Thursday, August 20, 2020

1442H, end of a hiatus, a new beginning

Blessed 1442 Hijrah, dear Readers

Puchong: I've been down with a 'blogger's block'. Obviously. My last posting Why Mukhriz cannot, should not be the next Deputy Prime Minister was published more than a month ago (July 6 ) and since then the whole world has changed, former Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng was charged in court, and his old boss Mahathir Mohamad, 95, has done the unthinkable (It's Pejuang: Mukhriz president, Mahathir chairman) to take Malaysian nepotism to the next level. And I didn't write a word on it. 
I don't recall a longer, more irresponsible hiatus on my part since I started blogging in 2006.
But today's the start of a new year, the time for new year's resolutions. In desperate need to unblock, I've resolved to blog regularly again. For King and country, of course, and my own sanity.

If I were to make excuses for myself. I'd blame this damn hiatus on this super newsportal I'm involved in setting up. You see, since mid-July, I've been helping my friend Mr Good Capitalist put together a team of extraordinary (and jobless) journalists who will help him launch the country's latest newsportal. 
Anifah Aman
Pic Malay Mail

Mr Good Capitalist wanted the newsportal up and running around Hari Malaysia. That's less than a month away. And he wanted to launch it in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Mr Good Capitalist had made these decisions way before Musa Aman led the  "frogs" to a coup attempt that would have made him Chief Minister of Sabah again if it had succeeded! Which wouldn't have been such a bad thing, really although his younger brother Anifah disagrees.

As it is, the 2020 Sabah election following the failed coup will happen on 26 Sept. A new start for the long-suffering state? Possibly. The newsportal I'm involved with would have been launched by then. A new beginning? Absolutely.

p.s. Last night I 'interviewed' a veteran journalist in the hope of bringing him on board the new portal.   As it turned out, he was doing the interviewing. Took a bit to convince him that Mr Good Capitalist, who is known to favour a certain political figure, will not use the new newsportal to promote the agenda of said politician. What Mr Good Capitalist wants out of the portal is your without-fear-or-favour journalism. I don't blame Mr Veteran Journalist for being cynical; he has been in the business very long. Maybe too long. He was already a reporter in 1962.



  1. Who is the veteran datuk?

  2. Anonymous11:04 am

    humbug latuk, you are not relevant anymore.....