Sunday, April 12, 2020

So who's Azmin's barber, again?

I published So who's Azmin's barber? this morning. This one deserves one on its own:

Puchong: Azmin Ali's officer Dr Afif Bahardin was quoted to have said that the decision to let the barbers out during Phase 3 of the MCO was taken in the interest of helping the people manage their blood pressure levels. 

A medical doctor, according to this report, Afif should, therefore, know what he's talking about, right? But here's the thing: on Feb 28, another doctor wrote that long hair was actually good for blood pressure! Rambut panjang cegah darah tinggi, said Dr Ir Muhidin Arifin. So how? I can feel a headache brewing. Is that my blood pressure?

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