Sunday, August 25, 2019

From deportation to dinner (The rise and fall of Syed Saddiq)

A commenter responds to Syed Saddiq's tweet

Puchong, Sun: Continuing from my last posting Zakir Naik responds to haters, fake news and (maybe) challenges Syed Saddiq to a debate on Aug 18 ... Youth and Sports Minister who said Enough is enough, deport Zakir Naik is still drawing so much flak on socmed for telling the ZN-haters to "Let's move on" - SS says after hosting dinner for Zakir Naik". 
Ambiga S. Sreevanan won't be healed. "You're (were?) one of my favourite ministers and this is dissapointing," she said h e r e.

Another angry commenter
Me, I am Malay and a Malay is known to be forgiving. Sometimes too forgiving. But I shall not add fuel to fire. I will just heed to Syed Saddiq's call and move on to another blog posting ....

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