Saturday, June 06, 2020

The inevitable shake-up in Petronas

Updated: Taufik is new Petronas president/CEO
[Wan Zul shipped off to Malaysia Airlines as chaiman ...]

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Out (eft) and In? (right) - pic The Star
Puchong, 6 June 20: Jose Barrock of The Edge has the story about Possible change of guard at Petronas, Wan Zul to step down but we all know it's inevitable, not just possible. "It's politics," one keen observer of the national oil corporation told me. Wan Zul's replacement as Petronas president and CEO may well not be an "internal" candidate as Mr Barrock suggests but, rather, a former  Petronas man. 
The name Anuar Taib has been bandied about. Anuar was the VP of the national oil corporation brought in from an international oil company by Wan Zul's predecessor to one day take over the helm, a plan derailed by the big but short-lived change in the Federal government (read Petronas confirms Anuar Taib stepping down, succession plan in place - 20 Sept 2019). Anuar's "shock departure" from the national oil company during the period caused quite a stir and the NST even dedicated an editorial on it (Trouble at the top, 28 June). 
Wan Zul's departure, assuming it does happen and happens soon, comes in the wake of a string of departures and replacements at the helms of Government-Linked Companies (GLCs) and other key organisations crucial to the Administration. Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is probably saving the best for last. 


  1. Rocky, i m just a small fish in a big pond when it comes to stories that circulate in oil n gas world.
    Anuar taib has the charisma to succeed wan zul but petronas culture does not permit it. Why his sudden departure? Some of my contacts in petronas claimed that he was asked to leave for personal reason.
    Lots of people prior to his departure tipped him to be the next in line after wan zul.

  2. So rocky..i just received a media statement...i m sure u did too...wan z to mb and tg taufik assumes the president of petronas