Friday, April 24, 2020

So, is Tony F in your good books or bad?

#StayIn MCOday#37 1st Ramadan 1441: Looks like you either love him or you hate him. That is how far Tony Fernandes has come since he co-founded Air Asia at the turn of the millennium and turned it into a world's best. His aura is such that when we Malaysians learned that he was spending some of his MCO time reading about the life of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw), we instantly loved him more for it or we hated him so.

Well, I don't quite care what you think of Tony but the "amazing book" he's reading has detained my interest. Perhaps it's the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan. In 2014, at the Quba mosque in Medina, I was given this book A Day in the Life of Muhammad: A study in the Prophet's daily programme. It's not Syama'il Muhammadiyyah, the book Tony is reading, which is a collection of hadiths regarding the intricate  details of the Prophet's appearance, belongings, manners, but A Day in the Life of Muhammad is an amazing book all the same.

Random excerpts from the book by Abd al-Wahhab b Nassir al-Turayri:

At times he might use a drawing to illustrate his meaning. He once drew a square, with a horizontal line in the middle of it, going through one line to extend beyond the square. He added short lines perpendicular to the line in the middle. He then asked his companions: "Do you know what this is?" They said: "God and his messenger know better". He said: "This horizontal line in the middle represents man, and these short lines around it are the adversities that occur to him. They come at him from all sides. If this one misses him, the other will attack him. This square is the end of life which will eventually catch up with him. This line that goes beyond the square is his hope. He hopes for things that go beyond his life while death will come sooner."

Ramadan Kareem, dear Readers, whatever it is you're reading or not reading. Just keep safe during this pandemic, just stay at home and stay positive, and have a blessed month.

Air Asia's Tony Fernandes spends spare time during MCO reading Prophet Muhammad's biography 

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