Sunday, August 15, 2021

King may consider interim government after Muhyiddin resigns tomorrow (Why none of the current Cabinet Ministers should be considered for the top post)

Now every clown thinks he can be Prime Minister 

Nazri signs SD supporting Ismail Sabri as PM, urges other Umno MPs to do likewise

KL, 15 Aug. - As I see it, there's no other way. If the Agong is really dead against making Anwar Ibrahim the Prime Minister after Muhyiddin Yasin steps down tomorrow, interim government is his only option. Promoting anyone from the current failed Cabinet to replace Muhyiddin is simply unthinkable, unacceptable.

Okay, why did I mention Anwar in the opening line of this posting? Because the mandate from the voters in 2018, when PH defeated BN in that historic general election, was to have made Anwar the PM after Mahathir Mohamad's two-year "interim" premiership. Well, that didn't happen as planned and we know why. The Sheraton Move happened and here we are in this sorry, sorry state with hundreds of people dying from Covid-19 everyday and hope flickering by the minute. 

But while he can morally claim to have the mandate, Anwar obviously doesn't have enough numbers. PN, by Muhyiddin's own reluctant admission, doesn't have the numbers (probably never had the numbers from the start). Nobody has the numbers. Ku Li's name has been bandied about only because he is "liked" by the Istana but he certainly does not have the numbers (heck, he did not even have enough within Umno to threaten Khairy Jamaluddin, let alone Zahid Hamidi, in the last party election!). 

Still, the King must choose an MP who, in his opinion, commands the majority legislative support to be the new PM. Tough, tough call. But in the King we place our trust and hope during this very trying times. 

Whatever happens in the coming few days, let's not the clowns think that just anyone can be Prime Minister of this country. And by anyone I mean especially those from the current crop of Cabinet Ministers who had stood with Muhyiddin in the past weeks in defiance against the Agong. 

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  1. Anonymous6:37 pm

    The guy did not even contest in the GE 15. He was in jail. How then he was supposed by agreement to succeed Mahathir after 2 years.
    It is so sinister that he will be let out of jail if they win when PH formulated the plan before the GE15.