Monday, April 13, 2020

Please help this Dog by donating blood

18 April: For as long as I've known him, the blogger Mohamed Zakhir Mohamed has been a faithful supporter of blood donation efforts. It was this passion of his that made me associate him with Mukhriz bin Mahathir, the son of the two-time Prime Minister of Malaysia. The duo, bosom buddies then and fellow leaders of Ansara, the MRSM alumni, used to run pre-Ramadan blood donation campaigns annually, without fail. Back then, Big Dog  (Zakhir's blog handle) would get the blogging community to rally behind Mukhriz and Ansara each time the campaign took place. 
That was until the great Melayu fallout of 2015, when best friends discarded one another in the name of politics. Blood is thicker than water. 
But right now blood is also dangerously in short supply at our National Blood Bank. Donors are trickling in to donate due to fear of the Covid-19 and restrictions under the Movement Control Order. Collection for March was a blood curdling 40 per cent lower than the previous year, according to the National Blood Centre. Big Dog is worried. "Bro, we need to help run, very urgently, a blood donation campaign." 
He didn't mention Mukhriz so I suppose that's water under the bridge.
While Big Dog works on his campaign, please refer to his posting Blood in Dire to find out how you can make all the difference right away and why it is SAFE to donate blood during the pandemic.

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