Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Is willing-to-die Shafie Afdal willing to do the right thing in Batu Sapi?

Sabahkini says former CM owes it to the people of Sabah to pull Warisan out of by-election

It's in the red zone area

KL, 3 Nov: In the hope of containing the contagion in Sabah after September's state elections, several political parties have agreed not to contest the Batu Sapi  by-election (Dec 6). Former Umno president Najib Razak even went on to suggest that the seat, which was left vacant after the death of Datuk VK Liew, be returned to the incumbent party, ie Warisan. 

Sabahkini, arguably the state's most vocal news portal, begs to differ. Its editorial  yesterday said if any party should pull out of Batu Sapi by-election, it should be Warisan.

The portal blames willing-to-die Shafie Afdal, the Warisan chief, for Sabahan's current predicament. It said Shafie should now be willing to let go of Batu Sapi without contesting it. Batu Sapi is best given to the ruling coalition, Gabungan Rakyat Sabah,, which will be in a better position to manage the Covid-19 and the welfare of the people in the constituent, according to the editorial.

On July 29,  instead of resigning as Chief Minister after obviously losing the majority support of the state's assemblymen, Shafie opted to dissolve the assembly and forced a snap election on the whole of Sabah. On Sept 26, amid fears of a major spike in Covid-19 cases as a result of the intense campaigning, Sabahans voted out Shafie's Warisan from the government. Since then, Sabah has averaged 500-600 new coronavirus cases, making it the worst hit in the whole of Malaysia.

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