlighting "false" report by the Turkish paper on the PM's alleged visit and purchase of RM30-million yatch. You owe this to other bloggers as well.

  2. Anonymous6:26 am

    maybe we should reread the Bernama report...especially this part, "The honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia does not absolutely have any order for the construction of a cruiser through our company," it said in the letter, a copy of which was sent to Bernama Wednesday."

    please note that it could also mean the order for the construction of this cruiser could have been made jointly by the I'm-in-control-PM and some other party because the phrase does not absolutely have and absolutely does not have have different connotations!

    ah...the "wonders" of the English could lie right to your face and still get away with it!

  3. Anonymous7:16 am

    I think it is all a wayang kulit show. Why didn't Pak Lah ask for an apology if the Turkish's paper had lied about the purchase of the RM30-million yatch?Pak Lah has to come out with an explaination to the Malaysian's people or else his image is ruined by this RM30 million question!

  4. Anonymous7:44 am

    Hey Bru , regarding kaliyuga's message , just ignore him. he sounds like the guy who would believe anything. I am sure you would be the first one to apologise IF that Turkish newspaper had to apologise after being sued by the Malaysian Government. And I AM angry with the Turks for spreading such 'lies',and equally angry with the malaysian government for allowing that paper to smear the good name of our beloved PM. AND kaliguya SHOULD feel the same way instead of venting his anger on you---if he really LOVES his PM, that is...
    At least you are only telling your bloggers, but that foreign papers is telling the world. Or has kaligila has something personal against you Bru ?

  5. Anonymous9:30 am

    Bru, Thank you for responding. But you did not apologize. That's ok. That's you right.

    Maybe you know what I don't. Maybe this yatch story will not go away.

    Is it true that the boat was in fact ordered by Tun Dr Mahathir?

    That makes sense because he is a very outdoor person. He likes sailing, thus Langkawi. He also like ornamental things.

    I think there is a sense of forbiding among mainstream newspaper editors that one day they have to reveal something terribly wrong about our PM.

    That's why they are not so keen to defend him on the yatch story and on many other accusations such as his hugging of Actress Michel Yeoh in Terengganu recently.

    The picture has been published by Harakah on page one.

    By the way where is he? In Johor visiting flood victims or in Perth fishing?

  6. news spread out in langkawi that there are about 12 man being trained at dato azhar yatch training centre ,these man are supposed to handled the yatch cobra sultan

  7. Anonymous10:10 am

    The original posting by Rocky seems an 'all clear'. I see Rocky is just translating what was published by the Hurriyet under the title "The PM's RM30 million yacht" and speculating from there on.

    However, Rocky started to believe that it was "Pak Lah's Cobra Sultan" under "Cobras in colour" posting. That's his right to opinion.

    Well, if it's true that the yatch is indeed not belonging to The Man, I do owe him an appology.

    Anyway, does this mean that the printed media is spreading lies and untruth as in contrast to what our half-past-sixers have been alleging against the online media@bloggers?

  8. Anonymous10:20 am

    Kaliyuga said:"Bru, Allow me to digress. I think you owe an apology to the PM and your blog readers and commentators for highlighting "false" report by the Turkish paper...."

    No, this matter hasn't settled yet. Our PM just plainly denied it without further clarification or explanation. To me, this is just a normal plain denial without any supports.
    Moreover, the yatch builder has a common interest as the "buyer"(i.e. our PM)to cover-up the case, so I wouldn't take their word for it. unless both of them could refute the Hurriyet's claim, I wouldn't believe them.
    Meanwhile, Bru, you don't have to appologise at all.

  9. Anonymous10:36 am

    Why shoot the messenger? Rocky merely conveyed to the Malaysian public news that was of interest to the Malaysian public.
    The real poser now is whether someone, Malaysian or otherewise, or any company, Malaysian-owned or otherwise, has placed an order for a yacht that could be placed at the disposal of the PM. The PM does not own MAS, but I guess he can have at his disposal the use of MAS planes for travelling on official or private business, as and when he wants to, free of charge. I guess the PM can have at his disposal the use of Ananda Krishnan's yacht as and when he wants to, so long as he remains the PM. To paraphrase TDM, who once said that the business of government if the best business to be involved in: you don't need ot come up with any seed money or capital.

  10. Anonymous10:59 am

    Of course pak lah didn't buy. Can Hurriyet check if there is another customer from Malaysia? Perhaps this name 'ananda krishnan'??

  11. Anonymous11:08 am

    well, we just wait for pak lah to whack hurriyet and rocky's bru but i agree with the posters here as to why rocky should apologise when he brought us the news?

    in fact, it looks like the boatmaker is saying that rocky has translated correctly, the only incorrect thing is hurriyet's reporting that boat belonged to pak lah. kaliyuga, we should thank him for alerting us as he is doing the job for the ambassador and embassy staff in turki.

    also the point why we are not addressing the hurriyet newspaper if it really lied. why is the reason it lied? was it misinformation or a sabotage?

    and, ultimately, is why the prime minister's department did not officially ask for apology from hurriyet?

    someone said no mainstream newspaper seems interested in defending pak lah. that's interesting also.

    i will wait for news from nst to say that hurriyet lied and its editors explaining to the PM how come it reported the news on 17th Dec.

  12. Anonymous11:18 am

    Why the Turkish newpaper lie?
    What are they getting from this?
    Who is behind all this lie?

    Ask more and we might get the answer. Anyone going to Turkey now?

  13. Anonymous11:19 am

    What ever it is, a letter from from Kobra to Hurriyet Daily, the denial from PM or what so ever, the news is still there in Hurriyet Daily until today. So, the question here - What does it means?


    A. Kobra has missed to ask Hurriyet to remove the news and demand an apology?

    B. Hurriyet just doesn't care about the letter they've received?

    C. Hurriyet forget to remove the news?

    D. Letter was sent to a wrong address?

    E. Indeed there is no letter?

    Now, I like this song, "Dust in the wind"

  14. Anonymous11:43 am

    Why must the company put that qualification "does not absolutely".

    Anyway the GOD will be the jugde for conscience whether the PM has any direct or indirect interest in the order.

    The only logical action is to take legal action against the Turkish paper. Sue for RM30 million damages as a start. The he can validly place an order for a RM30 million boat, funded by proceed from legal suit.

  15. Anonymous11:55 am

    Doesn't our PM know anything about law? If it was Lee Kuan Yew, he would have appointed a battery of lawyers to sue Huryet. Yet he just denied it and got the boat maker to deny it, just like when he denied his relatives are getting Government contracts (directly or indirectly). Anyone can deny anything...take it to court and see what happens. Many of our citizens are also very aware that VVIPs and Ministers accept expensive gifts - therefore it is not farfetched that the yatch was purchased by another party with the intention of giving it to someone else.
    Furthermore, Tun is not much in yatching, Kaliyuga or whatever your name is. Pak Lah is the one who is promoting and spending money on a half past six regatta like the Monsoon Cup. Pak Lah is very much in love with the world of yatchs. He even ignore and didn't support the F1 Boat race which Tun supported. The F1 Boat race is more popular locally and globally except it doesn't bring in the gliterrati of yatching.
    Therefore, if the report of the yatch purchase if false, please do the necessary and take legal recourse Mr Pm sir


  16. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Bru and fellow debaters,

    Don't get me wrong. I am not against you. I am merely making a point. If you are wrong you apologize.

    You've been condemning Kalimmullah Hassan and Brendan Pereira for not apologizing to Tun Dr Mahathir for erroneous reports.

    So you should not follow their bad habit, bad journalism, bad hearts and bad intentions.

    After all you are better than all of them combined. I have no respect or love for these pretenders. But I respect you and I don't want you to become like them, power crazy.

    I still think you either apologize to the PM or you go all out to prove that truth is not being told.

    Now my sources told me that the yatch was not ordered by Tun Dr Mahathir but by a sea-loving Malaysian tycoon who is now "very very buddy" with our PM.

    This tycoon had apparently consulted Tun on the materials because Tun is a good woodworking man. I think this tycoon could have taken the PM (Pak Lah) to look at his new boat.

    But you know Bru, many tycoons like to tell you that they are buying this and that for the PM. In that way they curry favor with the PM and get some good deals from the supplier by using PM's name.

    I am sue that you are aware that lately our PM has been seen in the company of some very powerful sea-loving tycoons and is fully backing the Monsoon Cup.

    My sources told me that after a few hours of stopover to make a media tour of Johor floods the PM flew to Perth to celebrate Xmas and to fish with his sea-loving buddies, leaving Najib to hold the fort and to preside over our national Xmas Open House.

    If he is in the country visiting flood victims, the mainstream media must have featured him on the front page and prime time news.

    So Bru I am not againt you. I am just reminding you to be profesional and fair.

  17. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Factually it might be correct that Pak Lah did not order the yacht so he did not tell lies. But the question that you ask is why was he there in the first place? Why was the stopover specifically organised (at taxpayers expense?)

    Was he on the verge of ordering and wanted to have a look first? Was he inspecting a 'gift' perhaps from someone? Was he there to give his specifications? Who ordered the boat? Was the boat ordered under a nominee name?

    Many questions remain unanswered. And where the heck is he now after making a lightning and photo PR trip to the flood victims? Let us have more transparancy.

    Sheriff Singh

  18. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Everyone else is lying except them? Seems like the world is full of LIARS. Thank goodness, our leaders are very honest.

    But, why so many issues reported are not the same as I witnessed? The latest and still ongoing is the FLOOD!

    Anyone has the same illusion problem as I have? We go see doctor as a group. Can get discount!

  19. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Why you all are arguing who should apologize? Rockybru just translate and share his information. Is it wrong? You all as a reader should use your own judgement to see if the information is true or not. Why you all "melompat" when the story become big? How about other wrong information pertaining to Malaysia being printed and sold worldwide namely Malaysia is one of the terrorist traning center? Why you all "tak melompat" and demand the writer to apologize? Don't tell me you all scare with foreigners. That means you still under "jajahan" them. Don't be "jaguh kampung" laaaa.....

    Most importantly, don't be hipokrit and act on something that will benefit you. Can you start thingking in makro prospect?

    Rocky, continue sharing information as we are living in ICT world and most people is matured enough to understand it.

    Agent Cody

  20. Anonymous2:46 pm

    .....Which brings me to this lyric of a song about someone who was brought to court after beating up the husband of his lover in the married couple's bedroom.

    "Your Honour, I was sitting in their closet minding my own business....." So I'm not guilty and its all these lies from the newspapers.....

  21. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Here's one question someone should ask the yatch builders.

    Has any person of Malaysian origin placed an order for a multi million dollar yatch with them?

    They answer that and everything will become clear.

    Friends don't travel across the world to look at someone else's yatch. Once we find out who ordered the yatch, and I'm pretty sure there's an order looking at what the yatch company has said so far, we will be able to make a good judgement as to who will end up with the yatch ultimately.

    The caveat being that this episode may be causing such a stink that whoever ordered the yatch to present to someone might be having second thoughts now.

    Anyone in the market to buy a cut price super luxury yatch? It might be worth your while to make a trip there.

    The Accountant

  22. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Sdr Rocky

    It was very strange for a boat building company to deny such order/purchase/sale (as you like). The issue here is Hurriyet had published a "LIE". So Hurriyet should publish an apology and proposed compensation to Mr Clean PM. But how to publish apology when the Mr Clean PM has not threated to take a defamation suit agaisnt Hurriyet.

    It denial by the company was a big joke and did not in anyway exonerate my beloved Mr Clean PM from all the allegations made by Hurriyet!

    As far as I am concerned the allegations have not been retracted by Hurriyet and it remained on record that the Mr Clena PM has ordered the MR30 million yatch!! as simple as this.

    The boat builder company should not play this stupid game.

    Why should Rocky apologise for the report by Hurriyet? The Mr Clena PM should demand that Hurriyet apologise and retract the offensive article or file a defmation suit. Mr Clean PM did not do either one.

    Mr Clean PM has not been properly advised on thisw issue and others that's why he was coming up with blunders after blunder.

    Only our main stream newspapers like NST, Berita Harian, Star, SUn and etc are trying to deceive Malaysians that the boat builder company denial was the end of the RM30 million yatch and therefore, Malaysians should be happy with suhc statement. Far from it, the denial created mroe questions.

  23. Anonymous4:08 pm

    WHAT???? That motherducker went again?
    God save Malaysia\


  24. Anonymous4:24 pm

    rockybru does not need to apologise. and the pm is correct in denying it. he did not pay for the yatch. but nobody is denying or coming up with an answer that the yatch belong to pm or somebody's else.

  25. If I sold drugs to MR X and I am queried by whoever if I had indeed done so, will I say yes?
    I will protect my buyer, surely and come out with some gobbledegook like this by the boat maker.
    Why is Wisma Putra suddenly so dumb?
    Why hasn't the Turkish paper apologised?
    The whole government went beserk when Lee Kuan Yew said the Chinese were being marginalised but appear very calm on this issue?
    Even Abdullah's denial is weak with full of holes.
    Very Funny?

  26. Like you said earlier, Rocky, Wisma Putra should be leading the moves for clarification.

    Instead, we now have Kobra issuing a denial much in the same vein as AAB when both stand to benefit from the boat deal.

    Hurriyet have nothing to gain in reporting a 'lie' which will result with them being sued by the aggrieved party. And yet, AAB is not invoking his rights to seek an apology. Just a 'correction' will do for him.

    So, is Kobra's statement the 'correction' AAB wanted? Only if Hurriyet print it without a rebuttal.

    On a side note, there is a difference between a yacht and a (cabin) cruiser. Is there a deliberate attempt by Kobra to obfuscate?

  27. Anonymous6:34 pm

    The RM30-million yatch does not belong to Tun Dr Mahathir either. I found this Sufi Yusof reply in Malaysia-Today:

    "YM Raja Petra Kamarudin

    Dec 28, 2006

    Dear Sir,

    Re: 'Cobra King' RM30 juta bukan milik Abdullah, kata

    I refer to the above article by Zulkifli Mohamed that appeared in on Dec 26, 2006.

    2. In the article the writer had quoted a certain website, alleging that a yacht, the 'Cobra King' (sic) which was being built in Turkey belonged to Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad.

    3. I normally do not respond to articles that appear in what I consider to be less than credible websites, even more so when the authors are opaque and choose to hide behind pseudonyms. In other words I do not take them seriously.

    4. However, I must admit that when it appeared in your website, I felt a need to correct the misinformation given Malaysia Today's standing in the websphere.

    5. The allegation that the yacht belongs to Dr Mahathir is a blatant lie by the author and the website that chose to publish it. As is commonly known a Turkish newspaper had earlier this month reported that the yacht belonged to Prime Minister Yang Amat Berhormat Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. The Prime Minister himself has since denied this.

    6. I take exception that in their eagerness to deflect the heat off the Prime Minister, certain irresponsible quarters should now try to drag and disparage the name of Dr Mahathir.

    7. This is pathetic. For your information, Dr Mahathir did go to Turkey in July this year for his holiday and to view a Turkish Gullet which was being built by her Malaysian owner who is known to Dr Mahathir as well as the Prime Minister. I am not at liberty to disclose the identity of the Malaysian. However, the yacht is certainly not Dr Mahathir's, nor does Dr Mahathir own any other yachts.

    8. The report in the Turkish newspaper to my point of view questions the integrity of the country's leadership. The right course of action, to my mind in defending the credibility and integrity of the the Prime Minister, is to seek some serious explanation and possibly an apology from the Turkish newspaper. After all the Prime Minister's denial shows that the report was indeed untrue and for this the Prime Minister deserves an apology from the newspaper.

    9. As for me, I have stopped asking for apologies from those out to disparage Dr Mahathir be they from the websites or from the mainstream media. But I do believe in presenting the facts as facts, unlike fiction, do not lie. It is up to readers to assess and I leave it to their discretion.

    I hope that you will find some space in your website to publish this simple explanation for the benefit of Malaysia Today's readers at least. I hope also that this explanation is sufficient to answer some of the queries that I have received following the publication of the report in your news site.

    Best Regards,

    Sufi Yusoff
    for Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad"

    Bru, I think I know whose yatch it is. Just find out who accompanied the PM to the Turkish boat yard. But that does not stop the billionaire from "presenting" the Cobra to The Man.

    I agree with your debaters that PM's Office or Wisma Putra should get the Turkish paper to make correction and apologize to clear the PM of any complicity.

    If that's done and the PM's name is cleared, you too must apologize to the PM.

  28. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Well, somebody has to ask Paklah why he went to Bodrum..

  29. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Rocky Bru,

    It is truism that denial is the easiest way out of a problem! People forget easily!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  30. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Hürriyet ("Liberty") is a secular centrist, nationalist high-circulation broadsheet daily Turkish newspaper. It was founded in 1949 by Sedat Simavi. The paper is published by the Doğan Grubu, which also publishes the daily papers Milliyet, Radikal and Posta.

    To the left of its logo is found a composition of an Atatürk portrait, a Turkish flag with the motto Türkiye Türklerindir (Turkey belongs to Turks). The newspaper is one of the most influential in Turkish public life, combining a tabloid-style editorial line with high-profile columnists like Oktay Ekşi, Bekir Coşkun, and Emin Çölaşan.

    From wikipedia (

    I don't see ANY APOLOGY or
    If the article is REALLY FALSE,
    PM has every right to SUE etc etc
    But what do we have?
    A pathetic letter from the boatmaker that does not negate Hurriyet's report.

    Rocky, you did nothing wrong. On the contrary, BERNAMA sounds like a bunch of jokers, publishing a letter from the boatmaker instead of a CORRECTION from Hurriyet.

  31. Anonymous10:55 pm


    why must you apologise?? It is the Sleeping Beauty PM that should apologise tothe nation for the blunders that he has continuously been making.

    How stupid can one be? Offensive article being published by Huriyet and the boat company to clarify it after some 10 days later. Everybody knew that the statement by the boat company was just a face saving exercise and damage control only.

    The SLeeping Beauty PM and boat company statement did not in any way clear the Sleeping Beauty.

  32. Anonymous11:27 pm

    cakap banyak tak payahlah, biaq kami rakyat ajaq hang in next election..UndurLah penyamun tarbus and anak-naknya..

  33. Anonymous11:37 pm

    was michelle yeoh in turkey? hahaha.

    "i'm so lonely. Mr Lonely"

    LOcals all taken by ministers and rich tycoons. Go far far away la. If u know what i mean, nyek nyek nyek.

    Mr clean? Mr Itchy? Mr Lonely?

  34. Anonymous1:04 am

    Brother Rocky...

    Much have been talked about this Huriyet and the half-past-sick fella's denial about Kobra yacht.

    Consider this - why Huriyet need to make harsh about that fella and his yacht in their newspaper??? By making stories, Huriyet can make better sales.... am sure many would not think so.

    That half-past-sick fella is no where grand compared to King of Oman (whoever that is!), let alone to Tun Dr Mahathir. It just reported what happened there for sure.

    Anyway, what is done is done - forget about the Kobra, the yacht, and that half-past-sick fella. He is already sick and cant contribute much to the nation.

    I read in Malaysia Today - He was chosen by God to run the nation??? Not another Ayah Pin story lah...

    2007 is coming and that Talam ADUN sei-zhorred already; time will come for the cruel insane persons to meet his Almighty.. let GOD handle that sick fella when his time comes...

    Well dont think Huriyet made a lie, but possibility that half-past-sick did it yeah....

  35. Anonymous1:05 am

    heard ' d man ' is in perth to "officially" (?????) open Puteri Nasi Kandar Rest. Can you believe that????

    I rest my case. God save our country

  36. Anonymous1:40 am





  37. Anonymous2:11 am

    Pak Lah should sue the Hurriyet on the yacht story. Why is he still quiet. He is teh in Control PM. Should get this going as soon as the story broke. Why the silence? he should get someone to write a letter to the editor as well on the newspaper and ask for it to be published!!! And tell them they got the story wrong.

    But he we have some Turkish company claiming things. The Hurriyet is standing by its story.

    Apa macam Pak Lah, my clean Islam Hadhari PM?? Do something, don't sleep la. If not you are kaki temberang!!!

  38. Anonymous1:16 am

    A visit, it was to a town in Turkey
    Official or not is hurriyet's story,
    Now, Abdullah is being made the Mickey (or so it seems)
    To sue or not is his thought, almost daily!

    Yet there are those who seem to think not!
    But blame it on TDM, if that is the best to stop the rot,
    so... remember who prefers to trot!
    and that one would rather just nod!(in his sleep!)

  39. Anonymous1:30 am

    Bro Rocky

    Mr Clean PM couild have kill the RM30m yatch story very easily. All Mr Clean PM had to do was to tell the press/Malaysians that "I DO NOT KNOW!" NAd he will appear to be clean and consistent with his image. At least Malaysians would have come to the conclusion that Mr Clean may be stupid but he is HONEST!!

    If Mr Clean PM dares nto sue Huriyet then he should step downas PM as he has no more credibility left!!

  40. Anonymous1:35 am


    It was good to note that you had stop defending the frauds, Lim IKit Siang and Lim Guan Eng. BUt you must ask them why are they keeping quiet about the RM30 million yatch, Kalimulah and Khairy - ECM Libra and the 180ships owned by PM's son. And how about the 18 sharks , some of which are still swimming around in Parliament.

    Monsterball, if you dare not taek this uop with your bosses, Lim Kit Siang and son then you can forget about joining Rockybru because we are monitoring you. You are no better than the nstman!

  41. Anonymous9:31 am


    Sleeping Beauty should tell Malaysians "I Do Not Know about the RM30 million Yatch" that will be the end fo the story. We all will beleive him staight away!! This adminsitration is not a government but a joke!

  42. Anonymous1:15 am


    We are not atlking about nstman. We are talking about you, the ball..s monster.

    Why are you trying to avoid the questions of Lim Kit Siang and son, Lim Guan Eng, were not taking up issues involving Kalimullah with ECM Libra, PM with the RM30 million yatch, Khairy with too many scandals, Kamaludin with his fleet of 180 ships and etc?

    You need not worry about nstman. You better start to worry about yourself first!!

    Monsterball, pleae tell us when Lim Kit Siang or his son Lim Guan Eng is getting another full page interview in the NST for their elegant silence!!!