Monday, July 06, 2020

Why Mukhriz cannot, should not be the next Deputy Prime Minister

Or Shafie-62%-Afdal as PM, for that matter

TTDI, today: I had the privilege of sitting through the making of a pilot talk show for television at Wisma Bernama yesterday. It's an hour-long slot that will be aired soon on this new free-to-air tv channel (with an awesome name, I assure you). The host is a seasoned radio presenter and the guest a hardcore Mahathir supporter (a top lawyer to boot). 

A jaw-dropping moment during the engaging exchange between the two came when the host shot the lawyer a series of rapid-fire questions that required a YES/NO response. Lawyer had no problem whatsoever with the questions until the last one (she the host saved the best for last): Do you agree that Mukhriz Mahathir should NOT become our next Deputy Prime Minister?

Mr Lawyer hesitated just a tad too long. If this potentially awesome talk show ever makes it pass our censors, the audience will hear that deafening 3-sec silence.

Yes, I agree Mukhriz should not be given the DPM post.

The guest went on to explain why the son of Mahathir should not, cannot, must not be made the next Deputy Prime Minister. I won't disclose what he said as it would spoil the fun of actually watching the show. 

But the point I gotta make is this: even Mahathir loyalists are not too keen with the prospect of Mukhriz Mahathir becoming the next DPM. 

Neither are they with Shafie Afdal as Prime Minister candidate, for that matter. Why, even Sabahans are NOT excited by the prospect of Shafie as their PM! A poll conducted by his own party's organ Warisan Online hs shown that only 62 per cent of those approached were happy with the thought of Shafie as Malaysian PM! In other words, 4 out of 10 of Sabahans don't want Shafie as their - our - PM!

It should not come as a surprise, then, that the F-inicky Pakatan Harapan is back to supporting Anwar Ibrahim as their PM candidate! Read Pakatan says backing Anwar as PM candidate, 'full mandate' given to negotiate with all parties including Shafie. 

p.s. But still need to negotiate with Mr 62 per cent, ah?


  1. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Berapa dedak dapat ni bro?

  2. Mukriz is a baby.he loves dad hence force himself to make his dad happy.he is rich n likes power but he aint want it that bad😀

  3. No more PH...please8:28 pm

    It's like watching pseudo-senile old farts attending weekly meetings and deciding and then changing their minds about who they want as the leader of Malaysia. Total disregard about what the NATION ACTUALLY WANTS. The nation do not want ANY OF them!

  4. PKR should leave Harapan.

    They will do better in the next election.